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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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thermoscientific. tmo. great aggregator. 15% of earnings foreign sourced. [closing bell rings] liz: okay. ernie, i know you hear it. there is the closing bell. ernie with bryn mawr investments. today another day of epic records. connell: it is indeed. melissa: look who is back. connell: we both have the same color. the market going exactly the opposite direction, thank goodness. dow, s&p 500, nasdaq, they're all ending brand new record highs. i'm david asman, good to be back melissa: i'm melissa francis. here is what we have for you at this hour. donald trump tapping a fast-food ceo for a key cabinet post. he is meeting with the former head of ford for another, we'll
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take you live to trump tower for the latest. the war of words continues, trump slamming a local union boss for calling him a liar over the carrier deal. the international president of the steelworkers union will respond. and the passing of an american hero. the first u.s. astronaut to orbit the earth and a former u.s. senator, john glenn has died ad the age of 95. more on his life and legacy later in the hour. david: it was a great run, 95. we're all sad to see him go. another day of records on wall street. the dow less than 400 points away from 20,000. did you think you would hear that a couple months ago? oil spiking today as well. phil flynn with his eye on that from the cme. lori rothman is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, the big winners today, who are they? >> i think everything was pretty much a big winner. obviously that is an overstatement. even though the dow pretty much cut its gain by half, still enough for a record close. record close once again benchmark averages.
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unbelievable, this is the fourth straight record close for the dow. this is the 22nd record close of 2016. since the election a month ago the dow itself has climbed 1300 points. the trump rally rolls on. let's break this down. in fact you basically got five stocks, goldman, jpmorgan, boeing, caterpillar, accountable for 2/3 of the gain on the dow jones industrial average. they were up 2% in today's action. driving the dow today, goldman sachs. it is up better than 30% since the election. disney had a big day. jpmorgan and dupont were the winners. this is a interesting story on the downside, some casino operators, that china will slash atm withdrawals to combat some corruption going on. wynn resorts off 11%. las vegas sands off 12 and 3/4.
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macao is like las vegas of outflows. there are trying to trim flows of currency out. back to you. >> thank you, lori. oil back above 50 bucks a barrel. you have your eye on natural gas as well, seeing a big surge with that with the cold front coming on. >> we sure did. you know what? we keep talking about on natural gas, melissa, there is huge oversupply, that we're so much above the five-year average, we're hearing that supply could be gone three weeks, that buffer we have, that is how cold it is going to be. if you look at today, we saw injection kind kind of ho-hum injection. we lost 50 btf. next week triple digits and the week after that. within three weeks we could lose 500 to 600 btfs. that supply in winter will be gone and up to mother nature. let's talk about oil. opec deal, non-opec, deal close to being done. i think they will get it done
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this weekend. back to you. melissa: got to watch the rig count on natural gas, thank you. david? >> trump rally continues fair to say that as americans feel a lot more optimistic about the economy with 54% saying they believe stocks will finish higher by the end of 2017 but the so-called experts, they're kind of shaking in their boots saying they really don't trust the rally. veronica daguerre of "the wall street journal," liz peek of the "fiscal times." liz, i've been on vaca for a week. i come back, see all the pieces this isn't a trump rally, it is obama rally. it is the obama economy and isn't trump so lucky to come in at end of the his term when all of his policies are kicking into high gear. i say what, are they nuts? what do you say? >> we've seen a lot of indicators, not just a surging stock market. people are uplifted by the election the donald trump. this is breaking news item. wells fargo released a survey of
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business optimism which hit a high, highest level in eight years. that is small businesses. they're reflecting the mood of the country. people are excited about less regulation, less taxes. they're ready to go. this is the missing element, optimism from the business community. it is beginning to build. david: veronica, the point we've had eight years of higher taxes more regulation, they have been piling it on. that is why we've been growing slow. now a businessman for goodness sake, elected president and will cheapen st of doing business. no wonder business is booming. >> a feeling of that shackles are off. people are excited. businesses are hiring more. financial advisors, 20, 30% of the their portfolio in cash on the sidelines. we're hearing them slowly putting some money to work, they're feeling bullish what trump has in store for us. melissa: all right, the president-elect selecting another ceo for his cabinet. he might be about to add one
