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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 20, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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thank you for watching fbn:am. lauren: with that we will send it over to maria. maria bartiromo, you had exclusive with jack lew. maria: happy tuesday, thanks so much for being with us. tuesday december 20th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. global terrorism threat. authorities searching for details in the deadly truck cash this morning killing at least 12 people injuring many more. >> it will be persecuted with all the means possible. we don't have anything for certain so we must assume it was a terrorist attack. maria: u.s. now ramps up security as well following the attack in germany, will have the very latest development and what's being plan here in the
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u.s. the electoral vote confirms. pardons and commutations, president obama with clemency to 200 people as well. there's more to come. also cutting production at several factories. what the move says at about the broader economy. christmas is five days away. if you order your gift on amazon, they may not make it under the tree. pilots warning of ship delays. one of the hottest toys of the year, nintendo nes finding a new home, find out what you can get the gaming system. a lot of people sold out. modest gains at the opening of trading, dow industrials
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expected to be up 20 points, fractional move. s&p and nasdaq also in positive territory. check out european markets. ftse 100 down as dax germany up a fraction. nikkei average was up one half of 1%. others mixed. joining me to talk all about it, fox news correspondent lea gabriel, jon hilsenrath and democratic strategist harlan hill. great to see you. jon: i'm wondering if we are going to get dow 20,000 this week. that's the ultimate christmas present. >> a lot of people predicting yes on that one. maria: sometimes the round numbers create resistance. jon: absolutely. you can be up and around there for years. that's a big moment. maria: it really is.
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we will be watching markets. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here. dr. sebastian gorka is was. center for politics of virginia larry is here and exclusive interview with sitting treasury secretary for the next few weeks is jack lew, one of his final interviews as secretary. pbs lydia's kitchen. lydia is with us giving us tips ahead of holidays. first deadly truck crash in germany. at least 12 people are dead. the suspect in custody. the attack has not been officially ruled as terrorism at this time although isis is claiming responsibility online according to washington times. german chancellor angelo merkel addressed the attack earlier this morning. >> millions of people including
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myself how can we live celebrating the festive season where we want to celebrate life somebody has come along and took so many lives. maria: mean while a gunman fatally shoots russia's embassador to turkey yesterday which russian officials are calling an act of terrorism. in switzerland a man opened fire in a mosque. trump responded to the attacks on twitter. here is what he wrote. today there was terrorist attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany, it is only getting worse, the civilized world must change thinking. joining us right now former chairman of the house intelligence committee pete, congressman, good to see you, thanks so much for joining us. incredible 48 hours. what's your reaction of three separate attack it is. they all occurred yesterday? >> actually it's 72 hours, you had the attack in jordan on saturday where people were killed including a canadian
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tourist. what this shows is the breath of reach of isis and radical jihadist groups. they can hit in jordan, turk ri, in germany and also shows the depth, you know, they can go and hit a christmas market. at the same time they have the recourses and they can two out and take out a russian embassador. from their standpoint pretty good days to attack western interest. you have that along going on with iraq and syria. we are not close to containing radical islam. maria: what do you want to see donald trump do at this point and incoming administration and new nbc poll found that 45% of people are moptist -- optimistic
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. despite death threats to republican electors to change their votes. trump tweeted, we did it. that is what he tweeted after he got to 270. we did it, we just officially won the election despite all the distorted and inaccurate media. congressman, do you think this will end those who campaign against the presidency and what do you think -- it's going to continue, they're going to continue to viciously attack the nominees that mr. trump puts forward, what i want to see mr. trump do is i want him to select the right people and the right position who understand this threat from radical terrorism. and he's doing that. general flynn, kt mcfarland, the other people that he's cutting
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in place, they understand the threat. they are going on offense. they will build relationships with people in the region, the kurds, the sunni tribes, egypt, jordan and these kind of countries and they are going to go on offense. you have to eliminate the safe havens where radical jihadist can plan, where they can train and prepare to attack in the west. he's going to do the vetting of people who are coming into the united states. this is why i think you're seeing the problems in europe, they have not been doing the kind of vetting that's necessary . make a priority. get nato involved and we can contain this threat. it's going to be much more difficult to whiep it -- wipe it
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out. >> immigration in germany, angela merkel will face a lot of criticism. here in the united states there's a lot of questions about how we are being protected and how we are protected against a similar type of attack to what happened in berlin, what we saw over the summer in france. i know from my experience we have bubbles of surveillance like places in new york to help prevent this type of thing, what can you tell us in the intelligence committee. >> we have the safety of distance. we are so far away from the threat. the threat is much closer in europe where people can go across from libya, come across from turkey and those types of things. plus, we do not have the internal at the scale of europe. plus our law enforcement, the fbi and those types of things,
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they've become, very good in the united states in coordinating with local law enforcement activities. the place where we are the weakest right now, is we have lost human intelligence in places like egypt, we've lost human intelligence in places like libya, syria and iraq so we don't have the insights into the safe haven that we would have had four years ago, libya was a wealth of information and intelligence for us, egypt was a wealth of intelligence for us. but because of what we did with gadhafi and those types of things, much of that intelligence has dried up and we are going to have to reestablish that. jon: congressman, following up to that question, it's holiday season, do you think this makes the united states a more likely target over the next few days, is the threat level rising here as we have seen all over the rest of the world? >> absolutely. we are not immune from this
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threat. isis has made it very clear. al-qaeda has made it very clear that the kind of attacks that we are seeing in europe are the kinds of attacks in the united states. you have christmas and you have knew years, you have the upcoming inaugural, you know, i'm sure our law enforcement, they are prime, they recognize that the next 30 days are critical in the united states. maria: harlan. harlan: in light of all the news about russia, they have been in the spotlight for months now in assassination embassador to turkey, their response has been very measured. what do you think we can expect out of the kremlin in the coming weeks to really respond to the assassination of their embassador? what can we expect? it does feel like that region is on an ice edge and the russians could really respond violently. >> well, they can respond
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violently, they have the capabilities to do it over there. i actually think this is an area where vladimir putin and donald trump, you know, people are in arms about that they may actually discuss these types of things, but i think it's a positive thing. this is an area where russia and the united states have common ground, fighting isis and radical jihadist, coordinating our activities in parts of the middle east to wipe out this threat. there's lots of other place where is we have major disagreements with russia but this may be an area where we can work with them. maria: general motors is announcing it would lay 1300 workers, obviously you represent michigan or represented michigan, what does that mean for your former constituencies there?
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>> car sales are down, suv's, this happens when they go through holiday shutdown. let's see what happens in the first quarter of 2017. those are the kinds of numbers that we are looking at. michigan is used to these kinds of adjustments at this time of the year. maria: all right, we will leave it there. congressman, thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: coming up next record waive of pardons an commutations, hundreds of prisoners having sentences cut short and there are many more to come. we have the details from president obama coming up. one last chance to get the hottest toy of the year, find out where you can actually get it, nintendo nes gaming system, back in a minute
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saying twitter, facebook and google, quote, provided isis with accounts they use today spread extremism propaganda and raise funds and new recruits. 29-year-old mateen killing 49 people and dozens more. a swat team ended killing him and president obama commuted sentences, the most ever on a single day by any u.s. leader. he also issued 78 presidential pardon, eight more than he handed throughout entire tenure as president. he has now granted clemency for over 1100 inmates, the majority has involved drug-related charges. meanwhile nintendo nes classic edition, one of the toys of the holiday season, finding one hasn't been so easy.
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i know you talked to anybody tendo about this earlier this month. >> consumers who had played nintendo no experience it with their kids and we have hit that market and it's been a strong seller for us. our biggest challenge is make sure we replenishing in the marketplace. lauren: where do you find one? shoppers still hunting for the retro system. best buy told us that one thousand are getting new shipments of the new system today, you can get it in-store only while supply last. despite anyone -- nintendo stock is down. maria: great game, people love it but they can't get it, harlan.
