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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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>> what an incredible day and week. we are just a little bit more than 310 points away. as is all something else. as is all everything. through the next hour. it's pretty amazing stuff. a big rally in louisiana. he is facing a runoff vote there tomorrow. all of this as we continue watching the markets hit new highs the trump rally it just keeps rolling on. you are looking at the states there in baton rouge. he's about to come on. he will talk to a crowd of about 5,000 people there. if they could snag the senate seat then it will increase the majority to 52 in the senate.
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it is where we find our very own collin mcshane. see mac as we move wait for this event to get underway without it would happen a little bit earlier but the president-elect was a little bit behind schedule. that meeting didn't last very long speaker ryan came here. he met with mister trump came down. so is mister trump. after the appearance the think you two are well continue this evening. last night the president-elect was in des moines, iowa.
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he is the trumpet pick to be the next ambassador to china. that is a kind of thing that we will see at these think you two are events. betsy devos who has been in the charter movement she will accompany him. the other story that is getting some attention around here came with variety. he will actually keep a credit. it is a new host. the significance of that can be and is being debated. a press conference on thursday in which mr. trump will tell us about his plans to separate himself from his business dealings a whole lot going
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on. we continue here to wait for donald trump. i would like to know what you think. about these think you rallies. the think you two are how do you into her -- interpret all of that as someone who is not a supporter of donald trump. speemac i'm a supporter of the united states of america. i want him to succeed and i think that everybody should. they carry on the momentum from the campaign. allows him to connect directly with americans especially with those who voted for him. i think it's great. i like that youtube address he gave about his first 100
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days. the idea of donald trump connecting directly to his audience is very useful even for those of us that are loyal but opposition. the one they are unfiltered. he's have a very different style than any politician we've ever seen campaign for office. he calls it likes it -- like it is. how is acting to change do you think how people respond to him once he gets in the office if he wants to push through a tax cut and someone is it his way he has more of a stage he has more of a stage he has the pulpit. it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. he is who he is. it works. why change it.
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it worked for him so far. he is the president-elect. he is in a very powerful position i think they can have very positive affect and i don't think he's get to be as shy about what tactics are right i know that much. they're trying to use every tool available. he wasn't so willing. basically completely freaking out if you have it all up they basically have a combined net worth of roughly 14 and half a billion dollars. i would just ask you ned and we will we will go over to jessica in a moment what is wrong with that. >> i think this is one of the reasons the american people wanted to see some really
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trump in the first place. they want some legal has was shown a success in business because that can translate to success for them. it's different, it's new they been successful in business. trump is making the calculation and that they could be successful. i am loving and watching every time he announces somebody new the mines are exploding. i have to our stage manager here was just saying to me one of the interesting things about seeing some of these very wealthy individuals in the spots they don't need some gig later on down the road. it really is an example of giving back to your country. why can't the left to get the heads around that. speemac i think they can. successful people often make a
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lot of money. i think the left a problem with a lot of these is a don't necessarily know that. they have talked about the money to influence. and he rose against crony capitalism. if you are a poor kid going up in a poor neighborhood your parents would move heaven and earth to get you to better school. we look at how the unions had impeded that effort. barack obama could have changed it. he could've surrounded himself with people that wanted to change it but he did it. and he didn't they were too embedded with the unions.
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>> she wants to put the children first not the teachers unions first. opposed to what we been seen in recent times. she's made a lot of money in life. we think about our founding fathers. these were wealthy people. they have a lot of money. they did it because it was for the good of country. i get it and i'd love of money. that's not the issue here. it's gonna be great but what i'm saying here is that we need to make sure that the people that we are putting in the cabinet have the interest of all americans and a return to his point when he said this is working for him. the difference is that donald trump is the president for all of america that includes the muslims, the immigrants the latinos the african-americans. in his cabinet is a cabinet
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for the elites. i don't think of that. you put 90% academics in your administration. these are people that had worked their tails off a lot of self-made individuals and maybe the country can learn a little bit something from them along the way. i will see you guys in a little bit. i want to remind the viewer that were waiting on donald trump. he has been as jessica just said he's got to be a president for everyone. he has been meeting with some of the people who tore him down during the campaign. he is looking still at mister romney.
