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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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reporter: up next on trump temperatures thank you tour, lou dobbs will bring you special covering from orlando. that's it for us. have a great weekend. charles payne is up next. charles: breaking if news for you tonight. two hours ago president obama said everybody is worse off if the most bilateral relationship america has, with china, is sound. the chinese may be seizing an under water u.s. navy drone in the south china sea. investors panicked on word of this. joining us now to discuss. captain nash, over the last week or so x have even a series of
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incidents that seem to becoming more and more belligerent. who do they seem to be sending the message to? president obama or president-elect trump. >> that's a good question. there have been times when the chinese snubbed the united states and president obama personally. everybody remembers the stairs coming out of the back of the aircraft an out to go down the stairs of tear force one. trump was big on the campaign trail about not telegraphing to your adversaries about what you would do, and you should take -- he should take his own counsel today. charles: he didn't rake trump over the coals per se for takele call from the taiwan president. was this retaliation for that or
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just that china feels they have no obstacles with the current administration? >> i think it's the former. i don't think this will be a pastway of escalation. we have to respond strongly and clearly. this is them trying figure out what trump is going to do. charles: you understand your economy better than anyone else. there are a few more things at play that haven't gotten any press. >> thursday the chinese bonds market collapsed. part of it, bond futures collapsed because janet yellen raised the interest rates in the u.s. by a quarter point and she took a hawk stands on what's going to happen next year. china is already fragile. so you had more money come
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across the pacific thursday and friday. charles: isn't this to china's advantage? >> to exporters yes. their real problem is capital flight. last year there was $911 billion of net capital outflow. this year we don't know what it will be but it will be large. the reason is because the dollar is so strong. people in china are losing confidence in their own economy and you have a problem there. charles: you said this is part of china's m. >> . >> they did this with george w. bush in april 2001 and president obama in march 2009. it was in the per river cal seas like this incident. charles: captain nash, americans appreciate donald trump take on verbally to china, we are not going to take your whatever.
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do you think they are going to put him to the test? do you think at some point there will be an ultimate test and if so what could that be? >> the test could be they will constantly ratchet things up to see what he will do. but the thing is. it always goes back to who's going to take the first step and what's the pushback going to be. in the case of trump, i think this administration -- he's not the president yesterday. what are they going to do? probably nothing. colonel harris, command of the bank. will this tenure overlap that with president trump? he will have consistency out there and admiral harris has some pretty good ideas of we sees he needs to do to keep the chinese in the box. >> social media and other places. a lot of people were quick on the media side to blame this on
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donald trump's accepting a phone call from a democratically elected president of a sovereign nation. and again i felt like barack obama to a degree tried to play that down a little bit. but that's part of the narrative going into the weekend. china with a man made island, that happened before our elections began, and the militarization of those islands happened before the election began. >> the captain just mentioned that china views the china aas their backyard. that happened before president truck was sent to office. this ways they consider their backyard and they are not going to walk away from it. i don't think this just because the president-elect took a phone calm from taiwan. but they are trying to send a clear message. we need good intelligence and
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the president-elect will be well advised to mend those fences. charles: mend what fences. >> it's important we talk about the cia. i don't want to get to russia. but it's important rely on the good counsel of your unbiased analyzed intelligence community. i think once the president electri -- once thepresident-el, they will tell the president what china is doing and what they are saying. that's a huge calculus in the next step. charles: we can't overlook the fragility of the u.s. economy. we talked about a trillion dollars a year leaving obviously inequality. the massive debt bomb they have going on. russia when they were in a tight spot took crimea. is it possible china could
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become -- that's air force 1 departing. the obamas are going on holiday back to the hawaiian islands. gordon, could china be forced to become even more belligerent to do something we are not accustomed to them doing as their economy begins to father? >> for three decades the legitimacy of the communist party has been the delivering of prosperity. charles: would they crack down on their own people and take an aggressive stance towards taiwan? i always read ultimately there might have to be a military solution to that fragile relationship. >> that's what china says. but they do not take that off the table. the united states, the basis our one-china policy has been a peaceful resolution of taiwan status. once china starts taking about force and move in that
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direction, the whole basis of this relationship with beijing goes down the drain. >> have a fantastic week. i have a programming note for the audience. lou dobbs will be live tonight with a two-hour special. from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with extended coverage of the trump thank you tour. california electors nancy pelosi's daughter attempts to hijack my show and the democratic process itself. you said it was embarrassing information. >> i can't jacques i can't see. so i can't tell what you we would do after a briefing. charles: i gave you the opportunity to come on the show, let me get in a question or two.
