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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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injured in a christmas market attack? germany. charles payne will continue to bring you the latest details on this attack next. don't go away. [♪] charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. at least 9 people have been killed and dozens more injured when a truck plowed into a crowd at a christmas market in berlin, germany. the white house is saying the incident appears to be a terrorist attack. rick, we all think of nice, when we saw this, another attack, the kind we have been bracing for in the west. what's your initial assessment? >> it looks like more trouble for europe. we have to get a handle on this and we have to find the command and control center of isis.
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we have to deal a big blow to the islamic radicals that are trying to spread this terror. i firmly believe that if you can find the command and control center inside syria, crush them, give them a big defeat, they are going to have harder time re-youthing when they are losing. but every time they have a successful attack like this, it gets easier for them to recruit. i think what we have to do is work with our friends and allies and try to come up with ask the best intelligence possible. go inside syria, and find that command and control center and crush it. charles: i'm going to talk to you about two tracks. one going to the heart of this. perhaps raqqa which is considered the de facto headquarters of isis. and what we have neenl aleppo, who takes the lead on something
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like that? germany itself, we have the interior minister saying this whole thing points to terrorism. angela merkel's hop arms policy brought in dangerous people from all over the world. they are reluctant to call terrorism out. let's talk about raqqa and cutting off the head of isis. who does that? >> places like organizations like nato and the united nations do not work unless there is u.s. leadership. that's just a fact. for the last 8 years we have not had u.s. leadership at either place. that's where we first start. we have interest national organizations that are supposed to lead when situations like this occur. what's so frustrating is for six years we have 60-plus nations in obama's coalition, and nato that
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are supposed to be trying to crush isis. so, you know, we need u.s. leadership, we need to rally our friends and allies together. we dock this question. there is no question if 63 nations can come together in a coalition on paper, that they should be able to defeet isis. but the simple fact is you have got to have accurate and timely intelligence. you only get that by being inside where it's happening. we must have intelligence officers gathering the latest intelligence inside syria. that means boots on the grounds. we had a political commitment from president obama that he's not going to spends boots on the ground into syria. that means we are not going to have timely intelligence and we'll have attacks that keep happening because we cannot find who is controlling isis' command
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and control center. charles: the german interior minister saying he doesn't want to speculate about this. should the west, particularly places like germany, be more vocal in terms of their intent to crush it and call it out? >> yes, they should be. but the germans are always very good at being a timely and meticulous answer they want to make sure before they speak that they have all of the facts. so let's not fault them on that. but we should push the germans to call this out and act swiftly. we can take our time to get the facts. but once we know the facts, we need to fact quickly. charles: rick, appreciate your exer-tease right off the bat. later in the show we are going to speak with former nypd
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commissioner bernie kerik. donald trump moments ago surpassing the 270 electoral votes he needs to be formally the next residents of the white house prior to the official electoral vote president-elect trump calling out democrats after numerous accounts of electors getting threatening letters and harassment. donald trump tweeting if my supporters act and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. here is what incoming chief staff said. >> they lost the election because they are sow out of touch with the american people, they are so shell shocked, and they can't believe in this harassment fromgroups like web object dem of -- groe
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move on do the oregon and the dem kraict party to stop. charles: i think they had to get rid of electors in colorado where they can't want to cast their votes for hillary clinton. but our electors are being assaulted and threatened by people who were afraid donald trump would do that. >> donald trump was challenged several times by members of the media and the clinton campaign, hey, are you going to accept the results of this election? the inverse has happened. donald trump won in something very few people expected and in
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so doing is being accused of being assisting as a byproduct of a rigged election. when democrats lose elections they look for a rigged reason for losing the election. charles: the bottom line is it was inevitable. even if there so is crazy thing. 37 so-called faithless electors hadn't gone with donald trump it would have gone to the gop-controlled house. what were they really trying to accomplish? >> they are not accomplishing unity for one thing. they are still trying to show that they are disgusted with the nomination of donald trump. i think a lot of them people across the aisle they are still in shock. and everything they feel like barack obama has done will be unraveled. the latest in the electoral shenanigan was just to see if
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there was any way possible, just maybe a slim chance any way that they could take this election back to hillary clinton. because let's look at this. nobody thought leading up to it that it would be donald trump. a lot of republicans. so i think this is the final way to see if they can get back. >> as much as this is a victory for donald trump, it's a massive defeat for hillary clinton. consider colin powell got three electors in washington. bernie sanders got one in minnesota and colorado. even within their own party, today was a rounds of rejection of hillary clinton. >> well, a couple things. i scnlt believe we have given this serious -- that we looked at this as a veal story. charles: i think the idea that
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there has been earnr earn attempt: >> i agree. the democrats are flying for the next election. they are trying to make a case for why this didn't goat way it should have gone or maybe did. and they are getting ready for next round. i was with katherine harris a few years ago. 537 votes was final margin of victory. and to this day it's the best guess florida had about what happened. but what was paramount was that we wanted to preserve democracy. we wanted to preserve the integrity of the process. and i think that's what was lost in this election and post election and legal krats have a lot of soul searching to do because of that. >> if they were trying to make a case for the future, they -- the
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interior department his make a final blow to the coal industry,
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charles: we have a news alert. remember those 50,000 sticky notes democrats posted such as love trumps hate? now governor andrew cuomo is going to have them taken down, but they will be preserved by the new york historical society.