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more. fox business's connell mcshane is outside the trump tower with the latest. connell? reporter: hey there, melissa. you know it is interesting no doubt a theme has emerged at trump tower the last couple days, and you're hitting on it there, the fact this businessman, the president-elect is considering at least many officials from the business world for high-level positions in his administration. let me begin with alan mulally, that was surprise to many of us covering the transition when we heard this morning the former ceo of both ford and boeing was on the list of guests that mr. trump would be meeting with today. did not see that one coming. in fact when mr. mulally came for his meeting, we didn't see him either. he came and left through the private entrance of trump tower. didn't parade through the lobby as so many other guests have done. we learned from a trump administration source, that he is is being considered, mulally, possible secretary of state. along the likes of exxonmobil
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ceo, rex tillerson. on that theme, ceo of kc restaurants, andy puzder, heading up the labor department. another ceo, kc, hardee's and carl, jr.'s. linda with the linda mcmahon appointment at sba, we heard about tillerson possible as secretary of state, but mulally thing came as surprise. we don't know where it is going but two of them met. melissa: a lot of business people in there. we love that, connell. david: linda mcmahon, i love how outraged trump critics are. melissa, talk about alan mulally. very ironic, this is head of ford, former head of boeing, these are two top targets, if you will of donald trump somewhat he sees wrong in the corporate community? >> yeah, i think there is a
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unifying theme to a lot of these appointments or possible appointments, it is pragmatism. mulally knows how to deal with government regulation. he involved with companies that deal worldwide. he is very familiar with ceos around the world. all these people that trump is putting in places of importance like wilbur ross and pruitt and all these, if there is a unifying theme it is pragmatism. these people know how to get things done and many know how to roll back regulation. david: absolutely. >> i really can't stress enough how important i think that is. puzder is clearly somebody who is against some of the new restrictions, or rules about paying overtime. david: right. >> those are theoretical things that could help people but he actually knows how to create jobs and really help people. i think that is kind of what's happening. you see a real reversal. david: right. >> let's get out of the ivory tower and mick things work. david: they know how to create
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jobs, andy puzder, by the way if anybody knows where the bodies are businesses that have been killed by regulations, it is andy. he will be labor secretary. this is a whole new era. >> in the fast-food industry they are excited about that they have been a target of the obama administration for the past eight years. david: sorry to interrupt, the thing is, the fast-food industry is filled with mom-and-pop franchises. >> franchisees, right. david: these are not huge corporations. these are small businesses that make america great. >> that is who hires. he knows those businesses. he makes sense for a pick. he is very pro-business. he wants taxes rolled back. he has been adamant against the fight for 15. he is the candidate you would expect mr. trump to pick. when you're looking at this pick, this is good news, we've seen this already in the stock prices, look at companies like mcdonald's and domino's, companies that have franchisees, expect the stocks continue t do well. melissa: yeah.
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liz, when you look at his fight against $15 an hour, he breaks it down, some of the comments he has made in the past have been so insend did i airy, robots don't take time off or call in sick, all this stuff, obviously that will be met with a lot of push back in washington, no? >> absolutely. we have anecdotal evidence from some parts of country that raised minimum wage significantly there are job losses to follow. there is mythology created about how raising the minimum wage is overnight cure for the fact that wages haven't gone up. here is what make wages go up, is a tight labor market. by the way current numbers on unemployment are bogus. they don't really reflect all the people that left the job market, et cetera. you but if you want to improve lives of working people, create more jobs. what we're seeing is the exact opposite of what obama did in 2008 whe he staffed his white house with people who had no private sector exrience
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whatsoever. melissa: yeah. >> this is the flip side of that and i got to tell you, i find it incredibly encouraging and exciting that smart, pragmatic people will be in charge of these monsterous government agencies. i really look forward to seeing what they can do. melissa: no, absolutely. to put someone like this in charge, there is a myth in america that ceos are enemy of labor. that is not true. david: great point. melissa: they care so much about businesses and workers. they understand their workers make their business tick. they knew that $15 an hour was not answer. they want to elevate people through the ranks of their companies to become managers or their own franchise. not about paying the person in the door more money, then you have fewer of them. these guys understand it. i hope rest of america sees it. thank you,. david: like a general loving his troops. melissa: exactly that. david: unconventional inauguration for an unconventional president. have you heard the new details of this extravaganza, no other
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word that could be in the works all the way from the big apple to the beltway. it will be a production. melissa: it will be something. local union boss fueling a street storm with donald trump after calling him a liar over the carrier deal. the international president of the steelworkers union will respond. david: that should be fun. the liberal backlash growing after trump's pick to head the epa after meeting with al gore, some calling him an environmental disaster.
