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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 12, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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lou: third or fourth on that list is joining us on lou dobbs tonight. merry christmas. that's it for us tonight. >> lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, the nation's radical left is in a tailspin. for past month, they have tried almost everybody, trying to delegitimize the president-elect's stunning victory, they tried to urge republican electors to abandon the electoral college, and switch their votes to hillary, they tried recounts in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. and every instance, resulted in failure. mr. trump today reaffirmed as
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winner in wisconsin. he defeated clinton by more than 22,000 votes, now comes allegation by obama cia that the russians hacked the election. how do you do that? think about it, hack the election. mr. trump, is considering it dismissive. cia conclusion does not appear to be product of specific new intelligence. obtains since the election. several american officials including some who read agency's briefing said some day it was analysis of what many believe is
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overwhelminoverwhelming issueovl evidence, that others feel does not support firm judgment that the russians put a thumb on the scale for mr. trump. and got their desired outcome. end zoat. wquote.we take it up with michal goodwin randy evans, and matt sclapp . we'll find out when the darn russians were up to, and the democrats as well. we're joined by congressman ryan of montana he met with president-elect today at trump tower, an early supporter of mr. trump, hasek pressed interest -- expressed interest in working with the administration, right now donald trump is said to be considering
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big oil executive rex tillerson at secretary of state, and john bolton as number two at state, trump this week had big praise for tillerson on fox news sunday. >> he is much more than a business executive, he is a world class player, he is in charge of i guess largest company in the world. he is in charge of a oil company that is pretty much double the size of next nearest competitor. a company which has been unbelievably managed. to me, a great advantage, is he knows many of the players, he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia, for the company. lou: sources close to the campaign say, an initial announcement on -- official announcement on tillerson is expected later this week, mr. trump planned a news conference on thursday to talk about severing his be ties, that
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has now been delayed until the first week of january. our top story. president-elect trump pushing back again allegations that russia interfered in the presidential edgepresident elecn you imagine if the election results were opposite and we tried to play the russia-cia card it would be called conspiracy spoerry. mr. -- theory. mr. trump was pressed on the, on fox news sunday. >> why would the cia put out the story that russians wanted you -- >> i'm not sure they put it out, i think that the democrats put it out, they suffered wok of the greatest defeats in history of politics, i think they are putting it out, it is ridiculous. lou: we know that the democrats put it out, campaign, specifically the clinton campaign put it out, which was quickly affirmed by the white house, then we heard rumblings
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of people playing catch up, then cia came forward and brought there are agents with it. it has been a preposterous process. ambassador ja john bolton also considered as a possible number 2 in trump state department, questioning reports of russian interference. >> it is not at all clear to me, just viewing this from outside that this hacking into the dnc and rnc computers was not a false flag operation, i believe that intelligence has been little bittized in obama administration -- little bit l - >> politicize in obama administration. lou: from u.s. intelligence
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officials, before they cast their official ballot on december 19. this group, it is a group of 10, which includes the daughter of democratic leader nancy pelosi, making request of sending a letter to director of national intel ven, james clapper. -- intelligence james clapper. michael goodwin, randy, we start with, i have to tell you, i am fascinated watching way that left wing news outlet are playing this. like this is a serious story with serious people trying to marginalize and delegitimize the president-elect, your thoughts. >> only documented attempt to
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hack was by homeland security department on secretary of state election machines that brought to attention of congress, second, it proves that no one understands how the computer systems work for elections, each machine has a separate chip to have a hacking you have to hack thousands of individual machines, you would have to hack them all, they know it is not feasible. they have attempted it themselves, and figure out until the votes had been counted and then revealed you could not access a mainstream of the numbers, it is ridiculous. lou: i would hope people take into account how offended vladimir putin might be, that the united states believes his people would be so clumsy,o artless to leave finger sprints and hack the unhackable, as randy put, and to leave their
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fingerprints at the dnc, and to have gotten away with the opm hacking, defense department hacking, all of these to which there has been no response by the obama government. >> i think this is curious this story came out anonymously from the cia. times and washington post, eating it up like catnip, this is what they want to hear. lou: they are saying this is just nonsense. >> they bury that in there, but not their headline on page one. lou: have fun with it. >> drive up the circulation for a couple of days. there is a preposterous idea behind this, as randy said, idea it has become from hacking the e-mail of john podesta to hacking the election. no one is saying they hacked the
