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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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happens when we say were going up by a quarter of a point. if you want to be a real optimist the economy is done being better. hopefully it's gonna be a win. we will see if we get to 20 before the end of the week. list you will take us from here. liz: right now the blue blue-chip index up 20 points. i would call that within striking distance. we are drifting just a bit here. the pen on the headlines that breaks this hour we could see the tao at 20,000. you've to stay with me all the way through the close to see if it happens. we have this one. the transition team working to beat the clock. so far we have seen his former
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presidential rival carly fiorina take a ride in the golden elevator. joe mansion leaving just moments ago after spending more than an hour upstairs. the chatter is he could be energy secretary. we need to look at an entire sector that is freezing up at this hour after donald trump threw cold water and ice and snow at it. he said it's way over budget. the entire sector is tanking right now. wall street veterans on the ongoing attack on specific
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businesses and who could next feel the wrath of his twitter humor. charlie is going to break a big story. and jeff flock is freezing to death. we are less than an hour to the closing bell. we are live and life and we are bringing all of the action tick by tick in this final hour. let's start the countdown. breaking news it is now official we have this president-elect donald trump has just announced that gary cohn the former president of goldman sachs he will be the director of the neck is sternal economic council. this is a very powerful position.
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is not treasury secretary. but it is someone who looks at multiple latitudes and longitudes of the nation's economy and has the president's ear. speaking of where i am. i am knee-deep here. the traders told me that they are too superstitious to bust out the tao 20,000 hats here they don't want to jinx it. so they told me. the dow jones industrial average was the only major average that's in the green right now. it's been up about 67 points. they both actually hit lifetime highs earlier in the session still on pace to hit another record at least for the tao. -- for the dow jones industrial. it's definitely newsmaking.
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what's helping push attire. the entire energy sector is really what is lifting it up. spike to end the regular session. that price of $52.83 per barrel. this is following a key agreement that so we saw last week. they said okay were in we need to stabilize the following price. they had agreed to cut production by 558,000 barrels per day. there is more to that story i will tell you in just a second. we have seen the consumer feel a bit more confident. say that the battle for customers will persist 2017. all the way through the sales growing in line with growth forecast but not better.
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we can show all of these. they're all getting hit the hardest because they're not outperforming what everybody thought. they only matched it. let's keep her eye on the price here. 19,780 points. but since the presidential election without be the day after november 9 donald trump's when let's show you what all of them have done. they are getting just killed when it comes to records every single day. the dow up at least 11%. big gains on the little guys. the russell 2000 really the best here at 15% the guys who have lived and breathed the small cap. they are the ones that said
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told you so. they're still up nearly 11%. let me just get to oil overall. after that top crude producers agreed to join the output it's up at 20% since that meeting when word of a cut begin circulated. joining us live from london is oil trader extraordinaire. chief strategist. >> i don't think it happens today. it will be an interesting week. everybody has been waiting for wednesday to come on the calendar. they're being forced to not do anything at this point. i think there is a lack of sellers out there. that's what's allowing it to trade a lot of attire.
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it will be interesting to see if we can stay there to close. i wanted a tao 20,000 on my birthday. -- i wanted a dow 20,000 on my birthday. i they really they really can get together on that cut. let us cut through the nonsense that is opec. i say this is an optical illusion. they can then say we will cut there. it's perfectly divided in the strategy. now they're gonna cut even more. we set we can do that today. only $2 away.
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and i still maintain our cause that we are going to hit $16. you assume the production will hit that mark. we don't think it will kick in that mark. the fed is increasing the interest rate. and bankers are not going to get that much money to these producers when the price of oil is going to be trading between 60 and 70. not a drop of oil higher we think alike. we want our viewers to see through the insanity. when you run up that output.
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and then we will cut back. how much of that is playing in. we will see a quarter of a point rake hike. is there some fear about what might happen on wednesday. >> a combination of a couple of things. the bonds made new lows. they were pricing and the fact that the rate hike was happening but then what happens afterwards the dollar is actually the cleaning. that will help out oil prices in the long run. let's see what happens now but interest rates have done nothing but absolutely straight up. maybe this is the end. the dollar may be down because people are expecting the fed to say the run-up has been too strong. what else are they looking at
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here? what should they be i be prepared for on wednesday. >> i think they need to be patient. we were in the same scenario one year ago. we knew they were going to. they said they were to be data dependent and hopefully raise rates. if we get that same statement i think they kind of have to wait and see how that works out. >> i want to show how much that works out. thank you very much. and happy birthday. i need that on my birthday. foxbusiness is can have live coverage. we never know what is can happen. we've covered it wall-to-wall. 2:30 p.m.
