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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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he tried to hands over the reins of power in the most civil way possible. barack obama will go down fighting. lou: matt schlapp, charlie hurt, we appreciate it. here is a man, lou dobbs, keep it right here, fox business. lou: tonight german police search throughout europe for the man who blowed into a crowded christmas market, killing a dozen people in berlin. we'll have the latest for you tonight from berlin. and ambassador james woolsey is joining me with implications for our bored security. president-elect trump addressed the deadly tragedy in germany. >> it has to be stopped. lou: just days before president obama leaving office he slaps russia with more sanctions, why? and what will be the putin response? you are watching "lou dobbs
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tonight." good evening we begin in berlin,00 for 24 year -- hunt for a 24-year-old tunisian man that german authorities say it responsible for the terrorist attack at the christmas market in berlin. german authorities were a wear of anis amiri, they tracked him for months. but he remained hidden. we have latest from berlin. reporter: you are looking at the face of the man german police believe could be responsible for the carnage at a christmas market monday. >> there is a new suspect, a manhunt is ongoing. like everyone, i would like to point out that we're talking about the suspect, not necessarily a purpos perpetrate or. investigation continues, to be conducted in all direction.
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reporter: anis amiri, a 24-year-old tunisia man who came to germany in last year's refugee wave, he was turned down for asylum last work but -- because of a paperwork snaf you---- ice heaped praise on the attacker yesterday, he was on a terror watch list for months. >> authorities suspected he was planning something. >> contact of contact to a radical islamic circle. reporter: the suspect was able to go under ground, in weeks before the attack. police suspected him because he left his wallet with i.d. papers in the truck. his personal belongings were found a day after the attack. the authorities are taking heat after they arrested and
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released another suspect. also for lack of security of public gatherings, and chancellor merkel is her open door refugee policy is criticized as well, more issues say that lead to insecurity. >> there are several -- that is come with them. we regret that very much. >> we say that manhunt is nationwide, could go international, last location of the suspect, a small town on germany-holland border, fox news. lou: turning now to our first guest, here to discuss why german authorities missed that suspect who had already been investigated on suspicion of being a jihadist.
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joining me now, james woolsey. >> the germans are a patient people. they have a chancellor who is invited in a million refugees, improperly vetted, if at all. and europe itself, is only now beginning to respond. this is -- has to change, as donald trump said today. what is the likelihood it will change that germany and the eu will change? >> it is not going to change much. there is some room for improvement given how many times they missed this guy. not much if you keep trying to stop them as they come at you. it is like, comparing in past to having a hockey team with a everyone is a great player but they are all playing goalie. you are not out in the field.
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you are taking hits and trying to avoid getting knocked out at the very last second. it is not going to work. they have to go after the institutions like isis, somewhat the way that juliany and his colleagues went after potential terrorists after 9/11 in new york. they were very aggressive it got unpopular after a while. some things were charged. but he was on the right track. the germans are going to have to undertake vigorous investigation and reinforcing and out in the field and amongs the population. lou: threat is magnified, when we relize how many of the tunisian, syrians and so far have gone back to carry out jihad, then return to the european union, specifically
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in terms of germany, as many as 20,000 fighters, terrorists, returning from syria, from tunisia from various countries, there is no way in the world german authorities have sufficient internal counterterrorism agents to deal with all of that. >> if you are only playing goalie, even with a dozen, some day somebody will get something through on you. lou: lessons for this country are what? we've been watching this go on now, number of domestic cases. since 2009 fort hood, have been rising. we have not had particular success no matter the claim by the part of that -- on the parts of this administration. against the islamic state, it remains an animated and resourced threat to the country. and the american people are
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getting, i would think all of europe, is getting a bit tired of strategies and no results. >> i think that is right, they are not going to change things much by what they are doing. they have to take the fight totten me, they have to -- to the enemy, they have to infiltrate the groups and play tough. and they have to report their laws with respect to privacy. and we have to report our fourth and first amendments, but within those frameworks could ons, one could still do more than the europeans or we are doing. lou: turning to russia. this president, with 29 days remaining in office. slapping additional sanctions against russia. to what end? to what purpose? what will be likely putin responses?
