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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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there they go. there is the closing bell. the market is up. where a little bit little bit short again in 20,000. thank you. nice to see you. stocks were climbing. they were all ending the day higher. this is after the bell and we have you covered on the big market movers. first is a very busy day. nine dead at least 15 injured in berlin this hours ago after a truck plowed into a christmas market. the suspect may now be in custody. we had breaking details.
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making it official. as a 45th president. voting in state houses. we will take you live to pennsylvania where electors needed polic to secure their safety. they were inching closer and closer. still about a hundred 15 points away. we of the treaters in oil and gold. lori, good to see you. we do close in the green today which is quite affirmative of course. let's look at financials. they had driven the post trump rally. the trump train if you will continues on. here are some interesting
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efforts. after last week's forecast. obviously that is no surprise that it came back. that was the word on the floor. will get to 20,000 before the end of the year. a couple of news items. they were on early next year. it could go through. despite some objection by president-elect donald trump. the sanction deal is what it is. they try to curb their nuclear program. in return they will get some economic sanctions. lockheed martin.
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this just broke recently. it is a direct warning to president-elect trump. they have them up a tense. thank you very much. these horrific events happening over in germany. i did not see them reacting today. >> they are a lot like that. we have a market that is manufactured really made higher because of the opec deal. we have competing news. it kind of kept us unchanged all day long. they have a manufacturing rally.
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not just a bunch of folks selling what they already had. scott, thank you very much. a deadly crash. the country's law enforcement officials. they report at least nine killed and many injured. a truck drove into a christmas market. we peter barnes joining us now. what do you know. there were two drivers of that truck. one of them dry -- died at the scene. the other when it was just arrested in the last hour or so. they are advising citizens to stay inside while they try to find out exactly what happened. a german news media is calling it an attack and not an accident. we are told that the german chancellor has been or is being briefed right now.
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as well as the mayor of berlin on the attacks. we have not received any word yet from the u.s. government on this. both present obama into president-elect trump are on vacation. president obama in hawaii. we are seen in my foot for anybody in the u.s. government on what c2 peter barnes, thank you. morgan some warnings about the truck possibly coming to talk a crowd earlier this week. how do you prepare. obviously they were unable how do you prepare for warnings like that.
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>> is difficult to prepare even when you have very specific intelligence. end of course the enemy at this point there is a natural vulnerability. people are in the holiday spirit. they are not as alert as they would be. attacks like this before. in europe has made themselves more vulnerable to these things with the open borders in the problem with the migration out of the war zone. >> we've course also had to deal with this assassination in turkey today. the russian ambassador in getting shot in a very public event by a security guard any relation do you see at all between these two events?
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>> there is difficult to know if there is any operational investigation. most likely they have some relation to the tragedy is syria . that is what is produced. that is destabilizing. i was the turkish government and what is going on in syria they all had clashing interests and unfortunately a very public assassination. it's another dagger into a nader -- nato treaty. when there are events like this that are located in europe shortly thereafter there seems to be something happening in the united states should we be on extra alert because of these events. >> i think all of our responsible authorities should be given us. we want people to enjoy the
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holiday season. we want people to go about their lives. at the same time and they want to attack an observation of faith. and to have maximum impact. this was shutting down the german holiday season for at least a time and that's what they want to try to accomplish. what about tourism. i know there are cautionary notes from the state department. should people canceled their trips now. >> obviously they will have to use their own judgment. in some senses there is a heightened sense of alert everywhere. and it's probably a safer place to go. they tend to look for softer targets. they will be more on alert. we don't know the circumstances and the death of the person that was in the
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passenger side of the cab. we do know that he is dead. with squeezing information him out of them. the track record is not the greatest what early reports are. we may learn more significant information we have much more aggressive means of getting information and the europeans can do that. let's get specific. >> he was afraid to roam around and he was put on
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several watch lists. the track record that was a different country. germany may be tighter than belgium but at the same time the european track record is not as good as ours. >> is the biggest concern. we have freedom of movement in europe in many ways. and if you treated like a law-enforcement matter sometimes are not as aggressive to be able to stop ongoing problems. obviously the big concern would be is this just one act and there will be others that follow. they are known for the open doors a policy with immigrants coming in from the middle east particularly from syria. there has been a lot of concern about this is going to add fuel to this fire is it not. it well for sure.
