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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 16, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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the thank you tour continues. president-elect donald trump stopping in pennsylvania last night as he celebrates his election win across the country. trump using the stage to call the unity in the country. >> when americans are unified, there is nothing we cannot do, no task is too great, no dream too large, no goal beyond our reach. my message toont -- tonight for all americans from all parties, all beliefs and all walks of life, remember that we are all americans and we are all united by one shared destiny. maria: meanwhile the administration taking shape. david freedman for the choice of the next embassador to israel. latest as the transition of power continues in trump tower in new york. a police officer in serious condition after being shot in the head in washington state.
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the suspect is in custody now following a stand-off with police. the details coming up. as millions prepare to travel for the holiday historic cold weather putting the country in a deep freeze, why the frigid temperatures could cool holiday plans and the golden arches coming to you, a feature that could bring big mac to your doorstep, will it deliver? investors are eyeing and housing coming up. what you need to know ahead of the report two hours from now. that will set the tone for markets. take a look at futures indicating the markets will continue this trump rally. dow industrial is expected to open higher again. we did hit 240,000 yesterday -- 20,000 yesterday. all in positive territory this morning. in europe stocks are sarnlging for direction. mostly firmer but fractional.
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other averages fractionally moving. craig sagger dead at the age of 65 fighting a two-year battle with leukemia. with me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, chairman and ceo don is with us and pollster lee carter is here. lee: good morning. happy friday. dagen: with craig sagger, he was such a bright light and spirit and presence as he fought leukemia. he lifts all people that are battling the disease and their families. god speed. there's a piece, not to digress, real sports with bryant gumble did interview it's worth watching.
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you want your spirits watching during the holiday season, that will do it. maria: we want to celebrate his legacy this morning. coming up this morning we are talking to former u.s. embassador to the un and senior fellow for the american enterprise institute, john bolton, daughter of nancy pelosi kristin pelosi will join us. wisconsin congressman sean duffy joins us. big show ahead. stay with us this morning. we kick it off with president-elect trump heading to sunshine state of florida tonight continuing next leg of thank you tour. last night trump stopped in hershey, pennsylvania calling for unity across the country and highlighting his path to the white house. >> i know what you've been listening. what we are doing is a thank you tour, thank you, ohio, thank you iowa, thank you to the different places, swing states mostly, but different place that is we won
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and by the way, we won in a landslide. this was a landslide victory. you propelled to victory a grassroots movement. the likes of which the world has never ever seen. it's true. maria: joining us right now is borris, presidential inaugural committee directors and a trump presidential transition senior adviser, borris good to have you. how did your life change going on to the inaugural committee and trump transition. you were there last night at the thank you tour. >> i was there. it was such a wonderful speech. uplifting speech. positive, merry christmas all around. it was -- it's so great to be a part of it. i'm honored to be the director of communication ifs for inaugural committee . we are planning exciting uniting event and donald trump is going to be president for all americans. it's good to be part of it.
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maria: what do we expect in terms of talking speech, what are big events going in year end? >> you have the event tonight and tomorrow in alabama wrapping up the thank you tour as the president elect goes out there and talks tooth people, not just those that got him elected but thanks all americans that participated and now looks forward to january 20th and beyond. look at carrier, look at the discussions on boeing, air force one. getting things done for america, making sure america is protected at home and their jobs and that the slogan of making america great again is being put into work which you have already seen it happen. dagen: most americans don't care about vanity fair and don't argue who carter is, why is he waste time? seems like such a waste. >> you had discussions during the campaign.
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donald trump is somebody who is authentic. dagen: that's not an excuse. he's the president. >> he decides to respond to criticism out there. maria: he's not going to do that when he's president, is he? >> he's fully concentrated now and will continue to be on the key points that americans do care about that got him elected. [laughter] dagen: that's my point. he's not concentrating on america, he's focusing on carter. >> we may recall when he first announced i came on your show, told you in two weeks he would be leading the polls and -- maria: you saw it. >> look, by the -- what donald trump has done is change how politics are done. he's communicating directly with voters. he does not need to get
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validated by "the new york times" and geese directly to the voters. that's what the voters want to see. i don't have a particular problem with that. interesting about the inauguration. i've been involved in inaugurations since jimmy carter cochair bill clinton as a corporate cochair, obama, big active supporter of his. each of them had a theme. one of the things that happens is, this is politically sensitive issue, i would think. martin luther king's birthday is right around the inauguration time period. most presidents w., bill clinton, barack obama incorporated some form of a celebration within their inaugural program. does donald trump plan to do that? >> we have a lot of plans that we are still going to be rolling out and we are absolutely mindful of the fact that that important holiday is right there around the inaugural, so that is absolutely part of the planning and what we are thinking about
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as. maria: mlk is the monday before the inauguration. >> the inaugural, again, as we are talking about it now and i've talked about it a lot, it's not a political event, an event that bring it is country together and the holiday is as important part. >> to not contested. >> competitive. obama's two campaigns were highly competitive and bill clinton's competitive, w.'s was competitive but the tone shift and democrats, for example, were
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involved in bush's inauguration because it's about our nation. we have a new president. what's the tone going to be for the trump inaugural? >> the tone is presidency for all americans. the tone is make america great again which was the slogan during campaign and we will make true once he's president on january 20th. the tone is about uniting america and going pass the partnership and the politics that you saw. it was a bitter campaign. dagen: tweets don't indicate that. it's on both sides but there's more division now josh ernst going after trump. i was focused on josh ernst. he's the one writing them. i'm not writing them. >> as far as tweets go, he's authentic and he's been successful at it. why stop now? >> thank you tour, i'm thanking
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america and he's gloating. he's go out and say we are going to make america great again. it seems like you put a message out there and the mainstream media says you're doing something else. you're going out there in the inauguration, you're saying, i'm going to be president for all americans, how do you prepare for the onslauth. >> 72% of americans don't trust the mainstream media. our concern is not talking to any one specific network or networks, our concern is talking to americans and that's what we are doing through social media and also through media. dagen: you can't have it both ways. we are not going to communicate
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through the mainstream media. we are going to communicate through twitter and write off some of the tweets he puts out there. nobody knows who that is. >> i'm not writing off the tweets. as i said as president elect, of course, he has a very important podium, very important position and he choses it to push back on some of the mainstream media which is unfair. maria: has the president elect told you what about his feeling that president obama said that he's going to get back at russia for hacking? >> the president elect obviously has expressed concerned but has also said that we need specific information, not information from democrats, senate democrats in the house or those people who really just expressing sour grapes about the election. the election happened, the american people have spoken and now it's time to unit and govern together toward a better america. maria: president obama was on npr and basically said, look,
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russia has hacked into our system. he's trying to sort of suggest that the election -- most people i don't think it's the election, but russia has been hacking, we are going get back at russia. i wonder what that was. >> tough words by president obama. tough words on a month left to go. dagen: we have let russia take a hold. maria: well, now obama says he's mad. >> he's upset now. dagen: ukraine and basically the role of russia and iran in the middle east. we have stepped back repeatedly as a nation and now all of a sudden we are going to get tough. that goes to why people are concerned about the way donald trump talks so fondly about vladimir putin. [laughter] >> democrat talking points are flowing out this morning. dagen: i'm not a democrat. >> i know. the talking points are coming out.
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dagen: let me just finish this up -- listen. you're busy -- the way he has talked about vladimir putin, we don't need more of being easy on russia. >> what's an example? maria: he's brilliant. dagen: great leader, better leader than obama. [laughter] >> part of negotiating. i have worked with presidents for a number of years, jimmy carter, bill clinton. [laughter] >> i would cut that one out. maria: too much. you're killing me. >> their needs to be a dialing -- dialogue with the world. >> donald trump said specifically he will tough on russia and countries out there that are not friendly to the
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u.s. maria: it's in florida, lou dobbs will bring a special coverage tonight. 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will be back in a minute. big show, stay with us healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, a police officer shot in the head in washington state. it sparked the tense stand-off. cheryl: another officer shoot to go tell you about, unfortunately.
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the stand-off ended just a few hours ago. the suspect was taken into custody. heist reportedly out of surgery, serious but stable condition. this all started when the officer responded to a call that a man had been shoot. suspect shot officer and barricaded himself and opening fire on several police overnight. police finally brought him into custody about two hours ago. the initial victim only grazed. he's expected to be fine. remembering broadcasting legend craig sager died yesterday after two-year battle with leukemia, he was 65. turner saying in a statement, craig was a beloved member of the family and he has been a true inspiration to all of us. there will never be another craig sager. nba stars past and present pay tribute to the broadcaster. magic johnson tweeting this, the nba family lost a legend who changed the waysideline reporters did their job.