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>> i wish he would have cleared alternative fuel for cars that could be micked wit mixed with gasoline, like. and let them compete with gasoline, that will drive down the price of oil well below the $50 a barrel where it is now. and that will benefit american and other country consumers and make our russian friends sit up and take notice a lot more than some sanctions that are going to be temporary. lou: and so, the national security response is alternative fuel? >> i think it is too due to oil, what electricity and freezers and refrigrators, at beginning of 20th century did to salt, sal was only way to preserve meat, and it was very precious commodity. for most of human history, then the coming of
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electricity. frozen and thawed meat tastes a lot better than meat soaked in salt. lou: i am going to have to take your word for that taste. we appreciate it. >> thank you lou. lou: i demoted you again. thank you. >> whatever. lou: we're coming right back, with much more stay with us. >> president-elect trump is ready to implement a temporary ban on immigration from jihadist countries. >> you know my plans all along . 100% correct, what is happening is. lou: europe and america on high alert this holiday season, the 5 a kimberly guilfoyle will join us next.
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lou: president-elect trump today met with the ceos of boeing and lockheed-martin he addresses reporters after the meeting say he is working on a better deal for f45 program. >> primarily f35, we're trying to get the cost down. a program that is very expensive. we're looking to cut a tremendous ai amy johnson amounteamount of money. lou: after the beating boeing ceo said he promised to build air force one jets -- joining me now, kimberly guilfoyle. here is the president-elect doing business, heading into christmas.
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without taking oath of office he is getting more done than a lot of presidents have done in their first year. >> it is excites and exhilarating, he is being a man of hi his word, he promised to get america working again, he is not wasting a minute. people should be optimistic about, th men and women who thought they were left behind under the previous administration for 8 brutal years, now ey shining light come through, and doing good deals, not waiting until he gets into office, not a minute to go. lou: nearly every announcement out of washington dc with donald trump still our president-elect, government is operating, every time i hear their pronouncement or their reports, i am thinking, this is what trump is talking
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about, smart government. what we have is the opposite of smart government. in every respect. >> yes, true, smart, efficient, effective. governments, actually getting things done versus weighted down bauer crease, and -- bureaucracy and job stifling, this is a stroke of jeanous, we are fortunate to have someone with a business acumen and success model in president-elect trump that knows what to do to get this country back working again. lou: two ceos, boeing and lockheed-martin, after these meetings, came out talking about, it is nice to have someone that understands business, they were impressed and how refreshing it must be for them to be able to sit down with a guy who knows what he is talking about and knows what he wants, in terms that
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ceos can respond to. >> to have an intelligence meaningful conversation, they can sit across table with someone that has a clue, and understanding, yo you can cut through the rest of it you don't need 25 different advisers, you can sit with a group like that and make a difference and move the ball forward, that is what this country needs to get us back in stimulated fashion, you have seen market has been responsive, so far to what president-elect has done, by virtue of fact he was the elected resoundingly in a huge movement from the nation. lou: and the metrics of how he is being received, you mentioned market. but a rise in confidence by polling. he is doing -- i actually believe, and i realize that i am not an impartial observer, but i have not seen him do anything that anyone could call a misstep, it has been a -- performance on part of
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president-elect, today saying what he did about radical islamic terrorists an attack on humanitarian, they have to be stop. we never -- we heard once instance in which barack obama said something akin to, that it was he would degrade the islamic state, and he would destroy them. that was a lie. >> you are saying me, lou, degrade, sounds like he got bumped from my coach. what is great, this president-elect is a man of courage, and convict. he is not afraid to call it like it is. lou: plain spoken. reporter: and used words radical islamic terrorism and jihad, and look them in the eye, stay we're going to come get you, i love hearing, that you go to rallies, you listen to this, people feel like yes this man is going to make america rich again, that is not a dirty word, safe again. lou: exp someone asked him a
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question today, i think it was a pool reporter, if he was staying with his view there should be a temporary ban on immigrants into this country from jihadist country, he said -- it was a preposterous question to part of media, he said in so few words, i have been right about this all along. the reporter did not acknowledge it but the facts sustain him, validate his views, and everyone watching and listening, to that exchange between one reporters and president-elect, said, what is the media doing? >> what is the media doing? they have been in the bag the whole time for liberal left and hillary clinton. they could not get her alleged. lou: we're talking about smart government, and donald trump is bringing that to washington, d.c. now we need to get a smart media to get over itself, get to its principle responsibility to inform the
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public and correctly. >> question, ethics and competency, they are long overdue. lou: yes, only short on two areas. >> thank you, kimberly guilfoyle. >> thank you. lou: mexican authorities are investigating the cause of what was a horrific explosion at a fireworks marketplace, that left at least 31 people dead, and dozens more injured. >> the blast inside of the market sent huge plumes of smoke into the air, fireworks going off throughout the tragedy, market is in the town of tltapey, about 25 miles north of mexico city, i don't know how many fireworks they had. but that is an incredible disaster.
