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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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and i know which which movie i have to see next. thanks for being with us. among our guest tomorrow we see the family built their, thanks for being with us tonight. we will do better tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: 2016 was a crazy emotional year for libertarians starting with so much hope and optimism. gary johnson look at the candidate people could count on. after eight years under president obama's great government spending they can't seem to be coming out of the woodwork. personal was -- personal freedom is on the cusp of the campaign trail. 12 months later the picture's not quite rosy so what happened? let's take a look back at how it all went down. i'm kennedy.
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2016 saw two candidates only marginally more attractive to voters than malaria. meeting the speculation that libertarian libertarian candidate gary johnson might break through the two-party barrier and trash the debate but unfortunately johnson made perhaps the biggest gap of the election with his now infamous answer on foreign policy. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about aleppo and what is aleppo? >> you were kidding. >> no. >> later that day asked gary johnson for on his plan for damage control. >> i would hope people recognize that they do tell the truth regardless of the consequences. that is a way of fixing things quickly and i'm not a hypocrite. i don't say one thing and do another and as president everything is going to to go through this honesty filter. i'm hoping people will see that
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in and no excuse for not knowing when the question was asked this morning. the first thing i thought it's an acronym, oh my -- what is the stand for?om kennedy: what did you learn from that? if you get a question the future and you're not familiar with thu terms what we did differently next time? >> as much as i hate to say itch just knowing ahead of time what the issues are very quickly that wouldn't have been an issue, not a big issue. kennedy: do you think you knowou enough about it now? >> i do and people are looking for somebody that is honest and tells the truth, if people are looking for a non-hypocrite, if people are looking for somebody who has actually been there and done that and somebody who holds the basic philosophy of smallphy government, less taxes, socially inclusive, people being able to make their own choices in life,
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skeptical when it comes to our military intervention, skeptical when it comes to a supporting regime change which is all about what syria is and then free trade. nobody else is free-trade and then back to the budget, oh my gosh.medicaid social security, medicaid and medicare are issues that are on a fiscal cliff that have to be addressed.dresse this. kennedy: now they are at odds with the military where both candidates are saying they want to end the sequester and they want to increase military spending. they both said they want to increase entitlement spending. they are both fiscally responsible. is there any chance you're going to get on the debate stage? >> well i hope that i am on the debate stage because that would be different than the two of them in so many areas and talking back to syria hillary was the architect of this happening. not intentionally because you can't make up just how complex
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it all is that people need to start to recognize the outcome. kennedy: in your defense i didn't get to get a sense of how complex the world is. i don't think either of them have a plan for isis on your defense you may have had a slip or a gaffe that they have fundamental philosophical flaws and that is why people have such high unfavorable views of both of them read thank you for coming by. >> hillary is always going to be able to win on places but i would like to talk about policy and the general policy that hey we are not making things better. kennedy: gary may. >> that 15% of the post to get on the big kids stage at the debates and i spoke to the governor before the general election about how often and if you wish you'd done anything differently. >> i don't regret a thing and look, it's been very principled.