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it's one of those meetings where they come out and holds an hour-long news conference. we are off to the races. the best postgame analysis. fifteen minutes before the closing bell rings. just about eight blocks north. president-elect donald trump has already met with the former election rival this is a buzz surrounding exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson as secretary of state gains steam. potential pic is causing real friction on both sides of the aisle over his ties to the russian prime minister i mean as president vladimir putin. donald trump has said he is sticking up for israel.
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we know the to class on occasion. how well exxon mobil ceo handle u.s. relations with the israelis while maintaining ties. but the very delicate thing that has to be done here. it was something that would certainly come up. we don't know much when you think about that. other than what has come up through the business dealings. which you are referring to their. his estimate at any time in his career working in government. he spent his entire career the only place that he's ever worked. the reason his dealings have been scrutinized so much has because he said 70 dealings with the russians. and then more recently since becoming ceo he dealt with drilling rights. he has been the one and
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negotiating those types of things. his supporters would tell you that that is a good thing. others had questions. watch. >> and considered about his relationship. he only wants to restore the russian empire. with the concerns. being a friend is not an attribute i'm hoping for for the secretary of state. what announcement that was made official here. to be the advisor to president-elect trump. here on fifth avenue quite a scene as always.
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they're taking pictures and sell sulfates and everything else. according to the local police estimates about 300 protesters in gathering about gathering about a block north of trump tower. it sounds like a significant crowd. if they get any closer. everybody be sure to tune in tomorrow for special coverage of the president-elect and his continuing thank you to her. lou dobbs well have it covered. we are life. set the dvr. and then stick around for kennedy. she will begin at 9:00 p.m. we are about 46 minutes away from the closing bell. pfizer among the leader once again on the dow 30.
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nearly 7% to 32's cents per share. we are watching pfizer once again. does disney had another hit on its hands with rogue one. look at what we found. a life-size shift. it officially lands in u.s. theaters. the man have the powerful redstone. apparently he is living to tell the story. charlie breaks it.
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. charlie breaks it. the countdown is coming back. i have moved over to post eight. this is where cbs is among other stocks and trades right here. right now it's down three
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quarters of a% earlier around 12:40 cbs treated at traded at a 52 week high has spiked in here is what is gyrating the stock right now. he said i'm in charge or no deal. it looks like he heard him loud and clear. i want to bring in charlie gasper reno because he is so many more details but it's a first-person push set up to the redstone's endless is living to tell about it. >> because of a massive golden parachute. it's a holding company that holds both cbs redstone now
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who controls this big conglomerate. now today she's not going this way. the question is why after she wanted to do them. i went back and looked at the tape a couple months ago. they reported that sumner redstone was skeptical about the deal he was worried that he combined the two companies would crush the valuations. and have the chops particularly the contract to block it and says that she's about to walk. sherry redstone is theoretically his boss. he gets paid a very hefty sum
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of money. that is something they didn't want to fight with right now. part of the dance if you know. it spiked and now it has come back down. there is still room for negotiation here. my guess is they want a piece on the national amusement board. when they granted a you can see some of it come back. his cannot want his pound of flesh. he has a contract to walk away. it is a good ceo. they don't give him what he wants. i would say this is an impasse right now.
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we head about 15 points now. down two thirds of a% and it's great it's just that it's up off of the lows there. it had hit that two and half year high your height earlier today at about 1240 we chose to put it on the lower part of the screen so they can see that that is really having trouble there. they do. there is a problem there. and is not now. a lot of it is programming and a lot of it is out of his control. we should point out that gary cohn did get brought on to the number two guy at goldman sachs as trump's have of the nec. you can read my latest. he is very relieved that he's
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gone. there is a lot of annoyed people out there. instead president-elect donald trump they picked this one over the supply side. have to get them very angry. it will be a story going forward. >> everything is up for grabs at this point. charlie, thank you so much you can see him a little bit on the delay of the monitors. the closing bell about 46 and half minutes away. we are still alive from the new york stock exchange watching for it but not getting down 20,000 at the moment. they take aim specifically at a piece of equipment.
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we will bring you the latest on the newest shot across the bow. that's just ahead. in these reports all day long. they are battling the extreme winter weather in chicago. what will he head for us next. it better be good. >> it's not fit for a dog out here for this weather. or maybe it is. stay tuned.
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liz: 30 1/2 minutes before the closing bell rings. dow is up 27. it was up 34. looks like there was momentum with the dow jones. not so with the s&p.
