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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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kennedy: tonight as if this whole fiasco wasn't ridiculous enough now hollywood is getting involved in macau, they are armed with a psa. james rosen is here with more plus donald trump secretly loading up his cabinet with libertarians. what does the heavy metal world think of the president-elect? turn off the lights it's time to rock. that's it, the washed up haggard and irrelevant celebrities have spoken. they are not happy with the outcome of the election so someone went to hollywood's professional graveyard and duck up loretta swift martin sheen and the farmer from dave to
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deliver a tap in an unconvincing plea to republican electors to switch their vote when they gather in state capitols on monday. what a sad sack of has-beens. watch this. c i'm not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm not asking you to vote or hillary clinton. >> edition of the constitution constitution -- any eligible person. it can certainly be someone you consider especially competent. kennedy: are you convinced? they said they are not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. they just want you to vote against donald trump. guys, actual celebrities who still have working hard to strike the shtick before the election. jcm beyoncé lebron james katy perry and her sweater puppies. none of the works for hillary. boys and girls deeply entrenched in pop culture couldn't
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meaningfully move the needle, why on earth would anyone listen to a postelection mopey just because he cast his eyes on a poorly lit video. your gal gal lost and is still shocking that every time you employed this bluesy chicanery it's just another way to twist the ship into hillary's bloody ribs. she has lost and she's losing again because of you you are talking. i know everyone is now a historian because they have read five words from the federalist papers and listen to the soundtrack from hamilton on spotify. here's one that radnich election from washington state shouting this week pseudo-history. if only 37 republican electors change their vote donald trump will not have the 270 electoral votes he needs to be president. >> 37 pitchers can save this country. kennedy: come on, man. go ahead and flip a bunch of people and the whole thing will
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go to the house of representatives. guess what, there's not going to be the magical consensus to shoehorn john kasich into the white house. here big bruce isn't enough to kill king and your lack of bunch of whiny joe steins. save the drama for acting class because from the looks of it you will need a few more lessons. i am candidate. the left is making one last desperate push to deprive donald trump of needed electoral votes on monday but can they pull it off and if so how? here to explain come he is brilliant and "fox news" channel's chief washington correspondent james rosen welcome back to the show. >> eager to engage with the kennedy in some flimsy chicanery. kennedy: thank you very much for listening, great job and please tell me what's going on in your
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estimation. >> i would call it the last gasp of the never trumper is the never trumper is that one has the idea that never trumper's will see some mechanism is the at their disposal even as donald trump is lifting his hand to take the oath of office on january 20 and say this is our last chance but by most accounts the electoral college which has two vote this coming monday december 19 to get donald trump's. in six elect twirl the city one of thereby ensuring the presidency that is supposedly the last venue in which the never trumper's can press their case. kennedy: i noticed that a judge in colorado has shut down the effort by some electors to i don't know raise their last -- and that's even hoping the wild buffalo will trample all over the hopes and dreams of donald trump. >> colorado is one of 29 states allow the district to columbia
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that bind their electors to vote or who carried the state and some democratic electors in colorado have sued the state basically saying the fact that they are bound by state laws unconstitutional but the constitution itself doesn't say anything about binding the elect doris. that lawsuit isn't going very far in this whole effort isn't going far. if you are a fan of smash video you are playing lips from is for you because it has not one but two cast members from the old 1970s sitcom. kennedy: the only reason jamie farr didn't participate the kiss he only has a shred of dignity left. >> is he still alive? kennedy: i was just going to ask you that. i understand there are pro-trump -- pro-trump electors who have been harassed so what if you heard about that? >> that's been quite well-publicized in the past few weeks. some trump electors from michigan and elsewhere have reported receiving not just hate
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mail and not just intimidating calls the death threats all i guess in the name of some raids in tolerance that the anti-charm forces is also lacking the mr. trump. again the electoral college folks will proceed without incident. there have been some what they call faithless electors in rare cases. they have never been punished that they have never been indifferent either and let's not forget once the electoral college votes one other thing has to happen which is the united states senate has to certify the electoral college vote and you may remember back on january 6, 2001, because i do then vice president al gore who won the popular vote but lost the election had to actually stand in the well of the house and certified the results of the electoral college in favor of george w. bush. a measure of grace and class on that occasion. kennedy: i remember that and you felt for him and his family.
