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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> so now even the word holiday is offensive. offering a series of tips how to make office celebrations quote, multiinclusive. call it end of the semester party, get over it folks. that is it for us, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: we're days before the electoral college vote, now full court press is on. russia hacked the election, end game deny trump presidency. welcome to "risk & reward" i am elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. to hopefully force a presidential election do every, narrative is russia swung the -- to hear mead and white house tell it. the sources have not been this sure of anything since they
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reported that saddam hussein was hoarding yellow cake and weapons of destruction in iraq . actors who came into possession of hacked files, are one step removed from the russian government. that is it. "new york times" also cited sources who refused to testify . fbi has to make cases in court. they disagree with the leaks, they still say there is insubstantial evidence. rush there is no evidence that russia hacked or tampered with the vote, russia cannot hack the vote, most of the voting is not done on-line if they could, why done trump win the popular vote?
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and fact that democrats knew about the alleged hacking a year ago, why is it president obama never held anyone accountable like he threatened to? my next guest wondering the same thing, asking why alleged hacking is suddenly a national crisis. could it be because hillary clinton lost? president-elect trump transition team, vice chair, representative marcia blackburn of tennessee, joining me now, good to have you. >> good to be with you, thank you. liz: would the russian hackey story be a national crises if hillary won? >> i don't think it would be a national crisis. for the democrats, if hillary won, right now they are seeking justification for why they rather than saying, you know what we misread people, we did not have a good candidate, he did not take to
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the basics can campaigning and grassroots program. there you go, to them, it has to be someone else's fault, so to them it is the russian's fault. on want the other side are we concerned about cyberattacks. that hit. you know you can look at china, look at iran, and look at other nations, should this be a concern, and a growing concern to the american public? absolutely. should it be addressed through the proper course in? sure. i hope that congress will take updata security, and private see legislation. liz: cia refusing to testify before congress about these russian connects. congress is worried about leaks from intelligence, into the media. apparently the intelligence anonymous intelligence sources
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say it is too early on the investigation, new york representative peter kaine is working our nation's intelligence is being politicized. >> this violates all protocol, and almost as if people in the intelligence community are carrying out disinformation campaign against the president-elect of the united stayeds, this is disgraceful, if they are not doing it it must be someone in house or senate who is leaking fall -- false investigation there should be a full investigation of this. >> what evidence are you hearin hearing. >> since cia pulled their brief and would not deliver a brief, since you have leaks and a difference of opinion between the fbi and cia, you do not have clarity or anything that is certain or z many times you will hear people say, these are the
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known knowns there is confusion, we need to allow the house intel committee to do their job. and congressman kaine is right. when he talked about this effort, chairman nunez is right, when he makes the requests, and is trying to get to the bottom of what is tran spiring in our intel agencies because, people are very concerned about the compromising and political impact of information coming out of those agencieses. liz: but, the white house says there is ample evidence, that trump was working with the russians. that does not look like to be from intelligence sources. >> the republican nominee himself calling on russia to hack his opponent, this might be an indication he was aware and concluded based on
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whatever facts or sources he was -- he had available that russia was involved. republican nominee chose a campaign chair that had extensive lucrative, personal finis financial ties to the kremlin, and it was obvious to whose who cover the race that hack and leak strategy ha was operationallized. was not being equally applied to two parties into the k-o pa-- two campaigns. liz: okay the bill of indictment a car sastic joke -- sarcastic joke that trump made earlier. kellyanne conway responding. >> that is breath taking, i guess he is auditioning to be a political pundit, this is disappointing to hear from podium, white house press secretary, he is stated, that the president elect had knowledge of this, maybe
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fanned the flames, it is incredibly irresponsible, and i wonder if his boss, president obama agrees? liz: you know, th, also if russia hearush really hacked vote why didn't they have trump win the popular vote. >> i think also, if they were so en grossed. josh needs to remember it was prac brack to turn to move med and said let putin -- that was more of a coziness and a parttation he with with putin in ideas or building a relationship or something. >> is it striking that until
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the election, president obama kept saying there is no evidence that hillary's private server, that houses nation's secret there is no evidence it was hacked. now suddenly, a hack has happened. american people have to be what is going on, they don't get it. the sound bite that democrats keep using. >> russia if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press, let's see if that happens. liz: journalists looking at this story, and seeing reports, you know about what hillary said about private server not hacked then suddenly, sources say that was hacked, now this, trump said he was being sarcastic. but, josh ernest in the white house is rash els it up as --