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i'm very proud of everything that we have done. there's still that collective head that might occur before election day.on day. there is an honorable third choice but no work rats. i'm very proud about the whole thing. kennedy: e. even going on "msnbc" and walking into those questions that you did more than once? >> that was down -- bound to happen. that's part of the process the fact that hillary clinton has $1.8 billion in trump has over 1 billion. we have got 12 million. politics is money and i'm not whining here, just like to point out a reality that when you do an analysis on both casts we are going to be at about a dollar a vote for us. hillary may be of close to $40
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trump maybe you know 25 or $28. kennedy: you are now below 5% of the real true -- realclearpolitics average and if you get above 5% if you get above 5% of the vote you'd do the libertarian party is recognized as a minor political party and you are up for some federal funding. can you get there? can you increase your poll numbers within the next week? >> well, we will see. regardless of how it turns out i'm very proud of the effort.juv i just have to believe that will take place. know the polls right now what they have done scientifically as they have underweight at the young people people and independents in the areas where we are the strongest. they do that from a scientific standpoint because historically they don't vote so if there is a have a young person turnout millennials 18 to 34 and independents, yeah you could see it above 5%. kennedy: last question gary we only have a couple of seconds. who would you get to see the top of the libertarian ticket in
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2020? >> i think there's going to big surprise. i think there'll be a lot of democrats, former big names that will come out of the woodworkng along with republican votes seeking a clear path if you will. i think this election hassthis tainted both democrats anddemoc republicans and i'm looking forward to a real surprise, a crowded field seeking the libertarian nomination. potentially that 5% gives the libertarian party $10 million, the libertarian nominee next election cycle $10 billion. that would be a game-changer and there would be a scramble for candidates to be part of that. kennedy: all right gary, appreciate you, i'd like you and i believe you. thank you so much for being here. gary johnson chose former government -- governor bill wells as his running mate would
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look good on paper but failed to materialize in part because of the election went on wealth seem to be less focused on campaigning for johnson more on fighting trump. i tore into him a little. i can't help but think that you have used this foray into the pool of libertarianism as some sort of a platform to further your own agenda which has nothing to do with freedom and liberty. >> well we told the truth that the -- of the libertarian convention. i made no bones about the fact that i'm running as myself but when i was a republican iran as myself. i never ever thought into theveg movement, conservative social positions of the republicann party such as being anti-choice on abortion and setting the fact against marriage equality and never pretended that i did. i voted for myself to the one promise they gary johnson i made
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to each other embarking on this ticket is that we were always going to tell the truth and we do play straight baseball. kennedy: it doesn't seem like you've been playing straight baseball at all. you've been playing for the bill weld team which is one of the things that has been so disenchanting. he left the statehouse in massachusetts for that mexico ambassadorship under billclinto. clinton. unfortunately jessie helms senat wouldn't entertain a senate hearing in your favor and you had to drop your name from consideration five months later. are you repaying hillary clinton by campaigning against donald trump and are you in fact actively campaigning for hillary and that we? >> no i'm not actively campaigning for anyone except gary johnson in bill weld and we are not repaying anybody. we are moving straight aheadad with what we think is a winninga argument. thisthis is a a year when you kw voters looking at the two establishment parties aree thinking i'm watching a scary
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movie and i can't change the channel. you can change the channel. if voters think for themselves i think it's still possible that they will decide the majority of the voters that the libertarian combination of being fiscally responsible and socially tolerant and inclusive is a winning combination.mbinatio kennedy: neil cavuto earlier asked the presidential nominee on the libertarian ticket you're running mate gary johnson about his support for donald trump or hillary clinton here's what governor johnson had to say. >> just to read between the lines that maybe you and he have such ill disposition toward downtown that if you had your druthers you would prefer hillary clinton. >> well, no. i prefer neither one. kennedy: do you prefer hillary clinton? >> well i think there's a difference in emphasis between me and carry on that but that's been true since our first
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television appearance in this race.. i do think mr. trump's proposals in the foreign-policy area are so wrongheaded that they are in a class by themselves. kennedy: johnson didn't jump over the 5% hurdle in the election and made libertarians a minor party. those who want limited government aren't sure what a trump administration will do so i asked libertarian leaning thomas massie one of the most freedom loving in washington that any upshot to a presidency. >> to think i'm most optimistic about is where not going to war with a russia which may been the case with hillary whether it's in ukraine or syria or even wart georgia, donald trump has notot expressed a willingness to agitate russia and i think that's a good move. i'm optimistic about that. i'm optimistic about some of the cabinet appointments.these cabi i wouldn't call any of them
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libertarian yet but you known the spectrum of smaller government or bigger government i personally know some of them and they are definitely small government type people. trump's promise to roll back regulations and when i saw you at the rnc i'm sure you listen to trump's riveting speech there i was there on the floor listening to it. he took a swipe at the world trade organization which sort of warms my heart. libertarians are for sovereignty and sovereign nations we don't think we should subject u.s. citizens to world government. kennedy: no, i would like to see a few more liberty minded people considered for some these positions as john allison was formerly ran the cato institute for treasury secretary. it did not go his way and the reason you were considered were two possible including energy secretary. what you think about that? >> i haven't been contacted about that or the other rumor from the trump campaign which is
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the science policy advisor but honestly kennedy if i were contacted about that i would think seriously. i think they need some common sense in the white house as well as in congress so i think i could provide that. kennedy: the white house would benefit from a solid libertarian administration we wish representative massie good luck getting tasks. donald trump seems cozy with the idf jailing flag burners so we asked judge napolitano for his take on free speech and a little later we'll take a look at drum's plan for government surveillance and what it means for all of us. ron paul weighs in. glad you are here. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you.
