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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 22, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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maria. maria bartiromo will, we say good morning to you. maria: thanks for being was. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday december 22nd, 6:00 a.m. in the east coast. peter navarro for a key role. government spending a key topic in the president elect's meetings yesterday. he sat down with ceo's of lockheed martin and boeing of the high costs of program. >> we work on air force because it's important the our country and we make sure that he gets the best capability and done accordingly. maria: we are taking a closer look at what the trade policy means on administration. authorities have identified the suspect in the truck attack, ani
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amiri. we have all the details on that developing situation. uber self-driving cars off the streets of california after the vehicles ran a red light. markets this morning look like this. later we get the final read for third quarter, the climb 20,000 stalled a bit but these numbers today will likely set the tone for markets. as you can see dow industrials down 10 points. italian bank on the brink of a bail-out after he failed to raise capital on its own. the banks continue the pressure international markets. all down even up just fractionally. in asia overnight, little change, let's take a look. the hang seng index, other
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majors moving fractionally. a white christmas is coming for many americans, blizzard-like conditions will get the pacific northwest and the plain state. plus, snowman so snal you can't see it with the naked eye. details on how scientists were able to create this. joining me to talk about national review reporter cat kempf is here. >> great to be here. >> i'm so excited. maria: we have a lot. we have kellyanne conway from the trump administration. we will talk to kellyanne about all the new pix, once again, we see business people involved. >> you know, i was that three time appointee for the president
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icahn. it's smart that he's bringing, i can't say i totally agree with peter's view on, you know, globalization and how hawkish he is on china but i look forward to wasn't -- one-on-one with him. maria: u.s. embassador to the un, john bolton is here, fox news political analysts, juan williams is here and senior adviser to president trump, kellyanne conway and avenues strategy partner is with us. big show ahead. stay right there as we kick it off with president-elect trump pick this morning. carl icahn, special adviser to the president on regulatory reform. peter navarro to lead the trade counselor, announcements after trump's team is considering executive action for new tariffs on foreign imports with curving
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free trade agreements, here is what he said on the fist presidential debate back in september watch. >> you go to new england, you go to ohio, pennsylvania, anywhere you want, secretary clinton, and you will see devastation where manufacturing is down, nafta is the worst trade deal ever signed anywhere but certainly ever signed in this country. maria: he was pretty aggressive about that. brad blakeman is with us. >> good morning. maria: knowing what trump has said about nafta and trade deals? >> i think is it great. not only is he getting the best and brightest but has advisory council, that's exactly what you need in order to form policy that can be implemented and also this sends a chill throughout
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the world that donald trump is serious. we are going to lead with carrots and sticks. we are going to negotiate deals that are best to the united states. in law school, my contract professor said a deal is good only as it is for both parties. donald trump has brought together an expert team of insiders and outsiders who are going to serve the best interest of america. i think it's fantastic choices across the board. maria: we have business on the panel today, i know business people typically do not hear about tariffs, do in the want to see disruption in the trade arena, do you think just the trade of a potential tariff will sort of get the other players in line. >> listen, it's interesting that your prior guest was talking about, you know, being actually to the left of me. i'm a little more of a free
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trader, i supported tpp, one of the best ways to combat china is be part of tpp where china is not part, you can trade freely with australia, new zealand. it's okay to have outsiders. as someone who is one of them, t important to have the public and private sector. we need to get up and running. the tariff aspect aa little tough, what comes one way, goes the other way. we need manufacturing to be more vibrant. you have to be part of the global trade environment to get vibrant. it can't be u.s.-trading only. >> i agree with you completely. i'm more libertarian, free markets, it really is what trump's message was. make america great again. the people who voteed for him infully-over states are seeing their jobs leaving.
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>> the other thing is interesting, is i tried to do that job in the uk governm i was the person -- maria: with david cameron. >> bureaucratic is in usher to do anything. we are going cut back the regulations, it never happens. maria: okay. >> the reason is that the bureaucracy just defeats you and you have to have somebody really, really aggressive in there to make a difference. maria: you probably saw that as well. >> i know carl, and carl is a doer. if you're going to pick someone, he's a doer. i would say for carl who is not going to be inside, he's going -- make sure he doesn't have any inherent conflicts.
