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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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charles: the tech giants gathering at trump tower today. they are working to ease tensions on social issues and allowing more foreign workers to enter america as well. you see it right there. it's been intense between president-elect trump and amazon ceo jeff bedose who also owns "the washington post." but hopes times are changing. >> we are doing well right now.
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i'm honored about the bounce. right now everybody has to like me at least a little bit. anything we can do to help this go along, we'll be there for you. charles: steve, you are out there, and the tech world, do you think that the meeting -- no one knows exactly what might have been said behind closed doors. but where does it go from here? >> the thing that makes me laugh about this fight between tech and trump is when you look at the way tech leaders look at these businesses, they are in favor of everything trump argues for. they want to see taxes cut, they can't stand big government and regulation telling them what to do. awful that is true when it comes to their own businesses. but personally their track record is shoveling money to
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democrat candidates like hillary clinton. i think when they get to know each other better, there will be much more common ground. there are some decided points where the silicon valley interests are diametrically opposed to donald trump on social issues. 100 workers signed a petition saying they would never under any circumstance help donald trump build a data base for a muslim registry that would lead to deportation of immigrants. there is serious friction going on. >> you look at the faces of those guys at the meeting. they look like they have been kicked somewhere, and it wasn't
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in their stomach. charles: these guys are usually on center stage. >> they were shamed. it was bad. these guys are used to being in power. they know one tweet can affect their stock price. this guy has got them and he knows he's got them. charles: . an op-ed in ""usa today"" from ibm says we are going to create jobs and hire american workers. >> i believe more than half the people in that room voted for donald trump. i think it's based on social issues. if you saw there was a letter of 140 tech executives, it was all about the social issue.
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they are trying to play the social issue on the west coast. you looked the taxes, the repatriation, the taxes, you have to lower obamacare to get folks in, lower regulations, you have got to scrap net neutrality. by getting in a new fcc commissioner, you can do that and i believe they will do that. i believe everybody does like trump because it's good more their business. charles: let me ask you about the h1v visa workers. we know that's a sticking point. they keep saying they need more. the letter said we have 500,000 job openings right now. the bottom line is americans cannot .these jobs. we need 85,000 workers a year to come into this country. >> there could be much more room for compromise than people think.
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a lot of people would agree and trump said this during the campaign, that we should be open to high-skilled immigration. we understand america was a nation of immigrants, that's the source of our success, that's particularly true in the silicon valley. but that.not mean you have an open-door policy to import keep in labor that harms our economy. trump says it doesn't make sense to educate student at andford then ship them off -- at stanford and then ship them off to other countries. charles: it's $2 trillion outside this country. microsoft has $124 billion. ibm has $8 billion. cisco, $65 billion, or cal $43 billion.
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all this cash sitting outside of this country. obviously this has to be the central issue. when the door closed, donald trump said what do you want? i want a piles of that action. you bring home this money, but you have got to commit a certain portion to my project, specifically infrastructure. >> we have seen it before where people were able to bring money back. there is no jobs. so he's got to tie it if he has to do this. if i has a quid pro quo like you are talking about, coming back to trump and these guys. there is very few people in that room that like donald trump. you can go on their word up to the election. the only lever they pulled was no. charles: you disagree with larry? >> i go on what they have said. >> they have to play the west coast way and they have to play locally out there.
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half a 4eu8 dollars that will repay the grate back. there were old companies that took the money in the old days. >> i go on their word. you are saying something that's different. their word were not pro donald trump. you are the only one i know suggesting that. but i do think they like the tax cuts. of course. it just makes sense. there are some things. what they don't like is this invisible kind of trump aspect where he can just tweet and affect their stock price or he can strong arm them. this hasn't happened in a long time from a president. charles: one other thing that's sort of an elephant in the room. we talk about lost jobs to mexico.