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he wants to let bygones be by gods. even when it comes to president oba. tch them here. >> i have now got to know president obama. i really like him. we have a really good chemistry together. one of the harshest critics once called trump a human leech and he sameness. >> he's not as bad as i thought he would be. it is a step in the right direction. he's joining me right now. we continue to wait. we have fox news contributor. charles, good to see you. there seems to be some pretty good indications out there. let something. the worst thing about it is
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that harry reid have something nice to say about him. putting that aside i think he has already demonstrated that. the biggest thing and it appeals the most to many of his supporters is a he is willing to go out there and meet people like al gore and then turn around and nominate someone like scott pruitt to have up the epa. it is a terrific example. he's competent enough that he can entertain ideas that he doesn't necessarily agree with. at the end of the day he still realizes that you can sit around with al gore and the galatians that are coming out of the federal government are destroyed the economy.
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is he reaching out across the aisle in ways that you didn't anticipate. >> absolutely. i think over the past ten to 15 or 20 years this town has become so partisan and over the stupidest of things. it has really destroyed at the place. he is not a particular ideologue. the fact that he has common sense and he looks at things intelligently with confidence and an open mind and is willing to do something that any of these politicians before. with a common sense thing. that is what frankly people in business had to have. you have the luxury to sit there and fight with everyone.
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if the work towards a goal and you're looking for that kind of productivity. we will see. we will hold him accountable for sure. so far he seems to be more results oriented. i think that is what is so broken about washington. it's being the loudest been the loudest person in the room. of course none of these people want to actually solve a problem you have the issue to complain about anymore. this is it that he approaches it completely differently. if you took ten businessmen from all over the country and put them in charge here they would fix this place in about a week.
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all of these wealthy people but a lot of them are self-made and charles what is it about his cabinet that is unique that you think it will be more results oriented than previous cabinets. he really is looking for people who work in a come in and reshape the departments i don't care that the guy have doesn't have any experience. that needs to change. it's gonna be interesting to watch. >> good to see you. we are waiting on donald trump who will be speaking in baton rouge louisiana. he is making a push there to make sure that the republican candidate gets a new runoff the senate seat. it would be pretty important.
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as a continue here watching and waiting for donald trump were also taking a look here at hillary clinton who is blaming the big news for her loss. that it's would be at the very problem that put her candidacy in the shape that she wound up in. we will talk about all of that. once again you have this hypocrisy out here. she didn't mind the fakeness. we remember it. i remember landing under sniper fire. it was supposed to be kind of a greeting ceremony but instead we just ran with our heads down
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soup mix. >> the epidemic of malicious fake news that flooded social media over the past year not clear that fake news can have real-world consequences. this is not about politics or partisanship lives are at risk. >> blessing fake news and seeming to blame it for her loss. we all know you can't believe everything you read on the internet, right? >> here she is.
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i remember landing under sniper fire. there was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicle. this is how the situation really looked. no sniper fire. she walks fairly confidently through the crowd. but the way she said that. and i i was okay. that didn't put anyone's life at risk. unbelievable. dan once again were back to the hypocrisy of the left. this is just amazing. fake news story are the shark attacks of 2016. the same media feeding frenzy but it is more risky to the rest of us but for the people at hillary clinton this is it putting lives at risk it's putting lives at risk.
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she got away with her own a fake news for a long time and in the media didn't call her back on it. because that would be bad. i have news for the left in the 1984 it was in a how-to book. just a warning. i see some of this. i come across it i does canon know it's fake. maybe it's because i don't trust the new source i also pointed out the stuff has existed i also pointed out the stuff has existed with the media wants him to do is to shut down conservative outlets. it lists new sites and drudge report has been involved in
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all of this. they want to silence the left. this has been going on before the internet. one of the most famous journalists in american history made up stories back in his early career janet cook in the washington post. the made up stories. this has gone on. is going on. we brian williams complaining about fake news this week and then there is the boston globe a column. i think he got fired from the job because he was just making up characters around the way. it's unfortunate.
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so be it. i don't think she can blame her loss on things like that. addressing a crowd of about 5,000 people were just about a month away from his inauguration. and of course being a master showman you know it second be your typical event. what does he head in store. he is here. working really hard. good to see you. he's next.