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ratcheting up as if trump was serious, he was actually calling on russia to hack, is this the best they can do? >> i think it is, you go back toed mevedev . confrontation, and close thes and sar cas. of trump -- ca sarcastic joke . we have hacks daily, we have breaches daily, we have yahoo! that announced a billion accounts that were hit, you look at magnitude of hacking that is taking place, and you realize there has to be penalty that are put in place. liz: president obama step up when he was made aware of hacking? everyone agrees this is unacceptable, what did the white house do? >> it seems as if nothing has happened. we have tried too push forward
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with data security legislation. privacy legislation. and there has not been a willingness to worka, that i have no doubt, you will see this addressed early in the next congress. liz: thank you representative marcia blackburn. >> good to be with you. liz: same here. electorate college voters saying they are being harassed with a barrage of e-mails, phone call, letters and death threats to not vote for donald trump and block him from being officially voted in as president monday. we have michigan elect or. he told us about his harassment yesterday. >> i have been inundated with hundreds of letters to my house, facebook message, some were death threats, i had people threatening to put a bullet in the back of my mouth, people saying, to throw myself in front of a bus, and sending pictures of a noose, and if i don't agree i will be
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paying the price. they cannot sam accept the result of the election. liz: he is not alone, my next guest has received over 50 thousand threatening e-mails to change her vote since the election, joining me by phone, from arizona, sharon gizy . >> hello. liz: can you tell me more about the threats. >> they're not really threats i i just have all kinds of requests that, you know that i would change my vote, and you know, i am a trump supporters, i have been a trump supporters and i am not changing my vote. and so, they like to call, telephone calls are more where they want to get into a back and forth situation. liz: 50,000 e-mails is that correct? >> oh, i had tons, ever since right after the election, it started. and you know, like one day i
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had 12,000. and -- it is unreal, today i probably less today, i have had maybe 2500 or so. i woke up this morning there were over a thousand e-mails there. liz: just this morning, sharon, correct me if i am wrong about arizona state law, did does not bind you to vote along lines of popular vote, that i think is true in many other states, do you feel have you an obligation to follow the popular vote in our state? >> oh, i do, yes. i feel that the voters have elected my to represent them, and in casting this vote, and that i would vote for donald trump. i have no second thoughts about it. >> all right. sharon thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: next up, celebrities are now trying to pressure the
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electoral college to switch their votes, justifying argument by citing the constitution my next guest said blocking will of the people could not be more unconstitutional, we play more from the new act from tinsel town. >> republican members, this message is for you. as you know, our founding fathers, about the the electoral college to save guard the american people from the dangers of a demagogue. if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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college members to ditch the will of the people, and change their vote to what hollywood thinks. >> you, can make a difference. >> by voting your conscious on december 19. >> thereby shaping the future of our nation. >> i am not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm not asking you to vote for hill nil. hillary clinton. >> any eligible person, no matter when party they belong to. >> it should be someone you consider competent. >> come -- competent to serve as united states of america. liz: not quite what the law says. a group in hollywood begging to vote against president-elect trump. saying to be quote, heroes, it would take 37 of them to switch to deny trump the presidency, well let's take
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this to my political power panel. angeangela. is this constitutional? >> it is because they have freedom of speech. >> what they are saying to do. >> no, it isn't, first of all, condition we all just get along, famous words of rodney king. 6, limousine liberals will go to any length to feel like we're second cls citizens, i believe this is unconstitutional, american people have already spoken. the american people have already voted their conscious, let it go. liz: what do you think? >> i like that side eye, you said limousine liberal. i am looking at you, no, i am not a fan of this theory, i think that it would sauce so much trouble -- would cause so much trouble, we would probably see a civil war,
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there is a better way to fight back that is do well in 2018, and 2020, and take presidency back, i think it special to be talking about the electoral college in popular vote, this conversation of 2000 as. >> >> main reason i do television, i want people to be educated and make a choice, so yes, we should talk about electoral college you but the right way, not overturning an election. >> we're not going to overturn an elect, nota basis of potential russian hacks or electors they are not going to do that, they represent the people. >> i mean just the attempt to do it. >> feels like tinseltown pressure. remember trump supporters -- >> election day is tuesday november 8. >> i know this, because some famous actors told me. >> thanks famous actors. >> thanks famous actors.