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kennedy: love wins, flag. should burning the flag the illegal ores are protected free speech under the first amendment? the supreme court cited with the latter went to go but don't try and prevent the date when he pleaded nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag and if they do there must be consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. as a libertarian that tweet is wrong on multiple levels and last month i asked sue's -- "fox news" analyst judge napolitano
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for his take on it. >> i have to assume he knows what the supreme court has ruled and this is is just his way ofe stirring the political pot. he doesn't intend to mean the literal meaning of his words. the reason i say that is because it's very clear for 17 years now 1989 and 1990 the supreme court by 5-4 decisions in both cases found that flagburning is lawful. we are not talking about burning somebody else's flag. kennedy: if you have your own american flag. >> in public or the statues that were invalidated the supreme court that were written to suppress the idea of hating the flag for hitting the country because the very same laws that prohibit burning the flag permitted other kinds of publicg fires so look at the government wants to prohibit all public fires in an area because there's a public safety need it can probably do that but if it wants to permit it in the friday
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things like cookouts and burning leaves or camping by prohibit burning the flag because it wants to suppress the idea of hating the flag, it can't do that because the first amendment has kept the government out of the business of censoring speech and deciding what ideas can be expressed in what ideas can.eas' kennedy: it seems like an emotional and political argument and if you walk some of his rhetoric back on several areas including whether or not he's going to go after hillary clinton as you know chanting lock her up in saying she would he in jail if she were in charge allows this country but now he's singing a different tune and his supporters say you can't take everything he says literally. >> you may very well just be coming down on the popular sitey of this which is that flag warning is reprehensible. the american flag is universally recognized symbol of the human sacrifice of some for the human freedom of many but you undercut the very reference of the flag
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when you say to people you can't dishonor it in public. it stands for the right to dishonor it in public credit i about the declaration of declara independence that i am free to dishonor and disagree with the declaration of independence jusr like king george iii did when he offered to hang thomas jefferson for offering it. kennedy: so how would donaldma trump go about trying to strip one of their citizenships if they were in fact bounce. >> not possible, not permitted since 1789 since the constitution came into existence. a legal permanent resident alien can have the permanency stripped. a naturalized citizen could have the citizenship stripped if it was brought in the process of naturalizing. if you were a war criminal and didn't relate to the american authorities put a natural-bornat citizen is an american citizen forever unless that person knowingly and intentionally and
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specifically gives up their citizenship. the government can take it from you. kennedy: some of donald trump's incoming nominations were -- jeff sessions blocks privacy reforms to the senator and cited against apple and its encryption standoff with the fbi. trump's pick for ca director mike pompeo favors nsa surveillance programs it wants to execute edward snowden. i asked texas congressman ron paul which of the two appointments gary samore. >> i can play one thing the two of them they do not give me much reassurance that we are going to face washington but that i would consider them not civil libertarians are even good conservatives are more libertarian than that.t. it's very simple for me who argues the libertarian viewpoint and privacy. i've been arguing for years that we have to protect the fourth amendment and when you give people in high positions like
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this and with the technology now you know i keep wanting favorable changes and i'm sure you are but i don't know how this would reassure anybody has an inkling about what libertarianism is about and what privacy is all about. and even with some of theeappoin appointments with wall street and goldman sachs, it's pretty disappointing to me. kennedy: yeah civil liberties aspect of a loan is very troubling. it kind of depresses me becaused i look at this and i'm kind of taking stock of the obama presidency. he claims the last eight years have been wildly successful and i think he could point to a few failures in one of them has been the increase in the surveillance state and you hope with a new administration comes new norms and a basic respect for the constitution and freedom and privacy but with sessions and pompeo i don't see that happening. >> unfortunately it is
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bipartisan. is obama are dissipated and bush participated and now these appointees will participate and you know promoting the issue of non-liberty, antagonism towards liberty and that's why some of us keep our fingers crossed and some of us are hopeful and some of us are dreamers saying you know we are going to clean that place up. so far i think the state is in charge and there's a limitve the giving them the benefit of the doubt maybe they have good motivation but they can't pull it off and that's an excuse. that's not a good reason. kennedy: a cure for post-traumatic stress disorder might be on the rise in. it's ecstasy which is illegal under foreign -- federal law. it may become the wonder pill, after this.
