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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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we thank you for being with us. tomorrow night, donald trump is on his thank you tour tomorrow night in desmoines, iowa. we'll be bringing you the rally us. now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody. president-elect donald trump filling three vacancies in this cabinet naming retired general john kelly to run the department of homeland security department of homeland security. iowa governor terry branstad as u.s. ambassador to china and oklahoma attorney general scott pruett to head up the environmental protection agency. retired green general john kelly will be the third former general to join the trump administration. he is described as a order hot and up until january he let the military's southern command responsible for latin america and the caribbean.
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branstad is the longest-serving governor in american history leaving iowa for nearly 22 years and counting. ramstad has a history with chinese president xi jinping dating back more than 30 years in scott pruett has been at the forefront of lawsuits challenging obama's d.a. on water pollution regulations. mr. trump choosing linda mcmahon to lead the small business administration and major trump backer during the campaign. as for mr. trump himself a busy day at readings at trump tower. during an interview this morning from studies getting closer to announcing it will be his secretary of state. >> next week will be the time that i announce it in my other announcements coming up today and tomorrow. we have met with very good reviews of the people that i've chosen. among my guests to talk about all of this trump deputy
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executive director david bossy and also with us tonight or myrrh reagan white house political director ed rollins of the new chairman of the house freedom -- congressman matos says the freedom caucus is committed to challenging established in republicans if they take positions that clash with conservative principles in the president-elect's agenda. we will be talking about about that in a few moments with our top story president-elect sharing thoughts on president obama today. trump magnanimous in his today show interview revealing he consults with mr. obama on some of his potential cabinet appointments as well as much more. >> can you tell me specifically that you mention to president obama that you are considering appointing? >> i don't think it would be fair to him but i have asked him what he would think of this one in that one. i've asked him what he thinks are the biggest problems in the country and what are some of the greatest assets going forward
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and we have a very good dialogue. i must tell you i have never met him before this and i have never spoken to him before this. i do like him. i'd love getting his ideas and i may differ in many cases, i differ very greatly. >> and one of the cases where you went to him with a specific person you had in mind for an appointment did you go with this recommendation? >> i would say that yes i took his recommendations very seriously and there are some people that i will be appointing in the one case have appointed where he spoke highly of that person. lou: trumps comments coming after mr. obama slammed trump during his national security speech at dillman air force base in tampa. trump's agenda to repeal obamacare and install border security. members of the hard-line conservative house freedom caucus have just tapd
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congressman mark meadows of north carolina to be the defense chairman. the group has a well-earned reputation for bucking conservative leadership to promote policies. joining me the newly-elected chairman of the freedom caucus congressman mark meadows. congressman congratulations on your new chairmanship. >> thank you lou. lou: give us a sense of what specific agenda items. first of all we are confronted with this better way nonsense from your speaker which is obviously constructed to be in competition with president trump's agenda. irrespective of the fact that he is the president-elect. where does the freedom caucus said in? >> well i think what we have to make sure as we deliver on the promises that president-elect trump made on the campaign trail which we agree with and you mentioned the two items. one is repeal obamacare and the other is to secure our southern
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border and to have anything we are focused on that goes to a greater priority than the two of those things would be to ignore the american people. i can tell you we not only have expressed our opinion that we have made it very clear that a slow play on behalf of any of our colleagues will not be accepted. we expect to work on both of those issues in the first 100 days and make sure we give the president-elect the tools you need to make sure that we secure our border and repeal obamacare. lou: those two are very important items obviously to the president-elect and his agenda. he drove both contests. this better way thing on the part of the speaker, congressman bill flores very exposed and present nature of your speaker. they are talking about obstructionism when it comes to
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the trump agenda, are they not? >> well i think really when you look at that the things in the better we agenda that will dovetail with what the president has set forth for the american people are certainly things that we can work on together. i would say though that if we start to focus too much on some of those items that perhaps our congressional, we miss the clear picture which is it's all about making sure that we have national security, border security, job security and we put america first. the freedom caucus was established to give millions of americans a voice in washington d.c. and whether that's going against the opposing party or our own party we are going to stand lock stock together with the broken people. lou: that has nice been the case with the freedom caucus as you well know. you have been one of the most active members of the caucus and much to do with if you will with the sensation of the speakership