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harlan: i was actually looking for one and i couldn't fine it online or in store. it's very difficult, very popular. >> like supply a demand game. the other thing that's tough is apple products, things like apple watches. maria: really? >> that's specific to the person, type of band that they want and the face, you can't get those until january 9th. harlan: i'm surprised because they haven't sold that well. jon: a lot of promotions, things are weak right now. maria: signs for weakness for uber, massive loss for the third quarter, what it means for the company ipo's which we were expecting, mcdonalds expanding all you can eat promotion to another location, we will tell you where to get the fries, back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, uber may be further from ipo than many expected. multiapproximately reports suggest that the ride-sharing service lost a staggering $48,400,000,000 -- $800 million in the last quarter. it's a private company and we know it wants to go public. successful-privilege company. maybe not that successful. jon: i think they are in growth mode. revenues went from 1.1 billion to 1.7 billion. a lot of the losses stem from
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promotions that they are putting on the new drivers and to the fleet. in the same way that amazon piled up losses for many years before it was ready to go public, i think, you have to give uber the benefit of the tout on this one. harlan: doesn't uber run the risk of becoming product? it's a real concern in the long-term like how they stay competitive when there are so many competitors viewing them as potentially existencial threat. jon: revenues are growing. 68billion-dollar valuation in the market. let's not forget that the dow is touching 20,000. this could be an ipo.
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maria: was not a good ipo market this year. jon: not at all. >> how do you view uber selling opportunities in china? jon: that's kind of a mixed story, chinese invested in uber so it's not -- this is a tough market for them to break into so, you know, i wouldn't write that off either. they own 17% of the chinese ride-sharing service so there could be relationship there. maria: you don't think it's going to be as tough getting foothold in china? jon: minority share holding but they still have a piece to have pie. maria: what about the gm story, jon, obviously another tough situation in the auto sector. general motors announcing it's going to be laying off workers and cutting production at
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several factories, where does that tell you where we are in the economy? >> looks like it's a temporary adjustment. inventories have gotten a little high for a lot of the auto makers and sales have hit a plateau. you know, the car makers have had a great run for the last few years and looks like they got a little bit ahead of themselves but doesn't look like a downturn to me. maria: sort of year-end planning. harlan: i wonder if we reach with peak auto. we are going to reach the point where people don't need to necessarily own a car particularly in more urban areas. >> people do love their cars. a lot of the factories are building things like chevy volt, cars that aren't as popular, if you look at people buying more suv's and that's part of the
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reasons that it's slowing down. jon: one of the big story is oil prices and americans went to bigger cars where, of course, you get to bigger profit margins. i think this looks like a temporary adjustment and they'll be back on their feet earlier in the year. maria: thoughts on the fed? jon: the fed raised rates last week and i think they are going to go slow as long as we have inflation numbers under control. i mean, this is one area where janet yellen are aligned with donald trump's. she's not she has no desire to hold the economy back unless inflation is running between 2% goal. maria: it's interesting, because you are seeing sentiment increasing, you're feeling better, that uncertainty is gone and you feel like there's optimistic known the air and yet the numbers, we did not have a good retail sales numbers last week. we are still seeing businesses
6:27 am
sit on cash so it's not as revved up as some people thought. >> well, the market is certainly expecting things to rev up next year and this depends on whether or not donald trump can deliver, whether donald trump the president can deliver and on what donald trump candidate promised. if he can deliver that, then the stock market keeps going, if he can't, then we are lining up for a big selloff. again, the fed's behavior is going to depend on what trump delivers and what he doesn't delivers. if he delivers a massive fiscal stimulus, the fed will have to hold up in a bit. we will hear from secretary jack lew and where we are. jack lew joining us in the program. deadly truck crash in germany which left 12 people dead and
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many others injured. choking smog, forcing chinese cities to stop cars, shut down factories and even cancel flights, the details coming up ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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maria: good tuesday morning, everybody, welcome back, thanks for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday december 20th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. russian embassador gunned down
6:31 am
in turkey and hours later a truck slammed into a crowded christmas shopping area in berlin. >> i see very quickly, very quickly, yeah, in german -- [inaudible] >> the ambulance come quick and we have to close all the shops quick. so quick, i cannot close. maria: attacks causing heightened security across the world, how security officials are responding here ahead of president-elect trump's inauguration. amazon is warning your gifts may not make it under the tree in time. delays you need to know about. coming up. china is choking on smog, literally. beijing hit with one of the most pollution of the year, forcing flight cancellations, road restrictions, all the details coming up. future pointing to modest gains.
6:32 am
expected to be about 25 points, nasdaq, s&p 500 also in positive territory. european markets right now. stocks are hovering in the flat line. cac quarante is the winner of all the averages. asia markets overnight. mixed performances. japanese central bank held interest rates steady, that was expected. nikkei average was up another half of a percent. you will certainly be loving this. mcdonalds offering all you can eat fries but you may have to troofl get the deal. we will tell where to go for the free fries, a driver rammed a truck into a crowded christmas market killing at least 12 people right away. german authorities say it was intentional.
6:33 am
former cia officer. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. maria: what do you think the u.s. need to do to protect from an attack. three attacks in one day. >> they are going to be stepping up static security at crowded venues, the kinds of choices or kind of target venues you may see. for this quite of attack, you can see a difference what happened this and and what happened in nice, no weapons that were found, is seems like they've recognized, terrorists are recognized that using a large vehicle with momentum can cause casualty attack. you actually heightened the chances of being stopped. you might trip up somehow. just getting into a very large vehicle and driving into a crowded area is near impossible to stop, you can try to make it harder but you're not going to
6:34 am
get all of these. maria: isis recommended this, right n their magazine, followers across the world, get into cars and trucks and ram into crowded areas? >> these sorts of terrorist acts go in waves, there's a copycat effect as well. i think what you can expect that they'll try a sort of mixed tact ticks going forward, multiple vehicles at one time and stopping this this really requires getting the terrorist in the planning phase because once it's actionable, now you're hoping that barriers and other things you can put in place, venues may stop a vehicle. >> isis newer magazine talks about spreading the blood of infadels honors allah. people in taxicabs or sports events.
6:35 am
what the intelligence can do, what the trump administration can sort of influence in terms of trying to stop the flow of propaganda which is the communication's device that's helping people decide how to make attacks on what people call soft targets and what other says it's cheap shots or hanging fruit. >> every time you shut down jihadist forms, first of all, you're losing source of intelligence, special you it's it's out in the open, there's not a lot of real valuable information. if you shut down venues used to share information among jihadist community, a lot of them will pop up as you know. you can have endless amount of communication hubs so the counter propaganda narrative that we are going to come up with or should we coming up with, no one has figured out yet, quite honestly. don't mass murder innocent people because of jihad or because of what's happening in
6:36 am
aleppo or many other places reach a very specific very small community that actually acts upon that information in the first place has been a challenge for the intelligence community all along. jon: we haven't had the wave of refugees that they have in europe, what layer of protection does that give news the united states compare today serial attacks that we keep seeing in europe in. >> one of the biggest problems that germans have because of million refugees, resources that they have while we in this country know the fbi director in the past has said that active terrorist investigations in every u.s. state, in the case of germany, their active investigations just within the refunnely population that's come in so it really adds to the burden of trying to engage in human surveillance which is incredibly labor intensive and they just frankly don't have enough teams in germany despite competent to monitor these people, if you add that to the extremist community in germany
6:37 am
which has been there for some time, germany had some very long-standing ties to the jihadist community, now you're looking at overwhelmed security forces that are trying to do what they can to make sure there's not a mass casualty. jon: we have the resources to keep -- >> we have resources to do a pretty good job but you're asking 100% e if ifficacy. >> that's why greatest resource are our own people. >> constant learning mechanism. every time we disrupt a plot, specially if it relies on whether informants, people that are acting at the behest of the intelligent services or some of the collection methods that might be used if it gets out there, now they know this is how
6:38 am
we can get tripped. what worked in the past, may not work in the future. harlan: you brought up something interesting which is counterrecruitment, we can't find all the terrorists in the streets. nypd can't track down and beat down the door of any suspected terrorist before they launch an attack, so we need to get to these people before they are actually radicalized by isis. so what's at the root of isis message to a young youth who is susceptible to radicalization, what is their message to them. what do they get from -- >> it depends. generally speak if they're joining a great cause and they are striking out against i infidels, in some cases some of the youth that has joined isis, they are looking for some form of adventure and a way to -- meaning in their lives but there are others who depending on
6:39 am
