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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 13, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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stuart: look at this. we are close on 100 points, we opened hire, pause, went up in the afternoon, only 120 points from 20,000 on the dow industrials. my time is up, hope it hits 20 k on your show. neil: are we that close that it could happen during my show? stuart: one good rally is all it takes. neil: what is your problem with participation awards? when i was in school i had cleanest uniform on the team award. what is wrong with that? neil: nothing at all. neil: a lot to go, this could be a, the dow 20,000 some time in this two hours and it might not be. but you will never know unless you keep tuned into this show. we are focused on rex tillerson
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who is donald trump's pick to be secretary of state but there could be problems coming from republicans. marco rubio concerned about his friendship with vladimir putin. the largest valued company on the planet saying even in the middle of the stock freefall, oil and stabilizing prices would rule the day. take a look. if we do settle into something that is globally much more severe than we appreciate, oil will slide precipitously. >> in our 125 years we have been in existence we have been through a lot of big commodity price wings, we kept the business viable and managed through those. in the case of exxon mobil be built the company to deal with
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these kinds of large corrections and still be viable and an important energy supplier today and for the future. neil: i had a much better to pay back then. the other was how calm tillerson was about a swoon in oil prices, something to capitalize on by making oil production deals around the globe and pushing for fracking in this country. suzanne maloney on what she thinks that portends for the secretary of state. what do you make of the temperament he would have for the job leaving aside his ties to the russian government and vladimir putin more specifically but the temperament he would bring to that job. >> my experience gives me confidence anyone has a strong ethical, moral compass, someone with an incredible work ethic
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and someone who has the capacity to manage bureaucracy and crazies around the world even as he's looking to the long-term. rex tillerson brings relevant experience in the kind of temperament one would like to see particularly on our team that is emerging where we see firebrands which neil: we always look askance when it is a businessman who comes into an office like that even though it isn't unusual if you think about it. robert mcnamara who ultimately became john f. kennedy's defense secretary was a ford executive. i could go on and on. we look more at these ties when it becomes republican, not sure if that is just a perception issue but they bring a different mindset to the job apart from being bureaucrats. explain how that might help someone like rex tillerson. >> someone like rex tillerson
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coming out of an industry like the energy industry is quite different than other executives who may come from the financial sector a president-elect trump himself who has a real estate background, it is much more operational perspective. anyone in the energy sector has to consider the real on the ground technical deals of managing projects and securing business and the day-to-day reality of working in a variety of contexts and looking at the hard-core fundamentals of engineering projects from well head to the gas pump is in fact a really useful rubric to bring to foreign policy issues. neil: do you worry about john mccain, lindsey graham, who are leery of his ties to vladimir putin when they say we should be
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getting much tougher with russia, much tougher with vladimir putin, do you think it is in mister tillerson's temperament to do that? >> there are reasonable questions to ask of rex tillerson about his experience in russia, his relationship with vladimir putin but what i can say as someone who watched business people in different parts of the world, and at a personal friendship, exxon mobil is a company that is very committed to its principles, very committed to following the letter of us law so my expectation would be tillerson understand how tough it is to deal with the russians, managed to business in a way that involve mutual respect but not involving compromise of principles, ethics or law and that is particularly useful point of view to bring to bear in these discussions informing russian policy. neil: thank you very much.
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there is still so much we don't know about mister tillerson. when it came to campaign fundraising he didn't give up any to donald trump. we didn't know where he did give money if he gave any at all. it comes at a time when mitt romney was shut out of this job, a number of other confidents were shut out of this job in favor of him. judy kurtz on what she makes, the romney thing sticks with me and just indulge me. i wonder whether he was dragged through a process to be embarrassed. >> some folks are wondering if that is the case. it is not uncommon for political foes to come together, make peace as romney appeared to do with trump during that awkward dinner they shared but what is unusual here is the level of vitriol we saw throughout the
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campaign. the attack lobbed on donald trump, mitt romney, carly fiorina became ted cruz's running mate, mitt romney called him of conman, a fraud. rick perry said trump with a cancer on conservatism. neil: they look like they got jobs, cabinet posts but not mitt romney. >> he was in the running and he did do all the steps, all the things one had to do to try to get that job. neil: i misspoke, carly fiorina filed it back by saying how often trump's office, that is a little weird but fine, rick perry buried the hatchet some time ago. he was in better position, these were two critics that did not go as far. what are you gleaming from that? >> maybe mitt romney is a masochist, he certainly does seem to enjoy munching on frog
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legs with trump during that dinner. is a glutton for punishment and all these potential pics. neil: those frog legs, he went ahead. many people told me that when i go to the olive garden, try the frog legs. >> go straight for the breadsticks. neil: a backup position available for romney later down the road. secretary of state is a grueling job that may -- maybe trump told him you didn't get it this time but john kerry wanted the job and got it after hillary clinton. >> that could be the case. for mitt romney this might have been the last shot and he realized that. he didn't want to be known in the history books as the presidential loser. he wanted to rewrite history, he is the engine of the 70s, wants to change the course of his
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legacy. neil: that begs the question what he will do if he notices we are still getting cozy with russia. here is a guy who said vladimir putin, russia, very important for -- foreign-policy threat and barack obama famously said the 70s want our policy back. he was right about that. it would have been hard carrying water for the trump administration that might once kinder gentler relations with moscow. what do you think he does? mitt romney, if he finds the administration is getting too cozy with russia. >> he is in a tough place now that we know he is angling for that job. i think now he can be a political pundit like the rest of us and talk about what the trump administration is doing and what they plan to do in russia.
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that will be a good spot for him but he certainly is between a rock and a hard place now that he was gunning for the job. it wouldn't seem like sour grapes if he goes on to criticize. warner: the maybe that was the intent but does this strike you as professional wrestling, that it is all staged. they say horrific things during the campaign, off the chart things, shake hands, make up, have dinner together, dine on some frog legs and let bygones be bygones, it is all theater, all ridiculous phony theater. what do you think? >> welcome to politics and welcome to washington. that is why it works. like i said it is not unusual for political foes to become not fans but friends and break bread. >> i admire him for the magna minute he to go ahead and do this. what i find galling and maybe it is just me, people who said the kind of things they said whether you are talking about mitt romney or carly fiorina, and to
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just start sucking up to the guy, it doesn't jive. >> kissing the ring seems weird given the rhetoric. neil: it is just weird. >> the frog legs guy, yes. neil: double jeopardy. thank you very much. you are a good sport through all this tacky conversation. meanwhile the dow is on this run for 20,000 and about 100 points away. a lot of times momentum picks up in the last hour or two but not all the time. the fact of the matter is it is an uninterrupted assault into record territory so it has to give up some ground and normally these thousand point jumps i when you get close to thousand point levels what happens, this is something that has never happened, a quadrennial event after an election coming into the new year, we have never seen anything like it. more after this.
