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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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poster from a charlie brown christmas because it depicted a religious quote, reading, for unto you is born this day in the city of david, which is christ the lord. that is what christmas is all about, charlie brown. that is what they had to remove. texas attorney general said no way. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> just breaking. rudy is out. america's mayor taking himself out of the running for any cabinet position. the trump transition team just announcing the former new york city mayor's future plans are to stay in the private sector. well at least for now. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm elizabeth macdonald, in for deirdre bolton. rudy giuliani talk to the
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neil cavuto own you're world. we'll have that. -- "your world." >> it appears the mayor put himself out of it. we shouldn't forget mayor rudy giuliani monday on republican convention, really ignited this election and helpedhe was number one surrogate for donald trump during the eleion. so i take it at face value he pulled himself out of the search. i think he will focus on the private sector. he did an advertisement for us that was considered one of the most impactful of this election cycle. i have a close relationship with rudy. i think, you know, let's see how this plays out over the next few days. liz: eric, also, rudy giuliani saying there are four names still under consideration for secretary of state. but we do have that sound bite now, rudy giuliani explaining what happened and why he is taking himself out of the running for any position in donald trump's cabinet.
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he said he withdrew his name november 29th. let's take a listen. >> about 10 days ago, november 29th, the whole thing was becoming kind of very confusing and very difficult for the president-elect. my desire to be in the cabinet was great but it wasn't that great. and he had a lot of terrific candidate, and i thought i could play a better role being on the outside, down to the last two three, four, so, it makes sense, you know, just get out of the way. >> are you talking about the last two, three, four, presumably for the secretary of state position there? >> yeah. that, honestly the other positions, i didn't have an interest in. so that really, that was the, that was the only one i had any real interest in. i'm terribly disappointed. i would like to do anything i
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can to help the president-elect. i thought mitt went over the line in the things that he said about donald trump. and, i mean president-elect is going to make his decision. i will support that decision. but you know, my advice would be mitt went just a little too far to, you can make friends and make up, you but i would not see him as a candidate for the cabinet. liz: interesting, eric. mitt romney went too far. rudy giuliani just saying may not be a candidate for secretary of state now. that leaves rex tillerson of exxonmobil and also alan mulally of ford. what are your thoughts? and possibly general david petraeus. what are your thoughts? >> president-elect trump will bring in somebody that will match his values and match his vision for diplomacy around the world. so i think those choices seem to be very good choices.
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going back to rudedy, look, he also went out out on a limb for donald trump. people said his career would be over and he took a risk. he was most loyal number one soldier on the ground for the president-elect. i think, from my perspective i think the things that he has done in this election really helped propel donald trump to victory. we were very proud to have that partnership with him as well. liz: eric, let's turn to the stock market. basically stocks are on fire. stocks are hitting lives never-before-seen in today's session. it is an explosive rally. the dow is pushing near an astounding 20,000. it is close at 19,00056. it is up more than 1400 points since the election. it facessest gain since ronald reagan was in office. i'm looking at it right now, nearly three quarters of the stocks in the s&p five run are up since the election, since
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november 8th, eric. here is donald trump touting how he will bring back american jobs. listen. >> we will put our people, not people from other lands, our people back to work in the process. rebuilding this country with american hands, by american workers. we're going to do it. my administration will follow two simple rules, buy american and hire american. [cheering] liz: you know there was a bull market in doom and gloom after the election, eric. remember citigroup and even paul krugman said there would be a market crash. now what do you have to say to the market doomsayers right now? >> i mean it wasn't just market doomsayers, it was members of the media. a lot of what i call the d.c. and new york elite. the only thing they got wrong worse was the election itself. so look, donald trump had his finger on the pulse of the american worker and ameran people.