where you're talking about, the individuals coming from, they see what's happening in syria, in iraq, elsewhere and they just want to sort of join up in that fight. so the counternarrative is really a question of well, which individual are we talked about because if they are trying to stop bombs from falling on aleppo or trying to stop in afghanistan or in iraq, any number of places, that's a much bigger policy issue. if you're talking about somebody who disaffected youth, european countries, they tried to radicalization programs and, again, they worked to some extent but they are not perfect and therefore continue to deal with the problem going forward. maria: what are you expecting in the coming weeks. is the fbi concern of terrorist activities on inauguration day, "the new york times" reporting military personnel will be present. is that enough to calm the fears, what would you expect on inauguration day and do we have the capabilities to stop it? >> yeah, i think a lot of what the counterterrorism action that
6:40 am
we do in this country are meant to accomplish is really sort of put the public's mind at ease, specially the show of force with many, many thousands of people, security personnel whether military, police and others who gather at important events like inauguration. it also puts in place some mechanisms of stopping an actual obvious attack from happening like using a vehicle or something along those lines but much of the best work happens on either the signals intelligence side of things, meaning collecting communication of terrorists that are trying to coordinate before mass casualty attack or human intelligence, people that are informants, neem can get close to the terrorist beforehand, you want to stop things before they are operational and going and that requires a lot of work ahead of time but you won't see on inauguration day. maria: what's your advice, what do you want to see the incoming administration do to fight back? >> they take the threat in sort of different context in the obama administration does, they seem willing to speak about it
6:41 am
openly and i think that will also lead to more open-thinking on the policy side on how to handling it. they are going to be looking at the problems as the obama administration did in terms of logistics, just by the way, the bush administration gave counterterrorism policies to the obama administration. this is sometimes forgotten. i think you are going to see with trump to look at entry into this country, immigration and that's where they'll be different specially in the after math of something like germany. maria: thank you so much for your insight. former cia. coming up potential delivery delays. packages may arrive late due to pilot strike. mcdonalds expanding all you can eat promotion to another location, where you can get those fries? back in a minute
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maria: back, markets are looking higher once again. dow jones industrial average expected to be up 25 points. a couple of names on the move. naming new ceo. the company announcing he will replace former ceo federica. shares are down 24% this year alone. we are watching facebook this morning. european union are accusing the pane of providing misleading information of whatsapp. worldwide revenue is part of the probe. facebook shares are looking really flat at the open this morning. intense search underway right now for the man who shot and killed a toddler in little rock, arkansas, lauren simonetti on the story right now with the other headlines. lauren: 40,000-dollar reward for
6:46 am
information leading to the arrest of a gunman who killed this 3-year-old little boy in road rage. the boy and gapped mother were sitting in stop sign when another driver got out of the car and open fire on them apparently, delay at the stop sign. the grandmother was not injured in the shooting. in china air pollution is so bad in beijing and northern part of the country that a red alert has been issued. the world health organization that air borne pollutants guidelines exceeded one hundred times. visibility fell at 984 feet. officials shut down parts of major highways all to keep cars off the road. am zoab christmas packages may
6:47 am
be delayed and not because you were late ordering them. the pilots work for a cargo company contracted by amazon and they've walked off the job. here is a reason. they are understaff and they cannot keep with demand. a judge has ordered them back to work and now they are appealing directly to customers to have complaints heard. hey, pilots, you're busy, it's christmas and hanukkah. so there you have it. bottomless french fries. jon: right in time for all the diets. harlan: good point. jon: stockpile them in decr. maria: that's the thing. you have just a couple of weeks to eat what you want.
6:48 am
>> how does this pilot strike in front of the holidays? i don't think any customers are going to be on the side of the pilots right now when so many people are ordering things through amazon. jon: isn't that when they have all the rail delays -- maria: airlines do it that way. pilots and the airlines and -- >> they are trying to get christmas and hanukkah and gifts to people all around the world. jon: i'm shocked by china's smog, that's a story we can't forget about. china transformation from this industrial power house to significant slowdown. maria: there are producing products for the world. they've got all of the factories producing products for the world
6:49 am
and as a result is creating terrible smog and pollution in the air, last time you were in beijing but when i was there a couple of years ago, you could not escape the smog and the air -- jon: too much capacity. harlan: a lot of manufacturing jobs are going to go, you know, they are going to go out. they are going to come to an end. they have to start grappling with what the new chinese economy looks like because it's changing. maria: coming up, we have a preview of my exclusive interview with secretary jack lew, what the new 5, 10 and 20-dollar bills may look like, don't miss that. back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, we are talking money now. iconic civil rights figure harriet tubman to endure the 20-dollar bill, a vision for secretary jack lew, what the paper currency will eventually look like and whether or not materialize and the feedback he's received from the public. >> i think that the idea of the harriet tubman being on our currency is pretty broadly accepted in the country. you hear people calling it
6:54 am
tubman's already. common phrase. it tells a story about how american history has many different lenses, the life of someone born a slave who fights her way to freedom, and forth to bring people to freedom, becomes a spy to help the union army find its way through the rivers into battle. maria: what a story. >> in the end being one of the early in the country that give women the right to vote. american story but uniquely important one and part of our history that belongs in currency. maria: that'll be on the back? >> the front of the 20. what we have layed out is a vision on the backs to use the reverse side to tell a story so to animate the buildings that are there now, the lincoln memorial is sitting there as building surrounded with images that bring it to life as a place where so many important things have happened in international
6:55 am
history from martin luther king, i have a dream speech, the back of the 10 where we have hamilton on the front, can show the image of women demonstrating for the right to vote coming to the steps of the treasury department to make the case for the women's right to vote which happened in 1920 and in 2020 what better time to have a woman on currency and the history of suffrage shown on our money and we proposed it on the 20 that alexander hamilton -- pardon me andrew jackson be retained on the reverse side, an image that would show the white house with the sculpture facing andrew jackson. maria: small piece of exclusive interview. later we get take on replacement
6:56 am
and steve mnuchin, and keep in mind those bills that he's propose to go change will not happen on his watch, of course, he's just another month in this administration, but i think there's a feeling that, in fact, he gets ideas, proposals out no perhaps the trump administration won't change them. we will see about that. we are waiting on the trump administration, the incoming administration decide what will happen with the currencies, 5, 10 and 20. a lot more particularly his cuts on gas cuts and regulation, many regulations that his administration put in just in the last two years will be rolled back by donald trump. next hour number one job to have when it comes to annual cash bonuses business, it will surprise you. what sector gives out the biggest pay? back in a minute
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7:00 am
the crash killing at least 12 people injuring dozens more. they describe cass at the scene. just to think that amiss me by 3 meters. and then it carried on past it. the very latest developments coming up this morning. the election results are official. the former president and elector electric bills clinton's reaction coming up. he won as everybody expected he would. the handoff coming after the negotiations between the two countries. with the very latest coming up. many will see this christmas. it's also bonus season. twinkies ice cream coming to a store near you.
7:01 am
markets us morning are looking positive. the futures indicate another gain. it set to open about 28 points. in europe stocks are hovering near the flatline as you will hear. it's up a third of a%. the others are fractionally moving from where they closed yesterday. mixed performances in asia overnight. and ek average was up one half of 1%. a player surprising by his big brother coming home from afghanistan. more on that great moment. it's really emotional. all of the stories are coming up this morning. the rally well not quit.
7:02 am
i think we have a serious and solid bid under this market. it's very much in place. it will make people feel better to get to dow 20,000. i think there is a strong bid under this market still. i don't think it's showing signs of slowdown yet. i don't think it's showing signs of slowdown yet. i think a lot is gonna depend on whether trump delivers early in his presidency on things he's been promising. the corporate tax cut is everythi. we've have a couple of strategist on the show connected the dots. it's even more bullish.
7:03 am
they will be up 26% in some sections of this market. there is a reason it hasn't happened since 1986. he reacts to the terrorism that was seen in the last 24 hours. and treasury secretary joining us. we would his take on the incoming administration. we kick it off at right now. tragedy overseas. they had arrested at the suspect. killing 48 people at least 12 people and injuring 48 people.
7:04 am
they claimed responsibility for this attack. this coming as a gunman in switzerland opened fire in a mosque injuring at least three people. president-elect trump tweeted this. there were terrorist attacks in turkey switzerland in germany. join us right now is the former presidential candidate himself. wow. in terms of terrorism what you make of these attacks the war on terror is anything but over. especially as we get near the business season. his coming to earth.
7:05 am
and all that means for us. it's a stick in the eye for those of us who are radical islamists. that's what were seen this radical attempt to try to just say what i can to see and buy and had -- let you have a holiday. let me turn to the electoral college and get your take on this. the vote at home they extended the message of support. there is nothing mr. clinton could've done. speemac i have never cast a vote i was prouder of.
