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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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those from the numbers -- if you are going to deport anyone, nose are the guys you should be moving out of the country. bad guys do bad things, get them out of here. charles: here is the man himself, lou dobbs. [♪] lou: breaking news out of germany tonight. at least 9 people have been killed and 50 others injured after a truck plowed into a crowd christmas market in berlin. officials arrested a suspect near the scene. they are investigating whether he was driving that truck. a passenger in the truck was killed in the crash. the berlin attack comes hours after a terrorist attack in
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turkey's capital of ankara. russia's ambassador was shot by a turkish policeman who shout allah akhbar and don't forget aleppo. he was then shot and killed by police. also among my guests tonight, the secretary of state of can as, chris kovak. he met with donald trump last week to talk about the president atlantic's plans to build that wall along our southern border and bring illegal immigration under control. this is a moment for our president-elect who officially secured the 270 electoral votes to become president and became officially the president-elect of 306 electors pledged to vote
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for donald trump, 304 voted for him. two electors switched their vote to john kasich and ron paul. today's result gig donald trump the presidency, he will be certified on january 6. we'll be talking with a michigan elector who is among those who received death threats from the left. those trying to make him change his vote from trump to clinton. the elector joins me here in the broadcast. today our top story, the holiday horror after a truck plowed into a busy christmas marketplace killing 9 people, dozens more were injured. it is the middle of the night in berlin as residents who were being asked by authorities to remain indoors will be waking up
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in just a few hours. police say a suspect believed to be the driver was arrested nearby. a passenger in the truck died in the crash and according to eyewitnesses the driver was driving at 40 miles an hour, he did not slow down as he approached that crowd. according to fox news federal prosecutors whohandle terrorist cases are overseeing the terrorist attack in germany. the president-elect tweeted this today. joining me now to discuss these tragedies, fox news middle east and terrorism analyst walid phares. let's start with the
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assassination in ankara. the terrorist targeted the russian ambassador. do not forget syria, do not forget aleppo. allahu akbar. your shots? >> there are so many dangerous aspects of this assassination. this killing. the ambassador of russia. this is a clear-cut attack against russian diplomats. i hope it not the beginning of a wave. this may trigger russian reaction. so now we are seeing after the fall of aleppo, this another kind of confrontation on third countries. this was the case of turkey for a simple region. turkey mass a large population
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of refugees most likely infiltrated by isis or other than isis. we don't know who the perpetrator took the orders from. what concerns me is the short, look how he was dressed. this has changed everything or a lot of things in the way we vet individuals. lou: and that he is a policeman. he had access. there were apparently, and this is in question, there were apparently no russian security officers or agents around him, relying as diplomats do now worldwide, irrespective of the that us of the nation, they depend upon the security forces of the city, the country in which they are work as a diplomat. >> that's true.
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it's good point you raised. basically the first time a diplomat or target is killed in a situation where there was no preparation is always the first time. then yulsly now there would -- then obviously there would be measures to protect the diplomats around the region. turkey was able to protect its foreign diplomats has been hit by this terror act. lou: there is a caution for this in the president of the united states who made remarks in his threat to russia, talking about a proportionate response on the part of the united states at a time and place of our choosing. my god, this leaving open the president for having made such a threat to all sorts of consternation within russia
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itself and it will be used by those who find it convenient to do so. >> if you look at the internet, an few hours after that murder you will see the notion coming from the russian russian's blog. what is serious is russia is being attacked directly by terrorism. we heard him situation said in terms aleppo. i don't know how we'll be doing this offensive on syria while the russians are being attacked by the jihaddists. it will be complicated. lou: complicated now is the relationship in syria.
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sunnis make up most of turkey. the russians are allied with -- with shiia iran. >> every player on the ground is moving forward. the russians are expanding. the iranians have linked up through iraq with the assad regime. each one is playing their own card. but only ones who have not been successful in moving forward other than our military helping the northeast is the u.s. administration. imagine the turks and iranians and russians will be meeting. we are about to meet this week to discuss the security of syria. and we are not there. lou: ways happening now in europe. donald trump tweeting out civilization has to start
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thinking anew. what is happening in europe makes it clear they have no choice in the matter. as i suspect no one does against this threat of jihadism. and radical islamists. what is going to happen in europe, specifically germany with this horrendous attack today? >> this is a horrible attack. but we can look at what happened before in nice. this is a replay of the attack in nice using trucks. so the idea of how to vet a potential jihadist, and how to prevent -- everything has to be planned. the penetration of europe and the united states, the issue of migrant, how to vet them. all of this has to be revised. the president-elect has mentioned a change of policy. lou: is it too late for europe? we are in a different circumstance.
