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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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but no nasdaq record either. come within there. [closing bell rings] markets settle higher. there is the closing bell. david asman and melissa francis with big earnings from oracle coming up a after "after the bell." david: not as high as it was. fed can't keep stocks down for long. stocks gaining footing back in the green as the trump rally rolls on. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers but here is what else we have for you this hour. a big capitol hill snub as house republicans seeing red. why intelligence directors are refusing to answer questions over russia's involvement in our election. more key appointments come down from trump tower today as the president-elect's administration takes shape. we'll take you there live for update who is now joining the team and new names under consideration for the remaining top spots. your tax dollars at waste. results of a new report showing
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irs employees living in the lap of luxury. david: oh, great. melissa: perfect. david: of all the agencies to waste money. back to the markets. we'll get to those stories in a minute. the dow ending in positive territory but not high enough to score a new record at the close. we're back to 140 points from 20,000. still pretty high. gold taking a huge tumble today. phil flynn has the very latest on that from the cme. lori rothman on the floor of new york stock exchange. lori, what was holding the dow back? >> couple specific names, david. breaking earnings news from oracle. if you like i can get with those. these are headline downers if you will. nike off 1%. united technologies off 1%. ge also off. boeing down half a percent. many names are considered consumer second calls or economically sensitive. even though we saw gains there was probably a little bit of hesitation here in terms of
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getting to the key psychological dow 20,000 milestone everybody is so anxious to get to as well. on the other side we had airlines pretty strong today. jetblue up 2%. looking pier one import. they had a fantastic earnings call. fourth quarter earnings per share way above analyst estimates and also boosted estimates for this year. there are airlines. let's get you to the oracle numbers the looks like one penny beat in terms of earnings per share. revenue though was a little bit light. on your screen looks like shares are trading slightly lower in the extend session. oracle ceo was meeting with trump, going through the golden elevators today and this week. they are making some comments about that. we can pull you for those in detail basically saying she will stay with oracle. also you know the story with
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oracle in terms of business strategy playing catch-up to rivals in the clough computing industry. i leave it for there. send it back to you. melissa: lori, thank you very much. gold down 3% to 1129. much lower will it fall, do you think? >> not being able to bounce after the fed announcement somewhat expected by a lot of players it could go a lot further. i think we could test gold below 1000 bucks, maybe 999. maybe then it finds support. i'm shocked gold didn't get more of a bounce because of the dollar. the dollar has been amazing the way it is skyrocketing. we hit a 18-year high on the dollar. that is incredible. it is really making it hard for a lot of commodities. oil as well, even oil with the bullish report this week on inventors and report out of kuwait they're tling their customers they will get less oil in the united states, and get less oil in europe wasn't enough to really overcome that strong
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dollar. we did come roaring back at the end of the day. we tests below 50 for short period of time. that had a lot to do with options expiration but it is a very difficult environment to get too bullish on gold an and silver as market goes up. at some point oil will forget about the dollar and look at stocks. that means more demand and better prices in the future. back to you. >> always brilliant, phil, thank you for that. david? david: pushing the fed aside, trump rally taking back markets after the first rate hike in a year as the dow continues charging towards 20-k. we have steve cortez, bcg partners chief strategist and liz peek, "fiscal times." good to see you both. market is looking for follow through from campaign promises of donald trump. how soon before we actually see some action on taxes and regulations after the inauguration? >> you know, david, gosh, i
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think things will get started on january 21. it is almost already if donald trump is president of the united states. markets are acting that way. in terms of real policy changes we could see them in february or march at the latest. david: wow. >> we control both houses of congress. the onus is on us, i am the first to say that. as many i'm very happy we won and i worked hard for the campaign and we should celebrate we won the onus is on us with the white house and both houses of congress to deliver regulatory and tax reform immediately. david: liz, it will not being without resistance. we had warning signs of republicans of all people. mcconnell suggesting we have to worry about the deficit before tes perhaps? there is going to be pushback, right? >> absolutely the devil is in the details but i think what's exciting, let's not forget, for months and months, actually years, everyone thought that a
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rate hike was going to kill the bull market. that was sort of the assumption, that you wanted to be in equities until rates started to go up. this market will blow through not only a rate hike but also advisory from the fed there will be more aggressive than expected. by the way, yes, policy will take a little while to wind out, there is no question about it. i agree on day one they're ready to go from everything i hear but already you have the rig count up. you have manufacturing sentiment rising. homebuilder expectations, highest it's been in many, many years. there are some positive factors, railcar loadings are up. this is really kind of crazy that there are so much going on because of a sentiment shift. david: i think -- >> you're speaking to there is so important which is the psychology. policies are crucial absolutely but also the psychology. it is sense of optimism. >> absolutely. >> economy largely thrives on confidence, on optimism the and it's out there. i tell you this. i live in chicago which is pretty blue state.