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charles: president obama make it clear who he thinks carried out the presidential election cyber attack what it means for americans. >> the intelligence i have seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that russians carried out this hack. i make a larger point, which is not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. russians can't change us or significantly weaken us. they are a smaller country, they are a weaker country. but they can impact us if we lose track of who we are. charles: swroing me now, betsy,
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that was an interesting news conference. the media was obsessed with that great news. barack obama himself didn't get any of the blame. >> interesting, too, that barack obama point to the way the media covered the campaign cycle saying it was overly critical of hillary clinton, when it was also tough on donald trump. i wrote a lot of stories about wikileaks but we also did tons of coverage of donald trump. the president's suggestion there wasn't enough critical and dirt-digging focus on trump is itself probably not correct at all. charles: on one hand he tried to dismiss the whole thing talking about john podesta's pissotto recipe. he said he thought hillary clinton was treated unfairly. though there is no doubt at all donald trump received the
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overwhelming share of negative news. the media was at war with donald trump over this. but that all misses the point. they killed themselves on this thing. it was their emails and they weren't the people that they had been telling the rest of the country they were, it feel like. >> the criticism from democrats is that putin tried to sway the election toward trump because russia had the goods on the clinton campaign, what was going on behind the scenes. they also hacked the rnc, but did not divulge that information. but there was no evidence any that information was particularly damning. it had to do more with logistics and basic party stuff. whereas the stuff the clintons had was more explosive. on the other hand i don't think there is doubt amongst democrats that putin was rooting for trump.
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charles: why do you think he was rooting for trump in. >> look at the information that was released. he had a grudge against clinton. he felt that clinton played a role in undermining his authority by promoting pro-democracy groups in russia. he was not a fan of the state department promoting the orange revolution in the ukraine. clinton was out to get him. charles: ultimately i don't think the voters focused on how they got information, but what the information contained. it was brutal and painted an ugly picture of a party who said they were for a lot of people. they showed racial bias and trying to steal the election from bernie sanders. this is damning throughout. i think the democrats are making a huge mistake here. they should probably let the whole thing go.
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i think i heard obama echo that sentiment. >> politics is a really dirty business. i suspect if we had seen rnc emails from the time donald trump accused ted cruz's father of being involved in the assassination of john f. kennedy. but ultimately what matters is a foreign state tried to interfere in our election. whether you believe it was for or against donald trump, that's what matters. charles: do you believe it made a continues or was there a lot of other reasons why hillary clinton lost. >> there are a number of reasons hillary clinton lost. but that is certainly one of them. charles: i invited california elector christine pelosi on the show to state her case. but instead the daughter of nancy pelosi just made a whole lot of noise.
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that's not what we are debating right now. what we are talking about is how you will you cast your vote?
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charles: the director of the fashion able tell jones releasing a statement denying the request by several electors and members of congress to be briefed on russia's involvement in the dnc cyber attack before the electors cast their vote monday. the electors spearheading this evident, the main one, christine pelosi, she gave me an earful, but not much else last night. that's not what we are debating right now. what we are talking about right now, how you will cast your vote. how will you cast your vote? >> you asked me a question that insulted the democratic imrairt, insulted millions of americans.
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charles: i think the emails did enough insulting and they speak for themselves. you will never be able to erase that. the exercises you are doing continue to smack the will of the american public. i think your cause and your party is taking a step backward. but we'll leave it there. >> thank you for the political advice, charles. , thank you for the political advice. we are standing up for democracy. charles: you are not standing up for democracy. purchase making a mockery of the vote and a mockery of the vote horse told you they are tired of you and your party dismissing them for all these years. you should go back on your hands and knees and say we are sorry we'll try to get it right next time. >> i don't think i need to take your advice to get on my hand and knees to do anything. charles: joining me now.
