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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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expense of u.s. and our allies. >> common thread is that no one -- none of these bad actors has a fear for our president, unfortunately. >> they want to change the international order, that is when they are about doing. charles: general king than thank you very much. >> now lou dobbs. >> good evening, president-elect trump is i in -- hershey, pennsylvania for his 6th thank you rally to begin in moments, he and mike pence there are speaking at giant center, a 10,000 say the arena. in battle ground state of pennsylvania, trump beat clinton by more than 24,000 votes, we'll take you there, when mr. trump takes the stage, we have an a-list lineup of guests for you, ed rollins, former presidential candidate, governor mike huckabee will join us, and
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a-list of political analysts, including town hall guy benson, eboni williams and charlie hurt, mr. trump pushing back against bizarre allegations that russia somehow interfered in our presidential election, tweeting this, if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillarlost? former u.n. ambassador john bolton is with us as well. to ware on this, and trump today, formal eyeing one of his cabinet choices, nominating congressman ryan from montana to be secretary of interior. that leaves three cabinet positions to be filled. sources tell fox news, rnc, shawn spicer is leading
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contendor for white house press secretary, and trump chief of staff reince priebus reportedly joining the campaign on condition he and spicer were a package deal, that is case closed. our top story tonight, obama white house doubling down on the absurd claim that president-elect trump had prior knowledge about russia's alleged effort to hack into democratic e-mails during the campaign, senior trump advisor kellyanne conway blasting josh ernest for these remarks. >> republican nominee himself, calling on russia to hack his opponent. it height be an indication he was aware and concluded, based on whatever facts or source he was -- he had available to him that russia was involved. >> that is disappointing to hear from podium from house press secretary, he stated that the president elect had
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knowledge of this, maybe fanned the flames, it is incredibly irresponsible, i wonder if his boss, president obama agrees? lou: secretary of state, kerry today weighing in, saying he is not commenting on anonymous intelligence reports that russian leader vladimir putin, may be personally involved in the alleged hacking. an assersion that kremlin described as latch laughable nonsense. but he did say a -- >> high confident, we said in oc, high confident that russian government, directed compromises of e-mails from u.s. institutions, including political ocea organizations, and these thefts and disclosures were intended to interfere withure election process. lou: you are watching's wow
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white house that has now politicize the not only the agents and leadership but also his last month in office in which he is watching, if you will cannibal actions among though. -- those agency, clapper testified last month, that he lacked quote good insight to russian hacking. and now, the entire intelligence community refuses to brief congress on their conflicting claims, thank you, mr. obama. this is what you have wrought. here to talk about the obama's politicized intelligence and the grave harm to public confidence in our intelligence community, former u.s. ambassador to united nations, john bolton. ambassador, what is this
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nonsense that the secretary of state is now spewing. disregarding the remarks but repairing to previous harks in october. >> i think they have discredited themselves, i think this use of intelligence information for political purposes, is unpresidential on the part of barack obama. and i just think it is unacceptable for conduct by other high level officials, kerry was not worst of it this josh ernest quote today, let's be clear, what he said. implying that donald trump, knew about the hacking somehow, perhaps -- that is an accusation of treason against the unite the states, so when kellyanne conway said she wants to know whether the president agrees -- agrees -- lou: i'm sorry.