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i know a lot of people here didn't like donald trump as candidate and donetskly support him politically but when i talk to business owners, wow are they excited. melissa: i bet. >> they believe we can hire people and invest. melissa: brings us nicely to our next topic, my friend. 57% of the people trust markets and private businesses will be reason for improving economy compared to 24 mers who believe government an politicians will drive the economy. that is according to the latest "fox news poll." liz, i would ask you, what are those 24% thinking, the 24% who think government makes things better in terms of the economy? >> that group is minority at this point. we've had eight years of the government aficiondados trying to do this and it hasn't worked. the amazing thing about the obama white house they never reached out to the business community, hey, our major priority is making, creating jobs, how can you help. look what trump has done even yesterday meeting with tech guys, people who are clearly not
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in his column over the last year or two. he is saying look, this is what we want to do. we want to boost the economy, please help us. that is something that the tech community was happy to hear. the country should be happy to hear it. look at the cabinet picks. a lot of private sector people in the white house, exact opposite what obama did in '08. melissa: yeah. >> people are cheered by that because they know they have got some answers. melissa: although the irony there is doing that in the name of business but he is in that equation technically the government, right, steve cortez? some are already accusing him picking winners and losers and stepping in as businessman ceo president and telling companies to keep jobs here. >> sure. you know what he is doing there? he is fulfilling a campaign process that he will fight for main street. multinational corporations have had it pretty well under this administration and last one for that matter but the average american worker hasn't. he says i have taxpayers back in terms of overspending, for
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instance with superfluous or outrageous spending programs within the defense budget. i have the american workers back, use bully pulpit when necessary to make sure we keep jobs here. here's the thing, in the end everyone wins if we get the economy truly growing again. tech people in that room who largely opposed him. i give him so much credit reaching out to them just as he did to political opposition like mitt romney. he want to be president for all the people. if we grow, three, four, 5%, guess what? -- david: rising the tide lifts all boat. president trump blaming media making too too much of his busis interests, tweeting out, the media makes my moving into the white house and my business so complex when it isn't. latest "fox news poll" 52% of people believe he will put his business interests over the interests of the american people. liz, americans voted for active businessman.
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there is bound to be some conflict of interest at some point, is there not. >> absolutely of the as much as many of us would dumb down the twitter account, this is the way he reaches out the american people and bypasses media. the more media piles on him on this topic and others the more he will go around him, directly to people, for the most part kind of take his side on these issues. this case, look, he's going to have to figure out how to separate from his businesses no question. i think he is right, it is not that hard. david: liz, steve, we have to wrap it there. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: general motors ceo and chair mari barra holding a news conference in gm corporate headquarters in detroit, michigan, moments ago, announcing that the company will begin testing autonomous vehicles immediately. jeff flock standing by at rain sans center in detroit with the latest.
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reporter: this chevy volt ev. autonomous driving technology. here is one of the companies responsible for that technology. they will start right away, governor rick snyder signing legislation to allow this to take place. gm jumping right on top of it. probably the news, as much a big deal that is, to be able to test in michigan. they only test in california and arizona overshadowed somewhat about questions about china. this was all scheduled before donald trump talking about the one china policy and news that china, perhaps in retaliation says it is going to sanction a u.s. automaker unnamed. mary barra was asked about that, could be gm. she says she doesn't know at this point. she was also asked by me and others about impact of the trump election on gm's china business. take a listen. >> are you concerned that the one china departure, from the
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one china policy the president-elect talked about could have impact on your business in china? you have a huge business in china. >> again i'm not going to speculate. i think there is a lot still going to unfold. we have very significant business in china. we have very significant business here that creates a lot of jobs. reporter: she also revealed, mary barra is on the president-elect's economic council. she he revealed though, that sort of a paper transaction. she has not yet actually talked to donald trump, presumably, she will advancing gm's interests, we presume. melissa: you would think. jeff flock, thank you so much. good stuff. david: a showdown between the intel community and congress. the head of the cia, john brennan refusing to meet with house republicans. more on this snub sparking a lot of anger from law makers. melissa: republican electors say they are getting harassed to change their mind ahead of monday's vote even from the likes of hollywood celebrities. oh, no. david: don't hurt their feelings.