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certainly the dangers are immense and the potential is immense. but we are talking about a million people in germany with angela merkel who is the liberal voice in all of the european union until most recently inviting hundreds of thousands more refugees into the country, vetted or unvetted. >> every time western leaders delay a reaction the bloody price goes higher. it's never too late in terms of will europe survive. the price they will have to put because they were not prepared for vetting the population of the coming toward them. you are not solving the problem in syria other problem of refugees, and your homeland
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security refuse to recognize what the ideology of the threat. if you combine these three you will have what we had today. lou: dr. walid phares, good to talk with you. unfortunately too often in circumstances like these. we are coming right back with much more. and lot to cover, stay with us. the president-elect promises to stop illegal immigration and bring criminal illegal immigrants to justice. >> i have a message for the drug dealsers, gaining members and the criminal cartels. your days are numbered. we are getting you out. lou: trump insists he will build that wall. the latest reports show border apprehensions at record highs. america's toughest sheriff joe arpaio joins us. we'll be right back with all of
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lou: a disturbing report that reveals 820,000 criminal illegal immigrants continue to live in this country after escaping deportation under the obama administration.
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this new report for the center for immigration studies says the illegal immigrants have been convicted of heinous crimes including murder and rape and drug offenses. the president-elect has vowed to deport them. >> we are going to bring this terrible crime wave to an immediate end. and it can go quickly. one of the greatest public safety threats remains open borders. lou: joining me now is crisco vac. the secretary of state from the great state of kansas. chris, it seems first of all welcome, and it is great to see you and know that you are giving counsel to the president-elect on these very important issues. this is as stunning report from krivment s. to say there are that's and unsuspects even more in this country with dangerous, dangerous criminal illegal
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immigrants among them not being deported. what is the possible explanation for it? >> well, you know, you are right, it is disturbing. i can tell you this. remember when obama did those illegal executive tam necessary cities in 2012 and 2014? his justification for not deporting millions of illegal aliens was i'm doing this so i can retarget the resources of immigration and customs enforce to the go after the criminals. in federal court we had the testimony of ice agents saying he's not deporting more criminals. the obama administration is not massively deporting criminal tail yens. i'm confident understood a trump administration you will see those criminals being removed in large numbers. lou: the obama administration
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has been a white house built on lies whether it's border security oral domestic or foreign policy and he has managed to get away with this because we have a compliant, complicit national media that won't do their job tals watch dogs. give us a sense of how many of all of the resources controlled by customs and border patrol are actually at work to stop the pe- the penetration of our border by drug runners and human smugglers. >> customs and border protection agents are work and congress has been pushing those numbers up. but look and it tear year enforcement. those agents, the morale at
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i.c.e. whistle the lowest of any federal agency in the entire federal government. the reason morale is so low is they are not being allowed to do the job they siernd up to do, enforce our laws. these guide lines that have been put on them by the obama mitt cal leadership have not allowed them tomorrow deport the people they used to be able to deport under a bush administration. under a trump administration they will be allowed to do the job they want to do. and thousands of law enforcement officers will be able to do the job they signed up to do. lou: the border patrol council, they are acknowledging they have not been put forward on the border to stop these illegal immigrants, drug runners, whomever they may be. it's still porous.
