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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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yes? patriotism will be celebrated in our cities and taught very, very strongly to our children. and that patriotism will be the foundation of our economic plan bringing jobs back to america. we are bringing our jobs back, folks. they have been ripped away. that's why we are going to lower our business tax, we are going to -- we are going to lower our business tax big league from 35% to 15%. right now we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world, and we are going to be along the lowest. and we'll have jobs come pouring back. we want to bring in new companies and new jobs to our shores. that's also why we are going to eliminate job-killing regulations. cancel many executive orders,
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and lift the restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal. [cheers and applause] and we are going to put our miners back to work. okay? get ready. get those shovels ready. another critical element of our jobs plan is the historic $1 trillion investment in our crumbling infrastructure. our infrastructure is going to hell. we are going to fix our infrastructure. you know, we have spent as of two weeks ago $trillion in the middle east. -- 6 trillion in the middle east. we could have rebuilt our country three times over. and right now we are in worst shape in the middle east than we were 15 years ago when we started by a factor of 10.
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our bridges are different. our roads are in -- bridges are brudges, tunnels, and railwa all across our nation. we are going to do it. and we'll build it on time, on budget. not for three times way it's supposed to cost. and we'll put our people back to work in the process. it's time to help get americans off welfare and back into the labor market. rebuilding our country with american hands and american workers. we are going to rebuild our country. we'll do it ourselves, folks. my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. [cheers and applause]
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at the center of this agenda is fixing our absolutely terrible trade deals. nafta one look at that. it's been defective for 28 years it's been defective from the day it was signed. pennsylvania, congratulations, because you are at the bottom of the pack in this, has lost one-third of your manufacturing jobs since nafta, just about as bad as there was in other countries. though i must say michigan and a couple other places have done worse. and you are all going to do great now. we are bringing those jobs back. america is now running -- listen to this -- a nearly $800 billion annual trade deficit. all these people, they work and make these trade deals. we lose almost $800 billion a year. who are these people?
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any business people in this large, large audience? hard to believe. almost $800 billion a year. and we never make good deals. i said to my people today, they are going over to mexico, doesn't work. china is all-time record setting. we have a $500 billion trade deficit. all of these places. i said give me a good deal. we don't deal with anybody. it's almost amazing that our country can even make it. but it's not going to make it for much longer if we don't get this thing going. think of it. it's so terrible. we have lost -- and this one i can't believe, i say it all the time. we lost 70,000 factories since
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china joined the world trade organization. i used to say, who signed it. who support it. we don't carry inmore. you know who i'm talking about, right? i don't care, it's a disaster it's the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. nobody has ever lost like we lost. all because we got sold down the river by stupid politicians or corrupt politicians. all right? except for these three guys down here. they are great. a trump administration will defend american industry. and it will defend the american worker. you have got to be defended. it will defend the american worker. boy, did we come out and vote. they forgot about the american work. they talked about everybody --
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we'll do this group and that group. women, thank you very much. women. [cheers and applause] thank you, women. i was getting killed. these polls were killing me. donald trump has almost no women. then i would come and see these signs. look at those signs. i would see these pink beautiful signs. we did great with women. we did great with the african-american community. remember? remember the famous line? i talk about crime. i talk about lack of education. talk about no jobs. and i would say, what the hell do you have to lose, right? it's true. and they are smart and picked up on it like you wouldn't believe. and you know what else? they didn't come out to vote for hillary. they didn't come out. thank you to the african-american community.
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thank you to the hispanic community. [cheers and applause] the hispanic community was great. they all heard the wall, and guess what? people in our country legally, if they are hispanic, they don't want people coming in and taking their jobs. they don't want people coming in and take their home. they want to see safety. sow the hispanic community was fantastic. and the evangelical christians, unbelievable. we set records. and i shouldn't say this. this is terrible. but a couple our pass towards, pastor jeffress, a couple of them. how about billy graham and his son franklin graham. and paula white. they would say donald trump may
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not be perfect, but he's going to be the best leader by far. right? may not be perfect. they were great. what great people. we set an all-time record in the history of elections in this country with the evangelicals and that is really cool. and that includes what happened in the primaries. remember in the primaries i was going to lose to all theseates f evangelicals. then i would win by 22 points. like south carolina, kentucky. they were all saying, wow, donald trump is doing fantastically with the evangelical christians. but we did even better in the general election. we had the all-time highest vote in the history of the election with evangelicals.