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neil: bill gates, the richest man on the planet making a courtesy call on the president-elect continuing the who's who crowd that included kanye west earlier today. extreme parts of that ledger, kanye west, no idea, don't ask, bill gates, i can kind of see. he started this tech crowd that wants to see donald trump open to hiring more from abroad, extending the visa program to get big tech names, and the us was that it competitive disadvantage, out of the tech business devoting this time to charity work but nevertheless that is the key focal point,
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very complementary of mister trump often comparing him to evolutionary figures in politics and someone in this case more like jfk, noted democrat who reached across the isle to get all types represented including business types in his cabinet. is this is going on the dow is a headless the 90 points, if we get to 20,000 we have music or some type of score or significant event or just typical alert. we have a good graphic, our executive producer. we will let you see that if it comes and it could come in the next hour and 44 minutes, you never know. to wall street journal reporter, market watchers, veronica, whether it happens in this
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conversation or the next hour and 45 minutes or before the end of the day it seems to be just a matter of time, 20,000 is within reach, then what? >> it is a tough time for average investors looking at these massive gains especially if you looked at your 401(k) lately you are probably more excited than you have been in years but not sure what to do. a lot of the financial advisors saying stay the course, stick to your long-term financial plan please you may look at wanting to take gains off the table, harvesting if you are an investor, think about that, going to be higher next year. in terms of what the average investor should do don't panic, don't get too excited, we are going to see more volatility going into next year so this isn't something we can say sure, we will see more ups and downs. neil: i see the downdraft part, next year when you are an
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investor looking forward to lower taxes, that is when you would be doing your selling, not now when rates are prohibitively higher. what do you make of it? >> you have something going in that description in terms of a possible post-january 1st change that could be a downdraft. we took some off the table. we have a little cash reserve. a marvelous run, fantastic year and my grandfather taught me you don't get hurt when you take some profit. we took some now. neil: what is your breakdown? are you mostly in this market having said that or just waiting it out? >> we have a cash reserve of 15%. very recent. all that was established in the last week, we still like the energy sector, the banks and financials, the tech sector, we would stay away from interest sensitives like utilities.
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neil: larry glaser is widely assumed the federal reserve will wrap up its two day meeting by hiking interest rates and set the stage for more but this time the markets don't seem to care or am i missing something? >> investors are sniffing out the fact we are in the most pro-business economic climate going forward since the days of ronald reagan and so amazing that we could see doubt 20,000 just as the fed is actually raising rates and moving off of this 0% interest rate policy that plagued savers for so many years since the financial crisis. $50 trillion depending whose map you look setting cash on the sidelines. before the financial crisis a 6-month cd was paying 5%, today is 1%. for savers, retirees, people finding education, expenses, it is good news. also gets money that is spent in the economy and consumers drive
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the economy. you made a good point, people are deferring capital gains, week stocks become great opportunities this year more so than most years, rates are potentially going up. we are in a sea change and that is good news for everyone except interest rate sensitive areas and maybe for the real estate sector which relies on cheap money. neil: one of the things that happened as rates go up his they slow the economy, carrying our debt and whatever economic we get from what donald trump is going to do, the devil is in how much those rates go up but do you have a worry that we made assumptions this growth will keep going and reverse this sort of subpar recovery but might be done in by the high rates that are addressing? >> good point, so much depends
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on the fed and the pace of how they race and how many times, you got to remember we are starting from a very low base. for rates to put a lot of pressure on people that would take a wild but if you are mid-income, low income you are going to feel those incremental rate changes a lot more than somebody who is wealthy so one of the things you need to remember is if you -- this applies to everyone of any wealth level, if you have a credit card balance do your best to pay that off. if you can't do that, now is the time to look at a lower interest credit card and go for a lower rate to roll the balance over so you are not getting hammered when rates do go up because that will put pressure on. neil: let the ask you this final question was a young person comes up to you and says i have been looking at this market, looks intriguing to me, i have never been in a market, i was
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leery ever since my parents got lost in the meltdown and now i want it because this looks like a party and i don't want out. what do you tell them? >> young person, be careful, dip your toe in a very diversified way like an index and don't throw your eggs in the market, 19 pe and you face rising interest rates, the interest rates are going to be important, we had eight years of 0 interest rate alternative and suddenly cash is going to start to earn something. neil: the flipside of that is these ratios, price-to-earnings ratios change, all of a sudden it could seem like a cheap market. >> you don't want to lose your head, the trump trade, financial plans running, industrial stocks, that will be tested next year but valuation does matter, incremental, recognized january or february we get disappointing news, an opportunity to put money to work, look for bargains
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in the market, don't chase what is running right now, plenty of opportunities, high-quality, multinational companies have been left behind in this rally, big technology names, that is a place to build your portfolio, look through the rubble and what people are selling and by on weakness in 2 next year and be disciplined about it and incremental. neil: thank you, words of wisdom, much appreciated. we are getting close, 87 points away from 20,000. don't want you to get excited but we have special automation and graphics we have been working on for the last at least we 10 minutes. when they debut, you are going to be first exposed. you don't want to flip away. i looked at the other business channels, horrific, they are making hostage tapes. they are not even celebrating, not even realizing what capitalism is giving them. we are and have graphics that follow suit and all of this because of the coming presidency
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of donald trump, careful on that one. i will explain after this. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> mr. trump, kanye, what did you guys discuss in your meeting today? >> just friends, just friends, and he's a good man. long time. we've been friends for a long time. >> [inaudible] >> life. neil: all right. i always wondered how that meeting came to be, and i thought kanye west must have wanted to meet with the president-elect. it turns out that donald trump made the overtures to kanye west with. trump thinks he's a great role model when it comes to business. i have no idea why that would be the case, but, you know, he did and they met, and now he's meeting with bill dates, the world -- bill gates, the world's richest man in this who's who parade in that lobby. amazing. amazing stuff. here's another amazing guy, charlie gasparino, with the very