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>> hey ar they are smarter than everyone else, that is when they think, we're just stupid, that is what hollywood thinks, where would be be without hollywood cluing us in to live. >> i think we would be hell in hand basket. >> we would be fine because hillary would be president. >> double standard, you know okay -- but, let's double standard on kanye west then. liz: wait, hang on. did celebrity endorsement like from jay-z and beyonce, and sally field help. >> no they did not, i have accepted the donald trump presidency. liz: angela. >> endorsement really don't make that big of a difference, i do think that harry
5:21 pm
belefonte enforced sanders, that actually game black folks a different choice, the bottom line, get over it all get along we're all americans, and it is time too build this country back up. liz: jessica, move on? >> moving opast whether we're overturn the election result, yes. and moving on past fighting back against certain a aspects of donald trump agenda. liz: what is that? you keep talking about it he is not even in office yet the donald trump agenda, have you though idea. >> head of ape suin epa. >> doubled under barack obama. liz: hang on hang on. >> barack obama did nothing. >> stay with me, he doubled federal debt -- >> did 20 million people get insurance. >> 9 million med said.
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>> let's not talk about how president ruined our healthcare coverage. >> you talk too those insured. >> i am one of those that is insured, it is having to deal with it, he messed up our health care system. liz: there is severe premium. >> you have said it. >> overall cost of the health care is down but premiums are up, donald trump capitalized on it he so. liz: okay we have to leave it there. >> the whole russia hacked the election narrative continuing, my next guest said there is no way that russians are responsible. he is judge andrew napolitano, he will be here teenin explain. >> here is that? it is a why? we caught him in the tower, should we call him -- well anywhere near the cabinet, he
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liz: we have more breaking news on incoming trump, making monica crowley senior director of strategic communication, and larry kudlow. chairs white house economic advisors, and steven miller is senior advisor, mr. miller appeared on hannity last night, he said that next phase is supreme court picks. >> are we getting originals on court. >> that is one first thing that is happening we're going to cabinet process right now, next is supreme court. list of 20 judges, we worked with a --
5:27 pm
>> we have it down to a few. >> people will love who believe that constitution should be interpreted as it was intended. liz: look who is here. judge andrew napolitano. you met with president-elect trump today, what was that meeting about? >> well, what mr. miller said is true, president-elect trump is nearing end of the completing the nomination are in cabinet and -- for the cabinet and turned his attention to supreme court, i think he began today soliciting opinions from a lot of people who watch and monitor, and read about and study and write about and lekurleclercture about utter -- lecture about the supreme court to get our opinions of the mentality of the judge he is looking for. that is what we talked about. what type of human being should he put on the court to fill the shoes of latenthony scalia and fulfill his
5:28 pm
political promises to people that elected him. liz: judge, this story about russian hack, and the election. you have excellent intelligence sources, and agencies saying that want indicate that -- you had a terrific column, you said, there was no hacking at all, can you explain that? >> yes, the people in the nsa, and in most american intelligence agencies are computer experts. they explained to me, there is a leak, and there is a hack, leaking consists of reveals the contents of e-mails for whom the e-mails were not intended. that is what happened to mrs. clinton, someone leaked her e-mails to wikileak, and
5:29 pm
wikileaks leaked them to the public. hacking occurs when someone remotely enters a computer operational system and alters the operational system, an example would be to remove cash from a bank account or remove names from a address booker on alter vote totals. is there evidence that leaking? absolutely, 50,000 of mrs. clinton's colleagues e-mails were leaked to wikileak. but there is no evidence of hacking, because if you wanted to alter vote totals, you would not hack mrs. clinton or the dnc, you would hack the various state registrars who record the names of people who are registered to vote and record what the votes are. liz: what do you make of their argument that wikileak swayed
5:30 pm
the elections and russia is to blame? >> well, i have not seen the raw data. we have 17 known publicly known intelligence agencies that the united states, they have all used same data, they get raw data from the nsa, because nsa for better or worse, has unfettered access to every fiber optic cable in u.s., it can obtain in real team every e-mail, text-message sent anywhere. that date was presented to cia anxieties, and -- agents and fbi agents, same data looked at by 2 different keeps one team, cia said the russians, fbi says not the russians. the people who work with fox news have seen it, they say there are no fingerprints of