7:06 am
it's christmas week your wife just lost it was her second loss she's gonna spend the rest of her life being non- president clinton you will say almost anything to try to make her feel good. what you make of bill clinton's comments on this. bill clinton has to say what he said. hillary clinton it needs to quit blaming everybody but hillary clinton. they spent $4. and you can figure out why she lost. as a result she spent twice what donald trump spent. it was everything but
7:07 am
hillary. i had been a candidate when you when everybody else gets the credit and they should when you lose suck it up and accept it. you just were not the best candidate you needed to be. i think at some point people have to accept that we have election. the democrats who keep saying this wasn't fair or right investors did a great piece yesterday and it revealed the entire popular vote overage that hillary had came from california. if you're so determined to be somebody. they love you there. and you will win in the land slide. >> wasn't funny that donald trump would have dozens of defectors in the electoral college and his candidacy was
7:08 am
in question but in fact what does this say about the mainstream media. then i really didn't really see the reality that the rest of us do. >> is the bubble that they lived on. you really can expect to see in with us because you always had. they're reading a script that someone else wrote but they're not good at assessing the american public who live outside their bubble have to pay bills and had to try to figure out how to make ins meat. they're optimistic and they have great hope for what's ahead. they're not pessimistic at that the world is coming to
7:09 am
some horrible apocalypse. we are seen president-elect trump start to fill his cabinet but we still haven't heard decisions for va secretary. a lot of veterans got behind donald trump during his campaign and are very much anticipated who he will select as va secretary. and that the person is a veteran. a lot of veterans are going behind the current director what are your thoughts now on how quickly that selection needs to be made and the possibility of keeping the current va secretary. >> the fact is donald trump has not named a secretary should not make veterans feel unhappy it should make them feel happy that he didn't just brush to throw some in the
7:10 am
slot. i think it's important. i think it's because he does take this job very seriously and frankly it may be that he is the right guy to say. his great experience. an amazing corporate experience in running something that is behemoth proctor and gamble. if anybody's get to be that the the va secretary they need congressional authority to fire people. they have to be able to hold people accountable. they see the terrible things happens then understand that under the current rules it's very hard to fire a federal employee. we need to make it so that executive running something like the va has a lot more power and authority to clean it up. if we don't do that nobody's in a clean up the va.
7:11 am
trumpet knows how to get angry white men to vote for him. this is an answer to a question during as spontaneous q&a session earlier this month. whiteman voted for donald trump. and 53 percent of them actually voted for donald trump as well. >> donald trump got more hispanic votes than mitt romney. to say that somehow the only people who voted for donald trump are a bunch of angry white guys. why are the angry. might it be that their jobs disappeared their pensions were gone there wages have been stagnant and they can afford to send their kids to college might it be that they see two sets of rules they do something they go to jail hillary does something and she's ready to go to the white house. maybe we ought asked the
7:12 am
question that are the angry why the heck are the angry. one of the questions i ask him was when you see things like carrier when you see things like apple considering and creating apple factory in the u.s. will bring you his answer coming up. it's amazing what has happened. on donald trump's persistence about jobs. and i heard john talk about this a minute ago. let me tell you what that means. and means a lot of people are going to get jobs. we desperately need. i hope he does at the very first week of his presidency. lessig you have and bastion.
7:13 am
one of the things they do is they take some of their really good profits and give them back to their employees and boost the confidence of their employees into workforce. i was very impressed with the ceo of the delta airlines. they're doing a great job there. coming up next. more americans are taking a vacation from vacations. which industry doles out the biggest holiday bonuses will tell you next.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
welcome back. china has returned. we have that and headlines now. the chinese navy vessel returned the drone near where have been taken. it was being operated by civilian contractors collecting scientific information. the drone was removed from the water to ensure the safety of passing ships.
7:17 am
it has added to is added to the uris concerns about the distention in the south sea. thousands of holiday packages delayed or destroyed after delivery truck crashed into an suv in california. killing the driver of that truck. they might not make it under the christmas tree that year. more than half or 52 percent of us will not use all of our allotted time. we leave at least at least one full week on the table. it's all about more work and less play. an estimated 75% giving up bonuses. investment bankers are. they're taking home a hundred
7:18 am
thousand dollars a season and radiologists who take care of that just for the holidays. the average bonus if you're lucky enough to get a bonus is about 5200 bucks. your holiday bonus is you get to keep your job next year. we have more coming up next. a touchdown for the cowboys how much of the charity has brought in.
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
welcome back. week 15 in the nfl. fox news sports headline reporter with all of the details. only two weeks left in the nfl regular season. one that the washington redskins could of tagged last night. carolina panthers facing elimination. they extend their lead. carolina went 26-15. the redskins have lost 16 of their last 17 a home.
7:23 am
i get only two weeks remain which means two more days for camden. check this out. they try to get into a field-goal range. and he observes the hit. the penalty flag was thrown. he tossed the football lightly. he got 15 yards of her taunting. ezekiel elliott jumped into the red count out of the salvation army. while he was matching whatever fine he got they sparked the donation.
7:24 am
61% increase in online donations. there is a jersey number. nascar has a new a sponsor. sprint is out. can you hear me now. it's monster energy. exact name is still unknown. it's between nascar and monster energy. matt farrell got to see his brother on monday. he got to see him on a video scoreboard. watch what happens. the older brother matt farrell. at the basketball game the
7:25 am
next thing you know his brother comes out and sees his brother matt. he thinks he's getting the video hello. what a surprise. what a great story. and he has no idea. we see them sometimes in the classroom. but something like this is just great stuff. just to be able to see them there in person. it's just incredible. does everybody understand the effect on people. i don't think they do. when i run into people who are serving and i see them in the airports i always want to stop and say thank you for your service.
7:26 am
i do sense that it's kind of thanks for saying it. they're just wanting to serve our country. it is see their families and make those surprises it means so much to everyone. especially the semi year. the best gift you can have. if you want to jump in that. we would all appreciate it. we have seen players get fined. it's kinda goofy. they're pretty strict on that. it could be the ice bucket challenge.
7:27 am
coming up tech in trump. they share some light. he talks to his employees about it. isis is a claiming credit for the deadly truck crash. with the very latest when we come back.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
we are breaking news right now. the suspect in the germany truck attack is still on the loose. reports out that say the person originally arrested who was in custody is the wrong person. we're breaking details coming up. the families of the pulse nightclub victims going after social media this morning. you don't change things by yelling. why your way is the best. why he chose to meet with president-elect donald trump this month the new look for the signature tomato suit coming up. the big plans to bring you classic we are expecting a
7:31 am
high of about 30 points. it's s&p 500. they are hovering up too far from where they began. although it's there as well. the dax index higher by fraction. in these overnight mixed performances. it have a meeting and it held interest rates steady. as a result the average was the best performer there. up one half of 1%. our top story right now. german authorities arrested the wrong man in the terrorist attack. they address to addressed to the tech earlier this morning. >> we don't want to allow ourselves to be paralyzed by terror. you'll find the strength to continue living life in
7:32 am
germany and freedom and openness, together. this attack happens the same day as the russian ambassador to turkey is killed. there was a shooting in a mosque in switzerland as well. thank you so much for joining us today. let's kick it off with the breaking news. they arrested the wrong person. it looks like the perpetrator of that crash into the german market is still on the loose what is your reaction? >> very bad news of course. the response to anything it's very difficult but they clearly didn't have the authorities on the same who could respond immediately. and if it turns out to be true it means we have a jihad he on the loose.
7:33 am
this is not a suicide attack. we just had to pray that they capture the individual as fast as humanly possible. and you have the situation in switzerland. fatal 12 hours.y dangerous in this just reinforces what every viewer to your show needs to understand. we no longer fight in wars where there is a clearly demarcated front line. when you leave your house in the morning whether you are going to a fun run in new jersey or whether you're going to a christmas party in san bernardino. the fact is the war is real we had arrested or killed more
7:34 am
than a hundred and 25 isis terrace on u.s. soil in just the last two years europe with its closer proximity to the conflict zone is even in greater peril. this is the reality that we live in today. >> were still waiting to find out about this. you mentioned last night he talked about his plan for combating things like terrorism. what is your take on immigration and although we still don't know enough about this perpetrator in germany what is your take on immigration policy in the u.s. i think this is one of the platforms upon which he won the campaign. listen to us, that you just showed. she said we want to live in freedom and openness.
