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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 19, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lauren: thank you so much for joining us on fbn:am. nicole: we are going to turn it right over to mornings with maria and we say good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: happy monday to you. thanks for being with us. good morning, i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday december december 19th, christmas week. president-elect donald trump said to seal his victory once again today. the electoral college voting today. michelle obama says, there has been a loss of hope since election day. >> barack didn't just talk about hope because he thought it was a nice slogan to get votes, i mean, he and i so many believe that -- wh else do you have if you don't have hope. what do you give your kids if you can want give them hope. >> we have tremendous hope and
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we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. we are going to so successful as a country again. we are going to be amazing. i actually think she made the statement not meaning at it. maria: record-breaking arctic chill making its way across the country right now. dangerously cold temperatures hitting central and eastern states. what you need to know before heading out the door. the company says it will appeal the 14 billion-dollar bail-out received from the union. the dow jones industrial average trading around record territory with gain of 35 points.
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in ftse weak performances. cac in paris up a fraction. take a look at major averages down fractionally throughout the asian markets overnight. the hot trend in retail, pop-up stores, why the temporary shops are making a rush and what it means for the industry, we have all the details coming. rogue one blasting off in the box office. details of the record debut for the next star wars track. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about national cochair morgan o ortagus and kevin kelly and conservative comment at a timer kristin with us. >> good to see you. morgan: happy monday. maria: what does that mean? kevin: merry christmas to you. maria: it was cool.
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kevin: we may be electing the new president. maria: today, big day despite all of the challenge. kevin: yeah, it's just a little birds in the air. morgan: did you see video of the celebrities, asking -- it's ridiculous. the people in la don't realize that people actually don't care what they think. maria: telling us not to vote. kevin: the popular vote. maria: electoral college vote. we will bring that to you. the routine process under scrutiny with some attempting to vote against president-elect donald trump, trump's team and senator john mccain weighed in on the meeting that will take place today. >> our legal team and our electoral college team is confident that folks will be voting inline with the way
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voters intended. that's an ultimate sacred trust. they need to follow the will of the people and make good on this and you have particular individual in texas, but other than that, we are very confident that everything is going to be very smooth tomorrow. >> i haven't seen no evidence that the voting machines who were tampered with, i haven't seen no evidence that the election would have been different but that doesn't change the fact that the russians and others, chinese to a lesser degree have been able to interfere with our electoral process. maria: donald trump also tweeted yesterday, he said this, it's my many supporters threatened would be called terrible names.
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are you surprised at all the challenge, people are getting death threats telling them not to vote for donald trump? >> i am surprised because it shows a disrespect for our constitutional process for a process oh that has served us well for over 200 years. we wrote a report of the electoral college 25 years ago reviewing the history and yes, it has served our country well, i taught it very well. never have i seen such broad disrespect for the process by one one of the two major parties. i thought to myself, we used to have a republican party and a democratic party. now we have a republican party and a banana republic party. discarded any reference.
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maria: if you look at one of the stories, this one elector from michigan, look at all the mail he got. all the letters that he received morgan ortagus, you better not vote for donald trump, death threats and the whole nine yards. morgan: people not being able to accept outcome. there's a segment of people that cannot understand that their fellow americans voted for donald trump. they don't get it. they can't process it, if the democrats want to succeed as a party, they need to stop shenanigans and move on. >> oh, yes. morgan: fund meantly it comes down to not being able to process that the american people didn't listen to them and didn't chose what they wanted. >> i like the word that than began, the fact is that these leaks about the truth.
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when i hear john mccain, the russians influenced public opinion. maria: if they leaked it. >> the democrats are tampering with the electoral process right now. kevin: the russians didn't set up the clinton e-mail server and the russians didn't take foreign donations from, you know, saudi arabia, qatar and other human rights abusers. that was the clintons, okay, and colluded with the dnc to intervene on a democratic process known as the democratic party. they colluded against a candidate. we should be focusing on what
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really matters and it's the super delegate in their own primary. [laughter] >> exactly. it's just noise. maria: in pennsylvania electoral voters will have police protection when they cast their votes according to published reports. police will accompany after messages of death threats. >> it's absolutely crazy. i think people just don't understand the benefits of the electoral college. i feel like we need a col civics class on the benefits of the electoral collection and what it's meant to do and not allow pockets or cities of large population centers to determine the outcome of the election, but also it's fascinating the fact that democrats are pointing to russia when russia if they did anything regarding this election, they wouldn't be able to swing it comploatly.
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what they would be able to do is discord among american people anfeel like the wholprs is delight miez. maria: there's the celebrities, you have martin sheen, sheen released this personalized video message to mr. ashley mcmillan, turns out it's a female mcmillan responded, it's my job to represent the people of monday. it was martin sheen's to get my name right and she failed. i won't. what do you think celebrities trying to change the outcome? >> disdain for the public and system of government. how dare they question this system when it has served us so well.
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maria: this is from barack obama, back in october of this year. there's no serious person out there who would suggest that you could even rig america's elections, there's no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances that this could happen this time, i advise mr. trump to stop wining. [laughter] >> at that point barack obama and his administration already knew about the hacking, they were going to diminish so long as they were sure their candidate was going to win. kevin: when we go low, they go high. maria: is there any chance -- >> half of them died before they cast their vote.
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maria: we will leave it there. betsy joining us there. later on in the show we have a michigan electoral with us michael who says he's getting death threats ahead of today's vote because of who he intends to vote for. you don't want to miss it. special elector joiningtous tell us the story. winter weather upon us. chaos. hollywood is mourning a legend. she passed away yesterday at the death of 89. we remember her.
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become a cardmember to enjoy these benefits. apply today. visit, or call 877-327-6448. maria: officials at los angeles international airport, lax investigating a pair of power outages that wreak havoc on travel. lauren simonetti with the details. lauren: lost of electricity, delay flights up to an hour. workers had to reboot x-ray machines, detectors and machines and other equipment, outages left several passengers temporarily stranded in the elevators despite the delays no flights were canceled and that's good news. most of the country is warming up, thank goodness for the bitter snap, winter storm that
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hit the nation, minus 12 in chicago. a tanker skidded and exploded and caused pile-up that killed two people, that locks awful. the accident still under investigation. a plane skidded off the airport yesterday morning at chicago o'hare and officials did not report any injuries, fortunately. we are remembering zsa a zsa died after suffering a stroke, she was 99 year's old. better known her ability to make headlines than her acting, nine marriages kept her on the front pages of tabloids throughout much of her life. she did appear in several movies, became a tv staple. one of the first celebrity famous for being famous. helped
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pave the way for paris hilton and kim kardashian. they don't have the words like gabor. i never hated a man to give him back his diamonds. possibly her most famous one, i'm a marvelous house keeper, every time i leave a man, i keep his house times. nine times, darling. [laughter] maria: i love that. >> one of my favorite is darling, if you don't look your best, you shouldn't leave the house. so you shall bell in me. i completely agreement. i loved her growing up. she was so fun and beautiful. maria: and her sisters. >> good point. what was the show -- was it green acres? maria: yeah.
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>> the way that she dressed and carried herself, you stick something in the microphone and you get, don't vote for trump, that's the extent of it. kevin: unapologetic. that was the best thing about her. she lived the role. maria: it's true. take a short break. apple said to appeal a 14 billion-dollar eu tax ruling this weekend. why the company says it's being targeted. a force to be reckon with. we will take a look at the box office hit star wars back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, well, markets are looking higher this morning. take a look at asia overnight. pretty much down across the board. there could be trouble brewing for china as well. shanghai composite was down just a fraction, the wall street journal this morning is highlighting problems for the bond market in china. country's central bank tightened and how to you she this plan out? kevin: this is a big thing that investors really need to pay attention to specially going to 2017 as the dollar is going get stronger, it's going to hurt merging markets and has a tone specially when they are overlevered and specially when they have -- their currencies are based off of oil reserves. you look at latin america countries, repercussions over there because when the dollar gets stronger, they may have to devalue. they've already done it once
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back in the summer of 2015 that lead to excessive volatility here and over there. they don't want to dloor to get stronger, we are going to have to see what happens. imf report that had 15% of debt may be written off because it's bad loans there. a story that investors want to be focused on. maria: that obviously would impact the liquidity in chinese market? >> there's a capital flight from chinese markets right now. people are taking their money out and can't get it out of china fast enough. that's a big deal. morgan: carpet data is incredibly high in china in addition to national debt to gdp. one of the problems, kevin, the chinese companies -- the chinese governments have been financed weak companies and propping them up. there's a massive problem clearly with $27 trillion in
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debt. maria: china is not a story of profitability. they don't care about profits. it's all about jobs. they want people to have jobs, so many people but they don't care about corporate profits. kevin: they care about velocity. one of the things that's important to note it's not only their nationalistic debt, it's the debt. so a lot of risky bets have been taking place. right now it's not impacting our markets but it could in the second half of the year as the fed starts to raise rates even farther. we have three rate hikes guided from the last meeting. maria: second story about china markets and so far no impact. a lot of drama over the weekend for apple. ireland and the company are fighting back against eu regulators and a massive tax bill. ireland say that is the european
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union overstepped its authority when it ordered the country to recoup nearly $14 million in unpaid taxes from apple. you know, the eu is telling ireland get the money from apple, ireland is pushing back and saying, this is not right. kevin: this is the problem when you have a super state interceding on sovereignty. this is a private arrangement and agreement between a corporation and a country. so who is the eu to step in and tell ireland to get that $14 billion back and that ges -- goes back to the whole british referendum where they were forced to buy sugar from certain countries. this is overtones that's going to play over here in the united states because right now you're seeing that our tax system is going to become more simple. we have the highest tax out of the entire developed world, 35%, factor state taxes, 38%.