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this is not an adventure that is solely that of the obama administration. bush did the same thing. talk about moving 6,000 national guardsmen that wouldn't get them within six miles of the border. if the nonsense has to stop. and in one area it has to stop soon and it seems like the easiest thing to change. sanctuary cities, the largest city mayor is saying to hell with you, president-elect, we are not going to in any way assist in the enforcement of the law. what will be the response? >> well, president-elect trump has promised the source of federal funds going to the sanctuary cities will dry up. you and i talked about this issue many times. these sanctuary cities are already illegal under federal law. they are break federal law toll key eighth a sanctuary city in
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their jurisdiction. imagine if you committed an ordinance violation. do you think they would give you a break for violating civil laws? no, they would come down on you like a ton of bricks. cities will punish their residents for breaking their laws, but the cities will violate federal law, the hypocrisy is outrageous and the fact they are willing to endanger their own citizens. lou: look at chicago. chicago is a nightmare. >> it is. and think about all the cases in san francisco. katie steinle. the list goes on and on of people who died because of sanctuary policies. these ridiculous city leaders say we are going to keep breaking federal law. they don't mention their own citizens who are here legally are suffering at the hands those
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illegal aliens. lou: our president select vowed -- he was a law and order candidate, and he will be the law and order president. so one expects that will change. do you anticipate being part of the trump administration to help him get all of that done? >> well, lou, i'll have to dwrowrnlg question. i won't comment specifically. lou: you will be the first person in this entire year and a half to dodge a question on that. too i'll tell you this. one thing i'm confident of is you will see a 180-degree shift from the obama administration which is engaged in non-enforcement in violation of our constitution. let's remember article 2, section 2 of the constitution requires the president to faithfully uphold the laws. now we'll see a new president
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come in who promised to restore the rule of law. he put in great people on this team. i'm confident things are change dramatically. lou: kris kobach, thanks so much. good to see you. whatever happens, i hope it's what you wanted. thank you very much. u.s. officials tell fox news chain today is expected to return that stolen under water research drone they frook our navy tomorrow. the handover expected to occur near the hotly contests scar borrow whole. scar bore -- the scarborough * shoal. president-elect trump suggested the chinese keep the darn thing. he tweeted this.
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we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole. tell them to keep it. do you think it's possible the democratic party will ever recover from barack obama? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on twitter and instagram. today the dow up 4 oh -- the dp 40 points. pick it up, people, this is a rally. just kidding. a french court finding international monetary chief christine lagarde guilty of criminal charges links to misuse of funds when she was finance minister. but she'll not face punishment or a fine.
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it's the french way. up next, the numbers don't lie or even -- well, suggest. today the electoral college added up all the votes. donald trump is on his way to my commentary is next. achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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lou: a few thoughts the dems and the far left in their attempt to moore ginnallize with president-elect trump's victory. the dems have refused to come to terms with the collapsing ideological arguments. that's all they have got. the left is in a last-gasp protest. trump winning 30 states. gathering 304 of the 538 electoral votes. way beyond the required 270.
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now trump will be certified the 45th president of the united states january 20. the left is threatening trump electors all across the country. some of the electors harassed by countless phone calls and messages from so-c activists ignoring the law and the electoral college process established in 1787, part of the constitution, but never mind that says the left. 38 states have laws requiring their electors to vote for their state's popular candidate. only one so-called faithless elector saidhe would defect. and he voted for john kasich. since 1900 there have only been
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9 faithless defect towards who defected. they have combined to shatter the democratic party and the left. the dems have transformed themselves from the loyal opposition to what appears to be stubborn subject version and that's a serious matter. the democratic leadership and their candidate lied, cheated and tried to steal political office and power. and why not? president obama has governed outside the law for the last 8 years, they thought they could continue to do the same. but now left has become a gang of outlaws trying to subvert the will of the people. the fact is during mr. obama's presidency democrats lost 63 house seats and 10 senate seats. the republican party controls now in both houses of congress
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and we'll have donald trump in the white house. republicans gained more than 900 seats in state legislatures and 12 governorships. 2/3 of the nation's governors are now republican. the democratic party, the left in this country have not been so weak, so ice late and diminished in nearly a full century. the left has been reduced to irregulaiare irrelevantsy. and congressman keith ellison seem to represent a democratic party that moved father and farther to the left and farther from any, any fashion of winning political party. our quotation of the evening from ronald reagan and i think a lot of democrats may find it resonates. i didn't leave the democratic
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lou: the president-elect tweeted out moments ago about his electoral college victory, we did the! thank you to all my great supporters. we just wouldn't election
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despite the distorted and inaccurate media. expwhrieng now, one of the 16 michigan electors who voted for donald j. trump, and michael goodwin. brian, let me start with you. by the way, congratulations. another thing, by the way. i have got to bring attention to this. donald trump's tweet may not remarkable to some. but anyone who has lived through these past 8 years current occupant of the white house who is so used to hearing a president use first person sing you there are repeatedly, unendingly, forever, i can't tell you how nice it is -- brian, i want to extend a personal thank you to you for bringing us a man who is willing
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to say we, and our and us. i know you were hah ralsd and received death threats. >> thank you very much for having me on the show. i think what happened today is after a cold long winter of president obama's failed liberal policies, america is ready for springtime. lou: that's poetic, i love it. how does it feel. >> resist all those death threats and harassment? how much of that was there? >> well, we received -- my fellow republican electors and i received tens of thousands of emails, thousands of letters through the united states postal service and thousands of facebook threats. i received a facebook message saying they wish my mother would have had an abortion.