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lou: vote in our poll, question is, will president obama go down as the worst president in history? we would like to hear from you on this. cast your vote on twitter @lou lobs, follow me, on facebook. >> tonight, stocks fuelin falling slightly, failing to break that 20,000 level. volume on the bi big board dropping 2.8 billion shares, as we approach christmas day. people are going off to where they are going. instead of doing what they should, which is trade stocks, come on. >>y hav -- we have time, twitter stock down 5% after two more senior executive left the company. twitter lost 6 of its main executives this year.
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>> listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, president obama insuring that u.s. relations with russia will not be improving much, slapping sanctions on russia with less than a month remaining before our new president is sworn in. we'll have a live report for you when we come back, stay you when we come back, stay
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lou: all diplomatic channels between u.s. and russia are now frozen. russia is threatening to respond in some unspecifies manner, to obama white house's latest -- well latest provocations, as they apply sanctions, fox news, white house correspondent kevin cork with the latest for us from honolulu, hawaii. reporter: so much for russia reset. >> relationship between us in
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russia has deteriorated. sadly. over last several years. reporter: a deterioration that has seen obama administration increase pressure on the kremlin, with additional sanctions this week. in relation to projects in crimea, russian say that latest move are part of a pattern of aggressive behavior by washington. almost every level of dialogue with u.s. is frozen, we don't communicate with each other or minimally. >> i don't know what to make of his comments, you should ask mr. -- peskov . reporter: from incursion to ukraine, continued bombing of syria and alleged packing activity to -- hacking activity. >> if russia and the united states got along well and went
11:28 pm
after isis that would be good. reporter: president-elect trump made no secret of his desire to bring the gap with relations in moscow, leaving some to wonder if timing of obama sanctions. >> it had to do with russia activity. reporter: expert believe those waiting for a shift in u.s.-russia policy, will do so in vein. >> the russians cannot be relied up on know, as a partner orally for the unite the states, as long as mr. putin is in power in moscow. i really don't see how u.s.-russian relations will be fundamentally transformed. reporter: if you are looking for a reason of renewed sanction, u.s. really wants to
11:29 pm
show solidarity with the european union, and important to point out that eu, just renewed 6 months worth of sanctions against the russians that will likely continue to rollover until u.s. under president obama making sure that our allies, overseas under understand how we feel about russian regime. lou: this white house this president feels is becoming clear. but. it has been almost three years, since russia -- if you want to style it this way -- took crimea, carried out incursions again ukraine. and tonight affect. why is anyone suggesting that these sanctions will have any more affect than they had for pastily years? >> excellent question. and any time someone asks that question, and we have asked that question, of the president directly, he will
11:30 pm
usually push back with a notion that it is a long process, it has to be bit by bit applied and squeezedded what is a shrinking russian economy. but be blunt, does that affect change in has it affected by a half why are change? -- by ioral change, the answer is no. lou: well, he is without question a change agent. one senses a certain absurdity in this all that this administration would say it is a long haul, it takes a long time for these sanctions to work. having 29 days left in power. >> right. lou: for crying out loud. >> evely kevin cork, i must say, have you chosen a wonderful venue for your reports on the issues. you look good in that setting. >> i have to tell you, i'm a
11:31 pm
lucky man, lou. i love my job. and i mean that sincerely, it does not get better, if you have to work, this is where you want to do it. lou: did the president say the same to you, he is working, because no one is believing it, no one is, kevin cork, i believe it. enjoy. thank you. >> silicon valley is home of those bitterly divided over a trum presidency, a -- has resigned from oracle. george posted this open letter . i am not with president-elect trump. and i'm not here to help him in anyway.
11:32 pm
in fact, when his policies border on the unconstitutional, criminally and more ale unjust, i am here to oppose him in every possible anding well way. >> wow -- legal way, wow. >> when you see that righteousness compound itself it is thrilling, she, george posner . asserting moral and legal superioriorty that is ignorant. and the ceo is one of 13 technology industries, most powerful executive that decided to meet with trump, and pledged that oracle will help anyway, she is a leader, george is a -- i'm in the going to say it. lou: 29 days, counting, and our lame duck president is
11:33 pm
working hard to try to keep some part of his poultry legacy alive. >> what you are watching is a man who realizes, all of a isn't that like 90% of his legacies will disappear. lou: our president-elect working hard, leading the nation, inauguration day cannot come soon enough. randy evans is joining us next. >> these aussies are dropping in for an ex il exhilarating ride through the boost skying of australia their amazing flight up next. monster or politician ahead you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car.