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there has been so much drama throughout this entire election that i can imagine it's going to end calmly. >> at least not with another burst of chicanery. kennedy: there is always room for chicanery, and jell-o and james rosen. thank you so much for being a part of it. let me bring on my party panel. tonight national review on line reporter and correspondent for the -- comedian jimmy is here and he straightened up for the. party panel, welcome. we are not in the clear yet on the 2016 elections. should we brace ourselves for some surprises? cat, it will start with you. i watch that celebrity video and i was almost swayed at how important are celebrities?
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>> they are very important to themselves and to each other. they are the only people that talk to each other. nobody listened to them before nobody's listening to them now. donald trump's going to be the president. can you imagine if it was the other way round of people were doing that against hillary? and sexes have to go to jail. kennedy: haven't most people moved on? and the people are still pretty upset. >> this is part of the reason they lost, they are out of touch with what people care about. you really want to make a difference in society democratic party to a mannequin challenge. i think that's a bigger issue to the american voter. >> maybe for them, who knows? it's not going to change the outcome. kennedy: who thinks this is going to work right away?
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is mike carroll willing to say we have to do at? >> he probably feels like you to talk about it and look in the end the only thing it's going to do is maybe there'll be a couple less electors and it might move trump from being 46th 248 in his landslide election. >> those were some of the finest uber driver's in our country right now. >> for those of us who grew up in the 80s. >> i would have been a moving video in the 80s. >> mondale may still get elected kennedy: there are many people in that video who are no longer with us. >> i'm sorry to jump in with the bavis was disgraceful about the democrats. they are people who are praying on a terminally ill patient by selling them at or know won't work.
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kennedy: is like andy kaufman going to mexico. specter recounted work. >> this notion -- kennedy: we have jill stein doing every count in florida and miami and it's going to be great. >> those are the electors that are getting attacked. kennedy: maybe it's not a big deal to you but a woman in arizona. >> what i'm saying is it is a big deal. what i'm saying is republicans should look in the mirror. the trump electorate who goes out and says the most vile things. you bring up an important point including a jewish newspaper reporter that they are -- kennedy: that's not okay.
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a major battle ruing between the outgoing obama demonstrations incoming trump team over russian hackers in russian hackers and 20 russian hackers in 2016 lexington white house press secretary josh earnest accusing trump of knowingly benefiting from russian designed to destabilize the presidency. josh? >> mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in cyberactivity that was helping him and hurting secretary clinton's campaign. again these are all facts that are not in dispute. kennedy: trump responded to the allegations by tweeting it for sure some other entity was hacking why didn't the white house waits along to back? what are they only complain after hillary lost? mr. obama undermining his successor delegitimizing the presidency in order to win it. jimmy it wouldn't matter if it was russians were bored 15-year-olds.
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>> that's the point. it could have been the guy that put the hot sauce in the purse every minute. the point is not that the e-mails it was what was in it. that's a partner don't get. if you were so drunk that you punched a police force -- it doesn't matter the point is you punched the horse and this idea that they can't fathom the 50% of the people could lose on the level is crazy to me. >> it really doesn't matter specially because if you are going to say the only reason you believe she lost that's just insane pitch he lost because she is not good at being a candidate because the things that were in the e-mail confirmed everything we are ready believed about her and you know the information still the same. kennedy: jennifer palmyra, her campaign she said it was the
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comedy moment on october 20 when comey forward -- came forward and separate containing with the investigation she said that was the moment that galvanized just enough patriots against turso people voted against her and that was a pivotal point in the election. that has nothing to do with russia. >> that's true. kennedy: which is at? >> from my perspective it was a lot of other things. she was not a great candidate but it's not so much the russians it's donald trump trying to create his own reality the fact pattern is clearly it was the russians because from kerry baer and fuzzy bear. when you actually go through the litany of reporting on this, but look when trump tries to create his own reality the problem with that is ultimately down the line
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what happens? kennedy: they all do that. >> they don't all decide. kennedy: that's all she does. if you take her statements and compare them with james comey. you can't criticize her for doing something that hillary clinton did the entire time. not unless you are honest enough >> instead of tweeting constantly about things that he doesn't like maybe he has a 40% approval rating which is the lowest. >> user still running against hillary clinton. >> i didn't vote for either of them.