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understands that you know, we need to reduce corporate tax rate. he understands that we need to have a system where we repatriate money and make this, he talked about being a job creator. i think that is one of the biggest discrepancies in this election. he had ability to create jobs versus hillary clinton who has not had that experience before and that was the top issues in the election cycle. he is showing that with some of the deals he is making. i look forward to the market going up even more. liz: donald trump has been criticized for picking up the phone to call u.s. companies. some saying he is browbeating companies, shouldn't be doing that using the power of the presidency. other saying, michael bloomberg, says watch what he does, not what he tweets or says. what do you say eric? >> that should have been the answer during the election. watch what his policies are, not what he treats or says or whatever the rhetoric might be. look, he has business experience. he has been with the other line with many ceos in the country talking how they can maintain their jobs in this country.
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he has been doing that for a number of years in the private sector. he is applying those tactics as president of the united states. liz: eric beach, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you very much. liz: america's mayor taking himself out for any cabinet position. the trump team announced that the former new york city mayor's future plans will stay in the private sector. he will still be on the trump transition team at least for now. did mitt romney have a part to play? the mayor telling our very own neil cavuto moments ago this. listen. >> i thought mitt went over the line in the things he said about donald trump. and i mean, president-elect is going to make his decision. i will support that decision. but you know, my advice would be mitt went just a little too far -- you can make friends and make up but i would not see him as a candidate for the cabinet. liz: let's take this to our
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political power panel. conservative commentator kurt slickter, and "washington times" contributor eric shiver. kurt rudy giuliani basically saying romney should not be in the cabinet. what are your thoughts? >> i think it is, obviously donald trump's decision. there is a lot of good aspects of mitt romney out there but there is going to be some disappointment among trump supporters if you get somebody who was not just a critic but a pretty vision thus one in there. there are a lot of other people who can do this and should do this i'm thinking john bolton in particular. i'm a little concerned about david petraeus being considered. liz: why?e violated the law. liz: okay, for that. >> but we have good candidates. liz: tillerson still in the mix. alan mulally at ford. eric, like your thoughts on this. first we had attacks on trump's cabinet picks, gazillionaires, not sure you can quantify ga
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heir. labor is see row andy puzder and from carl's, jr., and his racy ads. your first job was with carl, jr.'s. what do you think of criticism of andy puzder. >> my first job was out in the lot i had to work my way up flipping burgers. andy puzder understands entry level job. that was foundation. i wasn't a named partner in the law firm. i was not a colonel in the army when i started out. i was some guy with a broom. taught me how to show up on time and be ready to work and work at a hard job which isn't exactly fun with people who aren't always happy. liz: you knew it would be a entry level job. i want to take this to eric. eric, what we likely to see at mr. puzder's confirmation hearing. there is press release from
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carl, jr.'s, dates backs to 2011 five years ago, here is what it reads, quote. listen to this we believe putting hot models in our commercials because ugly ones do not sell burgers. eric, don't you think this will come up a the senate confirmation burger? >> i know some of most models are friends of mine. it interesting, yes, it will come up. this is a donald trump administration. he ran the miss universe. so i don't think that will be relevant. this is a smart guy. and he certainly gets the economy. he gets what's needed in this economy. he's goldman sachs. and look, they're not popular. goldman sachs absolutely, people don't like them. they're elitists. but they're smart guys. they're plugged in. liz: whole thing about, but whole thing about objectifying women will come up, watch. >> i hate. i'm against it. i'm against the misogyny. i'm a feminist. there is no question about it. around, but the reality is, he won. and he won making these kind of comments.
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and so i think at some point we've got to recognize that he at some point should fix these issues. liz: not talking about trump. not talking about the ads. kurt, you were rolling your eyes. >> kurt, i think it is silly. my first manager at carl, jr.'s was young lady learning and being trained how to lead people and run a store. carl, jr.'s given opportunities to tens of thousands of people. you know what, i don't mind models. heck, i marry ad former model. i think it is fun. it is not objectifying. not saying anything bad about women. carl, jr.'s gives women the opportunity to excel. that is beauty of somebody who knows how to make a job. i don't care about any of this superficial stuff. talk about real values. andy puzder's real values putting people to work. liz: got it. understood. move on to this subject. go ahead, eric, quickly. >> of course it is objectifying women. let's be serious.