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he will be able to push things. maria: brad, you're hearing all of this, weigh in. >> i think it's absolutely the right message to send. somebody like carl icahn is a bottom line guy. look, we talked about reforming government, waste fraud and abuse, now you're assembling people that are actually going to do something. why, when they are given the mission, they are going to get the job done. look at what donald trump has done with boeing and lockheed. he's not even president yet. he's sounding the alarm. that goes beyond the companies he'll talking to. message to every contractor that deals with the united states. we are going to get the best bargain for america. >> away from the messaging, do you actually want him, you know, come in and start negotiating with each company on a bilateral basis, come on, he's the president of the united states?
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>> if the president sends the message, again, the two companies he spoke to, he was speaking to hundreds of companies to deal with america and he's not even the president yet and getting results. maria: they met yesterday, ceo's of lockheed martin and boeing talked yesterday at mar-a-lago. listen. >> costs down, primarily the f-35 which i can get the costs down. a program that's very expensive. we had the chairman of boeing and they are looking to cut down tremendous amount. >> we are going to get it done for less than that and committed to working together to make sure that happens. i was able to give the president elect my personal commitment on behalf of boeing. maria: that was the ceo. she said, i had a productive meeting with president-elect
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donald trump this afternoon, i appreciated the opportunity to discuss the importance of f-35 program and bringing costs down. continued commitment to delivering affordable aircraft to our u.s. military and our allies. brad, your reaction to the ceo's agreeing to bring down the cost. >> it's that wonderful. if the president is not sending the message out to the people he's hired that this is what our administration is going to do, we are not just going to walk the walk and talk the talk and guess what, we are going to get results. who can argue with that? maria: great point. robert, if you were on the export council for president obama, did this issue ofhe cost come up with president
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obama? >> the costs don't come up. >> well, they should. maria: too expensive. >> they've been ripping off the taxpayer. >> this is my company. maria: that's right. >> they haven't had a business person who knows how to challenge them properly. >> it wasn't part of the mandate of the export council to negotiate with companies. the f-35 has reduced cost dramatically. over 60% over the last six years. that doesn't mean they can't do more. to be clear with the continuing resolution it is hard to have those bilateral contracts with the military because they've cut defense spending. the military guys will say one after another. my only point is we have to make sure the pricing is right and we have to have the profits but more importantly we have to make sure we get the fighter jets.
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maria: you don't want to give on any important programs that are needed, brad, because of the costs but at the same time if there's fat around, you want to cut that fat around, for sure. >> there's no doubt about it. >> there's really the only company that can do the job or some contract with their competitors. so what donald trump is saying, look, we want to get the best product for americans but we are not going to do it in an unlimited price and the cost-over runs are damaged the end product because of the add-ons, donald trump is sending a message, look, guys we want you to build the best possible fighter or air force one. maria: we won't go bankrupt doing it. >> pleasure. maria: that's what a business person does. they are looking at the bottom line. we will take a short break. christmas blizzard could throw a wrench in your plans.
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uber self-driving cars coming to a screeching halt. why the company is
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. and the returns i get out, are measured in reps. competition. sometimes it's audibles. bright lights. celebrations. it's huddles. camaraderie. and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you. maria: welcome back, international manhunt underway this morning for a tanasian
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individual suspected in a deadly terror attack on the berlin christmas market this week. lauren simonetti with details. lauren, good morning to you. lauren: maria, good morning. authorities revealed that 24-year-old anis was arrested for suspected terrorist, that stokes concerns over germany lack of immigration policy and raises more tough questions for chancellor angela merkel. monday's attack left 12 dead. residency permanent inside the truck used to crash into the crowded christmas market. isis has since claimed responsibility for the attack, but it's unclear if he has direct tied to terrorist group. expressing concerns of a possible lone-wolf attack in new
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york city but there's no credible threat. another round of winter weather. expected to hit the west and northern plains and northern new england just in time for christmas weekend. meanwhile whip out the shirt-sleeved shirts, temperatures at the north pole soaring into the 20's. 50-degrees above average. imagine that. public show-down with california regulators. the company started testing the a on the muis cars last week making them available to customers using the app but uber refused to pay 150-dollar permit
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for the cars saying it wasn't required which escalated a fight with the dmv. the vehicles weren't fully autonomous because there was a driver that could take the control ifs necessary. the company finally relented yesterday after the dmv pulled registration on the vehicles. no place like home for a lot of millennials, literally. four in ten young adults living with parents or relatives. 75-year high according to trulia. juniors living at home with mom and dad, unfortunately. maria: that's true. lauren: isn't the economy getting better? come on, move out. maria: good gauge to look at. thanks, lauren. the stock short of hitting the magic 20,000 mark.