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as more announcements coming down from trump tower today. very familiar names joining the administration and some new names now under consideration for the remaining top spots. >> we're really happy with the pace and execution. i mean this is a very donald trump project, isn't it, the cabinet? under budget and ahead of schedule.
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4:17 pm
last two days saying they're running ahead of schedule, comparing themselves to president obama's first term putting a cabinet together. one official, that montana congressman, former navy seal, ryan sink key. what is notable what we did did not see. president-elect answering his questions about his business interests and transfer control of his business over to his children. supposed to happen today. it will happen in january, i was talking to transition officials they were telling me they need more time, talking about structure. there are internal considerations they say how the businesses will be structured, presumably with mr. trump's two oldest sons, don, jr., and eric running it.
4:18 pm
but there are questions about his daughter ivanka and her husband. watch this. >> inview can and jared will make their own decision in due cores. we're exciting about them. reporter: there is more to do there. team trump says they need extra time. they think it is important to take that time as they have told us to get it right. go back to you, melissa, leave you with the thought of the oracle ceo safra katz. i bring her up, we were talking about the tech roundtable. we were wondering why she was more than three hours before the meeting. she has been added as one of the members of the trump's executive committee of their transition team. so i suppose that is why she was here early. melissa: very interesting. great he details, connell. good reporting. thank you. david: good stuff from connell. here to react to all that, julie grace, daily caller news foundation, capitol hill
4:19 pm
reporter, kneel sroka, democracy for america communications director. julie grace, rumors are flying that larry kudlow will be appointed to a major economic position. we first got a hint of that, we were talking to steve moore last night. let me play a clip of steve moore, then get your reaction. >> keep your eye what happens next 24, 48 hours, i think you will be very, very happy a couple of people picked for some. economic positions. not confirm yet. david: tell us more. tell us more. >> a little teaser here. david: he is a little bit of a tease, steve moore, what have you her if anything about kudlow or some of the other supply-siders that folks want in the administration? >> so i haven't heard a ton of that up on the hill. i heard more about the va secretary, heard names mitt romney floated for that, jeff littler. i know he had a meeting earlier today with, totally blanking on his name, wow. but as far as transition goes he
4:20 pm
has a lot of big decisions to make. he is meeting with people and vetting people, i think it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. david: we've got some opinions we got through "fox news poll," neil. a lot of fuss in the news about whether or not the media and dems, mostly from the media and dems whether russia affected the election, how much they did. according to "fox news poll," russia's attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election had no effect on the election itself to which you say, what? >> to which i say, actually the majority of americans seem to think that donald trump administration is going to do more to appease russia and vladmir putin. also worth noting this poll happened before we got most explosive news coming out, putin himself directed some of the attacks against the dnc over course of the election. david: there is a lot of dispute about that. julie grace, there was refusal
4:21 pm
of john brennan, head of ciia to meet with congress. that is making members of congress very mad. you have time to leak information to reporters, you don't have time to talk to us. >> they should absolutely be meeting with members of the congress. it is ludicrous that he is not. these people need information they need to know and, i mean as far as russia having influence in the election, it's, i mean this is information that was all true that came out, not to defend russia's actions, their hacks into security but i mean hillary lost the election and -- >> hillary lost the popular vote thanks to intrusion of russian foreign service. david: you know that is not proven. the whole thing is going to be investigated. we'll see if it is investigated thoroughly. >> russians wanted putin puppet and got donald trump. david: panel will be back with us to no doubt argue about something else, melissa. melissa: breaking news. making it official.