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it would be if not for silly nonsense he spews much of the time. he doesn't have standing to create much of a reacted, and he is comfortable staning before the national left wing press corps spewing that nonsense, and knows there are no follow-up questions or boring on of just what are you talking about, this is silly performance on his part. >> in parallel universe in which he and his mainstream press live, this is a very significant approach. but it is nonetheless, i think intended to have and will have effect of del de-- dally myselfing the trump presidency. and not just intelligence
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agents but the constitutional process, this is brok barack obama's legacy. lou: i would generally argue a couple point, not one it is not de-lyit -- legitimizing it. it is unserious, and unaligned with the institutions, they may' to delegitimize, but they have mocked themselves, and showing everyone what a, this is their legacy, silliness, absurdity. >> if mainstream media would report it. i'm not optimistic we'll wake up tomorrow and see in the newspaper a lot of anything. i don't have time for fiction
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these days, but they will not report this as having the implications it does, so a lot of people will not get the fuel picture. lou: a imperial point, read the home pages, front pages of washington post, and "new york times," they are so similar, as to be defiesment i information, they use a third their space to attack in their so-called news reporting, the trump -- donald trump, trump transition team, the trump administration in waiting. it is really vicious and nasty, and now so obvious. if i may, turn to the south china sea, your sense to what is going on there, china today, saying they have every right it is a right give up to themselves, that they would
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have these artificial islands constructed and weaponiz them, now. >> more dramatic evidence of just how dominant china is in the region, reason they think they have a right to do it is they claim south china sea is approve vicinity of china, they have a provincial capital they are building military bases in their view on sev republican chinese territory, unless someone, read, the u.s. of america does something about it, it will be, chinese will have their hands around the throat of every barrel of oil, that goes to japan, south korea, taiwan south china sea cares roughly 50% of all maritime commerce in the world as a whole, and watching it disappear under beijing control. thank you to barack oba again. lou: thank you barack obama but, soon, it will be donald trump as president of thez, what is he to do? >> well, i think he needs to
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to two things, politically hopefully, in inaugural address, make it clear that this kind of behave why are by china will not be accepted by the united states and ramp up the present of the navy there, so that chinese get the point, and what he said in campaign, he would do, rebuild american military, we need a dramatic increase in naval warship. wars. lou: that will take time. >> right, so in heene time, horizon ronald reagan did, demonstrate political well power not shrink from world stage but protect american interesting and protect open navigation of sea, and allies and friends in region. and assert american influence to protect what is rightfully ours. lou: ambassador, always good to have you with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: ambassador john bolton, we're awaiting president-elect trump's thank you really, tonight, hershey, pennsylvania, 16 degrees there but it feel like zero. i don't know that is much of a
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comforting comparison. inside that arena it is warm, and we know one thing. soon as mr. trump walks on to stage, and begins speaking the room will get a lot warmer. we're coming right back with more stay with us, we'll be right back. >> our president-elect trump is way ahead of schedule, and he is building one of the greatest cabinets in history. >> this is a donald trump project. under budget, and ahead of schedule. we are ahead of past presidents i think last 50 years. lou: 3 cabinet jobs remain, who'll trump choose. ed rollins will join me next. >> and disney world, not quite so happy, a group of out rained workers, suing disney, after the company outsourced their jobs and forced them to train their replacements. we'll have the story for you next, we'll be right back, stay with us.
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lou: we're awaiting the trump rally in hershey, pennsylvania . but first harry reid being himself, taking a parting
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swipe at james comey, one of the more venomous treatures in dc . >> i think it is about time that comey acknowledge publicly what a disservice he rendered to the country by doing nothing except interfering with the election, he became such a partisan he should be new chair of the rnc . lou: i would like to see harry reid himself make public acknowledgments of his short coming and awful contribution to the political landscape of e past 10 years. joining me now, veteran of 10 presidential can -- campaigns, republican strategist ed rollins.