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tinneyiest snowman in the world. how scientists built this frosty, coming up.
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maria: welcome back, stocks lost steam yesterday in the quest for dow 20,000. the dow industrial ending trading day down about 23 points. second highest close in history. we continue to see record after record. joining us right now president stephanie, always great to see you. >> thanks for having me. maria: do you need to see confirmation of what's going on? >> i think this market has gotten wildly ahead of itself in terms of the enthusiasm. 20,000 when we hit, probably, could we go through it maybe, but i really feel like the
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market is so stretched right now. maria: got stretched because all of expectations of economics coming in. do you think it's going to help earnings? >> i think it's going to be great, it's just getting here to there. on january 1st, aca is going to -- all of 30 plus percent premiums are going to kick in and continue to hit households month after month until some repeal, reform gets enacted. tax cuts aren't going to be immediate, so we are all, you know, kind of moving in anticipation to this, but the echos of 87 are deafening to me. hey, we can handle this. i'm not persuaded. >> this is like a kumbaya moment. >> i'm usually alone. i love this. [laughter] >> maria and i have been talking about it. nobody is putting to the effect the dollar is up 15%. maria: good point. >> we can't ignore global world
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where trade is important and deficits are important. i think the exuberance is a little fast-forward. if you saw yellen's recent testimony where they think gdp1.7 and 1.8, they are completely discounted the trump stimulus effect. >> they don't believe it. >> they don't believe the impact of deregulation and tax cut and they have a different world view. how much do you think it depends on the actual -- wait to go see what happens, real action from the new administration? >> i struggle with this because the confidence can create the outcome, businesses start to increase on the promise. what i struggle with impediment has been consumer. it's not that the corporate sector has lacked cash to spend all of this time, they've had plenty of money.
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>> won assumer -- consumer at the end of the day wasn't pulling weight. >> before spend capital investment, they will love to see real growth. >> i love this guy. [laughter] maria: gdp and durable goods today. points coming out. it's a good one because it will tell us if people are spending on big-ticket items. gdp is interesting. 3.3%. we have been in a 2% economy. >> we are still looking at
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annualized. >> auto sales is a big impact and exports. we know those things are going away. higher rates will slow sales and the export thing where the dollar doing what it's doing, we are not going to get that lift. >> much more nervous as well on the dollar part. maria: the dollar is one issue for sure and the idea that we are going the see a bump in earnings, now a couple of different models. jpmorgan says 15% corporate tax rate, 26% for mid-cap companies, you're buying it? >> no. if you look at teskt i have tax rate is 26%. how do they get the number if their affected tax rate is 26. the plan is 20. i think longer term the prospects are fen -- fe
6:27 am
implementation of all the stuff they like and none of the protection rhetoric materializing, so i'm nervous. maria: okay. >> but optimistic. [laughter] >> look at the team he's putting together. they are biased towards action, getting things done, might surprised us all. >> the team includes congress. >> they don't have 60 votes.