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they're in bathing suits splashing around. these are gorgeous women but does that really disqualify him? no. liz: i want to move on. the media is upset offering and giving job much national economic council head to gary cohn. gary cohn is the goldman sachs president. he has a spot in the trump administration. however didn't president obama hire at least seven goldman sachs veterans? so this is coming up again as complaint against trump, hiring you know, executives out of goldman sachs. look at this, more than half a dozen in the obama administration. what are your thoughts, eric? >> i think it's a smart move especially with this person. i think he is a very smart guy, plugged in again. look, donald trump is doing what's right for the country. he is bringing in the best and goldman sachs have plugged in super smart people. yes, they're not like goldman sachs people. no question about it. but it is good for the country.
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with respect they know what to do. they understand the, what many people don't and they're really plugged in. i think putting them as a force on behalf of the country is a good thing. liz: kurt, you can, here's the criticism that will be coming in. that these are billionaires. they're wall street guys. they're going to profit off the system. they have an inside track of profiting off the system. what do you say, kurt? >> let me join some of that criticism. i'm very worried about establishing a cabal that reinforces the status quo. donald trump is disrupttor. i think we need new voices beyond goldman sachs and other big entities you know, are the status quo. i'd like to see him reach farther. i would like to see him reach out to the west coast for andy puzder. so i'm concerned. i'm going to watch. i trust donald trump. i think, look, nine out of 10 of his appointments i would have no
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objection to. heck, our defense secretary will be a guy named "mad dog." this is enough right there to make me happy. liz: okay. >> let's see how it goes. liz: thank you, slicter. anti-trump union boss calling out that donald trump overestimated and inflated number of carrier jobs going to mexico. my next guest is the member of same union. he is not happy with the union boss. he wish he would keep his mouth shut. he says the union boss is jeb dieing his job and other jobs. he is worried about it. 10-year employ rexnord employee is speaking out. don't go away. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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liz: donald trump says he is going to stop yet another manufacturing company. this one is called rexnord. it is out of milwaukee. it is a manufacturing company. it makes part for heavy equipment for things like water utilities. trump is saying he is going to stop this company from shipping jobs to mexico. however, the head of the union for rexnord's workers, he is chuck jones, he is already calling trump a liar over trump's claims that he saved 1100 jobs at another company called carrier. now jones runs the union that covers the workers at both rexnord and carrier. take a listen. >> he got up there and, you know, talked about 1100 jobs remaining here in indianapolis. this is falsehood. he never denied saying anything that he promised to keep carrier jobs in this country which was a falsehood. so you know, i was calling him out on some of the things that he was less than honest with.
5:19 pm
liz: now trump responding in turn with this tweet, quote. chuck jones as president of united steelworkers 1999 has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee the country. this is a fight over numbers. jones is essentially saying that donald trump is saving less than 1100 jobs at carrier because about a third of those jobs, 350, were already going to stay in indiana. got it. but now, my next guest says, the union boss's comments have crushed any hope of a deal to save his own job and other jobs. joining me 10-year rexnord veteran, kyle demon. he has been working at the company for about a decade. kyle, we're sorry about your job and position you're in right now but why do you believe there is no longer hope that your job will be saved because of what this union boss is saying? >> i don't lay all the blame on chuck. chuck ththat's been a union president now for 30 years. and he is encountered this many times with other divisions and
5:20 pm
he's watched workers slip away. up fortunately what happened at carrier, i think the numbers probably did get mixed up. but it is not that he is not going to continue fighting for those other 500 jobs because he is is. in saying that, yes i'm still concerned about my job, but i trust chuck will do the best he can for us, in hopes -- this morning a es newspaper here in indianapolis star, 2100 jobs will be leaving the state. it is not a union thing. it is widespread across this country. american workers are losing their jobs. liz: donald trump, do you side, do you agree with donald trump in trying to fight for jobs like yours? he is being accused of cyberbullying, using of power of his office to attack a union official. i mean, do you agree with chuck jones in his fight with trump,
5:21 pm
or do you agree with donald trump? >>, honestly i'm kind of caught in the middle. i feel almost like a referee here. i understand mr. trump's position. i understand chuck jones' position. it is a point i agree to disagree. hopefully they had a press conference this morning at the union hall, chuck jones admittedly said he is more than willing to work with mr. trump on resolving all of this, with carrier, for rexnord, for all the companies that he can help, that he wants to work together. liz: kyle, do you think donald trump could have, do you think donald trump can help save your job if the union boss had not said what he said? >> i don't, i don't know because my company is pretty headset that they're moving to monterey, mexico, no matter what. i can hold on to hope.