4:22 pm
labor secretary tom perez is running for dnc chair, tweeting earlier, okay, i'm in. i'm running for the democrats chair to strengthen our party from the ground up. so there you go. david: all right. keith ellison will be fighting with tom perez. a cabinet full of energy. what picks mean for the country and the energy. former shell president john hofmeister coming here next. why are celebrities telling electoral college voters they could be heroes. the desperate details are coming up. >> republican members of the electoral college, this message is for you. >> there are 53members of the electoral college -- 538. >> you and 36 other conscientious republican electors could make a difference. >> voting your conscience on december 19th. >> thereby shaping the future of our nation. i have asthma...
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>> not so much in the case of mr. tillerson you're dealing with what mr. trump called world class players. somebodys who has done deal, negotiated, familiar with russia, china, yemen, middle east. the developing world has been active in 50 countries. melissa: kellyanne conway making case for rex tillerson. the state department, exxonmobil ceo has experience the dealing with world leaders but is it enough for him to be successful secretary of state? john hofmeister, former shell oil president. let me ask you, everyone is saying, critics at least, rex tillerson is vladmir putin's best buddy because they are out there doing deals. what is that relationship is like, do you think? >> like every ceo of a major oil company, a relationship of mutual respect where rex is pursuing his objectives, putin is pursuing his objectives,
4:27 pm
somewhere they thread the needle. by threading the need dell, rex gets what he needs, putin gets what he needs, or they wouldn't do the deal. melissa: people feel like he is a murderous thug. that vladmir putin is somebody murdered his own people, done terrible things to the press. a list of things that he has done, crimea, everything else, all the way down what is going on in aleppo, how could you have mutual respect with someone like that? >> when you have a job definition and job scope, you compartmentalize things you're not thinking about. melissa: yeah. >> he has a new job scope. he has a new set of criteria he will be using and it will be in the political dim men shun, government to government dimension instead of oil company to government. melissa: yes. >> rex is a very accomplished individual who knows what he is abouand who knows what his job is. i think of him like a bit after
4:28 pm
rock of gibraltar, when it comes standing on his position and being able to articulate that position well to just about everyone. you don't push rex tillerson around. melissa: yeah. >> you treat him with respect he treats you with respect. melissa: some people say he has absolutely no experience as a diplomat. is that true. >> they don't know how the oil industry works and don't know how ceo of a major american international company works because if you don't have diplomatic experience, you don't become the ceo. the board wouldn't have you. and so
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. david: briefing planned for the house intelligence committee regarding possible russian interference in u.s. presidential elections has been canceled after intelligence agencies either refused to respond or said they were too involved in a review ordered by president obama. blake burman is standing by in washington, d.c., with the very latest on this. make? reporter: hi, there, david. members of the house intelligence committee appeared willing to fly back here to washington, d.c., on their holiday break to get this latest intelligence briefing on alleged russian interference in the november election. they were hoping to hear from the fbi, theç cia, the nsa and the office of the director of national intelligence. however, that meeting never took place as the intelligence agencies refused to provide briefers. here is what i was told earlier
4:36 pm
today by a top aide on the committee. i was told that the request was officially made for all four of those agencies on tuesday. and the cia declined saying it was too busy working on the president's review. the other three agencies had not responded as of last night. very likely following the cia's lead. after meeting with the president-elect, at trump tower earlier today, one committee member, congressman peter king in new york, he called it a disgrace. >> couldn't they have at least find the time to one, tell president-elect, and number two, tell the house committee on intelligence which is in charge of this? reporter: now david, i'm also told that the committee will still try to continue to get this meeting set up in the coming days or coming weeks, whenever it could potentially happen. also both republicans and democrats on the committee had expressed their desire to come back here to d.c. for that briefing. david? david: intel agencies don't want to talk on this one. blake burman, thank you very
4:37 pm
much. melissa. melissa: president-elect trump is preparing to take office whether celebrities likes it or not, but won't stop from a last minute desperate push urging republican electors not to vote for the president-elect on monday. >> what is evident is that donald trump lacks more than the qualifications to be president. >> he lacks the necessary stability. >> you have a decision. >> the authority,. >> the opportunity to go down in the books as an american hero. >> who changed the course of history. melissa: what is more compelling than celebrities begging americans to subvert the will of the people? i don't know, neil. i mean it is so compelling to me. not. >> you know, listen, hey i don't think necessarily hollywood types are the best to convince these electors but millions of americans are speaking out encouraging these electors to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to actually -- melissa: to do what the people in their districted voted for you mean?
