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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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to the change. at is going to change is washington, d.c., whether they like it or not. melissa: i think that is what it is about, he is going to drain the swamp and their funds are going to dry up. liz: latest update on president-elect trump, expected to nominate exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. media again in meltdown for another be man appointed, not a governor insider. we have mike huckabee. we have lou dobbs, and mike rowe. welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the trump transition train continues at full speed.
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former ted cruz, vice presidential candidate. and carly fiorina was spotted there. we also saw there fommer florida congressman lieutenant colonel allen west, and rick santorum, and rick perry, all spot at trump tower, it is looking to be a more conservative cabinet than the one reagan assembled in 1980. but first, leadia -- media is blasting president-elect trump's secretary of state pick. >> calling him a putin friendly exxon ceo. and listen. >> i wish i could say that ben carson is only person who did not have experience in his area.
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we have i like her, nikki haley terrific person, but she is going to the u.n., does she have any foreign policy experience? i think we have are ignore rhamouses, billion airs and a few generals. >> trump telling chris wallace. a successful businessman is the missing link to a successful foreign policy. >> asking you about rex teller son, why does a business executive make sense. >> he is a world-class player. he is charge of the largest company in the world, he is in charge of a oil company that is pretty much double size of the next nearest competitor, company which has been unbelievably managed, he knows many of the plays,e knows
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them well, he does massive deals in russia and the company. >> i have tremendous respect for him. he is a world class player. liz: to trump supporter, governor mike huckabee. good to have you here. >> thank you. liz: trump appointees, not good choices, are you shocked at a business executive? there a the reason that the dems lost, all 3 branches of government, just 17 governorships. what are your thoughts? >> well, you used word meltdown at beginning of the show, this is the meltdown that is worse than an ice cube on a phoenix day in august, i have never seen democrats so beside themselves, here is what they don't get, these are
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all people who are successful in what they do. most of them have taken jobs from companies they worked their way up from the bottom of various corporations and entities be they have worked their way to the top job, some of the generals that we have are people who did not get four-stars by just singing the national anthem louder than other soldiers, you really have to be somebody. that is an extra ordinary affirmation of our capacity to lead and organize and have the ability to inspire people. i think that donald trump is picking people that he believes are winners, are successful, these people all had been born rich i would have been concerned. but that is not the case, he has a great group of people he is assembling. liz: donald trump attacking media again, just watch at nbc nightly news, so bias,
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inaccuracies, bad, point after point, can't get much worse. do you think that media coverage of trump has changed since the election? >> it has gotten worse. that is only way it has changed. i didn't think it could, this afternoon, i have a television that has ability to see 4chan els at once, i was watches a cable news, every time they mentioned, tillerson, they call him putin-friend, as if they remember chummy and went fishing together and would take their kids camping on weakens, look he did business with putin, he knows him, he understands him, he walks in to meet him, he does not have to side him up and wonder what he is thinking, that does not mean he is chummy or a pal, it means he understands who he is dealing with, i thought it would be a plus, but the media just can't get that.