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melissa: president-elect donald trump meeting with the victims and first-responders of the deadly terrorist attack in ohio state university campus last week. fox news's matt finn standing by in columbus, ohio, with what we
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can expect from trump's visit. reporter: good afternoon, melissa. donald trump expected to land here at any moment. he will be meeting with the victims and first-responders in the building here behind me, the ohio state university says that donald trump's team hand-picked people he wanted to speak to today, that includes victims, first-responders an perhaps people beyond that. it is not clear if donald trump will meet with the hero cop, alan horujko. the emotions very raw here. people recovering, emotionally and physically. we met with a professor earlier today who is recovering at home with a substantial and painful looking wound to his leg after the attacker hit him with his car. students here have mixed opinions about donald trump. some say they're happening he is showing up to the campus. showing he has sympathy for victims. other student say the visit necessary but not welcome. take a listen.
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>> definitely a good thing he is coming out. i mean regardless of your position on his other policies and, what he is going to do for this country. >> that shows that he cares and that he has compassion for what happened here at the university and i think that's awesome. >> i guess it is needed but not 100% welcome. reporter: after donald trump's meeting here today at ohio state university campus, he will be flying to iowa where he continues his thank you america tour. melissa? melissa: matt finn, thanks for that report. david? david: we have more breaking news on the first, the death of the first man to circle the planet, john glenn, who was senator. president obama just releasing a statement on the passing of john glenn. i will quote now. john spent his life breaking barriers from defendinour freedom as a decorated marine corps fighter pilot in world war ii and korea, setting a transcontinental speed record,
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i forgot about that one, at age 77, the oldest human to touch the stars. the last of america's first astronauts left us but propelled by their example we know our future here on earth compels us to keep reaching for the heavens. amen on that. john glenn, rest in peace. establishment folks in government and the media are shocked that after meeting with al gore, president-elect trump would choose a critic of climate change activists to head the epa here is the "usa today"'s susan page on cbs this morning. >> his appointment of scott pruitt, the oklahoma attorney general as head of the epa indicates he plans to follow through on his campaign promises to really curtail the epa, curtail some of these steps the obama administration has taken on climate change. david: following through on his promises, imagine that. melissa: horrible, horrible. david: leslie rutledge, arkansas attorney general. leslie, i have never heard anybody criticize a president or president-elect for following
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through on his promises but apparently that meeting with al gore led all these liberals to believe that in fact he was going to pick somebody very different from mr. pruitt? >> well, the liberal establishment has been surprised many times in the last few weeks and this is yet another surprise to them but not to those of us who know scott pruitt and who know president-elect trump and sort of administration he is putting together. i couldn't be more excited my colleague and friend scott pruitt will be heading up the epa. that is who the president-elect decided to nominate. he will rein in this agency that has been out of control for quite some time. he has been a leader on these issues, balancing protecting environment while at the same time insuring farmers, landowners and businesses are not overburdened by the cost associated with compliance. david: a lot of them have been put out of business by some of these regulations, many which have been called flippant and useless. let's quote scott pruitt himself
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who said earlier today, the american people are tired of seeing billions of dollars drained from our economy due to unnecessary epa regulation, i intend to run this agency in a way that fosters both responsible protection of the environment and freedom for american businessmen. businesses. can't you have both, well-operating businesses and a cleaner environment? >> absolutely and all landowners and business owners and certainly our farmers and ranchers across america care most about the environment. my husband and i have a farm in arkansas and i know that farmers and landowners are the first conservationists that unfortunately under this administration of president obama, that we have seen an a essentially putting farmers out of business. i had a farmer tell me once that, leslie, if you can afford to get in the business, you can afford to get out of it. david: good point. >> our farmers in the united states make up only 2% but not only feed themselves but feed
4:21 pm