12:28 pm
latest on how this cabinet is taking shape, who's in, who's out, how it's all coming together. >> yeah, from an economic standpoint, kanye west has nothing to do with this part of the show. unless you want to put scaramucci in the same category. some people do -- neil: sure. >> they're both hip and cool, you know? but anthony does usher people in and out of trump tower, did you see that? he's, like, kind of their millionaire usher -- neil: he's not their millionaire usher, but go ahead. >> yes, he is. he ushered people. two potential wall street cabinet posts that we hear of right now, wayne berman of blackstone, very competent man. he's the head of government affairs there. he's been a fixture in lobbying and on wall street for many years, the head of government affairs -- neil: wall street guys. >> this guy is good. neil: no doubt. >> if there's anybody that's confident, it's wayne. neil: wait a minute, what are
12:29 pm
you saying about the other three goldman sachs -- >> we'll get into that. he's being considered for a top economic cabinet position in the new administration -- neil: we're running out of them, it would appear. >> i think something on trade. neil: not his trade rep. >> i don't know. neil: oh, really? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's trade, it's cabinet at that level i heard, so that would be a good position for him, because he knows that stuff inside and out. he knows the confluence of business and politics better than anybody i know. then it's scaramucci. now, here's what we reported exclusively last night, that anthony scaramucci, the head of skybridge capital, used to run wall street week here, is now shopping at least his chunk of skybridge capital. there's a nondisclosure agreement, there's a book, essentially. when you shop something of that magnitude, a book gets -- neil: i always thought he owned all of it. he doesn't? >> he owns the majority of it,
12:30 pm
more than 50%, so that book is being circulated around wall street to potential buyers, okay? and he -- which is the indication that he is looking for some sort of job within the trump administration, because you can't put that quite in a blind trust. you have to get rid of it. now, here's the sort of ups and downs of this whole thing with anthony. number one, we should point out that he has $11 billion in assets. year to date, it it has lost 1.% while the s&p has gained 10%. hedge funds have not done very well. so it's not going to be a totally easy sell. on the other hand, if you buy it, you're buying it knowing his stake that you've got a friend in anthony scaramucci who's probably going to be in the trump administration. i mean, that's what this signals. and he, from what i understand from friends of his -- neil: it's amazing all the cabinet picks have to go through this exhaustive clearing their financial dealings -- >> right. neil: but donald trump himself
12:31 pm
does not and is not. >> yeah. neil: we'll see. >> i wonder if anthony -- there's lots of speculation that anthony is actually working with him on how he's going to do -- neil: by the way, the role that the kids would play, now, that -- he was supposed to address all that tomorrow. >> right. now he put that off. neil: right. what do you read into that? >> they're back to square one, and that makes sense because scaramucci would be one of the people involved in helping him work this out. neil: because trump's is such a far-flung empire. you can't put all that in a blind trust. >> yeah, it's just really -- neil: well, ivanka is moving to washington with her husband, so they would not have a company role. the others would, right? >> if you really want to take this serious, i don't know how you separate it out. like, scaramucci has to separate out, there's no doubt. even though, you know, he can wink and nod and say i'm still there with you, you still have a friend in me in the trump administration. and, listen, his game is to get
12:32 pm
$103 million for this thing. whether that's possible, i have no idea. in this environment, very difficult. he also has to get rid of the department of labor fiduciary rule. his fund is sold through brokers. if a broker is considered a fiduciary as obama made it right now, he has this sort of extralegal barrier to selling you something. he has to be sure that thing is good for you, it's totally appropriate for you. funds are generally loaded with a lot of fees -- neil: but he's definitely putting this thing up for sale. >> yeah. listen, my view is it's going to be a difficult sell. neil: yeah. does he still talk to you now that you've broken this? >> i don't know. i'm just laying out the facts. neil: sure. >> just the facts, man. neil: that's all you are, clark kent with an italian -- >> clark kent with a little garlic. [laughter] neil: all right. there is this push, meanwhile, for donald trump to get onboard and buy the fact that the russians hacked the election, because the cia says it happened.
12:33 pm
the cia says it happened. i hate to remind you that the cia also said there were weapons of mass destruction. so maybe there's a reason why donald trump is giving pause here. after this. ♪ ♪
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neil: all right. as you know, the electors meet in six days to decide who will be the next president of the united states. it's not a given. it usually reflects the vote in their individual states, and by
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that math, donald trump would be formally getting their nod next week. but john podesta, who oversaw the clinton campaign, wants those electors to see and get the latest information on the potential role of the part of the russians hacking the election and that they should be aware of that. to former new mexico governor, incredible resumé, bill richardson. governor, let me ask you a little bit about that, whether you think that is a good idea, that these lek -- electors -- it would be unprecedented -- would get an update on this before they gather in six days. >> yeah, i think they should get that information. they've requested it, they're trying to be serious. neil, there are serious questions about the russians intervening in our electoral process. i mean, it's 17 of our intelligence agencies that have a budget of $70 billion a year concluded that there was russian interference. now, it's not going to change
12:38 pm
the outcome of the election. i think that donald trump won fair and square -- neil: then why do it? why do it? what are they going to be privy to that they don't know now or haven't read in the papers now? >> because it's a very legitimate issue, or neil, that a foreign country with russia's power interfered in our election. i mean, the fact that they hacked -- neil: you almost seem to be begging them -- you were saying, then go ahead, this information is out there. you don't think it will turn the results, but they should be aware of this information, i guess to think twice about voting based on those results, right? >> no, no, no. i think they legitimately, they're electors, they're very serious people. they have asked for this, and it's republicans and -- neil: right. >> they should get it from the head of national intelligence. i think it's good for the process. it's transparency. and, neil, look, i mean, the russians interfering in this election, that's unprecedented,
12:39 pm
that's wrong -- neil: do you think they interfered to the degree that it influenced the outcome of the election itself? >> no. no. i think that trump had enough votes in wisconsin and pennsylvania, in iowa and in the industrial states. but that's not the issue. the issue is interference in our electoral process by a country that has been very unfriendly to us -- neil: but you're darn sure that this is the case? because this is the same cia -- and i take no umbrage against citing them for making bad calls. we all make bad calls. that said, in 2003 there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq. the same cia that said in 1998 that it was surprised by india having nuclear capability and then nuclear tests. the same cia that said in 1990, the cia was caught off guard when saddam hussein invaded kuwait, the same cia that missed 9/11. i mean, they have a track record like me on diets.