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but automation has taken a lot of jobs. we are at 20 million manufacturing jobs in 1979. we are 12 million now. but manufacturing output is at an all-time high. these guys are creating products that will take american jobs. is it smart for any president to try to slow that down? >> i don't think that will slow down. as you bring the money back you will continue to create more and more jobs. so you will have automation bringing in less overall. but at the end of the day you will get more growth and everything else that's going to flow through. talk about infrastructure, everything is machine to machine. > charles: i have got to ask you, steve. donald trump perhaps saying i'm going to put some money into the retraining of some of these workers particularly in fly ohover country. all the coal jobs aren't coming back, all the manufacturing jobs
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aren't coming back. what about something like that. >> you are completely right to say that is the big issue. this is where we need the tech leaders to step up and actually lead. there is an interesting example of the positive version of the future. the "wall street journal" published an interesting piece on where the jobs of the future would come from. their focus was on college towns. across the country where trump awe support was high. what you have got really strong colleges and academic institutions that could be a focus for investment, there you have got the told manufacturing jobs replaced by newer ones like 3d printing and high-tech manufacturing. so it is possible to bring the jobs back and create new jobs. but we need the tech leaders to stop thinking they can ship the jobs offshore and bring the money back here.
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. charles: president-elect trump's team today naming three former foes. pepsico. they expressed manic and fear over the new president-elect
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saying we should mourn for those who supported the other side. question they are asking, especially those who are not white, are we safe. trump supporters didn't take too kindly to that. city was another suggestion by the left that not only was their candidate was a racist, but they were, too. gina, the boycott pepsi thing picked up pretty quickly. i looked at a list of all the retailers, and the one that lost the most traffic was target. notion that these boycotts don't work is not true. >> no, it isn't true. i think we'll see more of that as president-elect trump has invited the former foes in. what i love about this is we are not seeing pointed out specifically, this dispels all of the emotion that president-elect trump was going
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to operate from a position of a racist tyrant as -- when she said all of her employees were crying. you probably knew not all of her employees were crying, by has extend the hand. charles: the tech summit. we have seen leonardo difficult cap rio, mayor de -- len hard ie picked any one of the fortune 500 countries. >> i understand the theory of embracing your goes. but mountains nurks rya is trouble. her daughter was a volunteer for the hillary campaign and through wikileaks we found it was discussed she was devoted to mrs. clinton. so when you are suddenly afound it an important individualsry
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position where ideas are discussed, strategy is discussed. i think if you are devoted to the opponent who made it clear to change the electric storm college and got involved with the recount, his opponent is still operating in an attempt to undermine his presidency. i think aspoijt one devoted to that position is not best thing in the world. yet we want a collection of ideas. why she would be chosen i think is troubling, and i don't think we would necessarily miss a great deal. obviously her judgment is bad because she supported hillary clinton. when you are looking at the judgment about the business. charles: pepsi is a global company. it's great to get feedback. to the point where you have
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someone who is a chief executive of such a large organization. when you get on a public stage and start to articulate that kind of a mess damage, it will have a profound impact. that's so irresponsible to perhaps nullify her qualifycation to be on this committee. but donald trump reached out to her. do you think donald trump's core supporters were offends because these accusations come every single day in one form or another will be as forgiving? >> city was a trump surrogate. charles: are you drinking pepsi? >> i stopped drinking pepsi. but even after i found out what she said in totality wasn't exactly what was reported. to say all her employees were crying was offensive, because not all the employees in a
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company as big as pepsi were crying. some of her employees supported donald trump. there is no better way to learn, and president-elect trump knows this. know what better way to learn about how you can build bridges with people than to pluck the ideas precisely from your enemies and neutralize them. i think it's a brilliant strategy and i don't think anybody is going to steam roll him. charles: we have a brand-new fox news poll out this minute on donald trump and how americans are feeling about him. you wouldn't be surprised if i told you they are feeling pretty good. we have the details next.
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charles: a new post-election fox news poll showing a remarkable bump in trump's favorability raid rating.