almost 98% of the population. david: they are a vital part of our economy. can't do without them but a lot of them are stuck with regulations say if you have a puddle on your property you can't farm anymore. let me quote nancy pelosi by the way, who's talked about how this is essentially going to be the end of the world if this guy becomes epa administrator. for the sake of the air we breathe, the water we drink and plan net we will leave our children, the epa can not be stenographer for lobbyists and big oil. she is referring to pruitt. apparently we will not breathe or drink water if he becomes epa administrator. >> often times they said the sky is falling and it is not. the sky is falling on overreach federal government. with my friend scott pruitt at epa as well as other appointments this president-elect is making we're going to see americans getting back to work, getting these unnecessary, burdensome regulations off their backs,
4:22 pm
that way they can go back to work and take care of their families. scott pruitt has been a big fan and a leader and mentor to many of us in the ag community on environmental issues. i couldn't be more excited he will be in this position. i look forward to working with him and epa once again with common sense, smart regulations in place. david: we have to remember that the federal epa works with all of the state epas to sort of coordinate their activities. it is very important they get along with the states. leslie rutledge, arkansas attorney general who would have made a fine epa administratetor herself. >> thank you. melissa: president-elect donald trump tweeting about passing of john glenn. today we lost a great pioneer in air and space, john glenn. he was a hero and inspired generations of future explorers. he will be missed. david: even though he was a politicianeverybody thought he was an american hero which indeed he was. concerns over a health care cliff.
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melissa: different approach to removing palm cair. congressional republicans at odds over the best way to repeal the affordable care act. a congressman says the gop unintentionally setting up a health care cliff if plans fail. republican representative from pennsylvania joins me now. what do you mean by that? >> well, thank you, melissa, for having me on the show. right now there is some discussion about an obamacare strategy of repealing, delaying and then hopefully replacing at a later date. in order to repeal the healthcare you law, we'll do that, substantial part of the repeal will be done through what is called reconciliation. that would require simple 51-vote majority in the senate.
4:27 pm
but in order to replace obamacare, is less likely we can do it through reconciliation. i hope we do parts through reconciliation, i doubt it. we have to meet a 60-vote threshold to replace. if we repeal and delay, we have to hope we can replace it with the collaboration of senate democrats. i got to tell you, i'm not that optimistic that senate democrats, with their gentle tender mercies and good graces will help us replace the law. melissa: no. i hear what you're saying. donald trump set that up in the campaign saying, it will be one motion where we repeal and replace. we don't want to leave people exposed. certainly that makes a lot of logical sense but if there are people out there for whatever reason rooting for donald trump to fail they would likely once it is repealed to hold up the replacement. what could be done about that to make sure that doesn't happen? >> i think what we need to do is negotiate up front, actually
4:28 pm
with senate democrats if we repeal should try to do a partial replacement at the time of rehe peel. that's a good-faith effort. even my democratic colleagues will tell you there are problems with the health care law. a lot of americans need relief from the law. at this very least needs to be overhauled. if we repeal and partially replace up front, that would send a good signal. melissa: what would be their incentive though to make a deal because they kind of lost a lot of stuff in this last election. i don't think they want to see good things happen at this point based on their own self-interests were the shoe is on the other foot, i think everybody would do the same thing. that is just how politics works. so, they don't have a lot of incentive. >> well, yeah, that's why i think if we did repeal and delay strategy, then democrats would be incentivized to turn this more of a political issue, make us twist. make us own the entire issue at that point. so, look, i think up front, the incentive for democrats is they know that this law has a lot of
4:29 pm
challenges and it needs to be fixed. melissa: they could have ownership of part of the solution is what you're saying, negotiate ahead of time, at least they would have their name on here. here comes this thing that will be better. >> and hold the democrats accountable. the democrats stated publicly this law does need to be reformed and does need to be fixed. take them at their word and engage them and help us at very least fix this law. melissa: yeah. congressman, want to go. thanks for flagging important issue before we get there. thank you. david: ultimate reality show. deserves ultimate inauguration, right? the president-elect making grand plans for a kickoff like you've never seen. new details of the celebration we haven't seen as a nation. plus not on his radar. president obama claiming the rise of isis is not something he expected. coming up ambassador john bolton sounding off on that. guy.
