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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 8, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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maria: lebron couldn't do it but what about taher? >> what about dagan mcdowell? dagen: no. >> you wanted to take that. >> doing an amazing job in the press conference, european markets are up 1.5% so he did not do that. maria: stuart varney is now, "varney and company". you did it. stuart: i will take it as a compliment regardless. maria: go ahead, i am sorry. stuart: here we go. i am ready to begin. the can-do cabinet emerges. generals, business people, they are all doers. that is why we have a huge trump rally. good morning. military men in the cabinet, profit no longer a dirty word. a whole new world. people in the new cabinet are
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experienced, hands-on managers, they want growth and prosperity, the left does not like it. investors clearly do. you are looking at a trump rally and it is huge, the dow is up 1200 points since the election with 450 away from 20,000. no pullback on the open, we are going up some more. now we know how donald trump really feels about climate. he nominated scott pruitt to run a environment protection agency, he is doing that epa over climate rules, here comes another business operator, nominated to run the small business administration. she built the wrestling industry, billionaires, generals, climate deniers, the media goes berserk, and mister trump, ohio and iowa today, grand rapids, michigan, the army-navy game in baltimore saturday, "varney and company"
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is about to begin. ♪ stuart: i do know this. that is every breath you take by the police. why we playing it? the left has erupted over scott pruitt. get it? from nancy pelosi, the pruitt nomination must be blocked for the sake of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the planet we believe our children. it is coming up. the stock market, the focus of attention, it is going to go up some more at "the opening bell," 40, 50 points from the get-go on top of the dow which is gained
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over 1200 points since election day, 300 up yesterday alone, green arrows for the s&p 500 and the nasdaq all green arrows all over the place. this is the trump rally and i say it is because investors are looking to the future, they see growth and prosperity. >> they say the change taken off the regulation, more money in the pockets of consumers and corporations can finally look to expand rather than worry about whether they can afford healthcare and overcome the other regulations. maria: look at the stocks that gained, goldman sachs, jpmorgan, united health and caterpillar, broad-based, where the markets can start firing and renaissance macros is anytime you see a bump up in an election year the market continues to go up after inauguration day. >> our competitors refuse to use the expression the trump rally.
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don't know what they are calling it. 's stuart: some of us love it. the media not reacting well to scott pruitt who is going to run the epa. headline from the always reliable washington post, trump name scott pruitt, oklahoma attorney general, suing epa on climate change to head the epa, at long, drawnout headline, the new york times writes trump pics scott pruitt, climate change deny a list. that is a new word. i have heard of deniers but the nihilist is new to me, to lead the epa to finish off the sentence. no further comment required. bring trump ceo, sarah, welce to the program. the pruitt nomination seems to me the most dramatic reversal of president obama's policies of all the cabinet picks.
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what say you? >> don't think it is a reversal. donald trump has been clear. is number one priorities putting american interests first, putting american jobs back on the top. >> thank it is a reversal of what president obama stood for. complete reversal of that. >> absolutely. the reason scott pruitt will be such a great leader of the epa's he will get rid of a lot of job killing legislation in job killing regulation the obama administration spent the last eight years putting on top of businesses, farmers, energy producers and hurting and crippling our economy in a big way that a lot of people didn't understand the impact that epa has had over the last eight years. stuart: what was the president-elect doing entertaining now core for a conversation i presume about climate at the golden elevators and who is that actor? leonardo dicaprio.
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he is a climate change kind of guy, he showed up to press for green jobs program. at is the president-elect doing. >> one reason americans love donald trump is he sits down with everybody coming even people he may not agree with completely but is taking information from all sides, he wants to protect the environment but also once to make sure we are protecting american workers, american jobs and american energy. if we can feed ourselves, fuel ourselves, we are not a free country and he understands that better certainly than the president we have had for the last eight years and putting scott pruitt in place is another reminder of that. >> the best way to reduce co2 emissions is fracking for natural gas and have natural gas replace oil and coal. that is what we should be doing, that is what president-elect trump wants to do. you are all right. thanks for joining us. next case, three generals in the trump cabinet.
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like flynn, national security, john kelly, homeland security, james madison, defense secretary, three generals in the cabinet. let's return to the always trustee washington post, trump hires a third general raising concerns about heavy military influence. come on in david clark who is wearing the uniform of his own this morning, the uniforms in the cabinet room worry share of david clark? >> not at all. these are chronic complainers at the washington post and new york times. donald trump could nominate mother teresa to be ambassador to the vatican and the new york times and washington post would have a bird over that. he will pick whoever he wants, reasonably obviously, he gets to pick whoever he wants to surround himself with in order to move his agenda forward. he does not need a stamp of approval from the new york times
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or the washington post. these are great pics and i will tell you why. of the washington post and new york times are whining about it these are great individuals. stuart: one more for you. and admiral, pearl harbor anniversary used to speech to call out calling for his national anthem protest. watch this for a moment. >> you can bet the men and women we honor today and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago never took a knee and failed to stand when they heard the national anthem being played. stuart: i'm sure you agree with him. >> good for him. colin kaepernick to know history, he probably thinks pearl harbor is a jewelry store. america is behind that sort of stuff, we are patriotic country, one of the characteristics, one of the virtues i possess as well, no respect from him but
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shame on the nfl because the other sports leagues have a that says you will stand during the national anthem. it is about respect and decorum. you don't have to mouth the words, you don't have to put your hand over your heart. stand at attention, players on the side of the court on the sideline, just honor the flag, the service, the sacrifice, that people died for for the freedoms in this country. stuart: you wouldn't turn down a job if offered in the trump administration, what you. >> i don't think you i can. if you are asked to serve by the president of the united states, asked to serve your country. i wouldn't turn it down at all. of course not. stuart: we will see you in trump tower at some point again. i like to see you crack a smile.
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we will see you again soon. we have an all-star lineup. iowa senator joni ernst, trump taking his thank you torture her state later today. former walmart chief bill simon joins us next hour. we will ask him, he worried about amazon's cashierless grocery stores in texas attorney general ken paxton is joining scott pruitt in suing the epa. a new pullout on president-elect trump, his approval rating is at an all-time high. we have the numbers for you and check this out. the army-navy football teams showing off their uniforms for saturday's big game. army wearing an all-black designed by nike featuring a patch honoring the 82nd airborne, they led the charge into normandy on d-day, navy uniforms designed by under armor a throwback to the uniforms day war in 1963. as we have been telling you president-elect trump will be at the game saturday. it will be a huge rally.
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we will be back.
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stuart: this will not have an effect on the stock market, the price of oil still holding at $50 a barrel. lulu lemon, remember them? they are going to move in "the opening bell," that soccer winner 20% up this morning. we will ll you why. the president-elect approval rating is rising. ashley: up to 50% viewed donald trump favorably. in august it was 33%. 51% of independents in the group like what he is doing, 16% are democrats. president obama viewed favorably by 56%.
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he is getting close to where the current president is so there you go. 37% of the nation believe we are headed in the right direction, the highest and four years so there you go. stuart: these numbers reflect the optimism being felt, a chan days, we had a change of mood. ashley: those who wanted to go after have not been able to up to this point. >> a 7-page letter to president-elect trump with a long list of policy changes he thinks the president-elect should make. republican from montana senator steve gaines is with us. in a moment we are going to show our viewers the long list of the proposals you have made but i want you, if you would to pick out the one policy change at the top of your list which you think is the most important. >> i have a list of 49.