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lou: revelation about front-runner to chair democratic national committee, reports that congressman keith ellison has a questionable past with announce of campaign violations, and sued by state of pennsylvania for failure to pay his -- excuse me, minnesota for failure to pay his taxes from 1992 to 2002 and had his driver license suspended a number of times because he did not pay his traffic ticket. joining me now. former senior advis adviser to newt gingrich campaign, randy evans, let's talk democrats for a second. ellison are you kidding me?
11:38 pm
i'm told he is a smart guy. he does not look very smart here. >> well, it should not surprise you, if you have a system, you come from a system designed to ignore the rules, assume that rules did not apply. this is the person you would probably pick to head your party. but as we learn in 2012, when we lost with mitt romney, the key is not to look at your own messenger, our message but figure out you to to fix the system, reince priebus did that, he did it with a process in place. which was po build a system, a infrastructure where you kept challenging me, week after week, are you going to deliver on the groin, ground, i kept tell we would. lou: and ry reince priebus also, i did not believe either one of you by the way. >> i believe you. i want to remind you, we also changed rules of the how we
11:39 pm
select our nominee. amer stockracyy -- based on who best person will be, i believe we ended up picking only candidate who could actually beat the clinton monopoly, democratic machine, and dem obama machine. lou: and the national left wing media. >> you are so right, parts of the republican establishment. >> all of it. >> all of it, he took -- you want to take me oyou come on. i don't care when direction, but that -- have to have that to pick most formidable candidate who can beat everyone, a ground operation, i'm not sure they are looking for the right credentials, they are looking who can give most fire fiery speech with a checkers background. lou: you are putting money behind ellison so he wins?
11:40 pm
>> no we're not, we're not trying to rig the democratic selection process. lou: the question is, why the hell not? >> well, because they are doing a good job themselves. lou: there you go. >> what did woodrow wilson say, why step in and waste a bullet on someone in the process of committee suicide. lou: he was brutal. >> he was. lou: let's turn to some of the -- you mention establishment. donald trump is putting together a remarkable cabinet. it appears that we may see -- it looks like we'll see the veterans affairs department, well lead. that still in the air as to how that is going to go. but i mean, no one, establishment or otherwise, in the republican party can complaint were about anyone of these selections in combination, his cabinet, it
11:41 pm
looks for middible. -- mor form. >> every appointee, what is the measures stick. ameritroc c. >> we want results. it great have you a strong effort and you work hard, we need championships, and he wants to make america great again, delivering a championship that says we're the best on the planet. lou: you know, because this meritocracy and this system you designed with great press yens produced one donald trump as president-elect, thank you so much. >> i think -- >> i got to go.
11:42 pm
>> mer-- merstock crease unifies a country than anyone else, you will find us more unified than we are today. lou: that is up to about half of the population. i hope they have that sense. meanwhile, roll on president-elect trump. and cabinet, and administration. >> randy thank you. >> yeah. lou: roll the video. >> thank you. lou: a wild piggyback ride through australia sky, watch as these wing suit pilots glide through the air with base jumpers clinging to their backs, that clinging would be an understatement. they hold on for as long as they can before letting go. then, hoping those parachutes work, go we go. all together now. he is clinging, not -- here we go. not yet. not yet. there.
