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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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man, lou dobbs, keep it here on fox business. lou: good evening. breaking news, out of germany. islamic state has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack that killed 12 people at an outdoor christmas market yesterday. senior police officials admit they arrested the wrong man in their investigation. initially a 23-year-old pakistani refugee had been suspected of ramming a 40-ton truck throughout a market in heart of berlin, but german authorities do not have evidence against him, that assailant and possible accomplishes are at large.
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we will have a report from berlin. i will take up threat of radical islammer islamist terror with john bolton, also joining us, steve hilton. and a lot to discuss, including a war of words between president-elect and former president clinton, president clinton started it, when he told a news paper that trump knows how to get "angry white men" to vote for him. trump fired back, bill clinton stated i called him after the election, wrong, he called me with a very nice congratulations, he doesn't know much, especially how to get people with a unlimited budget out to vote in vital swing states, they focused on wrong states. bill clinton then backed off,
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i called him after the election. we'll take up day's political news former reagan white house political director ed rollins is joining us, the top story, german capital on edge over fears that one or more suspects are at large in the suspected terrorist attack on a christmas market. german chancellor merkel said that authorities are working on the saw. tion i-- sumption it was a terrorist attack. but critics say merkel herself has blood on her hands for opening the borders to the syrian refugees for over the last year. reporter: berlin is on high alert, amid new information that person responsible for last night's attack, at a christmas market, is still at large. 12 people were killed, including 6 german, 48
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injured, 18 seriously, after a truck lottedded wit loaded with cargo rammed into people. authorities say they are certain that act was intentional, they are working under the assumption it was terror, attacker shooting and stabbing to death the driver before hijacking the truck. >> we don't have any doubt that horrendous deed yesterday was an attack. reporter: they know that man they arrested last night, a 23-year-old pakistani, in germany for a year did not do it, he was released. now they are looking anew for a cold-blooded killer, and trying to figure out what group was behind him, today it was announced through isis propaganda arm the so-called vehicular attacker was a soldier of the so-called islamic state.
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in nice, france earlier this year, a truck rammed into crowds quillin killed 86, washington has been warning about this. >> we cannot make final claims. reporter: what is certain that german chancellor merkel very were on the hot seat with her policy of allowing refugees last year, is adding to inserity. >> even if it is difficult, we will find to live life the way we want to do it in germany. reporter: dealing with first mass casualty attack. >> we thought it was not going to happen, but no one did. just, heart broken. >> whatever happened is terrible. terrible that so many people died. reporter: the response of one
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german official, we are in a state of war. that is the case, and opens shots were fired right here, lou. lou: thank you greg. first guest said angela merkel open border policies have exposed germany and other countries to the risk of terrorism, joining me now, john bolton. ambassador great to have you with us. this attack, and those that have preceded it seeming to stem from open boarders and inhave atation to refugees from -- invitation to refugees from syria and other quarters of middle east and northern afghanistan, unvetted, is this specifically the responsibility? is merkel the one who must be held accountable? >> well, i think she is the most visible. we don't know with respect to this specific attack in berlin whether it was someone who came in as part of that wave
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of refugees following her decision. but there no doubt that there was a subspan shall risk that terrorists would try to use this influke, out of turkey into greece, up through balkans, and then to nordic countries. and rest of western europe, this is a way to conceal terrorists to get into europe. and let's be clear, to get here. the minister of information lebanon at the time merkel made that announcement estimated 2% of total rif refugees economy terrorists that would be 16,000 terrorists. and everyone agrees membership more than 800,000 came in. lou: yes, and upwards of over a million. and more than that, we're talking about illegal immigrants not people checking in at the chancellory with their name and address.