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i start with the repeal of obamacare. absolutely a burden on our economy, rising healthcare rates, unaffordable healthcare followed quickly by getting the keystone pipeline moving forward. that is a big deal for energy independence, jobs. i start with those out of 49. stuart: those are doable i believe. tom price who is going to run the new -- he has a plan to change it and building the keystone pipeline seems like a relatively easy thing to do. i'm trying to say your two top priorities are very doable and quickly so. >> they are and you mentioned the optimism we are feeling in the last 30 days as we get a running head start preparing for president-elect trump when he u
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>> syria has become a huge magnet for extremists. we are seeing training complexes in syria to train people to go back to their countries and conduct more terrorist acts. this is a huge concern to all of us. >> we are concerned about use of syrian territory by the al qaeda
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organization to recruit individuals and develop the capability to be able not just to carry out attacks in syria but also to use syria as a launching pad. >>'s current leader is a designated global terrorist under us law and is currently based in syria. his mission clearly stated in his own statements is to carve out a his own of territory from baghdad through syria to lebanon. >> scale of what they are involved in, particularly the al qaeda element in iraq and level of destruction they have, the level of killing they are doing in that country is terrible. stuart: plenty of warnings from military guys in 2014 yet president obama now told cnn he underestimated isis, didn't see it coming. we will play you the sound from
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president obama and get reaction from joni ernst, republican of iowa. a couple minutes time the market opens, the dow, s&p and nasdaq at record highs, the trump rally rules on. since election day the dow was up over 6%, similar with the s&p and nasdaq and look who is here, charles payne, host of making money with charles payne. i saw you on fox news with neil cavuto and you went off on animal spirit. do it again. charles: talking about this before the election, something that is real. we know that republicans and donald trump have the right mechanisms from a mechanical point of view, low taxes, the regulations, we got that but it is something else for successful economy. people have to believe, sothing stirring inside of us. so much evidence investors business daily, economic sentiment data 10 year high. november, first time small and medium-sized truck companies on
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new orders up since february of last year. soft bank investment in 2008 the world invested $300 billion in america, 2014, imagine if we could get $200 billion coming back, extra money every year. stuart: animal spirits. >> watch us steel, today it is open at $35. stuart: please stay there, stay with us. two of the world's biggest cruise lines have government approval to set sail for cuba, details on that and check this out. the trump rally up 1200 points on the dow since election day, doubt 20,000 is close and remember you heard it first here. that is the trump rally based on the promise of growth and that is why we are looking at doubt 20,000 maybe. i have asthma...
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stuart: i have 30 seconds before the stock market opens thursday morning. what am i going to say? shall i call it the trump rally?
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i will call it the trump rally because our competitors on a different channel who we are now eating to hell and back don't call it the trump rally. isn't it obvious? the market is rallying because of donald trump and what he proposes to do with the economy. enough cell. the bell is ringing, 9:30 exactly and we are off and running. i see plenty of green. we were up 410, now we are up four. that it open, come on. the initial rally has faded. it is still a trump rally, still a trump rally, gone down 5. how about the s&p 500 down. where is the nasdaq? down. how about boil, where is oil this morning, it is up. the stock market, $50 a barrel, gold, that is interesting, the gold market is telling you they
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do not see big time inflation down the road. gold down 1173. that is an important indicator. let's bring in ashley webster, ms. mcdonald, scott shellady, john layfield and charles payne. th is a trump rally. i'm going around the block, your future careers are at stake. will anybody tell me this is not a trump rally? what are you mopping your brow for? >> it has everything to do with trump. the economy hasn't been different since he has been put in charge but lower expectations as far as negative ramifications of higher regulation, lower taxes, less regulation and $1 trillion spending plan. who will get in front of the train? 100% sentiment and we will see the gdp turn around. it is not measured by negative
9:32 am
situations or questions. maybe we will high the 50th person with a 55th person instead of staying at 49 so a lot of positive decisions come through this economy. watch what happens to gdp, not just the equity markets. stuart: trump rally, yes or no? >> 100% trump rally. the markets were created after trump was elected, looks like things would be bad and this is a business friendly administration and elizabeth warren rally, the fact is not going to be in a position of power and go after big business and banks, trump lowering tax on pass-through income for small business to a corporate tax rate is going to be huge. stuart: i want to bring back charles payne, nice riff on animal spirit, do it again. charles: not just lower taxes or lower regulations, there is something else going on.
9:33 am
the economic sentiment the highest in ten years, the highest it ever was was march 2002 six month after 9/11. america galvanized, as united as america ever was in a generation, something has to be said, lower taxes a cute, good, regulations health but when people believe, like the hot dog vendor across the street, my brother in law works in scrap metal. he says the engy of his business since donald trump was elected hein years. animal spirit. stuart: well said. donald trump in his time magazine person of the year interview says he will bring down drug prices. did he say how? ashley: he didn't but hillary clinton also did. when donald trump won the election the biotech sector went crazy, donald trump won, he too on the campaign trail said i don't like drug prices, huge drug price hikes we see on the
9:34 am
back of the epipen scandal but he said the same thing, he didn't say how but he said he would bring them down. stuart: we went through a long list of drugmaker's, they were down yesterday. ashley: because of the interview he gave in time where he said especially i want to bring drug prices down. stuart: john layfeel that the prices for the drugmakers are you buying any of them at all? >> no because i want to see how this fleshes out. amazing mister trump, the president-elect can influence sectors, interviews in time magazine or a tweet he put out i want to see what he does, several ways to do this but won't be punishment to pharmaceuticalmakers, we will see what he does. liz: if he lets medicare, half trillion dollar program negotiate lower drug prices that is the gorilla in the room.
9:35 am
stuart: negotiate on behalf of medicare, usehe pow of the government to negotiate and allow cheaper drugs to come from overseas. import at a lower price. donald trump picked linda mc man to run the small business administration. around the block, another part of a can-do cabinet, hands-on businesspeople, scott shellady, linda mc man. >> the agrarian background, i am burdened with common sense and you are right, a person who started a small business, have them successfully run a small business for the government, makes total sense. a great decision, you will see a lot of us have the same thing. stuart: a few moments ago you talked about a big boost for
9:36 am
changes in the tax sector, that is part of the animal spirit with a beautiful market. >> linda mc man, works for linda a number of years, i own the stocks, the best thing he has made. the llcs, consumer spending, 70% of gdp. when you take a small business through personal income, 30.6% in tax, small businesses paying up to 50% tax. what donald trump is proposing is brilliant and what should have been done years ago, the corporate tax structure and tax rate, 15% to 20%, around 22%,
9:37 am
you take 22% out of every dollar and give it back to these businesses. and capital investment, the biggest thing in small business. stuart: on the left-hand side of the screen, showing you the russell 2000, that is an indicator of the smaller americancentric companies and may have done well since the election. ashley: 17% since the election. stuart: and our 17%, russell 2014%. apple putting pressure on hollywood studios to allow apple to rent out movies on itunes a little earlier. why are they doing that? ashley: to drive more business to their itunes. putting pressure on hollywood, and they are available a lot faster in rental streaming
9:38 am
world. they had exclusive rights for 90 days before they go into the population. there is a suggestion there could be a premium price online rental. and going to the movies, how much you pay, $20 for a soto. could be a potential winner. there are other platforms that will compete for hollywood's business. stuart: would you touch apple? ashley: it is what you want to keep in mind. i'm more excited about amazon earlier this week, digging deep for ideas later this week. regular frequency -- stuart: so technical. stuart: it is up $0.80. charles: despite the share price, for the next four years. stuart: we are back 12 points.
9:39 am
a little wobbliness at the start. charles: you go -- get them out and sell them. the first 30 minutes of trading the smart money waits. stuart: tell us why you are laughing. >> that happens all the time, the real money will take over but i can tell you the reason i am spending time here is we have got these markets finally unlocked. remember when we had the central banker buzzer? we are talking growth, gdp, and the central banks. that is a positive thing. that is fantastic about those
9:40 am
animal instincts. stuart: the s&p 500 hit a lifetime high, never been there before, it is there right now. a couple retailers for you. higher profit, sales of costco. tell me about costco stock. nicole: costco is doing well. to the upside, they are competing, taking on with fresh foods, better agreement, slower fees and gave a good outlook. stuart: ignore the tour led around. >> every day of my life. now tell me -- >> i love lulu lemon, i will tell you lulu lemon in the leisure where, the ceo talked about intense competition, the gap, under armour, nike, very
9:41 am
well, they see comp sales jumping 16%. cybermonday jumped 29% taking on the competition, expected strong holiday season doing great. forget the days of see-through pants and the ceo, remember what he said if your thighs i too fat, remember that was 2014, 240 bucks is a real winner. stuart: charles payne, try this. would you say yoga lost the election? charles: i would say wall street messed up again. denim was back. people in the malls no better. stuart: conducting the tour, the dow transportation index hit a new high. charles: a new all-time high.
9:42 am
stuart: you are the wall street guy. charles: i told everyone this was the key indicator to get big money pouring into the market. you go back, started the wall street journal, came up with the dow theory, when the market is going well, corroborated with transportation names going well. when the dow jones hit a new all-time high, the money came out of nowhere, still shaky. talking billions. that was confirmation for the big time money this is a real rally based on fundamentals and a real outlook, harbinger for the next 6-12 months. stuart: nasdaq hit an all-time lifetime high and show the board, now we are up 39 points, 19-588 closing in close to 400 points from doubt 20,000. royal caribbean and norwegian
9:43 am
cruise line won cuban government approval to begin cruising to that item. >> carnival is going there. and and hotel fees in cuba doubling. since 2015, the government runs the hotels, they get to cuba, rocketing hotel fees. stuart: the man would explode. restaurants, chip only, they look down the road. they do not like what they see, wall street is not happy about this, 367. ashley: never good news, the company admitted is nervous about the guidance it gave, never a good word. guidance for next year, could increase to the high single digits.