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lou: president-elect trump today naming billionaire investor carl icahn as a special adviser to president on overhauling federal regulations, icahn has spend last 4 decade battling as an activist investor, doing all sorts of things, he also reportedly playing a central role in helping mr. trump select with sec, carl icahn as adviser to donald trump, for me, this is the best. it is wonderful. and i feel -- like this was a
11:48 pm
dream come true. he -- trump was talking about it throughout campaign, and joining me now is chief economic at moody's john lonski, i hope we get a similar view. i think icahn is one of the smartest people in the country. >> you don't get to be a billionaire without being very smart. i think he will be helpful, provide trump is guidance, to how what goes about reforming business regulation, that could go far. at rejuvenating this economy. lou: as we look at what happened already, as president-elect. donald trump is having an impact. i have to believe there are people in every regulatory agency in this government saying to figure out what is their next job. i know not going to be easy to move them out. >> the optimism numbers are
11:49 pm
incredible. gallup poll with highest in its history, of course, the history is just 9 years, but that is a lot to be said. lou: market is a measure of confidence. we're watching billions of dollars flow into the market, average up 9% from the election of donald trump, this is magnificent, it will never end, will it in. >> unfortunately it will, but for now i think it going to move higher. i don't think that market has priced in a fact we're get a cut in corporate income tax rate. lou: which is more important to the economy, repeal and replacement of obamacare or a tax cut? >> tax cut, a bigger impact. lou: you did not pond or that. >> it going to help rethinking obamacare, healthcare. but, i think that tax cut is very important. and that is found -- >> foundation for everything, job creation, and economic
11:50 pm
growth, getting attitudes changed and moving ahead. >> it make our tax system competitive with the world, at a minimum. lou: we're going to beat them anyway, donald trump has me convinced we're just going to whip people does not matter, raise cost of labor. >> no one is afraid of higher mortgage yields. incredible. lou: housing, that is the asset that is fundamental to -- nearly every household in the country. how soon are we going to see a appreciation in those prices? >> right thousand we're moving in the -- right now we're moving in the right direct, we have to be realistic, we don't fully understand what the impact of the latest jump by mortgage yields might be on home sales next year, but there is a good chance if the economy has a problem shouldering this two 2 1/2%
11:51 pm
10-year treasury yield that will move lower and quickly enough. lou: we're on our way to glory days, don't be so realistic, what kind of economist are you. >> you have to be, come on, you get in trouble. but it is important to always bbe -- opportunistic. >> up next, 29 days until president obama leaves office, critics say, it can't come soon enough. stay with us. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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>> joining knee charlie hurt and matt schlapp. charlie, let me begin with you. barack obama with 29 days remaining in office, raising sanctions whatever that means, against russia. what is his motivation? >> despite his early comments after the election where he said he wanted to do everything he could to make a smoolt transition and make donald trump a successful president. december spiert those claims, i think he's trying to under final
11:56 pm
trump, to set up somebody's kals so donald trump has to deal with all this stuff. the good thing for donald trump is he will probably deal with all of it very easily. because so much of it is being done by fiat on the part of president obama. donald trump can remove all of it by fiat. lou: it seems the president-elect trump is building consensus. he made it clear, the national left wing media are a bunch of liars and thieves, and go-ropers. and the dim democrats are getting dimmer by the moment. >> that's right. so interesting with both the liberal north media and the democrats on the hill, they keep rolling with their same sold strategy and leaders. they haven't listened to one thing the american people are saying that they expressed
11:57 pm
through their votes on election day. the have you can party changed a lot in a short period of time and donald trump is that change agent for sure. lou: i was talking to randy evans. he's rationalized his way through this process. it's a herring to -- it's a mel itocracy and -- it's a merks ritocracy and only donald trump could have withstood the test. only donald trump could have been the you are vierch prevailed in this contest. someone of the most interesting aspects, things we have heard throughout the campaign is donald trump doesn't listen. and what we have slender, what i would hope people have learned is donald trump not only does he listen, he listens better than anybody else. he listens better than any of
11:58 pm
the people running for the nomination and listening better than the democrats. as matt pointed out, they are still not listening. they are refusing to learn the lessons so many people are learning. one of the lessons is not tomorrow was donald trump riewr- right all that time. by's trying to build consensus as you said. lou: there is a quick axiom demonstrated by donald trump in this political season. that's stupid better get out of the way of smart. >> that's getting a little close to home, lou, you are worrying me. i agree with charlie on this listening thing. my interactions with president-elect trump. he listens intently. he figured out the political gain quicker than the 16 people he ran against. tough actually listen to the voters the message is pretty clear, lou. you can pick it up pretty
11:59 pm
quickly. lou: as you pick it up, i'm look at the decisions being made right now by this president atlantic whether it's russia or the re -- by the president-elect or whether it's a vee it's -- ws a response to a terror attack. he will be the leader of the country probably for the last 8 years. >> i don't remember anything like this where before somebody becomes president, they become president and they are the person people look to. he enjoys it, and i think people if they give him the opportunity i think he will do very well. lou: matt, you get the last word. >> i think president george w. bush ended his presidency as a class act when barack obama won.
12:00 am
he tried to hands over the reins of power in the most civil way possible. barack obama will go down fighting. lou: matt schlapp, charlie hurt, we appreciate it. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: tonight a number of global terror attacks highlighting the security challenges donald trump will soon face in office. what should be his first priority? securing our borders or taking the fight directly to the terrorists? mtv on the defensive for a video proposing new year's resolutions for white guys. have you have finished your christmas shopping? no? science can help you pick the perfect gift. grab tinsel and a gift card. time to tango. all right, as lovers of liberty we remain vigilant and hopeful the human


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