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liz: let's go back to time a little bit, remember when president obama before he took office. confidentialy told russia president med have def-- he would be flexible. >> after my election -- liz: and remember when both president obama and hillary clinton, gave russia, that red reset button, signals a peace overture in 2009, just a note for you, that red button, it means overloaded. there is contact here, that you know, democrats are making overtures to putin? >> well, when obama used the term i'll be more flexible after the election, he was saying, i'm gaming the voters, don't worry, he has been as
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flexible as gumby, that means that russians do not take him seriously, he is so flexible there is no rigidity in his positions, so yes, they fly the fighter jets over. they go into syria, they set s t worried about u.s. doing anything, they have been right. because we had a president who is so flexible, he just bends and twists never direction, except showing some muscle and saying, you can't do that, russia. liz: a great point, here is another anel that we're covering this -- let's turn to the hack. allegations about russia hacking. there is no proof that russia hacked votes. remember hillary clinton, always maintained her pr
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private e-mail server is not hacked but now her team backed a demand that certain members want an intelligence briefing on alleged foreign interference in the election, the electoral college votes next week, we have president-elect trump rejecting the idea that russia modeled in the u.s. elected, let's listen. >> i think it is ridiculous. i think it is another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why. and i think it will is just you know they talked about all sorts of things, every week another excuse. we had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the electoral college. i guess the final numbers are 306, down to a low number. no, i don't believe that at all. liz, of course, this is no good for any country to be meddles in anyway. we have news for you, your
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thoughts, trump is the winner of the wisconsin state wide recount. that recount does not show evidence of a hack of votes, right? >> there is no indication that the russians hacked into the voting apparatus, only indication they have alleged they wanted donald trump to win, which is nonsense, why would they want him to win. he is everything they hope they don't have in a u.s. president, he is strong, surrounding himself with tough people. another reason why this is nonsense, donkey droppings is what this is, idea that somehow the voter were persuaded by what was in the dnc e-mails, let's be reminded, mainstream media did not cover the content of those e-mails, the people who were covering were conservative news publications, they were voting for trump anyway. i think this is that democrats are embarrassed of what they were exposed, they were
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believes and saying, and doing. and they are trying too do one more thing to say, gee, it wasn't fair. i would say to democrats, suck it up, snow flakes, you lost. get over it. trump will be inaugurated. liz: we do have republican senators, who are upset about this, right? >> well, i think they are is uis upset that russians may have hacked into the system, but i don't think they think that russian dec tailte dictated the directions of the election or they are responsible for hillary's losing. i'm all about having an vist dpaig to find out did they get in -- investigation to find outdod they get in, it might reveal how weak our cyber security is. but to say, the russian stole the election is what is absolute nonsenseimp yo. liz: no evidence that votes
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were hacked. governor always great to have you. >> thank you, liz. liz: move from russia to china, china criticizing donald trump's suggestion of closer u.s. tyrant ties. -- taiwan ties. >> i don't know why we have to be bound by a one-china policy, unless we make a deal with china, having to deal with other things, including trade, we're being hurt very badly by china. taxing us heavy at the borders when we don't tax them. building a massive fortress in middle of south china sea, which they should not be doing, and they are not helping us at all with north korea. davidkoreaimp china official saying we urge the new u.s. leader and government to fully understand seriousness of taiwan, and to continue to stick to the one-china policy. we have here, lou dobbs.
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with me, now, nice to see you, china is scrambling military aircraft. what do you think? >> i don't think they have to worry about the united states, i think they have to worry about is the fact that donald trump has said they built a foots rein south -- fortress in south china sea where they have no claim, they have claims but nothing valid, nothing that would be honor by any international court. and for the chinese to make these silly statements, you have to abide by the one-china policy, which was jimmy carter throwing fish you know at the seals. it is ridiculous, this is donald trump, president-elect trump saying, this is the way it is going to be. it may be an initial bargaining position or his end objective, it may be anything in between. but the reality is that donald
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trump as president the united states made it clear any they are taiwa taiwanese, chinese or russian whoever they may be, including the fille philippines, we're going to run our government now in the national inrift. interest. imagine that. this country will act in the national interest not at whim of some lead from behind president. there are metrics that we could use, one that number of dollars and trade deficit and current accounts has been significant. so significant you could estimate somewhere between 4 to 6% gdp growth has been lost
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because of those deficits, that is significant that would contribute, you know probably, a trillion dollars over that period of time. you could measure it with other metrics, how much do their fighter air jet aircraft look like ours, in which we vist vist invest a -- invest a trillion and a half, the chinese have stolen that. they transfer knowledge to the chinese, and the out right thievery of companies, is immense. do you want to add in manufacturing jobs. liz: do it. >> you are talking about 3 million jobs, most of which have gone to china, 700,000
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employs. that whose primary purpose in life is to do whatever tim cook wants done at apple, whether it be the iphone 7 or now the 8 coming, whether it be you know, it goes on and on, all that working be done here in in country, millions of job lost outsourcing. liz: carly fiorina spotted at trump tower. >> that must have warmed his heart. liz: what do you think? >> i have no idea, carly pee carl fiorina is a failed politician, a person who wanted to be in the mix, she really was so nasty, in response to his nastiness, but she was so nasty, and so be.