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kennedy: marijuana is now legal medically and recreational and more than half the states, i mean 65 million people. we have been advocating for marijuana and to probation since one of the show but there are other currently illegal drugs that show huge promise for helping sick americans. one of the is -- the food and drug administration is moving forward with a large-scale study using it as a prescription to treat ptsd and in a
8:28 pm
psychological setting. the results of an astounding pace book with a woman who used it to treat her ptsd as well as the author of the book acid test, lsd ecstasy and the power to heal and how it can all work and how it can help. >> in the 50s and 60s psychedelic drugs in general were the most studied and the most promising drugs in psychiatric history and then when they sort of got out into the public culture people hysterically reacted and they were banned in 1970. since that time they were the most mattias drug in psychiatric history and this 30-year effort from when ndm a. was added to the schedule one list in 1985 has been the huge uphill climb against some real sort of stigmatized drugs and the people
8:29 pm
who were behind it had to rely on doing implacable science to prove that the stuff was fully effective. it's not like they give you thet drug, like you take an aspirin or something. it's the drug combined with talk therapy. kennedy: that's absolutely right in the talk about some the stories in your book. one of them is rachel's and rachel, the results with you have been absolute profound. you are a survivor of child sexual abuse and you were in a severe car accident in her ptsd manifested to the point where crippled your life when you had children. what happened the first time you used mdma in that setting? describe the experience if he could a little bit. >> well, it was as if my whole brain lit up like a christmas tree and i had access to my besc self and i turned that best self
8:30 pm
onto the most damage part of me and i got to address the trauma that have been plaguing me for over 20 years. and to actually get into it with psychotherapy and heal myself. it was a lot of hard work and it was not a fun ride but i was able to do it without re-traumatizing myself. >> that's the thing kennedy, is that the process it's not like you need to keep taking these drugs in order to have the results. they actually get to the root of the problem and you untangle thm knots that have sort of tied you up and ptsd often to the point of near suicide.angled y kennedy: yes and that's why it's so critical that not only the drug but the psychological setting become available to soldiers and marines in people returning from iraq and if gannott stand with severe ptsd and in rachel's case, rachel you say you had three of the sessions in your ptsd was
8:31 pm
considered cured. >> i know longer have ptsd with three, eight hour sessions in the clinic. this is such a powerful possibility for so many people. think ptsd is masquerading asoh depression and alcoholism in all these things. this is probably one of the most powerful breakthroughs in therapy we have an urgent for the people who need it. that's why i'm here today to say don't hurt yourself, they're so. kennedy: coming of the libertarian party more than triples in 2012 to 2016 but between clinton and trunk and libertarians rap a lot more low-hanging fruit? a unique take on some of the missed opportunities. guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7.