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we have wasted time and energy and resources to ship and avoid taxes. maria: that's the point. >> people don't real that this offer to apple and other companies as well, led to huge boom for ireland's economy and what we have been experienced, europe has experienced for a lot longer. this is kind of action that eu has taken this led people in britain into the continent, rejecting mario renzi this week, it is not impacting our economy, our daily lives the way we had intended to. maria: it's probably a failure at this point. look what's going on in italy. the journal is reporting about trouble italian bank set to launch a share sell.
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it's going the share stock in last-ditch effort to being nationalized. we all know that the italian banks are struggling. they are overwhelmed with debt, kevin, and if you don't see a bail-out from italian regulators, they will go down. there's no way the italian regulators are going to allow that. kevin: there will have to be nationalistic bail-out, there's no doubt about it. chancellor merkel says she doesn't want the eu intervening and it's a really big bank that unfortunately that will be heavily politicized and reverberate throughout the eu. italy has one of the largest debt markets. if it starts to close and you don't have liquidity, it's going to create chaos throughout the developed zone right there and that's why you have chancellor merkel make comments about it. they are trying to raise $45 billion in equity, may not happen because people know
6:27 am
howdies dresses it is right now. morgan: keep about angela merkel's comments, she's up for election next year. the issues in german elections is going to be what is her stance on italy and bail-out. >> antisentiment, so she's feeling -- kevin: italy issued 450-year bonds at record low rates a couple of months ago so i think italy may come in and extend a lifeline to them. maria: trying to sell stocks today in a deal to attempt -- so the take doesn't happen. kevin: debt is cheap. you can see the government issue the debt for barely anything and lend bail-out to private enterprises. maria: big story. investigation into russia and election hacking charges.
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how donna brazile and president obama cannot seem to get the story straight. amazon in the trucking business, latest plan to compete with fedex and ups, all next back in a minute
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maria: good monday morning, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast as president-elect trump moves meet
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to go florida. the electoral college heads to vote despite efforts trying to block path, trump looks to officially seal victory today for the white house. >> donald trump has been -- it's a shocking experience that he came into office at the same time an extraordinary opportunity. electoral college results today. dems in disarray over hacking scandal. donna brazile contradicting on president obama on how long the organization. cowardly terrorist attack. the country's president is
6:32 am
defending his decision to scrap its most used currency bill. futures meanwhile backing the u.s., pointing to higher opening. >> , take a look. trump rally rolls on. in asia overnight we were low across the board. the new way to sell, how pop-up stores are changing the retail landscape. we have it for you and we want to show you the success of some of the shops coming up. disney feeling the force of the movie this weekend. star wars rogue one massive media hall coming up. dispute over russian hacking, president obama says he warned russian president vladimir putin back in september to, quote, cut it out while dnc share donna
6:33 am
brazile said the interference occurred until after the election. this is coming after they seek committee to investigate the hacking. we want to bring in lieutenant colonel chaffer and russia's overall impact on the election? >> like so many things. it's all about supporting a narrative which is not necessarily true. what we have seep is there are a lot things going on. let my give you hints, the russians haven't stopped hacking us. this is something that's been going on for years. cyber operation, cyber warfare, donna brazile is correct. i think he's painted himself into a corner now not being able to pull himself out. i think judge napolitano have talked about this. you've been consistent on pushing pushing the issue of the truth on this overall --
6:34 am
maria: i never voted to this russian narrative, ever. >> it's not the russian, it was anonymous, folks inside leaking information, assange, that's what's going on. you see people like president obama to be polite saying talking out of his rear end and you have ms. brazile talking the truth. there's no reality to the narrative. maria: if they have been hacking us for the years, try today hack us, eight, 10, 20, how come we never heard about it? kevin: this is a part of their operations. they are going to consistently do this. people don't -- are losing the fact thaw reckless the democrats were. they didn't have the safeguards and systems up. the republicans had attempted
6:35 am
hacks. joe podesta's password was password. maria: come on, really? kevin: i swear to god. >> i know. kevin: this is a democratic issue. even julian assange has said whether we take his word, a lot of the information came from dnc operative himself. maria: that's what julian assange said. morgan: some of the problems is that we have seen heads of intelligence agency giving interviews slamming the president elect. >> john brenan has been politicized. the fbi never confirmed what he
6:36 am
says. he says the fbi confirmed what he said in an internal e-mail. this is what's going on. he's acting politically in line of the democrat party and what they want to do. >> how important it is for republicans that they have majorities in both houses to take on kinder security as a priority. right now they are setting up a select, they have written mitch mcconnell for a select committee on cyber. this is the future. >> we have been pushing, one of the senators have pushed to having something permanently on disruption of technology. we were developing what we called weponized technology and techniques to use it. this is not new to us. the problem is russians and chinese have been much more aggressive in applying the trade and using technology than we have. kevin: north koreans. >> this is not sexy, it's very complicated and a lot of the old
6:37 am
in congress don't want to deal wit. i do believe that mr. trump and others coming in right now, some of my fellow warriors on this, i think will have to push folks to do this. we have to do better law and policy to use stuff. maria: how does donald trump respond to threat from russia? morgan: you have to have a policy and a strategy as it relates to russia. the problem is over the past eight years is that our current president's team, they thought that he was going to be the guy, he was going to have all the power, they clearly miscalculated. maria: why would they think that knowing of the power of vladimir putin? [inaudible] kevin: when barack obama, i have more leeway in second term. >> i will relay that. [laughter] morgan: strategic miscalculation
6:38 am
for putting their chips, dismissed putin four years ago and what we have done, tony, i would love to know your thoughts. at the moment they push us, they do think and there's no response. >> let me be clear, i do not like vladimir putin, he's a crook and a criminal, he's a thug. with that said, we don't have a policy. president obama's policy is to hope for the best like bid on the wrong horse. you need to get over that. morgan: that's not strategy. maria: look at what donald trump is walking into. uncertainty surrounding russia, you have china stealing our drone in south china sea. you have iran and the deal that president obama put together. but tell us what you think the priorities for donald trump and his administration should be given the hot spots in the world? >> two words, leadership and second respect. everything that's happening is based on the fact that this administration has done nothing to push back on any aggression. iranians are acting badly all
6:39 am
through the world including yemen and other places because they know how to get away with it. same with russia. they were sending -- kevin: would we see more policy? >> more effective policies, the doctrine that uses overwhelming force, the going to come back. james mattis, not a guy that wants to go to war and linger. a lot more definition. to show our adversaries there's consequences to bad decisions because so far there has been none and leadership and making sure that adversaries, and if they challenge us, you to pay a price. morgan: this is what i constantly hear overseas. not only do the american people want to see, i hear it constantly overseas n. the vacuum, when there's no american leadership, who leads, china, russia.
6:40 am
kevin: saudi arabia is carpet bombing yemen. >> we are working on their nato where there would be more uniformed policy. that's something that we have been working on for the past year. all principals going on the administration, on the defense side anyway. look at the right policies and then work with consistently, if you say you're going to -- if the red line is there for goodness sake, make sure the red line is there and if xrow cross it, there's consequences. maria: what about iran deal with boeing. they will seek the payments if president-elect trump tries to get in the way of the deal, lieutenant colonel, what do you make of this? are they threatening us now? >> this is a clinton-broker deal. one of the clinton proxies
6:41 am
making money off of the deal. we do have to think about any choik deal we do with iranians based on the fact that there's sanctions being considered against them. i think is this in our interest in this point in time? maria: obviously obama encouraged boeing to do this. kevin: also gave cash to iranian regime. >> on palets. maria: sanctions were renewed and boeing still allowed to do deal with iran air. >> with white house approval. you have to have white house approval. maria: they got the white house approval. >> absolutely. kevin: u.s. families for terrorism. >> we are not take ugh care of
6:42 am
our own. this is one of the reason that is the folks did not like the clinton idea. she said it's going to be the same thing. i ran consistently with bad intent, there's issues left over from the reagan years, hezbollah, the -- we have to look at everything and balance it. we can't give them piles of cash, here you go, will you be nice to us. iranian moderates we slaughtered in 2009 because we did nothing. morgan: we did nothing. >> that was a huge mistake on our part. maria: colonel, good to see you. thank you so much. amazon is switching gears, company's latest plans to compete with fedex and ups, getting in the trucking business. a force to be reckon with, disney rogue one blasting the competition and beating expectations, take a look at the
6:43 am
box office hit next
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maria: welcome back, markets in focus. we are expecting a rally. take a look. marketing looking up 30 points in duh jones industrial average as we look at dow 20,000 in the horizon. we are taking a look at a couple of names on the move. amazon is looking to take on fedex and ups now. reporting that the company may be working on an app for truck logistics, that way it would be able to track own shipments. we are used carmax this morning. the company promoted and disclosed to inspect vehicles under recall for safety issues and the vehicles were not fixed.