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>> who do you think would be best choice to be secretary of state? >> i believe that right now, john bolton is a terrific talent, a brilliant and very tough minded 1r- individual who would be a real credit, he knows the institution, serving as assistant secretary and higher. bigger responsibilities, and u.n. ambassador. he and i think, a man who has very important talents that should be an employee of the state department. liz: he become in as deputy under secretary. >> my vision, my vision, my
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view, my fantasy, initially was rudy guliani, for secretary of state, and john bolton is second. that would be terrific. and the case with teller -- tillerson. >> just a quick thought on hillary clinton, holding a thank you party for millionaires at the plaza. >> that sounds pleasant. liz: 1.2 billion is what the campaign costs. >> she is a fraud throughout, she and her campaign were fraughted land -- fraudulent. the american people for the most part picked up on it. thank god for the 30 states who understood when she was and her presidency would have portended.
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we've been rescues from the abyss. we have gone from dark -- darkness on bright lights and immense potential in this election in just one evening and a late morning. liz: you are loving the trump train. >> you better believe it, i think that the whole country will in time. liz: you are hosting special coverage of continues thank you tour. i think in wisconsin. >> yes tomorrow night, beginning at 7:00, a magic hour here on fox business network, we hope you can join us, 7 through 9:00 tomorrow night. liz: thank you, lou, come back soon. >> i love bee here. liz: most importance used to sees mike rowe handle dirty jobs, but a mortgage company used the photo of rowe.
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he was shocked, disturbed at what highest wearing, saying this is an example of what not to wear. we have his response for that. >> next don't go away.
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>> i think it is ridiculous, it is another excuse. i don't believe it, democrats are putting it up because they suffered one of the greatest defeats of politics in this country.
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liz: my next guest is a cia veteran, he thinks that trump is correct. senator mitch mcconnell said he will call for a probe? >> the senate is open to investigate whatever they like. the reality is, friday, "new york times" put out an op-ed with an unnamed source, saying that russians had hacked for donald trump that is nonsense. fuzzy math. senior members of cia and ex-members of cia. have been assaulting donald trump, mike moral saying that donald trump was acting as an unwitting anxiety of the russians, this is ridiculous, clearly it is politics, mr. moral working with deacon strategies a consultant to the
5:24 pm
clinton campaign, so this is all politics. and unfortunately, they have dragged cia into a public dispute with the republican president election which is bad news for the agency, they don't need this. agency should not be involved in a domestic political squabble like this. if the senate's to investigate, fine. but the agency should not be playing this game. it is dangerous thing that mr. brenon is doing. liz: 16 at least 16 u.s. intelligence agency, agree that russia, was involved, we don't -- the problem is, what is evidence of hacking the vote. but, dnc, was hacked, and rnc was hacked. we're hearing trump campaign will take any help they could get, no matter where it came
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from, senator mitch mcconnell saying, there could be a push, like the beginning of the be rack war, they could -- iraq war, they could probe that and come out with a report, would you be for or against that. >> let me say something about your statement, they said 17 agents within the government have signed on to this only two of them, nsa and cia, actually cleksd do collection on russia that way, the others just sign off. this is a misnomer, other statements have been made that rnc reince priebus was denying it all weekend, there is a lot of smoke, and, fact is that we all want to defend the santee of u.s. elections, and u.s. political system but to make statements and insinuate there was collusion and cooperation, that is a constant theme
5:26 pm
burying the last couple of weeks, of the republicans with russians is nonsense. i understand all about the russians, but, th the reality there is nothing wrong with donald trump wants to improve relations with u.s. and russian, and attempt to negotiate positions which are more favorable to inch. everyon. liz: thank you. politician on both sides decrying president-elect trump picking a businessman to run the state department. next, a energy ceo, he said he is personally knows rec tillerson, he thinks he is the right guy the deal maker we need for the job. he i murray energy ceo robert
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>> i am concerned about his relationship with russia. we want to make sure that the secretary of state is a person represents america. >> obviously they have done enormous deals together. liz: senators on both sides of the aisle show concerned over the secretary of state. rex tillerson exxon mobil ceo. he is an outstanding choice. robert murray thinks for coming on the show. >> think it was, for having me this afternoon. the criticism is that it looks like a 24 million-dollar pay package there has been conflicts of interest between rex tillerson and has stock options.