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kennedy: if the operatives would just be quiet. dj honeycutt and loretta. >> there's a new video coming up at the survivors of the village people. kennedy: the party panel return later. donald trump maybe irritated to find out he is not the most powerful person in the world according to forbes forbes. we will tell you who is. first up the president-elect and his visors radically alter how the media covered the wh (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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kennedy: could the days of the famous white house daily briefing be numbered blocks according to donald trump big changes on the horizon. nothing is off the table. an interview with radio host hugh hewitt reince priebus said quote i think it's time to revisit a lot of these things that have been done in the white house and i can assure you that change is going to happen. ratings have been going on for decades as a way for the administration to tell the press was going on in the oval office and they turn around and tell us but with trump his twitter feed do we still really need it? juan williams is here fox fox's
8:20 am
political autzen cohost of the "fox news" channel. what is your biggest fear of no longer having daily white house press releases? >> i think the biggest fear is that they are going to change things up in such a way as to play, to control the message and it's not that they couldn't control the message before. i was a white house correspondent for the "washington post" way back before you were born in the reagan years and even then we worried about how they controlled how they set the present schedule, when he spoke and when he gave press conferences with what you are seeing already with president-elect trump is he doesn't hold a press conference and he is supposed to hold a press conference about his finances, cancel. press pool, remember he went to dinner didn't tell anybody in the press went bananas because of something happens to the president-elect. when it comes to the press briefings as you describe it the ideas people are developing sources, working to the bone and come to the press briefing to
8:21 am
get answers that directly tied to the president's spokesman. few do away with that you cut off one of the main links that the press has to the president. kennedy: with this administration you have seen press access curtailed. i don't care who the president is i'm one of those people that thinks we should have a free and open press and there should be a great deal of transparency in the white house. what i do agree with reince priebus on as we have a set of traditions for the sake of having tradition and maybe we don't need all of those. for example the conversation that the president-elect had with the president of taiwan. i didn't have a big problem with that and i didn't have a problem with him going out for steak dinner while he is president-elect. obviously those things will change when you take the oath of office. >> it may not change. it seems as though he was indifferent. why do i have to tell the press i was going out to dinner and i have to tell you i remember being at augusta golf course with president reagan hearing from the secret service shots
8:22 am
fired, we are getting them out of here. he's got to realize donald trump you are going to be president. people are really concerned. you move markets and policy in a seismic way. kennedy: i will tell you the press needs him. they realize it's immune if -- hugely beneficial relationship but i don't think there's a person who went gain the the presidency report who hasn't been disdainful of the press at some level. i would be surprised to see it. >> i think the game just went to a higher level. with good reason he is successful through the tweeting. he has found other ways to get around the press. the question is if he truly accountable when the american people say what did you do in what happened there? kennedy: in this postmodern era i think we are going to rethink what it means to be a republican, democrat, a politician and member of the media.
8:23 am
all of these things are rapidly changing. time will tell and hopefully it will only benefit the people. >> used to be the case that the president argued where the witness for the american people. kennedy: we are in that age the where more people have that unmediated access. juan thank you very much. coming up the "washington post" claims trump and his cabinet picks are all a bunch of ayn rand -- john stossel amanda myth the most -- the legend joins me the most -- the legend joins me to explain, next.
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kennedy: book clubs don't usually excite liberals but when trump and his advisers are pointer ayn rand levels -- novels progressives get nervous. the president-elect and his advisers are objectivist. trump nominee for secretary of state labor and cia adore "atlas shrugged." john stossel hosted stossel on the fox business network. the final episode of the glorious show which is personally taught me so much, stossel the last show airs tomorrow night. 10:00 p.m. eastern on the "fox news" network. your final show. >> seven years.