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our goal is to bring back a very beautiful phrase. do you remember when we were young, some of you are don't remember because you are so young. we have a young audience. do you remember we had stamped on cars and equipment, made in the u.s.a. right? made in the u.s.a. even the young people like it. and frankly fit said made in japan or someplace else, it wasn't considered good. we are going to ing back made in the u.s.a. and we'll have a lot of jobs come back. we'll have a lot of jobs. and you know what? if companies leave and fire their workers, they leave pennsylvania or leave indiana or leave any one of the states we are talking about, or any state in the union, they leave and they go to mexico or some other country, plenty of them. and they think they are going to
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fire everybody, and they are going to have their product come right through those weak borders, those borders will be so strong now. they will sell that product and that product isn't going to be taxed probably at a rate of 35% for the people that leave. here is what's going to happen. the people that write the articles, they say donald trump is not a free trader. i'm a smart trader. here is what we are going to do. you are going to put that tariff on, carrier was very nice. i have to tell you. the people that did go down there, it will be hard to sell that product back in, but we won't talk about that. but carrier was fantastic. i hope you go out and buy some carrier air-conditioners. they are one of the few left in this country. i told the people at carrier, you saw the publicity it got. and we have thousands of people,
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families that are going to have great christmases in indiana now because of that. but i told them, you are going to make up a lot because you are going to do a lot of business. a lot of people are feeling strong about what they did. but it's going to be that they will have consequences. when they leave our country and think they are going to sell the product back over our border, no tax, no nothing it doesn't work that way forther countries. you look at what china is doing. china taxes our products coming into china big league. and they don't want us anyway. when you look at other countries. when you talk about free trade it's free for them and not free for us. that's the what it is. but we have to be a rich nation again. and we have to be a safe nation. the murder rate in the united states is the largest that it's
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been in 45 years. nobody knows that. they don't say that. they don't want to hear it. and we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement and we are going to bring this terrible crime wave to an immediate end. and it can go quickly. one of the greatest public safety threats re-mains open borders. i always say, there goes your safety, there goes your country. we'll build a great, great wall, and we'll put an end to illegal immigration and we are going to stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning the yoh of pennsylvania and every other state. we'll stop it.
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[cheers and applause] we are going to build the wall. we have to. the border patrol. you know this. 16,500 great people. their joins much tougher when i win because we are going to enforce the laws. they endorsed me. first time they ever endorsed a presidential candidate. i.c.e. the men and women of i.c.e. they are smart, they are tough, they love the country. they endorsed us. not me, it's us. the first time they ever endorsed. it means you have to work harder. but these are people who know what they are doing. we are going to break up the gangs pant cartels and the criminal syndicates. tear rising our cities and our neighborhoods.
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and they are being tear rides. take a look on long island, new york and take a look at what's happening out there it's really bad. and our local police know exactly who they are and want to do something about it. and they are being stopped. so we are going to work on that and get a safe country, to protect our country from terrorism and extremism. i will suspend immigration from regions where they cannot be safety processed or vetted. [cheers and applause] we'll keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country! [cheers and applause] we'll keep them out. we have enough problems. we got enough problems, right?
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we have to bring our jobs back. we don't want problems. and we'll build safe zones. when i look at what's going on in syria, it's so sad. and we have to help people. and we have the gulf states. they have nothing but money. we don't have money, we owe $20 trillion. i will get the gulf states to give us lots of money and we'll help build safe zones in syria so people can have a chance. so they can have a chance. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our plan as well. we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] i will impose a five-year ban on executive branch officials becoming lobbyists and lifetime ban on officials becoming
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lobbyists for foreign governments. and i'll tell you what else i'm going to ban. when we have our purchasing agents giving out billions of dollars in contracts to the military and all of these people where they are buying airplanes, you see these tremendous cost overruns. take a look at the f-35 program. take a look. and the people that gave out those contracts be give me a break. we are going to oppose a life-time ban on people these moolsive contracts out or even small contracts one want to work for the youths, you work for the united states. you are not going to go to work for the people who build these planes and people that do the drugs with all of the different things. you note cost of drugs in this country. we are about the largest purchaser of pharmaceuticals anywhere in the world. and yet we knlts negotiate the price. i wonder why?