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>> harry reid can start by apologizing to mitt romney for accusing him of false taxes 4 years ago for starter, he is the most partisan 57 person i have ever seen in washington, the quicker he is out of there, the better the system will work. lou: i think that the democrats are paying for the move, they would like him out. turn to this administration right now, learned there is no open contest for press secretary even there has been great discussion, someone within transition team, making it clear that, reince priebus and shawn spicer were a package deal, what has it been about? >> i have said before, no disrespect to the -- usually when thous hous white house is taken over by a candidate, in this case, i think that rnc
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has taken over. i think in this instance -- most of other people that help run will campaign are not a part of it. lou: it is strange, there has been no obvious public move on the part of president-elect to take over the rnc, and inverse. bringing in romney's niece to be head of it. >> if you are not going to appoint. then let them have their vote. there are 1 quic 86 or 87 members let them have a vote. lou: i'm not sure how democratic i would be either, i would want it my way, and president-elect having it his way. just, it is interesting, all discussion about those who
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wanted to be press secretary, and the deal was already baked. >> and people who were interviewed and talked about. lou: and the list goes on. ryan zinky, donald trump's secretary of interior from montana, 23 years u.s. navy seal, i think he is outstanding choice. >> he is an outstanding individual, the only mistake made the, they floated a very prominent woman leader in congress, for a few days. i think most people thought she was already in there. maybe i guess lesson is, don't jump to conclusions until donald trump say its. i think he is an excellent choice. lou: i am not one of these people who failed to learn that lesson, i wait patiently. >> i praised her for about 3 days.
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lou: she praise-worthy. >> she is, but we do need women in the cabinet beyond what we have. lou: all right, trump on his be ties. -- business ties, this is national media is running with this, and hammering him, we're still 32 days, to his oath of office, he as time, and says he will give us a clear indication. your thoughts? >> my thoughts that ethics law do not include president and vice president. this is a man who spent 35 years of his life building a huge business worldwide business, he should be able to turn it over to chiz children as he said, he promised to run presidentially full time 4 years and beyond, i think we ought to take him at his word. lou: he made no bones about it.
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trump also today he is making it clear as he continues his thank you tours, that he is going to be a man in front of the people. i think it is wonderful. what he is doing right now, you don't know there is a fellow named obama still in the white house. >> is in a guy? only way i know, they talked about him freeing all drug dealers and illegals, we'll see, someone recommending that, it could be his legacy. lou: i guess last part of what we have to take up, i hate to do it. russian interfering, hacking, i have to use correct language, hacking our election, have you 55 electors who want to be briefed on the situation, 54 are
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recalcitrant, bitter clinger democrats. >> they can be briefed on it, when the public circumstance they can pick up "new york times" and washington post, what they need too know right now is that voters in their state voted, and those who vote the for mrs. clinton is croat for mrs. clinton, and the 3102 voted for mr. trump will vote for him. the thins that have gone on in is most outrageous thing i heard in a long time in politics. lou: it looks like clearly, two things happening, one is that white house is involved. >> sure. lou: their roles, trying to insight what would be a real crime againsts american people. and our way of life and constitution. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. lou: ed rollins. >> well, on wall street today, some more good news, stocks closing near record levels, again. dow gaining 60, s&p you of 9,
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nasdaq up 20, volume on big board, 4.1 billion shares, yahoo! shares flunking 6% after yahoo! last night disclose a billion of its accounts were hacked in 2013, that is what i would call, as i said last night, material information. there is going to be trouble vunning tha troubsurrounding that represen revelation. >> a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coasta the salem radio network, up next, we're wait for president-elect to take the stage in hersy, pennsylvania, vice president on stage, we continue our coverage, in just moments, and when we come back, i'm going to say with a high level of confidence. president-elect will be on stage. stay with us.
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my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. >> this will extend to at least
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10 rallies, we understand. it's the center in hershey, pennsylvania. here he comes. the president-elect of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause]
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[crowd chants "usa"] >> merry christmas, everybody. merry christmas. i am here today for one main reason. to say thank you to the incredible people of pennsylvania. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] this is the first time the republican party has won the state of pennsylvania in over 30 years!
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we made history together. you propelled to victory a grassroots movement the likes of which the world has never ever seen. it's true. true. your drive, your dedication and love for your country pushed us across the finish line. and, boy, did we get across that line, right? [cheers and applause] the patriots in this arena tonight stood up for themselves and for their families and showed the whole world that the american people still run our country. [cheers and applause] i will never forget you. and i will never ever stop fighting for you. i will never ever let you down. believe me.