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now 47%. here to help us break it down, michael feldman and mercedes schlapp. we have seen polls that show regular folks to small businesses extra ordinarily excited about the possibilities that come with a new president. >> there are several dynamics. we have a president-elect who is incredibly active pre-take the oath. his work on pushing forward the carrier deal and talking with the tech leaders, and basically taking substantive action to help preserve jobs in america. i think that the fact he has been able to have these discussions with business leaders and talk to companies about staying in america has been incredibly helpful. with that being said i think for president-elect trump the key will be -- we talk about the
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first 100 days, i call it the first 30 days. the first actions that he takes in terms of either moving forward on executive order reef sending some of the executive orders obama pushed through. people will be looking at that to see what actions he takes in the first month. >> people say they believe donald trump will repeal obamacare. 68% say they do. 62% believe he will revise trade dales. and 60% believe he will be successful in reducing corruption. he has momentum. he meets with a million people every day. the same energy on display for the country to see, and i think it's infectious. >> her say dice spot-on here. the numbers are moving in the
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right directions. you noted 68% think he will repeal it. the problem is not repealing, it's coming up with a workable replacement. at the end of the day, if you do not, this is where dems think they can get out of the wilderness. if he screws this up they will hang it around his head like an albatross. >> we just happen to have a dem on this panel. it's not as easy as anyone would suggest. particularly how do you deal with the 20 million people on it now, and keeping the two key components that are the most expensive components. but overall your assessment of donald trump post election, it seems more and more people are embracing him. >> the most important part you said is post. a lot of the poll respondents are showing us they are past the
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election. the more griping we hear about foreign hacking or call for recanvas or recount, it sours people. it sours anybody. charles: i think it's looking your party look like spoil sports. donald trump was going to be the petulant baby. >> don't yell at me, we are agreeing. charles: 59% of the people in the poll said they are hopeful. hope and change was a catch phrase in a prior election. but this kind of hope is different in a sense it's not a paternalistic effort. people are hopeful there will be the right backdrop for them to achieve the dreams they have on their own. >> right. what does that mean? that means pushing forward economic growth policies. making sure there is adequate tax reform reducing regulations
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so that company and small businesses can prosper here and invest in american workers. that's the economic message soldiering donald trump's campaign very effectively. you will see that play through when you talk about an activist president and activist congress. his first key will be that of repealing obamacare. and the changes that need to be made. those changes we need to make sure they are going to work to the benefit of america. charles: only 50% said they are relieved. i'm shocked it's not 100%. the federal reserve voting unanimously to raise rates. signaling it will do it three more times next year. i think that's where they make the mistake. but is it enough to break the trump rally or our economy? we'll break it down next.
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>> this janet yellen of the fed, the fed is being political, keeping interest rates at this level, she is not aing rates for a specific reason, because obama told her not to. charles: that was president-elect trump, while he was on the campaign trail, slamming what he says is politicalization of janet yell ep and federal reserve. today fed blinked, voting to
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raise rates a quarter of a percent. they are still very low. people are worried about this federal reserve. and janet yellen. here to discuss tammy bruce. the market was down 100 points. for me the q -- q&a i get a feeling that janet yellen is disconnected from reality, the real people. >> i think that the whole federal reserve is disconnected. the fed is political in a sense, they are there to save their own skin, and their constituents who they serve. i think that politicalization of federal reserve is from day one. i don't think it is good for the economy or the country, it
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time that politicians, i hope donald trump pushes back. charles: good read thure -- treature projection ill island. -- jekyll island, they would signal two rate hikes, last december they signaled 4, wall street did not like, let's started off one of the worst beginnings of new year in history of stock market. >> they had to do something. who knows what is really going to happen. it could be that trump, sends a message. question does yellen want to stay, if he wants to stay, see this she needs to play ball. charles: she was asked about dodge, and poll -- administration and policies, foameric fomc, acknowledge
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what is he talking about? you done hear the campaign. what is uncertain about that. >> i think they are talking about is congress. now saw this, with the senate, said, well we're not sure we want to do tax cuts, leader of senate said that because we want to make sure that revenues are neutral, we talk about other aspects with respect to trade. i think it is not about trump but about how congress will deal with this, i believe congress will play ball, but i think they are skeptical perhaps. charles: but little bi -- politicalization of fed, all powerful entities within our government, some not sanctioned, who knows who created the fed, it is all particularly on obama, we've seen the damage it could do. >> we see law enforcement agencies they are supposed to be independent. used against his opponents.
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irs, the american people recognize that things are supposed to be independent, and able to trust, separate from the executive branch. your argument about what is this woman talking about. don't make sense, because they are done for political reasons, you begin to sound like charlie brown's teacher. i disagree with mr. trump, no mr. obama is not calling janet yellen, but just like the irs, it is implied. you see what the president wants to do, you know what is important for the economy even if you have to artificially hold it down. now she can do it, we have 36 days before trump takes over, and any negative impact could scoop in on him, they are not
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beyond that, it is all political, they are all appoint by president, all governors there are because of him, she has her job because of him. charles: she says that i'm keeping my job, because of congress, but when asked about you know, let's say two years ago, do you still want to stay in the position, i think she still wants, that comes back to her somehow coming to a modem, she realizes i need to be on page with president-elect trump. >> i don't think she has a chance to stay on if she wants, i don't believe that donald trump would ask her to stay on. i believe he will look for someone else. charles: can we get rid of the fed. >> we can, taylor rule is one thing that is kill the fed, we can computerize all data that fed puts in the pool. and come up with something like taylor rule. we add or subtract monetary supply, it is that simple. charles: money turning to
6:36 pm
bailout banks, average person get trouble getting a loan, should we scrap that. >> yes. charles: we should. >> eric? >> no, it is 2008, 2009, if central banks were not there it would have blown up. charles: what would have been wrong with the big banks blowing up, like any business. other banks who were lot irresponsible. >> the economy. we would have had worldwide depression. >> if they had not manipulated the races low to create these bubbles then they would not have to have to bail them out. charles: boom and bust, all right. thank you. >> well, speaking of bust, stocks tumbled a little bit today after federal reserve vote, we're okay.