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you don't think it has anything to do with the drug company? we are going to out up. we'll face many challenges. but this is truly an excitingtime to be alive. -- an exciting time to be alive. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page will read tomorrow. but for the first time in a long, long time, what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you and you. [cheers and applause] you, the american people, will finally be in charge again. your voice, your desires, your hopes and aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears. the forgotten men and women of our country will not be forgotten anymore. remember that.
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you sure as hell weren't forgotten on election day, were you. you hear some of them are saying where are all these people coming from? together we'll raise incomes and create millions and millions of great new jobs. we'll repeal the disaster known as obama care. and create new healthcare reforms that work for you and your family. we'll reestablish the rule of law, defend the second amendment, protect religious liberty, and appoints justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united
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states. [cheers and applause] we'll heal divisions and unify our country. we'll be a unified country again. when americans are unified, there is nothing we cannot do. no task is too great, no dream too large, no goal beyond our reach. my message tonight is for all americans from all parties, all beliefs, paul walks of life, whether you are african-american, hispanic american or asian-american or whatever the hell you are, remember that we are all americans. and we are all united by one shared destiny.
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[cheers and applause] so i asking everyone -- [crowd chants "usa"] so i'm asking everyone to join this incredible movement, and that's what it is. all overred the world they are talking about what's happening here. all over the world. pundits have said -- and i mean punditsed that truly dislike donald trump have said this is the single greatest political phenomenon they have ever seen. and it's about you, it's not about me.
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i'm asking you to dream big and bold and daring things for your family and country. i'm asking you to believe in yourself again and i'm asking you to believe in america. if we do that, then all together we will make america strong again. [cheers and applause] we'll make america wealthy again. [cheers and applause] we'll make america safe again. and we'll make america great again. thank you, thank you pennsylvania. thank you. god bless you, merry christmas, thank you, pennsylvania. thank you. [♪]
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lou: donald trump saying thank you to the great people of the great state of pennsylvania. i don't know many politicia who could say to a state -- these other states took your glory because the nasty media wouldn't call it based on the election results. pennsylvania should have been the 8 that put him over the 270 limit. the honor was deferred because the networks as he sees it unjustly withheld the vote pennsylvania in their calculations, their decision desk. again a stem winder of an address, an absolutely delighted crowd. by the way, not only was that at capacity as donald trump said. it turns out the estimates are 12,000 to 13,000. 2,000 to 3,000 people more than it's supposed to be.
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don't tell the fire marshals. fox news channeling me charlie hurt, guy benson, gentlemen, good to have you here. your reaction to what is obviously a delighted audience as he recounts and relives election night and morning. they love it. >> i like this idea of a thank you tour and a big thank you is owed -- can you hear me, lou. lou: thank you. >> i like this idea of a thank you tour. and there is a big thank you owed to the people of pennsylvania from donald trump's perspective given the fact that state had not gone for a republican presidential ticket since 1988. donald trump point which is a big deal. i'm watching donald trump speak
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and he says no other normal person or politician could have a thank you tour that everyone would show up to. and it's indisputable. 12,000, 13,000 people after he has won? i think the political genius of it, it keeps his message front and center through this dead period in the media typically. but he's getting the rallies out there and forcing the media to come and unfiltered carry his mess and night in and night out across the country. lou: the dead periods that were typical customary in the past are dead and gone right now. there is something going on every single day. i have never seen a transition like this. i don't think anyone has. there is such intense interest in everything donald trump does, is thinking about or is purported to be thinking about. charlie?
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>> he clearly enjoys it so much. he thrives off of it. i think once we get done with the thank you tour he will have a thank you for the thank you tour just so he can keep doing these things. andy is right. it's brilliant politically. he may not be reaching a lot of new people yet the way he might be able to do if he had a lot of successes legislatively here in washington. but from the perspective of all the lawmakers -- that's who he has to negotiate with to get all the things don't wants to get done here. if you think about it from the perspective of lawmakers. they are watching this. he might not be able to turn people away from certain politicians, he can cause all kinds of problems. and it's not just republicans. you have got democrats in places like pennsylvania watching these rallies going on and they are scratching their heads and shaking in their boots.