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we just had to be cautious about that. what their affiliations would be. that is deeply troubling for what has been the post modern european approach. >> thank you so much for talking to us. lauren: stocks continue to push higher here in the u.s. all four major indices ending the day in the green. jenny me now is the peak of the fiscal times. good to see both of you. is hope what is lifting the u.s. stock market. we've have seen many indicators. to actually creating jobs and making investment decisions. and since the has been the weak leg of this recovery for eight years a lack of corporate investment i think
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there is a real reason to be optimistic about it. what we've seen as the segments of the market that are doing best are those which will do better under the regulations and certainly in the financials are leading the pack. the imposition of fines and regulatory heavy cysts on the banks to be is a little bit. i think they should celebrate it. that means more lending. they have a telecoms. they put in the best performance. how are they going to benefit the financial infrastructures. they are now looking for areas that had lagged.
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in particular what we are focusing on is healthcare here. no matter what sort of fate they meet the fact of the matter is they need their healthcare. it's spreading world wide. so we think that this is the sector that has lagged this year. this is an area that you can see them pile into in the next couple of weeks or so. lauren: i know we have that news out of berlin and that that has been investigated. we have the doubt 117 points away. if i knew that. i think we will get there. whether it's now or after the first of the year. no one will know. absolutely. people will push that market right up to that number.
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more on the attack in germany. 910 at least 15 injured in west berlin after a truck plowed into a christmas market. a suspect is in custody. another one is dead. with the latest breaking details on who was behind the wheel. it's underway. this amid protests. convincing these electors to choose anyone other than donald trump himself. even hollywood is getting involved here. well had more on that next. >> you lost. grow the blank up. move on with your life.
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david: electors all over the country casting their ballots to confirm the next president of the nine states. it is virtually impossible to do. >> when you look at the 50 state capitals has been a busy one there. mister adding up the electors take example for for pennsylvania. all 20 alternately good for donald trump. he said they never wavered. there was no wavering between our state chairman and vice chairman and all of the other
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people in the delegation. there was a last-minute hail mary hundreds of them. here is what one clinton supporter told me. they should not vote him in. aside from that michigan for anybody but him. would you be saying that if hillary clinton one. he is unfit to be president. they told a space for especially what happened on november 8. when all of these electoral
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votes come on in. it signify nothing at the end of the day. despite the millions of americans who did vote for trump. advocates are still on and i hope that the president-elect could lose the white house. for one last chance to stop them. it seems that people are still holding out hope that the electoral college when they vote tomorrow well somehow decide that hillary clinton is the winner. they put in place as a failsafe. they could be doing their patriotic duty on monday by voting against trump. let's talk about it here now.
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also a fox news contributor and steve murthy good to see all of you. other protesters ignoring the fact that 62 million people actually voted for donald trump on november 8. they were ignoring a lot of precedent. a question for me. why the clinton campaign wanted to associate with this kind of desperate attempt. if the campaign have gone any longer she might have lost in a real landslide. in the new york times. does that not seem extreme. >> i don't know what is extreme when we have a
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president to selected was such a sore winner. i understand how these folks feel who are out there demonstrating. it signifies one other thing. the candidate getting the most votes by far has not been elected. there's no reason why it should count 50 times more than someone and california. trump is going to win today. it has a lot on their minds. as president elected not just in the campaign. they're getting death
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threats. to try to come and convince the electorate. what do you look at for that death threat. it's a constitutional right. it's very alarming. for the most part what they're trying to do is obviously they are voicing their state results. it's very clear to say that they won the popular vote. it's the fact that you have a compromise between the popular vote in the public input. he of the fact that this is about being america's president which is as we know where clinton got most of her popular vote. for the most part what were seen as a ceremonial process.
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it's is a very dangerous precedent. it's is a very dangerous precedent. david: russian ambassador shot dead in turkey. new details on today's assassination and the ramifications of americans who were in the region. more details continuing to come out. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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holiday horror a suspect has been apprehended after deadly crash in berlin germany. they were for at least nine debt and many injured after a truck drove into a christmas market full of people. peter barnes joins us now. >> also, there were two drivers of this truck one of them died at the scene. we are getting a little bit more from the german police
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who are on twitter saint currently there are no indications for their dangerous further dangerous activity in this neighborhood for this apparent attack. we had been quoted media sources. i'm not sure yet whether or not it was specifically a terrorist attack but we can also report that just four weeks ago the u.s. state department warned americans traveling to europe and the holiday and christmas markets. they stepped up the cause for attacks during the holiday season against foreigners and those interested.