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the idea that this is bubbled up to the degree it is is fascinating. in one sense i'm glad it has. the american public is learn thrilings another level of power out there i don't think people understood before. how does this process work? >> you know, obviously what happens is i can only speak for the exact process that happens inio. there are individual electors chosen by the democratic slate and the republican slate. and whomever wins that state, those individuals gene cast their vote by signing in book that ultimately goes to washington and cast their vote for the individual traditionally speak that has won that state for the president of the united states. we heard a lot in this election cycle after the victory of donald trump where electors have
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the right to change your vote. but that's why it's in the face of the choice of the popular vote of that state. this is -- listening to you speak with miss pelosi is giving me a little bit after headache, frankly. we as democrats need to move on. i understand people are concerned about russia interfering in the democratic process. i think it warrants a bipartisan look through the congressional hearing process. but as far as the electors are concerned. if they want the information they should be able to get it, but apparently the national security folks decided they are not allowed to have it. let's move on. charles: a lot of people rightfully believe this is trying to make a mockery of the entire system. you have a bunch of hollywood actors, many of whom haven't been seen in a long time, who made a video trying to persuade these folks. i would think this is something that's done in mostly secrecy.
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you don't go out and start to lobby or be lobbied for this stuff. aren't they trying to cast a negative shadow over the presidency of donald trump before it even starts? >> that was the absolute rudest guest, miss pelosi, i have ever seen on television, and i have been doing this a little while. you got her right back. charles: i was drinking jack daniels while she was talking. >> i bet you were. i was too, watching you guys. but this is a flawed premise from the get-go. he gave up his password. he was phished. this is a problem not in the republican party other donald trump campaign, but the intelligence and security concern and competence of the obama and hillary administration. if you send me an email right now and ask me for my password to my email and i give it to
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you, you didn't hack me. i gave my password. let's start with that premise before we get upset about this. charles: let's end with the premise hillary clinton was the weaker candidate by far and it was and the hack in my mind. it was the contents of what we learned about the democrats during the process. >> we know she was a flawed candidate. i think the hacks are important and worthy of concern. but they weren't decisive in this choice. one thing i want to call out from last night's interview, she tried to take what you were saying and spin it in a vulgar way. i think people are sick of the left doing that. they are sick of that war on women, p.c., we are going to take you super literally and warp your words. that's a large part of the reason her party lost. charles: they spin it that way or the gender problem, you are disrespecting me because i'm a
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woman. >> we have to focus on content. that's why we lost. we weren't focusing on issues, we were focusing on flashier issues that try to make deadlines and get things go viral on twitter. that's not how we govern. charles: nobody is buying the gotcha stuff anymore. they might need to get some celebrities from the 90s on. the stars of the past ain't doing it anymore. what's it going to take to bring patriotism back to america. donald trump said he's going to bring patriotism back. i love the way it sounds, but is it harder than it sounds? and at progressive, we let you compare
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charles: donald trump going to rebuild our economy. but rebuild the fo fervor for american patriotism. >> patriotism will be celebrated and taught strongly to our children. that will be the foundation ofure economic plan. charles: in 2005 a u.s. district judge in california, said it was unconstitutional
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for schools to -- the pledge of allegiance. i love the thought of bringing back patriotism, it could be a key component in helping the economy. is it an easy task? >> not entirely easy because, many people in our public service profession, and employee union members, education, alsos and universities are hostile to patriotism, they see it something like nazi implemen ism, they are not seeing history of the country.
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i think we should teach american history, warts and all, but let's make sure that the all is really a wonderful heritage we have the privilege of being the beneficiary of. charles: one reason we had pledge of allegiance. the immigrants brought with them anarchy. the idea was to get the kids in school to pledge allegiance to you new country. >> part of this goes to that the curriculum, that students are taught in school, public school from elementary, to high school, then to universities, they have very liberal professors with
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hostile views of the united states, it starts with education, you can't teach patriotism, you can teach reasons and history of things that made this country great. with culture wars we see a swing from one extreme to the other, now donald trump is trying to swing that extreme, we conjust focus on what country has done wrong but how we make up for it, celebrate our freedom and we're all in this together, great american project is not over but we need to accomplish it by working and coming together. >> i agree. charles: we acknowledge the past, to michael's point, warts and all i think we need to bring god back into the discussion. >> there is a difference between you know bringing god into the conversation, and you know conversations surrounding patriotism or pledging
6:34 pm
allegiance to the flag. these are decisions that i believe need to be made at the local level. we have bills in ohio too require the constitution be part of our curriculum. the building block for our your honor people to understand the works of our nation. and foundation of or democracy. now, i will say, i think st up too local school board you know city council, if the city council in san francisco does not want a cross on their you know, yard, during the holiday season, they can decide that. and if people theren to like it they -- don't like it, they can vote them out, if a small village council in ohio wants a nativity scene on their lawn, or make those decisions in their schools, then those
6:35 pm
school boards, those local city council make that decision, let the people decide if they like it or not. charles: what about oval was on the bully pulpit promoting this. donald trump surrounded by flags, with a nativity scene, and say merry christmas and say the blamin pledge of allegiance. >> i think he is you know donald trump will talk about this at some point. i think some of his critics may have a points, when they say president does not prescribe cripple lu curriculum in local schools. emphasissing our common heritage, and understanding we say that pledge, we're saying liberty justice for all, that including liberty to object to saying the pledge. and object to military
6:36 pm
service, and even to make a horse's behind out of yourself before a football game. if you want to. and people have a right not to watch that football game. it seems like a lot of people are. charles: we could just get justin timberlake to make patriotism sexy gain. again. >> thank you. >> dow could not get over that 20,000 hurdle, don't fret, i think it will next week, i'll tell you why in my market commentary, next.