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nobody gets scared quicker than a politician. these democrats in pennsylvania and other states that he took for the first time in decade, it will make a big continues when it comes time to make a negotiating on capitol hill. >> i think that's such an interesting point there. let's say we flash forward a couple months and there is a obamacare debate about repeal and replace and the democrats are refusing to vote on any replacement plan for dahm ware temperature there are 10 democrat senators up for election in 2018 that represent states that do if he takes this tour on the road and goes state by state to shame and name these senators and draws these gigantic crowds to pound away a message about replacing obamacare and this person is in the way, that could be a potent bullhorn for him to use the way other politicians
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haven't in the past, certainly not presidents. lou: i think you are exactly right. and to the point, charlie. you don't see u.s. senators, you don't see congressmen in their districts able to draw a crowd. when we look back on this campaign, donald trump pulled up in trump force one to a hangar filled to overflowing and gave his speech and moved on to another hangar. he can walk into hershey, pennsylvania and in this cold within it feels like zero, and they will stand in line for hours for a thank you tour that no one would have even considered conducting until he invented the process. >> at a time when politicians have never been held in lower regard, here is a guy -- the thing that he's done is he
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transcends politics. and he transcends politics in the same way president obama did 8 years ago. he was able to talk directly to people with this level of enthusiasm. but donald trump is kind weaponizing that enthusiasm at this point and doing it very smartly. the other big difference, when president obama won 8 years ago everybody lamented because the politics never seemed to end it was the endless campaign. the endless campaign is continuing. it's just that it seems like donald trump -- there is a method toed madness. he's driving it towards real concrete victories. underscoring the point that -- i think has been missed in much of the media throughout the campaign, that his campaign has been about issues, has been about things that he wants to get done. lou: and styled as a populist. you can almost see the
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traditional media sort of stiff when they use the word populist. bit' the people. he's giving the puny left fits because they have lost their constituencies in a very real sense. he is reaching out. a republican as he did tonight in hershey, pennsylvania, thanking the african-american community, thanking the hispanic community. talking about no matter what walk of life or dem kraict you are in or as he put it or whatever the hell kind of america you are, we are all americans. you find a message that resonates deeper and more meaning any with americans than that, and i will give you the prize. i think he has the ultimate message. what do you think, guy? >> that was his windup at the end.
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that script that's working for them where he's calling for unity and healing and shared identity. let's get this done for america. this resonates with a lot of americans who didn't necessarily vote for him. he's still under water in terms of fave built. lou: in all respect, whoever's poll it is, polling hasn't meant a damn thing to donald trump. i don't any there is any pundit, savant or guru of any stripe that can say with any certainty that they know what the hell is going on here. certainly not the pollsters who got it so wrong on election night. >> i would say it's our own poll. the point i was going to make, you look at favor built numbers. when you ask the american people how are they feeling after the election. 59% said hopeful. that's something trump is trying to tap into and we saw that at the end of that speech.
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lou lou: i don't think there is any question. i think the pollsters need to take a break, collect their thoughts. saying we couldn't match narrative and numbers to save us. and just a little humility until we get a little breathing space. maybe sometime right after inauguration day. charlie hurt and guy benson, thank you very much. appreciate. up next the president-elect. congressman ron desantos has one way to help out the president-elect and he joins us next to talk about all of that and that important swamp, especially the draining. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed.
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lou: joining me, congressman ron desantos of florida. let's start with the house adventure and russians hack an election. i have never seen so much attention given something that's so ill defined, so unspecific it's almost as if the democrats in particular and apparently led by the white house itself have decided they have a suspect but they can't find a crime and can't find a motivation. there is nothing empirical here. give us your best sense of where
8:36 pm
this is leading for the house that's been turned down by the intelligence community in briefing. >> the media is being irresponsible because they are saying russia hacked the election. people look at that and say the election machines and votes? no, there is no indifficult shah that that happened. homeland security said that didn't happen. they are talking about podesta click on a phishing email that was not a hack. there are cyber attacks from russia and north korea and chain today every single day. the question is why has the obama administration been so poor in come batting that threat? lou: and why has this government, this senate, why has our establishment been so reluctant to square with the american people. you just mentioned it.
8:37 pm
we are getting hacked all the time. there has not been a response and there has bent presumption our government could do something about it. now we are getting the sense there is nothing our government can do about it whatsoever. and this influences our perceptions about the security of our financial information, our medical information, our business secrets. our technology. our military secrets. >> if you remember, china hacked millions and millions of government personnel file s from the office of personnel management that included militarypeople and intelligence people. so the obama administration, they have a record failure when it comes to cyber security. sow let's debate that. but let's not act like because john podesta clicked on a phishing link that somehow that's the only reason donald trump won the election it's just not true. >> you have got some idea on how to drain the swamp.