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also the 2 percent number, 2% is an estimate, a broad gauge, very best, and there is little that would be convinces or persuasive about the number. we do know that the threat is there. >> beyond the simple number, those who may have infiltrated 1 the number of potential radicalized people in western europe increases, the possibility of building networks, that can support broader attacks that can help the perpetrator escape, and conceal them, get them out of the country, this grows exponentially as well, that is why many of country surrounding germany have been outraged by this. even in germany, a politician as popular as merkel has been, faces elections next year that could bring her chancellorship to an end. lou: yes, the threat of
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radical islamist terrorism in our country, we're seeing this president, we know he will be foreclosed on the quota he is seeking in terms of syrian refugees he wanted to bring in over the next year. we know that donald trump has something very different in mind. this is only adding to donald trump's apparent apparent positioning on the right side of history on nearly every, of this presidential campaign, that we went through. >> well this is why control of the boarders to me has always been fundamentally a national security,. i have no object to a generous asylum program for people who are truly seeking to leave oppression. but unlike virtually every other refugee flow we've seen this one contains people who are determined to destroy our
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way of life. >> we're watching, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, largest percentage. majority of those drugs are coming across that southern border. add to that people, from other than mexico who are crossing that -- who are dangerous. and we have no, no gauge as to where they are, how many there are, open boarders is a dying concept right now. and counter to history that is made, don't you agree? >> i think this is one reason why europe an union is increases. there are many other to be sure. but this fear of open borders, and i think demonstrating itself in elections. and i think we saw it here. lou: and it makes all of the sense in the world, there has been a period, obama administration was to be post-racial it turned out not
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to be, it was suppose to be i think, post-border, post-sovereignty, this was just post-truth. don't you think? >> i wrote an article in british periodical right after obama took was on the calling him first post-american president, thinking that america is a nice country, but it is one of 193 in u.n., and it is defined by whoever happens to be within its bord boarders, overwhelming macatee omajority of americans would be shocked to think of that definition. we're entitled to try to keep our ideals. lou: there only one candidate out of all those who run against him on republican side, and democratic side, only one, who stood for
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sovereignty and those boarders, and the logical consequences of abandoning those boarders and sovereignty, ambassador thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: ambassador john bolton, we're coming right back, much more heed, stay with us. >> deadly attack in berle lynn spurs more outrage, more outcry at home against open boarders. >> when you open your doors, to millions of people from a chae on thetic middle east, will make this kind of attack more likely. lou: we will have latest on berlin terrorist attack and call for stronger more secure borders heading into holidays steve hilton joining me next. >> a judge orders the release of more documents in infamous clinton cartel e-mail scandal, clinton exposed again for what appears to be another corrupt cover-up and certainly costly mistake, we'll take that up
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and much more straight ahead,
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lou: the body of the assassinated russian ambassador to turkey,
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karlov is back in russia tonight. shooter was a member of ankara's riot police squad. turkey and russia have announced they are launching a join investigation into the ambassador's assassination. as russia hosted talks with foreign ministers of turkey and iran, on the conduct of the war in syria, uk and u.s. not invited. joining us now, our newest fox news contributor, stee steve hilton. welcome and congratulations. >> thank you, lou, my first day, could not think of a better way to spend it.
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lou: great to have you here, the assassination of russian ambassador in ankara. and terrorist or terrorists who managed to get away in a massive crowd in to which they had driven a 40-ton truck, killing 12 people. and wounding others. >> this is just reality of the modern islamic radical terror campaign. they are spreading information. how to mount these attacks, inprecedented ways of hurting people and threaten their freedom to cause terror. we'll see more until we actually do what people like me and you and others have been arguing for years, to is to really confront it. recognize it for what it is. which is not a response to thing we have done. to things that we've done in middle east or anything, this is a decade long incubation of ideology that we have to
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recognize, and confront. >> samual huntington, a wonderful terrific iconic harvard professor who wrote a clash of civilizations forecast this. a clash of civilizations, on a scale larger than this, but every bit -- this serve bit as deadly and noxious to future of western civilization. what in the world are we going to do if not respond with force and get rid of this idiotic -- that it is a generational thing as clever boys and girs in washington call it, and the way to do it carry out a long war. i think that 15 years is long enough. and the loss of life we have sustained. far too much. >> one thing that is absolutely clear, how to recruit young men.
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that really helps the recruit is a sense they are winning. it is noble. it give. if we reverse, that show no, you are not winning, you are losing, do that quickly that would be a part of actually stop recruitment of people to this terror. lou: neoleft. we can't make it seem like it is a war against islam. that aids them. when what would slowdown their recruitment is what you said. watching a great deal extended with distruction of the enemy, that seems to be best anecdote. >> right, this is argument
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that you -- that actually, you can't distinguish between radical islam and most muslim people in the world is pro pospreposterous. it seems that the here in particular, in terms of the administration in america, has been a greater concern to avid being islamo phobic than to confront the terror. lou: the darling daffodil of philosophy, we must be perceive -- >> this is a straw man. of course, if is possible to distinguish. lou: absolutely. we see a coincident of change, and new direction, whether it is donald trump, taking presidency from barack obama.