7:35 am
>> you can't if you can if you let a million refugees into your country that cannot be adequately vetted. the fact is when the states to congress we cannot that people from activa war zones in separate the into separate the good guys from the bad guys then you just had to take that into account. we are a judeo christian nation. we help people that can be helped but that is not a contract for national suicide. you to have a halt on the refugee. and that is what mr. trump has said is just common sense. >> what people consider terrorist attacks together. it could be separate and apart from what we consider a typical terrorist attack. how maybe it's different in what we consider a terrorist
7:36 am
attack. anybody who guns down an unarmed civilian. that is terrorism. the difference in the case of turkey is the fact that it has been reported that this young man who will be watching this for decades. this man was a member of the turkish security forces either the special commanders of the police or other reserved units it's unclear. the fact is this is the epitome of what we call the inside threat. one of the biggest threats out there. that someone is inside the system and they have turned to the g hottie narrative. that's a very dangerous thing. how is counter terror in the united states to be handled differently compared to an obama administration.
7:37 am
we talked a little bit about immigration but what is actually going to change under this new administration. >> it will be nine-day. as someone who works closely with general flynn and someone who has met donald trump to discuss these issues. and you will see number one starting the evening of january 20 politically correctness will be a sponsor. we will have no more censorship. we will talk about the threat realistically. within the first 30 days he wants his generals to provide a military plane to defeat isis. we will be aggressive. we will have fortitude in our response. and we attack the ideology. mister trump realizes it's not just about killing bad guys you have to destroy the idea
7:38 am
that of tract young men and women. we cannot go after the ideology of jihad and that will bring ultimate victory. >> what he think about this. they have reportedly developed a smart phone app and this app allows kids to destroy major western landmarks. are you surprised by the technology that isis is using to recruit younger children. how can they be able to create this app. >> this is one of the most disturbing developments. isis is focusing a great deal on the minors and potential future jihad is. we just published a report on the militarization of children by isis. we have screenshots of the textbooks they teach children how to count by counting
7:39 am
cartridges for rifles. it something that it's something that we will have to deal with. as those children become infiltrated to the life of jihad. download it. it is a militarization of children. so so much about counterterrorism now seems like it's a lot of cleanup. the floodgates were open. you've millions across the rest of the european union. our back door is open here in the united states. we had people that are being radicalized in this country. how do we first of all tackled these refugees that are already in western countries into how do you get to people that are being radicalized
7:40 am
before they actually take action. technology is great. we love it. the fact is that they only get you so far. you can have the latest satellites that's great. but the ultimate weapon in this war we have to have a federalization of those incredible tools that they developed in the last 15 years. putting people into those radical communities to identify people before they build that pressure cooker bomb. we have to rediscover human intelligence and look at what they have done because they've done an incredible job almost 20 flats and they had been they had been thwarted by the
7:41 am
intelligence. the families of the victims from the orlando nightclub shooting they are suing social media. what do you think about that. if they met with those technology executives last week. i have a nuanced approach to this. the platforms are important but what's more important is the message. what's going out. the platforms are important but they're not everything nevertheless these people have to be held responsible when facebook allows the propagation freely of g hottie material that incites the violence or helps to spread the message they should be held accountable for that. if you can hold corporations accountable for what happens with their product then why
7:42 am
not to the social media platforms. from the big social media companies. earlier this morning with a guest on and he was suggesting that it's actually a double edge sword if you get rid of some of these online communities because there a source of a lot of intelligence. have a balance that. wanting to continue to mind the social networks but also preventing the propagation. >> there is a fine line. if you look at the fact more than 40% of the g hottie's we had intercepted in america were intercepted through social media. it's a great tool. but there needs to be collaboration.
7:43 am
so that there is a collaboration. here not shutting everything down but we should only use that which helps us secure america. >> it is had scratching that they have some neat twitter twitter accounts. >> and look at the fact of what apple did after san bernardino. it belongs to the council employing them. and the authorities are not allowed to unlock it. that is a private sector out of control when it comes to the safety of fellow americans. >> isn't it different to expect the private sector to assist in an investigation as compared to expect them to have the resources devoted to trying to look through all of the social media accounts and try to cut off the have of every single one of these accounts as they pop up. is it really fair to hold a private company accountable.
7:44 am
this is human allies lies we are talking about. -- this is human life's we are talking about. it's too conservative for twitter. they can police that but they can't police the narrative. i find that it hard to swallow. good to see you. thank you so much. and the reture measured in reps, huddles,bright lights, competition and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you.
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7:47 am
the breaking story of the moment reports out that the german authorities are saying that they rested the wrong man. it killed at least 12 people. what about the developments. german authorities are reporting the suspect in that german trust attack is still on the list. the personally originally arrested for the attack is the wrong man. which means the killer is still at large. at least 12 people are dead
7:48 am
and about 50 more injured. that according to the washington times. here at home apple ceo tim cook feeling compelled to explain his appearance at a tech summit. they are writing on a company message board. i've never found being on the sidelines is successful place to be. china air pollution is so bad that i read alert has been issued. the pollutants exceed its guidelines by a hundred times. state media reported that a hundred 69 flights have been canceled at a beijing international airport. you can barely see in that video. officials said done parts of the major highways all in a bid to keep cars off the roads. thank you so much. we will be back with more on the breaking news story they
7:49 am
had arrested the wrong man. that's with a german police chief aisen. we want to see the pictures here. we've been talking about this this morning and the fact that they have the wrong guy we don't know where the suspect could be at this point. we don't know where he is. unfortunately when we look at terrorist attacks like this the perpetrators are usually planning on going out with a bang. they're gonna die either after they've committed the terrorist attack or in the takedown by authorities in police. that means this person is likely to commit more attacks. likely to be armed and ready to kill more people. and the fact that they have gone off on a hunt for the wrong person your average everyday citizen starts to let their hair down.
7:50 am
hopefully the word is getting out. people are at heightened alert. and watching for a second attack. i think that's what germany has to be very careful about right now. let's take a short break. we will be right back.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
the month welcome back. the suspect in the germany trek attack reportedly still on the loose. twelve people were killed yesterday. dozens of others were injured. isis is claiming responsibility online to this attack. the police chief is saying we have the wrong guy that is his quote meaning that the real perpetrator is still on the loose and we don't know where he could be. >> when somebody commits this
7:54 am
kind of terrorist activity typically they are planning on dying in the activity. they are expected to kill people in dye. they go in it thinking that there can have a wonderful afterlife because of the crimes that they've committed. i know people are on high alert. during the time people thought they had been taken in their alert level went down. so lovely authorities still have a strong network and were tightening the borders so that this person cannot get away. but at this point there is can be a lot of criticism and it's important that people are on high alert because there's very likely that this perpetrator will try to attack against or it will be some kind of a shootout with police. to put some of the pieces of
7:55 am
this together. there was a polish truck that was hijacked. and the driver was killed by whoever did this. there was the incident and then this person fled. they just decided was the wrong person about 2 kilometers away. i don't know if we know much of anything. what we can expect is at the christmas markets have been going on there is probably surveillance. authorities will be looking at all of the schemers trying to piece information together as well as information from people with iphones. right now they're gonna try to piece it together. i think they will figure out who the person is. and will they continue forward or will they be hold up in a position where the authorities are going to be in danger when they try to take the person
7:56 am
then. you see how much destruction can come from just a truck driving through a populated area. it looks like a bomb went off. it feared into the market. one of the busiest times of the day for that market. if we want to live in an open and free society we have to take this kind of stuff seriously. if this continues to happen this is how we get a police. in my work in the intelligence community one of the things we always talked about in terms of terrorism it's its striking fear into hearts and minds. they are doing what they want to do. you always hear our leaders say live our lives and don't let them scare you. it's exactly what they want to do. the attacks are so random.
7:57 am
we can't spend your life about that. we will take a quick break. well have the very latest developments on the breaking news and the germany this morning. this is where i trade andrs. manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you.