12:40 pm
i mean, why are we automatically assuming what they're saying is unequivocally true? >> well, because it's not just the cia, it's 17 agencies. it's the national security agency, state department intelligence. neil, this is not good that a president -- [inaudible conversations] neil: 13 others at the time in 2003. >> neil, it's not good that the president of the united states is belittling our intelligence agency. he is the main customer. and for him to trash our intelligence agencies is a very bad precedent. it's wrong. and, you know, the fact is the russians did interfere -- neil: but didn't democrats -- >> you basically saying they didn't -- neil: -- when george bush went to war based on the cia's claims that there were weapons of mass destructions? then it was okay to go after bush for that because the information supported a view in retrospect that regrets over going to war. but now we're having it the other way around, and donald trump is saying, all right, it
12:41 pm
might be russia, it might be china, might be other entities, what's wrong with having doubts about a so-called consensus view that's been wrong often times more than not? >> because the cia, our intelligence agencies, their mission is to provide unvarnished, nonpartisan information -- neil: i understand that. but unvarnished, they've gotten stuff wrong. >> there's a dispute there, but there's no dispute on the russia issue, neil. you know that. the problem is that donald trump -- neil: no, i don't know that. i'm not saying, i'm not sticking my head in the sand here, but john bolton said he is not surprised a country or countries were trying to mess with our elections. he's not convinced it's russia acting alone, though it could be, and if that's the case to go after them or that it could be china or a variety of other places, north korea comes to mind, because they have a record of tampering in other things and
12:42 pm
cyber threats to our country. i guess all i'm saying is would you agree to the same rush, sir, if we had hillary clinton winning the election and the trump folk were stating this and we ought to explore russia or any other country's role in the election? would you be just as zealous? >> yeah. yes, i would. and this is why i think it's important that a bipartisan senate committee, john mccain, lindsey graham, jack reed, democrats, republicans look into this, that the president ordered a national intelligence assessment in this issue. let's look into it. let's find out. but let's not trash our professionals in the intelligence agency -- neil: well, i wish we had. i wish we had trashed it in 2001. i wish we had trashed it in 2003. i wish we had trashed it in '98. i wish we had trashed it ahead of the bay of pigs. i wish we had trashed it or at least had the gumption -- >> well, we did trash it. but right now, neil, it is so
12:43 pm
obvious the russians interfered -- neil: it was so obvious that weapons of mass destruction were there. it was so obvious that a cia plan to launch an attack on cuba against castro would work. it was so obvious that the indians didn't have any nuclear capability until it was proven that they did. we learned that it's obvious after the fact, that's all i'm saying. i'm picking no sides here, i'd apply the same standard to whoever won. >> well, look, $70 billion we spend on all our intelligence agencies -- neil: and i mentioned a half a dozen examples that were wrong. >> they're our best vehicle to know what's going on -- neil: you're not even entertaining the possibility that that data could be wrong or at least not complete or other countries could be involved. i'm not going to apologize for donald trump, governor -- >> so what is the alternative? what is donald trump saying? [inaudible conversations] he doesn't want to listen to them. he doesn't want to have intelligence briefings, he trashes them. that doesn't make sense. neil: let's say we found out
12:44 pm
that russia was involved. let's say we found out that russia was involved. what do you want them to do, to not vote for donald trump because now intelligence that russia was involved? what's the purpose of this? >> no. the purpose is to find out what happened with the russian involvement -- neil: all right. let's say russia was involved. the electors know that russia was involved. do you want them to vote differently because they found out that russia was involved? >> they should vote their conscience -- no, i don't think it's going to change the outcome. neil: so why do it? >> there's no reason why they can't ask for this information, because it's in the national interests that they're being open, transparency -- neil: a lot of democrats have denied the -- [inaudible conversations] governor, it seems like it's in democrats' interest to get the result they couldn't at the election by putting seeds of doubt in there that might be very well justified, but you're telling those electors, here's the latest intelligence we have, that russia was behind hacking our election. you guys decide whether that can
12:45 pm
weigh on your conscience. that's what you're saying. >> no. the electors themselves are asking for this probe, neil -- neil: the electors get it. they get proof that russia was involved. are you then telling it should be in their conscience to flip their vote? >> they should vote their conscience, but i don't think it's going to change, and it shouldn't change the view. the numbers -- neil: i'm at a loss. >> -- indicate that donald trump won the election. and i'm not disputing that. we just need to find out russia's role, and there's too many close ties between the trump people and russia. that's all i'm saying. neil: all right. governor, thank you for expanding on that. we'll see with six days until those electors meet. we'll have more after this. >> all right. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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♪ >> good afternoon, live from the floor of the new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. everyone's on dow 20k watch. we do have a bunch of individual stocks with news starting with those two on your screen right now, viacom and cbs. the redstones decided to scrap the merger yesterday, but shares of both media companies are higher today. viacom, interestingly, downgraded by a couple of wall street firms but, again, shares are holding up. it is a broadly strong market. our parent company, 21st century fox, up nearly 2% today as the final terms of a $14 billion takeover of sky news, could face regulatory hurdles. in terms of some tech today, facebook allowing 360 degree
12:48 pm
broadcasting all the way around, and twitter, the ceo jack dorsey right now talking with cia whistleblower edward snowden or periscope. let's get you back to "cavuto coast"cavuto coast to coast"."
12:49 pm
♪ ♪ neil: all right. i do want to pursue this notion on getting the electors together six days before they meet to vote for the president of the united states and whether this information on russia's presumed role in our election process, hacking their way into that
12:50 pm
process, warrants these electors not only meeting and getting that latest intelligence, but potentially changing their vote as a result. to former army pie lot amber smith -- pilot amber smith. this bugs me at a basic level. are those advocating this position, whether russia was involved or not, saying this is important enough to have you change your vote? because i think that is exactly what they're advocating, but they're not saying it. what do you think? >> i agree with you. i think there is a political agenda behind it, i think it's people still not accepting the fact that donald trump won a fair and free election. and so just as we've seen, two intelligence agencies within the intelligence community have differing views on what came out about this cia report that is blaming russia. and so i think it's political, and i think it's beating a dead horse at this point. neil: and even -- can i went so far, and i didn't mean to disparage the cia or these other institutions, but it's safe to say historically they've made
12:51 pm
some mistakes. some big ones. and we, we committed a lot of lives and personnel to notions that turned out to be wrong, and through democratic and republican administrations. leaving that aside, i'm saying even if you buy the notion russia interfered, do you think it gets to the point of giving the electors a heads up with the clear inference being reverse your vote? nothing good came of this election, you should reverse your vote. >> yeah. no, i think that is absolutely ludicrous, to make a claim that definite. there is nothing that i have seen that has come out that says there is definitive information that it was an absolute, that the russians tried to sway the election. so, no, i think it puts -- it sets those people voting up for a disadvantage in terms of their beliefs to give them that short of notice. reil: all right. patience. i did want to pick your brain, and thank you for your service to this country. what we are telling electors as
12:52 pm
i'm pointing out here is, well, now you're privy to information that shows the russians hacked into this election. let's say you buy that. is it enough then to say reverse your vote, because they must have reversed this in favor of the guy who didn't win. think about that, after this.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
neil: all right. if you thought it was cold earlier this week, apparently get ready for even more chilly weather as the week ensues and into the weekend where particularly the east coast, they're looking for frigid temperatures and, of course, in the middle of the country try -9 at night in chicago. separately, a report out on fracking that can impact drinking water, but it is so vague. it goes on to say there could be
12:56 pm
other possibilities affecting the drinking water, not just fracking. the conclusion of this study is pretty much this: we have no idea. saying that fracking might be contributing, but there are other factors that could be contributing. so my immediate reaction is why release a report like that if you have no conclusions in said report? i don't know. meanwhile, the dow inching closer to 20,000, now about 92 points away. stick around, you are watching "coast to coast." you are watching fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:57 pm
how else do you think he gets around so fast? . . at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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12:59 pm
neil: it is looking like tillerson, heads one of the largest companies in the planet will be secretary of state. he's getting great deal of resistance because ties with russia and business dealings with vladimir putin but this is the same guy that's been
1:00 pm
, take a look. what do you see of the mentality that seems to grip washington that they look at scams, at successful companies and companies that do too well. >> i think it's a lack of understanding by policymakers and public at large over the risk-reward balance that goes in in particularly our business, energy business. neil: that was before all the oil execs, they were profiting off a world that was knee-deep in a recession and hungry for cheaper gas and cheaper oil, market forces.