9:44 am
the company says the first half of 2016, 78% of lee's frequent customer stopped coming to chipotle. marking chief said basically we wiped of the incoming generation ocustomers last year. those are the things -- stuart: some people like to buy stocks on a dip. when you buy chip only on this massive dip? >> it is one bad news after another. and absolute disaster, good restaurant but what a pr disaster this company has been. stuart: a story that intrigues me far more so than cruise lines going to cuba. starbucks is going to open 12,000 new locations in less than five years. liz: conquering the world, one latte at a time. 37,000 stores in five years. this is astonishing, eps is up,
9:45 am
ashley is reporting on it, howard schultz is the outgoing ceo saying this could boost eps by 20%. they have a tip jar at the drive up window. stuart: would anybody by starbucks for under $60 a share? below 60, would anybody by it? charles: no. stuart: john wayfield? >> $10.3 billion, i want to see what the new ceo does. stuart: last word to you. >> it seems like a pretty daunting exercise if you ask me so i have to wait and see. stuart: i you in london? >> i am in london. the talking to the people, the
9:46 am
traders were so excited about seeing these markets unlock and trade on real news the right way instead of when bad is good or good is bad, back to the way it used to be. stuart: you are a missionary. well done, young man, a treat to have you on the show. thank you, thanks, everybody. watch making money with charles payne, he is killing them, yes he is, 6:00 pm eastern, what a show, what a guy. president obama says he was surprised by the rise of isis. watch this. >> the rise surprised you. it took you by surprise. took the administration by surprise. stuart: >> the ability of i still to initiate major land offenses was not on my intelligence radar screen. stuart: joining us now, republican from iowa, senator joni ernst. you served in the army for 23
9:47 am
years. what do you make of president obama's statement the intel community did not put isolates he calls it on his radar even though senior military people did a year before. what do y make of this? >> i am truly shocked the president would say that when director clapper in general flynn outlined those threats that isis presented. and stuart: the left really uncomfortable with general michael flynn, and kelly being picked to be in the trump cabinet. the left is uncomfortable. how about you? >> if you look around the globe
9:48 am
and what is going on, whether it is isis or other terrorist organizations, the rise of china, russia, north korea, iran, these gentlemen that served time in the military understand the global implications and safety to americans. i want to vet them myself and make sure i am highlighting things that are important to me with administration and congress. it shows a true understanding for the trump administration that there are threats that exist out there, we need to handle those threats. in the past eight years we have had an administration that doesn't care or has downplayed the threat to americans. i am very encouraged. stuart: the president-elect comes to your states, iowa, going to des moines tonight but you will welcome him. here is my question.
9:49 am
has the republican party united behind donald trump? it was split before the election. has it united now? >> it has united and we saw this in iowa. we saw donald trump as our nominee, we came together, supported donald trump through thick and thin. we know this is a strong administration bringing voice to thousands, millions of americans as they spoke out in the past election cycle. it is really exciting, republicans are encouraged, a lot of folks are encouraged, not just republicans which i heard from iowans already, a level of optimism. stuart: governor brent stead -- branstad will be ambassador to china, i will get a female governor of iowa. is that accurate? >> that is accurate. a dear friend of colleague of mine, kim reynolds is going to
9:50 am
move into the governor's feet and she's enthusiastic, a caring and compassionate iowa and, loves her constituents, very energetic woman, knows trade quite well, knows the agricultural industry quite well, a blessing for iowa. look forward to having her as the governor. stuart: thanks for contributing to the lively, upbeat and positive mood we are feeling as a financial program. welcome to the show. check the dow, the dow 30, still a slight bias towards the red is in losing issues but we have the dow of 20 points, 19,571. president-elect trump's inauguration a month away and there are trump style ideas being floated around with a parade of fifth avenue and a helicopter flight through the
9:51 am
capital. don't tell that to michael moore. he is urging people to protect the inauguration advocating a bold mobilization against trump on january 20th. we will supply you with details because we have 2.
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stuart: this is happening now. democrat leader harry reid honored by his peers, mitch mcconnell spoke about mister reid and harry reid himself talking about his career. later, vice president joe biden and hillary clinton will unveil a portrait of harry reid. we will bring it to you. record green arrows all over the place, the trump rally roles on, down 19,000568 as we speak. it is a trump rally. what is this about a trump inauguration parade down fifth avenue in new york city? ashley: mister trump talking
9:56 am
with mark burnett, the king of reality tv behind such shows as the apprentice. the voice and so on. and what can we do forhe inauguration, the suggestion of a parade, at the end donald trump was jumping into a helicopter and ride to washington dc for the inauguration. all the confetti flying. stuart: michael moore is calli for protesters to disrupt the inauguration. >> predicted a trump victory month prior. tweeting to 3 million followers basically yes disrupt the inauguration proceeding january 21st. disrupt j 20. they wanted to block traffic, paralyze washington dc and protest at us embassies and other places worldwide.
9:57 am
stuart: michael moore, you lost, pay attention to the bottom line on your screen, the russell 2000 which is up 14% just since the election of donald trump. that is a trump rally. president-elect trump going for another reversal of eight years of obama policy thinking oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt as head of the epa, pruitt is not a friend of the greenies. my take on that coming up next. all over the trump rally, market storing after election day. we will pose the question again doubt 20,000 by the end of this month. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough...
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com.
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scott pruitt is attorney general of state of oklahoma he's no friend of the climate crowd. in fact, he has sued the environmental protection agency over its climate rules. he says that climate debate is, far from settled. well, president-elect trump has picked mr. pruitt to run the epa. its enemy is going to be its master. this is big. for years, president obama has used the epa to advance a very green agenda. when he couldn't get his ideas accepted, even in a democrat congress, he turned to the e pa. it was a gigantic power grab. dictate to the state, dictate to landowners. looks like those days are over. good, one of the things holding america back all of these years has been the mind numbing war and private land and digress for a second i own a tree farm.
10:01 am
epa wanted landowners like me to ask their per politician permission to move a small rock of 20 feast any stream. but i digress. donald trump is going for a spectacular reverse of l obama policy like in education pushing for school choice. and ben carson questioning tajing social programs. scott pruitt brings c change to the epa climate beurre roar city trump promised change in 30 days that's exactly what he's done. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. >> breaking news this just coming in an earthquake off the northern coast of california reported magnitude 6.9 do we have anything else? >> i'm on the u.s. --
10:02 am
website of the geological folks, 6.8, 165 miles kilometers that is west of fern dale, california i used to live there in eureka, close to the ocean, close to oregon, california border south of there. no reports of damage or anything yet but keeping an eye on it for tsunami -- >> 600, 900 odd miles offshore. check the big board. we're down 15 point for the big board and we've got mortgage rates. got? >> up again 4.13 that's up about .05 and the trend is up for the last six weeks. six straight weeks of rising, 30-year mortgage rates and that's u.s. treasury hits the high hasn't seen in july 2015. mortgage rates trending at levels we haven't seen in a while now so do you buy now? so could this basically induce people to get off the coach and go buy?
10:03 am
perform get off the the couch and buy -- why snot? [laughter] you've got the money. why not? check the big board down 11 point but still awfully close it a record high which we hit yesterday. after a near 300 point gain. check the russell 2,000 this is where the trump rally is really apparent up nearly 14% since election day. down a tiny fraction right now. jeff seeger is here we know him as a market bear. [laughter] you missed this rile, didn't you? >> smartest in the room. stuart: to the audience out there. sorry to anybody. i don't know? >> here's the thing and i do think this, you know, first of all it's not legitimate rally because 80% of the market is flat. this market has been mostly financials and energy that are going to benefit from b regulation they've carried this market if you look at the dow, a third of the appreciation in the dow is goldman sachs.