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david: trump rally is still on for all four major averages. look at this, the dow is now up nearly 7% since election day. the russell up 16%. the dow is now up nearly 1300 points since donald trump won the election. paul krugman, are you watching? melissa: in inauguration fit for tv the president-elect reportedly meeting meeting with
4:34 pm
"apprentice" director mark burnett, who else, to talk inauguration plans. director of reality tv suggesting a parade up fifth avenue, complete with helicopter ride from new york city to washington, d.c. we have leslie marshall syndicated radio show host and fox news contributor. leslie, would you expect anything else? this seems about what we're setting up for here? >> this is one of my concerns though, melissa. one, who is going to pay for it, who will foot the bill? two this is not a reality show. this is a presidential inauguration. although with donald trump, president-elect trump, this is exactly what i would expect and what some of us feared, you might say. melissa: yeah. giano, i feel like this is all the other things that he has done recently where he is throwing out bait to the media and to the haters and throwing out the name mark burnett and whole thing and he has no intention of doing this, the
4:35 pm
show master, lady gaga in him, where he sets a shiny object down for everyone to go nuts over and he is like, mark burnett proposed idea, who cares he has no intention of doing it. what do you think of that theory? >> it is a theory. we don't know exactly what is going to happen. as we've seen melissa throughout the election cycle highly unconventional folks like kanye west says he is trump supporter and his wife perhaps wants to divorce him for it. there is showmanship mentality to the entire campaign. it hasn't been a bad thing. it captured the hearts and minds of millions of voters. folks who felt their voice wasn't being heard and believing that donald trump is the man for the job. so i think that if he does it, it simply is his ability to do it. every president has the ability to run their inauguration as they choose. melissa: leslie, there is an optimism that is sweeping the country. i understand a lot of people are crying in their milk but there are a whole lot of people, look at stock market, look at consumer sentiment, look at just
4:36 pm
the energy around all of it. it can be contagious. it is getting the economy rolling. couldn't all this be good. >> melissa i'm not catching contagious, to your point about lady gaga, we know donald trump likes the applause, the applause, the applause and many of us feel, even some of my friends for donald trump he likes idea of being president, the fanfare, hail the chief, helicopters into inauguration party, more so than sitting down doing hard wor after the inauguration, the party is over and work is done. >> will have to disagree with leslie. i have to disagree because there is $50 billion investment from company from japan as well as 50,000 jobs that they're estimating they will add. obviously he is doing the work before even steps into office. melissa: see, i think he keeps tricking democrats and haters saying no you can't, no you can't, no you can't, that is exactly what he plans. that is what americans hate.
4:37 pm
they don't want to hear no, we can't do that. he keeps tricking other side and we'll see how it works the out. david: i think all presidents likes free plane rides? war of words between president-elect donald trump and united steelworkers local 1999 with chuck jones started when he said trump lied about the jobs saved by carrier and. >> donald trump and governor pence are taking credit for 350 jobs that are research and development jobs that were staying here in indianapolis from the start. when carrier announced close-down of facility originally they made it clear that the research and development jobs, 350 people were staying here and they're taking credit for them again. david: trump lashed out against jones of twitter, that chuck jones of 1999, done a terrible
4:38 pm
job representing workers no wonder companies flee country. we have the international steelworkers president with his take. the thing i don't get about this, mr. gerard, all presidents and president elects make exaggerated claims for whatever. i heard president obama talk in order to sell obamacare he said you will not lose your plan, costs will not go up, talked about all the jobs and stimulus, thousands of jobs when people investigated there weren't as many as he claimed, why are we surprised that he put the number up a couple hundred? >> here is part of the problem for that. these people will lose their jobs. when he announced 1100 people would be saved, a whole bunch of those people went away thinking they would have some sense of security and then when chuck -- david: but a lot of people went away with jobs they didn't think they were going to have. >> why don't you let let me finish. when chuck went to do more investigating he found out there was only 730 jobs were staying plus 70 management jobs. it was his obligation to tell his membership that. david: yeah.