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election, but the electionors are so desperate to discredit donald trump they seize on this and lying about it. lou: you know, randy, to michael's point, i want a congressional investigation into why there was no congressional investigation and no act by the obama administration upon learning that russians had hacked, as they claim, the 16 agencies, wouldn't they have responded? what is going on here? is this an entirely pacific and little bit -- littl politicize administration run by barack obama. >> absolutely, we saw that on the primary down the road, if the russians wanted to find their fingerprint, that is only way you would, if they did not want you to know they were
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involved, they would leave something. i think it is interesting nobody talked about chinese,al we heard was chinese are ultimate hackers, only reason they picked russians they think there is something going to they may cobble a conspirey see theory. lou: do the democratic fools, not realize that the warheads under the cell of vladimir putin, they are sitting here fussing with him like, you know he is a nonentity. if he is -- their idea of a scapegoat they have badly measures and badly judged. >> i think what is extraordinary too, hillary clinton, and john podesta have now jumped in both feet on this one, on recount they dabbled on the edge a little bit. we're observe. this time, they are all in. that there is a great conspiracy -- with 9 all 9 democrats, so what do they care?
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they are voting for hillary clinton no matter what. >> at-this-point, randy, democratic party, has had such an electoral loss, they have disintegrated to levels not seen since 1922. you add to the result, the consequences of this madness on part of podesta and all of other discredited members of the democratic national committee and his own campaign, i don't know what number you reach. 1922 is not the low point how far do you think it will go? >> i think it will keep going lower, but desperate times lead you to say distrat operate things, and -- desperate thing, that is what is happening to democratic party, they have no message, no leadership, no record could you are left with fantasy, that is when we're eve. lou: michael, the last word. >> i agree. this is a form of madness that
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has gripped democratic party, they are so distraught add having lost they can't believe they lost up and down the line, this is their response. it has to be overturned. it is really an attempt to subvert democracy buzz they not -- because they did not get their way. >> i think we'll hear that aliens came along lou, we're heading in that direct, aliens stole the election, that is bottom line for democrats. >> you say that because podesta, we'll leave it there. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> we're coming right back, and there is much, much more, and most of it is not as prepo prep. >> i don't want why we have to be bound by a one-china policy unless we make a deal with
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china, having to do with other things. lou: trump's foreign policy, heralding new days ahead for sino-u.s. relations, ralph peters will join me next. >> you they have noticed that polar vortex is back with us, brace yourselves for more blistering cold, heavy snow, dangerous driving conditions, that come with both. we'll have the latest for you
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lou: china seems to belowsing its grounding, chino night is,ing a warning to president-elect trump, saying that china is very concerned about his new communication and possibly new business relationship with taiwan. the chinese warning comes after mr. trump suggested straying from the so-called one-china policy. >> i don't want china dictating to me, this is a call to me, i didn't make the call, people say do not take a call, that is disrespectful to be honest with you to not take it. lou: joining me now lieutenant
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colonel ralph peters, what do you make of chinese warning that it is either their way or it is going to unravel? >> the chinese are used to get their way, they have been get their way for 44 years since -- nixon went to china. and both parties, through successive presidencies allowed china to run rough shod over us, poor brits gave hong kong to china in its wave of good feeling even ass whic chinese were robbing us all blind. they are agressive in south china sea, and not helping with north korea. my question, what has gotten for last 44 years out of china. and secondly, yes, you know i
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have some reservations about some of trump's policies, but when it comes to china, any get them, they need a slap in the face, that is taiwan phone call was smartest slap in the face he could have done as president-elect. lou: if it is a slap in the face. >> it is. lou: shame on the chinese, it is about as superficial as geopolitics get, it was a give away by jimmy carter, he would have given the whole of taiwan to them if he could have. this is as close as he could get, secondarily, chinese, and south china sea, president obama has let it go without response, sent a destroyer to china sea, and done overflights with bombers, but in point of fact just like crimea, he left, the chinese, expand their territory, just as he allowed russia to do so
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in crimeias crimea. without so much, as a small moment of objection. he could have whispered it, blowplease don't do that but he did not say a word. >> the obama administration is a debacle on every front. but, with chinese you have to think, we don't want an unnecessary war with china, but threat of a trade war is powerful. chinese need us, they need the money, their economy is slowing, people's expectations are rising. you know, if there is a trade war, the country with trade surplus is always the biggest loser. i'm not pushing for a trade war but we cannot let the chinese bachus -- back us down. i wish that donald trump is 1
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fifth as tough with vladimir putin as he is on the chinese. lou: it is interesting you say that. they have slapped obama around. but at-this-point, not one of those three countries iran, china or russia has any reason in the world to expect the united states would be anything other than a docile puppet. the fact is that trump is already serving early notice he will not be that. putin and the way in which we pursued sanctions, people have forgotten what the sanctions are there for. >> i have not. lou: i'm sorry. >> i have not. lou: okay what is reason. >> sanctions because putin invaded crimea, he also -- >> they had sanctions on before that. >> yes, because he invaded georgia. >> yes. >> you know, lou in real world .