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what a state. what a state. well, i went to school in pennsylvania. so -- let me take a moment now to recognize your great congressman in attendance tonight. they were with me from the beginning. where is lou? tom moreno. and kim murphy. and i just see in the audience, i didn't know he was here. jeffrey l owrks rde. he fights so hard. jeffrey, they stack up 7-1, but he handles it.
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they stack it up against him. they are not happy with the results of this election, and it was a stampede. the camera just went off, folks. jeffrey, their camera just went off. i also want to give a special thank you to the men and women of the united states military. incredible people. we are in your debt. and we'll never let you down. as part of our commitment to those who served, we are going to rebuild our badly depleted military, and we are going to finally take care of our great veterans. we are going to take care, believe me. our defense policy can be summed up in three very important
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words. peace through strength. [cheers and applause] and we are going to get the military going, folks. we are going to negotiate tougher deals. do we agree? where we get more equipment for less money. for instance, you saw the other day about an airplane. i have a nice airplane. but this plane is going to cost $4.2 billion. air force one. i don't want a plane to fly around in that costs $4.2 billion. not going to happen. but we'll work with boeing. i didn't order it. but we'll work with boeing. we'll cut the price way down.wa.
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and how about the f-35 fighter? it's a disaster it's totally out of control. so we are going to get more equipment for our military and we'll get better equipment for our military at a smaller price. does that make sense? believe me. we are also going to stop trying to build new nations in far off lands, many areas you never even head these places. okay? we are going to stop. we are going to be so strong, we are going to be so respect. we are going to be so powerful, we are not respected now, and believe me it's going to turn. and we'll have this great incredible powerful it in, but you know what? i don't think we are ever going to have to use it. that would be very, very nice. america first, be very, very nice.
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it said my administration will focus squarely on the vital national security interests of the united states. and that means crushing isis and defeating radical islamic terrorism. we are going to defeat it quickly. [cheers and applause] but to be a strong nation, we must also be a wealthy or a rich nation. so peoplespay, in trump, now, they say mr. president-elect. can you believe it? can you believe it? just call me donald, folks. just call me donald. they say mr. president-elect, it doesn't sound good when you say rich nation.
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i say we have to be a rich nation if we are going to rebuild our military. if we are going to build the wall, we have to be a rich nation. if we are going to repeal and replace obamacare we have to know what we are doing. and we have to be a wealthy nation again. whether it's building cars, producing steel or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here, right here in america and right here in the great state of pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] and i have to tell you about pennsylvania. so you know, they were all saying, you just don't win pennsylvania. everybody thought for years and years they would win
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pennsylvania as a republican. they call it the bride that got away. right? this is such an important state. and they were saying he won't win it. he's down in the polls. i didn't understand it because all of these gentlemen back here, and these are tremendous people that love you, your congressmen, they were saying every yard in pennsylvania has a trump-pence sign, right? and we go to rallies -- look at size of the this place. every corner is packed. hey, press, turn the cameras. show them, show them. most dishonest people. these are dishonest people. are any cameras turning? they never turn. they never turn. [crowd booing] very dishonest
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people, very, very dishonest people. you have know, the only way you know how -- you take a look at this crowd. sphonl way people sitting at home know is by the sound. by the sound. that is not sound of 500 or 1,000 people, folks. and outside it's freezing and we have 8,000 people standing out there listening. so pennsylvania is an amazing place. and i have been hearing -- i don't know if you want me -- we are doing a thank you tour. thank you, ohio. thank you iowa, thank you to the different places where we won, swing states mostly, but
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different places that we won. and we won in a landslide. this was landslide victory. this was a landslide. and so we went to mitch a began. how about mitch can and wisconsin. how good was that? that was on top of everything. they didn't want to call pennsylvania. you saw that. right? remember? it was stuck at 99% all night long. and if i lost 100% of the remaining votes i would have won by a lot of votes. but it was stuck for hours and hours. i don't know if they did that because they were so devastated at what was happening or because they wanted to keep it going because -- did you hear the audience they had. the audience was record-setting and i think they wanted to prolong the evening for
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commercial's sake. but it's one of those two reasons. maybe it's both. but i will tell you -- i have been saying this the other night in wisconsin. i'll give you a recap of the night. should i? we'll make this recap pertain to pennsylvania, right? we don't have to talk about the other ones. but it is true. i have been hearing for a long time that everybody leaves pennsylvania thinking they won, republicans, and again almost 30 years, they lose by a lot. so i thought we were going to win. these three characters were saying don't worry about it, mr. trump, you are going to win. moreno said i have been doing this for a long time, i guarantee you victory. i said write it down. he said no, i'm not doing that. i want guarantee. but right from the beginning they were with me.