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which was a -- an up lifting, i think one of the most positive development. and we're watching this clash between nationalism and global implement al, all -- globalism, coinciding with a displace am of millions of people who are given labels, whether they are refugees, illegal immigrants or immigrants in world, a bit of kays -- is ensuing. >> the arguments are connected . the concept turn pin it for example, uncontrolled immigration did not make sense, not just from security but also an economic and social point of view, i think that is what trump victory, and brexit and italian vote, that is what connects them.
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telling everyone what to do, which has been dominant. lou: and the uk, and unite the states are coming together at forefront of that. this is a good feeling, a nice feeling. >> it is very good grounds for optimism. lou: absolutely, optimism, live that word. churchill said, what is the use for the rest, take optimism. >> thank you. lou: steve hilton, his first day as fox news contributor, we're doubling honored. >> breaking news, china giving back our underwater drone, that it stole last week in south china sea, chinese ministry of defense says it handed over the drone after quote, friendly negotiations by both sides, friendly? a pentagon statement confirmed that drone's return, well, they criticize saying it was quote incony i inconstant
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with international law. boy. vote in tonight's poll, do you believe that justice department should be investigating all threats and all harassment of electoral college members? you notice that obama justice department did not think it merit too much attention. cast your vote, on twitter at lou dobbs, did i mention 30 days more of obama administration, and that is all. follow me on twitter, and instagram. >> on wall street today stocks reaching new record highs, dow 25 points from 20,000. so close! soaring. 92 points to, nasdaq up 27, volume 3.2 billion shares, this is a trump rally, 17 new record closes since donald trump was elected on november 8. a reminder to listen to my
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reports 3 time a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, president-elect trump knows we need a new strategy to fight radical islamist terror. >> i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists, the hell out of our country. lou: how long the american people have waited to hear their commander in chief use those words. the need to keep this country safe is the subject of my commentary next. stay with us, we'll be right back. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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♪oh. keep smiling, keep shining♪ hi ♪knowing you can always count on me, for sure♪ tell him it was an accident and we can fix the window. ♪whoa, that's what friends are for.♪ come on. i'll come with you. you go first. lou: a few thoughtsa german chancellor angela merkel. who staked out a place in the long side of history. -- wrong side of history,
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insisting on bringing millions of refugees and illegal immigrants to germany. no vetting, all hell has broken loose in europe, the islamic state claimed responsibility for the latest terrorist attack in berlin. and berlin, is the latest target in what has been a deadly wave of radical islamist terror in europe over this past year. one german party leader, declared these are merkel's death, we mist stayed that we're in -- we must state that we're in a state of war. a million asylum seekers have entered germany and the middle east or africa with slight or no vetting, president-elect trump released this statement, recognizing that there is no coincident that terrorist struck a christmas market at christmastime, trump said,
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innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate christmas holiday, these terrorists must be eradicated from face of the earth. a mission we will carry out, with all freedom loving partners be mr. trump recognize urgency of a problem that president obama has not only failed to act obut helped to create. president obama seems to have done all he could to bring in more refugees, he has exceededded his power to do so in some cases. obama increased quota to allow refugees. this year a 57% increase, resettled more 13 no 13,000 syrian refugees since the beginning of year, 665% increase from a year ago. of those, 99% of muslims, just a half percent christian. in 30 days donald trump will
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be sworn in as our 45 president of u.s. and two-thirds of states will look to him to act in national interest, and empower governors and ladies and gentlemen late liar to decide -- lai -- legislate ours, scott walker sent a letter to president-elect today asking for a broader role for states to determine how many refugees, are admitted from countries, that are terrorism hot spots. >> until a vetting process is utilized to screen the individuals, walker state of wisconsin and 30 other states have been fighting in federal court for past year. trying to temporarily halt resettle am programs for the syrian refugees, president-elect trump, those states those governors, those americans have a champion. in my opinion, just in time. >> quote of the evening on all that has to be done all that has to be done to protect the national interest, and to be sure that we're on the right
11:32 pm
side of history, on leading as mr. trump puts it, winning. >> this one from norman cousins said, optimism does not wait on facts, it deals with prospects. pessimism is a waste of time. that is the truth. we're coming right back. >> kellyanne conka conway said she will continue to play an active role in trump. >> if i could do my small part to make it easier to pit into effect many ambitious policies they have promised and put forward, then i will answer that call. >> even moving to washington, rt ready to help make america great again. ed rollins will join us here next. >> and are you ready to go from zero to 130 miles an hour in within a second? we'll bring you the ride up