6:47 am
they will have to notify customers that car may be subject to recall. lauren simons today. lauren, good morning. lauren: plane was carrying 32 passengers, no one was killed. weather conditions reported bad in the area when the crash happened. a team of investigators is on the scene. the plane's data recorders were also recovered but the cause of the crash has not been determined yet. local reports do say that strong winds may have played a role here. foreign tourists including canadian among ten killed in jordan when gunmen staged a serious of attacks on police patrols an historic castle in the heart of the southern city, attack that marks the fourth deadly targeting in jordan, key u.s. ally alone.
6:48 am
venezuela's leader claims currency crack down has been victory, nicolás maduro said it's triumph even as the government sent troops and police to city where is riots broke out over crisis. led to massive licenses tat -- lines. at the box office over the weekend. >> chance of failure. >> he means well. >> this is our chance to make a real difference. >> are you with me? lauren: did you see it, disney rogue one, star wars story hit blockbuster status this weekend
6:49 am
raking $155 million. second largest opening ever in the month of december beaten only by guess what, star wars the force awakens, that earned 250 domestically dropping down to number two spot with not even $12 million but this is also a disney film moana. 8 and a half million followed by collateral beauty. did you see it, maria, rogue one? lauren: me neither. maria: disney crushing it this season. lauren: absolutely. maria: thanks, lauren. the rise of the pop-up store, would they become part of retailers' business, we are going to talk about it. check out that one. stay with us see me.
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maria: welcome back, final stretch of the holiday shopping season this week. stores are trying to reel in customers any which way, they are using incentives as free shipping as people spend less money than they did right now. i want to bring analyst right now, good to see you mary. >> thank you. maria: what are you seeing? >> after black friday it died. maria: is that right? >> very lackluster and stores are panicking and offering discounts that i haven't seen in over five years. it's been very challenging and we are seeing it at the luxury level which is unusual.
6:54 am
maria: that's giving us a broader point about the economy, two step forward an one step back. even the consumer who really was the bright spot out there because we know businesses have been sitting on cash for years. >> yes, the other thing is they have been train today wait. even if they were going to spend, they are going to wait until the last four or five days before christmas and they have a little extra time and plus they can find discounts online and then take them into stores and say, this is what i can get here, can you match it. even at the luxury level. maria: pop-up shops. let me ask you about that because you said even luxury is not doing great. >> no. maria: is anybody doing well? >> a few places, amazon, coach, adidas, pumas, not enough to impact the total, though. maria: baudly speaking still
6:55 am
weak overall. >> yes. these last five days are really important specially more moderate stores like macy's and kohl's. maria: what is a pop-up store? >> it's put up for a short time. it can just be to get the product out there. if it's an online resource. a lot of times they can't tell if the customer will like the product so they like to have a store like this in order to get hopefully more business and funding from a potential investor. maria: who is doing it and is it really important? is it making a difference for retailers? >> well, it is for the retailers who are trying it. remember, there have been a lot of barriers to entry because
6:56 am
they couldn't get brands in big department stores because they weren't big enough and they couldn't handle it. it's a way for them to do it. collectively it's difficult to tell because they are privately held so we don't get numbers on it. but it's making a difference because we at least get to see them, the product in person. maria: i feel like celebrities have done a couple of pop-up shops, sarah jessica harper and kanye west, from the u.s. to australia. >> yes, everybody else is taking a cue from them and -- maria: chily -- kylie jenner. >> they are taking the open spaces and doing pop-up shops with exercise, entertainment, education, just to get some product out there and customers are loving the newness and
6:57 am
getting weary on the stores that don't offer anything knew. i think we are going to see more companies closing doors, i think we are going to see concept that is we have known for a long time close completely. i don't think we can sustain all the sameness right now. i think there's going to be a lot of that as well as newness coming into the malls because they have been the same for so long. maria: wow, it doesn't sound like you're expecting boom in this economy? >> not any time soon. thank you so much. maria: next hour, time to hit the gym, unexpected work-out buddy that crashed into a fitness center in south carolina, look at this. back in a minute
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. steve on good monday morning everyone. it is monday december 19 christmas week your top stories right now on the east coast. the electoral college is voting today. ceiling has white house a victory. one issue that remains a concern for some on both sides of the aisle hacking out of russia. >> i think he would accept the conclusion if these intelligence professionals would get together but out a report and show that they were actually on the same page as opposed to third parties to the washington post. we haven't heard from james
7:01 am
comey. i think that these guys should be straight with the american people and come out and say it. meanwhile a deep freeze is setting in. they're heading central and eastern states today. a devastating road rage incident in arkansas to tell you about. a 3-year-old was killed after a driver opened fire on the car that he was writing in. with the very latest coming in. the threat of an exploding e-cigarette. he calls them a ticking time bombs and now he's pushing for a recall. details are coming up. kfc rolling out gloves to keep your hands clean while eating fried chicken. once again we are on the tao 20,000 watch. it is expected to be up about 30 points today at the open. we did get a very strong german sentiment report out.
7:02 am
they were up just a fraction. mix performances in the euro zone this morning as the dollar continues strongly although it is stalling. in asia overnight lower across the board. the index is down almost 1%. ezekiel elliott and hot water this morning after jumping into a giant salvation army kettle, look at this. some are calling it a penalty with the purpose. good to see everybody. thank you so much for being here. that is the most money that has ever been in a salvation army kettle.
7:03 am
making the election results official. that's it were talking about today. donald trump is expected to win the majority of the votes of when the electoral college votes today. he is confident in the trumpet victory once again. >> the team is confident that they will be voting and light with the weight of the voters intended. i think that is a sacred trust that the lepers head. they need to follow the well of the people and make good on this. good to see you ladies. thank you so much for joining us. do you think it will be in line with the election night results. the states voted one way.
7:04 am
i don't think donald trump has anything to be worried about. i think today you're most likely to see the vast majority of these electors come and vote the way that the voters of their states told him to them to do so. they are sending them death notices and death threats. trump tweeted this yesterday. if my supporters asked they would be scored and called terrible names. it's true is net. soon it is absolutely right about that. so many of these electors are getting lobbied targeted phone calls and e-mails trying to get them to change their vote. this is a long game to try to change the electoral college. it's something maybe should be looked at. obviously the constitution was written to be amended. this is what we will be seen over the next couple weeks that maybe it's time for the system to change some. my question to you isn't this
7:05 am
the whole point of the electoral college is where it set up to protect the system. everybody's talking about russian interference. the founding fathers came up with a system where we are able to protect the democracy through this way and by them attacking and going after electors themselves and having death threats doesn't undermine the whole system. you have to be careful with that line of argument because it opens the door to the argument a lot of democrats are making that they view donald trump as representing such a grave threat to the republic is warranted to take this extreme action to threaten to tell them they are the last line of defense between people in tyranny. i ink it's a point of electoral college that when our country was founded they built in a lot of safeguards and things to make sure that the company couldn't go completely off on the wrong track completely. it's a piece of that. i do think that for folks who decide i'm in to be an elector
7:06 am
for my state you should go into the role with the feeling that it's my obligation to represent the well of my people in my state. i'm not crazy about the idea of it being used to override what the people in a particular state voted for. >> have a follow-up question for you. out of all of the things the democrats should be pushing for in 2017 there can have some big battles to fight considering to loss of power. is changing the electoral college really at the top of your priority list. >> i'm an independent i'm not saying that i am advocating for change i'm saying that i do think this is something that democrats want to see because in democrats though. they won't accept the results. >> even if they do overturn and get the electoral colors
7:07 am
it goes to the house of representatives who are going to elect donald trump. what you can hear is that democrats had one five of the last six popular votes in the last six presidential elections that's obviously why they want to change it to the popular vote. we also did hear donald trump there at the election say he would've won the popular vote if that would've had it was decided he would've changed his strategy would've campaigned through the deep south and other places. they tries to represent each state fairly if it were the popular vote the new york and california would decide. it would decide who the president is. that's why we use that. so that every state has representation.
7:08 am
it would be tyranny of the majority otherwise. it really is genius like you said earlier people need may be a civic election on white electoral college is important. people just go out tweeting things without a view to the consequences. without educating themselves first. democrats need civil lessons themselves. and they use that system to collude against bernie sanders. for them to talk about this for electoral situation. all of the other rich areas. maybe they should been teaching their students what their electoral college does and what democracy is about
7:09 am
rather than giving them hot cocoa and trying to have those cry sessions. we are democracy. we are a republic which is different. it's not just democracy that rules the day. can we talk about michelle obama for a minute. this is a beauty. an interview with oprah the first lady says that the obama administration had hoped but it is now lost. the president-elect then responded watch. >> now were feeling what not having hope feels like. and barack didn't just talk about hope because he thought it was a nice slogan to get votes. >> michelle obama said yesterday that there's no hope.