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kennedy: tours can probably summarize how libertarians fared in the november presidential race come missed opportunities. in august the nominee gary johnson was riding high in the four-way race pulled within november he ended up with a little more than 3% nationally. a week after the election i talk talked to the editor-in-chief of reason magazine about exactly what happened. >> i think for it to be missed opportunity there has to have been an opportunity and i'm not sure the opportunity was really there in the sense that we would like it to be. o the electorate doesn't like the idea of cutting government
8:36 pm
dramatically i think and that's bad news for libertarians and bad news for gary johnson but h. did to three times better so iso have to give the guy some credit. kennedy: we should give him some credit that he lost a lot more considering he was pulling -- polling in the teens. he could maintain that going t into election day that would have been something. that would have been a moment and for so long so many people particularly nick gillespie have talked about the libertarian moment.t -- wou but wouldn't this have been out moments? >> it could have been. it sort of was. i will say particular the beginning the campaign cycle i had a moment where i really enjoyed saying like you know what, my guy is not an embarrassment. when i say my guy not the guy that i vote for and are not a restaurant member of the libertarian party ' guys out there saying things that i more or less believe. not for a potential indictmentpo not whatever accusations were
8:37 pm
thrown at the other candidates. it was a year for libertariansat at least to say you have accused us in the past of being insufficiently serious in here are a couple that aren't. kennedy: how does libertarian party go forward? you're hearing people say bill well was a total sellout discussing what he was doing on rachel maddow and endorsing hillary clinton a person who is supposed to be running and and now it's political career is officially over.r. thank god and you know we need some sort of appearance but then you have people who say we need to reach out to liberty minded republicans and democrats who want limited government and create a coalition. he can't have it both ways soat which way do you go if you are the libertarian party? >> right, everybody is enjoying their counterfactual is right now. say the libertarian party had run a super peer you know brain and if that libertarian. their ideas are too far from
8:38 pm
reality, and then on the flip side you have all these conserved saying i would havee totally voted libertarian in the cycle of only libertarian had been a conservative. you know i think that as in so many things with electoral politics it's not a structural issue. without the talent and franklyny out of the pool of people who no they are not actually going to win the presidency would want to go through the whole trouble of running for the presidency which is not a bunch, i think gary johnson bill weld word good pick i don't think they're going to do it again so the libertarian has for years to find any talent. kennedy: speaking of new talent the well-dressed camile saucer about how president obama set the stage for a trump presidency. spent one particular -- when he was a senator. to run for president one of the
8:39 pm
scathing criticisms of the bushbush with their secrecy and the concentration of power produced talk about repealing the authorization for use of military force in iraq. in 2001 at 2002 the bush was abusing its authority by going to war in various places without consulting congress. he promised that he would change things when he got into the white house.he in fact he did the exact opposite. double down what the was doingng before him and he went even further and all of those varioua areas to talk about, immigration reform with respect to trade policy. some of those things we might even like like immigration reform.. having a broader more comprehensive immigration policy that actually gives people some peace of mind to happen in this country is a good thing i think that you have to go about it in the right way. kennedy: in knowing what the rules are so they can play by them. i would thought it was foolish
8:40 pm
for the democrats to passys tho obamacare as opposed to passing immigration reform because now we are left in a very polarized situation where you know the incoming president can certainly use those executive orders and push even further although the supreme court has pushed back. but it is unsettling because you're absolutely right. here is someone who is running on extending and protecting civil liberties but he has really expanded the surveillance state and domestic mass spying. so that's something we get. it was a complete diametric shift so now you have someoneha going into office that has people worried has an authoritarian streak. is there any way of limiting that presidential power that could be used by both sides? >> at this point it's going to be very very difficult. we are holding out hope for anything it's that the truth is because donald trump is who he is both the left and some elements of the right simply aren't going to allow him to get
8:41 pm