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rest in peace craig sager. golden state warriors kevin durant tweeted this, live long, craig. rest in peace. san antonio spurs coach popovich and he paid tribute to sager. watch this. >> basketball has to take a backseat as we all think about somebody who was very unique, very special, whether you really knew craig or not, you have the feeling that he was a special person in a lot of different ways. cheryl: sager, started career back in 1972 covering everything from the olympics to, of course, the nba. craig sager. bitter cold is hitting the united states causing life-threatening temperatures in the midwest and northeast for the next several days.
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thanks to polar vortex. minus 24-degrees. snowstorms are going add to wintery mix in the northern u.s. and that begins moving into the weekend and in particular tomorrow morning. starting in january, if you like your big mac, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your nice warm home. mcdonalds is going to be testing a delivery system, 200 restaurants, or whroond, -- orlando, tampa and miami. you pay for it, of course, through the app. you can track it. i'm waiting, i'm waiting. french fries too. dagen: cold fries, yum. maria: exactly. we just got oracle earnings, better than expected earnings. we will bring that to you. we will talk about the economic
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policy of the trump team, plus an exclusive and rare interview with best buy ceo. we will look at the company's transformation and this year's holiday transformation. coming up generosity is its own form of power.
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. maria: we have breaking news right now. president-elect donald trump just tweeting on the dnc hack saying that -- watch this tweet, we are talking about the same cyber-attack where it was reveal that had the head of the dnc illegally gave hillary clinton the questions to the debate. we will have more on this coming out. he's asking the question, if this is the same cyber-attack, dagen, where it was actually revealed that the dnc illegally
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gave hillary the questions to the debate and, of course, we remember that when we saw her working at cnn. is this the same cyber-attack? dagen: julian assange was in sean hannity that wikileaks did not get those emails from russia. now, there's some question as to the root. maria: he said it's a dnc insider. dagen: many people in the intelligence community, even republicans, the republican leadership on capitol hill, they want an investigation of russia's hacking into the dnc, but this tweet is -- asks the question that the answer is -- maria: he wants to know if it's the same cyber-attack.
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dagen: hard question to answer. >> really, at the end of the day, what difference does it make at this point? maria: yeah. >> we know that they have interfered and hacking our emails for years and this is the first time where we have seen them overtly engage in a political process but the reality is that hillary clinton didn't lose because of those emails. she lost because she ran a bad campaign and fbi director brought back her issue two weeks out of the election and donald trump connected to voters in a different way. dagen: all the democrats are trying to get the electors to vote for hillary clinton, in fact, there are celebrities running television advertisement trying to get electors, they have gotten death threats over voting for trump and the republican national committee security at the rnc foiled russian hackers in the wall street journal today. can you believe that? lee: how out of touch they are.
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maria: exactly. we've got economic data that we are watching this morning. housing data is out. november housing expect today -- expected to decline in the wake of the federal reserve to raise interest rates. joining us right now mitch. good to see you. >> thanks, maria. maria: you were talking to your brother-in-law? >> my cousin. who loves a shout-out by the way. good news and bad news. bad news, don and i were talking about the commercial break, there's affordability crisis around housing. it's optimistic about the prospect of values rising and the raise to the finish line, everybody wants to do everything before rates go up. they got up a half a point and
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basically half point for the two quarters points that the feds have raised, we really haven't moved rates and i think it scares the living daylight out of folks. there's no inveptory on the market and they can't buy the home. it's kind of a good news-bad news situation. down payment remains a big challenge for folks. they can be a little bit more relaxed with underwriting standards, that could put a little bit more fuel in the -- in the engine to help the housing market. maria: this is your business? >> yes, it is. i agree with him in almost everything he said. >> that's good. >> down payments are a big issue. what's happening now millennials, they had a different relationship with s becausend home ownership than
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we always know the long-term nature of real estate it always goes up over time. outpaces inflation. they don't know that. they saw fraud in the mortgage business and the like. but now their rents are so high that they can buy and net effective basis own less than what they can buy. the challenge is down payment and that's because of absurd regulations that have put banks in a position to over-underwrite and if we can move leverage from the 70% to 85%, that's a whole different story. we will see a lot of activity. >> what's interesting is in a period of rising rates, banks want to lend because it's profitable business. they feel like they are in handcuffs and can't do it. maria: you think the roll back in regulars is going to help
6:29 am
with that? >> for a lot of borrowers, they go to local bank for financing. that hold true for commercial real estate as well as the housing market. you can go to your local bank and get a loan where you have your deposits is sort of the way the banking industry had been for a long time and that's what we are hearing in the marketplace right now. maria: do you think it's a buyers' market or sellers' market? >> it's balanced. a few outlying markets where it's a sellers' market. i think new york is in balance market right now. >> new york, san francisco, the coastal cities are at a whack but don, to your point earlier, atlanta is my perfect example which is cheaper to buy a home in atlanta than it is to rent in atlanta. down payment remains a challenge. maria: thank you so much for your insight. merry christmas. the fight against fake news is raging on. facebook to flag false
6:30 am
information and online protestors calling for strike claiming the movie has antitrump message. coming up healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: happy friday everyone. thank you so much for being with us. it's friday, december 16.
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more high-profile names descending on trump tower today is a president elect works to fill more administration positions. our current commander in chief takes aim at russia over election hacking concerns. to make they said that they assessed with high confidence the russian government directed compromises of e-mails from u.s. institutions including political organizations and that these exclude -- disclosures were intended to interfere with our election process. maria: president president obama said the u.s. well retaliate. it struggled to contain the growing problem. in best buy among the major retailers gearing up for the last-minute shopping craze next week. market this morning are looking higher. as you see there yesterday the dow industrial hit the 20,000 mark and then pulled away from
6:34 am
it. it's all in positive territory. markets are slightly higher as well. in asia overnight markets are mixed. once again japan leading the way up two thirds of 1%. and then rogue one blasts into theaters. tell me you have a backup plan. >> maybe the democrats strike back. the rising tensions between the u.s. and russia. present election -- president-elect promising to retaliate.
6:35 am
josh earnest pointed to the ability to respond. the united states retained significant extensive cyber capability that exceed the capabilities that are wielded by any other country in the world. there are a range of responses is the president and his team believe would be an appropriate response. an appropriate response. ambassador john bolton good to see. i almost hate asking this first question because i don't give any credence. i think it's such nonsense that they affected our election but obviously president obama is now talking about the russians hacking. how come he is all upset about it now. this thing is such a mess it's almost impossible to know where to begin.
6:36 am
russia, china iran they had been conducting cyber espionage against just for eight years or more in our response throughout has been inadequate. to say now finally somebody's got the president's attention is better late than never i think the whole issue has become so politicized that frankly i don't think you could take at face value anything that he secretary of state john kerry or anyone else says on it. we need the congressional investigations to go forward. i've said this before. i view it as the man on who the spotlight will focus will be mike pompeo when he is confirmed what exactly this
6:37 am
evidence shows. should the white house and the government have done more given what we know about russia. the white house is aimed at president obama not only complaint to his face but he warned him of consequences we did had james clapper who came out and did blame russia on october 7 but leading up to the election should washington had done more. >> who believes anything that obama says. the fact is the president by his in action with respect to russian military aggression in the ukraine in the in adequate sanctions inadequate sanctions that were imposed his inability to draw the line
6:38 am
with russia building a new air base in syria and on and on the one thing that obama has said that the russians remember was during the famous off mike comment to the former president during the campaign when obama said you tell vladimir after the election i could be more flexible. until the occupant of the oval office changes nothing in russian behavior will change. >> there is so much criticism on everybody's position on it what you think the right thing to do is to get this under control. let me say i had spoken to another a number of republican senators who have actually looked at the intelligence and they do believe it was the
6:39 am
russian government that did it. it's not clear and in fact you can probably say with some confidence that it didn't affect the election. if japan had attacked pearl harbor none of its bombs have hit. and then of our ships were sunk we just say oh well no harm no foul. it was an act of war. and if in fact the russians have done this and added together with everything else they have done this is it something to walk away from the white house can't get it right.
6:40 am
that's a wrong answer. the right answer is to respond in a way that makes absolutely clear that we do not accept this we will impose pain on russia every time they do it in an effort to reestablish were not looking for conflict with russia. it just encourages to keep going. to say that russia have anything to do with the election but he did say it wasn't the russians he said it wasn't the russian government.