5:22 pm
i hope something can happen. right now we won't know. their final proposal is coming this next week. we're going to have to see what the groundwork is laid. liz: do you support donald trump? >> i do. i voted for him. i've been on his train since the very beginning. so, i know that that rubs wrong with a lot of my union brothers and sisters but, i believe in what he said. i trust in what he said. i believe in time that he will get it accomplished but understand this. mr. trump can't wave a magic wand and make everything go away in a day. liz: i'm sure he knows that. >> this will take time. unfortunately for us at rexnord the sand in the hourglass is running out. we're less than four months before potentially being out on the street. we're really -- liz: kyle, we'll stay on the story. >> okay. liz: if you could come back to us to tell us what happened. we want to know what happens to your job and, your coworkers as well.
5:23 pm
thank you, kyle beamer, for your time. >> thank you. i will be more than happy to come back. liz: thank you. get rid of fake news or die. this is what's happening right now throughout washington, d.c. this debate is ongoing. the fake news controversy. hillary clinton now saying fake news putting american lives at stake. we have trump cabinet pick, he is possibly a cabinet pick, he is senator scott brown, he thinks that is not just an exaggeration. there is something else at stake. could be our sanity. he is going to explain. that is after this. ♪ family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected.
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put some smarts in your car.
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>> malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk.
5:27 pm
lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs contribute to their communities. liz: in her first speech since losing the election hillary clinton warned yesterday that fake news on the internet is an urgent threat to democracy, calling on congress to act. here's what happened. a d.c. pizza store got caught up in this. a gunman burst in over the weekend over a fake story online about this wild conspiracy theory alleging that a child abuse ring run by hillary clinton and her aides being run out of this pizza store. no one was injured when a gun was shot off but democrats have argued this other part of the story. that the spread of anti-clinton fake news online contributed to her loss. joining me now, former massachusetts senator scott brown. did you get the sense that, do you think that fake news helped hillary loose the election? what are your thoughts?
5:28 pm
>> no, i think she just ran a terrible campaign, especially the last two to three weeks of the actual campaign. for somebody who has so much experience in politics it is like they were doing it for the first time. so, no, i have yet to hear hillary clinton say, you know it, we blew it. we did this, this, and this wrong. except what they do now, emac, they blame everybody and everything except look in the mirror saying we screwed up. liz: people on internet and social media, what about fake debates where you get questions ahead of time. that is another part of the story. >> that is valid. liz: fake news is a problem. people are being misled b erroneous made-up stories on the internet. there is another ang that trump supporter and trump supporter milwaukee county sheriff dave clarke brought up. the liberal media. >> started with hands-up, don't
5:29 pm
shoot, lie, that was propagated by every mainstream liberal media across this country. "new york times," "the washington post," "the l.a. times," "the chicago tribune," ncc, msnbc, all propagated that hands up don't shoot line. from that time forward this concept of fake news was talked about. liz: senator, we later on in our show, we have the mother of a benghazi victim also saying that hillary and white house put out this fake story that the benghazi attacks were basically instigated by this video attacking basically the muslim religion. i mean so it is sort of cuts both ways, right? >> of course it does. that is why you need to trust but verify. sheriff clarke is spot on. on the left in particular you saw a lot of exaggerations, misstatements. you pointed out correctly with cnn, giving questions to the hillary clinton team and people on the inside not playing by the
5:30 pm
rules. yeah, listen, politics is a blood sport, emac. we talked about it. it's ugly. democracy is ugly. at the end of the day our founding fathers wanted it to be that way. they wanted to have a check and balance where everybody gets involved. then the best person win ultimately for the leadership to this country and best person has won. liz: you can see hillary clinton's point, you don't want american lives at risk because after fake news story. >> of course not of course not. liz: go ahead. >> that is of course not. but the real threat to our democracy is isis. is the lack of rule of law. when you have people going out and basically assassinating police officers. i think that is way more serious and dangerous than fake news. liz: senator, love your thoughts on this, just breaking, this news, that rudy giuliani is out, that america's mayor taking himself out of the running for any cabinet position. the trump transition team, now