8:28 am
kennedy: seven years. i've watched you on so many years on 2020 and then he came to "fox business" where you had a great deal more flexibility. how have the last seven years gone? >> thank goodness for that flexibility. there were the stories that abc would say that's just libertarian talk but i did the school choice show before there was a school choice. now there's a movement, let's update that. i did citgo with michael moore nicking gun of government health care where he admitted americans die sooner because we are like me and abc obama cares happening. this is the time for that. kennedy: is an not incredible? he moved over here and it really has been an incredible time in your career where you have gotten to survey the landscape and i really think and i spoke with your former executive producer come that you are the best educator on television. >> thank you. it's.
8:29 am
kennedy: people new to the libertarian movement they get to realize that with you and what an incredible service you did. >> when you were our roving reporter you did a great job and you would bring the stuff in and i kept going what, your brain works too fast for me. kennedy: you have also give me your mentorship and blessing to eventually develop the show. i can never thank you enough and a lot of the philosophy that you have been talking about is now being embraced by some of the trump nominees. what do you think of some of the objectivist populating d.c.? >> i think it's great. they understand the damage that regulation does. you mentioned the "washington post" story and it's so disgusting that the little smears come and like andy posner who says he wants to automate. he doesn't want to automate and take people's jobs away. he says he's -- with minimum
8:30 am
wage there's going to be more automation. kennedy: and the backlash. >> that becomes a one-two automate and how can they support this? it's ironic. it was just -- it wasn't rape. kennedy: no doubt we'll have to have safe spaces and that's what they are trying to do. we have some critical thinkers in there and if they call themselves objectivism that they are encouraged and enlightened by a type of thinking that is some popular bats better through tomorrow night on your show you do a great job of pointing out some of the bright spots coming up in the trump administration because there a lot of libertarians that are frankly worried. >> and we should be worried. may but -- maybe trump will take us to war started trade were but so far so good.
8:31 am
kennedy: your career is beyond good and it's amazing for all the people who watch the show because if you and your hand in my career i owe you so much and i can't thank you enough. >> good luck to you and carry on. kennedy: we will be following you every step of the way. coming up for tests released its list of the most powerful people in the world. in the world. the party panel is up ery day sr with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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kennedy: look at that, kanye. there's a new most powerful man in the world. it's not jimmy. according to force magazine russian president vladimir putin. look at that podium. president-elect donald trump in second place followed by german chancellor angela merkel. even below kim jong un who was number 43 and it's easy to see why vladimir putin, look at how rapidly handsome he is on horseback. he can commandeer a horse as easily as he can rig an election. the party panel is back jimmy failla and steven sigmund.
8:36 am
what do you make of this, donald trump topping the most powerful person in the world and russia becoming. >> vladimir putin had better look out now. the twitter storm is going to hit him. kennedy: donald trump doesn't like losing to anybody and the most important thing for him to do is to go out and attack vladimir putin. kennedy: with his bare hands? >> now, with his twitter feed. kennedy: i think is far more clever than vladimir putin. what is it like to see them -- be the most powerful man in the world? >> if you read the metrics of the survey didn't follow the best taco bolts. kennedy: bernie sanders was right. >> how does forbes know anything? kennedy: you are obviously a
8:37 am
tool of the russian state. >> the most powerful people are the ones who you don't think at any power and they are closer to a powerful person and kind of quiet and on the sidelines. kennedy: like, out of dean. >> you tell them stuff and people don't think him that the secrets that the secret to make you think why. that's a powerful person. they won't be telling donald trump their secrets. >> he said the forbes is a plan by the democrats did delegitimize his election. kennedy: i'm going to go with mike. no offense, no offense but steve forbes ran for president at one point anyone come he would have won if we were living in such a rigged wonderland that used to be the united states of america. >> if it weren't for that whole vote counting thing. kennedy: be nice to your part is when you fly this evening because some of them are not flying very high. a lot of them are very depressed
8:38 am
even suicidal according to a survey. 13% of the pilots who keep us from plummeting to a horrible and fiery death are so depressed and not seeking help, the affairs that they will have negative career consequences if they come forward and back to their mental infirmities. this is great. i'm getting on a plane tomorrow so this is perfect news. >> i didn't realize how many pilots were hillary voters. i do want to say, suicide is not a joke. if you or someone you know is the new york jets fan, this is why i like spirit airlines. they will let you fly the plane. kennedy: i have never sat on a plane but i don't think they let you take a xanax before you fly. i have no idea what it would be. >> they don't lie let you but a lot of them do something like that. kennedy: do you think that
8:39 am
reflects society as a whole is there something particularly depressing of being a pilot? >> i don't know. i have announced a pilot. i feel terribly for the pilots to feel that way and i'm very hopeful i'm never on a plane with one of them. kennedy: i think the next time you get on you should have your own steven sigmund personal outreach fund before you go into the cockpit. whenever i get on a plane the pit doors doors open i always lean and say we are all counting on you, good luck. >> no one likes to admit this but when i get on the plane i am setting every passenger on the plane. i'm homeland security on that plane. >> if people saw smoke coming out from under blanket they would make a big deal out of that. >> that is known as the myeloclub. >> can i get in trouble for that? kennedy: i think it's great.