1:01 pm
morgan ortgeus, it is still following mr. tillerson to this day. it's way too early to say. it all comes back to the success of exxon mobile, his ties to russia, his ties to vladimir putin, should it? what do you think in. morgan: i think he deserves a free and fair hearing in front of the senate. the president -- as president obama always said, niel, elections have consequences so president-elect trump has the authority to nominate who he thinks is going to be best for the positions an this is why we have the balance in power. this is -- this is pretty normal process. he will go through the senate. you had chuck hagel who didn't have great confirmation hearing but ultimately he was confirmed by the senate because you cannot confirm someone just because you don't like them. we also had susan rice who president obama was going to put up but ultimately didn't do that because of the libya and
1:02 pm
benghazi fiasco. what you're going see happening now through inaugural and confirmation hearing, he will be meeting with many senators behind the scenes and talking about world view of how he's going to carry out this position and everyone is talking a lot about policy towards russia. there's a lot going on in the world on policy towards china. most important is he share it is same world view of the president because that's the policy and strategy that he's going to have to implement. neil: the reason he's being hurt that russia is follow the news and fears that might have hacked into our election, we just raised with the number of guests. morgan: sure. neil: he's too close to comfort to vladimir putin and russians and there's the feeling that donald trump has held his punches referring to vladimir putin and to russia in general and that this is going to be a problem with this administration to get tough with russia. i'm sure this is the kind of
1:03 pm
stuff that will come up in confirmation hearings, but what do you think of the fallout from all of this? >> i don't think that we know what tillerson's policies are towards russia. we know as oil executive he was successful and did business in russia. this is not a surprise to anybody that does business in the world. it also be a malpractice, niel, as ceo if he didn't do business in russia. i wouldn't take a guy that lived the american dream, worked the way to the top and been successful business. execs -- exxon is a successful american company. we have had eight years of an administration that derives successful businesses and entrepreneurs and the american people voted that out. the american people just put someone into office who has zero experience into government. we need to give mr. tillerson a chance. let's see strategy and policy if different towards russia.
1:04 pm
i'm not willing to dismiss someone just because they've been successful in business, if anything, that makes them higher in my book. neil: morgan, thank you very much, good catching up with you. morgan: thanks, niel. neil: to russia and whether it did hack this election or whether it did this alone or anyone else, did it go so far as reverse the election results? now bill richardson, the former secretary, exgovernor of new mexico, he did leave open the possibility. >> let's look into it. let's find out but let's not trash our professionals in the intelligence agency in the cia. neil: i wished we trashed it in
1:05 pm
2003, '98. >> we did trash it but right now it is so obvious the russians interfered and i don't know why there's -- neil: it was so obvious that an attack. we knew it was obvious after the fact. i apply the same standard to whomever one. >> $70 billion we spend on intelligence agency. neil: a half of dozen examples where it was wrong. >> there are best vehicle to know what's going on. neil: you're not entertaining the possibility that that data would be wrong or at least not complete or other countries could be involved. i'm not apologist for donald trump. >> he doesn't want to listen to them.
1:06 pm
he didn't want to listen to them. he doesn't want to have intelligence briefings. neil: no, no, you don't know what the result of the intelligence brief is. all right. now we saved a lot of time by talking over one another. i have no doubt that russia might have played a role in the election and i have no doubt that maybe working alone or with others they hacked their way. other countries have the same capability. they lift the fingerprints, that remains to be seen, but i am saying when they are calling electors to meet and get update on all of this intelligence that's in, what they're setting up is maybe you want to reconsider your vote, don't make it automatically for donald trump and that's what alarms me, what do you think?
1:07 pm
[inaudible] >> and of course, let's not forget julian assange, kgb student when he was throwing information years ago and it was useful this time by dumping information on hillary clinton and i have no doubt that russia hacked our gop service and put -- putin wanted trump to win. before you start to bad mouth cia, look at europe, germany, sweden. two examples of european intelligence community blaming russia, no china, not iran, not the guy in new jersey, but russia for meddling with the political process, hacking into the system documents and trying to influence the results of the election in europe.
1:08 pm
so it's all, you know, all piece of evidence, they point at putin as the global player who is using the cyber wars to push, you know -- neil: further than messing things up, messing the results because that's what this -- the clear understanding, particularly among democrats, look, we are just telling you what happened, if you still want to vote for the guy who might have been a beneficiary of russian hacking, go ahead, that's what they seem to be saying. >> i think the democrats are paying the price for eight years of disastrous policy. obama had many opportunities to stop putin in ukraine, in syria, many other places. he failed. he collected enough data to retaliate a few months before the election. he failed and now it's over. but we should not start asking questions about trump's foreign policy and the fact that he nominated rex tillerson tells that putin's calculation he
1:09 pm
could play the ball. putin expects trump to be a good counterpart rebuilding or if not redestroying the global infrastructure. neil: you would not advise electors to change votes? >> yes, it's nonsense that i'm hearing that the republicans are trying to deny this. at the same time it would be wrong to urge electors to change their votes because that will be exactly what putin is looking for. undermine. election the over. but i want to know more about trump foreign policy and i want to held him accountable, you know, for ig -- anything that could happen in appointments like tillerson or aligning. neil: always good talking to you, gary.
1:10 pm
thank you very, very much. a quick look at dow, getting closer to 20k. it's up north of 14% this year. double that and we are going to be focusing on that and don't be surprised when you see fancy graphics come up when they did your insurance company
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neil: all right. kanye west showing up at the trowmp tower today. that is not all, who is not all, connell mcshane on the comings and going. hey, connell. >> never a dull moment. yeah, kanye west manages to steal the show.