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can you imagine a point at which as we approach january that ryan would not be reelected as speaker? >> you know, dell. right now most of our focus is making sure the agenda that is set forth is that we are unified in map. now if the leadership were to deviate from that and go in a different direction than what the american people would want it would be met with major resistance not just for freedom caucus members of a broader perspective and group of conservatives. as we start -- ahead. lou: i'm sorry but one of the things that is very important as donald trump, his popularity is rising. approval for the carrier deal, both parties and here's a bipartisan element that no one anticipated certainly in the house leadership. this is the president-elect to right now is a better than 50% approval from members of each party for his carrier deal and
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for representing the interest of working men and women in this country. that's a big deal. his popularity is moving like this and congresses in the dirt particularly the leadership which by the way has never done anything and i'm going back quite some years. but i mean they are nothing in terms of achievement. this looks like this is going to be a clear runway if you will for donald j. trump. >> we need tmake sure we are not a do-nothing congress. lou: i'm sorry, what i mean is he is giving you a way to be a do something big congress creates. >> i agree and i can tell you where having discussions almost on a daily basis on how we can work together. he's going to find a very willing partner along most of those agenda items important to the american people. in fact all the ones that are important to the american people in the first hundred days. we are going to be here to work lockstep with president-elect
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trump to make sure that we do all those things we promised so we can come back and hopefully change washington d.c. and give it back to its rightful owner the american people. lou: drain that swamp, congressman. >> i'm with you lou. it's time to drain the swamp. lou: we -- you are one of the good guys. we want you one high ground always. congressman mark meadows thank you for being with us and again congratulations. >> thank you lou. lou: senators and the proposed merger of at&t and time warner. a deal the president-elect trump said he opposes. time warner ceo and ceo randall stephenson however made their case for their giant deal. >> we are proud of what time warner has accomplished that today where competing for consumer protection not just with other tv networks but everyone from netflix and amazon to youtube in facebook.
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great content is not enough. you need to deliver great consumer experience and that is what joining with at&t will allow us to do. >> we want to give the most content to the most people at the lowest prices and we want consumers to pay for their content once and watch it anywhere at any time. lou: they wanted to all be at&t and time warner. bewkes testimony came a day after he told a business center conference that the quote real threat to the first amendment did not come from president-elect trump during the campaign but rather the democratic party. bewkes may be slightly shading his remarks because he's lying down a trump administration to approve the merger that he and mr. stephenson would so greatly like to achieve achieve. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. one of the top trump transition
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officials david bossie says the president-elect is already the change agent via con me in the country needs. >> there's a new sheriff in town town. there'll be new ways of doing business that he is able to go right past the mainstream media to the american people. lou: david rossi our guest here next in the list of trump's successful business deals to create and save jobs is getting longer. the first carrier and then soft -- and now foxconn. soft -- and now foxconn. we will take up the trump era of afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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lou: donald trump has -- foxconn the biggest assembler of apple devices is reportedly in talks to expand operations on in china where it has 700,000 jobs just for apple devices. it is now in talks to expand its operations in the united states. now this is a third deal for donald trump to president-elect saving 1000 jobs last week a carrier announcing a 50 billion-dollar investment with softbank mr. j. there will add up to tens of thousands of jobs over time and mr. trump today explaining why he threatened to cancel an air force one deal with boeing over what he considers to be
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out-of-control costs. >> i spoke to a very good man yesterday ahead of boeing a terrific guy. that's what i'm here for them negotiate prices. lou: negotiating prices. the president-elect joining me the executive director for transition david rossi. first of all great to see you. >> thanks for having me. lou: let's start with, he's got the moxie to say to every ceo as he did today if you are thinking about shipping a job middle-class job out of this country to a cheap foreign labor market, let's talk. see if the president-elect is a change agent. he campaigned as a change agent and there's a new sheriff in town for that's the mentality he's trying to bring to this job. he's saying america's open for business and i'm going to protect the american jobs that are currently here and i'm going to try to create new ones.