4:38 pm
>> to check the power of people. listen, in federalist 68 -- melissa: check power of people who voted and sent them? >> in federal lift 68 very explicitly said purpose of electoral college interference in the presidency. melissa: julie. great. >> real legitimate concern -- melissa: there is legitimate concern that hollywood didn't win. and that liberals didn't win and that people are stupid and those who voted for donald trump obviously were just too dumb or too racist or to note -- hang on,. >> people voted for. melissa: julie, we always let california elect our president. that is why we have the electoral college. julie, dough you want to get a word in. >> i'm not sure people like martin sheen and b-list celebrities should have any say how the electoral college. martin sheen played president on west wing and has authority? ridiculous to me. if republican celebrities were out there doing this if hillary won it would be media frenzy.
4:39 pm
would say these people are frenzy. >> "charles in charge." melissa: irony is thick, this is hollywood celebrities trying to say let's subvert the will of the people. there is also this whole push to blame it on russia and say that they are the reason why donald trump won. and how upset we should be about russia, but at same time, hypocrisy, president obama was someone who made fun of mitt romney the last time around for saying that russia was a threat. listen. >> my, after my election i have more flexibility. yeah. governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize al qaeda is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what the biggest geopolitical threat facing america you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. the 1980's are calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, the cold war has been over for 20 years. melissa: but, neil, now, russia
4:40 pm
is a huge threat. before he is -- sounds like the jv squad. making fun of mitt romney saying the 1980s have called and they want their foreign policy back. today they're a threat. >> russian bear is awakened. putin will have a puppet in the oval office. really scary. melissa: as opposed to beginning of that, julie grace, speaking of puppets, wait until after the next election then i will have a lot more flexibility. that is actual recorded things president obama to medvedev asked to be passed along to vladmir putin. i will have more flexibility. who is the puppet in that one? >> exactly. feels like the clinton campaign wants to blame their loss on everything but their own mistakes. they didn't campaign in key swing states. they, i mean, blue states turned red in this election. that is now russia's fault. it is now people not listening to celebrities fault. every -- every single scapegoat out there. >> i will be first person to tell you it is truly horrendous
4:41 pm
that clinton campaign got it close enough that russian meddling could have played a role in this election. i will be first one to say that. but you can not -- melissa: only one to say that. >> russians, have played a role in this election. melissa: yeah. >> really disasterous role and supportive role clearly for donald trump. putin puppet. >> i think it is bipartisan concern that -- >> why didn't mitch mcconnell jettison effort to make sure it was out there before the elections. melissa: things that really existed of the i have guess, they exposed what was there. anyway. >> did donald trump's bidding. melissa: there we go, david? david: bold move from economist china. the nation is installing new weapon systems on all seven islands it has built up in the south china sea. this according to the center for strategic and international studies. they say quote, china built significant point defense capabilities on all of its outposts. this is a key trade channel by the way where taiwan, vietnam
4:42 pm
and philippines all claim territory. melissa: so is being called the biggest hack in history a billion accounts compromised. is yours one of them? what do you do now? answers are next. doesn't officially open until later tonight, but some trump supporters are calling for boycott of the new "star wars" movie. fat chance. i'm going to see it. i don't care. ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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4:46 pm
david: so are your kids. melissa: that's right. we already have tickets. david: yahoo! found out about a massive data breach three years ago that could have violated more than a billion user accounts, phone numbers, birthdates, social security questions, all stolen by hackers this is the second security breach revealed bit tech giant so far this year. so what do you do if you have been hacked? fox business's hillary vaughn has answers for us. hillary? >> hey, david, that's right. largest known cyber threat this internet history. saying it could have affected about a third of internet users. here is what you need to do if you have been hacked. yahoo! contact you and have you change your password. hackers may have the answers to your security questions, so you will need to change answers to those too. websites use back up security measures, asking for your mother's maiden name or name of first pet to help you get locked out of your account. here is the thing, hackers could use the answers to reset your
4:47 pm
passwords on other platforms. get even more of your personal data. so now yahoo! is beefing up its security and asking users to start using a two-set verification service they call yahoo! account key. it's a simple verification that sends you an authorization text whenever you need to log into your account online. now yahoo! says the hack happened three years ago but they're just finding out about it now. in fact, they didn't even know about the massive attack until law enforcement flagged the issue and handed over files they say had sensitive data belonging to their use. now cybersecurity experts say these accounts have been compromised for years and search served as lar source of identity theft if, could have been prevented yahoo! mon toured. they called mom yahoo! security measures reckless and urged users to close accounts! says credit cart