7:10 am
but i assumed she was talking about the past and not the future. we have a tremendous hope. in my living in another planet here. the favorability around donald trump is actually now up to 50%. the sentiment as clearly been rising since the election. the stock market is in record places. do you believe there is a same enthusiasm that there was for trump than there was for obama in 2008. >> they both sought their numbers increase pretty substantially after they were elected. barack obama started in a better place because the election was not as divisive. he came into a office with the favorability rating. he's starting at a much lower place. it doesn't mean that nobody is feeling hope out of this election. certainly there are folks that voted for hillary clinton that are scared about what the next 48 years look like. there's a lot of folks on the other side who are really
7:11 am
excited because they feel like a candidate has actually spoken to people like them. while there are some folks that do feel gravely scared about what this means. >> a stunning role reversal this is. at this point it was donald trump who was giving her the benefit of the doubt. i was really shocked about her comments and what i do think is that it means she may have an interest in politics in the future even though she said she doesn't. >> i think people need to understand that they should be scared if they voted for hillary clinton because they were expecting crony capitalism. donald trump is coming in and you can see with his new administration they're going to be cutting the fat and it will be for the people and by the people.
7:12 am
this is for the people and that's what was voted for. great to see you guys. coming up at 8:30 a.m. this morning we are speaking with the michigan elector. he has received threats over his intention to vote for donald trump today. we will find out exactly what he's been up against recently. the u.s. is thawing out from the middle -- bitter cold snap. lawmakers are turning up the heat on federal regulators. one senator calls the device a ticking time bomb. back in a minute.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: winter officially two days away but dangerous cold continues to grip parts of the great lakes. it's not winter but it sure feels like it. much of the country today is warming up. now you're bad your bad news. record lows over the weekend in south dakota along with parts of iowa in minnesota. they blame at least nine deaths from the bone chilling winter storm that hit the nation's nations midsection and east coast. in baltimore a tanker skidded
7:16 am
off the highway. sparking a 70 car pilot. the accident still under investigation. it also caused chaos at airports. no injuries were reported. the pacific northwest is expecting more snow later this week. >> it will be a sad christmas for a family in arkansas. a man who killed a 3-year-old boy in a road rage incident. he was gone in a and shopping trip with his grandma when a grout -- get this. he thought grandma wasn't moving fast enough at a stop sign. he was struck by gunfire at least once. she called police from nearby shopping center. when they came they found the boy in the car and took him to the hospital where he later died. senator chuck schumer once the federal government to consider a recall of the cigarettes. the growing number are
7:17 am
exploding. with dozens and dozens of exploding incidents they should review whether there is a pattern related to e-cigarette products and batteries. and of course the majority of that batteries guess where they're made china. china does not have the safety record close to america. >> he also says that there ticking time bombs. the fda said it is revealing them. >> people working out at the goals jim and anderson south carolina got a surprise visit. he wanted to work out also. they crashed through the window. took a few laps around the gym and hopped right back out that window before disappearing into the woods. they posted of the clip on the facebook page. he thought we set a buck could join but it's about to join.
7:18 am
they're just all standing there near the front desk. that is really sweet. keep video. the fbi director was under fire weeks before the election. now the cia director is facing similar criticism. his legal troubles could get worst. president obama is waiting into the fight over the next dnc chairman.
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
welcome back. russian intervention. still very much in question. with them telling different versions of what went down. one prominent member of the house intelligence committee is calling for an investigation into john brennan accusing him of leaking information to the press. >> that is what infuriates this about me. we have john brennan supposedly leaking to the new york post. they called the meeting last week. it should be an investigation with the russians today. he seems to be orchestrating against the president-elect.
7:23 am
could they be in serious trouble here. there is a federal statute. that presents the disclosure of classified information. maybe just maybe he might be in a big boat load of trouble. you know it's interesting i doubt that they would actually be that careless. the truth is even hillary clinton on her campaign said 17 agencies said this. who are they and what did they say. how'd it come the american people to have any of this information.
7:24 am
keep in mind this administration has gone after that more aggressively at any administration. i think this is been ordained or at least condoned by the white house which i think is unfortunate because what you're seeing is the politicization of intelligence. he needs to head faith in his intelligence community. there is almost nothing more important than that relationship and so by an outgoing director tried to undermined the relationship of the intelligence committee i almost can't think of anything more dangerous than that. >> i would point out to you guys as well obama fell asleep at the wheel. he issued an emergency
7:25 am
executive order back in 2015 that allowed them to react to cyber attacks by foreign attackers. as of right now in 2016 even though we knew that the russians might have been involved in some kind of hacking scandal involving our electoral system. obama decided that cyber attacks were important. to propagate that. there's no foreign entities under that exposure. what about that. you just talked about the law against giving out this classified information. there has been cia leaks before.
7:26 am
there is a reason and a purpose. it's not necessarily to impact the actual findings of future reports. know what they were doing public opinion has already turned. this is business as a normal for this. you can even go back to the irs a scandal that happened. when we tried to get the servers aback. this administration this is consistent with how they conduct business in the have some the else within the organization leak it for him. >> has been very political. the sun as a prize. be out of the door.
7:27 am
there is a lot of people that make a career out of this that are sitting today and they put their lives on the line to get a good intelligence. we thank you for that. we do not put you as responsible for what's been done at very high levels. all of these agencies have become politicized. loretta lynch even said that about john podesta. the fbi is broken. you know where he's getting his information. she's even come to the defense. they haven't fully backed up with the cia was saying. president obama joins a growing fight over who will help the democratic national committee the dnc had.
7:28 am
the playoff picture comes into focus. we are back in a minute.
7:29 am
7:30 am
maria: welcome back. happy monday everyone. is monday december 19. set -- 7:30 a.m. on the east coast.
7:31 am
president elect donald trump looks to seal his victory for the white house today. the opposition is trying to block his path. president obama weighing in on the site to leave the dnc. the escalating tensions there. loretta lynch is apologizing for her meeting. as i said at the time. i regretted not seeing the issue and not seen around that corner. in viewing it just to get as a number of people who come by and say hello. >> in our conversation went on a lot longer than i had anticipated. i wish i have seen around that corner because it did give people concern. is it going to affect the investigation that's going on.
7:32 am
see when we're breaking down the state of the party. shocking moments on a florida highway to show you. it causes a driver to swerve all over the road. they rush to the aid. the new gloves change the way that you eat fried chicken but is taking away at the mess ruining the best part of the meal. take a look at the stock market expected to be a up about 25 points. we did a pretty good economic report out of germany. having said that is lower right now. it's just a fraction. in asia over night lower overnight lower across the board as you would see. the index down almost 1%. is it a penalty with the purpose.
7:33 am
the excessive touchdown celebration right into the bowl there. now the democrats continue to find their footed -- footing. the redolent expressed regret from her meeting over the summer with former president bill clinton. hillary clinton's server clinton's server was still under investigation. we were moving on with our progress and about to go into our cars and move on to evening event in its communicated to me that he wanted to say hello. it did give people concern. join us right now this right now is the chief political correspondent. byron, the to see. what is your take on this.
7:34 am
she expresses regret for the appearance of having talked to bill clinton and certainly she should meet talking to bill clinton. that's what happens here. what about the substance of it. she still maintains that they talked about their grandkids are golf or anything but the big issue. a lot of people still had worries about the actual substance of the communication between the attorney general and bill clinton at that time. >> she blows it off as if she have that. we have no idea of the entire conversation centered around hillary clinton in the e-mail. and that's why it is saying that she regrets it because of the appearance it's not going to lay any of this to rest.
7:35 am
i do think going forward there is can be a new president there will be a new agenda. this is going to fade into the past. but it's never going to be cleared up unless we get some idea of what they really talked about and what appears to be a pretty extensive conversation. it was a 30 minute window in phoenix arizona and the dead of summer where the hundred 20 degrees let me run across hot turmeric. the substance that people are inferring was that she would continue to be attorney general. remember when i gave you your first appointment remember when you got to be a district attorney. no one believes any of this. why would she sit down and talk about this again. why when she just let it lie.
7:36 am
why do you think she gave this interview. >> it is the end of the administration. i'd think she didn't expect to get a very hard time with it. she did talk about it and that's what she that she ended up doing. five candidates are vying for the position with front runners including minnesota congressman keith ellison. he has reportedly been the white house favorite for the job. over the next chair need to do two big to reinvigorate the party. >> the next democratic chair needs to look in the mirror and see what went wrong in 2016. i'm not clear that that's can happen. the congressman from minnesota got out early. he has the support of the bernie sanders wing.