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he's next. we have some news to confirm for you. gary cohen president and coo is going to be heading up this
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is interesting. he mostly had left tennessee's. i used to work at goldman. way way back in the day. i have a summer internship there. at the time he ran the fixed income division there. a very smart guy. what i think is interesting here is that you have yet another example of summary on the other side of the aisle who is coming to work with donald trump. >> our focus has been on that. the countries coming together between two parties in this case. as another representation of that. we are looking forward to moving on and governing and having a country that stronger
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and safer. i can tell you that. there can be people that are saying goldman sachs he picked someone from goldman sachs speemac it's about what you've done. and president elect is looking at people on how successful they had been that's exactly what this represents. we are getting here. boris is gonna be running good to be running the inauguration set up your can be helping to tell us of what will happen. i'm the goodtime committee. tom is the best.
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i'm starting to see she's been in politics for a long time. she is such a great organizer. the fundraising has been strong because america out there wants to participate. they don't quite understand this about donald trump. he wants to get to washington and get sworn in and get to work right away. the one thing i would say and i agree we've seen evidence of that thus far he he's also a showman and i think he doesn't underestimate the value of feeling good about it. and america wants to feel good about something right now and he is working to unify people so i can use this opportunity with the inauguration to make everybody feel good about the
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country again. i kept coming back to the key message of the campaign. and as that is the message around it. we are so excited about where this country is headed. they are some of the traditional hallmarks but also some of the key attaches. that's a movement of the people and by the people. we will continue to check back in with you. he's about to speak in baton rouge louisiana. in the unions are not taking this one line down. they're saying he doesn't care about workers. maybe they are just mad because this president cares more about the actual workers than their labor union bosses.
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since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. the battle between donald trump and unionized labor it is heating up. following the comments about chuck jones. he announced his picks for labor secretary. it happens to be union critic andy patzer. the bosch -- the washington post the gravest crisis in
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decades. considered he announced the nomination less than 24 hours ago. net, what is it that they disliked so much about andy. there are couple of things to remember. >> this is not a fight with the union workers it's a fight with the union bosses. this is not a fight with the union records. they are the ones that are raising all of these money and then turning around and using them against us. i love the fact that trump has done this with the labor department. he's can undercut and undermined the credibility of union bosses which could not had implications only in the short term but in the future.
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we have talked repeatedly about how they were really left behind. and it's one of the reasons why she failed to win in these elections. the people that are running doesn't unions and shops they been big supporters of the left because the left has supported them. it's coming at the expense of the workers themselves. how did that need to change now. >> i think there's no question that they need to do some soul-searching. i take issue with the president-elect taking aim at chuck jones over twitter that way. i think of what he was doing which was to help tell his workers we were not getting
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1100 jobs it was actually 730 that's just a fact. >> my point is about to telling the truth. i'm thrilled that even one american has a job at christmas time that was a can have it but when the president-elect is a line when he saying things like that. i think what trump has been able to do he has been able to do more for the american worker in the short. of time that obama ever did. barack obama has overseen 74 straight months we seen the stagnant wages. i think what you're saying is very interesting.
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the reality is when you look at those jobs numbers and you look at the unemployment number overall a lot of those jobs are part-time jobs. wages have not budge in more budget in more than 20 years. yes they oversaw the creation of a lot of jobs. but a lot of them were not full-time jobs. so that we really need to recognize. we need to be equally critical. if you're adding 200,000 that are full-time that is more meaningful and we knew wages to do that. >> i don't disagree with that. i think the left should -- shoots themselves in the foot. we need to be more reasonable but when you look at something like the new labor secretary. 70% plus of americans support as well as overtime pay.
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in terms of minimum wage. fifteen dollars an hour's can go a whole lot further. should we allow the states to be able to determine that. at some point the people providing the jobs can't afford $50. you're right. the different parts of the country $15 goes a lot further. >> fifteen dollars is can be completely different. when you're talking about the fact that were at seven and a quarter when economists think it is important and they had supported 1010 and they were advocating for 12. my when they're saying we do
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not earn a living wage why can we not had that conversation on the right. i think you've seen some indications from donald trump that he's he is willing to entertain that conversation. people do need to make more money. you have to have a solution somewhere. we will continue here waiting for donald trump in baton rouge, louisiana. i don't think his plane has yet touched down. he will be coming to that stage. they are warning disney against buying netflix. here is what bob had to say on this very issue. take a listen here. they still lose a lot of money. let's go on. so basically the analyst.