10:04 am
so this is a very exclusive rally so -- it's too soon to crack this champagne. >> you talk about the dow what about had the russell 2,000 up nearly 14% that's not cons traited in a couple of stocks that's broad based small america. >> well, here's the probm. you're talking about a lot of financials and energy stocks that if you look at it, it's financial and energies that are driving it but i'll give the market some credit. [laughter] i will give the market some credit, the market has shown a lot of vigilance when it comes to headwinds that are on the horizon so here's what had newscast investor have to see we're going it see interest rates move up and see strength in the dollar. and -- and all of this hype over -- and believe me, i believe that trump is going to be very, very good for the economy. but the stock market is art prnlly inflated by central bank and that's about the go away. >> not going to get to 20,000 on
10:05 am
the dow by christmas? >> awfully close. i think we could touch it. i think we're going to get awfully close. >> reading between lines here jeff you clearly think there's a pullback coming fairly soon. >> i really do. because here's the thing, and trump has said himself, you have -- you have an asset in a lot of assets and a lot of assets right now. so investors are going to eventually realize that a lot of this sent meant regarding markets have geared towards the excitement about all of these policies that he's talking about coming to fruition. i hope that they do. but there's also the one factor that has been -- that has been carrying this market and lower interest rates, and there's projections from a lot of investment banks and a lot of people in the know myself included that believe that we're going to three interest rate increasing in the next year that's going to have an impact. >> word of caution from josh seeger don't get carried away by this.
10:06 am
it is fun while it is happening but cautious puts his word in financial >> i don't think people should be excited about what's happening and all of this freedom we're seeing across the world, but you need to keep your -- need to keep your feet on the ground while your head is in the sky that's the bottom line potential >> -- >> when do you think you might be on the program? >> that's up to you, stuart. stuart: you're a good man jeff, thanks good stuff. now to politics. trump tower watch we've been telling you 30 odd days. today president-elect is expected to meet with gyms james a possible contender for secretary of state. two pick he's made linda for small business and as i mentioned a top of the hour oklahoma's ag scott pruitt going to the e.p.a.. lisa booth is here. first of all -- hi lisa. now, liberals and the climate people they're absolutely outraged by scott pruitt going to epa. what do you think about it?
10:07 am
>> i agree with your assessment earlier in the show. look, liberals and the mainstream media heads are exploding right now because what they're witnessing president-elect trump hasn't everyone taken to office. and just based off of his cabinet choices alone we're seeing a complete dismantling of the obama legacy, and things that he really staked his ground in and one of the issues is on climate regulation as you had mentioned president obama and democrats were unable or president obama unable to get his cap-and-trade policies passed in congress. but the epa pursued that agenda anyway and you look at even with the paris climate treaty circuit vented congress to get that done as well and so what we're seeing with scott pruitt is dismantling those policies and same can be said with someone like betty and ben carson as keel. >> media is exploding about scott pruitt. look at these headlines again from the media l.a. times
10:08 am
opinion headline trump's pick of pruitt to run epa spells disaster, for the environment. this is "the daily beast," scott pruitt trump's climate it beening epa pick is worse than you think. lisa, i think this is an intense reaction because this is one of the most important reversals of policy. it's a bit like reversing obamacare. you reverse the epa and its green policy an you really going to make a difference to america. let's say you? >> well absolutely. i think energy as you mentioned earlier energy is really a way that donald trump can pursue an economic agenda that is really going to benefit americans by 100% and actual pursuing all of the above energy plan, and what the epa has done is handcuffed businesses across the country from energy development. you look at president obama has roped off a more federal land than any recent president has. an a lot of the energy exploration development that has been happening in this country
10:09 am
has been happening on prieflt land. and so that is a lot of opportunity, economic development, jobs for americans that president obama has roped off. and that's part of the reason why we've seen such an intense reaction in the courts from governors across the country an attorney general across the country. you know, taking it up in the courts. because of the executive fiat of president obama. and the epa implementing it. stuart: i'm sure you're aware of this but viewers might not have seen this. two years ago members of the intelligence community warn about the rise of isis. watch this. >> syria has become a huge magnet for extremist trained people to go become to their countries and, of course, conduct more terrorist acts. >> we are concerned about the use of syrian territory by the
10:10 am
al qaeda organization to carry out attacks inside of syria but also to use syria as a launching pad. >> the scale of what they are involved in right now particularly level of killing that they're doing inside of that country is just -- terrible. >> right, that's earlier 2014, clear warnings from the military people. now, president obama says that rise of isis surprised him. watch this. the rise of the islamic state surprised you it took you by surprise. it took the administration by surprise? >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offenses, that was not on my intelligence radar screen. >> lisa booth you heard all of this military guy, president obama, what do you make of it? >> i think he chose to not hear it. and this is another legacy item where president obama really put his, you know, his -- world view above what was the
10:11 am
right thing for americans and as you had said he was repeatedly warned about the need to leave status force of agreement need to it leave troops in iraq. but instead he chose legacy and look what's happened now. isis is breeding ground in iraq and syria as well, and now we're really deep in it and seeing rice of isis and this is a big challenge of president-elect trump and soon to be president trump of how to deal with isis fortunately he's picked someone like general mattis who is beginning to be defense secretary and he's surrounding hymn with people that are inte intimately familiar with trouble in iraq and afghanistan an middle east. >> thank you so much for joining us this thursday morning. one quick point liz. liz: since president obama sat in oval office in 2009 there have been 10 terrorist attacks most of them isis inspired. 113 people killed, 400 nearly 400 people injured. those are just facts coming out of the department of homeland
10:12 am
security and gi. stuart: thank you i'll update about earthquake mag 6.8 off northern coast of california. sent i believe at 100 -- 102 miles off into the pacific ocean is west of fern, california. that's what we've got 6.8. >> no reports of any damage but we're monitoring. stuart: of course. donald trump says he wants a list of all of the companies that want to leave america. he says all of them. make them stay. bill simon former wall heart ceo on that issue, next. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is her audi will cover your first month's lease payment on
10:13 am
select models during the season of audi sales event.
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10:15 am
stuart: there it is. the report from the wall street journal an the expected to be nominated to be the secretary from labor. now he joins a long list and now he's a regular on the show. he joins a long list of other regulars who have been appointed to positions in the cabinet and
10:16 am
andy likely to be labor secretary. "the wall street journal" says he is and look who's here. perfect times the former ceo and president of wal-mart bill simon is with us. sir, welcome to the program great to have you with us. j hey, stuart good to be back with you. >> i take it you're happy to see andy at labor because you've had some trouble with unions and labor in your time. i guess you've got to be happy at the nomination. >> yeah, ann drink is terrific. ink he'll do a wonderful job if that's the if president-elect's decision. you know it's time we got a business friendly fern in want of labor. we've been through a difficult stretch there. there doesn't need to be animosity between business and labor. only way forward is for us to find a way to work together so that there can be good jobs and that can be good for business and andy has got that skillset. i look forward to that and i hope that comes to fruition. stuart: perfect timing on your interview we appreciate you
10:17 am
being here. so donald trump and his interview with "time" magazine person of the year, he says he wantses list of all of the american companies we proposed to leave america. he said he's going to call all of them i want to get a list of companies that have announced they're leaving i can call them five minutes a piece. they won't be leaving. do you approve of that kind of -- muscling of private enterprise companies? >> i think it's a fantastic approach to be honest with you. you know, hands on approach by the president of the united states. it will work. it will work short-term. and that's really what i think the president needs coming into office. a phone call from the president will certainly cause any ceo to pause. and then if that can buy the president time to -- new president time to implement the policy changes that need to be implemented in order for this to work and to be effective and to last, i think that's -- a terrific approach and it will require hands on and i'm happy he's going to take that
10:18 am
approach. gliewrt one of the programs in this program in recent weeks has been what we perceive to be a challenge of mood in the country. we now see donald trump approval rating moving up to 50% up from if in the low 30s in august. do you agree with our premise that there's endowed indeed a new mood in the united states? >> well, i do. you know, it's easy to see what the economy starts to move and stock market's reaction to the president, to mr. trump's election there's starting to get to be an anticipation and excitement about what might be, and i think as his cabinet picks start to be revealed, they're very strong, very -- very focused people on our country. and ting that gives everybody a little bit more confidence after the election where certain element of the media had a
10:19 am
perspective it's nice to see the president-elect breaking through with some -- improvement in his favorability and he deserves it. stuart: before the election it was hard to find an senior executive at a major corporation in favor of donald trump seem therm scared to death to raise their heads an say we want growth, we want profits. [laughter] you're breaking the mold you're very much in favor of this administration, aren't you? >> well, you know, i was a jeb guy i was the treasure of jeb 2016 and so you know, i didn't start out as a donald trump supporter and fact that i didn't support him during the the campaign. now i didn't come out against hill either. i took an approach that said let's waits and see. but 4% gdp growth by the way was in jeb's platform and now part of the president-elect's platform will cure a lot of what ails this country and help us move forward. and seeing the plct president-elect take the approach to grow the economy, tods it with a rebound and
10:20 am
american manufacturing and american jobs, is really, really exciting and it should be to any ceo and i don't know that that came out in a campaign. because campaign coverage was more about personality than it was about policy. and it is really, really nice to start to see the presidt-elect's policies begin to be implemented. >> bill simon former ceo wal-mart thanks for joining us we appreciate you being here. thank you. >> "time" magazine made donald trump person of the year but the that ends right there. calls him a hux a demagogue but hillary is an american moses. we'll be back.