7:37 am
we do have tom perez who seems to have the support of the president who spoke very highly of him the other day. it seems to have a lot closer connections. the issue here both of them are progressives both of them are zealous in their politics the issue here is the 2016 autopsy because we have reports of donors into what went wrong in the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic campaign in 2016 and they're not talking russia, they're talking about why do we ignore wisconsin and michigan until it was too late. what do we do to allow the blue wall that we all believed in to fall apart. that the next chairman is can it have to do. it's not just that self-critical examination. it's also sane are they get a
7:38 am
change the leadership at all. right now we have nancy pelosi where the young democrats where the young women the people within this party that can really change them. it's russia's fall. without taking responsibility. more crucially how to take the democrats and how do you get more young people into leadership and really change the party. i remember doing a piece about the democratic strategists. they just kind of suck the oxygen out of the democratic room. they cap younger kept younger people and younger democratic partitions from rising to challenge them and if you remember the only person who challenged hillary clinton was
7:39 am
a 74-year-old member of the senate who really didn't have any place to go in the democratic party. a number of people early in that sweet spot running for president chose not to do it because there was nothing in it for them to challenge the clinton machine. the post- clinton process. that's exactly what happened. let's get young people involved. but the young people that did turn out for bernie sanders they were very liberal instead of when they do this postmortem we try to go the establishment route with hillary clinton.
7:40 am
obviously bernie sanders is still there. i don't think they will learn anything from this postmortem. i think they will go even further to the left. i will just add to that and say look of the people that they are considering for the have of the dnc. they're not listening to voters still. bernie sanders got a lot of big crowds. i remember going and covering a burning event bernie event at the fox theater. almost all college age people bernie walks out on stage they stand up and they stay standing for the entire hour and 14 minutes that burning talks. there was a real enthusiasm there. the democratic party well had to recognize that they do have miss conflict here. all of these voters we lost in pennsylvania are they compatible with the burning
7:41 am
wing. the next chairman is can have to try to bring these factions together. this is what party chairman do. do you think reince preibus have a easy job presiding over the race. party chairman jobs are really tough. >> but he did a really good job with it. she came up with all stories in different stories and different stories about why bernie was not the guy. they lied and they put out a narrative that he doesn't believe in any religion. >> the staff realized how intense the emotions were in the race and really tried to stay out of it just to be a facilitator not to put a thumb on the scale. ear exactly right. at the opposite happened inside the dnc which we learned from some of the hacked e-mails the democratic
7:42 am
party establishment really tried to put its thumb on the stick scale for hillary clinton. >> we have a long way to go. i think what's can happen as as some of these things happen. and some of the russia talk received a little bit some of the james comey talk received the argument take a more sober look at the mistakes that they made their candidate made and their party made and by the time the election happens maybe in march actually i think it will try to elect a new chairman who will fix what actually went wrong inside the party. thank you so much. just ahead a wedding takes a tragic turn in california after three -- after a tree topples on the wedding party. a horrible story to report. no longer finger licking
7:43 am
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welcome back. a joyous event turn tragic. a tree fell on a wedding party taking pictures. as many as 20 people were trapped under the 80-foot eucalyptus tree. one woman was killed in a 4-year-old girl is in critical condition because of head trauma. officials say of the the park will be closed until investigators determine why that huge tree fell down. some very scary moments of a florida highway. a good samaritan tries to help a driver who is having a stroke as he was driving.
7:47 am
i can on the bikers helmet captured the driver as you crash into a light pole and goes up and down embankments. this went on for several miles. the car ended up in a ditch. talk about finger licking good. we all know how fried chicken can get messy but now it's possible to dig in eat up and walk away with your fingers as clean as a whistle. >> they have these finger gloves to protect your thumb. that smells like fried chicken. it actually serves the purpose. it changes the whole idea of finger licking good. that's just so unappetizing.
7:48 am
thank you lauren. the no fun league strikes again. watch it. wait for it. the team's response to the controversy next.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
c1 welcome back. the nfl is heating up as one team clinches a much-needed win on sunday night. a great game in arlington texas last night.
7:52 am
i game that included a highlight for the charitable touchdown celebration. fourth quarter last night they would score 17 straight points. they turn it to a 20-17 lead. they found themselves trailing 2720. it's intercepted by the dallas cowboys so dallas holds on for the 26-20 victory. jamison woodson picked off to win. they go to 12 in two on the season. these are a highlight that have gone viral. not only did he rush for his 13h touchdown he passed tony dorsett for the most touchdowns. he goes right into the salvation army kettle. he was given a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. the coach questioned the rules.
7:53 am
you can jump into the stands in green bay but you can't you can't jump into the salvation army bucket in dallas. he will match whatever fine he gets to the salvation army. this have the carolina panthers. as of this morning here are your top. the sorority clenched. the patriots beat the broncos. new orleans the first team ever to win that. they have a first round playoff. eleven into three after the chargers clinched the playoff spot. the dolphins also overtook the final spot. the cowboys are top dogs in the nfc. they don't had as good a record as a new york giants but seattle does lead its division. their second place behind dallas. they saw it take a kick in the rear yesterday but check out these kicks. von miller refers on his feet before yesterday's game.
7:54 am
miller work feathered rooster cleats. perhaps the most accomplished understated player in nba history was honored last night. they call him the big fundamental. he have his jersey retired last night. a ceremony post game after victory. also his college coach at -- wake forest. nineteen years conducted those plays. every 26,000. the most understated. the classic teddy roosevelt. than anybody ever had in sports. you can get anything out of him. you can set his hands on fire he was really boring.
7:55 am
they were very exciting games to watch. i think we see so many headlights about athletes that are acting up and causing drama but a real class act. i think the biggest story is that ezekiel elliott thing. i think you should be donating. this goes back to the old rule and the reason why you can't jump there. you're not a lot of props on the field. no snow angels you're not allowed to do. the player gets fined because it wasn't an officially authorized move. that's so dumb. >> but we are having fun here
7:56 am
this morning. next hour. donald trump posed to win. we are talking with one electoral who has actually received death threats. he will talk to us about his plans and who he will vote for. back in a minute. for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. they how charge me.xes going? have you tried credit karma? does credit karma do taxes now?
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7:59 am
much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo and it is monday december 19th your top stories 8 a.m. on east coast. president-elect donald trump is set to have his victory steel today. welcome tomorrow college is casting votes today despite a lot of efforts trying to block his path but incoming white house chief of staff is reince priebus believes electors will do the right thing. >> we expect everything to fall in line with we've got one particular individual in texas without a faith or select or statue in texas but other than that we're very confident that everything is going to be very smooth tomorrow and this harassment from group like move and in the party should stop. and it's what the american people demand. >> plus doing business in trump administration, sherwin williams set to wait for more business friendly regulations for approval on the deal to acquire vow. become to normal at los angeles international airport this morning lax was out yesterday two hour outages strutted travel
8:00 am
at one was nation busiest hubs lag night and frforts try to figure out whafers the cause, and a record-breaking arctic chill making it way across the country. dangerously cold temperatures hitting central and eastern states today. we will tell you what you need to know before hitting the door or. apple is with a battle with taxes and company will appeal $14 billion it received from e.u. and markets this morning looking higher once again futures indicating rally at the opening of trading also the high of the morning but nonetheless dow industrial up about 25 points. nasdaq, s&p 500 also in positive territory. in europe mixed performances this morning as you will see fractional and really no trend, it is up. and they are down. in asia lower across the board. market and selling pressure with hank sang worst performer there in hong kong bringing in therapy peg to help a anxious flyer. how animals are ka calming influence on travelers all of those stories coming up and
8:01 am
joining me to talk about maverick are and we contacted kevin kelly and conservative commentator christian is with us. good to see you. here we are, it is the electoral college day and today we will learn -- all of these threats over the last several week and the death threats from people telling electors not to vote for donald trump. >> seems like we need to send therapy pigs to the dac because they need -- the rhetoric they've been spewing and everything and complete hypocrisy from what the election was beginning on before the election they're like how dare he undermine democracy and then here they are today even getting actors and in hollywood to come out to try to sway people. >> a lot of selects, they did a video basically saying -- >> that's all that matters. their opinion. >> they think they're influential. i can't wait for volt to be in and all of this to be over. >> 100,000 dinners they had too.