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lou: how has that workd. >> pretty well. lou: not at all. >> lou that is not true, putin wants those sanction. lou: he took crimea and while in midst of those sanctions, they were added and what is he doing now? >> he is trying very hard to get the sanctions lifted, you know, russia's economy, is lower oil prices, and sanctions is really hurting, contracted 4% last year. lou: even if u.s. pursues, we've been told by obama for 5 years that sanctions were working which is nonsense. >> they are not working perfectly, but they are working better than nothing. lou: not perfectly, we can agree. let me say, we cannot pick which countries in which relationships we will pursue our national interest, i am pleased to tell you, that the president-elect said he will pursue national interest irrespective of the nation in that relationship.
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that is good news for us, i think. >> putin, putin, putin. lou: she, she, she. ralph peters thank you so much. >> breaking news, now, a bone chilling polar vortex about to make life miserable for millions of americans in eastern part of the country, national weather serviceing weather storm warnings and winter weather advisories for parts of the great lakes. i am so pleased to be the bearer of such tidings. we need music or something to make it up lifting, windchill could drop to 40 degrees below zorro. we -- zero, we hope you are warm. vote in our poll, do you believe president obama has littlpoliticize top official
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at almost intel and national security departments and agency, follow me on twitter, on wall street stocks closed mix, but the dow closed 4 points higher, at a record high, i believe it is, the 15th? yes, the 15th record since election day, dow up 8%. s&p down 3 points, and nasdaq down 32, volume is 4 billion share, crude oil settling at highest level since july of last year, after more oil producing nations agree to join opec in slashing production. >> and shares of viacom -- a reminder to listen to my report three times a day,
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lou: a few thoughts on the president-elect and his unexpected patience with fools. mr. trump takes the oath of office and it looks like members of his own part crane a few democrats will play cute until he says "so help me god." mccain and graham were some of the president-elect's tohest critics. joining senators shierm and reid in calling for an investigation into allegations from the cia,
11:30 pm
sort of, that russia interests neared our election to benefit trump, sort of. trump fort weekend called the claims ridiculous. but mitch mcconnell threw his support behind a house committee probe. speak per ryan says he supports sphean ongoing probe over cyber threats from foreign governments as long as no one attempts to chief legitimize the election. mccain and graham are beyond redemption. each of them knows better than to ex floyd this moment to add their names to the list of those who are doing their worst to marginalize the president-elect. pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin have reaffirmed and certified their vote for donald trump.