5:31 pm
what do you make of those concerns. i think it is no concern at all. rex tillerson will be rivers representing the united states of america as secretary of state. he is represented exxon mobil and a very diplomatic way. i'm sure that he and mister trump have an understanding that he will represent the united states of america and i believe that he will do it in a very great way, liz. our international policies for the united states our relationships they had been very incompetently handled by barack obama, john kerry and hillary clinton over the last nearly a decade. now we have a seasoned
5:32 pm
experience executive who well hopefully bring back the respect and status for the united states of america and our people. that has been lost over the last nearly a decade by the incompetent handling of our foreign policies. liz: he was recommended by condoleezza rice and former defense secretary robert gates and former secretary james baker. shouldn't that carry a lot of weight quacks. >> yes ma'am, it certainly does. he has represented his company as a diplomat. i had known him for only about five years but i have followed his career since he was elected president of exxon mobil in 2004. he is a very good choice for this job.
5:33 pm
i said before mr. trump was elected that he has a passion into the courage in the commitment to bring in the most competent people in the united states of america. he certainly has a mandate to do so and i believe he is doing so with the appointment of mr. mr. tiller send to the position secretary of state. liz: most americans are used to seeing micro handle really dirty jobs a mortgage company used this. it shows that mike and his just covered glory and example of what not to wear. is mike happy about that, he is here to respond about that coming up. n use your data worrye and even carry over the data you don't use. n use your data worrye
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liz: welcome back. one of the campaign, sees bring manufacturing jobs back to america. it has not officially taken off as of yet but he has successfully saved hundreds of jobs. from going to mexico and he is working on doing the same thing on yet another manufacturer rex norton. someday that knows about the blue-collar worker. he is a former host of dirty jobs. first, let's tackle this.
5:38 pm
what is your reaction to that. i get around in and many of them are constantly pointing out this and that and someday said you made the employee handbook at some consulting firm. it made me laugh because in the midst of what is acceptable versus what is tolerable. what is happening when you are deemed unacceptable. all of the dusty glory with the words unacceptable. i was deeply flattered. next you will be in some
5:39 pm
liberal college. liz: you said your show is about doing important work. it seems to us that is no coincidence that donald trump one during the height of your show and its success. what do you say to that. >> essay there is something to it. i stopped producing that show about two years ago but the similarity that i saw was thought was really between the gop this year and the primary. the parallel is very simple. it was not seen as on brand. we just snuck on in the middle of the night. the viewers and dug it. and suddenly the numbers were big and we got picked up on the emanated from it.
5:40 pm
in a lot of ways it seems like the same thing happened with the gop. seventeen guys on stage. everybody kind of looks the same. the one guy that was unacceptable suddenly resonated in a way that nobody anticipated. every now and then i figure there's a kind of reckoning. it happens everywhere. >> it's true the gop is the party of the working class. it flipped. >> it's very strange. it seems that it has. everybody has a different perspective but the thing is it is always changing. it's always changing and politics. the real irony of course is that donald trump came right out of both. he was a guy with the reality tv show who probably had a
5:41 pm
better perspective for a time on what was really going on in the country who are we paying attention to who are we looking at. does grip always change it seems. and this time around my viewers and his voters shared a lot of space on the then diagram. >> how do you think he will do with the state of the jobs in the country. the honest answer is i don't know. if it were me the number i would look at it's a 5.8 million jobs that already exist. it's a huge number of jobs that for whatever reason people aren't enthused about. if i was talking to him. i hope they are there. it will be a lot easier to sell them if you're gonna talk
5:42 pm
about a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending you need to look at the part of the workforce that will be tasked with making those jobs reality we need to see how many they have. they're not there. so we need a campaign to celebrate the jobs that actually exist in my view before we get too far ahead of ourselves. liz: was terrific and a pleasure to have you here. you are acceptable. >> visit the webpage. it's on facebook. take a look at the unacceptable photo of him there. one customer said i'm not liking this. it's too offensive i don't hear it.