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lou: it is downright rare we see a president campaigned on any position or any respective then see them put it into action. but to see them put it in action in this case the president-elect trump put into action before his presidency is remarkable. >> just the boeing deal's example. he's trying to protect the american taxpayer even before he becomes president by saying a quarter billion dollars is a little extreme in his md r a new airplane. lou: or a couple. >> a couple of airplanes but still an extreme amount of money for average tax. these better able to negotiate a better deal. lou: on the streets of new york for everyone might be people are looking up instead of casting their heads down. this is a president who is making a clear. he talked yesterday about he
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wants americans dreaming big and believing in themselves. i love that because we have a president for eight years who said to us you didn't build it, you don't deserve it and if you did deserve it we are going to split it with somebody else and by the way there's no such thing as amecan exceptionalism. clouds are breaking in sunshine is coming through. >> hope grows an opportunity. what i think the next four years are going to bring under president trump's administration. lou: you and your colleague steve dennin have been populists throughout your political careers to be working for the ultimate populist in donald j. trump. steve bannon, this is a man who we have been friends for a very long time and a man who i have immense respect. this is one of the smartest man, thinks big and dreams big and it's been a donald trump side
11:19 pm
from the moment trump called him. >> steve bannon the senate prelate -- an incredible strategist that i worked with steve for about 10 years or so. i have seen every aspect of him and the leftist smear campaign that they brought on steve bannon is quite offensive. lou: as president of citizens united you have seen us play up to the left-wing media sticking is taking it to new levels in this country. i thought what they did in terms of going after the president of the united states going after you, the state state of the union address for crying out loud and the rest of the warfare. steve bannon is being attacked viciously right now, our mutual friend. it's so undeserving because he fights so hard and that's the reason they attacked lou.
11:20 pm
they can change the election but they can sure go after the person arguably who is the most important strategist. >> he has the smartest guy in the most effective guy. they noted they have to get him and that's why we need to have us back. lou: the truth is you and i will get there and i'm sure donald trump will as well. he has a pretty good arsenal i believe. the left now is so relevant and their ideas are so absolutely bereft that to even think anybody would pay attention to those fools gets me a lack of faded. how's the transition going? >> it's amazing, we are ahead of schedule. the president said amazing announcements. we are ahead of barack obama's schedule and george bush 41 and 43. george bush 43 was incumbent president. an exceptional group of people. i really enjoy the president
11:21 pm
elects broad reach to go out and find a lot of different people to talk. lou: and he's getting done exactly what he said he would get done and hallelujah to that. my friend, great to see you. tell bannon hello for me. he is working too hard. thank you so much, david rossi. a little breaking news right now two teenagers have been taken into custody in connection with that wildfire in tennessee that left 14 people dead. the two teenage suspects were not identified because they are minors. no word has been given on their exact role in the fire, starting the fire or how it was done or why. gatlinburg fires injured nearly 150 people and damaged or destroyed more than 1700 homes and businesses in addition to the 14 people killed. a horrible tragedy. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you believe
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the spiteful left has become so petty, so vicious that it will soon consign itself to historic irrelevance. cast her but on twitter @lou dobbs. an existential question as they say in washington and follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook follow me at instagram @lou dobbs tonight. on wall street today the trump rally rolls onto the dow soaring almost three and a point, up 290 points hitting a new lifetime high. the s&p up 29 points the nasdaq up 61. volume on the big board picking up to 4.5 billion shares. investors loving president-elect trump. more than 6% since he was elected the s&p up nearly 5% the nasdaq up nearly 4% and a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast coast-to-coast on the sale of radio network. up next trump has been very open about how he feels about the left-wing national media.