1:14 pm
storming into the lobby a little bit later, he comes down and doesn't do so alone and comes down with president elect and they tell us this. >> just friends, just friends and it's a good man. i think to well. long time. we've been friends for a long time. >> no comment about the meeting with president elect, nothing to say? >> i just want to take a picture right now. [laughter] connell: friends for a long time. just want to take a picture. big names from the world of football just walked out of trump tower across the street. jim brown, some say the greatest running back to play football is here, ray lewis, former line backer for the baltimore ravens. they are part of a group meeting about issues in the african-american community, that meeting has apparently just concluded. another meet ago head of
1:15 pm
tomorrow's big tech summit. bill gates, microsoft founder to meet with mr. trump. he gets the one-on-one treatment . the former texas governor rick perry will be mr. trump's pick to be the energy secretary, the irony there, of course, mr. perry forgot the energy department at a debate years ago and the only reason he we wanted to name it was to say he wanted to eliminate it. that's it. a lot of news, tillerson news tops it off. don't forget the other thing that comes out this week that we shouldn't overlook, mr. trump delayed planned news conference that he was suppose to hold on thursday, he won't be answering questions of conflict of interest this week. he's busy, back to you. neil: big football stars come by, kanye, who handles the invite? do they call him up, haim going to be in the neighborhood, i will stop by, does trump say,
1:16 pm
hey, you know, if you're ever in the neighborhood, do stop by? connell: it's a good question. [sirens] connell: there's reporting that mr. trump reached out to mr. west and asked him to come see. in the case of jim brown and ray lewis, the guy that is are here, they were here with local pastor from cleveland and brought them along. so in some cases it is the president elect himself who reaches out and invites people that he wants to talk for whatever reason. in other cases, it's people that -- >> health, education, impact of foreign aid and energy and wide range of conversation about the power of innovation. thank you. neil: didn't mean to jump on connell but when the world's
1:17 pm
richest man talks to the richest guy, we didn't get anything out of issues, dealing with problems, world's largest publicly run charitable institution with his wife, apparently had a constructive meeting with donald trump. no cabinet positions there but just a friendly chat with the man why will be the next president of the united states. all right, we have a lot of reaction yesterday besides focusing on dow 20,000, whether we get there. he thinks they're going to go up to $75 a barrel from $53 a barrel right now by the end of the year. there could be some macro reasons for this that have nothing to do with the issues that -- that the gulf oil ceo was raise to go jeff -- raising to jeff flock and phil flynn. phil: it really is. when you talk about global demand it's been growing a lot
1:18 pm
more than people think and a lot more than anybody expect it. and now we are seeing a situation where opec and nonopec countries made a historic decision to cut back on production. what that means at least according to international agency is that we are going to see oil supplies in a deficit probably for the first time in a decade. that means we are going to use more oil on a daily basis than we produce, the oil glut is going to go away. jeff: you've been calling this for the last six months well in advance of eie. phil: thank you. it's tough to make. you realize the pain was just too much to take. as soon as they could get an opportunity they would cut production. jeff: contentious of opec sticking to its guts, what chances do you think of actually happening? phil: i think best ever. according to goldman sachs is 60%.
1:19 pm
every time they cut production prices, prices go up anyway. already the major players have told customers, saudi arabia, russia, qatar, iran, they have all told customers, guess what, you're getting less oil in january, that means we are going to see strong compliance. jeff: what's the price of oil down the road? phil: i don't think we are going to see 75 this year but we have a shot at 60 and $75 is in the cards next year. jeff: i would listen to him if i were you. neil: yeah, because you're right. eventually he will be wrong and that's what we will pounce on. jeff: we will point that out. neil: we are not kind hearted here. i appreciate it. in the meantime, i've always told you given the fact that you get the likes of mitt romney who talks to a donald trump, saying awful things about him or you get carly fiorina says that she's so impressed with donald trump now even though a couple of months ago anything but.
1:20 pm
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neil: all right, as we focus on dow 20,000 getting closer and closer also what could be happening in the trump towers specially when it comes to dealing with obamacare, as you know they want to repeal and replace, a lot easier said than done. what are you hearing? >> well, i have to tell you. this is a very difficult thing, they've got to do more than just stick the format as you do in gymnastics, so here is what i'm hearing they're talking about behind closed doors. first of all, immediate repeal
1:24 pm
of obamacare, do it now. make sure they're happy, but then a two-year transition at least into whatever comes next, whatever is the replacement. that would make mainstream republicans happy because then you wouldn't be dumping the ten million or so people who signed up for obamacare-year into an area where they have no coverage at all. so how will they keep insurers on board, right? that's a big question because we have seen united, etna and humana leave exchanges. what do you do to keeps the companies on board for that period? well, they might give -- they might allow policies with fewer mandated benefits. right now obamacare, you get all kinds of coverages, maybe they just allow catastrophic coverage for people who want it. or they might go for bigger financial penalties, right now 2016 the penalty for not having insurance 2.5% of income, maybe
1:25 pm
they boost that or maybe they just offer bigger subsidies for obamacare, that goes right into the pockets of the insurers. the idea here is everybody come out a winner at some level so all players in the game are made happy. you might ask me what about the states because the states have a stake in this as well, well, this would allow -- as we talked about before, states to opt out and take the block grant instead. so they would be able to run their own program, masters of their own fate. the real problem with this plan and i'm sure there are many that i'm thinking about right now is the cliff that would come at mid-terms if they did a two year, oh, o here comes a cliff at midterm and if the american public says who is not doing a good job, guess who gets a kick, i think you know. neil: i think i do know. thank you very much.
1:26 pm
before we go to our next guest, let's focus on this. we are getting close now, 53 points away. a lot of optimism that ignores cross currents, all the russia stuff, hacking stuff, all the worry that is are there, whether companies have run too fast too fast, whether that's going to rain on them, 55 points away from dow 20,000. a level we never met. the quickest leap between one thousand point increments we've ever dean in dow history. we will keep an eye on it. we are not losing a sight on it and controversy either way another potential cabinet pick whose goal it seems to redo the institutions she will oversee or shake it to its core, talking about the small business administration and the fact that linda mcmahom fame and wealth is the person to do it. héctor is on the small business
1:27 pm
optimism right now that exists out there and whether ms. mcmahon is a good person. what do you think? >> i think it's a good pick, niel, in the 53-year history there's been very few business owners, people that have taken a risk, risked capital, linda is one of those people. obviously it's not a small business that she ended up with, it's a multibillion worldwide company but i think she's the right person at the right time, you and i both know that women are creating more small businesses than ever before, hispanic women are growing 5 times faster, so i think there's a lot of opportunity and she can do a really good job there. neil: what do you make of her criticism of the loans and nitpicking that the spa tries to do to encourage more activity for small businesses but she says complicates it. i'm paraphrasing it.