10:21 am
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stuart: that's cruel. look look stair way to heaven and show you a picture of hillary clinton with ten commandments why on earth are we doing this he asked, and time thyme magazine called hillary and american moses why not create a graphic like that. what do they call trump? >> person of the year and then after that called him a huckster, demagogue they gave him a lot of back handed and did what nobody in american politics has. what's he done? inspired new level of anger, fear and magnified the decision and made pollsters look like chumps as you say hillary clinton like an american moses imperfect prophet leading to the edge of the promise land. >> i went to the denytist the other day and there wasn't a "time" magazines in the dentist office that's how far down they've gone.
10:25 am
what do you make the american moses? [laughter] >> this is just so ridiculous. i think the american people are really just over these lines of attacks, i mean, the mainstream media was essentiallyiered useless and irrelevant because donald trump smartly able to go around them and he did that with town hall and facebook live through social yeedz and was able to reach voters directly and ting this is part of the reason why you see the trust in media really at all time low because there's just no honest ties honesty anymore. >> did not include fox business, and washington examiner let's get that clear. [laughter] >> clear that up right now. stuart: now there's a plan by reality show producer he wants parade up 5th avenue on inauguration day and trump gets into a helicopter and flies down to d.c. for the real inauguration you don't live in new york city. so i guess you approve of this plan. [laughter] >> yotd. but i've been there for the
10:26 am
anti-trump protest and not involved in them but i've been in the city at the time where these are going on fifth avenue and being caught in that traffic so i can feel new yorker's pain with what that would be but nice to see thing positive happening on fifth avenue for trump. >> see what happens and you sitting next to me on the set during the show. lisa booth. >> let's do it. you've got a deal. stuart: lisa thanks a lot. now this donald trump say he's going to lower drug prices. dr. marc siegel next on hohe's going to do it. whenever anythin happens in the market. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. every day starts better with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque.
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10:29 am
magnitude 6.5 up the northern coast of california centered the
10:30 am
102 in the pacific ocean off the coast of ferndale. check the big board. we are down ever so slightly. the big tech names, let's check them. they are all up today, not recovering after their losses after the election, except microsoft which is up to a new all-time high. microsoft and google and apple, they are all up now. remember the harvard staffer trump-clinton debate where clinton staffers said white you tremendous sifts got trump elected? well, she kiements up. she said i knew you were suppose to be gracious when you come to the post-election form.
10:31 am
but i decided this is a year where the rules don't apply, speaking the truth was more important. palmieri says trump provide a platform for white supremacists. you say what? >> there are millions and millions of decent people who voted for mr. trump. stuart: your point is it was an attempt to underninth legitimacy. keep on saying he's a racist and bigot. i object to that. >> i object to that and the recount efforts which are falling flat. it's an attempt to undermine president-elect trump and his next four years leading our nation. stuart: on capitol hill
10:32 am
democratic senator harry reid is being honored for his rvice in the senate before he retired. but on the senate floor senator reid lied about mitt romney not paying any taxes. i don't have the exact sound bite for you. but i remember it very well. he was lying. >> i remember it, too. in a previous life i was speech writer for senator bill frisk. one of the rules is you don't campaign from the senate floor. i'm surprised other senators did not bring him up it. stuart: he's leaving now. i hope he enjoys nevada. >> tell me about that. because i don't know that. he's a very rich man. there is a lot of controversy
10:33 am
overall how he amassed that wealth as a united states senator. >> are you a gung-ho supporter? >> i'm a gung-ho patriots and i want four commander-in-chief to be a success. stuart: do you think the mood of the country has changed since the electi? >> i think it is change. president-elect trump's approval ratings are going up. politicians work for us. we don't work for them. so of course they need to be scrutinized. whether it's from their nominee picks or their behavior in office. stuart are's not sphean ideological guy. >> this is something that's so interesting. the republican primary did a
10:34 am
deep dive into who were donald trump's republican primary supporters. the more a voter supported raising the minimum wage and supported raising taxes on the rich and supported government-funded healthcare, the more likely they were to be a donald trump supporter. i think that's fast nation. he has rejiggered the political map. even look at some of donald trump's initiatives. a trillion dollar stimulus plan? this is something orthodox conservatives oppose. now we are talking about maybe it can work. donald trump has rewritten the rules. stuart: amy holmes, you can come back any time. thanks a lot. next case. president-elect trump told "time" magazine, and here is the
10:35 am
quote, i'm going to bring down drug prices. i don't like what has happened with drug prices. dr. marc siegel is with us now. how is he going to do it? can you tell us? >> he didn't say i was going to do it. it was part of his plan when he released his health plan last spring. he said he would introduce reimportation of drugs so there would be more competition. president-elect trump is all about competition and choice. drug companies can bring products from overseas and compete here. at the moment they can't do that. even if it's an american company, if the product is made in another company, they can't bring it back here and compete.
10:36 am
he wants medicare to be able to negotiate prices. medicaid and va already negotiate prices. medicaid has strict formularies. the forces discounts with medicaid. why shouldn't one governments subsidized program have it and another not. with the baby boomers coming in, prices will go down. drug companies knew this was going to happen. there was a stock bump after this election. he wants to bring prices down. >> a lot of conservatives would say, you shouldn't do that. it's like price controls. it's telling them what prices you should have. financial people are saying that. you as a doctor, you approve of getting prices down? >> yes, provided that enough money is funneled into the system to begin with.
10:37 am
that's why i'm a fan of the 20th century act that just got passed in congress. that's funneling $4.5 billion to the n.i.h. and drug companies and decrease the f.d.a. usually puts up for approvals. i want it both ways. it's a billion dollars to create a drug in the pipeline. drug companies will tell you if you drive down our prices too much we won't be able to compete. we don't need epipen coming up with a 400% increase. stuart: can't you get -- get the lawyers out of this? every new drug that comes on the market is sued. can't you do something about that. >> a lot of those lawsuits get
10:38 am
settled for billions of dollars answer they never go anywhere. the same thing in the medical situation. get the lawyers out. the head of h.h.s. is a litigator. we are getting a new head that's a physician. how about that? >> why are all you doctors and lawyers vote democrat? >> are you look at me? >> i believe we'll get more choice and competition now. it will be great for the doctor's office. i'm a happy guy. if i wrote in the "wall street journal" this week. i'm very, very happy about this. stuart: did i say sounds the trumpets? microsoft hits an all-time record high today and yes, i do own the thinnest of thin
10:39 am
slivers. no, i'm not going toetire despite the success. you want me to retire? stick around. the governor missai governor ofd he would do everything he could to block syrian refugees from coming to his state. did he make good on that promise? i believe he did. first stop in ohio meeting victims of this week's terror attack. then to iowa for another leg of the thank you tour.
10:40 am
10:41 am
reporter: the mainstream media slamming donald trump's cabinet
10:42 am
picks. >> if she were alive donald trump could nominate mother teresa to be ambassador to the vatican and the washington post would have a bird over that. he can pick anybody he wants reasonably to surround himself with in order to move his agenda forward. he does not need a stamp of approval from the "new york times" or "the washington post." i think these are great picks.
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: starbucks says they are going to open 12,000 new locations in less than five years. where? liz: they are expecting e.p.s. to go up a fifth with this. stuart: do we have a buzzer? translate that into real -- >> i said earnings per share. >> profits per share outstanding. key measure of value for the company.
