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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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taking a knee during the national anthem all cbs. season. we honor astronaut john glenn. melissa: so glad you are back. david: thank you, good to be here. melissa: that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: what are they running from? virtually no career politicians in sight. democrats and media cry foul over president-elect trump's fulfilling his campaign promise to drain the swamp. for those in meltdown mode. running pell-mell, scared, care rove is here to -- karl
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rove is here to say it is all right. trump rally continues today, dow up 7% since the president-elect win. s&p up 5%. the nasdaq up 4%, two trillion has rotated into from bonds. transition sources telling fox, another successful business person nominated to trump's cabinet. labor secretary, he is an outspoken critic of raising the minimum wage, saying it will hurt job growth, especially the little mom and pop shops. a lot of unions are not happy with andy poster. there are report that president-elect trump considering allen haily.
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>> media blasting donald trump's picks. with ha headlines like these. democrats are also not happy with president-elect hiring a third general to his team. >> what may tip the balance, if president-elect populat more positions in the administration with other military figures, i'm going to have a lot of heartburn on this, it will place the mattis raverave waiver in real jeopardy. >> appear to have different priorities, different styles. some cases, starkly different barge accounts. liz: donald trump did promise to drain the dc swamp.
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>> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment, to hear these words from all of us, when we win tomorrow we are going to drain the swamp. >> we're going to washington, d.c., and we are going to drain the swamp. >> you probably heard me say it, drain the swamp. liz: take it up with fox news contributor karl rove, is everything going to be all right? >> sure. look, let's take these. first of all, congressman schiff of california, demonstrating his antimilitary bias by saying you have too many people from the military
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in the cabinet. this is ridiculous. when did serving in u.s. military become a disqualification. donald trump named to his cabinet one to be head of department of defense, and another military commander to be head of department of homeland security. two out of what will be a cabinet of 16 or 17 or 18. depending on who you include. when richard nixon became president, 7 of 12 of his cabinet members served in military, including secretary defense and attorney general, back when the cabinet was smaller, william mckinley had a cabinet of 8, three served in the military. this is just bologna it is a reflection of the antimilitary bias that knee-jerk react of people like congressman schiff of california.
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liz: karl, what do you think of left slamming trump. >> i don't remember -- did josh ernest from white house podium condemn president obama appointment of a billionaire woman from chicago to be head of department. most americans ordinary americans don't begrudge people their success. but, the democrats in congress appear to be putting themselves in a place, their thing is, if you have been successful, you don't deserve to be in public service. and the journalist that write about populist donald trump is somehow violating his populism by appointing rich people, their 24 forms -- two forms an economy form that appears to left said that system is rigged, and we have to make way for little man with government t to rebalances that that is bernie sanders.
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there is a center right form of populism, that says system is rigged because government is in bed with people who have a lobbyist in washington and a loophole in the law, and the ordinary man and woman is getting stiffed because they are taking their tax dollars and spending them for no good purpose. that is donald trump, his target is special relationship between big government, and though people who have a loophole in the law or lobby hist. liz: republican party is party of working class poor, and democrats are party of the elites. tom steyer was considered energy secretary. is it true that since george washington that -- let me -- let me make this point, have you general as civilian
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leaders, i think that casualty count goes down because they know the horrors of war. turning to president obama, he may not have listened to his own general, now cnn tells -- now president obama tells cnn that the expansion of isis, was not on his radar screen, blaming his intelligence officials. >> the rise of the islamic state surprised you, it took you by surprise, the administration by surprise? >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offenses that was not on my intelligence radar screen. liz: not on his intelligence radar screen, this contradicts when his own national security team told congress and administration in 2014. >> syria has become a huge magnet for extremists we're