8:02 am
j and electoral college is voting today to make it official donald trump's victory official, however electors in within state feel the need for protection. when they cast their votes, peter barnes with the latest o that angle from washington. peter, good morning. >> that's right maria electors from 50 states in district of columbia though not without some drama. lek force in pennsylvania will get police protection as they cast their ballots today according to the pittsburgh post gazette one pennsylvania elector said he receives -- has been receiving thousands of e-mails day trying to sway his vote. some messages include death threats so the state's 20 electors will have state troopers escorting them today to the state capitol in harrisburg. one republican elector in michigan has received death threats as well. also there could be some faithless lek force as reince priebus talking about people who might choose someone other than the person chosen by the voters of his or her state for president. 37 republican lek force qowld
8:03 am
have to cast ballots against trump to drop him below the 270 vote threshold needed for victory so far only one texas elector is indicated he will not vote for trump who won his state. chances of another 36 electors abandoning their pledges is highly unleakly. maria. >> thank you so much. peter barnes in washington i want to bring in knock congressman and member of the trump transition committee, chris collins good to have you know the program thank you so much for joining us. do you have any doubt that president-elect donald trump will be made official today? >> no, there's no doubt, and it is pathetic the way that democrats aren't letting go on the one hand, it is interesting actually a little bit of fun for some of us to watch that they continue to be in denial it and so -- there's a certain part of us that is rebelling in what is going to happen today. but it is discouraging and disappointing that they would even be talking the way that they are. you know, in the past electoral
8:04 am
college votes were a nonfactor. i mean, i don't even think we with talked about today was the day that the electoral college is going to make it official. there's official on november 8th even though they won't admit it. so it's an education for third and fourth graders to find out how electoral college works for the rest of the america we knew this election was over november 8th. >> represent tv, doesn't this show hoe desperate democrats have become and disarray their party has been, given the fact that they spent 1.2 billion to give hillary clinton elected as well as colluded against bernie sanders? so doesn't this just show how they're trying to overcome what is is happened to them? >> well, use the word denial when i was back in washington on the house floor after the election. talk about a deer in the headlights look, the smug arrogance going in when we left for the election versus what we saw when we came back, it was that they were shell shocked they were walking around the
8:05 am
house floor like a deer in the headlight. still to this day can't believe what happened. and we're just seeing aftermath of that. i mean, desperate people do desperate things but to think they would actually try to throw this election with an electoral college having people be faithless lek force in the like, we know it is not going to happen but show you the mindset so you know they reelected nancy pelosi that looks like someone who was a self-proclailed progressive late tom perez, the labor secretary continue to take their party left of where they are even left of bernie sanders, and so we're just going to let them do it and already in the ditch let them stay there. >> so what's so interesting to me is that fact that both people on the right and left are saying okay we need to do this investigation into russia to see what role that they have in hacking the election, obviously, whatever they find it won't have
8:06 am
been enough to swing the election to hillary clinton, of course. but it seems that you know, with the democrats saying hey, lek or tores don't vote for donald trump because the russians had an influence here and this is not legitimate isn't that actually giving the russians exactly what they want which is making americans feel like their system isn't legitimate and they could have reason to doubt the the whole electoral system. >> there's no question that's true. you know, even jake the other day said there's no indication whatsoever that wikileaks had any impact on this election. certainly no proof of that, the more they talk about it, you've got to expect that even if you do stipulate with 95% assurance that russia did hacking and gave that data to wikileaks vladimir putin would be grinning in the background you know with the very satisfied country because you know what, they don't have much to be proud of these days. but if they could get under the skin of the democrats and get
8:07 am
the headlines they're getting on the newscast around the world i have to think most russians actually are enjoying the the irony of that and you know there's nothing that we can do about it because the democrats still are in denial. but i sure wish they haven't done it and most americans like wise at least today it is over with. donald trump with electoral college 306 electoral college votes is will be our next president. but now i totally agree they're playing right into the hands of vladimir putin. >> sentiment has changed since election nights. people are looking forward to donald trump getting sworn in as president. one in particular is sherwin williams. company says that it has run into a tough federal trade commission review. of its 11.3 billion buyout of arrival and fcc wants them to increase amounts of asset sals that it offered months ago. but sherwin williams ceo says you know what had i'll hold firm. i'll get a better deal when i'm talking to a trump directe federal trade commission. do you think that is true in do
8:08 am
you think when we do see donald trump take office, his agencies are going to be much more business friendly? >> there's no question. just look at how the stock reacd since donald trump has won and i know tom wheeler chairman he was an activist like most of the other appointees of the president who unelected bureaucrats trying to tell the country, you know, how we're going to live our lives tom wheeler one of the most progressive activist administrative so there's no doubt that the new -- about the u new appointee of president trump will be more business friendsly. >> the fcc -- >> oh, okay. you know you're right sorry about that. but that doesn't mean he's not an activist but they all are, every agency has been, but no question that at the end of the day trump's cabinet an appointees are more business friendly. >> kelly.
8:09 am
>> so market is taking confidence in the fact that -- not an alphabet soup of agencies to fcc to irs to epa are going to dictate how companies should be running come up with rule and regulations but that they are going to be able to operate in the best interest of their communities and shareholders, their employee, stakeholders, everybody involved. how do you see the economy going over the next four years under a trump administration especially with this pick? >> well, when we finally get to three and 4% year over year gdp growth we know what will all go on as stock market and more and more jobs are created. so you you know it's the job ofe administration to make sure their administrative heads are following the law not creating law. it is congress's job to pass legislation, sign into law by the government that governs the way the country operates nots for unelected bureaucrats happened within last eight years so should be a sign of release
8:10 am
whether it is our farmers or every small business in this country that finally we're going to be back to laws passed by congress and not these tun elected bureaucrats telling them and getting in the way of them growing their business. >> yeah, congressman good to have you on the program thanks for your incentive. chris collins there. coming up in 20 minutes we'll talk with a michigan elector who is received threats over his intention to vote for donald trump today. we'll talk with him about what he's been up to, coming up, winter weather reeking havoc across the country when the next icy blast is expected to hit, and remember in hollywood legend this morning a look back at the life of quick whited zsa zsa gabor back in a minute. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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8:13 am
>> welcome back wirnts storm is slamming the krnts as ice creates difficult travel conditions across the midwest fox news meteorologist janice dean with pawflt latest now. hey, jan thinks. >> cold reality this morning as a lot of that cold air from canada has sunk southward as far as the gulf coast and the southeast minus 7 in chicago that's the actual air temperature. 1 in kansas city. 24 in new york. 18 in denver. 19 in billings and with the windchill it feel dangerous. warnings for chicago where it feel like minus 21 minus 23 in green bay. minus 14 in kansas city you got the picture here it is very cold.
8:14 am
dangerously cold an remain that way for the next 12 to 24 hours and then we start to see or feel a bit of relief as temperatures start to moderate especially for chicago had. so temperatures around average as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday around freezing mark and that's way better than below freezing. let's take a look at the forecast highs monday, tuesday, and wednesday you can see that cold air really cold air will retreat back into canada and then we'll be dealing with seasonal averages as we had had into friday. look at new york, 46 so all of this snow that is on the ground right now, could melt. if you live across the northeast, future radar shows our next big system moving into the northwest bringing snow across midwest and great lakes. and a we can look at your historical white christmas probability maria as we head towards the big day on saturday, sunday looking like rocky upper and interior mideast snow cover from storms we've seen over last couple of weeks.
8:15 am
but because the warm is going to come in the next couple of days we're going to widle that back a little bit so looks like a green christmas for us here along the east coast. back to you. >> all right janice thank you with the the latest there it feel like winter out there today. officials at lax meanwhile los angeles international airport are investigating a pair of pour out aimings that wreak havoc on travel last night. here's lauren simonetti with those details. >> lasted seconds but forced airport to delay flights up to an hour. workers had to boot x-ray machine and metal detector along with computer and other equipment and left passengers temporarily stranded in all eler now no flights were canceled and flight operations back to normal this morning. well apple and ireland teaming up to take on european union plan to appeal a blockbuster ruling by e.u. ordering apple to repay ireland $14 billion in back taxes.
8:16 am
now back in august e.u. regulators had the tax deal with ireland was illegal under terms of the agreement apple fade almost nothing on a european profit between 2003 and 2014 for its part in the tech giant claims it is singled out a, quote, convenient target. and this morning, we're remembering zsa zsa gabor died from a heart tech at her los angeles home yesterday afternoon she was 99. better known for her ability to make headlines, than for her acting gabor's nine marriages and whitty quip kept her on the front page of tabloids and appeared in several movies later became a tv staple spoofing herself and first celebrity famous for being famous. he paved the way for paris hilton and kim kardashian and modern day celebrities. those two don't have a way with words like gabor did like i never hated man muff to give him his diamonds back and man in
8:17 am
love is incomplete until he has married. and possibly her most famous one yet i'm a marvelous housekeeper every time i leave a man, i keep his house. [laughter] she's also known for calling everybody darling and maria she would have turned 100 in february. >> awe -- life well lived for sure. one of my favorites is darling when a woman givers away her age, she gives away everything. >>on the political spin of this i read richard nixon set her up with one. that's great. coming up, an response for president donald trump an michelle obama's hopeless message during an interview with oprah now we know what no hope feels like and electoral college vote and talk to an elector who said he's faced death threats
8:18 am
over had his support for donald trump. back in a minute. ♪
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8:21 am
>> now we're feeling whatnot having hope feel like, you know, and barack didn't just talk about hope because he thought it was a nice slogan to get votes. >> michelle obama said yesterday that there's no hope. [booing] but i assume she was talking about the past, not the future because i'm telling you we have tremendous hope. maria: two different takes on election for results on future
8:22 am
of america. trump went even after first lady michelle obama. he went high as she went low. will have >> -- >> i was surprised that michelle obama did mostly because i think you could hear really disdain in her voice for trump in the incoming administration. bottom line and we talked about it all morning maria is people need to understand that american people spoke. the electoral college voted. and it's time to move on and american people actually decided that it was a reputuation of the last eight years of the type of presidency that barack obama and policies that he's ensued. so this happened eight years ago with george w. bush and laura bush and didn't hear laura saying eight years ago but incredibly grishes and costly and warm and welcoming to the new first family. and i think that -- mrs. obama needs to take a key from laura bush and probably just smile and be helpful to melania trump over next two weeks.