6:41 am
julie massage is a threat to the united states. they also try to infiltrate the republican national committee computer. he says are we talking about the same cyber attack where it was revealed that the have of the dnc illegally gave the questions of the debate. what does it say about the dnc since they were attacked the same way. none of us can say for certain who it was.
6:42 am
reports that the rnc although apparently according to the report it shows that somebody was out to have some impact on our election. it's unacceptable. it is unacceptable to steal property which is what these hacks are intended to do. i think the president has so politicized our intelligence community i think he has done grave damage to the country by the way he has approached this. maria: what should donald trump do? >> i think you've a new team coming in someone like mike pompeo who is a solid conservative.
6:43 am
i want to know from a 2z what happened here. we've got to restore confidence in the intelligence agencies and very worried about how this goes ahead. thank you so much for wayne in. we really appreciate it. president obama will be holding a news conference at the white house. we will have live coverage of the event.introduc you will want to join us live for the press conference later this afternoon. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant.
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way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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maria: welcome back. markets are looking higher this friday morning. facebook is one stock to watch. the company said its identified the it's identified the worst fake news peddlers and it will do post from the website and peoples news
6:47 am
feed. they had hired outside groups to determine whether individual stories are true or false. we are watching shares of oracle this morning. the revenue came in shy of expectations even though earnings were above estimates. the stronger dollar hurt results. the ceo was named to president-elect donald trump advisory team. the holiday shopping season in full swing. where best buy this morning. she has an exclusive interview. we spoke to the ceo and we went shopping. we also talked about and i know you remember this four years ago this buys stock tanked at one point ray after
6:48 am
he came in he has gotten up to $48. i asked him about that comeback. here come back. here you go. >> the way we did it by refocusing on the customer first. and then we invested in the customer experience. as soon as you walk in the store apple is right there. we have the assortment and expertise to help the customers. you can get a 32-inch tv for hundred dollars. how many tvs you head in your home. look at this. it's also high definition hdr.
6:49 am
the best picture quality. the percentage of your sales from the web online business grew 24 percent. amazon is selling it to prime now customers guaranteeing to our delivery. >> in 15 minutes you can get to most best buy's. nintendo nes classic addition is a hot item. they will have answer only on tuesday. those are all on his shopping list. he said it's at best buy.
6:50 am
great interview. we are coming right back after a short break. online protesters are calling for a boycott of star wars rogue one. they say it has anti- trumpet messages. back in a minute. d before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back. political jab or popcorn thriller. political protesters are calling for a boycott of rogue one. they are using the hashtag dump star wars after they released a barrage of anti- trumpet tweets one read this. the empire is a white supremacist organization he later deleted that tweet but left one simply said star wars
6:54 am
against hate. spread it. as a show of support for minorities. in response to the controversy does the ceo said rogue what is not applicable film. called the whole situation overblown and silly. mike, good to see. what he think about these anti- trumpet messages. bottom line it's ludicrous. this is not the first time. if you remember they were trying to boycott the last star wars. obviously that worked will because it's the third most moneymaking film of all time. star wars has something to say about humanity like any good science fiction.
6:55 am
this is not new. this is the only thing. now that with social media people can say it is anti- trumpet. it's ridiculous. maybe they have helped to market the film. maybe it's a way to engage more people to watch the film. artists always have some sort of a debt agenda. and clearly they are writers and they wrote in view this way. last year was just because they felt like it was in tight white. it doesn't make any sense. as a boycott can hurt the movie though. >> i think it will actually help.
6:56 am
they will be looking for. because it was political. i didn't give you anything. i don't know if i should say it. it's a michael moore. should they tweet about that. should they be so vocal about their political opinions. if you've got tens of thousands of followers people seem to care what you have to say. you're hoping to influence them.
6:57 am
we want to see her writing. it not your not your political views. it's really good to see. the gold miners etf is down almost 8% of this week. the group getting hammered. it surged to a 14 year high. in reaction to the first interest rate hike this year. we will be right back.
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good friday morning everybody. thank you so much for joining us. it is friday december 16. in the thank you to her continues. president-elect donald trump stopping in pennsylvania yesterday. for years the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of our country liquor bunch of babies. and the politicians stood by and did absolutely nothing.
7:01 am
it's going to end quickly. maria: at the very the very latest as more high profile name come to trump tower. cold weather could put a freeze on your holiday travel plans. yahoo's can cost it more. they had have been rethinking of the takeover. we are so close but no cigar. right now up and expected to be up at the opening of trading the market did not hit the 20,000 mark yet yesterday. we came zero so close. the intraday height was 19,000. we were very close to dow 20,000.
7:02 am
we never actually hit it. but we are waiting and watching. in europe stocks are higher as will this morning. up about half a%. in asia over overnight the markets were mixed. it is the price tag making this sweater even uglier. imagine what it will cost you to be the center of attention at your next holiday party. great to see you. 30,000-dollar ugly sweater. how is that sweater is so expensive. >> has some sort of press -ish jewels included.
7:03 am
i have to ask my wife she is a fashion guru she should know. so she probably doesn't wear ugly christmas sweaters. me the big show a big show i have. with the daughter of the house minority leader nancy pelosi coming in. billy gibbons is here. the communications director for the dnc is here as well. a lot to cover this morning. do stay with us. we kick it off this hour with the trance session. here's what he told us yesterday about that role. i'm not expecting to do anything. i'm in a keep working as hard
7:04 am
as i can. when mr. trump makes a decision he lets it be known but until then there is just -- there is no a decision. no i have not been asked to serve in any capacity. if he asked me to do anything including sweep the driveway i would do it. good to see both. thank you so much for being here. why would he be the optimal choice for press secretary. >> i think he's probably the top choice. and i think he's in a really good job and been very loyal. if you look at what they have to do at the rnc. what a fine line. and had to walk that line between what donors wanted
7:05 am
them to do they stuck with trump and did the right thing. i think he is going to be rewarded for that. he is a very competent speaker. let me ask you about the conflicts of interest. they're always talking about the russia story. and what went on during the campaign. how do you see it. what do you think is good to be at the big challenge. >> i think one of the big things that everybody has been talking about is a trump hotel. i think at the moment i don't like it's really that big of a deal for people. for us as a campaign we knew that he have the hotel. i don't think it really bothers people. at the moment i do think going forward it could develop into a problem and i think he's
7:06 am
smart to do everything he can to step away from this including the hotel and put it to put it out in someone else's hands. it's just a distraction i think. >> i disagree with that. i'm in the real estate business. the hotel is the most passive asset to run because you hand over the entire asset to a management team. entrance organization because we have done the trump hotels in the past is run by a separate business within trump donald trump is not engaged in managing his hotels so from that perspective whether he does is or not is almost meaningless. i think also, this discussion
7:07 am
about the press secretary i think katrina pearson as his best choice. it would show us some diversity. in politics you do have to reward your friends. and those who are competent. she was at trump tower yesterday discussing her potential there. i think there is a potential i see her as a deputy role. she has the kind that you need. and she knows him. they all have a very synergetic.
7:08 am
it was always about i think everybody is focusing too much on trump's business. a lot of it is about symbols and appearance more than anything else. there can be looking at who is staying at the trump hotel. everything will be under a microscope. if you have certain people stay in stating that people are gonna think are happening. the elected businessman. for the major hotel developer. they didn't think he was suddenly get a close his business when he was elected. many politicians do it. they were a little bit under
7:09 am
2 billion when they left. he to have any role and bloomberg market. and he met with his advisors on a regular basis. he turned over to steve ragnar. he met with them regularly to go over what is going on in the business. it is a hotel business. i think you make a lot of great points. he also built a brand on the fact that i'm looking out for you. or the business interests of his kids. i don't think the main deal was when he handed off to eric and don. and then them to find a role
7:10 am
within the government. on still maintain some of the business interest they have. i think politics is treacherous. your family is really the only people at the end of the date you can trust but that will be the trickiest thing for you to work out. when you have the biggest technology companies you have your children at the table with them in a photo op. the very people who will be running your business. you need to separate yourself at least on a business level. and to the trump tower thing. all of this occurred before the election. people know that donald trump surrounds himself by his family. i have a lot of hope about this guy. that he does want to change every aspect of washington. and to do that he is going
7:11 am
against the strongest headwinds imaginable to begin with. i just think that if your problems that he has in his weight the fewer nonsense that he has to listen to from the media and the press they are going to be killing them at every turn. it just headaches he doesn't need. i really want to see him remake the state department. the media i had had experience in this space. if anybody wants to bother you the lowest standard that is now out here and print media. so what. they are competent people.