1:28 pm
the jest of it that she would be taking over an institution that is too bogged down in rules and regulations, do you agree with that? >> well, it can be. we weren't doing as many loans as we did at tend of the term. we had to work with. if you can reduce paperwork, regulations, if you can do things quicker, the banks will do more loans. look, at the end of the day it touches million businesses a year. you know there's 26 million small businesses. anything we can do to provide more opportunities and positive business environment is going to be a good thing. we want to work closely with her and help her accomplish some of her goals. neil: one of the things none of them come close to what the russell 2000 has been doing,
1:29 pm
running about double the 14% pace or so of the dow largely on optimism that whatever strength with the dollar it wouldn't hurt the little guys. that's the place where money has been drawn, do you think that's getting ahead of itself? i'm not asking you to play -- >> right. neil: running double the depreciation. >> they keep talking about the trump bump. we are looking for the trump small business bump. small businesses are the ones that are going to create two-thirds of the new jobs, allow innovation and productivity come from the small firms. i think this is a positive thing. you and i both know that this is psychological. if you feel things are going to get better, you start investing, you start making decisions that you weren't making before when you thought the head winds were going to hurt your business. so i think this is a positive thing. look, we can't get too far ahead
1:30 pm
of ourselves. there's still a lot of head winds, costs, regulations, we still have to lower tax ifs for small businesses, but those are all things that the trump administration has talked about doing and if they accomplish some of those things, i hope to see the trump small business bump. neil: all right, héctor barrieta, under bush 43, very great having you. what you're seeing is going without a band here. many seem to think that small companies, we are looking at the dow right now, wouldn't be whip ped, they would be the clean beneficiaries of just lower taxes or regulations and they wouldn't be dealing with currency fluctuations or dealing with trade wars, they would just be enjoying the ride on this is where the money goes. as a group, aggregate the
1:31 pm
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1:34 pm
neil: what do you want them to do? to not to vote for donald trump because now intelligence have russia involved? what is the purpose of this? >> no. the purpose is to find out what happened with russian involvement. neil: say russia was involved. say russia was involved.
1:35 pm
do you want them to vote differently because they find out russia was involved? >> they should vote their conscience. no, i don't think it is going to the change the outcome. neil: so why do it? why do it. >> no reason they can't ask for the information. it is in the national interest. neil: i wonder if it is in democrats interest to deny the public who won the job? all right. i had no doubt russia or some country or countries, a variety of them were involved in our election a bit too much. the only question i ask democrats keep pounding this point, why it is crucial for them to share information with electors that already know it, maybe they get more intelligence, unless you have proof that it reversed election results, that hillary clinton would have won without it, and unequivocal proof to do that, why do you want them privy to this information to have them switch their votes? i suspect that might be the real goal here. i find it odd. based on intelligence, from agencies that haven't always been right.
1:36 pm
9/11 comes to mind. weapons of mass destruction come to mind. again i'm not apologist for either side. i'm just saying what are you trying to do to get, a meeting with electors going before they meet next monday to decide who will be the next president of the united states? you want them to reflect the will of the people in their states or not? what are you say? to "washington times" deputy opinion editor kelly riddle. kelly, that is where i'm confused. what do you think the goal is here? >> the goal is to delegitimatize the president-elect donald trump. face it, democrats have been decimated this election cycle. since obama quite frankly took office in mid determine election cycles. they don't have a plan or strategy moving forward other than to double down on their attacks against donald trump and so when he gets into office in january 20th, they're to move forward with the fact he should not have been the president in the first place. this is the beginning of their attacks against him. because they have no strategy. neil.
1:37 pm
they have no strategy. neil: yeah. again a lot of people say well you're being cavalier about the role of russia. i have no doubt that russia or other countries might have been involved. i don't have unequivocal proof. i'm leery of agencies that say they have unequivocal proof, if they had unequivocal proof about weapons of mass destruction and how cia-sponsored attack to take down fidel castro would work and it didn't and we had the bay of pigs. i do know as an agency goes their sure bets are not always sure bets. >> yeah. neil: having said that, i do wonder when political operatives saying electors must be amid aware of this. we don't think it will change results. why the heck are you pushing forfeit your goal is not to change the results? to enlighten them so maybe they do change their votes? what? >> all very suspicious of the timing. 10 electors came out and requested an intelligence briefing yesterday. neil: right. >> hour later john podesta
1:38 pm
encouraging them to get this intelligence briefing. who is the letter put together by? nancy pelosi's daughter. this is where the movement comes. as soon as all that breaks i get emails from and progressive leaning council how we need to brief the electors. all just a move. it is very organized, repeated move by the democrats. neil: if this were reversed, donald trump were pitching this, and they of course were the ones supposedly going to be the sore losers and not honor the rigged election results, quite the opposite when it's done this way. so leaving that clear bias aside, i'm wondering to what end? and whether any elector has the right to change his or her vote based on insinuation here? no proof. >> no proof. neil: i think it is fair to say countries or country was involved. >> yeah. neil: but then you have to make the next leap, and had it affected outcome. >> no. neil: if you don't have that
1:39 pm
part, you are really on shaky ground here? >> yeah. no, russians didn't tell hillary clinton not to step foot into wisconsin after the primary ended or campaign in michigan. there is some clear strategic problems with hillary clinton's campaign. also, what was hacked was the democratic national committee. that is what they think has been hacked by the russians. john podesta emails, even "washington post" came out and said they have identified intelligence sources have identified who hacked those emails but they warned russian state agents, they were closely related but not, all very confusing and all this innuendo and insinuation on the democrats part. all just again to drive this home to not accept the election results. it is to make donald trump weaker before even inters the oval office. neil: well, certainly the to cast doubt to your point. kelly riddle, thank you very much. "washington times" deputy opinion editor. a lot of you say this guy is in the trump camp. look, donald trump doesn't want to come on this show. by the way, that is his right.
1:40 pm
he doesn't have to, all right? i have no political axe to grind here. what is fair is fair, what is right is right. i wonder whether same operatives would be pushing for this if the election results have been reverse and trump people arguing for a full accounting before the nation's electors before they met in six days. it doesn't pass the smell test. that is all i'm saying. more after this. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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1:42 pm
>> good afternoon, live from the floor of the new york stock exchange i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. if we had a crystal ball we would know when the dow would hit 20,000. coming closer to. still at a lifetime high along with s&p and nasdaq. technology is leading sectors today with apple, the number four best performer on the dow jones industrial average. there is some news with apple. the two-month delay on those airpods? well it's over. you can order the wireless ear buds but you will not get it until after christmas. kind of a bull. er. so could cost apple holiday sales. maybe they're having issues and challenges with the bluetooth for wireless ear buds. beats earphones delayed. apple acquired beats for $3 billion. so, that is it from here. send it back to you.