5:31 pm
rudy will still be on the team, it is announcing that the former new york city mayor's future plans are to stay in the private sector at least for now. senator, was basically, was mitt romney the final straw do you think for rudy giuliani? rudy giuliani sounding he does not like mitt romney at all? >> they were very close. i love, i love mitt, i love rudy. they're great, successful dynamic leaders in our country. they both have a role in our country. rudy has a great role to play to be independent advisor where he picks up phone exactly what he wants, wherever he wants, not worry about a paycheck, he can't say that. listen he makes a lot of money on the outside. he has a great job and, he will have a role. whether is he looking at long term, emac, not today, but in two years when there is shake-up or transition he is now ready and looking for something a little bit better, being ready and considered for something better? yeah, i think that is
5:32 pm
appropriate way to handle it. liz: good point. senator, thank you so much for your time. still waiting for if you're va secretary. have you heard yet? >> everything is moving on course. you heard by the secretary of state conversation, that is most critical part. even though va is very important. this is critical to our national security and way we handle foreign countries and foreign leaders. they're focusing on that. that is appropriate. liz: come on the show when you get the news and break it here. senator, appreciate it. hillary clinton announcing fake news putting our lives at risk. my next guest says that is ironic. one of hillary's own fake stories that covered up her son's death in benghazi. that was patricia smith. her son was killed during the benghazi terror attacks. hillary clinton's fake story about benghazi is just as bad if not worse. >> every time i see this on tv i see the bloody fingerprints
5:33 pm
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>> with all due respect we had four dead americans was it because a protest or was it guys out for a walk.
5:37 pm
what difference does it make? speemac fake news was putting lives at risk. it was hillary and susan rice that was the biggest fake news story of the mall. we had have the evolution over the last many months but what sparked the recent violence was the area and on the internet of a very hateful and offensive video that has offended many people around the world. liz: my next guest says that this is what happened to her son. he was a u.s. foreign service manager officer. thank you so much for joining us and thank you for your son's service to our country. mothers and fathers they had
5:38 pm
sacrificed so much as well. patricia, you say hillary is responsible for fake news. as a generalization is that being a little harsh what do you say. >> when i have a been able to prove that her actions killed my son. my son called me the night before this happened and told me i'm in a die. which was one heck of heckuva thing to have to here. he said because he was asked again for security or has been ignored. sure enough he died that night. that is correct.
5:39 pm
and the e-mails reveal that they blame terrorism for the benghazi attack. this was in the context of hillary now. what needs to be discussed is what have elected officials and our appointed officials said and done in the past. but you're saying the hillary clinton told you a different story can you explain. see mac in fact she put her arms around me and told me it was a video i asked her at the time what video i didn't know anything about any video. she said it was a video that was the reason that this happened. i know for sure it was an video. wasn't video. she even said afterwards it was an video. i want to know why my son is dead.
5:40 pm
i think i deserve to have that explanation she has never once told me why my son is dead. >> has anybody in the u.s. government told you how your son died? >> they called and told me. they were talking about fake news stories what is your reaction when you hear that.
5:41 pm
>> i know what she told me. i was 10 feet away from my son's coffin and i know what she told me. she told me it was a video and that she would give me a call she was in gonna check into it a little bit more. nobody ever has called me i am still waiting to hear. liz: patricia, thank you again. we are so sorry for your loss. why do they pull the security. there must've been a good reason. there has to be a reason why this happened. >> please come back to us if you hear of anything. thank you so much for your time. next up in the department of justice that they wanted for the hit-and-run killing of two
5:42 pm
women have been previously deported not once not twice but eight times. my next guest son was killed by an illegal immigrant. who would also been previously deported. her reaction to what she says is a disturbing and growing trend that's after this. don't go away.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
the department of justice just confirming the illegal immigrant wanted for the hit-and-run killing of two women in louisville kentucky he was deported back to mexico eight times and somehow he got back into the country. he was deported as recently as three years ago. it is a hit and run. he fled the scene. a warrant has been issued for his arrest.