4:39 pm
>> tell him those figures were wrong. david: don't you -- >> he was doing his job. david: i got the fact that trump was selling something with an exaggerated number even thoh lot less exaggerated than obama's claims. what i don't understand aren't you and president-elect trump after the same thing, to keep as many jobs in the united states as possible? don't you share that goal? >> let me tell you that right after the election we wrote president-elect trump a letter and if he wants to help with work, we're prepared to work with him to fix, fix nafta, fix pntr with china, fix the trade deal with south korea and bring real jobs. we said we're prepared to work with him on that. the fact that chuck has also said that of the 730 jobs that were saved, he is grateful for that. david: yeah, good. let's start there then. >> we have thousands of jobs -- let me finish. david: hold on a second. if you're serious about wanting
4:40 pm
to work with the president-elect, why don't you let bygones, there is couple hundred jobs and it was mistake, we want to work together on the big issues like tpp where you agree on? >> we already done that we already done that. let me set you straight. it wasn't chuck jones that started, what you call the tweet. i don't tweet. i have a flip phone. it wasn't chuck that started this. chuck had an obligation to tell his members the facts because a lot of people thought they were going to have jobs that ended up not having jobs. david: you were, you were for president obama. you were on his, one of his trade groups. you were for hillary clinton. i mean you're willing to let bygones be bygones. trump doesn't particularly care if you're democrat or republican. he wants to work with people who want to keep jobs here in america. i think you twice could work together, don't you? >> let me make a point that i think president-elect trump has made that i hope he follows through on. here is what he said. any company that fires american
4:41 pm
workers an goes offshore to make a product, then expects to export that product to america after they have destroyed and fire people's jobs, he wants to slap a 35% tax. i'm with him on that i'm with him on that. when he wants to fix nafta. we're with him on that. when we want a infrastructure bill that will modernize america's infrastructure and do domestic products we're with him on that. david: all right. >> but the problem, don't attack our local president for doing his jobs. david: but the point is, that the goals that you share are far more important than the disagreements you have, wouldn't you agree with that finally? >> look it, the fact is that chuck clarified some things and the president-elect didn't like it and tweeted. david: yeah. >> i think they both had their skirmish. we better get down to work and save more jobs. melissa: get down to work. david: i'm with that. good to see you, leo, appreciate you are coming on. >> thank you. melissa: a loss of american hero. a look back at the life and legacy of john glenn next.
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melissa: house speaker paul ryan out with a statement on the passing of john glenn saying quote, on behalf of the house i extend my deepest sympathies to annie and the entire glenn family. may his memory live on every time we look up at the stars. david: that's nice. john glenn, aviation icon, former u.s. senator from ohio, has died at the age of 95. he really made history as the first person in the world to orbit the earth. the last survivor, remember, the group that started it all, of the original mercury seven crew. >> john her shell glenn, jr., will be remembered for many roles in american history. he was a warrior in battle, our first astronaut to orbit the
4:46 pm
earth and one of our most successful political leaders on keep toll hill. in 1998 he added oldest person in space to his roster of achievements. >> i can't help but stand here today with a real sense of deja vu. some 40-year-old almost sense of deja vu. >> he was born july 11th, 1921, in cambridge ohio, and attended new concord. after japanese attacked pearl harbor he signed up to be a marine corps aviation pilot. he served in world war ii flying 59 successful missions. five years later this leatherneck was ready to fly sorties again, this time over north korea. after serving in korea, glenn attended test pilot school at naval test center in maryland. here he gained early national recognition by setting the transcontinental speed record from los angeles to new york in three hours, 23 minutes.