5:43 pm
coming up we have the owner of that restaurant. he is here to respond. also we have this. to mark police officers shot and wounded again in georgia. more than five dozen law enforcement officers fatally shot just this year hitting record numbers my next guest wants to make attacks against police hate crime. he is here to talk about that it's all coming up next. don't go away. . it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacementâ„¢, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smar with liberty mutual new car replacementâ„¢, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you liberty mutual insurance.
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liz: i want to bring you this update about the allegations that russia hacked into the rnc. he is a nine denying that the rnc was hacked. also the story as well.
5:47 pm
to mark police officer shot and wounded early this morning while serving a search warrant in georgia. it's an incident which left the suspected attacker dead. there has been a recent alarming wave of shooting targeting police officers a record numbers of cops fatally shot on the job this year alone. my next guest is saint he needs to introduce a new bill. he is the status of women. thank you for joining us. can you tell us a little bit about the bill in the history of it quickly. >> last july i was very alarmed to hear about the five police officers they were five others that were seriously wounded. three more police officers were gunned down. it would add that status a
5:48 pm
police officer of attacking a police officer a hate crime. under the hate crime law. they are vulnerable cops can defend themselves they have weapons what do you say to that criticism. i don't think it makes much sense to me. it is a crime in which he is chosen out of hostility towards the entire group that they represent. if you look at these english style police attacks in the last year they fit the very definition of what a hate crime is. >> a number of states are picking up on this. that's what we're trying to do in california.
5:49 pm
that is accurate. what is some of the reactions to your belt. it's been almost universally positive. they are certainly in favor of it. anyone that recognizes the value of the rule of law in the united states is in favor of it. an attack on a police officer is not an attack on the rule of law. liz: what is the extra penalty and it becomes a hate crime what with the extra penalties be. if you're charged under the hate crime a lot it would depend on what the underlying offense was. it would add one to three years in state prison for the commission of that crime. it's important to note that this is not any assault only assaults that are targeted police officers because they are police officers.
5:50 pm
that was shot they were certainly there. and it was deplorable. i hate crime when they are injured in the course of their duties. thank you so much for bringing us the story. come back with the update. it's an honor. >> if you are easily offended turn your ear. a florida diner asking a restaurant to change its music because it is too much like christmas it should be holiday music.
5:51 pm
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>> if you're unhappy with a song like in a restaurant then you should be able to write that on your receipt. he was upset about hearing christmas music while he and his family ate. he wrote on the back of the receipt quote, your christmas music was offensive consider playing holiday music or less religious themed music. the chef and owner posted that receipt online. i got a ton of comments and feedback. many rallied in support of his decision. michael, what was your first reaction to the note on the
5:55 pm
back of that receipt. >> i was in disbelief. i think in the business were in we open ourselves up to critique whether our food or our service now when christmas music becomes offensive what world have we gotten into. >> what's on replaying by the way? >> we weren't seeking out any special songs we play a big holiday mix. it's an upscale restaurant so we definitely worked plain your crazy upbeat tunes. it was background and very elegant. some of the great classics or more seemed that way. >> how has your staff related.
5:56 pm
>> has taken off like a wildfire. great support we love our patrons and we really encourage anyone to come to our restaurant. i don't think we meant anything by this other than his full of traditions. those are the nations all over the city. we have christmas trees in our restaurant included we head at the going on the staff is behind it. we are encouraged to keep on. liz: thinking to bring us that story to us. merry christmas and happy holidays to you. to the trump rally turnaround if the fed raises rates again on wednesday. we had is details the details next. don't go away. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. liz: president-elect donald trump think you two are
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continuing tomorrow night. our very own lou dobbs will bring you comfort. it is hitting all-time highs today. could that turnaround is fed raises rates again. making money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening. president-elect trump has yet to officially announce his pick for secretary of state but rex tillerson is at the top of the list now. >> he is much more than a business executive. he is a world-class player. he is in charge of the largest company in the world he is in charge of an oil company that has doubled the size of his next competitor. it's been a company that has been unbelievably managed.


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