5:31 pm
the russians on it whoever did this to mrs. clinton did not want her to win? who had that incentive? intelligence agent, names of whose undercover assets were revealed in her sloppy careless, reckless maintenance of state rec se -- secrets whose lives were jeopardized in the manner in which she maintained her secrets. liz: we have push to get electoral college members to change their vote. we did a story that even hollywood is trying to get them to change their votes, the question, is that constitutional too change -- change their vote? and i hope they don't change their vote because the reaction to it would be a dark time in american history, but yes, they can constitutionaly change their vote. the purpose of the electoral college was to separate the popular vote from the actual
5:32 pm
selection of the presidency, but the chances after that are so, so remote, your typical donald trump pledged elect or is a very, very, very strong supporters donald trump from long before he was elected. the chances of those people changes their vote, no matter what kind of pressure, is very slim. liz: state law then contusional law -- constitutional law which prevailed? >> the constitution is silent about how the election ors can vote. madison wrote the electionors have a free conscious, but state laws said, you better vote the way you promiseddoid we come after you -- promised otherwise we will come after you for fraud. liz: in japan thank you. jobs n. >> thank you. liz: remember the muslim team who claimed that 3 trump supporters called her a terrorist and attacked her on a new york city subway, it turns out she liednd was
5:33 pm
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liz: a mus muslim-american teen lied in new york for making up a story, that she was attacked. saying that 3 trump supporters tried to rip off and she said no one came to help her, she said that trump just promotes this stuff and ver very inmuslim. she was arrested for lying to the cops, saying she fabricated the story. afraid her father would find out about her out with her friends and dating a christian man. with dr. jaffer. this teen, went far with this story. she gave police a description
5:38 pm
of you know the alleged asa aokay -- assailant. >> hats off to police for getting the truth, and you covering this, there are two major issues, one is tribalism of misogynist. she had to lie to get a long in her family. that takes away bodily autonomy and ability of women to choose, fit that into a larger national narrative of islamist who want to separate us out of community, create political movement based on being muslim that is what muslim brotherhood that is what islamism circumstance they work together by exploiting women who feel they cannot act on their own, they tap into the grievance
5:39 pm
narrative and say that america hates them and use it to feed off each other. liz: the teen of seen in court with her head shaved, her parents forced her to shape of he shave -- shave her head to humiliate her. then, more than a thousand muslims protesting, blaming united states for the situation in aleppo. demanding a muslim caliphate in england. and france as well, protests in suburbs of paris, protests could be heard from speakers, they were describes you know "jihadi john," beheading people as quote, beautiful, they demand a caliphate, who are the groups behind these. >> these groups we know, they are larger than you would think, they are not just wacky, they are caliphate seeking groups that want to
5:40 pm
establish islamic states, they have conventions in chicago, and london, and multiple meetings, they are almost a final step in the conveyer belt toward radicalization, they are outing what a lot of islamist believes that is that the islamist state i is -- preferable to u.s. democracy. liz: doctor, how serious a threat is this in united states? >> it is beyond serious. right now, we have a whack-a-mole program that deals with violent extremism, these guys typify the most
5:41 pm
extreme of nonviolent extremism. there are millions in west that believe that, 20 to 30% of muslims do not believe in secular state, we have to start to monitor groups like this, and other types of muslim brotherhood sympathize groups? i would agree that war on woman is with the as -- islamist groups. >> absolutely this is part of the movement. a mosa -- that steals women's rights from them. liz: thank you for coming on. liz: college millennial stenning most of their time protesting fair election, now pushing for sanctuary campus. my next gift said they have something to learn. look at this picture, he went to work injured days after a
5:42 pm
car crash. why is he working? he wanted to buy his family christmas gifts. he is working, he wants to give to homeless. this man could teach millennials a thing or 2, more after this.