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disney could take a 30% hit to their earnings and it would be fine. i find that is absolutely incredibly ridiculous. >> bob is a really smart investor. he drafted a letter to bob geiger which you will hear the contents of tonight on wall street week. any investors and anybody that's looking to put some money in this market right now he have a ten ideas for what people are calling the trump rally. it's happening and 9:00 p.m. eastern. we will have more right after this. yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother?
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trish: let's check out this rally. we are getting closer and closer to 20,000 there. 19,700 is a level right now. nasdaq composite index higher. one of the biggest gainers on the tao. they would be a step in the next year and will be replaced by the company's coo. and how to sell businesses are cutting back in their inventory. sales rose in october 1 and half percent. we hope.
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we have more on these markets as we get closer and closer to jiao --dash mcdowell 20,000.
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another record day. as we get closer and closer to
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20,000 now on the tao. we hit the number by the new year. all of this as we get a report that almost half of 30 -year-olds are earning half of what is going on with the american dream. he can we turn it around right now. i brought this to the because i think this is one of the reasons why people voted for donald trump. they were very scared about the path that we are on economically. and they wanted to do something to divert us is that fair. you're exactly right. one of the hallmarks really is that we've have in inheritance of optimism. with every justification that our children well live better than we well.
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unfortunately we had broken in that chain at least in terms of expectations lately and something we have to reverse and we can reverse by the way. if you're the top of the food chain economically eve have a great century so far. that's a very small number of people. for most americans who are strivers this has been a tough slot. you've haven't have a pay raise in two decades. we need to reverse that. how do we do that. and it looks like working to get that. let me explore this a little bit more with you. because what i think has gone so badly out of whack and i think the income inequality. i is a political argument. you don't want to be bangladesh. they have no income
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inequality. at the same time we have lost or there's been increasingly this disconnect between the labor and capital. and so those with capital they can benefit in an environment that doesn't reward labor at all. how do we bring that back into sink right now. i think it is the crux of the knowledge revolution. the system that we had constructed for its own benefit is a system of crony capitalism where you're exactly right. not the worker. at the basic levels. what can we do to fix that. smarter trade deals. if we say you can sell here how does that work. for china when it comes to
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trade when the terms are fair we can compete with anybody in the world. with china when we play a home game here in terms of trade we allow them to bring their full team over. they say we will only play eight players anywhere near to the group degree. i think president-elect trump will demand reciprocity. yours head to be open to us. and in that case the american worker benefits because they will hustle and will compete. that is a fair and right way to do it. i've a quick story to tell you and the viewers. there is a tire company that operates in china and operates in the mid west here in the united states. their pain about $1.50 but
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this company decided the workers in the u.s. were that much better. the productivity was so lousy over there in china that it negated itself. i agree with you. the workers here in the u.s. they really represent a lot in the way of productivity. donald trump and his plane has landed. those people have been waiting for quite a while there in louisiana thousands of them. he was expected to speak a while ago. it looks like it's finally can happen now. any thoughts on what he should be saying what he needs to say if he continues this think you rally to her? >> after say. i miss these rallies. i'm glad he's still doing
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some. is not just for show. i thing think it has been wounded by slow growth. most americans had have a bad century in terms of their economic picture. i think the psyche is in credibly important here. part of what they're doing is firing up confidence in it matters. it also matters with the animal spirit. if we can convince people that the future will be brighter for their children as it always has been in america than they take the risk. i think this is incredibly important. he is not just traveling around only to rival -- violet crowds. what it's really about is confidence. that was one of the problems i think we head for the last eight years.