10:45 am
elizabeth: that's correct. they are taking over the world one latte at a time i guess, i don't know. now, of the more than 10,000 syrian migrants who have come to the united states in the fast year. 10 states have taken the majority and you can see where they have gone. mississippi governor phil bryant said his state would not take any of them, and you mississippi government phil bryant joins us right now. did you win, governor? no syrian migrants coming to your state? >> none so far. we can claim that as a win in november of 2015. i sent a letter to the president and said much the same as other governors have said that we'll refuse to accept syrian refugees. we don't know the specific
10:46 am
background, identity of these individuals. we think they would be a threat to mississippians. we take in refugees from across the world. 65 in 2016. 26 of those are cubans. so still refugees coming from cuba where the president has these wonderful diplomatic relationships with. but snow no syrian refugees in the district of columbia. when we see them moving to georgetown, we'll consider it. stuart: president-elect trump just told "time" magazine, here is a direct quote. i want to get a list of companies that announced they are leaving. i can call them myself. they won't be leaving. governor, a lot of people don't approve of that kind of strong
10:47 am
arming of individual companies and telling private enterprise what to do. do you approve of it? >> absolutely. the left doesn't know the difference between strong arming and encouragement and support and letting them know they are going to have less regulatory problems in the united states from now on, that their taxes will be lower, that perhaps their dominant union involvement will not be as strong as it has been in the past. those are encouragers. so the left is satisfactorily trying to criticize even the greatest successes the president is having. president-elect before he even takes off his hat. if this were a president clinton you would see the celebration going on on the left and the great talk of saving the blue collar american worker, and that's what donald trump is doing. i have a couple here in
10:48 am
mississippi i would love to talk to him about. stuart: how do you feel about the nomination of scott pruitt. he's going to run the epa and he is an enemy at the epa. he's not a climate denier, by says the climate debate is not being settled. >> we are excited about it. here is a good attorney general, strong believer in the protection our air war and land. but also understand that the epa has been anti-business. the epa has been anti-business and anti-state's rights. when they can come on my property and take over regulation of my small pond and creeks that run through my property, this is troublesome. the most devastating part is the
10:49 am
chilling effect it has had on business. if they want to target a business they can do that. stuart: governor, you seem like a happy guy. you are happy with what's going on in america as of now. you have got a big smile. >> absolutely. i have had that smile on my face since the night of the election when donald trump won. so it's a striking victory for this country. if you look at where we are at. already the economy is trying to turn. there is hope for the blue collar. i come from a blue collar family where people work hard. we work hard in mississippi to live the american dream. donald trump will help do that. i was in israel meeting with prime minister netanyahu. i think they are encouraged
10:50 am
about what is taking place as we see new appointments, particularly a strong personalities and international support of israel. they believe it will increase. we think federal military funding for israel is important to us. and to the united states. and to the safety. israel is all that is standing between the complete and total fall of the middle east. stuart: governor, i have to jump in real fast. thank you, sir. let me break away for breaking news. here it comes. fox news chris wall has reporting according to trump transition sources. the president-elect is considering alan mulally, the former ford ceo for secretary of state. he's well respect and one of the captains of industry.
10:51 am
liz: robert gates says he's the topnotch diplomat in the business world. he's an unusual kind of executive in that way. sure the * we can report that mr. mulally is definitely meeting with donald trump today. you the varney viewer agree obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
stuart: our viewers seem to agree with president-elect trump that obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced. this is virtually the universal opinion from our viewers. this from our viewers. affordable? for who? cal says, we all remember the lies we were fed and apparently millions of americans remember, too, that's why donald trump won the election. stephanie, the biggest scam ever
10:56 am
perpetrate on the american public. it's rare we get such uniform opinion on any of the issues we discussed. liz: we saw this coming in 2010, 7 years ago. yes it was a factor. now will the replacement the gop is talking about suffice? the partist elites are for the democrats. obamacare has been a bad thing for americans nationwide. >> the biggest con job ever. affordable, affordable, affordable. you don't say much, but when you say something -- if we get rid of obamacare, i think it will be the boot removed from the neck of america's middle class. i think middle mayor cap suffered more from obamacare than anybody else.
10:57 am
elizabeth: it gave an incentive for business to stay small. stuart: we'll be back.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: two new developments and indications that the earth is moving. i'm talking about the incoming trump administration. john kelly will run the department of homeland security. the significance snow's a retired general. another military man in a top position. the left is not happy. they are not comfortable with flag officers running things. what do generals bring to the table? generals are doers. know how to run things. they have experience in the real world. they know how it works. this is a can-do cabinet. very different from the team
11:01 am
thinking about things and messing things up for the last 8 years. scott pruitt will run the epa, talk about a reversal. he's the a.g. of oval and he's leading the charge against the epa's climate crowd. a theme of this program has bent new mood of the country. we have gone from hand-ringing anxiety to bust loose animal spirits. the country is in disarray and so are the democrats. they lost. wait until you see donald trump at the army-navy game. you will see a change of mood. the third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. more developments on the trump transition team.
11:02 am
another business person, alan mulally will meet with mr. trump. chris wallace says it's about the secretary of state position. last hour we received news that andy puzner is expected to be nominated as the secretary of labor. all this with news that linda mcmann will run the small business administration. she built the wrestling industry. my shock of the day, alan mulally, former ford ceo in line for secretary of state. maybe another business person taking the diplomat's top job? may be? what do you say to this?
11:03 am
>> i can speak about mr. trump's feeling about alan. on the campaign trail he always remarked how he kept ford from not going into bankruptcy during the financial crisis. he has an enormous amount of respect for his business acumen. i think one of the reasons president-elect trump is looking for business leaders for secretary of state is because he knows they have international experience with dealing with trade and they always bring a level of pragmatism to the process. it's been a very wide, very diversion selection criteria. i think you have to applaud the president-elect for this. he's taking this very seriously. the state department has a $50 billion budget. we want somebody in that position to be america's chief diplomat but also someone that can help us fix some wasteful things going on inside the
11:04 am
department. stuart: you are a money guy, wall street money guy, and we have seen this stock market go straight up since the election. we have a near 7% gain for the dow industrials, similar gains almost across the board. our competitors on a different channel which will not be named will not call it the trump rally. but we do. it is the trump rally, isn't it? >> i think it is the trump rally. it's the beginning of what will be the trump boom and trump expansion. so what the stock market is feeling and it's an early predictor of this stuff. real economic growth and opportunities coming back into the world and the super important things wage growth. if we can click in wage growth and get them engaged back in the
11:05 am
virtuous consumption cycle, the market is sensing that. and the market is sensing a corporate and individual income tax cut that will yield profits to these companies. there is a powerful tonic of things going on. microsoft is probably not clicking in as much as the others, but that will come as well. stuart: it's in retirement territory. a new record high. >> i know you are sad about it, stuart. stuart: at the top of the hour, the editorial saying generals and business people are can-do types of people, they are hands on people. they make things happen. they are executives, they are used to doing things. do you have any trouble with three generals. they are on the screen now. three generals in the cabinet. >> i would characterize them as citizen leaders that serve the
11:06 am
american people and the american military. they are american heroes. one thing about the generals that's super important. you can go right back to george washington, take it through andrew jackson, generals are typically cautious about war. they know the morors of war and they want to avoid war. typically counts go down when you have generals in civilian positions. i think you will hear from kelly about some of the things he wants to do on the border to reduce drug trafficking and hopefully make americans feel safer. >> you have got to tush arnd and go back towards the golden elevators. i know that's what you do. we'll let you go do it.
11:07 am
anthony scaramucci. thank you very much. we'll update you on the california earthquake magnitude 8.5 in the pacific outside of ferndale. as of now a time is not expected. no reports of damage. we'll bring you additional information as it comes to us. let's get to mr. trump's selection of the oklahoma a.g., scott pruitt to helped the epa, the environmental protection agency. the democrats are outraged about this. nancy pelosi says the pruitt nomination must be blocked for the sake of the air we breathe and the water we drink and the planet we leave our children. monica crowley is with us, the washington times opinion editor. i don't think there is a single policy from president obama as
11:08 am
much as the green policy which will be reversed by scott pruitt. you say? >> he has been an adamant opponent of everything the epa under president obama has done. first and foremost the stifling, suffocating regulations on the fossil fuel industry. he will go in and reverse the -- in particular the major rules that they put in place about clean coal. he will reverse that immediately and the coal workers will go back to work. stuart: what about our fight against climate change? are we going to abandon this? >> the president-elect needs to make a strong argument about this. he told the "new york times" that he's keeping an open mind about this. an brought in al gore to meet with his daughter for whom climate change is a real issue. so watch -- watch what this
11:09 am
president does rather than necessarily what he says. i think this is true for people in general. but particularly with presidents. the personnel they choose. the research they assign to any particular given issue. watch where the money and the personnel are. choosing like choosing dr. tom rice head of hhs. that's how he will repeal and replace obamacare. same thing with the epa head. watch what this man does. 100%. stuart: you will stay with us through the hour. >> i will. stuart: texas attorney general ken paxton joins us this hour. texas sued the epa multiple times. we watched a slew of names going in and out of those golden elevators. you saw chicago mayor rahm
11:10 am
emanuel yesterday. the former dallas cowboys coach. we are calling president-elect trump the deal maker-in-chief. he said numerous times he will bring business back to america. is never the gop happy with him getting involved with these private companies? >> i want to take business back from mexico and take people leaving like carrier. bring back business. bring back our jobs.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
>> we are going to bring business back. >> i want to take business back from mexico. i nt to take people who are leaving like carrier to bring back business. we are going to keep our business here. we are going to bring our business back. we are going to bring jobs back to america, folks.