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
neil: all right. here is a look at the dow 30 right now. we have 23 of the issues up and looks like seven or so that are down. the big catalyst since this rally began have been financial issues, by and large, oil issues, by and large. goldman sachs single biggest performer, accounting for half the run-up here. remember the more expensive the stock, that has a big percentage
1:45 pm
leap, obviously, disproportionate weighting in the leap itself. but bottom line here, the, between all of them here, we are now touching levels that we have never seen before. in about 50, five or six points away from dow 20,000. 14 sessions ago we hit 19,000. this has been one of the quickest climbs to presumably the mex level or certainly touching it. to john corpina, what he makes of this. always a mugs game, jonathan, what do you think? >> i don't think we'll hit it today. but clearly the market has been heading in one direction. it is overall positive for investor sentiment. we have to take into consideration there is not a lot of selling in this market. the buyers are there. they want to get into the market. they feel like they missed the market. the sellers are waiting for the right point to make sales here. we need a little more volume on the tape to show if it is real
1:46 pm
or not of the as the market moves higher and higher, we'll get investors that want to take short-term profits off the table. snowball effect keeps turning and turning and market move higher and people will have missed it. neil: in that line of thinking, what argument the rally getting interrupted prospect of taxes being much lower next year under a trump administration. allowing four your gains to hiccup a little bit, you will still come out ahead, investortl will go down substantially? more than offsetting that, no reason to sell right now, no reason to take profits off the top right now. what do you say to that? >> also president-elect trump has many ideas and plans he wants to put into place. not all of them can happen very quickly. you have to look what we have right now and what we know in front of us. try to figure out what the landscape might look moving forward. to try to play the tax game
1:47 pm
right now i think it might be a little too early. neil: the other argument you hear, people who are newbies, saying maybe i should be in on this. the old rule of thumb, jonathan when average folks sitting this out, suddenly rush in like the old taxicab driver that comes in it is already too late. i don't know if you subscribe to that. but we're getting a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest new investtores are coming into this. what do you make of that? >> i subscribe to the investment direction how long do you want to be in this market? if you're trying to play this for this week or toward end of the year, we might be getting to really lofty levels. if you're looking at a change in administration, change in policy, the economy gotten better, jobs, homes across the board has got better, if you want to be in for the long term i think you have not missed this boat. neil: what is the long term to you? >> long term to me is at least one year. possibly longer after that. a lot can happen in very short period of time. so you really have to look out
1:48 pm
to further horizon. neil: yeah. it should worry you i give people the same advice so you should probably run the other way, jonathan but let me get your sense of the fed, we could be close to seeing first rate hike in a year, more to follow, the language will be key, i guess, but can the market with stand a series of rate hikes? or are these rate hikes are okay if they're addressing an economy that is really percolating. what do you think? >> neil, concerned about tomorrow. one year ago we were in same position. we were waiting for the fed to raise rates. we knew it was coming in decent. as soon as they did the last two weeks of december were very poor-performing trading session. january and february was very, very poor on the markets. i'm not sure if our market can really handle it at this point. even wording out of the fed last year was that they were, that we were going to see more rate hikes in 2016. we haven't seen any. and here we are a year later. so it is going to be interesting to see if this market can absorb
1:49 pm
probably the same statement we got exactly one year ago. we are going to get a rate hike and we'll see more rate hikes in 2017. it is sentiment that doesn't feel the market could hold to this. neil: jonathan, you could be right. a year ago when they said stuff like that the markets didn't believe them. if they make the same exact statement, i'm glad you phrased it that way, if they make the same statement i think markets would believe them but this time not so chagrined by it. you say not so sure? >> i think the markets are stronger. the economy is stronger than a year ago. i think our markets will be able to absorb any type of negative influences or negative volatility we see, that we see coming forward. it will be interesting to see how we get through this first quarter and if the fed does in fact state we are going to raise rates, x-amount of times, two, three times in 2017, we're going to try to see if there is a time frame presented with that. if the fed can stay with that time frame. neil: jonathan, you're a great guest. very good explaining things.
1:50 pm
>> thank you, neil. neil: right through my thick skull. jonathan corpina, hope you have a merry christmas if you we doesn't talk again. >> you too, sir. neil: meridian managing partner. anyone's guess if it will happen. man, oh, man, stocks are now off to the races. how long that is the case? we'll see. more after this. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile.
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neil: stocks might be hot. weather is not. single digits in much the country especially in chicago where they're looking at negative nine at night later this week. someone tells me there is a difference between nine degrees and negative nine, that you feel negative nine a lot more quickly. i would think that is probably true but we'll see. much of the country certainly by this weekend is caught up in the same arctic blast. just letting you know and hoping
1:54 pm
that this is not spoiling the holiday season but it is news. i have to share that with you, because that is just what i do. blake burman wants to share details about tech leaders who are meeting with the president-elect tomorrow. it has got names, maybe agenda items. what are you heang, blake? >> this meet something scheduled tomorrow at trump tower, some of the biggest names, biggest companies we believe. it is important to say right off the bat the trump transition folks are not confirming any companies or any names at this point, at least what we've asked them. here is what we've been able to glean from it. we can tell you facebook coo sheryl sandberg and oracle ceo. tim cook, larry page, elon musk, these are some of the names talked about, at least reportedly that will be in trump tower tomorrow though again nothing officially confirmed from the trump folks as of this moment. still could be a very moving target, companies involved, apple, google, tesla, ibm,
1:55 pm
microsoft and the like. talk to transition folks about this though, earlier today, they said basically, they want to talk about innovation tomorrow. at least the president-elect does with some of these leaders. here is the quote i was given from jason miller, who is the top spokesperson for the transition. he said to me, speaking of this meeting, quote, he said this is the type of president we're going to see donald trump that we make sure we're leading on the world stage, bringing the best and brightest together to constantly go and push the envelope, for new development. ahead of this meeting as we already saw today, bill gates. he was inside of trump tower. he got his one-on-one with the president-elect and just moments ago he spoke with reporters. listen. >> we had a good conversation about innovation, how it can help, education, impact of foreign aid and energy and, wide-ranging conversation about the power of innovation. reporter: neil, this should be a very interesting meeting
1:56 pm
tomorrow because as you know silicon valley, the tech industry wasn't necessarily the friendliest of grounds to then candidate trump during the campaign. and on the flip, when you look during the transition and you've been talking about these stocks all day, that sector has been lagging behind just about everyone else. so we'll see when what they end up talking about tomorrow. neil: that is true. the sector is the worst-performing in so-called trump tower. not so-called. virtually every other section has done quite well. thank you my friend, thank you very much. blake burman, that big powwow tomorrow. world comes to trump. celebrated actors and kanye, on and on. nice to be the winner. it is nice to have people come wanting to see you. that is the power of winning an election. a lot more after this. take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all
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and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. neil: all right, maybe it's going to happen in trish's hour but this did not happen in our hour. we are getting close to 20,000. again, not quite there.
2:00 pm
rex tillerson, donald trump's choice to be secretary of state. a pat on the back from dick cheney, former vice president, of course. saying mr. tillerson that he has known them for many years both as chairman of ceo e xon can be he likes him. trish: we are that close. 68 points away. we shall see. neil: all righty. trish: donald trump making it official. ceo rex tillerson secretary of state but some democrats and republicans objecting now to ties to russia. are we going to head for a confirmation fight? it is very clear this president values business expertise over government expertise and some people don't like it. all of this right now, the dow, s&p and nasdaq all hit record highs today.


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