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can he make us feel a little bit better. there was so much hesitation in terms of the policies that he would an act that they didn't want to invest. about 320 points away from 20,000. they are liking what they are hearing. and they are feeling more optimistic. we hope it continues. good to see. thank you so much for joining today. >> we are continuing to wait for donald trump. his plane just touchdown moments it would go. he will speak before about 5,000 people look at us here. an american flag at the white house which we have just moved to half staff to honor john glenn. as the first american to orbit earth in 1962 a mission to change the world. he was 95 years old.
2:53 pm
here to help us remember the life and the true american hero is the first woman to command a space shuttle. welcome. so glad to have you here. what is your favorite memory of him. >> i remember him being very wise and intelligent. he have a common sense about him. he was very knowledgeable and very mission oriented. he stayed focused on that. was not distracted. when i was a child i read about the mercury astronauts. that he was such a wonderful role model i learned about his life and the kind of person he was unlike many other astronauts my age we would strive to be just like him.
2:54 pm
he was your protége what was it the he was that he was able to give you that is still instrumental in your life today? >> i actually got to know him when he came to nasa in 1987 in 1998 i remember a little story about him for example when he was presented with medical experience he was to be the oldest person to fly in space. they have all of these. probably hundreds of experiments they wanted to do on them. of course they said you have to not do all that. i admired his ambition. in his dedication to the mission he wanted to do as much as he could and he wasn't just there for himself he really wanted to do the right thing for the space program and i think that something all of us should try to relate and
2:55 pm
try to be like him. when the discovery was there. when you're later in 2012 when we rolled discovery into the national air and space museum john glenn was there. he gave a talk. he never wanted to retire them. of course because of the last accident we decided to shut the program down. there is pros and cons to that. and he talked about that with his speech. his vision was not very well he was telling us he was losing his eyesight. he was still very strong and very sharp. it's pretty remarkable guy.
2:56 pm
we will miss him. also good to have your perspective on him in his legacy. we appreciate you being here. we will continue to wait for donald trump. he is about to take the stage in louisiana. his plane just touchdown moments ago. she has been a critic thus far. what is it that he could say that would really reassure you right now. i'm not sure. i need to see what he does policy wise when he gets in there. there has been a lot of rhetoric on this campaign. let me jump in there. he actually has appointed a lot of women. we have ben carson in charge
2:57 pm
of hud. he used to be a liberal. there are things about him and that will appeal to democrats. i just want to see what he does and how he governs but billy has toned that's not just that. i saw that tweet that was directed at chuck jones. i think there is an appropriate way to do that. that is his style that is what 60 million plus americans wanted. and then a whole bunch of the didn't bow at all. can he unify. and he has his work cut out for him.
2:58 pm
one big unifying thing. if they feel as if they have a future economically if their job is safe and they're making more money and if their children had opportunities and their being better educated. people will come together in ways that you may never had thought. i think it's more than the last eight years. i only have him for another month plus. to your point about the economy. there was a really interesting study. if you are born in 1940 to 79% chance of doing better than your parents. and those of us are born in 1980 and after only have a 50%
2:59 pm
chance of doing better. i think that was a critical factor in this election. we talk about the disconnect. the disconnect between labor and capital. and how it's been so disenfranchised. they need to get people back to work. but in jobs that you can get at out of school and out of high school . >> both sides to support more vocational training, not everyone has to go to a four-year college, silly to do that, that is something the left is an issue, hillary clinton talked about it a bit. free college tuition, free college is not going to work. >> i also think there's a chance you could start to see these parties remake themselves and that people are not going to be as labeled as they previously were. jessica, thank you so much. president-elect donald trump is
3:00 pm
going to be taking to the stage there in louisiana. he's also making a few more stops along the thank you tour today. we're waiting for him here in louisiana any, moment from now. tonight he's going to be speaking in grand rapids, michigan. we got complete coverage tonight with lou. in the meantime, liz is take you from here. liz: thank you, trish, i am live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. we have breaking news, he has landed. he is on his way. where? take a look. we're awaiting donald trump to take the stage in baton rouge, louisiana where you see on the screen what could be a very large electrified crowd for a get-out-the-vote rally in support of the republican candidate for senate john kennedy who's in a runoff battle. we'll take you there live as soon as it happens. wait until you see what's going on from the floor of the new york stock exchange. a downright nail bite or wall street. can the dow do it? we are les


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