7:12 am
they will say that they will run the business. maybe they are leaving the door open that she will get a job in the white house. or doing something else in terms of an agenda. good to see you both. thank you so much. maria: are you going to run for mayor of new york. see. >> and i should've even said it. i'm considering the very same things that trump has been hit for about my business. >> my wife says it's a hand in grade -- engraved invitation to me.
7:13 am
it would be informative to the voters. i do not want to break this right now. i want to run. i have a visit that is better than his. i intend if i do run to offer some big bold ideas. we will make sure that they run on time. if i do run for mayor i understand i'm running for mayor which is a municipal job
7:14 am
not leader of the progressive movement of america. i'm in ask you one of the one major thing you could do for new york.afoot an send us a tweet. stay with us. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back. a jury in south carolina convicted tree to the guilty on all accounts. >> the jury there were nine of
7:17 am
white people and three black people deliberated for less than two hours before returning that verdict finding him guilty on all 33 counts against him. they will reconvene next month. they just stared ahead much like he did during the entire trial. he wanted to act as his own attorney during the penalty phase. he will also face a death penalty trial in state court. the fbi has launched an investigation. into that massive hack of a billion accounts. there are reports that verizon is reconsidering to buy yahoo. altogether lawyers jumping all over this one. a news that is attacking.
7:18 am
there is a closing price. the stock to rot today certainly. you see a lot of ugly sweaters i know. the most expensive ugly sweater. today is national ugly sweater day. they created a $30,000 sweater. it took them 52 hours to make it. it was handmade. they will also put in a luxury frame for you. i watched it on twitter as well. coming up. rising oil prices. this is what the pump could mean to you. did she just say nine days before christmas.
7:19 am
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maria: welcome back. we are looking at markets right now. fifty-one 24. the high earlier in the week 53. thank you so much for joining us. a little bit higher. nothing a pop dialectic. there cuts of about one to one .2 million barrels per day. maybe six or seven barrels per day. there is a lot of skepticism about it. do you think they will really
7:23 am
cut production. we have these huge belly of it too much crude. it's gonna take a long time to work that off. do then they ramp up the production. if you are in west texas now i know you want to go there it is the wild west land grab there. don't believe what you can hear from the wall street folks. making this --dash make -- decent money. even though you will see
7:24 am
possible cuts there so much oil in the world. particularly from the united states. the condensates will pump more oil. it will probably break the record of that was established a couple of years ago and we will break it at the end of 200018 or 19 without a recession. now, at the end of the decade or early next decade you will see some of the declines in big projects that haven't been launched as a last couple of years. but next year is a deep -- cheap year. maybe 25 cents higher. not too bad. the private aviation. it lives and dies with the price of oil. and at one point when oil ran up to about $90 per barrel the
7:25 am
jet fuel was about nine to $11 a gallon. it has now gone down to about three a shy gallon. the challenge is when this fluctuation in the value it erodes it in the reduces production from jet manufacturers because buyers are not willing to pay the operating costs. do you see the key prices holding for some reasonable. of time or at least a gradual increase compared to what was seen in the past? >> i root for chaos. i think we will see that 40 to 60-dollar oil. we have very shallow inventories and things can happen. when you have just-in-time inventories and you get her kids. you could see a very quick but
7:26 am
very brief surge in prices. i don't think were looking at the high prices. and yesterday we have an exclusive with the ceo of delta airlines. talking about fuel for the airline industry. i asked him what he thought about the price of oil right now. listen to this. it's a huge benefit. we reinvested a lot of that back into the business. it's probably going to rise a bit. it's going to be in line with increased -- inflationary pressures. >> what does that mean for airlines. i think it means cheap fuel for airlines. i would like to see them add a little seat room i don't think that's can happen.
7:27 am
i fly out of newark but we don't get tilted that much. the engines are so much more efficient. tom, connect the dots for us on this story. write a 14 year high. when you're looking at oil. that's a top story in the journal today. it's gonna manifest itself in a couple of ways. strong dollar usually depresses commodities a little bit. i strong dollar here means that emerging economies are can have a little bit of problem. that could hurt oil demand they are estimated to go up about one .2 million barrels per day. it's mostly for liquids into propane and things for petrochemicals. on the other hand donald trump
7:28 am
has talked about a lot of infrastructure projects which means more demand for diesel. >> in case you missed it check out some of the weakest moments. >> he doesn't care about it if it's in a different way. the president-elect has a right to pick the people he wants. you're the one that knows him the best of anyone i had encountered so far. and you have a lot of confidence in him. >> he is putting a cabinet together. this is as fine a group as i have ever seen. in terms of russia. they say he will be a pussy cat. in the oil industry's you're dealing with some of the roughest characters in the world. the idea that he is can a rollover and he doesn't see vladimir putin for what he is is ridiculous.
7:29 am
the challenge for each of these people will be to make the transition from their individual focus which was as ceo to a broader interest. to make it that he doesn't just speak for the company. but also on behalf of the free world. he's get a bring real change. we will see that every single thing that we do. and figuring out whether that's the best way to do it premiums have gone up. the net result is healthy people aren't enrolling in the affordable care act. i think what you have is an insurance model that won't work and well lead to bankruptcy.
7:30 am
the next five years. we will spend over $10 billion in our airports. >> given a light of what's going on. it was put in place for us to protect ourselves. as a football player and as an american i would now want to be on the football field where fields are drinking. i'm just afraid that that is over my head. i don't do that either. it is national ugly christmas sweater day. who is the most popular.
7:31 am
tender is now available on apple tv. meaning you and your family can get together around the buyer and then you can go through them back and forth. there is comedy based upon that. i'm neck and again trouble. get in trouble. that's why i don't weigh in. on all of the food that you have. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
7:32 am
all seems beautiful to me.
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7:34 am
if maria: good friday morning everyone. it is friday december 16. as president-elect donald trump take shape. it's a last-minute push to prevent him from ever taking office. from dc to hollywood. including big names. urging electors to deny them of the white house. we will show you the video. they show a higher opening. the tao at 20,000. they never actually reached it. there up a 42 points right now. as you see that we are less than 200 points away from that
7:35 am
round number. we will bring the numbers as soon as they hit the tape. a quarter point higher. across the euro zone. mixed performances. the nikkei average up two thirds of 1%. well that seahawks clinched the division. it was the uniforms that stole the headlights. and the broadcasting a world this morning is my morning an icon. i do like this basket well had to take a backseat. as we all think about 70 who is very unique and very special. whether you knew craig or not he get the feeling that he was a special person and a lot of different ways.
7:36 am
we are celebrating the life of this sports legend all morning at this point. president-elect donald trump addressed supporters in pennsylvania last night. he talked about his historic win in the state. >> this is the first time has one of the state of pennsylvania in almost 30 years. we made history together you propelled to victory a grassroots movement the likes of which the world has never seen. and now there is a push for republican electors not to vote for donald trump when they vote on monday. sixty-seven of the 32 electors signed an open letter demanding a briefing about the
7:37 am
possible interference. before they vote. i want to bring in daughter of nancy pelosi. thank you so much for joining us. you are leading this open letter initiative. what are you trying to do. >> i'm trying to find out whether or not it's true what we read in the paper starting late friday night that the cia sources indicated that they had direct evidence that russia hacked both democrats and republicans and decided to only sensationalize and leak information about democrats in order to swing the election to trump. we like to see the evidence behind the media reports and find out and find out where the manipulation is here and determine whether or not there is any connection between that and the trump campaign.
7:38 am
along with a broader bipartisan call to investigate any illegal interference with our election. maria: we know that julian assigns said it wasn't the russians. it was insiders from the dnc who were sick and tired of what was going on within the democratic party. what you say to that. the president said he confronted directly about it. maybe we will get some more answers from the president this afternoon. eastern time as he has his year end press conference. that goes to why we want to look at the evidence and see where that truth is. the american people should see as much of it as possible. there are sources and methods at risk.