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snow flakes on the attack. joining me to discuss. steve, they have gone from whining to physically threatening folks. this is a tack we may see more of. we saw some in the primaries. >> i think a lot of folks who think they need therapy through post-it notes. they don't realize they are part of the reason we won this election. there is a giant country between brooklyn and california. and we are no longer going to be governed by the sentiments of their feeling but instead by the economic and security realities of the world. and we need growth and prosperity and security that makes sense for all americans. forgive me if i don't head tears for those who think they need post-it therapy.
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charles: some comparing the trump victory to the 9/11 wall. obviously that's harsh. but what we have seen in the last couple weeks is more physical and violent intimidation of electors leading up to today. that's an even worse tactic, i think. >> let me say this. i understand there are people that make a lot of noise about this. the squeaking wheel gets the most grease. we are focusing on the complete jerks that are making a big stink out of this. they are getting a lot of attention now and the media is giving them a lot of attention. but i don't think martin sheen is representative of the democratic party. charles: if your party were to go with the congressman with
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minnesota. ellison, would you consider that a sane move or completely insane move totally void of across knowledging what we saw november 8. >> i think there are a lot of insane moves being made. i think the behavior toward donald trump is wrong. from matthew 7:15, beware of false prophets. we are acting like trump has done things he hasn't done yet. he's not president. he hasn't had a chance to take office. charles: i think the left does themselves a main disservice. the old saying, put down a shovel if you are digging a hole. but you have to wonder what their next move will be. it smacks of desperation. >> here is the important point. we focus so much on the presidency.
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but presidency aside. this has been a disastrous previous 8 years for the democratic party. they lost almost 1,000 state legislature seats and 14 governorships. the democratic party is in a systemic dee klein. i think we are seeing a party in search of a soul. if they want to turn to ellison, if i had a vote which i surely don't, could i please vote for ellison as the dnc chair? charles: the obama administration take an 11th hour blistering shot at the coal industry.
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charles: the not so lame duck obama administration getting some last hits on the coal industry. before the trump administration comes in they are dropping blistering regulations that will continue to crush the struggling industry and they are doing it just under the gun. robert murray joins me. thank you for joining me. senator obama, president obama, really did one thing. he kept the promise to destroy your industry. he did an amazingly effective job of it. he wasn't done. the interior department passing more regulations to safe guard environment against coal. was this fair what they did today? and if not what kind of damage are you look at? >> of the 82,000 pages of
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regulations published by the obama administration and the democrats and the radical a environmentalists over the past 8 years, the single target that most -- was most effective was the coal industry. the worst regulation against the coal industry is the so-called protection rule published in the federal register today it's a last attempt to totally eliminate the coal industry because what it does, charles, it prevents underground mining below any dry ditch on the surface. there isnowhere that there aren't dry ditches on the surface and it would eliminate all underground mining. it's illegal. 14 state attorneys general have written the administration telling them if they passed this rule, it was totally illegal. but they are going ahead because it is their attempt to totally
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eliminate the industry and have no environmental benefit as paul. the 1977 federal reclamations mining and control act applied only to surface mining. the congress said so in the law in three places. yet they are applying it to underground mining, the most environmentally acceptable way to mine coal in an illegal way an must be stopped. charles: would it be possible for the trump admin surprised reverse this? or will this ultimately have to go through the supreme court? >> we are taking three courses of action to overturn this illegal rule that has no environmental benefit at all. number one, they both the house and senate will pass a resolution under the continuing resolution act before the end of the year to overturn it.