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seeing now the appearance of training complexes in syria to train people to go back to their countries and conduct more terrorist actions this is a huge concern to all of us. >> we're concerned about the use of syrian territory by the al qaeda organization to recruit individuals and develop the capability to be ale not just to carry out attacks inside of syria but use syria as a launching pad. >> its leader a -- al-baghdadi is based in syria, his mission stated in his own statements, is carve out his own governing territory from baghdad through syria to lebanon. >> the scale of what they are involved in right now, particularly al-qaeda well the in iraq and just the level of
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destruction they have level of killing they are doing in the country is terrible. liz: karl, the president says that was not on his radar screen, your thoughts. >> first, his prod predecessor warned about create a vacuum in middle east by withdrawing the u.s. troops be his predecessor warned. and sond. the words from al-baghdadi right from the beginning should have warned him he said from the beginning what he wanted to do create a caliphate, in middle east, and third, history should have taught him, we know since world war ii if america has withdrawn from a position where it has made sacrifices, and as reached a situation where we achieved our goals if we sudden walk away the disaster befell, bee achieved
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victory in vietnam until we withdrew. we fused to fund them street nam fell, korea, we stayed, and we are there today as a result the far east is a much different place than it would have been if u.s. walked out, president obama created this by removing u.s. influer inand military forces from iran to meet a political deadline to achieve total withdrawal from iraq by 2012 election, he is responsible for creating that vacuum in which isis rose. liz: president said there had been no terrorist as thats initiated by foreign groups on u.s. soil, we have counted 10 since 2009, your thoughts? >> he was very specific in way he worded it to claim he was being truthful. isis, has not carried out an attack by sending people in, but absolutely terrorists have created attacks in united states by radicalizing people
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within the country, and the president simply, being cute with his words, we face an ever changing threat from terrorist organizations, the new threat is on radicalize people within the country to take violent acts. liz: your thoughts on passing of ast nat john glenn. he was a hero, and he inspired generations of future explorers. he will be missed, your thoughts? >> as somebody who grew up in the 60s, and 50s, i mean, we all thrilled to mercury 7 when john glenn was first american to circle the globe, i don't think that there was a kid in my neighborhood who was not glued to the television, and watching him take off, and splash down. and there was not a kid that year who did not run around neighborhood pretending they were an astronaut, he and mercury 7 astronauts he is the last of them, really restored
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american confidence, set us a great goal of going to the moon, by the end of 60s, and it was a great moment for american technology. and science and leadership, and it was lead by a marine, who had the courage to go into space. the man with the right stuff as tom wolf said. liz: thank you karl rove it was your time. >> you bet. liz: as trump rally continues, another day of records, all hitting lifetime highs, we've not seen this happen since 1999. my colleague lori rothman with the latest from floor of new york stock exchange. reporter: it is remarkable. dow 20,000, less than 500 away here. but they are not committing they are just scribbling it on across the hat. that is sentiment here, traders are saying there is no reason not to buy stocks.
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nobody is -- a few people are seeking out safe haven of government treasuries, but interest rates rise, fed meeting is next week that is only thing according to folks here that would provide cause to pull some profits off the table, but for now. if you need any more evidence of buffishness -- bullishness look at transports, dow theory, a dow transport index is at a record high, economically, sensitive sector transports we could be in the early stage of a nice strong economic boom. everyone points their finger to donald trump and his pro economic growth policy. show you big dow winners since the election, goldman sachs, unitedhealth group, j.p. morgan and caterpillar, deregulation, pro growth policy see with lower
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corporate tax rates, back to you. >> thank you so much. liz: and after 8 years of blaming the country's problem on george w. bush. the media that got the election wrong, they are pushing out a new story line that president obama is handing president-elect trump a booming economy. just like at these headlines, obama's gift to trump. trump inherits healthy economy. trump inherits obama boom. well let's take this to our political power panel they are conservative radio host jee gina loud en and jessica tar love, if the economy is so terrific how could americans just toss out the party creating credit for it. >> time for a change. liz: if the economy is so great. >> i mean, some of those headlines were exaggerating, some are right on.