7:39 am
they had been for ten or 20 years. they would be able to sit care it. the audience doesn't know what you're saying we talk on top of each other. how much of this is sour grapes on your site's part. i'm concerned that they interfered illegally. i want to find out what the truth is. i'm deeply concerned about what i read what i've seen and if are being manipulated and that isn't what happened i want to get to the truth. i think that's my constitutional duty. we know that 53% of white female voters voted for trump
7:40 am
we know that the black community didn't come out for hillary we know that hispanics actually came out for donald trump and we know that white men it came out for donald trump. has specifically with ahab to change the situation. we also know that hillary clinton won the popular vote. the russians apparently from what we're told hacked both democrats and republicans subjecting people in both parties is essential and schism and when you look at something like this that were spread from the podesta e-mails you end up with a man with a loaded gun. to investigate. my big concern right now is who took the information howe te carried -- leaking it in order
7:41 am
to disrupt american politics. that's what i want to find out. how much of it could be that hillary clinton didn't really have a plan that they were in the tank for hillary so much that they were sending people to trump rallies that i think colored peoples favorability towards the democrats when you saw all of the planning that went on to actually disrupt trump rallies not to mention what the have of the dnc did to bernie sanders coming out with all the schemes that he is not religious that he doesn't believe in god. anything that they could to actually take him down so everybody would be in the tank for hillary how much of it was that. >> is a member who fought long hard to have more debates more
7:42 am
discussion of the fight for 15 revolution that i wrote and got past and hissed he stood up for bernie sanders as a hillary supporter. when they cut the entire campaign off from the voter files. how can you come you to get more at the debate. i think it hurt us to have not that many debates. that was your call. no one hears what you're saying. those are concerns i head at the time. and believe me as were looking out for a new chair and officers a lot of the democratic national committee members are very clear that
7:43 am
not only do we want a stronger role in running the party and more transparency but we have to be absolutely sure that our officers are neutral. >> the interview is about to be over. it's so rude to be talking on top of someone else. you're basically saying i don't care about the audience. that's what you said to the voters as well. by talking over someone else when they're trying to make a point you're basically saying i don't care about the viewers, i don't care about the voters is when you hear myself and the other person have an argument. i'm asking you not to talk on top of me. our audience would actually be able to get something out of this interview. just the way the voters couldn't get anything and
7:44 am
ended up voting against you that's what you're doing. you're blowing up the audience. i apologize what was hillary clinton's plan? invest in people, comprehensive immigration reform she have a plan as you probably know modernize the electric grid pass comprehensive regression reform create jobs. >> one example was if you look at the infrastructure bank where you had public-private partnerships that would create jobs that would promote that. there was no plan.
7:45 am
you have a hard time coming up with how she wanted to create jobs. she lost the election. unfortunately it feels like a sour grapes. i'm glad you came on to explain it. thank you for joining us. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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7:48 am
welcome back. the nba is morning the loss of a renowned sports order. one day before he packed it in every single day. he was gone way too soon. he was inducted into the hall of fame. as craig sager junior said yesterday. time is simply how you live your life. he was known mostly perhaps for his outlandish style of dress it was his loving nature that made him unlike any
7:49 am
other. this july he received the courage award. they tweeted yesterday he died as he lived with courage, passion, perseverance fearless it hopeful. before the golden state warriors took on the new york knicks last night the warriors did worriers did something different. the former tnt colic. they addressed the crowd in oakland. >> we considered a moment of silence we thought it would be more appropriate the way craig lived his life and the joy that he brought to so many people to have a moment of joy instead. join me in and applies for a great man and a life will lived.
7:50 am
when hank aaron broke the home run. yesterday hank aaron tweeted to his old buddy. craig sager has been there ever since. he will sorely be missed. time is simply how you live your life. into these 20 years together. russell wilson bounced back. they get it for 57 yards. how about those slimy green uniforms.
7:51 am
it could be that for the weather. i think it will work. congratulations to the seahawkschar they are brighter than the goalposts. we will be right back. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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7:53 am
7:54 am
'tis the season for giving back. looking for weight to honor those who have served our country and have a good time as well. wall street rocks is an average -- an annual concert. join me right now is the wall street rocks the reporter. good to see both. thank you so much for joining us. this is great. congratulations for this. why is this so important to
7:55 am
you. >> must first explain i was sharing with a few of my associates that we were coming to perform for this great event. i thought it was for the troops what is a head to do with wall street. it is the financial sector meets entertainment in tech. and it's all come together as a really great outing for the troops. we are glad to play it. >> we started this almost 60 years ago. now is basically a group of technology veterans on wall street who are also former musicians and they wanted to get together and get something back. so we created wall street rocks with a mission of harnessing the power of music to raise awareness for the charities.
7:56 am
and have you gotten a good response. it was a terrific response. it must also be fun for you to be able to be giving back and doing this. but also had fun. i could not have been more delighted. today i'm celebrating a birthday. c1 it's your birthday and you have all of your closest friends coming to celebrate. and morgan had cake also. how do you continue to raise awareness. i know this is an annual event but how do you keep this a life throughout the year to create constant awareness. >> with smaller events throughout the year and they are basically battle of the ants of wall street. and basically we have all of
7:57 am
these firms come they raise awareness among the organization. i know that it's hard work. here you are still after all of these years so me fans still out there. how do you do it. as you share with the two partners. it is the same three guys they plan the same three courts. what are you looking forward to in terms of the next big event. it is the road that still unfolds before us. it's another banner year. the east and the west are mine.
7:58 am
the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:59 am
. .
8:00 am
maria: good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much forejoining us i'm maria bartiromo. welcome back. it is friday, december 16th, your top stories 8:00 a.m. on east coast. the thank you tour continues the president-elect donald trump stops in pennsylvania. trump highlighting bringing jobs back to america during his speech. >> it's time to help get americans off welfare and back into the labor market. [cheering] rebuilding our country with american hands and american workers. we're going to rebuild our country. we'll do it ourselves, folks. my administration will follow two simple rules.
8:01 am
buy american, and hire american. maria: the very latest as more high-profile names descend on trump tower today. we'll have the latest for you. a police officer in serious condition this morning after being shot in the head in washington state. the suspect is still in custody following a standoff with police last night. details coming up. you have more time to sign up for obamacare. why more states are forced to extend the deadline. the deadline was this past week. gm, self-driving cars hits open road in mesh ban. markets this morning show a higher open for the broader averages. we continue to wait for dow 20,000 which eludes us. quarter of a percent higher at 19,844. we're continuing to be in record territory. investors watch for november housing starts due out in 30 minutes time. we'll give you numbers as soon
8:02 am
as they hit the tape if they are impactful. european markets higher. in asia overnight markets were mixed. japan was the best performer. spreading holiday cheer one ticket at a time. texas town using minor traffic violations to play santa. we have fox business network's dagen mcdowell. we have pollster lee carter. >> so fun. >> yes. >> hienergy morning. >> fun when people don't talk over one another. maria: i wanted to have a sensible conversation -- >> talks over the host of the program shall we say. maria: i'm happy she came on. i wanted to hear really what she way thinking and what was behind this need to look at things again in the election but it was hard to get a word in edgewise. i felt like our audience wasn't getting the scoop.
8:03 am
>> when you have a bad product to sell, then the political approach stay on message and just repeat, repeat it. how often did we see that in the last presidential campaign. overtalking your opponent. drowning out the opposition sound. i think that is what you see. that is unfortunate that is happening all too frequently now. maria: it is. i'm sorry about that. i hope it wasn't as frustrating to you as it was for me. joining the conversation this morning congressman sean duffy. we have the communications director for the dnc, adam hodge is joining us. that should be interesting. host of "varney & company" stuart varney here. stay with us, big hour ahead. we kick it off with our stop story, tracking the trump transition. president-elect donald trump makes his next stop on his thank you tour tonight. blake burman, is in washington to let us know where that is. good morning to you.