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>> very dishonest people. how dishonest. how about when a major anchor who hosted a debate started crying when she realized that we won. lou: that was amazing, wasn't it? that's a subject of my commentary coming up here next. stay with us. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, save $1, 000 on selected mattresses with flexfit3 adjustable base. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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lou: a few thoughts now on the national left-wing media as it continues to grapple uncomfortably with president-elect trump successfully trump's popularity today hit a new high in the latest bloomberg survey, 50% favorability up from 37% on election day, up from 33% back in august and by 42 days left since trumps immigration and negotiating skills may be responsible for yet another coup
11:28 pm
targeting the 700,000 apple employees working in china. foxconn the largest electronics company manufacturing apple products and assembling them in preliminary discussions separately to expand operations, where? >> states of course. the news comes right after trump's meeting with the ceo of japan's softbank and another deal $50 billion in the ad states potentially creating 50,000 new jobs. trump's first major action as president elects the deal he struck last week with carrier already earning high marks from voters. 60% of all voters say carrier's decision to keep manufacturing jobs in indiana gives them a far more favorable view of trump according to the morning console pulpit a majority of democrats republicans in that poll are on board with trump. that's called bipartisan support bipartisan. can you imagine we can use that
11:29 pm
word with more than two days to go before he's president of the united states. trump has a campaign to bring manufacturing jobs back home encouraging investment. esrd delivered results that the national left-wing media still doesn't get trump. many in the media and on the left are still desperately looking for someone else to blame for hillary clinton's embarrassing loss. "time" magazine forced to recognize tmps victory they named him person of the year. insight in the article a brand trump a huckster. can you get over this? now. refer to clinton they may do as quote and american moses, american moses. who are these scribes of the left who have such ridiculously inadequate comprehension incapable of understanding president-elect trump is far bigger than they are, far bigger than the media.
11:30 pm
his popularity is swamping that of media and has done so for just about a year and a half now. a lot of people in the left-wing national media just don't get that. americans trust and mass media sank to a new low in the gallup poll only 20% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in our national left-wing media. i wonder why. the only institution that numbers more than that of the national left-wing media is congress. congress flipping to 11% job approval rating in november. did you hear that speaker ryan? you are not only not all that, you are not even most of that. you are barely some of that. it's the lowest rating so far this year barely better than the all-time low of 9%. trump will make mincemeat of congress if somebody doesn't wake up and make it unnecessary that he go to the extra effort
11:31 pm
of doing that to congress. the quotation of the evening from malcolm x who said quote the media is the most powerful entity on earth. they have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. that's power because they control the minds of the masses. they do so long as they can control language for political correctness and control their lives. and they have done very well at that to this point but it looks like history is about to bring with it in fortunes for the national left-wing media just in time. we are coming right back. stay with us. president-elect trump nominating the strongest generals to serve, secure and protect america. >> we will rebuild our military and alliances, and destroy terrorists face their enemies head-on and make america safe again.
11:32 pm
lippe general flynn madison kelly joining the trump team. strategist ed rollins my guess here, next. and this icier climbing high above dublin for an extraordinary singular view. extraordinary singular view. will the luck of the irish be
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lou: a federal judge in michigan
11:36 pm
may rule later tonight to end the recount in michigan after an hour and a half of arguments in court, several days of court battles and contradictory orders from those courts. the state republican party arguing for that recount to end. some put the cost of the recount at $6 million. so far it has only shown a change of 6 votes. it was also argued jill stein who began all this lacked any evidence of fraud, any evidence of irregularities at all. we'll be keeping you posted on any developments in michigan. from the michigan recount to last night's thank you speech in fayetteville, north carolina. ed rollins didn't mince words as we were covering the rally in fayetteville.