4:47 pm
by the late 1950s the u.s. manned space program was just being conceived and john glenn was selected as one of the first sen astronauts for project mercury. three years later, on february 20th, 1962, he made history, becoming the first american to orbit the earth. >> capsule is turning around. oh, that view is tremendous. >> after a few failed attempts at launching a political career, glenn ran again in 1974. this time he easily won a seat in the united states senate. he was reelected in 1980 by the largest margin in history of the state. political journalist jack german followed his early political career. >> my first impression he ran as primary in '74, had no feel for politics but had tremendous appeal to people. he was plain-spoken, and he was a national hero. >> senator glenn ran in the democratic presidential primaries of 1984, but
4:48 pm
eventually bowed out to former vice president walter mondale. on january 16th, 1998, nasa announced plans to return the 76-year-old legend to space, 36 years after he first orbited the earth. john glenn's second trip to space took off as planned in october of 1998. >> liftoff of discovery with a crew of six astronauts hero and one american legend. >> when the mission was over, america's oldest space traveler was given another hero's welcome, his second, tickertape parade on broadway in new york city. >> i would say it is one of the first legitimate american heroes of our time. >> too often say at this age i'm supposed to be a couch potato. the thing to do, work to fulfill your dreams and ambitions at whatever age. >> following his retirement from politics and return from space, he and wife annie founded the john glenn institute for public service at ohio state university. they also served as trustees of
4:49 pm
their all mamatter, muskingham college. jon scott, fox news. david: one of the proudest things i had of this, an autographed picture from john glenn. my dad met him and down in florida once and i was so proud of this picture. i keep it to this day. i happened to bring it down from office. what a guy. best of america. sad day. melissa: sad day for sure. surprised by isis, president obama's shocking claim next. ambassador john bolton sounds off on how the president underestimated the terrorist group.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
melissa: shocking claim from president obama. the president admitting he was surprised by the rise of isis?
4:53 pm
take a listen. >> let me ask you if it's possible in your position to be completely honest and say, the rise of the islamic state surprised you? it took you by surprise, it took the administration by surprise? >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offenses, that was not on my intelligence radar screen. melissa: here now is ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., fox news contributor. i took his comment a totally different way. i feel like if you listen to the language he used, it was a slam on the people that were advising him. when he says that was not on my intelligence radar screen, isn't he saying nobody told me, that's why i didn't know? >> i think it is of a piece with his earlier comment the isis was jv of the tear lost organization. melissa: right. >> i think it is consistent with the broad failure we've seen of the obama terrorist policy he never understood the nature of
4:54 pm
the threat. he never understood the ideology. he never understood what makes movements like al qaeda or isis or others successful. i think he was blind to the whole thing. this is tragically a palpable example of it. melissa: what is amazing, his predecessor warned him about it. listen to this sound bite from george w. bush. >> to begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we're ready it would be dangerous. it means allow terrorists to establish a safe haven in iraq to replace the one they lost in afghanistan. it would mean increasing the probability that american troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy even more dangerous. melissa: oh, my god, that is exactly what happened! how frustrating is it to hear him say that? >> let's not forget, isis is an outgrowth of al qaeda in iraq. in other words it didn't spring full-blown as completely new movement. i have in the pile of newspapers
4:55 pm
i use for kindling in my fireplace, a headlines saying al qaeda offshoot takes fallujah. melissa: yeah. >> so it was there, it was visible. i think president bush's point about withdrawing american forces leaving a vacuum in the region that isis and al qaeda tried to take advantage of is a critical point understanding where we are now. melissa: what do think of the way president-elect donald trump is shaping up right you now to take hold of the situation? i mean, number one, appointing so many generals to take so many different posts, what does that tell you? >> i think he made it clear during the campaign that the rapid destruction of isis was one of his priorities and appropriately as part of the transition process, senior pentagon generals already said they're reviewing war plans. i think there's significant room for improvement. i think it is question not nearly of defeating or eradicating isis as a force, but doing it in a way that minimizes any advantage to iran. the way we're doing it now, benefiting iran, strengthening baghdad government,
4:56 pm
strengthening the assad regime, helping hezbollah. we ought to be doing the opposite. it's a complex situation. i hope military looking carefully what their options are. melissa: ambassador john bolton, wish we had more time. come back soon. >> will do it. david: not standing by his country. navy officer calling out colin kaepernick and honoring those who never took a knee for our great nation. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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brighter denture every day.
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melissa: words for those refusing to stand during our national anthem. >> you can bet the men, women we honored today, those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago, never took a knee, never failed to stand when they heard our national anthem played. david: look at that, earning navy admiral harris a standing ovation, taking aim at quarterback kaepernick for
5:00 pm
taking a knee during the national anthem all cbs. season. we honor astronaut john glenn. melissa: so glad you are back. david: thank you, good to be here. melissa: that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: what are they running from? virtually no career politicians in sight. democrats and media cry foul over president-elect trump's fulfilling his campaign promise to drain the swamp. for those in meltdown mode. running pell-mell, scared, care rove is here to -- ka


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