5:46 pm
my next guest lost her only son. they had been previously deported. his mother joins me now. we are so sorry for your loss. this man who struck these two women i want your thoughts on this. how is it that individuals like this get back in the country. i think they get back in the countries because our laws laura's and borders are not being enforced. our employment laws are not being enforced. they will be outraged by this. coming illegally across the board. it shouldn't happen. but eight times what is wrong with the system. >> it took my family 13 years to legally immigrant into the
5:47 pm
united states. we obeyed all of the rules to come into this country. >> what happened to the illegal immigrant who shot your son? >> he is serving his time in the california prison system. i fear that their neck in a deport him actually he is supposed to be charged with the federal government and add another tended -- another ten to 20 years. hopefully no more illegals will be coming into the country. our children will not be slaughtered by them anymore. he has yet to be apprehended. he is the illegal immigrant who was deported eight times here in this country.
5:48 pm
allegedly drunk and crashed his truck into them. he is committed to stopping illegal immigrants and coming here and even killing people. i would like your thoughts on what they said on another similar case last night. >> i have a chance to meet the incredible family and i do native. she was released -- the immigrant was released from custody to times. and believe me you have seen now it is unbelievable how much there is. see mac when you see agnes and the media reporting this it seems that there is more attention to the idea that he will be bashing down doors dividing families splitting families. again you are an immigrant.
5:49 pm
your family has suffered. i don't think they're being fair. what mr. trump has said in private meetings with families like myself with the remembrance project. he specifically said that he wants to deport criminal illegal aliens. he will not be breaking down doors look when these people came to this country illegally and they brought their small children they knew that this time we come someday. they should be accepting and if they have nothing to hide if they are good families hard-working honest families i would be happy if they stayed legally in this country. but the criminal illegals we
5:50 pm
cannot afford to lose another. they have nothing to lose. they go back to their country. look at this individual that murdered these two in kentucky. what an outrage. that they have to live with this lifelong sentence of the grief and pain he probably went back to whatever country he came from. this is just fairness to american citizens. were so very sorry for your loss. they are now complaining that the terrorists who injured 13 and he was shot and killed by a cop there claiming that the terrorist shooting was racially motivated. he is cleveland police patrol.
5:51 pm
he is defending the boys and women in blue.
5:52 pm
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the day after president-elect trump visited victims of the ohio state terrace they said the terrace was wrongfully shot by the police. he attempted to kill his classmates by running them over with a car and then stabbing them with a knife. they argue that the terrorist actions the terrorist was shot.
5:55 pm
if that officer didn't take the action that he took immediately and some of someone that killed or more people got killed he would've been criticized for not taking the actions that he did. that's just part of the false narrative that is really plaguing in this country right now. that police officer is an absolute here. the students at f fantastic job. it is just a false narrative. >> no matter the crime they don't come from a cop's bullet. what are your thoughts. when the guy is swinging and acts or butcher knife and killing people and only think that's what were trying to do here.
5:56 pm
if that officer didn't take the actions that he did why he didn't take that action. the terrorist actions are irrelevant to this. they're wasting their time going to college. that type of mentality is what is absolutely decimated. it has to change. president-elect trump. the think you two are rolling on. details on what trump may announce next.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
liz: president-elect trump
6:00 pm
think you two are rolling through. our very own lou dobbs will bring you special coverage tonight. keep it tuned for foxbusiness for that. making money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening donald trump continues his thinking to her with the stop in grand rapids michigan. maybe it should be the other way around. consumer confidence is surging. they .2 excitement over new companies. therapy there up for the first time this year. led by coal and metals.


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