8:40 am
i think it's much better than smoking. cigarettes in the back of the plane, they cut them off in first class and they wouldn't give them any more alcohol so they came out in the bathroom and smoked. that man's name is mike pompeo. what a guy. you guys, thank you so much steven, jimmy and and something very exciting. jimmy failla one of the stars of the party panel has a one-hour standup special called state of the union streaming on amazon prime instant video monday december 19. also available for sale or rent to nonprime members. here's a sneak peek. >> i read the study today that says 40% of elementary school kids are obese and are not doing anything about it because they don't know they are obese.
8:41 am
yeah that's what happens when you eliminate bullying. kennedy: it's so true. well done, jimmy. i can't wait to see the whole special. i have my popcorn. coming up david frum megadeth
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kennedy: beautiful. melodic, moving metal. that's the track from the megadeth album. they just turned the 12th grammy nomination for best metal could you still plea during a well-deserved grammy for 2017? joining me the guitarist lead singer co-founder, dave. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: are you our susan maulucci? >> boy, are now take that
8:46 am
predicate so. kennedy: this is your 12th nomination. >> it's kind of a bummer to watch him give the awards to other people. they gave it to jethro tull and we were up for it and he said this is dave's award. it's really cool that he do that but the last time i went to pretty much put the coba shot me going press talking to kenny g. and i said i don't think we are going to when it's i'm coming here just to sit around three civic don't feel bad, took me 21 times to win my first grammy. thanks for that votive competence. kennedy: that's incredible. that soprano backed back to that. yankees a lot better than what you hear in the elevators. kennedy: i think kenny g. is a national treasure. >> we did a funnier guys get up
8:47 am
and across a problem for him and he ended up losing his job. kennedy: george zimmerman? you are part of george zimmerman's fall from the empire? >> we headed to her manager. i called them and said look you blew it. this was my friend. they said are you kidding me after you blew this guy going to his funeral and you are going to say you're just going to guarantee it? i said i have so many people that follow me on line. think hard and the guy was just, he would not touch. i went okay so the next thing you know talking about at anderson cooper is talking about it because i tweet it something about it. the guy got fired and me and kenny ended up doing a funny or die thing. kennedy: that's like the
8:48 am
trifecta pop culture you come a kenny g. and george from men's wearhouse. when was the last semi-worsted? >> i ask or were sued when i hosted the rustic rock awards in tokyo a couple of weeks ago. can be back -- kennedy: are you going to go to the inauguration in january the inauguration in january craig pettee feel about the future president john? >> i hope the nation gets past all the bickering and gets back to being a nation that we are all capable of being. i've been through to present -- 10 presence of my lifetime and traveling as much as i do, you'd know i travel a lot seeing these different places. we played in venezuela and eastern bloc back when they have the wall go down and like that. we have got a really great here and i'm hoping everybody comes together. i know there are a lot of people that think i'm a republican and people think i'm a democrat. i'm an independent. kennedy: are you a true per?