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obviously intelligence officials were concerned that there might be an attack of this nature at this time of year. lauren: we have also seen vehicles as a weapon of choice as in the south of france over the summer. c1 chris, bottom line is this is something that they've been putting out there for a while. and now it has happened in berlin. what can cities around the world do to protect themselves quacks. >> it depends on if you want to live in a open society or police state. you have to have open access from the streets. there is just no way to provide external or logistical
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security for that. if you want to have that open air market something you said about isis. i don't care if there is a direct organizational link. clearly both isis and al qaeda are issuing the call. there are sympathizers throughout europe. because it doesn't involve transferring a lot of cash it doesn't involve a lot of training this is a very difficult type of attack to predict and prevent. germany as i mentioned a lot of people criticizing chancellor merkel for continuing that in light of what happened. would you recommend them trying to shut down those borders. >> particular to germany in berlin there is a significant large turkish majority population. germany has have a very good
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relationship with its muslim population. as a totally different situation. with the holocaust which makes it very difficult for them to put up borders and walls especially when you talk about the existence of the berlin wall. germany has largely escaped a lot of these attacks it is possible that it's just their term to start getting hit. >> whether it is their turn or not. well had to respond somehow. we have this really a shocking assassination in broad daylight today. the russian ambassador to turkey this is the assassin.
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he was an off-duty cop who was working security. what is most concerning is that when you have these if the trading security forces you are in trouble as a nation are you not? >> it is absolutely impossible to defend against his attack. >> it looks like he may have been moonlighting as extra security. he is dressed appropriately. he may have been part of the security detail. was no no different than the attack at fort hood. he uses on identification. >> the big difference is that it happened in turkey. that leader who was playing footsie in many cases. we now have a president who can call back dualism by name
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as a threat to the united states that might that make a difference in the way that turkey would be there. they're be able to call out radical islam. he has been plain foot with the with the radical us. we have have a real problem in that. he is trying to suppress this. and i think it's can work. he has tried to see the syrian war they have an awful lot of problems and what we have to look at in terms of nato there is can be a lot of discussions. >> is going to be very tricky
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to handle that relationship. thank you very much chris. lauren: saint tough on taxes. well donald trump keep his promises. as michelle obama taking a shot at president-elect.
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we're breaking news for you.
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u.s. treasury secretary sitting down in a foxbusiness exclusive just moments ago. take a listen. we need to get rid of the loopholes and we need to lower the rates. but what we can't do is spend a lot of money having a tax cut that loses revenue has that is just gonna shift the burden somewhere else. why couldn't we have it done. i think there was more of a consensus around ideas than there was about getting something done. if you want to get something done. i think there were some in congress who are just as happy. >> i have a lot to say about that. if you say more of this interview. in 2010 that's reagan here the whole thing.
4:39 pm
in 200010 there was something called the simpson bolt commissioned and actually appointed that commission and a recommended get they recommended get rid of the loopholes in the deductions and lower the rates. >> i think the interview with president-elect donald trump there cannot get the economy going. in the first 90 days. president-elect is looking to overhaul our comp located tax code. with a message for the incoming president. make them big, make them bold. first of all i have to tell you about what jack lew just said. republicans weren't interested in 2010 it was six years ago came out with a taxcutting
4:40 pm
plan get rid of the deductions and the loopholes. and president obama did nothing with regard to that commission. any tax reform in the tax reform that he would sign have to include at least 1.4 trillion net tax increase. you can't raise taxes on the american people $1.4 trillion and have it progress. that is why nothing happened. and now the question is whether or not donald trump once he became president will be there quickly enough to get something solid in place hopefully before april people like the forbes are getting a little bit worried. they have noticed the hesitation.
4:41 pm
to get big bold tax cuts. when you talk to both the trump people and the ways and means folks. you do to tax cuts. getting rid of obama care is about a trillion dollar tax cut. that is the appetizer, the starter. see forbes was a great advocate for progrowth tax policy will be very happy. they will take that corporate rate from 35 to 20 hold on one second. one thing that steve forbes warns against is just having the corporate tax cut first without simultaneously having individual cuts because that way they will save we knew you
4:42 pm
guys were all for the corporations. you care about the little guy. it would all be in the same package. it would include the individual rate reductions in going to a territorial tax system it will be revenue neutral because we reduced the baseline $600 billion by making the extenders permanent. and with dynamic scoring which they are insisting on you look at about a 2 trillion-dollar tax cut static revenue neutral and you to understand the growth. >> are you a part of putting any of this together. i am an enthusiastic supporter. we will see if your plan comes through. you very much. we will have well have the back and forth next.