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charles: we're moments away from donald trump thank you tour in orlando.
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charles: dow twin 20 thousand should be around the corner. you see, after a huge rally, many people, a lot sitting on big gains, so once this market stalled, a back and fill spinning wheels, nervous investors had a lot of chances to take profits they resisted urge, on that note biggest trump rally winners have yielded some ground in last couple days, including most specifically goldman sachs, you have to keep in mind, it has largest impact on dow dow jones average, there was not a since of panic for banks or broad market even after knee-jerk selling on news that china snatched one of our navy research drones in front of a warship, i say that stock was honeywell, they gave up earnings a disaster, stock
6:41 pm
traderred be -- cratered, they are a diverse company, they operate in multiple city, aerospace, home building, portfolio, metal, everyone where you want to be, all business sessio segment that should do well under president trump. stocks finished higher. that is kind of stuff i think is a buy. triv ago went public today. testimony could be a good sign that the ipo market heating up again. it would be a great sign for the economy and stock market. next week, we'll get information on the spate o state of the housing market, i'm not sure if any scheduled reports have the ability to move the broad market, i think that there is a great chance that donald trump gets help from that fellow in the red suit, that is right the santa
6:42 pm
claus rally, it should come to rescue week of christmas, 1 thaonce that 20,000 hurdle is cleared, i think that momentum picking up big time. ways to benefit from next wave of disruptive technology, there are a lot of them. another programming note, catch "wall street week" on fox business, a sneak peak with nasdaq ceo bob grasso. >> deregulatory effort has not happened and or congress or president signed anything. but, the question, is what is probability of these actions happening, i think that what being released o of the animal spirits, i see more be people, people feeling good, they are engaged and they will be more aggressive in terms of pursuit of the business plan. >> that is important stuff. right here on fox business.
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>> president obama speaking today, bragging about the greatic hooky created. -- great economy he created, we'll discuss it next. still trying to find how ara good site.going?
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>> the most sweeping reform since fdr to present a crisis on wall street from punishing main street ever again, none of he's actions stifled growth, the stock market has tripled. charles: that was president obama today taking credit for the stock market, they call it a victory lap, and took credit
6:47 pm
for lower unemployment rate, but he had no come on labor first parting a or lack there of. -- participation or lack there of. which plummeted big time during his time in office. emily, president obama is a smart man, he understands that as millions of people left the job market, it made the unemployment rate go down, even government data on real number is 9. 6%, some people think it higher. that is not only thing that has an asterisk next to it today from the press conference. >> i am glad you showed labor participation chart, you break it down, numbers you can see that discourage workers, there are over a half million doing our -- discouraged workers in this country. youth unemployment is over
6:48 pm
16%, national debt per capita with obama areas approaching 60,000, and student loan debt, that is laughable, it disappointing to hear him talking like this, but not unexpected. charles: true, you know, jobs that were created, did not pay as much as those lost preand during the throw throws of the great recession, he inherited ugly patch but he could have done more, and i think his policies did hurt. >> all he had to give up was doubling the debt. post grief group therapy session. i'm okay, you're okay, we're all okay. here is the reality, him
6:49 pm
taking any credit for the economic hopefulness that american people and market have right now is like, the mainstream media taking credit for fox's rating spikes, it has nothing to do with him, it because he is leaving, it is rather inspite of him not because of him, i think that american people are on to that. charles: you see that, when a bad ceo leaves a company, and the stock goes through the roof. we had an election, american public did not buy into it but media they soaked it up, this is narrative going from here on out. >> there was like revisionist history. really, where have i been? also, a way for him to feel like he is cementing his legacy, outcome of the election showed that voters in this country, and the economy they experienced,e every day
6:50 pm
is nothing of what obama said today, it is opposite, that is why donald trump is president and hillary clinton is not president. and you mentioned market. everyone expected that market would favor hillary clinton because they don't like to be surprised and look at the market, there ises i nothing usual here, it is not all due to obama. >> they set up extraordinary measures, they bought bad debt, they had secret missions, bernanke and yellen, more than once00e hinted that if fiscal policy from white house, matched their -- we would have had a more robust economy. >> that goes under reported in mainstream media, that a huge example. it almost disrespectful in the