8:04 am
reporter: maria, good morning to you. the president-elect's thank you tour took him to hershey, pennsylvania. a new target popped up in the his speech white house press secretary josh earn e. calling earnest a quote, foolish guy. they have talked back and forth regarding rush shurn hacking. that ernest says mr. trump knew what was russia was doing and did not take it seriously. last night mr. trump entered the fray. >> having the right press secretary is so important because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. he can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad. reporter: this morning mr. trump is trying to frame the discussion this way on twitter. he sent out the tweet a little while ago, quoting here, are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed the head of the dnc, illegally gave hillary the questions to the debate? earnest's bosses president obama
8:05 am
told npr last night that the u.s. would retaliate against russia at a time and place of our own choosing. mr. trump, maria, will be back on the road tonight and tomorrow in florida and alabama to bind up his victory tour. new target there, maria. maria: blake burman. joining us congressman sean duffy. thanks so much for weighing in this morning. >> good to see you, maria. thanks for having me on. maria: the thank you tour seems to be resonating. which message will resonate best for americans during the thank you tour? what i noticed last night, it is not a lot of substance, talking about him relaying election night and getting everybody pumped up, but this is not the place to tell us what you're going to do after january 20th. >> i was at one a few days ago in wisconsin. i think you're right, the people there love to hear him retell the election and all naysayers said he wait a minute going to
8:06 am
win and came out with their support and brought the country victory. i think people appreciate he is going to their home state and saying thank you to voters that worked hard for him and cast their ballots for him. he is doing something else unique. he is going around the media and talking directly to the american people, as you know so many networks covering speeches live. he is able to continue to tell his story what he is going to do to make america great. you just aired, talking about economy, jobs. bill: isis. in wisconsin he talked about you will with and securing it. people want to have fun with which they see in the thank you tour which is pretty cool. >> i've been testing all the different thank you tour messages. wisconsin was a particular favorite among voters with his merry christmas message, big christmas trees behind him. they absolutely loved it. but line of the night. people get excited including democrats, saying buy american and hire american.
8:07 am
that is so much resonating. jobs, america first message that he has got. tell me what you're most excited about come january 20th? >> well, i'm excited about repealing and replacing obamacare. i'm excited about the securing the border. i'm excited about tax reform. making sure we get tax reform right to make america competitive again will be so important. you mentioned buy american. it will be unique to democrats play this out with donald trump. they say they love to buy american and love american ucts but they don't like american oil, they don't american coal or american iron to make american steel. these are great american products that provide american jobs and they're the ones who keep saying no to these sectors of our economy donald trump i think will open up and help expand and blow out our economic growth in the next several years. >> congressman this, is don peoples this morning. good morning. >> hey, don. >> i have a question for you. how do you bring the minority party into the discussion?
8:08 am
you know what has happened, this has been going on in the congress, especially in the house, for decades, this divisiveness and escalated in terms of partisan divisiveness under eight years of obama. so how can we get our country back to a way where the parties can work together in the house? because, look, democrats have good ideas sometimes, bad ideas sometimes, same thing goes for republicans but as americans we should all put our country first. how is your party going to go about turning this around and changing the environment from what it is right now? >> that is a really great question. because i think republicans saw what it felt like in 2009 and 2010 when democrats controlled the house. they had 60 votes in the senate and had the white house. basically didn't listen to republicans at all. but gave you the stimulus bill, gave you dodd-frank and obamacare. if republicans are successful
8:09 am
they will have to bring democrats in. democrats will have to have some say in health care. they will have to have some say in health care reform that takes place of obamacare. they have to have buy-in to the reform taking place. what are we doing on the boredder? what do we do on dodd-frank? what do we do on isis. they have to be empowered to have some fingerprints on legislation that comes through the house and senate so they have buying into what they are doing? do they get to control everything? not at all. they have to have some say. that starts with us, saying sit at table, let's negotiate, let's talk together to find points of agreement. then we can talk about the points of disagreement and compromise on a few issues here and there. if we do that, truly with honest heart and come to democrats to get buy-in on reform policies i think they're willing to come with us. claire mccaskill on obamacare. actually came out and said democrats -- what's that? maria: we know the
8:10 am
administration has extended deadline for registration of obamacare citing late rush. hhs yesterday said in its statement, our goal is to provide affordable coverage for everyone seeking before the deadline of the these additional days will give opportunity to come back and complete enrollment for january 1st coverage. what does that mean for the future of this legislation? we know premiums are expected to gop much higher, on average 25% higher next year? >> maria, if there is million people, if there is 50,000 people who are late at signing up and four-day extension i'm actually okay with that. but for democrats to say so much interest in the law right now and people funneling in, they are afraid republicans will take it away, this is great law, keep it on the books, i think november's election would tell a different story. americans hate this law. you've seen premiums increase as you have covered, and choices diminish. ask hillary clinton what she
8:11 am
thinks about obamacare. ask russ feingold in wisconsin, think about obamacare. absolutely destroyed their campaigns. they did the same extension last year saying there was so much interest in obamacare, we need to extend deadlines. they did the same thing, in the end americans still feel the same way about this horrible law. maria: it is so expensive. >> this is messaging comes from the white house as opposed to any new love and affection for the affordable care act which is not affordable. maria: i would have liked to ask christine pelosi bit by the way but it was impossible to get in a word edgewise. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. >> guys, have a good morning. maria: congressman sean duffy, right? i would like to ask her about it. i feel bad. i was looking forward to having her and have a conversation. >> it is a playbook. >> called filibustering. take a deep breath at beginning of interview and talk like this so nobody can ever ask you a question. >> communicating like this --
8:12 am
>> yelling candidates, that were yelling, yelling throughout the campaign, people drown that out. so -- maria: what i really wanted to ask her and then we've got to jump, how much responsibility should hillary clinton take or feel that the dnc got hacked given her sloppy treatment of classified information? >> good point. maria: should she be taking any responsibility. they tried to hack the rnc but they didn't. >> they couldn't get in. >> but they did get into the dnc. >> responsibility is not in their lexicon. >> i equate this, police officers pull over a car driving along and they search the car. they find 10 kilos of cocaine, they find machine guns an dead body in the car. maria: right. >> they should arrest the person and put them in jail. whether that search was legal or not, that's not the question here. you've got evidence here. maria: i gotcha. >> same thing with the emails. sad that russia did it and
8:13 am
should pun push them for interfering in our process. maria: if they did it. >> if they did it but what is really wrong is what the emails said. maria: once the horse left the station, that is that. we'll talk more about that. coming up gm speeds ahead with self-driving technology. the automaker with new plans for self-driving autonomous cars. christmas cheer on a minor traffic violations. how a texas police officer is using tickets to make holiday dreams come true. ♪ you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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maria: welcome back. a police officer in washington state is in serious by stable condition this morning. he was shot in the head. cheryl casone with details. >> quite a night, maria. the officer was one of several officers responding to a domestic disturbance call right outside of seattle. the suspect barricaded himself in home an they started to shoot. s.w.a.t. team and hostage negotiators were locked in tense standoff before officers stormed the building using tear gas. they arrested a 44-year-old local man well-known to law enforcement. they say he has a violent past.
8:17 am
two other suspects were arrested. we're trying to get update on the officer and his condition this morning. bitter cold pounding much of the country. low temperatures and strong winds putting many northern states in a deep freeze, yep right here in in new york city. current temperature in manhattan, 17 degrees, but feels like nine degrees. that storw and ice into the midwest is moving to the northeast. from new york city to boston, this could be the biggest snow fall of the season so far. this storm expected to create dangerous road conditions and cause flight delays and cancellations as we get right into holiday travel, everybody. gm ceo mary barra says her company is testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in michigan. last week governor rick snyder signed legislation that allows self-driving cars to be tested on public roads with no driver. the gm says testing sites are san francisco and scottsdale, arizona.
8:18 am
barra said gm will produce unspecified number of bolts at the plant where regular bolts are made. police in godly, texas, launching a program called ticket fors to the. they ask residents who receive a ticket to donate a toy instead. they will be handed out on christmas eve to children in their community who may not otherwise receive a gift under their tree. maria, they already collected couple hundred toys for the kids. maria: very nice. >> great idea. maria: we break down the hacking concerns ahead of the president's press conference today at 2:00 p.m. eastern. plus big gains for the banking sector due to trump rally, right? why industry is expecting good news to extend into the new year. we'll check on the financials. stay with us. ♪ your insurance company
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8:22 am
maria: welcome back. the trump rally moves on. we're expecting a strong opening once again this morning. take a look at the closes for the markets yesterday. dow industrials inching closer to the 20,000 mark. the banking sector drove up the gains up average 22% since the trump election. gains are expected to continue through the new year as president-elect trump puts his plans into auction. we have a banking ceo, bruce song. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. maria: do you think that the moves we're seeing within the financial services sector are warranted given what you're expecting out of the regulatory environment come '11?