11:31 pm
only one thing remains, that's the meeting of the electors one week from today. 10 of the 38 electors are demanding an intelligence briefing before they vote. one of them is a daughter of nancy pelosi. it seems nothing more needs to be said against the democrats. after the electors vote, all is certified as correct and trump is sworn in as 45th president. then it will be time to officially begin draining that rather large swamp in d.c. four quotation of the evening, this one by yours truly, it goes like this. sore losers make pinning pen more fun. i'm a gracious winner, i want you to believe that. and i hope you don't think i'm
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lou: president-elect trump moments ago tweeted this. i'll be making my announcement on the next secretary of state tomorrow morning. as we reported it's expected rex tiller on, the c coe cd the ceof exxon mobil will be the selection. let me start morgan, when you heard that the russians hacked
11:37 pm
our election, what was your reaction? >> well, the first thing i thought, i'm not shocked. this is not a new tactic it's just a new tool. if anybody thinks this is unusual, read some of the memoirs from a few cia directors. you will find out that the united states has engaged in influencing elections. i think it was compounded because of the impact of the internet. i'm not shocked what it's happened. lou: even though the cia and six other agencies did, it hardly made any sense what they were saying. >> that's the thing. some of this intelligence is getting too politicized. there are some things you look at.
11:38 pm
so you can tell if something has been breached. why somebody did it or what they plan to on doing with it is subjective and very political. lou: who were the perpetrators of the office of personnel management cyber attack. who was it that breached the department of defense, the white house, the congress, and what happened, matt schlapp, to that declaration by the obama administration that any cyber attack, any kinds of hack of u.s. government secure lines networks, files and data would be considered even attack on the u.s. as if they were physical. what happened to that? >> a line in the sand. obama is good at drawing them. he just forgets to do anything about it when people step over the line. cyber attacks are part of what we have to deal with. but i don't think the current
11:39 pm
administration has done a good job of protecting -- my personal information was disclosed. it's another obama scandal on the fact that did they appropriately handle all the safeguard they bought when they put these procedures in place? just like the obama care website. if anyone needs to be held accountable, if congress is going to start asking questions, we have a lot of questions to aim at the obama administration. lou: we have questions to ask of congress. why haven't they been conducting oversight on cyber-security for the last 8 years. this government has been hacked. the dnc, it's bigger than being hacked it's that they are a corrupt and cluesive organization, one of them had to leave so they "chair hillary clinton's campaign.
11:40 pm
this is about as absurd as it gets. >> matt and i were talking -- there is a saying the french came up with, everybody spies on everybody. you take the world as you find it not as you wish it was. the real answer is guys get better cyber-security. quit click on stupid links. it was the most fund amount at spear-phishing. we met the enemy and it is us. if we would get better at cyber-security, we wouldn't have to worry about the russians. lou: if we didn't have such big damned idiots who have no idea of consequence.
11:41 pm
he have leader who athlete from hint. we have officials who don't know anything and seem to be able to accomplish even less than they don't know. this is nuts, what we are going through right now. morgan talks about the new normal. i think he's describing what has bent recent past that it sure as hell better not be part of our future. >> the dnc wants to say the russians influenced our election. by the way, the russians did not influence our election, the american voter influenced our election. they put donald trump in charge to be the next president. there is nothing that happened in all these hacks that was more powerful than the obamacare letters showing people with 50, 60, 75, 100% increases. that's what what influenced this
11:42 pm
election. lou: one thrill seeker taking the hill less traveled. he sores to new heights. that's the wrong direction danny. he barreled down the ramp and does a somersault into the ocean. he looks pretty close there. the stunts have raked up more than 150 million views on youtube. trump standing firm on his policy to end illegal immigration. >> we'll put an end to illegal immigration and stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and many other people. got to stop the drugs. lou: my next guest agrees, it's
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lou: my next guest sending a
11:47 pm
strong message to sanctuary campuses. he up produced a bill to cut off federal money to any federally funded institution. andy harris joining us now. congressman, good to have you with us. this is a way in which it seems to me is as effective a way i have seen to end the sanctuary nonsense. what is the reaction among your colleagues, the prospects for passage? >> people can't get on that bill fast enough in the republican conference. they know this is the solution. you have to point out the hypocrisy of these local officials and college presidents say we are not going to enforce federal immigration law. lou: and not going to enforce it. to use an example, the university of pennsylvania, donald trump's alma matre, by
11:48 pm