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where do we start? >> we start with where donald trump started when he gave the drain the swamp speech. term limits or members of congress. 75% of the american people support it republicans and democrats out in the country. and just think, somebody like a harry reid could have been sent back to nevada 20-30 years ago. how good would that have been for our country. lou: that and we have quite a few republicans who wouldn't be around either. how do you think you will get their vote for this? >> i think donald trump has the bully pulpit and i think he will make term limits important and shine a light on members of congress who are abiding by their constituents which is good and he will shine a light on people who haven't voting with their constituents. having him with the bully pulpit is the only chance we have to move this through the congress. lou: thanks for being with us. appreciate it.
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joining me now former republican presidential candidate. governor of the great state of arkansas. mike huckabee. what did you think of the speech? >> i thrift idea of him doing these speeches is brillant. after you are sworn in as president, keep doing this. get out of that bubble of washington. get out and talk to the people, not because they need it. he neefds it. he needs to draw from the energy that he gets from those crowds and those people. and he needs that connection. it's something many presidents forget, they lose, and they go four years without it until they run for reelection. lou: we can talk about the quawlts of his personality and may tiewrl, his energy. this man may be dprawg that crowd. but that crowd is also drawing from him. this president-elect never looks tired.
8:40 pm
and he goes hours and hours every day. >> i have been on the campaign trail with him and it's staggering to see his stamina. he will do radio interviews at 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. he will be doing events between the events. on the phone, on the plane, and you go to dish at 11:00 and the next morning you are getting up at 4:30, 5:00, and he's giving interviews and you are just trying to get your bag down to the car it's amazing. lou: his energy and work ethic, i don't believe -- they are not given to work as hard as this man will insist. he's a workaholic, he surrounds himself with people who also believe in hard work. i think he will be able to put pressure on them that they have never seen.
8:41 pm
the best pressure you can putt on a legislative body is not the pressure you putt on them, it's the pressure constituents put on him. lou: he has three open positions in his cabinet. it was a bit surprising to hear today that sean spicer is the leading contendser as it was put by sources and we can derive who those soarlswho -- those source. yet others have been entertained apparently as press secretary. what's going on there? >> one thing i think we all know is that donald trump can never be second guessed. don't be too sure of who is going to be in a position until donald trump makes the announcement. sean spicer is a great guy. e was very loyal to donald trump
8:42 pm
throughout the election. if he's the press secretary he's a solid choice. but until donald trump says that, i don't bite. i don't buy anything about who is going to be named until he receives it. then i believe it. >> you and i have the same perspective on that. mike huckabee. up next, donald trump moments ago delighting that crowd of 13,000 people in hershey, pennsylvania. >> this is the first time the republican party has won the state of pennsylvania in almost 30 years. we made history together. lou: chris plante and eboni williams join me next. stay with us.
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lou: joining us tonight, the host of the chris plante show and eboni williams. your thoughts, please, on the thank you tour, the thank you rally tonight in hershey,
8:47 pm
pennsylvania it's unbelievable. he's drawing huge overflowing crowds. >> you could say it just like it was it's completely dynamic. his earlier guests have pointed out. very smart. i couldn't agree more with governor huckabee. not only do the crowds need donald trump, i agree donald trump needs the crowds. remember when george h.w. bush ran for reelection, there seemed to be a disconnect between him and the people. and it really hurt him. so when donald trump makes the effort early on to stay connected to that energy that put him in the white house. i think it's very smart, well played and mr. serve him well. >> i agree completely. i have been saying it on my show since his first fo -- foray.