8:23 am
>> i do think there is a number of things at play. the whole trump and republican stimulus program means lower corporate taxes probably number one. interest rates, the yield curve is steepening so there are good things being priced into the market. it is still early days, but yeah, i think it is merited if you take the view that the good stuff will happen. >> what about potential acquisitions and growth? >> i think there's plenty of opportunities just to continue to focus on organic growth. there is a lot of change in banking right now, the way consumers is want to bank is moving online. so most banks are really focused on how do we play the game differently as we go forward. i think, if you look at acquisitions you might get distracted from that agenda in terms of making those changes. maria: how would you characterize lending right now? talk to us about the environment you see. >> we see good loan demand. on the commercial side we see
8:24 am
seven or 8% loan demand for about two years. a lot has been refinancing into lower rates. what we would expect as rates go up there there will be less refinancing, if economic growth picks up, hopefully more real loan demand going towards investing in the economy, working capital investment, new plants and equipment. maria: don, what about that, as the fed begins to raise interest rates, does that limit what we might see or? >> you know, i think that is indicative of that, we have a growing economy. so that is a good news thing. i had a couple questions though. the regional banking, what's happened is that banking has been consolidated so much so that small business owners are having it more difficult to get loans and access to capital and grow their businesses because of the highly regulated environment and also the small, mid-sized regional banks have not been effective and been in trouble or closed down or bought. what do you see future for those banks? is banking going to change from
8:25 am
bricks and mortar business to a predominantly online business? >> so i do think it's probably less that there is a limited supply of funds to lend than it really is the small business owners and middle market companies that we serve has just been cautious in the economy. so they're managing their cash flow well and they're not looking to expand. what i think could spur more growth in the small business and middle market sector, if we see some pro-growth reforms edge acted, then hopefully we'll see some animal spirits come back and people will be willing to invest. certainly banks have very strong capital positions and are willing to lend. with respect to bricks and mortars, i think that is still very important. what's happening effectively is, branches are becoming advice centers. so banks are moving more towards an advice model and less towards transactions. the transactions are done at machines, over smartphone, take a picture of your check. so we needless space for that.
8:26 am
we need more space for advice. maria: how many advice centers can you have, right? does that mean ultimately you will close down some branches? >> i think what we'll do we'll have less space. what we're going through at citizens is 10-year program to reformat branches. we'll go average scare footage, 4200 square feet, to 2100 square feet. less teller station, right? more private offices and we have three million customers. i think we need roughly the same amount of branches. we just needless space. >> how do the customers feel to you? consumer optimm or not? >> there was, a big surprise what the election result but as the market has endorsed it i think people are coming around and cautiously optimistic. so i think people are starting to feel that 2017 could set it up to good year. >> i've done a lot of work talking to millenials and what
8:27 am
they want out of advice. totally different thing than what we used to have. what are you doing adapting the model? >> we're looking at people through their life cycle. so have an offering for millenials. one of the things they have out of college, they have high-cost debt. how do we help them refinance the debt when they have a good job. next thing they want to do is start saving. what options are available to them? we signed a joint venture called sigfig to provide robo advice. millenials don't like to talk to people. they would rather go online and supply information. that is perfect offering for the millenials. maria: we're about to get housing starts out. they will come out 2 1/2 minutes hitting tape. characterize housing for us real quick? >> i think housing is strong. i think purchase market will stay stronger next year although refi market comes off with higher rates. maria: thanks so much, because.
8:28 am
joining us from citizens. we will take a short break and come back with housing starts. which will hit the tape. we'll talk about what is going on politics. democrats in disarray. what happens if two key democrats defect to the trump administration. mack donald's is stepping up delivery service. back in a minute.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> tgif, everybody.
8:31 am
thank you for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. friday december 16th. more high profile names as the president-elect is looking to fill positions at our commander-in-chief is taking shots at russia over hacking concerns. >> i think to consider the statement that was made back on october 7th. this was the statement issued by the intelligence community. it reflected the unanimous opinion and conclusion of all agenci agencies. they reported that russia was involved in hacking activity to erode to your democracy. maria: president obama says that the u.s. will retaliate. housing starts are down 18.7% for the month of november
8:32 am
coming in at 1.09 million and housing starts weaker than expected. october. also, revised, although october was revised upwards. building permits also lower and housing starts lower and building permits lower. the markets not reacting too much to this. the country's new leadership north almost half of its citizens. stuart varney on why the president-elect is showing it's okay to be rich again. the golden arches are coming to you. testing a feature that could bring a big mac to your doorstep. and hitting expectations after they hit a nine-year high as we showed you markets not showing much reaction to this miss in terms of building permits and housing starts. the markets are off the highs of the morning and nonetheless, showing a gain on dow industrials. in europe, stocks are slightly higher. take a look at euro zone indices. in asia overnight, markets were
8:33 am
mixed. hang-sang down and the best performer was japan, up. and rising tensions between the u.s. and russia, president obama on the interference with the election. julian assange was on the hannity show and he says the source of the podesta e-mails was not russia. >> our source is not the russian government. >> so in other words, let me be clear, russia did not give you the podesta documents or anything from the dnc? >> that's correct. >> can you confirm whether or not you have information involving hacked info from the rnc? >> we received about three pages of information to do with the rnc and trump, but it was already public. maria: and joining me right now is the communications director for the dnc, adam hodge. joining me from washington.
8:34 am
. >> good morning, how are you. maria: thank you for joining us. >> happy holidays. maria: and do you. what do you make of this. julian assange comes on with sean hannity and says it wasn't the russia, that it was an insider of the dnc, what's your take on this? >> i'm going to trust the cia and our intelligence community who are unanimous in saying that they thought the russians were behind the attack and that's really what we've known from the early on. maria: let me ask you, adam, congratulations on the new job, i know you were hired in september of this year. and i want to ask you about what you're trying to do here because, you know, it feels like after what was a contentious election, people are trying to figure out where the american people are and there's a debate whether or not the dnc has gone too much to the left talking about things not critical to the american
8:35 am
people. i was trying to have this conversation with kristin pelosi. how do you convey a message of center or center-left even when it comes to the american people talking about what they want to hear about? >> well, i think that we'll continue to talk about the ideas that we talked about on the campaign, investing in education, infrastructure, making it-- investing in really key job training. those are all important things, but we can't lose sight of what we just went through in the past election, you know. russia did attack our democracy, we can't allow-- we need a full thorough investigation into what happened. we need to know the facts, we need to know exactly who knew what when, but everything that we've seen so far, including from the bombshell new york times story this week is that russia did this and they did it to influence the election and to help mr. trump and i think what should really give-- this should not be a partisan
8:36 am
issue, i think you and i can both agree on that and we should want to get to the bottom and know the facts. if the shoe was on the other foot and russians had hacked our democracy to help hillary clinton, everybody would go going crazy. we need to get to the bottom of the facts and the answers and that's why i think it's important that when the members of congress get back in session in january, they really need to look into this. maria: let me ask you, adam. how much responsibility do you believe hillary clinton should bear in this potential e-mail leak given her sloppy treatment of classified data? >> i've not seen anyone say that the russians hacked her e-mail server so i think the two things are completely separate. what is true is that starting in september of 2015 there was a sustained relentless attack by the russian government. these are not-- this wasn't some 400 pound man in jersey like mr. trump likes
8:37 am
to say. these are men in army fatigues in russia hacking into our democracy. that's scary, that's really big stuff and that's why i think we need to get to the bottom of this and find out exactly what happened. maria: yeah, i mean, what did happen. when you consider the fact that actually hillary clinton had a good relationship with the russiansment i mean, she tried to do a reset, remember the famous reset and the russian companies in terms in selling uranium and getting a major investment into the clinton foundation? what went wrong, she apparently had a very good relationship with the russians at one time? >> the most important relationship is the one between the united states and the russian government and it's been clear over the last few years that russia has taken a decidedly different turn and the fact that they would hack our democracy, try and influence our election so
8:38 am
division, sew fear with the american people. it was clearly un-sided. you didn't see them releasing documents and e-mails from anybody on the rnc side. maria: they troo i had -- they tried to break it, but they couldn't. >> i think what we saw from the wall street journal story yesterday the attacks on the dnc were far more sustained and relentless and no request he that they did it and to influence the election, now, the real question is, you know, why isn't donald trump, who got the same intelligence briefing back in, during the campaign, why is he still trying to play it off as if he's willfully ignorant? the intel community has been clear, they told them the answers and he's attacking them because he doesn't like their answers. question, someone could say, that it's just because he wants to wait until he gets in office, but when you think about all the ties that his team has to russia. maria: yeah. >> or carter page, michael flynn being a paid commentator,