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lou: the fbi search warrant that reopened clinton e-mail probe, scandal was released today. noting that public interest in case overrode any privacy
11:37 pm
considerations. abedin shared laptop was never authorized for storage or transition of classified information, despite that officials found 27 e-mail chains containing classified information. joining me now, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, the dean, good friend, ed rollins. this scandal just keeps going, because no one in authority and federal government, have the guts to say, on its face, these are crimes. >> i think that judge today basically did the right thing. all -- yes, the clinton people are putting out this was comey and everyone else took the race away from her, evidence of wrong doing, and they did not appreciate the santee of classify the -- san -- of
11:38 pm
classified documents. this is absurd. i hop we don't hear any more of this, comey did us in. lou: com comey did somebody in. the fact, he made his decision, he create a new category of offense against reason and law that is extreme carelessness. this is beyond me, how he was permitted to the come up with this nonsense, then recant it, then, again, change his mind. this is not what i would call principled and leadership, at a federal investigation. >> i think that president-elect trump and he will have too have a long conversation about the future of his career. lou: they should tell him to get the hell out, this is ridiculous. >> that is the president's prerogative, my sense he is
11:39 pm
going to have a hard time with moral of the troops. lou: can you imagine going to work with a guy like that at the top? tried these guys put their lives on line. >> you have a lot of former fbi agents at guests, say they didn't moral is badly damaged. with everything else turning maybe time for that to turn at top. lou: the "new york times," the "new york times," they don't think that much of our constitution, they don't like theesh le elect-- electoral college. >> well, it has been there for a long time. we've never missed it, it always works. it was a deliberate intention, reality if you want new york
11:40 pm
or california toes elect your president, then you get rid of it, if you would like the country to elect your president, then it is a great system. lou: for "new york times," i am so sick of this dwindling left, and obsessive anti-american principle and value, these people need to understand, they are receding, it is time for them to recede further. as far as i'm concerned. >> i think that american public knew that was going on, they went out, a tough election, but, the person who will make the change, do what they want, got elected, and overwhelmingly. high sense that electoral college worked and will continue to work the rest of my lifetime. lou: and left, and this is institutionalized now with jeff bezo, washington post, and carlos slim's "new york times," we have george soros
11:41 pm
who owns a little bit of everything and sprinkles it around to continue an assault and an affront to our democratic institutions, it will be pe perpetual warfare, they are working to subvert, these institutions, the will of the people, they lie, they cheat, and they will steal wherever possible as we witnessed in this campaign. ask bernie sanders what they will steal. >> this president will be a change agent, he will do a lot of good stuff, the american public will be happy in a couple of months. lou: i think they are happy already. >> i do. lou: on streets of new york city, they are walking with a real bounce in their step. their heads and chins are higher. appreciate it, ed. >> my pleasure. lou: ed rollins, well, please roll the video now. i get to say no guts no glory.
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yeah, that is crazy. watch stun man. full throttled into air. by a human catapult. he goes from 0 to 130 miles an hour, in a second. i'm laughing, i'm laughing at contraption, prospect of doing that. and his amazing courage. he reaches maximum height. he parachutes down, met with cheers, and more than a few sighs of relief. one. louder than others, his own. human slingshot. remember where you stau first. >> up next, dow is within striking distance of 20,000.
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what is behind this bullishness? the trump rally? we talk with steven moore, and fiscal time columnist, liz peak, they -- liz peak, they will join me next, they will tell us where the market will be on january 15 of next year, i made that last part up,
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lou: breaking news, president obama banning new offshore oil and gas development in over 100 million acres in the atlantic and arctic oceans. 11th hour decision is reversed by republican lead congress easily, and may likely fall within a number of late hour regulations, and laws that are quickly and easily unraveled. >> joining me now, steve moore, columnist for fiscal times liz. these final months of obama
11:48 pm
administration. final months, of obama administration is upon us. liz, what is this nonsense about. >> 30 days to go, rejoice. i think obama is come face-to-face with fact his environmental legacy is going to be blown to dust by the incoming administration. so, he is running around like the energizer bunny putting new rules in place, including this act that takes off or hits, strip mining in appalachia. but this otherting thing, banning of offshore drilling is a bad idea, this is a permanent, he wants to make em permanently out of reach for the oil industry. and what americans need to know, a good deal of our future reserves are going to be found offshore, in
11:49 pm
particular the atlantic coast and arctic. lou: this looks to be within the pervue. >> it's gone, that rule is gone maybe the second day that donald trump is in office. >> i like this guy, trump. >> obama -- think about this how many laws have gone through congress, and signed into law by barack obama in last 4 years, not many. almost everything he has done with stroke of a pen, guess what, if that is how you govern, the next president, with a stroke of a pen, just. and by the way, liz you are right about outer continental shelf but there are millions of acres onshore are easier to get to, not yosemite or yellow stone.