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8:00 am
. maria: good fuse morning thanks so much for being with us i am maria bartiromo it is tuesday, december 20 though, top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast breaking news this morning, the suspect in the germany truck attack may be on the loose at least 12 people dead dozens others injured a truck slammed into a crowded a christmas shopping market last night in berlin, isis claiming responsibility online according to wash times futures not reacting to news gains at opening of trading expecting higher for broader averages highs of the morning right now dow to open up 50 points in, europe here are the averages, right now as we see it dax index also rising in last half an hour, 20 points right now ft 100 higher a quarter of a percent cac quarante up half of one percent in asia overnight marking mixed japanese central
8:01 am
banks bank of japan interest rates zb that was expected a mild updike results are in, from the election, and they are official, the electoral college sealed donald trump's victory yesterday there with surprises against hillary clinton actually, some said they did not vote for hill on the electoral college, the crisis in the golden state california cutting benefits for some retirees first time in history coming up this hour joining me to talk about it news correspondent lea gabrielle here chief economic correspondent jon hilsenrath here, colin hill here good to see everyby breaking news and it has been busy, moments, with the news out of germany, in terms of the economy, jon quietly. >> quite week, second level economic data, but really the story this week is the dollar and the stock market, dow futures climbing throughout two and a half hours on to so
8:02 am
far we could see 20,000 -- >> do you think the strong dollar at some point -- in markets with an go obviously with u.s. -- vooefz. >> i think strong dollar ironically becomes a problem with donald trump, we've got the strong dollar makes imports cheaper to improve trade position exports more expensive what he caused might become one of the biggest impediments on his agenda. >> we will talk about that breaking news on attack in berlin germ officials say -- the suspect in custody has denied any involvement the latest, peter do you believe this what a can you tell us? . reporter: first the question of isis officials from iraqi popular mobization forces claim islamic state has at an credit for this attack citing unverified accounts tracked by baghdad, social media posts, from the terror groups
8:03 am
propaganda wing have yet to claim official credit. arrested the drir now reports this morning, that they say he was not the perpetrator so that, of course, perpetrator remains at large, angela merkel told reporters there is much we still do not know with sufficient serendipity we must as things stand now assume it was a terrorist attack. president obama national security council a late monday condemned the tweak president-elect donald trump said in a statement terrorists and region worldwide networks must be be he rad indicates from face of the earth a mission we will carry out with our freedom loving patterns there trump says the assassination of russian ambassador by radical islamist violation of all rule of civilized order must be universally condemned. maria: developments coming in
8:04 am
as we speak, larry sabato thanks for joining us this morning, three acts of terrorism around the world yesterday alone. what are the political implications that you can draw from this? we want to the incoming administration? >> maria, more pressure on donald trump and his administration once he takes office january 20. to do something. he pledged to do something during the campaign to reduce the level of terrorism, and he will have to produce i don't know exactly what he will do, obviously he has to consult with allies around the world we can't do it on our own but one of the expectations from the trump adminiration is that he will be able to lower the level of terrorism nobody is going to he eliminate inmate it you can lower the level. >> he wants to expand military we will talk about that in a moment let me turn to electoral college vote yesterday, about officials secured donald trump's
8:05 am
presidency as bid to phillip he electors failed larry poll from "the wall street journal" nbc shows trump was most unpopular candidate in history now viewed positively 41%, off from 29% mid october do you think the campaign against trump presidency are over at this particular point are will we still see this fighting. >> no we're pretty did he provideded this is a challenge for president trump to broaden coalition beyond base has been playing to his base victory tour "thank you" tour events he has to get some people beyond the base, and the only way he can do it is by delivering once he takes office. just a comment on about electoral college, biggest
8:06 am
nonstory i have seen in ages, 6 electors defected, 538 he electors, i would argue as i have over the years, that we should he eliminate inmate not the lodger but he electors the vote should be cast automatically it is not a deliberate body anymore the way founders envisioned it these are hard partisanship picked by party for the most part of stick with any nominee, there were 6 defectors. >> you got this election wrong, and as self-reflection what k you identify as the prime reason for why you and so many did not -- >> thanks for including with so many. . >> look, i will tell you why, fundamentally we followed the data and the data was with us
8:07 am
that simply it is a fundamental failure of polling particularly in battle grounded states the reason people so confident clinton would win private poll including some republican polling showed insure winning despite what they say the trump people at the end believed clinton was going to win, too, what do we do going forward? well, first of all you put less emphasis on polls i know i will, second, you have to find other measures of public opinion for enthusiasm, may be social media, there are other ways of measuring it besides normal randomly sample polling beyond that i think we have to xm everything about the way we project elections doing that here a postelection book entitled trump by the way, we
8:08 am
are going to have some suggestions if that book. >> you know a because every time i ran into small business owners they were desperate for trump economics, talking about bagel shop owner restaurant owner guy on the farm stand -- how many people stopped me said, maria trump is going to win we need trump we need his economics -- >> rallies, that was middle of the night, you don't do that without enthusiasm. >> small business owners were not polled not involved in any of this polling. >> we have a specific methodology for polling these, former democrats former union works blue collar people in midwest feel disfranchised. >> people can be sitting at home but you have to go to vote. and the big thing was will
8:09 am
people stay up will they the enthusiasm that was at a real issue here i want to turn back to you now that now that the election is finally over, we are going to be looking at trump and how well -- >> thank you. >> and it is over! done. we are going to be looking at the campaign promise, and how well trump actually how successful he is in accomplishing what he promised during campaign i want to ask you, when the next election comes up, how important are success and campaign promises in the campaign of the second term our semterm president? >> people voters are wise enough to know that lots of things are promised on the campaign trail that either can't be delivered or won't be delivered for one reason or another sometimes, candidates who become president once they get more information change their mind, and i always we have argued for many, many years, this is a good thing, you want your elected
8:10 am
officials open to new information and willing to evolve and change minds so long as -- as -- sure it matters, what is the big four-year term, a long, long time, there is you may have promises captain be fulfilled first year come in second third or fourth year and trump has both how's of congress something that all presidents don't have, so that is a big big plus, for him and for promises in the end people will judge him the say way they sunland other presidents what happened in the economy you what about war and peace? are we at war? is it a war supported by american public or one opposed? those things matter, the big, big issues the will guide the voters trump administration as they have throughout american history. >> you say we are a did he
8:11 am
provideded nation about what can be vem accomplished in first 100 days, will he be able to deliver everything he said he is going to deliver? >> i would expect some sort of honeymoon, because around january 20th, of you the most enormous burst of positive publicity that you are ever going to get as president, everything is about you, and your administration, and your agenda, and really don't have an opposition speaking out at that point, though i realize there are big demonstrations scheduled after inauguration i just think there will be some kind of honeymoon i don't know how high his approval rating will get i don't think very high because so polarized as a society, but what matters is what he is able to do with his republican congress during the first six months of his administration. maria: wow. >> that is what will change
8:12 am
popularity. >> insiders told us tax reform securing borders repeal replacing obamacare if he gets those things done first year in office i would say he is -- >> that is hard to do. maria: absolutely. >> i think that is going to be his big test. maria: that is going to be, everything, because that is what the market is rallying on, for many people, the reason that he was voted in. you are right, if it was -- >> congress behind him. maria: correct. >> people lining up -- >> larry good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much larry sabato joining us there. >> president obama sets another record for clemency commuting more sentences than 11 predecessors combined. back in a minute. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate.
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start where there's a commitment to analyzing the latest research and conducting clinical trials-to help each patient get the personalized cancer care they deserve. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hoitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. dividing breaking news details berlin truck attack lauren simonetti very latest. lauren: police say they are unsure if the person t in custody is the perpetrator officials say he denied any involvement at a appraise conference in last hour, berlin police she have of chief said far as i know it is in fact uncertainty whether that really was the driver the
8:16 am
driver that truck at least 12 people killed them and about 50 others injured, we are going to keep following the development for you, meanwhile, a scary moment for police officer ryan, of the norton ohio police department sitting in his cruiser writing a ticket on shoulder of i76, when a woman deliberately slammed her suv into the vehicle take a listen. >> oh -- lauren: the officer suffered mine injuries another man under a on driving charges escaped series juries the woman who he caused the crash on on to highway yelling i want to die. officers said she was suicidal admitted that she hit cruiser
8:17 am
on purpose was at an to hospital for psychiatric evaluation. >> president obama is exercising the pour of the pardon issuing 8 -- 8 pardons he short he thinks sends of 153 other prisons all serving sentence underrug ws one for record books largest number of clemencies in a single day today president obama has granted clemency to more than 1300 offenders back to markets shares of general mills plunging more than 3 percent premarket trading check that out -- after general mills closed 63 dollars yesterday -- make of clear i don't see yoplait i don't go -- general mills shares for the year they are up more than 9%, and black bear up more than 3% premarket
8:18 am
surging after smartphone pioneer we will call them reported price profit -- blackberry lifted earnings outlook. >> trying to focus more on security as he as opposed to just the smartphone, the outgoing treasury secretary jack lew i sat down with jack lew about everything from tax reform to the transition, to president-elect donald trump, that will be up next, and in california cuts benefits to some reretirees first time in history, back in a minute. generosity is its own form of power.