8:39 am
paul manefort and you connect the dots and that's why we need the answers and tough questions. maria: well, let me ask you this, adam. i remember years ago i used to go to russia a lot for their st. petersburg conference every year and every time i would go to russia, this was a time when hank paulson was treasury secretary. i would-- a lot of my sources in government told me, maria, don't take your blackberry, because as soon as you get in russia air space, in fact, the officials within the treasury were not allowed to take their blackberries every time they traveled to russia. >> the-- >> and do not take your blackberry because as soon as you enter russian air space your information is wide open to the russians. so, if they've been, you know, trying to hack us or hacking us for years, how come just now, when we're hearing from president obama that he wants to retaliate. we haven't heard any of this in
8:40 am
the last eight years? >> i think the president has been very direct and very clear with mr. putin when he-- when there have been opportunities to work together like the iran sanctions deal and when their efforts are completely opposed to the core morals and ideals that we hold as americans, so, you know, we've held them accountable where we need to and i think that will continue throughout the remainder of this administration. the real question is what happens when donald trump becomes president because he spent the entire campaign cozying up to putin and extensive business ties with russia and you know, we know that at the rnc convention, they changed the platform to make it more pro russia friendly. so the real tough questions i think you'll have to be asking the trump administration come january is what they're doing to soften our relationship with russia, or trying to make
8:41 am
nothing go sour there. that's the questions. maria: we will be asking the questions. >> i know you will, maria. maria: adam hodge. and there will be live coverage of president obama's news conference at 2 p.m. eastern time. we'll be there live. flipping the script on wealth. why stuart varney says that president-elect trump is making it okay to make money again. if you can't beat them, join them. t-mobile is offering a year's free of the rival company's new streaming service. back in a minute. ♪
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8:44 am
>> welcome back. 45 minutes away from the opening bell. we're expecting a higher opening for the broader averages. take a look at market. weaker than expected on housing starts and honeymo honeywell is
8:45 am
issuing this forecast. t-mobile is hoping to convince at&t customers to make the switch offering a year's worth of service for directv. that's only for the t-mobile one unlimited plan. the stock up 32% for the year on t-mobile. that's a pretty good looking chart there. mcdonald's is testing a delivery service, customers can offer off the uber eats app and track the delivery and pay through the app. mcdonald's stock is up, a very good month as you see. the president-elect says it's okay to be rich again. joining me the host of "varney & company," saw, i like this theme. stuart: i knew that, i could see that smile a mile off, maria. haven't we all gotten kind of used to the idea that income unequality is a terrible thing? income inequality is holding us back, a problem as bad as
8:46 am
global warming. we got used to that. and donald trump on his thank you tour to be strong again we must be a wealthy nation, a rich nation, and then he says, but you know, a lot of people that doesn't sound light and goes on, i say we have to be a rich nation to rebuild the military, to build the wall, to recover. he's so right, isn't he? what a complete turn. what a switch this is. we've been mired in fairness, and income inequality is terrible and suddenly a new president who says, it's okay, get out there and make some money. it's okay to be rich. we'll all get richer together. i just love it, i'm sorry, but i love it, maria. maria: i do. for some reason it's a bad word if you made money. and why is that, don peebles? jump in there. stuart: my old friend, don, how are you. >> good, how are you? >> i'm well.
8:47 am
>> nice to see you on the air rather than bumping each other during lunch. i get a lot of air time on this network. >> i know, you do. maria: what about that? >> i think there's had this attitude that being successful issing wrong. my daughter came home from school one day early in obama's administration and said, daddy, we're not rich. are we. maria: better hope so? >> why is that a problem? rich people are bad. maria: is that-- >> this country is based on opportunity and success and that's why people come here from all over the world and why i'm in new york city and why we're having this opportunity for upward mobility and now we need to get back to that. income inequality because of people who have jobs and-- . you left us hanging, what did you tell your child. are we rich, know the rich are we? >> i told her we were and very fortunate and told her that the
8:48 am
greatest thing-- one of the greatest things about the country someone like me whose father was an auto mechanic, whose two grand fathers were a janitor and a doorman could build the kind of wealth and company that i've built and that's what the great part of america is. [applause] >> go back and tell your teacher tomorrow that you love america because it gave your dad the opportunity to change your dad and life for you and your family. stuart: that's a privilege because your father had a job. that's different from some of us on the other side of the pond, but a different story entirely. maria: stuart, isn't that a nice sort of talking point there for someone who might be the next mayor of new york city? >> ah, now, this is-- you're breaking news to me. this is a revelation. maria: we're going to talk with don peebles before we end the show and he'll tell us exactly what he might do for new york. he hasn't committed, but we think he's running for the mayorship and he's going to take on bill deblasio, stu.
8:49 am
stuart: works for me, you've got my vote, sir. maria: we'll see you in 12 minutes. "varney & company" begins the top of the our and he he's not kellyanne conway live the top of the hour, you don't want to miss that. i'll be with stuart in his 10:00 hour. in 2017, the top industry trends to watch for next year. we're back in a minute. ♪ you do all this research
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>> welcome back. some challenge in the housing market this morning. november housing starts came out. they were down worse than expected. down more than 18% from the last reading, this coming as mortgage rates are climbing up. especially in the wake of the
8:53 am
federal reserve raising interest rates. i want to bring you rogers healy, owner of rogers healy real estate. good to see you. maria: characterize the market for us. >> people have been waiting for the news that come out this morning and make a move on either side of it. i think that people have been looking for an excuse to do one thing or another and waiting for activity. maria: activity in what regard. we've had the federal reserve raise interest rates and mortgage rates tick up. if mortgage rates tick up, doesn't that affect housing. >> or for people who have been waiting. i think the market is about to increase significantly. maria: talk to us about the metrics looking at real estate. example, you know so well. what are you seeing? >> affordability is-- it's changing and in places that a first time home buyer that's a yuppy demographic that would normally purchase
8:54 am
something close to urban core, they're probably going a little further and further away because of the stuff that comes with purchasing something that's newer. hoa dues or higher taxes. i think it will be interesting to see what happens in the next like two to three months for people who have been saving, obviously, like i said a quarter of a point makes a huge difference what you can afford. maria: you think they've been saving for a house, afraid that mortgage rates are going to take off on them and maybe flood the market now? >> either flood it or keep it safe and i think a lot of people, too, some people don't consider, a lot of times the places first time buyers can buy, empty nesters will sell. and they have larger cash savings so they can afford the entry level can't. there will be an interesting flip-flop. maria: you're talking about younger people wanting to go to cities, everybody is moving toward urban areas. >> yeah, again, it's affordability factor and something that people don't talk about with purchasing of
8:55 am
property, is the fact that the rental market is also increasing and as a price for square foot renting increases something is going to trump one or the other as far as this is concerned. maria: renting is going higher and buying is going higher, is it pushing people out of the market? >> i think it's pushing people out of the market who thought they would be in as this continues, places like dallas, places like chicago, places like, los angeles are going to be further and further away from where they thought they would be, even if they want to rent. rental rates, too, $2 a foot for something is game changing money and rather rent for 1.50 and be less further away. maria: is it a buyers or sellers market? >> it's relative to the city. if you need seattle, miami, denver, incredible last years and people start to freak out because their markets are expect today take a shift and it's about to be a buyers market. depending where you are and time of the year, people can
8:56 am
make an educated decision. maria: all right. good to see you, thanks for your insight. final thoughts from our all-star panel. stay with us. ♪ i believe i can fly ♪ ♪ i believe i can touch the sky ♪ this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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♪ work hard for the money, so
8:59 am
hard for it honey ♪ ♪ she works hard for the money so you better treat her right ♪ >> welcome back, final thoughts from our all-star panel. we're with don peebles today. earlier in the show i asked don a question, if he was actually going to run to become new york city mayor, if he were to do that what would be your sales pitch to do that? what are you going to do for new york? >> my big idea. you asked for one big idea. i'd make new york city the best place in the world to do business. this would be the land of business opportunity for all. it would include everybodying in the success of new york's business community so it would be become the mecca for minority and women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. we would have a youth internship program paid for by the private sector guaranteeing all new yorkers 15 to 19 a paid apprentice program and that
9:00 am
could go and feed the demand for workers in the building and trades industries that have an extreme shortage. maria: sign me up. dagen: he's so running. and by the way, how lucky am i to work with you. maria: and i with you. here is stuart varney. stuart: good morning, everybody. we do politics and business, and plenty of action. the trump rally, the dow will go up a little more at the opening bell. so, come on, sit back and watch the march to 20,000, we are very close. the obama team says the russians interfered in the election, so the call is out, show us the evidence. donald trump goes further, what did the president know and when did he know it? the left's attempt to undermine trump's presidency seems to be back firing.


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