8:49 am
>> are you a truth or? >> you mean like per certificate plaques there is no way to tell unless you were there and i think it's too risky to put your neck on the chopping block and say stuff like that he does the way the social media is right now people's careers and in a snap because they say something and they believe something credit went to canada and didn't interview up there and i had said something that i thought was funny on obama's birth certificate. i didn't say he wasn't born in america but on the bottom of the per certificate is said ukulele and i was like get out. he was on the site. someone said are you a birther and i dislike what the hell is a birther? kennedy: you are not a birther evidently. >> for me i like kennedy. he was cool. prior to that i don't know a lot
8:50 am
about a lot of the presidents. if you go back to the stuff we learned in school i would have to say thomas jefferson was pretty rad and what he did and as young as he was. i like a lot of the stuff that i think it was the roosevelts had done a preschool that eisenhower went from being a general to being a president and stuff like that. so, i don't know. kennedy: are you going to run in 2020? >> with kanye, yeah. kennedy: dave thanks so much for being with us. continued success and good luck with the grammy. if you when you have to come by and do they official parade. coming up this woman has 3000 senate laws collectibles in her home. how many mall santas dishy i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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kennedy: when your stocking is full of coal come to me and i will crush it and make it into -- afterwards. i will punish whoever put coal in your stocking and they will like it. this is the topical storm topic number one. losing your teeth is a rite of passage in childhood and on the train with a bunch of other hobos. watch this lad come up with a novel way to pull his weekly incisor. >> everyone read a?
8:55 am
[laughter] >> it's not working. >> go the long way. [laughter] kennedy: in my house that would net at least 25 cents. that is so cute. please remember when removing teeth always use a professionally trained and licensed parents. topic number two, god bless go pros. go pros pole vaulted social doing cool stuff. this is nigell media from boring snapshots at dinner sweet videos of people doing cool stuff. this is nigel sylvester taking off on a whirlwind tour of japan we are basically seeing an
8:56 am
entire season of the travel channel show in three minutes. go. and there he is, he is back on his bicycle going downstairs. he's not writing it because he does not want to get cross routes. i've only visited japan a couple of times. i've never visited hong kong but i did host a foreign exchange student last year. tiny arms was so good at ping-pong. topic number three. carmen subha lives in the philippines and likes to collect things. little red and white things. no, not tylenol you party freaks. she has a santa fetish, a real one. she has over 3000 chris crinkles , or ralph santa file i call her. watch this.
8:57 am
>> all my relatives and friends sending me santa claus. kennedy: so lucky. some people would call her a quarter but i call her a hoarder. topic number four. dogs are the most loving playful creatures on the planet. just watch this wonderful pup lobbed his ball over the fence again and again in hopes that passersby will play fetch that before a show you that some of you keep writing and saying that i am being unfair to cats so i'm including a clip of them playing catch too. evil time. ♪
8:58 am
but, but. i told you equal time. cats are evil. topic number five. straight up or on the rocks. why is that lamp shade on your head, dear just a few he questions i asked the bartender every thursday when i drink away the pain from your viewer mail. and when the first one back with please change your style of classes and work contacts. if not, please take a laxative you old coot. scott says not all who watch are haters. some of us like our political current events delivered by a coiled spring of intellectual awesomeness and the raven haired
8:59 am
candy shell of alpha femininity. i will be sure to let neil cavuto no. he will be so thrilled. my phone was sitting 2 feet away while i listen to you on the party panel and your voice-activated my phone's google search. really? did you google someone who gives a? gil rye tweets you are like in an junta. must be the glasses, or this. lastly kevin asked, why do you build me up buttercup? kevin i would answer that but i've been instructed by my parole officer that is something filthy and the urban dictionary and if i answer in the affirmative i will be arrested. think you're watching the show tonight. it's been a blessing. tolomeo twitter and instagram @kennedy nation facebook at kennedy fbn e-mail it if kennedy abandoned "fox business".com. the show is back on monday. judge andrew napolitano.ron paul
9:00 am
congressman tom etsy. all that while i'm sipping a blue hawaiian on some secluded beach but i will be thinking of you every moment. while i wash the >> this is the new "wall street week." ♪ gary: welcome to "wall street week." maria: thank you for being here tonight. the markets hitting new highs to start the week. janet yellen's rate hikes slowing things down a bit in terms of the rally. the dow jones not making it to the historical 20,000 level. regardless entering a new phase with a pro-business whitehouse and it also comes with the fed's key raising interest rates regularly. we are joined by the outgoi


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