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donald trump cannot dispute the fact he is inheriting a low unemployment rate. liz: long-term unemployed who dropped out of workforce it is 11% then. >> i don't know, i know there are a lot of people counted who are either students or to hole on work. -- old to work. liz: no, age 24-54, who are not working long-term working age adults not working, let's -- here is what is also going on. >> my point is that i think that everyone should be excited that economy is doing well, but we have seen 74 straight months of private sector job growth with president obama. liz: okay. >> an up employment rate lower than it was. to push obama out the door and say you done do crack is fair. liz: but gina, we used to have 250,000, 300 thousand jobs a month. and that is what we're used to
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seeing the. gdp growth is down 1.5%, record lows, the worse of economic period since world war ii, gina, trump's victory set off $2 trillion rotation of stock to bond that since the election, look at markets booming your thoughts? >> the basic concept, as you know market don't look backward, the presidency of barack obama, he knowed to blame bush for everything that went wrong. and now he wants to take credit after this market boom only just happened after donald trump was the foreseeable president-elect. this these markets don't look backward that should tell us this has nothing to to with barack obama, if anything, it is inspite of him, it is a retaliation against his policies as president, and it is about looking forward to president-elect trump
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administration. liz: yes. >> we did get a winner on november 8. liz: we have to go. sorry. federal reserve stepping in big time with help. >> leave it there thank you, we'll see you again in a little bit. president obama playing race card to claipresident-elect trump's win but my next guest said that does not explain how nearly 1/3 of 700 u.s. counts that twice sense president obama to white house, they voted for and supported donald trump. we have kevin jackson speaking out next, don't go away.
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>> attitudes about my presidency from the whites in northern states is different from the whites in southern states. the concern is that i seem -- those who champion the birther movement. feeding off a bias. liz: president obama raising against the, about the race card, saying that white people view him differently depending on whether they live in the north or south of the country. let's look at the facts of the elections. nearly 1/3 flipped to support donald trump, this is acss the nation in 2016, on top of that donald trump won 194 of
5:22 pm
207 counties that obama took just once in either 2,8 or -- in 2008 or 2012. you can see that on the map. kevin jackson. what do you think? do you agree with the president that our country is divided to a racist south and liberal north. >> of course not, that is brack wracbarack obama crying racism again, he came into office with no qualifications he got elected essentially because of race, and the entire hi time he has been in, is race as a weapon, and the country is now divided because of him, these people voted for him in some cases 1 maybe twice, they said they are done, already a testament that all people he is talking about, they voted him in then thesaid we no longer want
5:23 pm
these types of policies. race is not involved. liz: i think that president obama got a higher percentage of the white vote in 2008 than john kerry did in two, 004. and donald trump got a lower percentage of white vote than mitt romney in 2012, and higher percentage of blacks and hispanic. >> you know, every statist -- they will prove that barack obama is wrong. overwhelming majority of whites voted for him, blue collar whites got tired of the liberal narrative they were all racist, they were i believe to quote hillary clinton, deplorables who were nonredeemable, they also were tired of policies of prac barack obama this left them without jobs and without hope. president obama wants to use this as left rang goin rang
5:24 pm
going -- leverage going out, you covered brilliantly, the last segment, everything that is good they want to give to barack obama, and everything bad -- but look at numbers, they lost state houses they lost house, senate and now presidency, and barack obama takes no blame what so ever, he blames everything around him except his own policies, there is nothing, nothing you could point to that showcases barack obama's good he has done in this economy. or that have benefited anyone, and donald trump, and 4 weeks since the election, has actually done for more this country than barack obama, and those are the facts. liz: thank you kevin jackson. >> my pleasure. liz: to more democrats who will not let it go. hillary clinton communication director doubling down on white supremacist accusations, and former president obama -- well president obama senior
5:25 pm
advise very valerie garrett, saying that trump winning the election was quote, soul crushing. we have former reagan campaign manager, he said it is time to get over it, move on, after this, don't go away. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪ ♪ get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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>> i would rather lose than when the way you guys would. it's very clear to me. >> do you think that i ran a campaign like that. do you think you could have just had a message for the white working class of voters how about if hillary clinton she doesn't connect with people how about they have nothing in common with her. >> now hillary clinton
5:29 pm
following up that fight. say that campaign lost the election but their team must own up to how they won. i knew you were supposed to be graces but i thought this was the year normal rules did not apply. i don't know whether the trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacist to win the campaign clearly did have the effect of empowering the white nationalist movement. was it white supremacist that swung it she never once said anything about obama's america and the economy. >> i have a great respect for all of the people.