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number two, if mr. obama retoes that cra, that continuing resolution, then mr. trump will end this regulation day one of his administration. also, we have filed litigation and have been joined by these 14 states against the rule that was filed at time was even act. they have been trying to pass this rule for 8 years. and they are trying to totally eliminate our coal miners' jobs answer our industry before obama goats out of office. it's the kilowatt hour of electricity he's trying to eliminate it's not 16 cents natural gas or 26 wind mill and so there are parnls. this is the low cost electricity he's trying to wipe out. the most environmentally
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acceptable way to mine coal. people don't know we are down there mining coal right below them. he's using this act that was to apply only to surface mines to stop all underground coal mining. charles: you have been one serious warrior trying to keep those american yons jobs and american energy here. it does seem remarkable, the way you put it, it underscores the fact that this always war against your industry by environmentalists who don't care about energy, the cost of energy or american jobs. i do have breaking news. donald trump releasing a statement on what the white house saysappears to be a deadly attack. we are talking about a truck barreling through a christmas market killing 9 people in berlin. quote, our hearts and prayers
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charles: first lady michelle obama sitting down for a final interview with oprah winfrey before she leaves the white house. but she is not going quietly. >> now we are feeling what not having home feels like. hope is necessary it's a necessary concept. and barack didn't just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. e and i and so many believe -- what else do you have if you don't have hope? charles: joining me to discuss, tony perkins it's a necessary concept. and it's more than a slow began. i'm not sure you would agree all after sudden america has become
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a rudderless, hopeless ship. >> before we talk about hope, let me say merry christmas because that wraps our hope is found, something that france sends any political party or government. that's what's at play here, charles. you have someone -- if you go back to february of 2008 during the democratic primary, you be might recall she made a comment when it looked like barack obama was zeroing in on the nomination. she said quote for the first name my adult life i'm really proud of my country because it feels like hope is making a comeback. that's unable if your hope is linked to a failed ideay that needs -- failed ideology that needs government to impose it. america is not losing hope. in faiblght has a bright future.
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charles: in my estimation of what i'm sealing. there are two different times of hope. one a big government takes care of you, and hope for these vote horse voted for barack obama twice, that there is hope they can pull themselves up by the boot straps. the kind of backdrop america has sales been northern for. if they put in -- has always been known for. >> the freedom to do that. the ability to raise your family according to your val ye d accoo your values and to keep a large portion that, that's hope. and again, when you are a liberal and have a failed liberal ideology rejected time and time again, because every time it's put into practice, it doesn't work.
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i can see where they are losing hope. but even during the darkest days of barack obama. i didn't lose hope. because my hope wasn't in got. the deep abiding faith in the ability if you do the right thing the right way, you are going to succeed. charles: by let you go, ultimately you did mention christmas. our foundation also, the judeo-christian work ethic and love of fellow man, we are the most generous nation ever in the history of mankind. is that essential? does that have to be parts of this comeback in this new home we see out there? >> i think that's why there is a new breath of hope that has come into americans. there is a sense as you point out, our country does have a solid foundation in faith, in the faith of the krifort nanl
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faith fan jesus christ. and we have seen the ability to live south one's faith hampered under the policies of this administration it's a challenge, a competition with big government. people see the opportunity to live their lives according to their faith, share their faith, and i think we'll see not just a political revival in this country. but i think we'll see and revival of faith and that will benefit everyone. charles: we want to bring in our panel. angela, you are a deep south girl. you know what we are talking about here. why doesn't michelle obama? is it because she speaks in such progressive liberal policies that she is being blinds sided? >> my father was a minister. the old spiritual song, my hope
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is built on nothing less than jesus christ and righteousness. but with michelle obama and barack, they haven't lost hope. michelle is going to become a politician. i wouldn't be surprised if she runs for the senate and runs for the presidency in 2020. i think she is building that block and she is going to use oap a. charles: why do they think they have the corner on hope? we are seeing amazing signs of hope in this country not just from the election, but post election. >> there is an optimism about us that is starting to show itself all over the country. there are four things in political campaigning. four emotions. love, fear, hate and hope. but a policy that's all bark and
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no bite. we have boarlsd that aren't borders and obamacare call the lie of the year. we are frustrated in trying to find that thing, the essential kernel of the american experience. i think we are about to finds with president trump. >> i see a lot of optimism in our community and amongst women who stone small businesses. look at donald trump. he's there are creating jobs. charles: there has got to be a serious worry with progressives that the next four years people who were weaned on the idea you can't do it alone because barack obama said this over and over again. he said. >some people don't haveboot str. what if it's brofn the right amount of elbow greece anyone in this country can do well and the right backdrop is there.