away with some of the things that president obama has. president trump, it would be very likely that he could have drone strikes in seven different countries of which most peoplefe don't know about it not have mee members of the media talking about her constantly and people on the left to her post. kennedy: that's a good point. because he has enemies within his own party. maybe there's a fracture, he does have enemies on the lefty think there will be more accountability because of that?. >> he rediscovered these things called executive powers and concerned about people who have their phone and their pen in order to take actions unilaterally compounded by the fact that they are facing congressional opposition. gey hv i wish they had done it a bit sooner. would have put us in a better situation. this is going to be a part of president obama's legacy moving forward. kennedy: coming up the trade-off between privacy and security when bombs are involved. glenn greenwald the journalist that revealed edward snowden
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kennedy: founding father benjamin franklin once said those who would give up the
8:46 pm
sense of liberty to purchase a little bit of temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety are those words could not be more appropriate in the ongoing debate over the limits on government spying. the center of all this nsa leaker edward snowden who is currently seeking a pardon asking -- after the september attacks and new jersey. spoke with journalists glenn greenwald who helped expose the nsa's mass spying program in late documents from edward snowden. you have made the case that too much spying, too much surveillance actually puts us at greater risk. that's true, isn't it? >> is definitely true. if you look at what we are ablet to review its reporting from the stoughton archive the u.s. is doing more spying than anyone thought was possible collecting data on billions of telephone calls and e-mails every single day and yet look at how many attacks or attempted attacks have taken place over the last four years without the slightest detection notwithstanding this dragnet that the u.s. government
8:47 pm
has placed americans and the rest of the world under. the reason is when you're collecting so much data and information it's impossible to detect the things that they say they're looking for. they are overwhelming and drowning themselves in data. kennedy: you know more about this apparatus than anything else because of the thousands oo documents that you pored over with edward snowden so let's talk about that a little bit. he made plain in your book that terrorism has to be stopped so how do you expect to do that if you are not supposed to go after everybody and the fbi has missed the last four terror attacks on domestic soil but can they do better?attack >> i think two critical points.. one is the founders of the country actually resolve this very debate when they said of course we want the police to monitor people in search homes in duplicate documents provided that it's targeted.
8:48 pm
they demonstrated there's a reason to surveillance particular person. that's not what they are doing. they are engaging en masse surveillance which is putting millions of people under a a microscope without suspicion. if it up and targeted surveillance not only would there not have been the controversy they would have been more efficient finding the terrace but the other critical thing we have to remember then' founders urge there be a balance. they didn't allow the police to barge into every home without warrants warrants even though letting them do that would be effective in catching more criminals. they said we would really have the police have a harder job than sometimes criminals go fre if it means privacy from the state. i think every time there's attack the reaction is how can we bet the government with more power even though it ignores that balance? >> that's mostly what people call for new had the police department and you had law enforcement imploring the public and those who line their pockets
8:49 pm
for more money to beef up those. programs which again if you are spying on everyone in treating everyone like a criminal you are much less safe. you published an article on your web site the intercept on the near post. edward snowden should not berdof pardoned for leaking documents about nsa spying could you argue that is ridiculous because it was the "washington post" on source and therefore they should protect him because the story helped him win a pulitzer prize the highest honor in journalism. how hypocritical is this of tha paper to take a stand against pardoning edward snowden? >> the "washington post" sopa sureley made the choice, remember snowdon didn't make a choice to publish any documents. the "washington post" made theei choice to publish hundreds of top's only for the editor the paper to turn around and faced node should be imprisoned for leaking the documents that we then
8:50 pm
"washington post" made the choice to publish and to win a pulitzer prize for having done so. it's bizarre. if they want to be persistent they should call for their own persecution. kennedy: last question hillary clinton has asked for greater collaboration between the government and so con valley. donald trump has called for more profiling in the wake of the latest terror attacks. which administration do you fear more from your prospective? >> if you combined to that narrow question i would certainly say they are pretty ominous.s.f co imagine wanting to vet facebook and twitter and google these unaccountable tech giants with the ability to collaborate to decide which is and isn't constitutional. tech companies may become so powerful that hillary clinton's proposal poses a threat to free speech although trump's are completely sustained in rip
8:51 pm
fails me to compare them it's very typical. kennedy: coming of the federal government is looking to forgive over 100 $9 in student loan debt is that good policy to help the little guy or another big government boondoggle? brian fredricks faces it down, next. there goes my sensitive bl. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks
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kennedy: the government accountability office office, the gao estimates student loan debt will collectively surpassed
8:55 pm
$350 million -- billion dollars much of which borrowers will reportedly default him. we were part of the gao is looking to forgive 108 billion dollars of that debt. tax libertarian wonder boy brian greg burke about whether the government should be in on the game spending tax dollars on student debt. >> college education is not putting people in a position to get a job to pay for the investment.nt we are sending kids to school. they are getting these educations, they can find a job after school that pays enough so we end up having taxpayers many of whom never got the chance top go to college having to subsidize the students. why are we doing this? this is the wrong investment to make it studentcam pay for these themselves. kennedy: especially when i don't think it is investment. when there's a disconnect into what you're doing and how you are spending your time on college and how you're going too pay for it for your futurete employment afterwards you're going to create massive problems. the other area that you pointtpu out his grad school is really
8:56 pm
expensive obviously and if it takes you seven years to get a ph.d. you come up with even more debt and more that falls on the show was a tax periods. >> we have these income-based repayment plans were you paid x of your debt when you go to school and yet so many people in grad school and that plan thee problem is after 10 years or after 20 years if he gone to the private sector those loans are forgiven you. wait a second, we are spending all this money to subsidize people going to grad school? the point of going to grad school is to get a job that pays enough to pay off your loans. if you can't get that you are doing the wrong grad degree. this is the wrong program for you. >> with that so they been telling us since you were inels high school if you go to get an advanced degree you'll made 30% more and those statistics, they don't bear out. >> is correlation not causation. i'm a smart ambitious person i go to college and get a great job after it's not necessarily because i went to college isco because i'm smart ambitious and
8:57 pm
i happened to filter through the college. no you are not going to make more money necessarily went to college college. semi-anxious to throw tons of money to colleges but the truth' is it's not for pruin and we are doing to school its service. kennedy: if you are spending as much in grad school as you would on the mortgage would you have a mortgage forgiven after 2010 or 20 years? >> a mortgage gives you a real asset in a lot of these they are not getting in assets. they are not learning skills they can use in the marketplace. they are sitting through seven years of school and then they demand a job. they say i'm entitled to a job. no, you are not.s not it education is an opportunity and investment. kennedy: is one of the biggest problems for so long democrats have been telling us that everyone has a right to go to college and we owe it toto send everyone in society send them to college to pay for it. i was one of bernie sanders maia
8:58 pm
thrust. >> that trickles over after students are done with college because if they think they are entitled to college education you do a good job. a it never ends. even if it in the bud if it makes sense for you do it and if it doesn't try something else. kennedy: what would they row without catholic why? we could get a sneak peek and of all places india. the government there has declared 80% the country's paper money is now worthless. politicians they are saying they want to stamp out corruption and modernize india. the problem is it's leading to chaos. i asked "fox news" contributor jonathan hollander what's going on over there. >> it's anonymous. when you put down 20 or i don't know how much, maybe it's $50. it's a cashless transaction. in india almost night --
8:59 pm
overnight they made this currency catastrophe in a sad but big portion of the monies supply will be -- they are trying to make it all optronics so transactions can be monitored as you said candy of bitcoin of cashless transactions a crypto currency that's a few tooo biggest people don't want government keeping an eye and every dollar. kennedy: beta-1 government in control of every dollar they spend either and that's exactly what happened in these cashless experience experience. is experience. is that mainly to get back back on the gold standard in this country? >> it certainly would help inta terms of price stability and all the elements that we talked about kennedy but unfortunately it's a long ways away. you have seen the gold standard fall. if you told me 20 years ago i'd be talking to kennedy atlantisy. him it would be about pantera or cinderella. i wouldn't think it would be
9:00 pm
donald trump. kennedy: thank you so much are watching a show. follow me on twitter and instagram kennedy fp&l "fox news" that's all she wrote, baby. you know i love to love you. i will see you very soon. good type. attic! >> they hadn't been touched for 40 years. that was like [gasps] shocking and exciting. [ camera shutter clicking ] >> history saved from the trash! >> she was a dumpster diver. >> she absolutely was. >> can these heirs cash in on their startling discovery? >> it's hard to believe that you had an ansel adams lining a drawer. >> and your reaction? >> "wow." [ chuckles ] [ camera shutter clicks ] >> but it's not so black and white. >> did you say to yourself, "uh-oh -- legally, maybe i can't do this?" >> i was concerned about that. >> will this photo finish... bring riches...or regrets? >> i was also feeling like, if i sold too many, then i would lose that part of my mother.


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