8:23 am
>> hope with 306 electoral votes people are feeling hopeful right now. >> i can tell you there's no hope for people that rely on government for everything and whether that's from corporations who expect government handouts or it is people who expect to take advantage of the government and government to take care of them. that's not working. they have no hope, and those were the type of people that the obama administration went after, and so the problem is that you've got a new administration that is going to come in and clean house and has business leaders with a proven track record who are going to take this economy to the next level where it should have been. we've had the weakest recovery on record. labor participation at a low. obamacare is anything but affordable. you know, now it is plo see that was obama so no hope for whatever eight years whatever happened under it is gone. >> other thing that is important to distinguish here that hope was barack obama was elected on in 2008 and in 2012 that had high expectations for people and didn't deliver, that makes the
8:24 am
feeling of hopelessness even worse for so many people that believed he was going to deliver. while i agree with you poem that want a government handout et cetera those people can have now real hope not just a pals hope but efficiency in government, and there will be some of that power in this massive bureaucracy deinvolved to states in real organizations that could help -- >> v.a. we shob taking care of our soldiers right and it is not been fix sod this is one of the most important appointments that, president-elect trump makes because people are still is die, and it still hangt been fixed an these are people that we should be taking care of first and foremost and not worry about illegal imrnt and focusing on our veterans. >> i think that when you look in 2006 karl rose thought he establish conservative majority in america but didn't happen with 2006 and 2008 elections. and when you look at -- look at this election, i think that brock and michelle obama everything they've worked hard
8:25 am
for is going to be dismantled if president-elect donald trump has anything to do with it that is a hard and bitter pill to swallow. >> but hard and bitter fill to swallow when he was stuffing executive orders down everybody's throats an not going through the structure that is the constitution. which is congress -- supposed to -- >> that's the hard way to do it but that makes lasting legislation, and i just think what really just urked me about the interview helping the incoming first lady, the incoming administration, huge transition for the first family. melania trump has a young son and she had young children let's focus on positive and help the new first family transition. >> bring people together that's what her husband has done and try then -- if you really cared about people who perhaps do feel hopeless after this election why wouldn't you then use that platform and position to bring people together? >> but this is part of their or narrative they've been divisive
8:26 am
and we have not touched base on harry reid who is out -- and complete the reason why nothing could get through congress is because of him and his legacy. [laughter] >> he does take accountability so he's gone, obamas are gone -- and out on their own island. >> yet pushing forward people like keith ellison and they're, you know, voting in nancy pelosi again. it doesn't feel leak the other side understands or really cares what the the american people just voted for. they're not -- i don't think they're looking at the presence situation but trying to look toward the future and what we discussed earlier in an interview with byron new york is fact that young people on the liberal -- on democratic party are very liberal so they're looking to that and they say we want to secure that so tossing democrats out the window and looking to this liberal future so i think we can all be hopeful right now perhaps about next four years but need to be looking at the gop and long-term too. >> to be fair to democrat party
8:27 am
is that trump struptd both parties right republican party as well. and -- a lot of voters less in the primary an learning their lesson now. >> nobody wanted another bush or clinton and aivelgted in polls and millennials think there's one political part that is incumbent and voted them out through this election. >> and donald trump are, coming up electoral college facing fight until the bitter end talk with one protrump elector who has been receiving death threats leading up to today's vote. a driverless car or for the family. teaming up with google for aminivan when the first miles will hit the road. that's coming up. stay with us. ♪ your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car
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>> god mondays morning everybody welcome back thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo and monday december 19th your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on east coast as elect donald trump moves his meetings to florida ahead of the holiday weekend. the electoral college heads to vote. and make it official. despite efforts trying to block his path, trump looks to officially seal his victory to white house today. >> the election is over. hillary clinton lost. now, president-elect trump and vice president elect pence are focused on going to work for the american people and whether it was this nonsense about recounting or nonsense about the popular vote you have to win 270
8:31 am
electoral votes to be elected president and president-elect trump actually got 306, this is all really just an effort to try to delegitimatize the win but that won't slow down the president-elect he's focused for american people and ready to go and we think tomorrow will be a resounding victory in line with what the voters decided last month. maria: filmmaker michael moore stroking flames this morning offering to pay the fine of any elector who breaks law and does not vote for donald trump the outrage coming up. >> mini advance rifed. details as fiat unveil as a result of google and disney is feeling the force at the movies. "star wars" "rogue one" massive weekend haul it was a big one over the weekend for "star wars" flick. futures opening high on wall street well off the highs of the morning, and market has been up 30 points elier that gain cut the in half dow industrial up about 16 points. nasdaq, s&p 500, higher but
8:32 am
fractionally so. in europe muted action this morning take a look at the major averages there up 10 points. others mixed, and fractionally moving. lower across the board although there fractional moves. biggest performer down 1% and this piggy went to the airport. this animal with chops to help anxious flyers, coming up. big story there. first, though, a scare for electoral college voteers members in multiple states who intend to support donald trump have been getting death threats ahead of today's important vote. michael is with us he's one of those voter rs he joins rouse. live michael good to see you thanks so much for joining us tell it us what you've been challenged by what threats have you received specifically? >> uh-huh, yeah, so unfortunately the divisiveness of this election cycle bled over into the week's following it, and i've just been inundated with thousands an thousands of letters to my house, e-mail, facebook messages and some of
8:33 am
those messages unfortunately were death threats and i've had people talking about putting bullet in the back of my mouth burning myself and my family, sending pictures of saying if they don't vote for hillary clinton they'll hurt me and uncalled for rhetoric from the left just because donald trump won the election. so it's really been disappointing. >> do you know these people or they just found you and they figured out your e-mail and sent you an e-mail saying i'm going to put a gun in your mouth? >> it's interesting the information that we have our address and e-mail listed publicly and we have groups that were compiling all of our information and blasting out to their members and telling them to essentially harass us. now, fortunately, not all of the messages that i've received are death threats specifically but most of them have a nasty tone to them and very aggress iive so disappointing to hear from these people and such a way. >> wow, hi michael here first of all i'm so sorry this is
8:34 am
happened to you and thank you for coming on and sharing your story and being strong in the face of this but let's say a lot of people don't realize that lek force and you know dozens of states are forced to actually vote by the party you know or for the fern that candidate who won their state. others face fines it is not just you who say i'm going to vote for trump this is a democratic process. this is how this state work and you are going to represent the people. and these people that are just sending death threats know few letters are not representative of the millions of people that voted now sending you to represent them. >> right, and that's absolutely correct, and it is kind of funny most of the letter it is that i've been offing are from california and new york and i just think it is funny that these people think that their opinions are somehow something that i'm more beholdened to than michigan vote rs that they want donald trump and mike pence as next president an vice president. so like i said it has just been
8:35 am
very interesting to see how people are reacting to election results. >> michael do you think that democratic party is to blame here for enabling empowering these people to take this type of stance into attack our democratic institutions? >> uh-uh had you -- yeah, and i want to preference by saying i have no delusion they are not crazying on republican sides. we have a lot of divisiveness on both sides. but in particular to this situation i do blame the democratic party and hillary clinton for the rhetoric that they've pushed over the last year. let's just look at the facts here. hillary clinton not just called trump in republican support rs delocial but she said we were ire redeemably and enemy most rowed of were republicanned so when you talk like that she not only demonize but dehumanized doing that and dong that enables people to think that somehow okay to send death threats and aggressive messages to get us to change our votes. >> so trump tweeted yesterday if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who
8:36 am
lost the election are doing they would be scorned and called terrible names. do you agree with what trump -- is saying, i mean, do you think supporters would be attacked it was the only way around? >> i think that the scorning not only would happen but it has happened we have situations emotions boiled over° some of the trump rallies which was unfortunate and media scorned those people so i don't think that this hasn't happened before to the other side. so i find it interesting the hypocrisy that these people are feeling that they can send death threats and talk like this but during general election, when we have some emotions boil over at the trump rallies it was all about scorning these poem and how awful they are in our society. so it has happened i think -- >> michael -- morgan i'm curious how process actually works today. what happens when you as elect rile cast your vote for trump? >> yeah, so we meet at our state capital in lansing right now, and what we do is we have a special session of the senate.