the way, columbia university announcing they will become sanctuary campuses. the president of harvard saying that she'll not designate harvard as a sanctuary campus because she says it offers no actual protection to our students to do so. she worries it offers false and misleading assurances. >> the university of pennsylvania get over $700 million in front fund from the federal government every year and they don't want to help federal immigration officials enforce federal immigration law. i think the president of harvard is much smarter. you are expected to comply with federal immigration law because this is one of the areas where the federal government does have supremacy. there is no local jurisdiction that should be enforcing federal immigration law, but the federal officials need the cooperation
11:49 pm
of local officials. lou: how soon will your legislation be moved? where does the leadership stand on it? paul ryan has a somewhat checkered background when it comes to illegal immigration, tam necessary city and open borders. >> well, i'll tell you, when i presented the idea to the republican conference it got an ovation. this congress is done for this year. i will have to reintroduce it the first of the year and we'll have to target it to be constitutional. the federal government has supremacy in the instance of immigration law. we can with hold fund from these local jurisdictions. and most importantly not just jurisdictions but local colleges and universities, private and public. lou: we wish you luck and thank you for being with us. breaking news. president-elect trump just
11:50 pm
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lou: the president-elect criticizing lockheed martin's f-35 program. trump tweeted this, the f-35 program costs is out of control. lockheed martin's 400 billion f-35 program is billions over budget. joining me now, author of the new book, "american commander." >> why is it over budget? yes, it's over budget. but look at the bureaucracy
11:55 pm
these companies have to go through. the f-35. 17 years in aacquisition process. russia and china can turn their major weapons systems around in 3 to 5 years. there isn't a cell known this town that's 17 years old. we have to stream light acquisition process so we can have somebody accountable. ask the question, who is accountable for the f-35? you have a department, the department of defense, there are 800,000 employees, 1.2 million contractors. show is responsible for the delay? just give me a name. that's what general mattis is going to have to tear through. lou: are you confused? you are asking me to be accountable and you are the congressman. >> this is what the election was
11:56 pm
about, bring back the accountability. someone has to be in charge of the ship. lou: secretaries of defense do everything but run the department as you well know. >> the defense department is not the greatest and most egregious bunch of spends thrifts. they just have the most complicates issues -- complicated issues. >> they have $125 billion waste report that gets shoveled on someone's desk. i say stands by for heavy rolls. the general has to shore up the front line to make sure the chief and sergeant have what they need. he those restore trust with military allies, in some cases it has to be military to military.
11:57 pm
and he has to assault the wall of bureaucracy in the d.o.d. fine people before have tried. rumsfeld, gates, and now it's up to mattis, the modern-day patton to get there. lou: i can't tell it how long it's been since someone asked himself the questions and answered. >> i represent the state of montana, its voice has to be heard. lou: you were at trump tower. did all of these complex issues and disappointments and frustrations, did they manifest themselves in talking with donald trump? >> i had a great conversation with the president-elect trump and it spread a spectrum of
11:58 pm
issues from vush to women in combat. a lot of it i was on receive rather than transmit. but he has such an active minds. he's inquils tough. and he drizzle down the subject, then he backs off. we talked about intelligence and briefings. lou: what in the hell are intelligence agencies doing getting involved in politics? i'm curious about it. and i'm sure was about why the congress of the united states and the u.s. senate who are so excited to join the democratic effort to find the russians interfering with an election -- i'm curious to find out. >> the intel took two hits. the intel community gives him the same brief over. if i would fire the briefer. you need to rotate around the theater and make sure he doesn't
11:59 pm
get same information each time. secondly, the election. russia is an equal opportunity -- lou: do you agree with donald trump i smudsn't have to -- he shouldn't have to stands there and put up with the same crap every day without zmaing it doesn't seem to make any sense other than let me know when things change. >> there are problems across the globe. we have problems in the middle east that are different. >> rather than repeat the same message. i go back to the intel community. your joins to inform the president. 237 he's not asked. lou: if the president asks you, it's hard to refuse. my first love is montana. i have to make sure way do is the best interest of my tun triand montana. he has not asked, but it's hard
12:00 am
to say no to a president. lou: third or fourth on that list is joining us on lou dobbs tonight. merry christmas. that's it for us tonight. stay with us tomorrow on trump's thank you tour. kennedy: did russia interfere in our election to get trump in the white house? the cia says yes, but trump says that's ridiculous. should sports fans be able to pack heat in a sports stadium? judge napolitano is here to break it down. have you ever had a hankering? grab a martini. the russians did the, so says the cia,


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