11:50 pm
not environmentaly sensitive lands. we have trillions of dollars, of oil and gas there. lou: and president-elect made it clear this will ben independent energy nation. >> think about this, related to that, there is 50 trillion. trillion, dollars worth of oil and gas under federal lands, realties -- royalties that federal government could collect from oil and gas companies and fees to drill there, you are talking 3 or 4 trillion that could be used to reduce our deficit. >> and a lot of jobs by the way. >> you got it. >> in developing those resources which obama never cared about. lou: i will add, how about follow the state of texas and alaska, and create a american
11:51 pm
trust, in which all of those resources when they are brought up, go to citizens. >> that is app idea, it has been frustrating look as -- >> don't dismiss me, steve she said it is an idea. >> have our president just dismiss it out of hand. people don't understand, it could be a geopolitical weapon, as we look at russia, we're concerned about russia. europe depends on russia for natural gas, we could take that dependence away, there are all kinds of reason we have be developing every energy resource we have access to, including offshore. lou: >> a great book on this that just came out, fueling freedom, exposing mad war on energy, it was written by me, thank you for mentioning it. lou: i was stunned into silence, realizing what you
11:52 pm
were doing. who would do it better than steve, let him go. we do recommend it, highly. >> liz has it right, this is -- by the way without the shale oil, and gas revolution. this is irony. we would not have had an economic recovery. oil and gas industry, is what -- >> we' you both back, and talk about the future, not the last 10 year, and. 8 years of it, i don't like too discuss it. steve moore always fun to talk with you. >> hilly recommend your book. >> dow 30,000. >> and liz peak. >> we'll start with you, we'll stay with you for two questions, next time, steve moore, got a balance this out. kidding, steve. >> up next, president-elect vowing to be much tougher on terror than his predecessor, steve forbes is here next,
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stay with us, we'll be right back. coming up on "look! famous people!"
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we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man.
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oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] joining me forbes editor-in-chief, steve forbes. a lot of counsel coming from the white house to the president-elect. trump being told not to rely too
11:57 pm
much on executive orders. does obama have any idea of its absurdity? >> the thought that trump would be so naive. okay, mr. president, that's a great idea. lou: it's peculiar. and it's peculiar, this wrestling match that's going on between the incoming administration and congress as to which will go first. a tax cut or replace and reveal obamacare. your counsel to them both? >> go for the tax cuts first. don't make the mistake obama made when he put in obamacare before trying to take care of the economy that oh bit rated the election -- that obliterated the elections. they have to get those tax cuts
11:58 pm
in right away so people can visibly see the economy getting better in their paychecks. lou: we are look at 17 records since his election. this is showing no signs of back off. as a forecaster of the future this is looking good for the trump administration and the country. >> if you are going to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 to 15%. that enables you to devote resources to actually producing instead of trying to get around the tax code. lou: if he gets the full 15% as the rate, we are also watching ceos, including tim cook and others starting to talk with the president-elect. they are moving toward him
11:59 pm
instead of fighting him, and that's a positive sign in its own right. >> ceos have to deal with the real world, not the fantasy world of the far left democrats. the idea they are going to fight a perpetual war against the u.s. government, no, that's not what they are there for. lou: i take it as a positive sign that they have begun the relationship. >> it's fun to see people grow. >>it is. grow up in some cases. steve forbes, that's it for us. thank you for joining us. ambassador james woolsey and charlie hurt among those on our guest list for tomorrow it's an a-list. you don't want to miss a minute of it. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. [♪]
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kennedy: you know what? 2016 has been stesful at times. america had to choose between donald trump fan hillary clinton. and we had a lot of maalox and stiff drinks along the way. and they are still talking about the legitimacy of the president-elect. let's look back at the stars, geniuses and loveable weird owes that came on this very show. the 2015 election between donald


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