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we created welfare reform and i think you will see that type progression happen. democrats will have to jump on the trump train and see more blue dog democrats. more conservative democrats come out. >> when things start to work again optimism springs eternal. charles: the major averages, and the dow trying to crack that mythical 20,000.
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charles: a new report shows 800,000 illegal aliens have escaped deportation under obama's administration, even though majority of them been convicted of a serious crime.
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charles: a market came out determined to trade higher. a series of events, including the killing of russia's ambassador to turkey, then the berlin christmas market. they are rocky on the donald trump. united technology. a huge major breakout the next time it clothes above 1 degree . the company continues to lose market share to airbus. tech names are coming back. microsoft and amazon were higher today. then there is disney.
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but the market has issues beyond the geopolitical concerns and potential terrorism issues. the u.s. dollar continues to get strong. i'm not sure where it becomes debilitating. but i would like to see king dollar pulled back just a tad. on the economic calendar, kind of a bear for tomorrow. it might give a good chance to get a true read of the state of mind for the investors. there are big names in the morning, and they could give us a glimpse into the consumer. carnival cruise lines and darden restaurants, and car max all before they open. look at this chart. you can see it's a series of lower highs. got a program alert for you. don't miss maria bartiromo's
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exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lew. >> i think the idea that you cut regulations and unleash enormous growth in the economy, i don't think it's supported by the analysis i have seen of most of the regulatory proposals. i think you have to look at our doing when you reverse regulations, if you create a greater risk of financial instability, that has a cost. if you create a greater risk in terms of the health of children because of the air they breathe or workers losing productive days because they have health problems. we have seen the cost benefit is net positive for together things we have done. i do not think it analysis that shows some enormous burgeoning income and revenue will materialize. charles: that's "mornings with
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maria." russia's ambassador to turkey is assassinated. russia is talking about some big-time moves as well as donald trump. we'll be right back. a lot to say about the chevy red tag sales event. this thing is a beast. steel or aluminum? steel. why? science. it's gonna hold up over aluminum, big time. you can get special holiday pricing and when you find your red tag, you get thousands more cash back. that's two deals in one. two deals sound better than one. that's a for-sure thing for me. during the red tag sales event, get two deals in one. find your tag for an average total value over ninety-six hundred dollars on chevy silverado all stars. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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charles: russian president vladimir putin declaring his ambassador to turkey was killed to and talk ties with turkey. but off-duty turkish cops screaming god is great. gillian, a serious act of provocation.
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medvedev who is under vladimir putin on the government russia says that this murder is amongst the gravest krienld international law. russia will not let this go unpunished. we have to be braces for something next, but what do you suspect it could be. >> we are seeing further disintegration of regional security. we are seeing russia act as a pledg -->> hegemon. these tensions are more predictable as the united states has recreted from that area. charles: some are blaming western media for too much coverage of aleppo. where do we fall with respect to what's going to happen over there, particularly as turkey and russia seem to be healing
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the rift that came in that downed russian fighter jet? >> charles, i think the blame always belongs on the assailant, whether it was here or ohio state. charles: who is the assailant in this case? he's a turk policeman who killed the russian ambassador. the fact that he's relevant for americans. we were assailed throughout the campaign that we were somehow a puppet of the kremlin. the left continually tried to act as though we had electoral advice from. i think it is important to note that russia and the united states while we are mostly adversaries, there are places and times where we can work cooperatively and the foremost of those is the defeat of isis. is is emblematic of the battle
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against islamic terrorism. we saw it rearits ugly face in berlin and ankara. that's where the united states and russia have a common goal. charles: it seems that this police officer was sympathetic to isis. referring to the destruction of isis by the west. turkey has lost in the last couple weeks in syria. this is a powder keg about to happen. the human rights and counter coup that's gone on since erdogan was able to stay in power. >> this was a cardly way this was done. he was shot from the back. he was shot from someone who had a couple years in the military in of the security sector. i want to see what's going to be coming the information.