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you'll even get the samsung galaxy s7, the pixel phone by google, or the motoz droid for only $10 per month. hurry, these offers end soon. get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon. charles: while janet yellen was dodging questions. there was news from an iconic american company, i think it was ignored but u.s. steel was once a bellwether name. it was part of dow jones until it was dropped in 1991, opening part of a plant that was mo moth balld ined in january.
6:41 pm
in illinois, between a mill and a believe the furnace there. -- a blast furnace there. 1500 workers lost their jobs, this is a step in right direction. meanwhile, s&p 500 all of the sectors were lower, what was telling? utilities sector sold off more than any other, think about is, if there was real panic it would are been best performing sector, not the worst. after the close we had a lot of movement on individual stocks. international share, they are soaring, rumors hot they have kraft heinz will take them over, people believe that will resurface. small company, but intriguing. up on strong earning, driven
6:42 pm
by architectural business, housing bubbling they come on, and upbeat news from pier 1, those stocks are soaring. now maybe, they wouldn't say so at dartmouth but when demand for bamboo wicker and candles improve, it has to be a good sign for the economy, if nothing else it is a groovy thing. meanwhile i have breaking news, yahoo! admitting that it has been hacked again, announcing that hackers stole data for more than a billion users, and it happened in august of 2013. separate from that hack that was revealed in september. if you have information at yahoo!, you are worried tonight.
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>> coming up china spoiling for a fight, hinting it is going to punish american companies, so the ball is back in donald trump's court, we'll be right back. ♪
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charles: china's state run newspaper reports that china will slap a fine on a certain unnamed american automaker, as a result of u.s. company telling distributors o fix prices. joining me now larry and mercedes and mark. mark, this week china has really gone somewhat on the offensive from the long-range
6:47 pm
nuclear walmarnuclear bomb over south china sea. >> here is the beauty of donald trump, he sees world in very simple terms, he know that united states has been china's patsy for decade, he has to cret that imbalances -- correct that imbalances. this is very fundamental they have a closed controlled economy. you know we're the opposite. he knows he has to cut new deals to get them to open up their markets with 1.4 billion consumers, and a growing middle class, only 10% of their population is middle class right now, donald trump has to start to send signals to them saying no more business as usual, we are not going to be your patsy is more it starts before point of leverage he can find, if it is taiwan or trade.
6:48 pm
it is easy for them to put sanctions on u.s. companies they control their economy, we do not. charles: i think that mexico and canada. they will fall right over. china will be a much tougher deal. i mean we talk about trade deficit, we're saying we give them a dollar for something of value we think is worth a dollar or more, maybe something made of cheap plastic, how do we fight this war? how do we say to the american consumer, tighten your belt, that flat screen tv may be now 800 bucks. >> you know, charles it is complicated. what we're seeing is that every time there is a diplomatic discord with china, what do chinese do? they slap on regulatory sanctions on company, they want to be the predator eating the prey, they believe that we're the prey, this is a lopsided relationship.
6:49 pm
we need to put the pressure on china. despite the fact that they might respond with either, military exchangers or just reducing conversation with the united states, with that said, i think that appointment of governor terry branstad as ambassador to china, is smart move by donald trump, this man has longstanding relationships with china. actually there is respect there on that side, i believe that america needs to be touch negotiate or, and not allow china to bully us. charles: you know, larry, mark made the point of china's economy growing, they have a robust middle class, to point where general motors, the name that people think they were referring to. so important market, their stock was down over 4 percent today. it had an immediate impact on some of the names.