6:51 pm
way that president obama is bragging about these things, and he even bragged about obamacare. that is so unpopular, that is almost a disrespect to the american public. this is ridiculous. charles: it says that if you look at small business index and home building index, november 8, i it changed for every sector, it speaks to an excitement about donald trump, that i think is magnetic, it magical, and with g.o.p. congress hopefully he can get the things through. >> yeah, it is very exciting, people when they electric look at someone cutting regulation on small, and restructure our taxes, and take burdens off of those h who might start businesses or add jobs, this will give people a sense of optimism, almost as if it happened in spite of what
6:52 pm
people wanted, people wanted a gasp, and say oh, my gosh than you expected thing happened. but they see the light at the end of the tunnel here. the light at the end of the economic takthe economy tunnel. >> thank you very much. >> is mainstream media giving president obama a free pass on aleppo? we're minutes away from the trump thank you tour. the stop this time is orlando.
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charles: china firing back at u.s. after stealing the under water drone, releasing a statement that says in part, there are many risks there and membershi many risks of crises, you know that china has indisputed sovereignty of the south shin china sea.
6:56 pm
they just took if from us. remember what media slammed george p. bush to no end for his lack of caring for humanitarian crises in darfur? when aleppo, why does it seem like much of media is treating president obama with kid gloves? christopher, i remember the darfur thing, an example of racist republicans, and the indifference toward africa, what we're seeing in aleppo is one for the record books. >> this is insane. it is not just on aleppo they are given a pass, it is the whole thing, some people are waking up to carnage there, this might tarnish an otherwise okay foreign policy record, when unlike george p. bush we've seen with obama decline in power, spread of
6:57 pm
wars, americans bogged up on, now say would have been great if not for aleppo we'll give him a pass. charles: here is the thing. this is like half a million people are dead. amazing city, for most part that is now rubble. just there has been -- today, during a press conference, barack obama ram belled and -- stumbled, the solution is luke warm. >> what we've seen this is very. the result of american retreat. he made mistakeses from letting isis grow by retreating from iraq too early, to drawing a red line he did not keep, and saying kobani was not opinion important city and letting slaughter continue there to aleppo, there not a single part of the world that you can
6:58 pm
point to right now, and say that is safer because of obama's foreign policy. but what is dangerous, we have a president-elect who wants to pursue an american retreat, this is what it looks like what america is not the world's police. charles: president obama would talk about the cost, there is a cost when you look the other way, i hope president-elect trump sticks to his pledge to coru crush isis at the least, i am concerned that media have looked other way, making this crisis worse. >> i am not sure that is fair, part of reason we know, because so many folks there, facing death have access to internet and social media we know more about the unfolding of this season, than vast majority of humanitarian catastrophys, on top of that i think part of reason, that
6:59 pm
obama has not gotten more criticism from media for not intervening, this was decided in 2013, i remember covering capitol hill, mayor congressional -- debate about whether or not to authorize massive use of force in syria to try to topple assad, many were opposed, they thought that idea of sending the emergencthe american troops in. charles: there are other things too you, you know, these planes and helicopter that are dropping barrel bombs we could have stopped that. we funded rebels, we could have articulated who they were better to the american public. there were concrete things that i think that barack obama could have done, if he was going to draw a red line he should have held to his word. >> i think you need to back it up. even if your personal life.
7:00 pm
the reasons we could not stop the barrel bombs. we had so few troops in iraq. charles: all right. thank you very much. lou dobbs has a two hour for you, trump tour. continues. in orlando. next. lou: good even, president-elect trump in orlando, for his 7th rally of his thank you tour. mr. trump and vice president elect pence will talk the amphitheater, president-elect was there 6 days before he won the election and presidency. we'll bring you the rally, when mr. trump takes the stage. we have a lot to take up with you here, including obama's politicize intelligence agencies and president who has lead from behind, today, tried to advance a story that he walked back.


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