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liz: welcome back one teen's work ethic is going viral, a chick-fil-a customer was shocked to see a teen, behind the counter working with a neck brace and an ope broken arm, the worker was in a car crash just days prior but he needed money to buy christmas presents for his family and the homeless. >> he didn't' to let his team down by not showing up, but he also wanted to use money for
5:46 pm
christmas presents and feed home lose a homeless as well. liz: this is christmas spirit, bringing backs power panel to talk about this. jessica, we have millennials, they want safe spaces and playing with play doe and double cushion on campus, this guy seems like a great example for them. >> he is, i don't think he is a millennial, i think he is a teenager. what is that genz . >> these should be going viral, i think that everyone takes a lesson. best part is that he wanted to give to the homeless as well. this is something that living in new york we walk by people all of the time we give to too little thought. >> this is about sacrifice, about love, and joy and showing people you love how
5:47 pm
you feel about them, i think it is a great post irchild for millennials -- you know nothing wrong with working. you don't have to get everything for free, you are not entitled to get things, work pays off. liz: what do you think? >> that is right. inceveryone should volunteer as much as possible. and merry christmas. >> i will say that. >> that is my christmas gift right there. i got it. liz: what do you think, a go fund me page. raising money for worker to feed homeless. and goal was on the raise $2500, now exceeded that, we heard about people protesting acrosses -- christmas trees, and changing lyrics in christmas carols this is refreshing. >> so refreshing we have been so divided.
5:48 pm
it is so ugly, personal things, personal attacks that people are giving, and it is give me hope that we can heal. >> to see power of what can be done when we come together. >> you are happy about something. >> we are? >> i smile all of the time, i don't know why i have such a bad rap. i am the happiest liberal ever. >> a happy liberal? >> merry christmas and happy hanukkah. >> happy -- kwanzaa too. liz: a texas university trying to get to not say happy holidays.
5:49 pm
>> we're going to start saying merry christmas again.
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
liz: first people had a problem with the term merry christmas, now a texas university suggesting we take the word holiday out of holiday parties, at texas women's university, they put out a paper recommending that team call their december gathering, quote, end of semester party.
5:53 pm
saying not everyone has a holiday to celebrate in decembe december. the word could be offensive. and not ably t apply to them, pastor mark byrnes says this is an attack on christmas. >> this is a direct attack against chri christmas, against the american tradition of the american holiday. this is why donald trump is the next president of the united states of america, americans are tired of our american culture being stripped away, piece by piece, not being allowed in the american public. this is america. we can't be everything for everyone. we do have an american culture, and an american tradition. and it should be upheld, we're
5:54 pm
losing our identity to try to appease everyone, when this is america, we love apple by, ice cream, and pizza, and christmas. we say merry christmas in america. which is why i started work work work d -- www . save merry christmas. i am going to say merry christmas. liz: i would like to get next topic, an group demanding a removal of a memorial bench of veterans in a cemetary because it has the worl the word god on it. residents of town raised over 10 grand to keep the bench as it is with the word god in it,
5:55 pm
do you think a know an group that does not even live in the town have a say. >> absolutely t, let me say, in 8 athiest should be happy and thankful to the god they don't believe in they live in the united states of america. in other parts of the world, if you don't believe in the god that majority of the companirthe country believes in, you will be punished severely. those soldiers, they prayed before they went to combat, this is a this is horrible in highest form of offense, an insult to those soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice, so they have a write to not believe in the god that we believe in, this is still a
5:56 pm
faith-based country, the majority of americans do believe in god. liz: we have a short time left . >> you know, i am happy that donald trump is the next president, now, this country is coming back to our roots, coming back to our culture, and what has made america great, and believing in god, we're a country under god. that is how it is going to be in america. liz: pastor merry christmas to you. >> thank you, merry christmas. liz: next stop on trump tour. thank you tour, hershey, pennsylvania, we have details, on what time the president-elect may speak after this. on the best network. with no surprise overages, on the best network. you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use.
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liz: next stop on the trump victory tour, hershey, pennsylvania. lou dobbs will bring you special coverage tonight. thanks for welcoming us into your home. charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. celebrities joining a chore us of liberals urging electors not to cast their vote for donald trump. >> the constitution gives electors to vote for any eligible person. >> no matter which party they belong to. >> what is evident is donald trump lacks the qualifications to be president. >> by voting and other brave republican electors can give the house the


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