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they are very hurtful, but thankfully my mother is pro-life. lou: you are a monument to her philosophy and belief. some people were dismissing what was going on with electors with brian today as harassment from the left. it is so much more than that. death threats? this is a left that i think means to take on donald trump, his white house in perpetuity. >> you are rite, lou shall be shall -- you are right, lou. that thing about his mother, i get that stuff all the time from the left it's unbelievable what people will sign their names to and say. i hope your children gets cancer. they sign these things with their names as though this is a
7:40 pm
political comment. this is the modern left. it was beaten again today it was defeated by the electoral college vote, because its aim was to overturn the election it failed just like hillary clinton failed. they lost again today. lou: they lost for a third time against one man who stood up to take on the status quo, the globalists, those who, i think, abhor all that is america. in michigan, your state is going through -- went through a tremendous change, and embraced the republican party, and certainly its candidate. and is it your sense that the democratic party is diminishing significantly in michigan or is it the republicans are in ascension. >> the democratic party has been losing ground in the state of
7:41 pm
michigan for years. the republicans control the statehouse, the state senate, the governor's and southern general's office and the michigan supreme court. democrats have been losing grounds in the state of michigan for at least the last five years. lou: that is obviously happening across the country. michael, they haven't been in this mess for nearly 100 years. >> as i said in my couple, it's well deserved. they -- clinton-obama regime was supposed to last forever. a 1,000-year reich. lou: it was suppose to be post-racial. >> they were going to have the supreme court, the regulatory state would have free rein. and it turns out they had nothing new to say. her only idea was more of the
7:42 pm
same failing medicine and really their ideas had run their course. and it's time for them to go. lou: it shows you the death of income prehencability on the part d of the incomprehensiblity of the left. bill clinton says donald trump don't no, but he knows how to garner the anger of quite men. with that kind of thinking and eloquence, the left doesn't have much left to do, do they? >> donald trump attracted support from all different groups it wasn't just men and it wasn't just white people. that kind of talk this my opinion, it's fox toik our political culture. lou: i think it's fox toict truth and what america is. >> when bill clinton said that
7:43 pm
he apparently was angry himself. is he secretly admitting he voted for donald trump? he's an angry white man himself. lou: when that'sed thebest bill clinton can muster, it's over for the democratic party. brian, i'm delighted you were able to vote and i'm delighted you have such an understanding mother and she done good. >> thanks for having me, lou. lou: michael goodwin, you did pretty good today, too. up next, improvement. the -- the president-elect said he's going to crack down on illegal immigration. >> we'll build a great wall and we'll stop illegal immigration for once and for all.
7:44 pm
build that wall. shaffer joe arpaio joins me next. we are coming right back.
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lou: joining me now, america's toughest sheriff, maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. i was just talking with the kansas attorney general. and he is convinced the trump administration will deport criminal illegal immigrants. they have documented 812,000 criminal illegal immigrants who were turned loose into our society because administration refused to deport them. >> i went on your show and said 12,000 people were booked for serious crime and 39% have come
7:49 pm
back to the same jails i run. the media will not pick up on this. i wrote to homeland security. this is going on two years and nobody will talk about it. i'm glad somebody is talking about it and something will be done and i have great confident. you know i supported donald trump from the beginning since july of last year, from the beginning, and said he will be the next president. i will make another prediction. he will be one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen. mark my words. lou: i'll slide my money act table and put it behind your bet. i think you are right. to begin with, the wall. securing the border. and controlling illegal immigration. one of the most interesting things i have seen in mexico in some time is the president of
7:50 pm
mexico is actually beginning to talk about restoring order, moving troops into the streets of the cities of mexico, trying to establish at least some limited form of law and order. does that suggest any reason for optimism that mexico could become a partner in securing that border? a partner in controlling immigration across that border? >> i served as the regional director of mexico city. i was very happy when donald trump was able to visit the president, go in a back room. i'm sure they probably made a few deals. and i think because obama and hillary is leaving, maybe the president of mexico has col to his senses and understands our new president is not going to take any garbage from mexico. so they are playing the game and that's great.