8:37 am
and then we officially cast our votes for president and vice president of the united states. and that vote is uncertificated by governor and sent to washington dc for the vice president to tally votes officially in front of the a joint session of congress. >> in most cases most cast for the state popular vote or they face a fine. that fine can be between 500 or $1,000. what is your take on filmmaker michael morse plans is? he says look i'll pay the fine for any electorate who does not vote with the popular majority in his state he tweeted republican lekers to if you vote your conscience at noon and your state finds you i'll pay your fine. >> he can keep his money. i'm not interested in think of that. nor are the other electors beside it is this texas elector who is talking about changes his vote i'm very confident that every other republican elector is going to vote the conscience of their elect rat in their states. and cast that vote for donald trump and mike pence. >> hey, michael have you
8:38 am
referred any death threats to authorities and what have they said and made of it? >> yeah, so i have filed a police report on some of the death threats, and they're countrily being investigated. they've been able to track some of those people down and have a stern talking to them but other than that you know an open investigation so i'm not wanting to say too much more than that. but yes they've been reportinged to police and they've been doing a great job not just my local police department but michigan attorney office offered any support that i need. >> incredible to me that they think your vote is to plungable. why did you vote for donald trump? >> well, i think it was just the better choice between the two. i was a marco rubio supporter during the primary but when donald trump won the primary, outright and we nominate him at or convention it was a pretty easy choice for me. were we going to continue with the failed policies of last eight years or were we going to try something different when
8:39 am
we've had record low labor participation, slowest recovery in years -- so i think that choice was pretty clear and i think for a lot of republicans it was obvious, and i think it's funny these democrats are so self-absorbed they don't seem to see outside of their own little bubble and understand that this hope and change that obama promised never came for millions of americans. >> and to think that they think you're going to change your vote because they think that you voted wrongly. >> right. right -- and i think another thing to point out which you had mentioned earlier is in state of michigan we have elector laws lw prevent us from changing our vote if i everyone attempted to, my vote would be just cast out and i'd be replaced by another welcome rat to pointless endeavor to pursue especially in michigan but other states too. >> mike tell here i'm also from gab actually born and raised rae metro detroit area so i have followed what has been happening there very closely, and you know i would love to hear your insight too because we hear
8:40 am
about death threats and these -- but loud people who oppose this. but you know what is really happening on the ground with people? are they moving on especially in, you know, it was a very swing state. are they moving on in accepting rules in optimistic about the future? >> yeah, well like i said before a lot of letters in messages i'm receiving aren't even from michigan. michigan is -- very protrump state that election cycle, if you're from michigan you know mccomb county for example is an area that is largely populated by a lot of union member, hard labor that's a county that went for barack obama in 2008 and 2012. well, in this election, it landslide victory for donald trump we have so much support for this man. not just in michigan but throughout entire midwest and on the ground in michigan in these states we're seeing a lot of support an unity around our next president. like i said to reiterate these letters in a lot of messages i'm receiving aren't coming from michigan rs.
8:41 am
>> big manufacturing state so you think working man and woman are basically saying no we for trump. >> absolutely. let's not pretend that democrats haven't made promentses to these people for the last 30 years about and not followed through on them they waited for these policies to effect them and it never came so democrats are somehow shocked that these people didn't get behind behindy clinton the failed policies over the last 30 years. it is crazy. >> michael thanks so much for sharing your story. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. michael there, imhup next stuart varney gives us the mistake on the lek rat college voters and disney score another big hit with its new "star wars" spinoff. back in a minute. ♪
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8:45 am
from opening bell for a monday markets are higher but well off couple of names watching this morning, linar and attractive mortgage rates. the shares looking higher. disney "rogue one: a star wars story" doll nateed the box office this weekend. hit blockbuster raked in 155 million for the weekend. film earned second largest opening ever in months of december. beating by last year "star wars: the force awakens" and fiat building mini vans outfitted with equipment these chris her hybrids will join self-driving test fleet in 2017. minivans double google fleet which has driven 2.3 million miles since 2009. are dims undermining -- electoral college vote rs in support of trump are reporting death threats ahead of today's decision we just heard from one of them. michael from michigan, joining us right now host of "varney &
8:46 am
company" stuart with that. a horrible story that he's getting calls e-mails that say if you vote donald trump we're going to put a gun in your mouth. [laughter] stuart: that is extreme stuff and we have somewhat similar case on our program a little later on this morning. and elector threatened and deluged with e-mail and threats as you suggests just go back it was maybe two weeks before the election. and i distinctly remember hillary clinton saying, it will be horrifying for donald trump to question the results of the election. she used that word, it would be horrifying she said. that was when she thought and everybody else thought that she was going to win. well, she lost an now six weeks after the election, we have electoral college voters they're being threatened as you've pointed out maria, i think that is also undermining our democracy. the constitution says nothing about voting your conscience.
8:47 am
it simply lays down the rules of what electoral college vote rs should did and they should vote for the candidate who won in their state. or what their state rules suggest. i'm asking you who is really horrifying now? is it hillary clinton undermining democracy now? or is it donald trump who is going to be elected the 45th presidents of the united states? i'm intrigued with that word horrifying because i think she misused it in that context. >> she did, and you know i tweeted out where president obama said in october of this year look there's no evidence of any voter tampering there was in october right before the election. he said mr. trump should just stop wining. >> yes, well there was never any evidence that the ballot box the voting machines themselves had ever been hacked. there's no evidence of that whatsoever. the democrats are now pinning their hat on the idea that the russians intervened to help donald trump by hacking dnc.
8:48 am
that's a very, very different thing. but carrying forward with these threats to the electoral college. it will make no difference whatsoever, electoral college will vote today, and send ballots to washington and open by congress on january the 6th and donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. and democrats are doing is trying to delegitimize that presidency. >> same with the recount what do we learn in wisconsin? he got more votes than initially in wisconsin. >> and in michigan found there really was messing around with the ballot box in detroit on numerous occasions. >> unbelievable stuart and more on that and you'll have lek rat as well. varney 9 a.m. eastern and join stuart is in next ten minutes. coming up first, though, she will leave you wishing pigs could fly. how this adorable little pig is helping plane passengers cope with the stress of the airport. ♪
8:49 am
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8:52 am
maria: to kick off your christmas week and holiday travel season ramps up so can our stress levels one airport has innovate i-solution to ease the process of stress. san francisco international airport has added a therapy pigs flyers i want to bring in tatiana christopher burdge of the san francisco intergnarl airport, good to have you both on the program. christopher the airport already has dogs why did you decide to add pigs? >> well, we wanted mix it up a little bit but honestly suggestion came from spca in san
8:53 am
francisco and in particular after lelu srt if id she express interest and reaction from dogs has been so wonderful that we thought it could get a little bit with a pig onboard. >> how does that work you've got the fig walking around or how do you identify the stressful people who need some calming from the pig? >> so usually we have roam the terminal. we stop and people can approach us. they can take photo and they can interact, and they can see the tricks. and usually very interesting to see the faces how serious travelers are very distress or may be just concerned about their next slide or flying and then they see a pig and then they change a smile and thar very happy. >> by the way what is the pig's name and what is she eating? >> her name is lelu based on the
8:54 am
movie the fifth element that means perfect and eating cheerio and blueberry and almonds. [inaudible] >> i thought of fifth element one of the greatest movies with bruce willis people will start at least watching that hopefully again. now, can you talk about the eivelgts effects of these therapy pigs and what they do to passengers and relieve stress decreasing cortisol level or science behind it? >> so human animal bond can be or very beneficial for the humans and does lower the blood pressure it does lower the stress levels. and it is proven scientifically tods so, and when people interact with an animal when they touch the animal when they can see something very positive it has usually makes a very good effect for them. i fly for work so i know how
8:55 am
stressful travel can be and believe in animal therapy. has been a great -- >> now to get to that i fly every week for work but i like the pig and bring her to baggage claim because that's where i'm stressed out because it takes me an hour to get bags not about flying but around baggage claim when you have anxious travelers -- >> we pass the baggage claim too. >> what did lulu do to calm everybody don? you feed her and then you get calm? >> first of all it has a very positive effect on many travelers because not many people have ever seen aing in their life and it is dressed cute. she does tricks. so just her presence brings a lot of -- >> what tricks does she do? >> nails done, a manicure.
8:56 am
>> any tricks on air for us? >> let's see lulu here, wave. wave -- wave -- >> awe -- good girl. >> i love it. >> that was good. >> cute. that was great christopher -- we love it. any plan toes to expand this beyond san francisco airport? >> well, so -- i'm a volunteer. i do have a full-time job. [laughter] so for us it's the definite a little bit of a bend issue as well as with the commute but i think it is a wonderful program i believe that every airpght should be open to having something like this. with animals and providing an opportunity for humans to interact with animals and to help reduce the stress level especially during the holiday time. >> right we'll leave it there. christopher, good to see you all thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm calm already. i mean, i'm a lot calmer. >> that just pacified me so much. i'm over this election and ready for the new year. i feel good about life.
8:57 am
>> i'm feeling good. final thoughts from our panel. we'll be back in a minute.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> final thoughts from our all-star panel, kristen? >> lelu was so uplifting and holiday week focus on family and things that matter.
9:00 am
put politics aside and focus on the things that-- >> thank you for that, kevin. >> i'm ringing the bell at the nasdaq and you see me going ding, ding, ding, ding. maria: congratulations. >> chrysler is unveiling the new car you spoke about earlier at cef not detroit. maria: here is stuart varney and varney and company. stuart: thank you very much endeed. this is the day the electoral college says yes to donald trump. the left says, hey, it's fa fascism and it's a political nightmare. we'll get to your money in a moment everyone. the demonstrations and harassment have reached fever pitch. in state capitals across the country, protesters gathered to per situate electoral college voters to switch side and these electoral college voters have been swamped with e-mails and harassed with phone calls and yes, there have been death threats.


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