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david: did michelle obama really take a job at the president-elect. even if she did donald trump is not interpreting her words that way. what else do don't had hope. i think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out. i met with them in the white house. she could not have been nicer. beyond hope we have such potential. as donald trump in overly kind to the first lady. i think he's being honest. he said it a good meeting with president obama. i think when you look at michelle obama and her statement and does cause you to think a little bit because you wonder what did she mean
4:47 pm
exactly. when her husband was first elected i think it's something that happens when you live in the white house you live in a bubble and all the sudden you think that they're so much hope in america. you look in those communities donald trump spoke for the working class was able to say i'm here for you. i will focus on what the obama's really mean right now. i wonder whether it's gonna last the last because they are not going to retire quietly the way gw did. it seemed like he was taking a better in the initial phases. they continue the legacy is
4:48 pm
going to be dismantled. as far as hope investors around the world disagree with michelle obama here. nearly every day since election they are expressing their hope in you been showing and almost at 20,000. what have you heard about what the obama's are going to do now. speaking a little bit there you can start the progressive movement. what are you hearing. is in the state in washington until his youngest daughter graduates from high school. he certainly will write about his ministration i don't think you can go out there and be some sort of counterpoint to donald trump they made it very clear that the traditions of
4:49 pm
the presidency are very important to him especially our position a peaceful transfer of power. steve, thank you for being here. many americans are putting donald trump on the nice list. it goes in all of the credit. he joins us next.
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christmas has been saved. carrier employees thinking the president-elect for saving their jobs in a dramatic -- dramatic deal. also crediting them with saving in the holiday. he joins us from indiana next.
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>> thank you for having me. it must've been a tough year for you and your family. it has been a wild ride this year. we had been knowing since february that we were losing our jobs. just under the devastation and the bad news had no future of what's can happen in the unknown. >> did you start looking for other jobs? >> i was not at that juncture yet because we still have another year and half or so till i was can be laid off and still going to go back to school in january and try to pursue a degree to have in my back pocket. lauren: did you vote for donald trump? do you wish you did?
4:54 pm
>> i give the man to the credit and the respect i'm grateful that 800 jobs are being saved no doubt about that. i'm glad it looks like he will put his foot forward. i hope he continues to live up to the promises he campaigned on. and being worker friendly and continuing to keep jobs here in america. >> were you told at any point when you are warned from carrier that you might lose your job that you have to trade your foreign replacements? >> we were not told that at all. a lot of companies and employees are being told not only are we losing our jobs overseas to train those workers also. what your kids want for christmas this year? they want everything. unfortunately they are the
4:55 pm
little ones they wanted all. the big things they want my daughter once the barbie dream house with the elevator and my son once his car with a bunch of guns on the he can ride around in. hopefully santa claus well definitely bring them this year. thank you for sharing your story with us. >> we have more confirmation that donald trump can talk and get along with just about anybody. donald trump have dinner with mexican billionaire. he has invested a lot of this money into the new york times. according to a trump transition official. not only has he invested in new york times he is a big investor in the new -- and the clinton foundation as well. both in the times.
4:56 pm
he can get along with just about anybody. lauren: and we just saw that happen. the questions are still fine. they did capture the man at the wheel of that deadly accident in berlin.
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>> it's supposed to be a fest intime. the scene in berlin is anything but, following the horrific attack that left 9 dead. >> this was no accident this was an attack, a suspect is in custody, a second man in the truck has been killed, sources telling sky news that the truck may have been hijacked, perhaps that is why the passenger was dead, we'll
5:00 pm
monitor the breaking news, throughout the evening for the very latest details on the suspect, and the motive. against so many questions, we don't know what happened but we'll be monitoring the proe -- progress, "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: 9 dead at least 50 injured after a truck traveling at least 40 miles an hour plows into a christmas market in berlin. welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth macdonald filling in for deirdre bolton. police are investigating whether terrorism was a motive. the suspected driver of the truck arrested. codriver is dead. he is being called a codriver and also a passenger. we get latest from fox news reporter kitty logan in london. >> police spokesperson i spoke to in last couple of hours, saying they are try to


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