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dow stands at 19,784. here is what is definitely freezing up. things like heating oil, anything having to do with the cold. the clutches of winter are wrapping their fingers around the united states, at least upper united states right now. bracing for what could be record temperatures this weekend. winter storm warnings are issued for the specifically the great lakes and northeast. the impending deep freeze helping send heating oil prices skyrocketing. important to focus on the fact, these numbers, specifically heating oil respond like this when you start to see on the radar what is known as a polar vortex. a blanket of snow and frigid air hitting chicago, causing more than 1400 flight cancellations at the city's airport. jeff flock isn't a wimp. you guys should know that since you've been with us since our launch in 2007. he and i are fox business originals.
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he always braving blustery winter. he is the in windy city. what are you doing at this hour? reporter: i got the wrong end of that deal, liz. there you go. i actually enjoy this. this is the dog beach in chicago. typically at this hour it is packed withing does. today, i don't know, do you see one? jason corralled this dog here. he keeps petting him so he stays you would think these temperatures, and it is going to get colder, natural gas would be on a tear today. well, the reason natural gas is not on a tear because long-range forecasts came out. if you look at intraday, down big-time. those long-range forecasts call for warmer than expected temperatures later in the month but short term take a look what we've got coming this week. it is scary if you're in the upper midwest, places like fargo, minneapolis, green bay, they're all zero or lower. some of them way lower.
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even chicago. it will be single-digit before the week is over too. remind you for perspective, it typically about 35 degrees on average for a high in december. we're going to get nine for a high later this week. what does that mean for stocks that have something to do with the cold weather and snow? well, a stock like the guys that make the snowplows, they're up 58% year-to-date. the ski resorts, vail and the rest up about 30% year-to-date. good news there. ah, jason found another dog. two golden retrievers. take this one home. liz: i have a golden-dore. would love to play with them. she is new jersey baby dog. no, i don't put little socks on. don't put socks on your dog's feet. [laughter] reporter: look at this. so cute. bye-bye.
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ask. oh, bye baby dog. by the way, airlines also getting hammered. that is why we have american airlines on the screen in a moment, down pretty significant, 4%. closing bell, we're 27 minutes away. dow up 25 points. 19,780. they're trying to work their magic down here on floor of the new york stock exchange, for dow 20,000. not sure if we'll make it. president-elect donald trump working some magic on a lot of stocks and not necessarily in the right way, but, when it comes to this, very little magic at the moment when the cia gets involved. he has taken to twitter to deny russian involvement in his election victory but republican senator john mccain says there is no doubt about the russian-involved hacking, calling it north form of warfare who's right? we have joseph loomis just ahead.
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fresh off his comments on boeing and air force one. this time he taste lockheed martin's f-35 jet is way too expensive and fleecing the american taxpayer. robert wolf on on going attacks on big businesses, and who might next feel the wrath of trump's twitter hammer. that is next on "countdown."
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liz: breaking news. we need to look at boeing airlines. the aerospace giant trading at all-time high. the price is all-time high. boeing inking on, this is interesting. has to do with iran. they have inked a $16.6 billion deal with iran air to deliver
3:39 pm
commercial jetliners. 0 commercial jet liners to iran next 10 years -- 80. this is the first deal between u.s. airline and islamic republic. airbus is not an american company. they have had a deal. boeing striking the deal, 6:00 teen billion worth. president-elect donald trump's attack on another aerospace giant, this time a defense giant. overshadowing a day of celebration, 1500 miles away from iran. that is happening in israel. this is happened last hour. much-hyped arrival of israel's first two f-35 fighter jets, made by lockheed martin. it had been delayed a little bit due to weather t finally happened, and president-elect tweets slamming the program, kind of overshadowed a big event that had benjamin netanyahu, prime minister of israel and ash carter, secretary of defense. he wrote, f-35 program is out of
3:40 pm
control. billions and will be saved on military and other purchases after inauguration on january 20th. the tweet swamped shares of lockheed martin which plunged. as you can see the stock has not yet recovered right now along with other defense names. lockheed is down nearly 3% at the moment. it is the fifth company finding itself overall in the line of trump's twitter fire. let me bring in robert wolf, founder of ceo of 32 advisors. wall street veteran, fox business contributor, perhaps more importantly on a day like this, he sat on the president's export council with the ceo of lockheed martin. robert, you understand, and know the f-35 program implicitly. cost overruns galore. donald trump says i'm on the side of the taxpayer. you say what? >> first of all the ceo houston of lockheed is one of the best in the country. with respect to the f-35 program, listen i have no problem the president-elect will
3:41 pm
challenge defense contracts. i think there is different way to go it than twitter but i leave it to him and his staff. but the f-35 program has had cost reductions since the reset in 2009 and 2010, at over 60%. they have delivered over 200 planes. i would tell you that the sequestration doesn't help defense spending because you really can't plan for the future. you don't get greatest purchasing power. so i think once that ends, lockheed actually will be able to continue to cut costs and develop you know, the f-35 which is critical to our defense systems. liz: don't you think it is interesting though, perhaps this for shadows an attack on the cost overruns of the defense industry while at the same time the president-elect has said i will spend more on our military? which part is he going to spend more on? he certainly doesn't have the taste for an 85 million-dollar jet that is plagued with, again, these cost overreturns?