6:50 pm
how do you see this playing out? >> this is just short-term, day-by-day, all negotiation, they know donald trump, is going to negotiate better than anyone else ever did because he is a businessman, not somebody in the government that did these terrible deals he will talk about high tariffs. china will come back and swing back at him, is anything going to come out of it? probably not, what will happen, it will be better than it is now. >> what does victory look like? them open their market with fewer tariffs. >> they are not going to hope it. >> i don't think so. >> no, i don't. i think it goes back to centraly controlled economy, with that said we have company like boeing, top aviation investor, and starbucks, former ceo said you are
6:51 pm
probably going to so mortar bucks in china than u.s., but chinese, government, they want to control the investment in their country. they will do what they can. >> labor markets. charles: real quick, mark -- >> they got. charles: on this note, billions of dollar left china, rich people in china don't want their money there, they are buckling internally because rich people do not' to be there, it not stable. if donald trump will strea strike, and strike now, how would victory look, i think he has more left rang than they. >> he has to force them to deal with their labor markets and raise standard of living and living wage for their workers, otherwise our companies cannot compete. you will have to force them to agree to terms over course of lock ter long-term period to raise standard of living for their workers. otherwise we can't pom pet compete with the labor
6:52 pm
markets, it has to come very early in process,y, he has to roll back their growth in south china sea, they are building the -- >> a whole different thing. right. we all know that, good news, that they had spend 70 billion to keep their currency propped up. thank you all very much. >> thank you. charles: all right, united nation saying that syrian backed forces may have commit a war crime against civilians in aleppo. the eiffel tower goes dark. more after this.
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charles: breaking news reports
6:56 pm
that a deal toes evacuate rebel fighters from, lep aleppo is back on. united nations claims that syrian government likely commit a war crime, joining me now, captain chuck nash. some call this worst atrocity, human atrocity going back to world war ii. it out of control. where does it go from here? >> charles, it has been called total break down of humanity, yesterday the turks and russians thought they had deal, turns' their rebel back groups out to use them to block advance of kurds, and russians want this all over because they know that once aleppo falls is -- it is game over.
6:57 pm
this is what they did, regime sent out a bunch of green buses the deal was that refugees, and those fighters would break cover, leave their shelter gather at points on the eastern side of aleppo, where they would then be vetted, put on a bus, and removed from the combat area, instead, what happened, the iranians at last minute, threw a monkey wrench, said, we want the bodies of our fallen fighters back, we want our prisoners you are holding. like wait now what? meanwhile the theme have broken cover -- these people have broken cover, they are out of their shelters, they have their belongings with them, regime some people fighting with them start shelling them, the buses go away, and here we are. charles: one thing that keeps coming up, tactic of using barrel bombs, the 2000 pound
6:58 pm
bombs, with all kinds of metal shrapnel. according to bbc from january 2014 to may 2015, only 1% of people killed by thig these bombs were rebel figers, everyone else murdered were women and children, are there no rules with respect how this fight is fought? >> no, not the way they are fighting it. you can take the geneva convention and set fire to it. this down in nasty, to point in this recent assault, government forces went in and murdered 11 women and 13 kids, they were among 80 people who were executed. the death toll right now, charles is over half a million, over a million people, wounded. and 11 million either internally displace or refugees outside of the country this is a humanitarian
6:59 pm
disaster. charles: captain nash, i know there are a lot of moving parts and players, to what percentage of fault can we lay at feet of barack obama. he it that infamous red line that first domino to fall. >> i think if hes had a conscious, that is the thing he thinks about before he goes to bed at night when he hears this story, that red line that kipbility -- capability to get involved early, not necessarily with droops o troops on ground, but what russians are doing they provide direct support to their ally, we've gone in and kicked open the can of worp worms without a plan too fix it. charles: now reports that women are committing suicide rather than being captured. it is ugly, i appreciate your expertise, and it is tough
7:00 pm
one, another one that new administration will have to figure out a way to handle, chaptan nash. >> thank you. charles: at home if you for watching, we're doing well because of you, tweet me with ideas eh ehere, is lou dobbs. d. lou: president-elect trump today demonstrating he is magnanimous and gracious in victory, hosting a technology summit at trump tower in new york with a group of silicon valley industry leaders, all but one of whom funneled millions of dollars to hillary clinton, and her fellow democrats, president-elect trump offered technology leaders, his assistance. >> i am here to help you folks do well. you are doing well right now. i'm honored by the balance, anything we can do


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