6:28 am
they need to get tax reform done. it'll be interesting whether trump can do business tax reform and personal tax reform together. my feeling is they will just go for business tax reform. >> i think the question too is do the key party republicans demand some kind of offset. so it could end up being an arm wrest until the market. >> when obama tried to put rebusiness taxes in 25%, whether we wanted them lower or not he could not get the fiscal hawks to move. we still have the tea-party side that has to make sure that they feel fiscalically responsible. >> the divisions in the republican party. maria: great conversation. stephanie. >> thank you for liking that. [laughter] >> i love it. >> i'm a reasonable democrat. [laughter]
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maria: president-elect trump in the wake of the attack in berlin. national security concerns on the table next. plus more than 6 million part-time registering for obama as the president's term to a cle the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody. thank you so much for being was. i'm maria bartiromo, it is
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thursday december 22nd. top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the country's new leadership taking shape. president-elect trump appointing peter navarro for a key role in trade while naming billionaire investor carl icahn as special adviser. german authorities using anis amriri in the suspect as the truck attack. they tried to deport him in june but they failed to do so. the u.s. leading to new security concerns in the united states all of that led to new security concerns and step-up of security moves. former speaker of the house newt gringrich weighed in. >> refugees and immigrants in places like france, belgium, germany, you think there's a lesson there for america but the obama administration was incapable of learning it. maria: new fierce for muslim
6:33 am
registry in the country. 6million people turning to obamacare for health needs next year. what the sign-ups and the knew sign-ups mean for the future of exchange. snap, disney reaching a major social media deal, the company ice big plans as they team up with snapchat. markets this morning looking like this. that will likely set the tone for stock prices. we get the final read on third quarter gdp. 3.3 growth expected. durable goods is out. take a look at where we are this morning. back and filling on in this market. dow industrials expected to be down ten points at the opening of trade. fractional loss for major averages. once again the banks is the problem, italian bank in the brink of bail-out after failed to raise capital on this own. the italian government is not going to let the bank fail.
6:34 am
hang seng worst performer. why all american grace and alan threw a temper tantrum last night. we will give you the details. microscopic snowman. german authorities are search forking the suspect in christmas market attack in berlin while president-elect donald trump uses the strategy to argue for a muslim registry. watch. >> you know my plan all along. 100% correct. it's got to be stopped. maria: i want to bring in embassador john bolton, former u.s. embassador to united nations and fox news contributor. thank you so much for joining us. does this attack bolster the support of muslim registry in the united states, what's your
6:35 am
take on the idea? >> i think what the trump said during the campaign was that he wanted to focus particularly on applications for asylum from people coming with countries with high terrorist activity which strikes me as perfectly sensible. if somebody says they're coming from syria, you're entitled to vet them than somebody coming from iceland, i just think that's realistic. the tragedy in germany underlines a range of way that is in europe particularly their ability to control this flood of asylum seekers is completely broken down and i think there are lessons here for us that go beyond just how you screen people to let them in and who you let in in the first place. >> embassador, do you think there's any leverage that the new administration could deploy with european governments to get them to act more decisively on this. my experience when i was working
6:36 am
with david cameron in the uk had a tough position but frustrated with the lack of resolve with rest of europe, germany opening doors refugees, what can trump do to put pressure to handle this better? >> this is a clear example where little american leadership could go a long way. the european governments over and over again act like they are completely defensive. let's take the example of the individual accused of this attack in berlin, he apparently says he's tanasian, god, who he knows he is or not. tanasian says he's not one of ours. a lot of things that are out of control in europe, but i don't think they've seen any leadership from the united states on this subject in the past eight years and if there's a change there,ic they'll be a change in europe.
6:37 am
>> embassador, this is kat, a lot of the issues particularly here are people that doing this, they are not responsible at least yet. >> well, i don't know exactly what his plans are here. let's be clear. the first amendment does not protect conspiracy to murder people. you can say -- >> excuse me, you're talking about people based on religion. >> i'm not talking about registering. >> i'm not talking about registering based on religion. i'm talking about having the kind of vigorous investigative programs that new york city used to have under prior mayor that other state and local governments have that can be used to protect against efforts to engage in terrorist activities. as i say, you cannot use freedom of religion as a shield to commit terrorist acts any more
6:38 am