11:14 am
we are bringing jobs back to america. stuart: how is he going to do it? he told "time" magazine he's going to do this. he says i want to get a list of companies who are leaving. i will call them myself. they will not be leaving. >> do you approve of this, mark? this is strong arming, one-on-one, keep those jobs here. do you approve of that in a liberal capitalist democracy? >> no -- it depend. if you are trying to make it more attractive for company to the stay here and invest here, absolutely. we should make it a more hospitable climate encouraging people to build factories here. it's different when you use the power of the government to coerce them. we have to be careful in our enthusiasm not to throw our conservative principles out the window. when barack obama tried to force
11:15 am
boeing to build a plant in washington state instead of south carolina because washington state wasn't a right to work state. we said it wasn't right for the federal government to tell a private company where to build a plant. but when donald trump does it with carrier we are fine with it. stuart: you are not going to complain if he keeps 5,000 jobs from this company in america, and 1,000 jobs from carrier in america, you are not going to complain, are you? >> no. but if you say we are going to punish you if you move your company out of the country. that's not conservative. that's what the left does. what donald trump intends to do
11:16 am
is make this a hospitable climate for companies to stay here. they will peel back regulations. we niece a positive agenda to make it easier for people to come from offshore. the regulations prevent them from investing. don't go to a company and say if you leave i'm going to punish you because i'm president of the united states and i can. stuart: you like the carrot but not the stick. you wrote a piece from "the washington post" that read as a follows. "trump's taiwan call was not a blunder, it was brilliant." explain that one, mark. >> it's funny how everybody on the foreign policy establishment assumed donald trump made a blunder and he didn't know about the three comu communiques.
11:17 am
the post reports he was fully briefed on that before he made the call and he did it anyway. the reason he did it, he is sending a message to china that beijing doesn't get to dictate to the president of the united states who he talks to. that's a smart message to be sending to china. there is a new sheriff in town. he hasn't come up through the political system and he's going to talk to whoever he wants. and this will apply when it comes to trade policy and foreign policy questions that beijing won't get to decide what's in america's national interest. all the folks on the left who praised barack obama head to toe because he broke with precedent and recognized a brutal dictatorship in cuba are suddenly aghast that the
11:18 am
president-elect took a phone call from a democratically elected president of taiwan. stuart: you are having way too much fun. marmark teemark, thank you very. stuart: monica crowley worked with richard nixon. >> the last years of his life. >> did you know about nixon's overture to china. >> yes. but i think it's a response to global dynamics. chain today is a direct competitor economically and also militarily with their aggressions in the south china sea. this president hasn't 10 clocked into the job and is already standing for freedom and free enterprise in a way we haven't
11:19 am
seen in a long time. he took his call to send a signal that yes there is a new sheriff in town. and more importantly he will pursue a freedom agenda. what it does mean at the very least is the incoming president will pursue a moral agenda. he will stand "free people and he will stand with people to want more freedom who are oppressed by communist governments, terrorist governments, i think of the iranian people in 2009. he will stand with them at the very least on a moral basis. new sheriff in town. stuart: the atlantic trump's inauguration. how about a parade up fifth avenue, new york city and a helicopter flying to the capital after that? michael moore, however, urging
11:20 am
people to protest trump's inauguration. he wants a mobilization against trump on january 20. we are going to give you the details because we have to. back in a moment.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
stuart: the president-elect is meeting with alan mulally. according to sources, mr. trump may be considering him, alan mulally, former ford guy, as secretary of state. we are about a month away from the inauguration. michael moore calling for people to disrupt the celebrations. now what does mr. moore propose? >> he wants people out in the streets. whatever you think of michael moore web's a popular guy. he has 3.5 million followers on twitter. when he gets involved in something it gives it more attention than it might normally get. he posted the following on twitter. he said "disrupt the inauguration. the majority have spoken by 2.7
11:25 am
million votes, silence is not an option." also providing a link to a website of local activists in the d.c. area. who are they and what do they want? we clicked on that link and went to their website. i'm reading again. "we call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. if trump is to be nicaragua to t all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state. stuart: good stuff, we'll see you again soon. get rid of those buses behind him, too. on you next guest compared trump to lady gaga. and it's a compliment.
11:26 am
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>> so, the word out he hadn't paid any taxes for 10 years. let them prove he has paid taxes because he hasn't. these two brothers are trying to buy america. they not only funnel money through americans for prosperity , but they funnel money into all kinds of organizations and do the same thing they are doing. >> no regrets about that romney, but the koch brothers. some even call that mccarthyite. >> they can call it whatever they want to call it. stuart: we are going to miss him. alkaloid centiliter -- senator leader harry reid. you're going to miss kim, aren't you? >> you're going to miss him.
11:31 am
i haven't really given it much thought. stuart: was a brilliant leader? >> i don't think he was a brilliant leader. stuart: was he a good leader? >> is a fairly good leader. what was he lying about specifically? stuart: he said that romney paid no taxes. he knew perfectly well it was a lie at the time. >> i don't know that. stuart: i'm asking the questions. he was such a coward that he would not say outside the seventh precinct. he cited inside wearing a perfectly well he could not be sued. >> listen, i don't know about his motivation. i've been abridged that republicans are attacking my candidates pay in, releasing taxes. that's lovely. stuart: that's not the issue. the issue is harry reid lying on the floor of the senate. that's the issue.
11:32 am
as he was questioned he said we wanted way. that was the mission. let's move on. news broke yesterday that keith ellison will leave congress if he's elected to the chair of the dnc. essentially paving the way for nomination. headline in "the wall street journal." the keith ellison will help republicans. are you happy allison lauren apparatus of the democrat? >> i don't know. i have an unconventional view and not to have somebody who's not a campaign functionary running. the problem is both sides of the aisle we have people who are politicians running it as opposed to people who know what they're doing which is a campaign functionary. i know it is these are. i don't agree with a lot of them. i don't know if it's good news for republicans. the question will be as his effective in actually doing the functionary thing that the democratic party needs to do,
11:33 am
not the messaging but they get out the vote apparatus, the party building 50 states that needs to be done. and he'll be a good chairman. it is not coming it's not. >> he's a guy who's an anti-semite from a socialist in favor of trillion dollars taxes. >> you're such an anti-semi. i don't agree with that. i don't agree with its use on israel. i don't think it's anti-semi. that's quite an allegation and an allegation and i says that if someone happens to be a semi. stuart: we understand not. you're happy with this guy? >> i would rather have howard dean because howard dean although it didn't support them for president is sending brilliant. he did a strategy when he was chair which allowed him to pave the way for barack obama to win the states of virginia, north carolina, democrats have not won before. that's what i want to see from the chair.
11:34 am
>> you know if howard dean chair the dnc, people like me would be running the screen forever. he did a good job. stuart: he's a bit like nancy pelosi. affordable, affordable. you have to pass this before you can read the apothecary bill. >> .so we have to do would repeal it before we find out that the replacement is. stuart: are you happy nancy pelosi now leads? >> i am not. stuart: you're not happy with nancy pelosi. you're not wildly enthused about keith ellison. >> can add a caveat to that? i know ms. harry reid. >> i will miss chuck schumer. stuart: i think your party have some troubles. >> i think my party does have some trouble spirit i cannot wait for your party to bring and make america great again. stuart: what he think about jennifer paul merry saying they lost the election in part because trump has been a
11:35 am
platform for white supremacists? >> i don't know if they lost it. you asked a question. stuart: i did indeed. if fascinated. >> you're on a roll today. they've done that a number of times, so whatever we do at some point in time we would like to do in bipartisan support and we would like to make sure the system that you end up here will be satisfied. nobody is satisfied right now with obamacare. the original plan didn't do anything to bring the cost down. the cost of businesses and insurance.