7:51 pm
that's how you negotiate mutual respect. and i guarantee you things will change at that border in the interior of the united states andn internationally you have to stop the problem internationally before it gets to our borders. it's a great move what the president of mexico is doing. let's see if he does it. >> he's begun. sheriff joe, it's great of you to be here. do you want to be part of the administration? i know the president-elect has a high opinion of you. what do you think? >> i'll tell you one thing. everybody says we must serve the president of the united states if he calls. doug, i have a great respect for donald trump if he calls i'm going to listen to him. lou: i'll take that. and i know you will be listening to eva without questioning or reservations, tell her hi for
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me. president obama not going quietly into the night. tony sayegh and rachael campos duffy join me next. we'll be right back. ♪ [vo] is it a force of nature?
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joining me tonight "fox news" contributor rachel, streets good to have you the republican campaign strategist tony sayegh,
7:56 pm
it's good to have you here too. it's great to have you both here. let's start with you both we have a president-elect its official how about that? >> it's amazing, right? lou: and all of the talk from the left and they have become these whiny celebrities. they are vicious and desperate and irrelevant. go away. what do you think? do we talk them into that? >> i think they might actually start getting the hint that the american people voted for donald trump for donald trump and that california doesn't get to decide the election. lou: that gives him such intellectual fits, intellectual integrity violating reasonable judgment but they have got to understand that california just can't pour those votes over and by the way they will be trying over the next four years to get those people distributed where
7:57 pm
they need them the most. >> the story about the electoral college was much ado about nothing. a rock these hollywood actors who made a video. the mac just last week for crying out loud. >> you have a the busy man. you have a lot going on. >> the bottom line is. their whole idea was that don't vote for anyone, don't vote for hillary because you can't vote for tron. i would have kicked them into the house of representatives. the house would have the choice of hillary or trump. >> you have a whole house, we could have relied on that outcome. >> i am foolish about that outcome. lou: we are now. now i'm pretty confident. >> my point is how pointless this entire conversation actually was with so much hysteria around it as if it
7:58 pm
would deal legitimate mechanism to block up trump shows you their desperation. >> it doesn't just show desperation shows denial as the denial that will keep that political desert for years to come because they are not -- they deserve it and they are not trying to -- lou: whatever. i like the fact that it's official. now the heck with it. loretta lynch is even acting nice saying she's sorry about that little link counter. >> she's only sorry she got caught. if it wasn't for that intrepid reporter in phoenix we might have never known about that meeting. >> or exactly right termite is that was by complete accident we even knew that. lou: that's a big deal. >> and look at you now.
7:59 pm
you have the lou dobbs show. i used to interview as the police commissioner in my town in law enforcement positions. the biggest measure was their ability to use good discretion. she's the chief law enforcement officer in the country. she is terrible discretion by even allowing herself to be in that position in the first place and she only shores remorse on the me that the fact that she's no longer relative -- relevant as such. it shows you how out there there are. >> your last guest on the "new york post" describes her perfectly. lou: and that's it. i feel like there's just enough time and rachel stood up and delivered. rachel campos duffy tony sayegh. thank you both. i enjoyed it. i'm saying the electoral system
8:00 pm
and i know which which movie i have to see next. thanks for being with us. among our guest tomorrow we see the family built their, thanks for being with us tonight. we will do better tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: 2016 was a crazy emotional year for libertarians starting with so much hope and optimism. gary johnson look at the candidate people could count on. after eight years under president obama's great government spending they can't seem to be coming out of the woodwork. personal was -- personal freedom is on the cusp of the campaign trail. 12 months later the picture's not quite rosy so what happened? let's take a look back at how it all went down. i'm kennedy.


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