8:19 am
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. 0. maria: california residents taking -- most stefz in
8:22 am
california failing, to offer a pensi pension. >> the very allocates. >> we talked about this the california public retirees retirement system voted to sell 15 billion dollars, worth of equities to cover some short falls it is hitting pensioners for the first time in history california is cutting pensions. >> in remote and tiny california 71-year-old patsy learned her monthly pension is being cut. 50%. >> not going to make it now, about those what am i going to do. >> patsy worked 34 years to the city of but her pension once 49,000 a year will now drop to a little more than 19,000 dollars. >> it is scary. that they can do this. >> fellow retiree got the same letter. >> 60%.
8:23 am
>> from the california public employees retirement system calpers. >> among the first retirees to have their pensions cut and critics warn they won't be the last spokesman says don't blame calpers. >> -- on retirees -- those retires are going to suffer for it. >> he pulled out of calpers three years pooengs 30% funded. >> who is watching out for you, nobody was. >> bad investments cost calpers billions of dollars needed to cover pensions for almost two million people debt 164 billion dollars, and growing. >> we're paying out more in benefits, and take than in contributions. >> calpers selling assets to cover short fall but none of that will help john or patsy. >> wreer the ones that are
8:24 am
going to pay for this. >> california. >> yes. >> for all retirees. and put in perspective, the cal% system has 65% funding that means 65 cents for every dollar, to cover roughly two million retirees as well as active employees who will retire in the future. >> it is not enough. >> not enough, this is going to turn out really scary, thank you. >> what are implications. >> two i take out of this we life in a lower return reportedlied low interest rates infestation all over the country assigned to new trump administration and congress that if we don't get entitlements straightened out don't prepare for future in which is we cover social security and medicare -- >> our efficiency are afraid to broach the subject we have
8:25 am
not heard anything about entitles kiting back -- security back. >> calpers investments coming in lower than expected, the gap becomes larger is in a on -- the city i don't know specific story but they made bad decisions themselves, but the we live in a world very low rates low returns on stocks, a lot of pensions -- >> i feel bad for people, the victims when you don't plan for future. >> exactly. >> let me ask you because we are seeing this market move up we continue to see bid this this market on trump policies coming in, take a look where we are dow industrials up 50 points, now very strong looking at people who -- chasing stocks, one source calling it a year end chase --
8:26 am
>> this is not going on all morning -- since we starting we have been seeing futures rise part might be tied to stronger dollar, we are trying to figure out what is behind the morning but i think something to do. >> a very strong bid on market because of optimism about trump policies. cht that is what is going on we've got more on that, by the way, next exclusive interview with outgoing treasure second jack lew helping to ensure a smooth transition to president-elect donald trump we talked about his thoughts on incoming policies from trump we want to hear that music to the ears of apple nazi.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
. maria: happy tuesday, thanks for joining is i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, december 20. here top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast breaking news this morning, out of germany berlin christmas market attack german police now insurgent -- uncertificate if the suspect is the right person he denies involvement in the attack yesterday that killed at least 12 injured dozens others angela merkel did not rule out terrorism. >> it will -- be prosecuted --
8:30 am
in the -- for certain, but we must -- >> isis claimed responsibility for that attack, report from washington times, we will bring the very latest developments as they come in, on that german attack yesterday. apparently from isis watching markets this morning, comrovmth in futures take a look, near highs of the morning right now dow industrials will open about 50 points higher we are 19889 even on the dow on 20,000 watch nasdaq s&p 500 strong this morning, in europe, we've got money -- there as well markets open cac quarante in paris, up a half of a percent the president 100 in london up a third of a percent dax up a quarter of a percent in german, in asia overnight mixed action japanese central
8:31 am
bank interest rates steady bank of japan increased view of the economy mildly. >> president-elect dald trump fikt sealed by electoral college former president bill clinton how proud he was of his wife president-elect trump fighting back tweeted bill clinton saying that i called him after election wrong he called me, the very nice congratulations he doesn't know much especially how to get people even with unlimited budget out to vote in the swing states and more they focused on wrong states donald trump tweeting after the electoral college warriors again obscured his victory treasury second jack lew sat down with me yesterday to tip off on a wide maintaining of topics plug ploi. steven mnuchin, the pledge for a smooth transition. >> he explained why corporate
8:32 am
individual tax returns would -- >> business tax reform from individual tax reform i think we made a lot of progress, it is broad consensus the way we should reform business tax system to he eliminate inmate loopholesing deductions that make it lopsided we have highest statutory rate in developed world but rate on par with most countries in europe the difference is we need to get rid of the loopholes in detectioductions l rates you can't spend a lot of money having a tax cut that losses revenue that is going to shift the burden somewhere else. and, why couldn't we get it done? the politicize have been challenging last few years, i think that there was more of a
8:33 am
consensus around deals than about getting something done. you have to want to get something done you have to want to do it, together. i think there is some in congress who were just as happy not to have a big accomplishment on something like a business tax cut during this administration, but that didn't stop us from pursuing it quite aggressively, and i have many, many conversations with now speaker paul ryan, senators rob portman chuck schumer i believe for two years if a addition to get business tax reform done it can be done in a way that closes the loopholes that lowers the rate that shuts down the pressure that is forcing companies to make these terrible decisions, to invert and to leave the country to pay taxes in another system even still benefiting from all the investments we have made here in the united states. i think that we we need to close that opportunity down, so we have done that through regulatory motives make it
8:34 am
harder the only way to really -- reform the tax system we have gotten more than halfway there individuals, complicated because it is tied to fiscal policy so fundamentally there is no revenue neutral way to cut individuals taxes -- unless you -- so -- reduce the deductions on things like charitable contributions mortgage interest deductions as a policy problem or a will play problem. and i think that the challenge has to be can you contain some of the deductions lower rates? and still raise additional revenue to close the fiscal gap that we have in the future? i suspect in washington won't by focused so much on fiscal gap next few months about it is important we kp an eye on that because if you open a big fiscal gap the only way to close it is to cut spending or raise taxes, and if thank you cut spending, you are going to
8:35 am
be looking at things like social security and medicare, acted medicaid and food assistance programs like snap, and that is a real problem that receivers important needs lives of working families. >> do you think this experiment of rolling back regulations lowering taxes, including taxes for those companies that are keeping all that money overseas, do you think they are going to bring them here will this work? >> i think that there are ways to make it much more likely that that money will come home but only if you make it mandatory that it be taxed not if voluntary if voluntary we have seen in the past that companies will only bring it back at the moment when they must benefit not at the moment when it, it lends additional revenue to overall system we saw that in the early 2000s, i think that the -- the idea that you cut regulations and you unleash enormous growth in
8:36 am
economy, i don't think it is supported by the analysis, that i have seen, most of regulatory proposals. i think you also have to look at what you are doing when you reverse regulations if you create a greater risk of -- financial instability that has a cost if you create a greater risk in terms of the health of chu children because of air breathe workers losing productive days health problems or kids have health problems seeing cost benefit of these things is net positive for doing the things we have done so i personally do not think the analysis that shows some enormous burgeons income in revenue will materials. >> what do you know about steven mnuchin? i have spoken with him i can't say i know him, he obviously has a successful background, in business. cht i know a number of people worked with him when he was in new york, and i think that he has approached this the way we all do, taking careful
8:37 am
immediate notice of thebredth of responsibility that you have i will wait to get to know him better watch how he proceeds. >> one thing i know he comes into a department that is enormously strong, it is the department that career staff of the department can support you, in any area you go into, any day, that is a good thing because any given day will have a dozen different components to it non comes prepared without that resource bund them. >> the income customers second wilbur ross on this program a couple weeks ago said last two years the obama administration has instituted up to 7,000 new regulations just in the last two years, his -- do you think u.s. was that wild and woolly two years ago that we needed 67,000 new regulations put in place. >> i have seen the cost-benefit analysis of rules and this administration, and prior administrations, and the
8:38 am