8:48 pm
he goes on jimmy kim and ellen, and they slather praise upon him and think is' wonderful. that's how he stays popular. the st i is kind of a t -- the presidency is kind of a tv show. this is his venue. >> i don't think trump will do so bad on those venues. i knows tv very well. even in the midst of this nasty election we had he would go on those shows. you would see people start to soften. it's something of a different tune when he's there in his face. >> the show hosts are not friendlies. with bawms they are friendlies and hostiles for donald trump. lou: they are boring their
8:49 pm
audience who kiss the ring. i don't think there is a venue that should concern donald trump much at all. he's a force of nature with a tremendous intellect and he has a lot of fun. just think about all those folks he slapped down whether friendly or otherwise. he can be a real problem for a host to decide to be cute to his face. i would kind of like to see that actually. >> he built news into this. this is how he can deliver news. safe zones in syria and a couple of other tidbits into tonight's speech. that's actual news. he drops them in. whether they are in the prompter or not they make headlines. >> we got more of what his first 100 days will look like. i think there is something to be said for reiterating your
8:50 pm
message when so much criticism around ask no policy. lou: whether they are safe zones in syria or other arab states, their money will be supporting much of what they tried to ignore and put -- put squarely on obama. he did say nothing thing that's very important and he said it each time. he said i will not let you down. and that audience knows he means it. >> they deserve that. they have much deserve it. >> i think he president should say that and mean it because it's the least the american people should expect. trump made great new ground here. >> he breaks new ground he time he goes up. this is all new. we have never seen this before.
8:51 pm
maybe in the pretelevision era politicians behaved like this at rallies. in the television era we have never seen anything like it. e kills when he goes on stage. the audience eats it up. it's great entertainment. people listen, people laugh and have a good time. lou: we were there. >> yes. lou: chris plante, eboni williams, thank you both. i'm glad everybody enjoyed it. the president-elect is vowing to stop what he calls the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. >> nobody has ever lost like we lost. all because we got sold down the river by our either stupid politicians or corrupt politicians. all right? lou: good choice. stupid or corrupt. or possibly both. we'll be right back. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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lou: joining us now, lee carter and tony sayegh. it's great to have you both here. donald trump is on an absolute thank you tour. but it's a tour deforce. he has everyone eating out of his hand. audiences, the media. and the left-wing media.
8:56 pm
the crazies must go nuts it's clear because they are in command. seeing republicans and independent off the charts they love it. what's most fascinating is even democrats are coming around and giving him not the most positive marks but they are liking messages about buying american and hiring american. it was off the charts. people are coming around and energized and enthused by this thank you tour. lou: he reintroduced buy america. he reintroduced the american worker to the american elites. they cannot evade any longer. the fact that the middle class has to be the focus of public policy going forward and all of those who aspire to the middle class.
8:57 pm
>> that's a point that is made clear bialek. what i'm most moved by. what donald trump has always said, it's not about him, it's about a movement it's about a candidate bolstered by a population of americans who view him as a voice for him and their need and concerns. that's why he continued to plug himself into these events. he gets this energy from the people showing support for the agenda. it's not a partisan agenda. his positions on trade and positions on economics are not classically republican or conservative. that's what he's gaining he time he has one of these events. lou: just for those sniffing their snuff at home as one of the elites having so much trouble. this is a populist nation.
8:58 pm
this is a nation that is built on egalitarianism. built on fundamental liberties of individuals, and not built on a corporate view of the world until the chamber of customers got so much money no one * on capitol hill could resist them, and he will continue to drain that swamp. it's a hugely popular slow dan. >> he's continuing to demonstrate that promise. he didn't just win and go back down and talk -- he's talking to all sorts of people. he's living out his promise. the symbol of his story is he's out there and he's not a d.c. insider. >> if the democratic party wants to learn a lesson from this election, they should look at the 200 counties that barack
8:59 pm
obama won twice that donald trump won this election. the 190 counties that barack obama once once and trump won in this election. people feel they have a champion and voice in this government. lou: i don't think the democrats want to learn this lesson. there is a different ideology to the value structure and represented by president obama. and i don't like to give them any counsel tonight whatsoever. c-net gives the christmas season lou. lou: with two-thirds of the governors taking the oath of office next time -- next month leave them where they belong. thank you folks, we appreciate it. that's it for us tonight and we want to thank you for joining us. be with us tomorrow as we continue our special coverage of donald trump thank you tour tomorrow night in orlando,
9:00 pm
florida. general jack keane steve forbes and tammy for some our many guests. join us at 7:00 eastern. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight as if this whole fiasco wasn't ridiculous enough now hollywood is getting involved in macau, they are armed with a psa. james rosen is here with more plus donald trump secretly loading up his cabinet with libertarians. what does the heavy metal world think of the president-elect? turn off the lights it's time to rock. that's it, the washed up haggard and irrelevant celebrities have spoken. they are not happy with the outcome of the election so someone went to hollywood's professional graveyard


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