4:48 pm
information and credit card data was accessible to the hackers. david: little solace. hillary, thank you very much. your tax dollars at work. while you're saving up to the pay the tax bills, irs is racking up a huge travel bell for its employees. new details on the agency's luxury spending on your dime. plus taking the affordable out of the affordable care act. taxpayers expected to fork over billions of extra dollars to pay for skyrocketing obamacare subsidies. how all this could affect you and your next. you do all this research
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david: go up an additional $10 billion next year. so can we replace obama care before it bleeds us dry? here now, louisiana republican senator bill cassidy, also a doctor, joins us now. senator, good to see you. we put up how much these subsidies are going up, it goes from $32.8 billion all the way up to $42.6 billion because of the premiums going up. these are the subsidies, taxpayers are paying for. wint it be cheaper to cut a check for all those who are uninsured out of that 42 billion? >> certainly could do something cheaper than obamacare. i thought david you were going to speak about how the premiums that people are paying directly, not through taxes but themselves
4:53 pm
increased $10 billion. a friend of mine, he and his wife paid $39,000 a year. david: oh, my god. >> i put that on my social media because no one would believe me. co better. starts with repealing and replacing obamacare. david: add up all the costs, ones you mention, costs normal people don't need subsidies are paying for. plus the subsidies. plus the deductibles. a lot of people say they won't go to the doctor because they won't reach top of their deductible at 10 or $12,000. you wonder if this was, i don't mean conspiritorial a system designed to fail? president obama wanted single payer system, socialized medicine completely. do you think that is true they really designed the system to fail? >> barney frank certainly said at some point, hey, with this bill we'll get to single payer. people that wrote the unaffordable care act really believe in the ability of
4:54 pm
government to tell us how to live our lives and we do exactly what they say. our replace bills gives patient the power. once you give the patient power things get better. the thing that my bill does -- david: how do you unwind? this $10 billion is going to be needed next year. how do you unwind this massive change that obamacare meant for health care system in an orderly fashion without it costing billions more? >> you don't do it on a time. you have to have a period where one transitions out, the other transitions in. but with that, you do have the ability to lower costs. i have always advocated price transparency. if a patient knows that her blood test is $6 here and $50 there -- david: that would be great. >> she will go here. david: get competition back in the system. that is a perfect answer. the other questions though a lot of americans want an answer for is whether they will have more control over their own spending on health care. too many people think it is
4:55 pm
either the insurers or government or everybody else has control but i don't? >> i totally agree with that. obamace tells people the premiums, excuse me the things that they must purchase, therefore how much they must pay. as one woman told me, i'm 56 years old, i've had a hysterectomy, i don't need obstetrical benefits, pediatric dentistry. i'm paying for both. david: the answers seem clear now we saw the experiment play out, but jeez it cost billions of dollars for taxpayers so they could see the experiment fail. doesn't seem fair to the taxpayer. senator bill cassidy, great to see you. good luck on your work. you have a lot on your plate. meanwhile your tax dollars at waste and at the hands of the tax collectors. the irs spent nearly 1 1/2 million bucks on long-term
4:56 pm
travel for just 27 employees during fiscal 2015. that works out to $52,000 apiece. a lot of first class travel there. the report citing employees racking up huge bills at luxury hotels, grand hyatt, ritz-carlton in d.c., i can tell you they cost a lot. one employee rent ad four-bedroom townhouse in arlington, virginia for a year. that cost taxpayers nearly $60,000. while they're scrimping and saving spending it is not like their money because it is not their money. it is yours. the war on christmas reaching a new low, why happy holidays not enough to satisfy the pc police. wait until you hear this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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gary: so.
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>> so now even the word holiday is offensive. offering a series of tips how to make office celebrations quote, multiinclusive. call it end of the semester party, get over it folks. that is it for us, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: we're days before the electoral college vote, now full court press is on. russia hacked the election, end game deny trump presidency. welcome to "risk & reward" i am elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. to hopefully force a presidential election do every, narrative is russia swung the -- to hear mead and white house tell it. the sources have not been this sure of anything since they


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