11:37 pm
>> two things to me were very, very important. he said we love the flag. this is a flag people fought for, died for, what have you. and that's not always politically correct in this stupid ass age we are living in today. lou: ed rollins, extraordinary candor as well as insight rejoining us tonight. reagan white house, political strategist. he has run 10 campaigns an has always done so i assure you with some colorful language. great to see you. let's start with this -- three generals, adding john kelly, another marine, by the way. >> as i have said on this show. you get to be a three or four-star general, you are right at the top of the pyramid. you left so many people in the backdrop, you have to prove yourself on the battlefield and in a bureaucracies of
11:38 pm
washington. the marines are a smaller element and tougher elements and you have two four-star marine generals, you have got the best of the best. lou: people have saying, donald trump has way too many generals. >> if we had five ceos of companies nobody would say we have too many ceos or members of congress. i would rather have three or four generals who will make sure whatever assignment they are given, they will get it done. this is what donald trump is about. these people are used to the respect of command and control. he's the commander-in-chief. they will give him good counsel behind the scenes and implement his programs. lou: donald trump making it known he's going to announce the secretary of state likely next week some time. many people have been waiting to hear about giuliani. they have been wondering what is
11:39 pm
going on with newt gingrich who was also there. some of the loyalists, the men and women who have been at his shoulder throughout the campaign are not even being heard from right now. >> not just loyalists. two extremely competent men. lou: i think it's fair to say of both, brilliant. >> in rudy giuliani's case he could have been a serious presidential candidate a few years ago. he's a real leader, he was perceived as america's leader after 9/11. he was the first guy when trump got in trouble on the tape web went on every single tv show and that was putting his own career -- liu and he has never backed up once. in some of the darkest moments of trump's campaign giuliani has
11:40 pm
stepped forward to shed light and bring context and support to donald trump. i am flabbergasted where he is, and by the way, just for the record. i think he would be by far the best one of these candidates to be the secretary of state, bar none. >> when you are mayor of new york. new york is bigger than both states. certainly bigger than massachusetts. he's worldwide recognized known and respected. my sense is he would be a great addition. lou: speaking of gingrich, i hope trump hold him close within the white house. where in the world is steve bannon? the left wing in this country is attacking him as viciously as they did donald trump. they can't get to donald so they are trying to get to bannon. will trump stand up for bannon? >> i certainly hope so. he would not be president today
11:41 pm
without bannon taking that campaign over and running it. kellyanne conway was the face of the campaign, he was the behind the scenes guy. he is a brilliant strategist and donald trump would not be president without his influence. i think at this point in time he's a critical factor. he has been fighting in the trenches a long time. anybody who takes him apart without any evidence is outrageous. lou: any concerns there is too strong a tilt to the establishment? >> that's my concern. i think priebus, who is the rnc chairman is a ryan guy and i think he is basically have much involved in putting people in place that have been for for a long time. this is suppose to be a whole new administration. >> bright lights all.
11:42 pm
bannon. giuliani and gingrich. >> they fit the trump agenda. lou: ed rollins, good to see you, my friend. roll the video. santa isn't the only one climbing up chimneys. watch as his thrill seeker scales a dublin chimney without safety equipment of any kind. the chimney and tower 680 feet tall. he says the breathtaking scenery was the highlight of his incredible climb. why? well, of course, it's there. up next, president-elect trump last night talking about what he will do to stop another terrorist attack here at home. >> to protect our country from terrorism and extremism we'll suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely
11:43 pm
processed. lou: my next guest wants an immediate suspension of refugees coming into this country. joining me after this break,
11:44 pm
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lou: the obama administration sparking more controversy after disrespecting our veterans on the week of pearl harbor day. josh earnest called veteran embittered. those who object to japanese prime minister shinzo abe later this year. nearly 1,000 veterans who served during world war ii attending events in hawaii to honor their service and remember those who died. joining me now, congressman brian babbitt, a member of the house committee and transportation and infrastructure. it's great to have you with us. talking earlier with the chairman of the dream caucus, newly chosen and elected by your
11:48 pm
caucus, mark meadows. the issue seems to be whether the speaker has created a device to compete with the trump agenda in the house. or whether it can be -- if you will, complementary. i think my personal view is this speaker means to defeat trump on some of the most important elements of his campaign agenda. >> lou, great to be with you. i certainly hope that that is not correct. i have talked to the speaker personally, and he gave me his word. we were going to be pushing the trump agenda. all i can say is there was a revolution at the ballot box. the american people are expecting results. they want the promises of president-elect trump carried out and put into practice. the end of political correctness.