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the only problem was, i kepting all these things nobody ever wins pennsylvania even though they think. the evening begins. ohio, what a great place. it's hard to win states when you don't have the governor, right? pretty hard. [crowd booing] but it would have been nice if he called a couple weeks earlier. but he called an has been very nice. but, we were supposed to win joe ohio by 2 or 3 points and we won it by almost 10 points. so that was good. you know, we got those bad exit polls. you know they were phoney polls. what they don't know is what is the purpose of them doing phoney polls when you will know the real answer in three hours? what are they doing?
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they can't help themselves, right? we got bad exit polls. we thought based on the exit polls it would and short evening, mean bad. jared was here and ivanka, they called and said, dad, i got home from michigan at 4:00 in the morning. i made a speech in michigan write started speak at 12:30 in the evening. that was election day. that was my 7th speech of the day. 7th. and the crowds are all like this. and you know the beauty about a crowd like this, the place was packed. but there is a difference between before the election and after the election. before the election you are like wild animals. we are going to win. they are screaming "jail, jail, prison."
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they are going crazy. they are screaming we want the wall, we want the wall, build the wall, mr. trump. we are going to build the wall, don't worry about it. but it is true. i was telling somebody backstage. now the crowds are amazing. and you know it's hard to get a big crowd after an election. if somebody else, a normal person came after an election even after a victory you would have 15 people. and this place is packed. this is a big stadium, by the way. but there is something different about a crowd before the election like when i was here a few weeks ago, and after the election. before the election they are brutal. they are so crazed. you are like crazed people.
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and that's good, i like that. and now -- and now you are laid back. on ward, mr. trump, on ward. it's great, it's beautiful. in other word, you have won and you feel great by the, and you don't have to go totally wild. what's different? it's much different. lou: donald trump talking to 10,500 people. he's exactly right. the place is full to the brim. back to mr. trump. [crowd chants "usa, usa"] we had to win pennsylvania. by the started off with ohio, a big, big victory.
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texas, georgia and utah, right? because they started off about two months before the election. now, you just don't lose texas as a republican. you don't. and you don't lose georgia, and you don't lose utah. jeffrey, has utah ever been lost? you know what he says? he's like ronald reagan. that's good. donald trump is like ronald reagan. we love you, jeffrey. this guy takes up abuse on cnn. do we love him? i hope he's getting paid a lot of of money, because he deserves it. but it's incredible. what happened is they are saying texas is in play. right? texas? i said texas hasser in been in play. i go to texas and make a speech. we have an arena bigger than
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this one and it's packed. 10,000 people outside. they say texas is in play. then they say georgia. georgia we are supposed to win by a lot, than had me even. then they say utah, and utah they have this character. i necessity saw a guy like this. this guy was like horrible. and they said, the third party candidate looks like he's got trump -- my wife looks at him and says you are not going to lose. she knows more than these dishonest people. and they knew it. they knew it. so what happens, you know what happens. they had a record audience, the biggest they ever had. and the polls open. and now they are closed.