benefits outweigh the costs much more in the actions at an in a this administration i can't say i counted, i don't know how he is coming up with the number if you look at what we have done it has been guided by do we take action and produce the benefits, that warrant the action at an and i think we have outstanding record on that. >> people are saying last couple weeks carrier decides to leave jobs here instead can have mexico wow ford mortar thinking about a plant here apple considering making iphones in the you have thes scratching their heads saying howcom president obama didn't make that call. >> i think that if you look at the u.s. economy, since we've emerged from the recession there is 15 1/2 million new jobs in the united states look at manufacturing, there has been growth in manufacturing jobs in the united states, i think we have actually been doing a lot to have system produce jobs because united
8:39 am
states is the best place to do business. i think the looking at -- one-off interventions compared to the entirety of economic performance, is a different way of looking at things, under the record we have had across the board to grow private sector jobs in this country think if losing jobs 189,000 a month instead of growing 180,000 a month how different u.s. economy o would feel to american workers how many fuel manufacturing jobs there would be. >> has what is your assessment about rex tillson coming in as secretary of state, and putzer labor second, how does this play out. >> i think that -- all this coming into jobs bring something unique to ourselves and our background, and we all come into the jobs and realize that there are many things that you couldn't possibly have done before because this are different kinds of jo
8:40 am
about those. >> let me ask you this has public given up on sort of like a very smooth transition of power -- >> michelle to basically say we're now in a period of no hope. do you think -- said donald trump is whining about the election before the election. if is he still going to keep to that peaceful -- >> i this i the president is determined for this to be an a plus transition he has given a clear signal to everyone in the administration that that is nonoptional that means providing resources people need personal attention from a every level from the top on down he is leading by example doing it hills. just friday i had launch with former chiefs of staff incoming chief of staff reince we shared our candid advice on i think one of the things -- saw in that group that it is a group of people who talk very
8:41 am
he honestly cannedidly to each other nobody knows what we say to each other, and i have found, in my experience, both as chief of staff as director now treasury second there is openness even after you are out of office to sharing advice i think that is the spirit of this transition that will continue. >> special thanks to outgoing treasury secretary jack lew joining us the latest on breaking news out of germany the deadly berlin attack he may still be on the loose back in a moment stay with us. nazi.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
maria: tize, we are opening higher opening from broader averages, to open up 50 appointing nasdaq -- also this morning names on move after delayed start apple airpods in stores, with the stock already
8:45 am
-- technology -- we will hear coming strong users like the design the easy of paring them with apple voice assistance, siri, apple divided to ditch the who heed phone jack, breaking news this morning a truck driving into a crowd compass market in berlin yesterday killing at least, 12 people, injuring 48 others, is christianity under think a. >> yes exactly what is under attack my daughter in law born and raised in berlin i know the city reason plea well i have been there this time of year, these christmas markets as they are called are in fact all over germany every single town will have a christmas market. they put little stores a bit like alpine village, they have
8:46 am
wine, all kinds of good stuff to eat and drink, and to buy. it is a very christian thing, a cultural christian symbol in germany epoch once attacked like this truck attack you have to say, that it is an attack on christianity that is about i think what is going on i think we should say that, president obama has yet to make any statement about this attack, he is playing golf in hawaii president-elect trump on the other hand said look the civilized world needs new thinking, isis must be eradicated totally very direct response where is the president's nonresponse to what i call a direct attack on christ christianity. >> we have had three terrorist
8:47 am
attacks last 4 hours we have not heard from him at all. >> contrast when prince died white house lit up purple when -- i mean immediate response, i mean, within the hour, you will get a response from the white house, but here, angela merkel president obama's closet ally in europe he was over there a few months ago personally encouraging angela merkel to keep that migrant flow coming this migrant flow destroyed germany broken europe up not a word from president obama he is playing golf. >> angela merkel, harlan hill with us electrify weeks ago angela merkel bants a burka ban in germany. >> backdoor open to germany a million migrate immigrants don't know who people are across eu has ripple effect
8:48 am
our door is open a dangerous precarious situation. >> what now for hillary clinton's suggestion you vastly increase number of muslim migrate immigrants coming into united states as opposed by donald trump during election, hillary clinton stuck to it, open that door. bring them in, what about the 10,000 who arrived calendar year 2016, at the overwhelming majority were muslim the real persecuted people of middle east christians, slaughtered by thousands i think we are having a change a real profound change in all kinds of ways going forward. >> absolutely see you 12 minutes "varney & company" after "mornings with maria." >> we follow the latest news out of german we've got the very latest developments for you after the short break, stay with us.
8:49 am
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maria: breaking news this morning attack in berlin, german firms uncertain whether suspect in custody carried out the attack suspect currently in custody denied any swoment in that crash that left at the very least 12 dead more injured, lieutenant tony shaffel joins us how do you go about finding someone in a region, where there wide-open borders for these countries? >> yeah, i think you do take things immediately first you have to make sure, that there was not something -- plan at the same time so we have to kind do have from zero point out looking for other things
8:53 am
that once we can pull that up, you start looking for indicators of who this person was they have already put that individual 23-year-old pakistani was the guy -- but you clearly start, not easy, i mean talking about as i mentioned open borders open society makes it very difficult what you then do looking at intelligence other clues may indicate what was going on, then last -- not wild reported but relevant there was warnings given by the german intelligence service police to look out for attacks against christian activities and market this time of year there was clearly a warning that this may happen you have to look at intelligence try to figurative out what you missed may be clues did you -- specifically but let me tell you this is not easy, and we have allowed
8:54 am
for was just massive -- of immigrants, they have -- hiding -- >> isis has already claimed responsibility for this attack according to washington times but you know, we are waiting for more confirmation on that, and at the same time, stuart varney was with us saying he thinks an attack on christianity on christians. >> i do. >> make this very clear 24 was clearly meant to be an attack against a symbolic target my concern -- concern maria is that look we're looking at christmas coming up, new year's most importantly for us here in inauguration day, just you know about a month out as a matter of fact -- we have to recognize that they are going to be aiming for both targets of symbolic of christian faith
8:55 am
why bringing muslim immigrants in census being targeted in the middle east that policy itself is wrong along that same line, you look, let me be direct president obama complete lack of interest in this really concerns me this is a symbolic target the christian faith general group, at a critical time when they try to come here and i have is kind of going of going does not bode well for my persons about our own preparation for an attack like this. >> colonel, nice to see you you have experience in human intelligence working on intelligence operator dr. gorka was on the program earlier talking about how the human intelligence capability has increased in middle east, but europe is a whole another picture we haven't a need european countries not a need to have human intelligence networks until huge migrant issue across europe can you speak to what needs to happen
8:56 am
in terms of developing human telecommunication intelligence networks. >> great question something i have been working on this is the why are brexit happened british saw this happening we have seen this very issue the issue about of borders has come up so my discussions with british one of the things we recognized i am talking about sr., conversations with trump administration, we got to look how we can use nato to do what we did in the 80s, lea you he mentioned my bblgd first operational use as operative in mid 80s chasing terrorists in germany working with nato we need to look at how. >> affected the he intelligence mechanisms capabilities have not been focused, so i think instead of discussions about law enforcement, and eu -- we need to look at mechanisms capabilities, that have worked in the past and yes, this
8:57 am
joint human intelligence thing in 80s need to look how to bring it back invest in human intelligence doing did i thing putting spies into motion is very risky very necessary for something i do believe trump administration is going to push for clearly necessary to get inside of the terrorist network. >> for sure, thanks so much, we appreciate it. >> sure. >> colonel tony shaffer. we will be right back, stay with us. ♪ ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> all right. we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of germany. that's going to be, obviously, the big story of the day. thank you for for being here. harlan hill, lea gabrielle. let's go to "varney & company" and the latest out of germany and the truck crash. stuart, take it away. stuart: maria, thank you very much indeed. a christmas, cultural symbol, season of joy. a truck attack in berlin. we're all vulnerable. the western world can't guard against every truck, car or knife. they exploit this. a 23-year-old from pakistan has been arrested. they don't know if he's actually the driver of the truck. they're looking for another armed suspect. police do say this killing spree was intentional.


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