11:36 am
11:37 am
11:38 am
is this going to alter the electoral college? the next day term threat millions of illegals voted for hillary clinton. the press goes nuts and i go chasing after the story appeared the next day another, if you burn the american flag, you should be denied your citizenship or you're in jail! and the press runs around looking at cases saying the skimpy. if the press does nothing but microscopically fact check everything trump says, they are going to miss the point. his point is he's using all of these techniques whether it's reading from a hyperbole, sometimes facts trying to get to point b., which is where his voters wanted to get. and achieve certain things for the country in terms of
11:39 am
prosperity and eyelid at suppressing political correctness. stuart: can he keep on being a great disrupter? is there really still the same guy? do not collect in a performance artist with a big mistake unless his method works. i think there are liabilities. he could get to the point where you thinking he has to put attention on himself all the time. i suggest in this column we had some other performance artists in the presidency. franklin roosevelt, ck kennedy and ronald reagan. people charismatic or new medical and public and draw attention to themselves that they understood something up their greater than what they were all about them at greater than public performances to match what we will find out with donald trump, whether he thinks there's something at stake larger than merely getting all this attention. stuart: donald trump, lady gaga. that story is read and reread forever. thank you indeed. appreciate it.
11:40 am
check the market up a little bit. we are up 12 points. 19562. the price of oil has nothing to do with the stock market today. 50 bucks a barrel. however, microsoft, i do own a thin sliver of the stock. 6104 earlier today and hit a lifetime high. thank you for the trumpet. i appreciate that. i'm not retiring. texas attorney general with us next year >> never leave me, stuart bernie. stuart: he has sued the epa numerous times. what does he think of trump's new pic, scott church has also sued the epa. world war ii veteran opening up a college basketball game used in a harmonica to pay the national anthem on the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor. watch this.
11:41 am
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11:43 am
s&p slightly to the downside. the trump rly continues through the data right now fainting from s&p now fainting, s&p f. 9-1-1. nasdaq gaining 15. some of these winners to the election. goldman sachs that 30%. jpmorgan 20%. by the way, jpmorgan is the name that's been hitting lifetime highs. american express pick winners. retailers rebounding. men's warehouse ,-com,-com ma just of a bank assigned 40% today. lulu lemon, cosco, all gaining today and retailers that came out with analysts. they came out, but they reported a loss within a pharaoh. -- an up arrow
11:44 am
11:45 am
dream to royal caribbean cruise lines, norwegian cruise lines sailing ships to the caribbean. they've got approval to do so. we don't know when royal caribbean starts but we do know the regional startup in march of next year. they are going to the socialist paradise. i couldn't resist. i know it's sarcasm. back to trump selection of attorney general scott pruett to head the epa. our next guest has sued the epa multiple times just like scott pruett has sued the epa. texas attorney general ken paxton. mr. attorney general, welcome back its
11:46 am
>> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. stuart: i think the selection of scott pruett epa is the most dramatic reversal of obama policies in any area that we've seen thus far. what you say? >> i say i could not be happier. it was a brilliant pick by donald trump. couldn't be more thrilled. scott pruett has more about what the epa is doing over the last eight years and he's going to make significant changes in how they're operating. i couldn't be happier about this pick. stuart: are you surprised mr. trump entertained al gore and dicaprio who are the climate people. they are surprising them and talk and then pick a man who is considered a climate denier for epa. >> no, i'm really not. but i notice this is open to talking to everybody but ultimately takes a really good
11:47 am
choices. this is in its first good choice. we are happy with jeff sessions in the next attorney general. donald trump is doing a great job picking appointment. traded to texas as an energy state. therefore the epa has a huge impact on your stage. >> that's correct. you were the last figures have sued the epa 20 times. without a recall pending cases right now. we've had huge problems overreaching, stepping beyond statutory authority. but as i could see understand these issues. he will know how to address and balance the environmental issues with jaws and cost of electricity and energy. tree into 10 states have taken in the majority of syrian migrants the past year. texas i believe took in more than 7000. you don't want those refugees in your state. they are in 7000, what are you going to do? >> we suethe federal government. we didn't get very far with
11:48 am
that. we are going to be part of the syrian refugee program that doesn't inform us about who's coming in our state. at the end of january, we'll be out of the program for the federal government will continue to do the program, but we can't participate in a program that puts people at risk in our state. stuart: you're not going to take any more? >> we an't stop them from coming into the country. the federal controlled program. we are not going to put our stamp of approval on this program but we can't ensure the safety of our citizens. stuart: but mr. trump may well reverse the program anyway, right? >> we are hopeful and confident he will. there is no benefit to our state having potential terrorists in our state. >> are you comfortable with the generals and business people now in mr. trump's cabinet? >> i really am. i look at them on an individual basis. once i'm dealing with have been
11:49 am
really super choices for my state and i believe for the entire country. i'm excited. i don't know all the choices really well, but the ones i'm familiar with have been really impressed with his decision-making on this choices. stuart: ken baxter, attorney general the great state of texas. appreciate it. >> enjoyed it. stuart: you're probably wondering why we have a picture of hillary could hold in the 10 commandments on air. we've got a good reason we really do. we will tell you what it's all about in a moment. i love getting more for less.
11:50 am
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mcgregor just became a father for the eighth time. his rlfriend gave earth to a boy in new york city today. and anchored baby. here's the answer to the question much everybody's asking. my check or 73 years old. the piece of trivia. keith richards is a choirboy at the coronation of queen elizabeth in 1953. the london school of economics. explains a lot. moving on. that is a picture holding the 10 commandments. you're asking why we are doing now. "time" magazine called hillary, quote, and america knows this. what did you say about mr. trump? ashley: on the other hand they called him a hug, a demagogue, someone who made pollsters look like chumps.
11:55 am
they gave them compliments, however in the article. he did for american politics that no one else has. he inspired new levels of anger and fear, magnifying the divisions are the only thing he got out of this was the title. stuart: "time" magazine. >> the mainstream media, the elite still do not get on both sides by the w is the more they attack donald trump in ways like this, the more his support goes out. >> franklin graham -- i find it interesting comparing hillary clinton as the american moses. moses led the children of israel wandered around the desert for 40 years. we take that long to get out of her socialist agenda. stuart: this is interesting. new york times reporting chris christie is out of contention for the day and the republican committee. >> that's a big headline. look, chris christie went from being in the running to be his
11:56 am
vice presidential choice to major cabinet positions you have any hard data. i don't know. we certainly fallen out of favor. stuart: and star has fallen. that's true. as chris christie is out of that position, how about this? the president-elect is meeting with alan mullally, former ceo of ford. i interviewed mr. mullally a couple years ago on the floor of the motor show. the great care there, really engaging personality is a business guy. monica, he's being considered for secretary of state. >> he was the head of ford motor co. in 2008 when the motor industry, the car industry was going downhill. he saved ford without taxpayer dollars. transfer you took a lot of money. >> he did. it is a different deal than what gm and the other scott. his leadership has been extraordinary. he heads up a multinational
11:57 am
company and tribe is interested in looking outside the box. stuart: he's got to be a diplomat. for uaw contracts. liz: labor contracts. and reduce wages from 75-56. stuart: he did that? well, he's a diplomat. he might be in line for the top diplomatic job. stayed there, olk we are not done. we will be right back.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> fox news tom roberts say transition sources tell him and he posed there will be nominated to the secretary of labor. that would be another regular and trinitron cabinet. >> that's astonishing. he's been big on how you work with your workforce and keep them happy. he has been a proponent of keeping the minimum wage low. ashley: we'd joke about building
12:00 pm
a wall from here to the trump tower. >> and the other regulars? thank you for joining us today. i think we've probably got more regulars in the cabinet did neil cavuto does. but it's yours. neil: i was listening to what you were saying about "time" magazine cover story and hillary clinton is treated like moses or the 10 commandment. that's not an actual picture. you dr. dot? >> just a little. neil: is there any truth to the fact you covered moses 40 years? you started with the cabinet. >> i've taken up 30 seconds of your precious time. neil: i'll never get that back. a lot going on here.


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