3:42 pm
i get -- i don't know many taxpayers who would be upset with donald trump for sticking up for the taxpayer on this. >> listen, i'm not going to challenge that. the president should make sure we get the best deal and our taxpayers aren't funding anything and donald trump is a deal maker, but i actually think with respect to the f-35, costs are down by 60%. they think they can continue to get costs even lower post-sequestration. so i would just say that, one, there is a different approach. he should call houston who is a great ceo. she is in israel. we're delivering first fighters to a foreign country. liz: we have video of that. >> i think there is different approach. he made it clear to all ceos, when you have a federal contract, we're going to make sure the dot the is and cross the ts. i think i said if we get rid of sequester program so the companies can be ready for the future, i think costs will continue to go lower because of their purchasing power.
3:43 pm
liz: let me move to china. donald trump has also taken aim at china a "fox news sunday" interview with chris wallace. i will paraphrase for time purposes here. i don't know why we have to be bound by the china one policy making a deal having to do with other things including trade. he has said over and over why are not helping with us north korea? why are we bowing down to them? what do you foresee for u.s.-sino relations? >> there is currently one china approach. that is our protocol. certainly president-elect trump will have his own decisions how he wants to work with china, north korea and taiwan. my recommendation is wait until he gets in office. wait until he has the vision that he wants to take on. obviously with him it includes how he views the currency, how he views trade. there has to be a different approach for president-elect trump that he will utilize with respect to china. listen my view is there is a
3:44 pm
different approach for him to shoot these arrows but, you know, obviously he uses his twitter as part of his communication vehicle. i have said before on fox, you know, i'm hopeful that he uses a bully pulpit on january 20th and i hope it is not twitter. liz: you and i use twitter a lot but we follow each other, don't we? >> we do. we do. i get trolled a little when i leave. now i'm fox business contributor, maybe now a balanced jobbed. liz: that's what we do here. fair an balanced. >> thanks for having me on liz. liz: robert wolf, 32 advisors founder around ceo, former head of ubs america. fabulous guy. we're 15 1/2 minutes before the closing bell rings. transports getting hammered down 86 points in part because some of those defense names are pulling it down. is the president-elect too quick to attack those names and to
3:45 pm
quick to dismiss russia's hacking claims? republican congressional leaders standing with intelligence community leaders after trump's attacks on their findings. we'll get cyber response ceo joseph loomis's take on the fallout. and wait till you hear what the former cia spokesperson had to say about donald trump. you got to hear that one. that is on "countdown" next. huddles,bright lights, competition and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you. and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com.
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liz: it is not bulls and bears, it is tigers who want to watch dow 20,000. we're not there yet, right. whoa, his whiskers spoke to me in the eye. columbia university tiger baby, read the bell. all kinds of creatures ringing the bell.