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and now they go on live all over thecountry, really all over the world. and the first thing they do, fox has gone to donald trump. i said what happened? and they always started off with we have breaking news, right? we have breaking news. like 12 seconds after the show opens. this was suppose to be late in the night. we have breaking news. texas has gone to donald trump. i said that's good because i'm a little worried. that's why nobody believes these people. then about 1 seconds later. we have breaking news. georgia has gone to donald trump. [cheers and applause] then again, the state of utah. i love utah. i couldn't believe i was tied.
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this guy, this guy, nobody ever heard of him. nobody. and he was saying, if he wins utah, he thinks he can wined the whole thing. i don't understand. i'll tell you, what he could have done if he won utah except that we won by so much, he could have stopped us from appointing supreme court judges. that's what he could have done. sort of a bad guy. so i watch this guy and i hear that basically i'm tied in utah. and the third one they go, we have breaking news, utah has gone to donald trump. thank you. [cheers and applause] so now i have these flee that are like solidly -- we won by -- utah, did you see how many
7:47 pm
points i won by utah? this wasn't even close. he said huge. they are all huge. okay. then they go toio, then they go to iowa where i just appointed the great governor of iowa, terry branstad, the longest-serving governor in our country's history, 24 years almost -- to the ambassador of china. he loves china. whenever i speak in iowa, he says donald, would you do me a fave, please don't say anything bad about china. so i didn't. but i just appointed him ambassador to china. he likes them and they like him. he likes them a lot and they like him a lot. so now we start talking. i was expected to win ohio but not by nearly as much. i was expected to win iowa but not by over 10 points.
7:48 pm
nobody wins iowa. so this is like a good story because when my kid told me about the exit polls which were nonsense i thought, well, i can't work any harder so i don't feel that bad. i still felt bad. until the real polls opened up. then we go down to florida and we start, and we started leading and leading and we are leading and we haven't even gone the our area. boy do we love the panhandle, right? we are leading a little bit. just a little bit. then they go on the air, the opponents. we'll win the state of florida. some guy i never even heard of this guy. he said we'll win the state of florida and i said wait a minute. i'm leading by a little bit and my voters haven't caught on yet. he knows what i'm talking about. all of a sudden they have
7:49 pm
another consultant come out. they probably paid this guy $15 million for destroying her campaign. these consultants are the worst. in the old days if you spent less money and win, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. that's a good thing. i spent much less money. we spent a fraction of the money. and won. i have these guys say, hillary clinton has spent much more money than donald trump. when i say much more, i'm talking seriously. then they say much more money than donald trump. and mr. trump is ahead by 1 point, by hasn't spent enough money. i spent less money and i'm ahead. remember this for the kids in the audience. if you can spend less money and win, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. so we go to florida and all of our people around.
7:50 pm
people saying how they will win florida. and they say we have no doubt we are going to win the state of florida. then there was a story about all the buses. they had buses lined up all over florida. you know who used the buses? my people. they got into the buses and they were all people with a red hat make america great again. so the bus driver doesn't care. are the seats full, let's go. they don't care. thank you for those buses. so they are going to win florida according to her pun did and geniuses and pollsters. we have breaking news. donald trump has won the great state of florida. by a lot.
7:51 pm
then the same pundits get on. i had a great conversation with president obama. i said to him -- no, no, no [crowd booing] this foolish guy josh earnest, i don't know if he's talking to president obama. he's so bad the way he delivers a message. he can deliver a positive message and it sound bad. he could say ladies and gentlemen, today we have totally defeated isis, and it wouldn't sound good. all right? i have a feeling they won't be saying it, but i know we'll be saying it. but the president is very positive, by's not positive. maybe he's getting his orders from somebody else? could that be possible?
7:52 pm
but i said, when do you think you lost and we won? i will say this from everybody's standpoint. whenio came out with those huge numbers, and then -- huge, then we won florida. so now the pundits go out again. and they are talking about the great state of north carolina. we love north carolina. right? the great state of north carolina. they say there is no way. you have to see how much more money they spent than us. but those buses were comfortable for our people. you have to see how much money they spent in north carolina. and they said, north carolina -- south carolina was great. so i have texas and georgia and iowa. everything. now we are coming up.