5:30 pm
they did not lose because of the white supremacist. they have the money they have the advantage they lost. they have to win wisconsin. they have a win iowa. they lost those states and the reality is they didn't know they work in a loose. it's always hard when you lose and they did it know it was coming. >> did they swing the vote in pennsylvania. >> they get up every day and go to work. they wouldn't. there is no pull that says the majority of white supremacist voted for donald trump. did working-class people who basically are struggling and what change did they vote for donald trump, absolutely. they have condemned.
5:31 pm
>> the charges of racism are still going on. it was a campaign. trump came from behind. she misfired he was a fabulous man. he was a senator from ohio. he was the candidate. it was a candidate they feared the most. he matched up against reagan. he was an extraordinary guy. he wasn't as articulate. his campaign was very worried about the right stuff. because he was played as a moralize her. he was truly an american hero. wasn't very excited.
5:32 pm
ended up with a severe debt. he was one of the best there ever was. >> there is a flag burning the challenge out there. they challenge each other to do that. the same in california we have the details. at the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor he got a standing ovation for taking a stand against athletes. they nailed during the national anthem. we have the details next. don't go away. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good.
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>> michael moore he is no stranger to stirring the pot. he's at it once again. he's now calling on protesters to disrupt president-elect donald trump and migration. his message to the public reads as follows. nearly 2.7 million votes in counting. silence is not an option. the daily caller. chris what do you think do you think anyone will show up. to think they will ignore the decoration.
5:37 pm
not only are they very heavily guarded by police officers they are very tired. but it's freezing cold. is not like woodstock. but even if they do teenagers wearing bandannas over their faces and people rioting in the streets as i can two convince the guy and woman that they made the right decision. i think it will be bad optics. a lot of the working-class voters they voted for donald trump. and didn't he predict that they were get a window before the election. he saw this coming. it's kind of the drum he has been beating for a long time. he saw a weakness in hillary clinton. he thought that she was wall street.
5:38 pm
he never meant that he was on board. also he's an entertainer. he wants to stay relevant. we're breaking news. we had donald trump speaking in ohio he is meeting with survivors of the attack. he just gave a brief statement. >> this is a great honor for me today. we are in a fantastic state and i love ohio. we just saw the victims and the family. but they were really brave and amazing people. the police and first responders were incredible.
5:39 pm
the job done in particular by one young gentleman was incredible. he is very brave. the families have done so while to come through this so well. john glenn today the passing he was a great american hero. i met him on two separate occasions. but he was indeed an american hero. this is an honor for me to be here today. and you all very much. he met with the victims of the ohio state university attack. but what led them to conduct these attacks. he was shot and killed by an
5:40 pm
ohio state police officer. sorry we have a cut that go to donald trump. what are your thoughts just now. this is a good case. it was an attack on american soil. it was quick action by the police in the first minutes since the 911 call went through. i'm interested to see what's can what can happen in the donald trump administration. they said at that they're doing this for allah and isis. they say we will never know what happened. i doubt working to see that in the donald trump administration. he's making this attack for islam and then he is he's killed by a brave american police officer i think they are still saying one things and were hearing another.
5:41 pm
i really appreciate it. anne and mount got a standing ovation for taking a stand against athletes like colin cap her neck who kneel during the national anthem. we have all of the details next. don't go away.