3:50 pm
we have breaking news, clinton campaign chairman john podesta just weighed in on whether the russians hacked our elections. he just released a statement, quote, we now know that the cia has determined russia's interference in our elections was for the purpose of electing donald trump. this should distress every american. quote, we believe that the administration owes it to the american people to explain what it knows regarding the extent and manner of russia's interference and this should be done as soon as possible. that from john podesta, very strongly-worded statement that has come within the last couple of minutes. this after this war began to wage earlier in washington, d.c., following reports that russian hackers did indeed attack email accounts associated, not just with the democratic republican committees, but the republican national committee as well. so the focus of a war that is not actually with weapons you but between u.s. governments, and the agencies that are
3:51 pm
supposed to work with the president-elect. what is next in this hacking saga between the u.s. and russia and throw the cia in there as well? with me cyber response ceo, joseph loomis, in cyber incident response technology. joe? this is -- a foreign state, let's just cut to the state, a foreign state, if you believe the report from the cia, hacked into u.s. and inserted itself in our election. how should we be responding? >> the key is, data is conclusive at this point. american voters should be concerned about this, influencing our political system in very negative way. i don't want to speak to the validity of it because i know evidence in cybersecurity can be very, very difficult to keep track of because it can be compounding if there are statements being made we need to look evidence where statements
3:52 pm
are coming from first. i understand it is beneficial to the clinton administration to make these statements but at the same time we need to make sure that the statements are made on really solid evidence. liz: why couldn't we stop it? i don't care who is yelling at whom and who is issue the statement and all of that. why couldn't we stop it. all of our agencies and all the taxpayer dollars put into putting up some type of wall or catching these agents and these state agents? >> the difficulty with cybersecurity liz, is how big the government network is. it is very complex. you have insider threat issues with snowden. we have more recent case. when you have all these moving parts it is difficult that every single, imagine having a house unlimited infinite number about of windows, every day the windows are opening and closing. it is very difficult to determine what window was left open tonight and which ones were locked. so that is why it is, money spent, the manpower is not there. we don't have enough
3:53 pm
cybersecurity analysts to really help defend our networks accurately. we need to really revamp how we educate and train people around cybersecurity to help our government and our country. liz: well, i agree. you hear that digital knocking on the windows and doors, testing the locks like digital velociraptors, remember the scene in "jurassic park" where they were testing doors and fences. ask anybody in silicon valley. the agents and russians are very much to blame. i have to bring you to this. is the president-elect, i know you don't want to insert yourself into policy, is he taking this seriously enough attacking cia which led to a response from former cia spokesperson who put out on a facebook page comment. his name is george, george little. next commander-in-chief, president-elect trump dismisses the work of agency and calls its
3:54 pm
findings quote ridiculous. his disdain and disrespect for cia and wider intelligence community is nothing short of shameless. he makes the point these guys put themselves out there to catch the bad guys, often at their own peril. >> yeah i think, i think we really need to reconsider that, if anything recant that. i think we're all on the same team we shouldn't be attacking each other, especially if the intelligence community will be the one advising the president-elect. think we need to really consider the source and these guys are the ones providing you good intelligence to make really powerful decisions we really need to recan't our position of not really being so defensive about these kinds of things. we need to be a little bit more open-minded perspectives. i think our government needs to be a little more open-minded to the fact that yes, we're hearing a lot of data from the cia and fbi, and et cetera. are we really open-minded and not be so defensive about this stuff? liz: come on, let's know who the bad guys are and go after them,
3:55 pm
not each other. >> exactly. good see you. liz: anytime. joseph loomi ceo of cyber response doing good work over there. closing bell five 1/2 minutes away. dow is up 35. art cashin ho runs floor operations, we may see a move up 50 points for the dow because of a buy order. super bowl li, still two months away, folks, but i'm still excited. folks we're all about the financial super bowl that is about to happen. right here on "countdown." we're talking about the final fed meeting of the year as we say, that is happening less than 48 hours away. how businesses and wall street firms are preparing for one of the biggest market showdownsf the year. cantor fitzgerald's ceo is with me next. don't go away. companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here!
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liz: will we get rate hike? most likely yes. cantor fitzgerald's sean matthews. how will we prepare for the first rate hike of the year. >> the fed will hike rates. it is built into the pros sets. when we look at the market conditions, no one will be incredibly shocked when they raise rates. liz: what will they do on that day? do you buy things beaten down like treasurys and certain bonds? >> when you look at treasury complex you will still be projecting out what is going to happen next year. i think that is where the real debate is going on right now. will the fed raise one or two more times next year. will it be three or four more times. that will dictate what is going on. fear inflation is working through the system the numbers have been pretty good last couple months. why you're seeing the curve steepen out and people shedding duration when they can. that is ongoing basis, when we
4:00 pm
look at that on case-by-case basis over next several months. liz: sean matthews, cantor fitzgerald. we didn't see dow 20,000. guess what, a record for the dow. sixth in a row. not just my birthday. but my bff melissa francis's birthday. messa: not telling anyone about that, liz? >> well you can't keep a good dow down. another record day for the blue-chips. s&p 500 and nasdaq breaking their record streaks to end lower for the day but it was good for the dow. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. happy monday. melissa: i'm melissa francis. happy monday. this is what else we have for you at this hour. another busy day at trump tower. meeting big names on both sides of the aisle to fill cabinet positions. we'll take you live to trump tower for the latest. donald trump is taking aim at the most expensive weapons program in american history, picking a fight with another u.s. company.


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