11:49 pm
the end of the 8 years a nightmarish president where this country has been going in the wrong direction. 73% of americans agree with that. they want a new direction. lou: were you surprised by this politico poll showing more than half of democrats and vastly more than half of republicans support donald trump's quote-unquote intervention in the carrier outsourcing of american jobs and have delighted that he did so? >> i'm elated. as a former mayor, as a city councilmember of local government, we give tax abatements and incentives for businesses to come all the time in the state of texas and all around the united states. for the democrats to act like this is something weird or an underhanded deal, it's so far off base and it's a slap in the face of people -- a man who
11:50 pm
knows how to negotiate. i'm elated he saved 1,000 plus jobs, exactly what he said he would do. lou: he's doing it as energetically as did anything at the earliest part of his campaign a year and a half ago. the man is it seems indomitable in terms of his energy getting done what he means to get done. >> no question about it. he's a man of action. >> as are you, congressman. it's good to have you with us. we appreciate it so much. take care. breaking news now, a federal judge tonight has lifted the order that had permitted michigan's recount. that's effectively ends the recount in michigan. the state republican party and attorneys for the board of state canvassers argued for the end of that recount. it showed only a change of 66
11:51 pm
votes. again, a federal judge tonight has ended the michigan recount. more good news for a president-elect who seems to be always getting good news. what is he he says? he wins. everybody is getting used to winning, except for the left of course. up next, the left wing national media is quick to shame trump for his twitter performance. but trump making a very salient point. >> i am restrained. that's modern day form of communication. i get out much faster than a press release and i get pout more shonltestly than dealing more shonltestly than dealing with dishonest reportedders.
11:52 pm
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lou: joining me now, tony sayegh and rachel compost duffy. let's start with the selection of john kelly to head up the department homeland security. your reaction to the appointment by the president-elect. >> i thinkt's a great choice. as a mom, i believe from what i read, donald trump said this is
11:56 pm
one of the reasons he chose him. this is a gold star dad. he want someone at the top of this department who understood the cost of america's involve seattle abroad with our braifl soldiers. there is a twitter that's been going viral from the federalist basically words that he said about losing his son that brought a tear to my eye. lou: sit would bring a tear to the eye of anyone who has lost you a child in combat. it's a terrible thing. and weep -- our sympathies go out to all of them. reaction here, we have three generals now. trump is making it clear he wants strong authoritative experienced leaders in this cabinet, and to a person it seems he's tea cheefg that. specifically in the case of these three generals.
11:57 pm
>> i think donald trump has proven he means business. whether you bring them from the private sector in business moirlt sector with the highest level in generals, you will see people who are able to spree form these institutions that for the last 48 -- 4 to 8 years have been stagnant under barack obama. they know donald trump is the commander in chief, the president of the united states. the department of homeland security has take and beating from everything related to airport security to not combating radical islam. i think it will be a different time now. lou: it has morphed into something that's ugly. supporting our first respond sirs, police departments, sheriffs, state patrols across
11:58 pm
the country, it has become an entity unto itself that iswide wildly out of control. not to mention the other agencies, immigration, customs enforcement. i want to ask you both. there are some curious exceptions here now. one is the absence of rudy giuliani from the forefronts his nomination process where nearly everyone expected to be donald trump's secretary of state. niewlt gingrich who was to have an important role. as steve ban none, his chief strategist has disaspeard from the planet. these are three people who are directly related to the success of the president-elect. >> i'm not sure we can counts out giuliani or gingrich. he's rethinking the way
11:59 pm
government operates which an innovative idea. lou: chief planner he calls it. >> trump is as very loyal person. lou: do you think we'll see trump bring them forward? >> i think so. i really do. lou: rudy giuliani in particular, steve bannon in particular. these are two men who have been so important and integral to his success. >> and two key reasons why he won. his influence is there. this would not be a complete trump administration without rudy giuliani in there somewhere. we'll have to stay tuned see where that place will be. lou: i like secretary of state. i like the first rumor i heard and i'm sticking with it. that's it for us tonight.
12:00 am
we thank you for being with us. tomorrow night, donald trump is on his thank you tour tomorrow night in desmoines, iowa. we'll be bringing you the rally tomorrow night live. ed rollins, charlie hurt. good night from new york. kennedy: "time" magazine announced its person of the year. thomas massey is here to explain what trump can do to earn it. grab a scalpel, time to operate. it's like election night all over again. the kinds of display that has


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