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5:45 pm
he's johnny jones. they have a lengthy standing ovation from the crowd. >> think you for having me on it this evening. we would be here today if the country that focused on negative of this country instead of all of the amazing things about it and when you think about this country it wasn't as good as a country as it is now. and for that generation to stand up even african americans that fought in world war ii. and for them to understand that it means so much more than where we are going wrong it means that we have the freedom to go right and fix problems we have it wrong.
5:46 pm
i think they're good beginning to know what. >> what did you say to him. i sent a tweet out right after his first press conference. but even the not pride for both of us. it seemed open to understanding immediately after that they went down hill. it's really unfortunate. to purposely offend at least half of the country if not more especially those who served every day is just unacceptable. people who fought for the flag.
5:47 pm
>> he saying that he needs be reminded to be reminded of that. it's the truth. it's not perfection is a well to be fair and be more perfect. the people in this country decide their own fate both in government and in their personal lives. your neck and get that right 100 percent of the time. what most americans understand is that it is special to have that freedom to speak up when something went wrong. it doesn't stand i might actually had merit. with the recent passing of
5:48 pm
senator john glenn what are your thoughts. in the marine corps we put our hero's on a pedestal from the first day a boot camp you start to learn about those that came before you. john glenn is one of those marines. he is a man is larger than life. i tell a joke because i was blown up i was in nasa for ten seconds. i mourn his passing but i celebrate his life. someone who went back in the 70s and just showed a guy like me who had to learn to walk that nothing is impossible including going into outer space at the age of 70. especially to me as a marine. i hate that he passed but i think kevin has his own set of rings today.
5:49 pm
thank you for the service to our country. we really appreciate you. there is more coming up next. with kid rock. they are causing a lot of upset. and people being upset at social media. we have a celebrity fashion diviner she is taking a stand she is saying that she will dress mrs. trump. we have the details next. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie?
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>> she is revered in the
5:53 pm
fashion world. the trump train. other celebrities are moaning and groaning. some even willing to lose business because of it. let's take a listen. >> weave a new first lady and she's quite beautiful and she will look great. i declined to dresser quite a few years ago. the first lady other than the fact that a democrat and voted for hillary in a very sad and disappointed other than that she shouldn't be wearing should be wearing my close. they're too expensive. >> she said she will would gladly take mr. ford's place. it is an honor to dress the first lady.
5:54 pm
what do you think about carolina herrera stepping in for tom ford. >> this is what america is all about. his comments are not about his job. his job is to do fashion. when he has the opportunity to dress someone as amazing as mrs. trump it also tells me he's a cool businessman. and he said that his clothes are too expensive for the first lady. when they said that there.
5:55 pm
it's an honor it doesn't mean you have to support the trump agenda but we are staring down the barrel of four years. i think carolina was right on with that message. i think it's important to continue to voice issues with the trump administration and there are many. select we have singer kid rock. and he's getting a lot of people upset at social media. he is tweeting about this. we decided to go ahead and make this and other current event merchandise. make america bad again. what do you think.
5:56 pm
i have to correct address got on one thing. i think it will be trump for eight years. generally i might shut up and sing person. you and eyes have to talk about all of these. kid rock was kind of pushed into this. >> some of the t-shirt and things were crude. it's kid rock. whatever. he will be in des moines iowa. we will bring it to you as soon as it starts. with the details next. i don't go away.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
the president-elect thank you
6:00 pm
to her got to continue in des moines, iowa. we can bring special coverage you special coverage tonight starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you for welcoming us into your homes making money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening. i am charles payne. another record-breaking day on wall street. i love details and ideas for you later in the show. president-elect donald trump heading to des moines iowa her. to address his supporters there. it's his third stop on the thank you to her. remember he actually lost that state to ted cruz in a primary. they also stopped in ohio state earlier today and will stop in michigan tomorrow, pennsylvania is a stop next week. it's all about iowa. joining me right now. kelly redoubt. bob theater plants.


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