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what group exactly was he affiliated with. when you yell aallah across bart just this one group. there are millions. once you cut off the head of the snake there are going to be more and more greupses than so it will be a continuing program for all the nations to have to look at to stop this. charles: you can tie this perhaps, i'm pretty sure we'll be able to tie this into berlin. by the same sort of, you know and the same sympathetic movement whether it's al qaeda or isis. to me it seems like it could ultimately unite the west in its fight to have the right determination to destroy this
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enemy, this common enemy once and for all. >> there is a lot we don't know about what happened today. i think details cop out that will be very insightful. we are not just looking at turkey, an islamist group. we are also looking at radical kurdish groups. i think there is an open possibility much what the significance of this is. but i want to say seems point about russian cooperation. if you want to see what teaming up with putin looks like. look at aleppo being slaughters. that's not the kind of guy we want to be quoopght in our foreign policy. he's created a lot of regional evil. >> to that points, we teamed up with his predecessor several generations back, joseph stalin who was a horrible man, far worse than putin. but we teamed up with stalin when we had a common enemy who
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was more important at the time for us to defeat together. the thought that we can't ally ourselves temporarily with someone. >> when trump says this is somebody you can see being friends with, this man is not our friend. this is an evil man. charles: when other side may be even more evil. i appreciate it, we'll cover this more often, unfortunately. the deadly truck attack in berlin puts spotlight on illegal i am grants this country convicted of crimes.
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charles: breaking news from berlin. at least 9 peeled killed after a truck careened through a christmas market in berlin. immigrant deportation plummeting by 20% to the lowest number since 2007. the blue line there by the way are criminals. bernie, i'm going to ask you about this situation in berlin. we all have to think back to nice. it feels like a copycat case. they caught one of the assail yants who is alive. i hope we learn a lot. what are your initial assessments? >> this is right out of the playbook for kinds * and isis and -- for al qaeda and isis and other radical groups. they have a playbook telling people how to do it. if you can't use a 2.5 ton
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truck, use a smaller truck. i just noticed when i was coming up to fox. the commissioner has surrounds the park. when the enemy says this twice we are trying to do, you have got to pave attention. in berlin they have this park set up, and didn't security in the way they should have probably. charles: 's a shame we continue to counter punch on this. people who may be one or two individuals who are inspired -- >> you are going to have a major problem in germany. they brought in a half million syrian refugees the last 2 1/2, 3 years. it's hard to track these people. they don't know where they came from. they can't vet them properly.
6:59 pm
that's one of the problems i had with opening up the sir yanl immigration influx to the u.s. i think the primary way to attack stuff here is intelligence. knowing who's here, what they are doing here. what their motives are and what their thinking is. they use our dreams against us. and we want to be so politically correct that we don't want to come bait. charles: they use our civility against us. u.s. deportation of illegal immigrants. not only is it declining. but the number of criminals deported in the last year, 140,000 down from 200,000, and the lowest number since 2007. >> i saw those reports today.
7:00 pm
those from the numbers -- if you are going to deport anyone, nose are the guys you should be moving out of the country. bad guys do bad things, get them out of here. charles: here is the man himself, lou dobbs. [♪] lou: breaking news out of germany tonight. at least 9 people have been killed and 50 others injured after a truck plowed into a crowd christmas market in berlin. officials arrested a suspect near the scene. they are investigating whether he was driving that truck. a passenger in the truck was killed in the crash. the berlin attack comes hours after a terrorist attack in


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