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andio, big state. that was the other thing. you cannot win as a republican unless you win ohio. remember that? then we won ohio. so it's looking good. then we won florida. but north carolina was our fire wall. remember they said we can't win in north carolina. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news, donald trump has won the state of north carolina. [cheers and applause] and now, you see these absolutely terrible, terrible destructive people -- they are getting a little nervous. they are getting a little nervous. john king is good with a map. but his hand is starting to shake. because remember they said, before the election, there is no
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path to 270 for donald trump. but there is a path to 306. [cheers and applause] so now we, i north carolina. and now we get up to pennsylvania and we are just doing great in pennsylvania. i won it twice, right? because i point then we had a scam operation. let's ask for a recounted. we won it again and we won wisconsin and michigan michigan. i hope someone else asks for a recalculation, we won three or four or five times. they did a full recount in wisconsin and i received 138 votes more. i got more votes. scam. remember i told you it's a rigged system. that's terrible. and not rigged for us, believe
7:55 pm
me it's the other way around. now we come up to pennsylvania. and i see we are going to win. i start doing interviews. if we win pennsylvania it's over, right? now i'm doing interviews because it's at 99% and there aren't enough votes for them to even come close. so people are saying you can't do interviews now. i said why not, there is no way. i felt very comfortable. but what happened? now, you watch john king, the hand is shake, quivering. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won wisconsin. now, that wasn't suppose to happen. right? then he goes, you can see he's getting ready to throw up all over. ladies and gentlemen, then they go, we have breaking news -- i kept waiting for pennsylvania.
7:56 pm
they said ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of michigan. now they are going, whoa! wisconsin hasn't bin won for 38 years, hitch began hasn't been won by that or longer it's like crazy. and love pennsylvania. but we didn't even need you guys. isn't that terrible? they waited so damn long. they took all of your glory away, rob and david did great jobs. david and rob, what a job. sow now we win the state of pennsylvania and it's over. i'll tell you what, it was an amazing evening. and the people on espn sports people, they said, it was the single greatest events they have
7:57 pm
ever seen. they have seen football, and baseball and boxing, and they said sit was the greatest. i just want to thank the incredible people of pennsylvania. okay? thank you, thank you very much. thank you. [cheers and applause] in four years we are going to win it by even more. all right. let's get back on the subject of jobs. right? you know that's what we are here for. enough with this stuff. for years the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of your state and ripped out of our country like we are a bunch of babies. foreign powers have gotten rich bleeding america dry because we
7:58 pm
have people that don't know what they are doing or worse than that. and our politicians stood by and did absolutely nothing, and that is now all about to end. and it's going to end quickly. the era of economics surrender is over. you the people of pennsylvania are finally going to have a champion that fights for you in the white house. because from now on it's going to be america first. remember that. people talk about how we are living in a globalized world. buft relationships people value most are local. family, city, state, and country. local, folks, local. there is no such thing as a global anthem.
7:59 pm
a global currency or a global flag. do we love our flag? do we love our flag? [cheers and applause] [crowd chants "usa"] >> we salute one flag, and that is the american flag. and we are going to make sure the american flag gets the respect it deserves. all right? you know when i watch the news at night and i see these punks burning the flag and stomping on it, and burning it, no good. no good. we are going to maybe have to do something about that. what do you think?
8:00 pm
yes? patriotism will be celebrated in our cities and taught very, very strongly to our children. and that patriotism will be the foundation of our economic plan bringing jobs back to america. we are bringing our jobs back, folks. they have been ripped away. that's why we are going to lower our business tax, we are going to -- we are going to lower our business tax big league from 35% to 15%. right now we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world, and we are going to be along the lowest. and we'll have jobs come pouring back. we want to bring in new companies and new jobs to our shores. that's also why we are going to eliminate job-killing regulations. cancel many executive orders,


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