than you can use freedom of religion. >> i don't think anybody would say that's the case. >> i think they do. >> i think the keyword here, immigration, as you mentioned is not all about people coming in, it's integration, people here in america feeling part of something bigger than just their own religion or own culture. in europe, again, that's been handled so badly where you had the doctrine of multiculturalism that's agnostic of people not speaking the language of the country, not buying into the values of the country and going -- maria: there's no way that changes, embassador because they have open borders, that's what the euro is about? >> well, that's what part of the argument between britain and europe is about in terms of the brexit negotiations, that they want control of who gets in to britain. look, it's not just britain, elsewhere in europe. other countries in long path from turkey to greece to germany
6:39 am
after chancellor merkel allowed refugees. other countries board the burden of it. germany has a population of 80 million. she let in 14% of the total population is refugees. that would be like the united states admitting 3 million refugees from syria. that's the impact. maria: it is stark and it is significant and obviously she's trying to walk it back right now. i want to switch gears to russia particularly after yesterday's commentary, the kremlin said that the u.s. and russia ties are frozen. they are unsure about president-elect trump, how soon do you expect a thawing of this relationship under president-elect trump and what about the comment that is frozen, what went on? >> this is typical russian bargain. the obama administration came in
6:40 am
to reset the button and the russians do in every negotiation that i have been engaged with them, if you make a concession they put it in your pocket and say what do you have for me now. we gave them the suspension of missile defense program sites in poland and the check republic, we gave them strategic weapons treaty that was highly skewed in their favor. we allowed them to intervene in the middle east without any rebuff. we allowed them to take crimea and get involved in eastern ukraine with weak sanctions, it's no wonder now, what do you have for me next and ultimately the obama administration couldn't think of anything more to give them. whether that changes depends on how russia behaves. foreign policy should be determined on the national interest and how russia behaves will dictate how we treat them. >> embassador bolton, i'm an obama guy so i won't debate you on anything. i'm assuming you are up for
6:41 am
russia sanctions being reimplemented and being tough on sanctions where there's a lot of debate under the trump transition team whether they are for it and whether they are not for it? >> i think the sanctions that have been implemented so far have been worse than useless because they convinced the kremlin that they can get away with doing something. the use of military force to change international boundaries in europe. they're getting away with it and every indication as europeans are buckling once again. it leaves the incoming administration in a very unhelpful position and gives putin every incentive to test in the first 90 or a hundred days. >> to say they've been useless is ridiculous. maria: go ahead, embassador. what are you saying, embassador? >> the russian leadership doesn't care about the state of their economy, the way american politicians do and actually
6:42 am
putin has used the sanctions very effectively to say, see, all of our troubles are caused by the americans. and so it has increased his popularity, increased the strength of regime inside russia. that's how authoritarian regimes act. maria: he had to do something when oil was crashing and the economy was crashing, he just decide today insert himself in the syrian conflict. >> well, the economic difficulties that russia is having internally and they -- they have nothing to do with the sanctions, they have to do with the crash of oil. maria: he's having a major crisis in the count i. he has to look like the tough guy who saves the country by inserting himself in syria. >> russian troops on the ground for the middle east for the first time in 450 -- 50 years.
6:43 am
maria: john bolton there, mickey mouse, the deal that will bring disney shows to the app. building the world's smallest snowman. tinny frost that should melt your heart. we will continue to watch dow 20,000. back in a minute. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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maria: welcome back, let's check markets here. we are seeing back and filling this market toward the march toward 20,000 on the dow industrials. a couple of names we are watching, johnson & johnson to acquire swiss company, it bowed ut of the bidding for the company but now the journal is reporting that the deal could value as much as $30 billion. we are keeping an eye on honda motors, in talks with alphabet, google company.
6:47 am
the deal if it goes through honedra will test software in its vehicles and that's an alphabet company. the business backlash continues this morning in north carolina after lawmakers repeal bathroom bill in special legislative session. lauren simonetti. lauren: the law requires transgender people that corresponds to sex on birth certificates. the nba even moved all-star game out of north carolina. well, according to some estimates this law has caused the tar heel state at least $630 million in lost business. the obama administration push to get more people to sign up for health insurance under obamacare before president obama leaves office, that appears to be working. it says about 6.4 million consumers signed up for coverage for 2017, 400,000 more than last
6:48 am
year. increase comes as president-elect donald trump has vowed to replace obamacare with his own version of a healthcare law. disney is now making shows for snapchat and the first show is watch party. it's a recap series for abc's bachelor, it starts january 3rd, snap, the parent of snapchat, will run 3 to 5 minutes, so they are short, it can be seen in snapchat's discover session. the app started as a way for teens to send photos and look at this, it is evolved into a major entertainment platform and finally the world's smallest snowman is serusly tinny, in fact, it's microscopic, this guy was built in a lab, 3-microns tall how small is that, a human hair, one human hair is thicker. i think the point is here, it
6:49 am
seems like the holidays get bigger every year, maria, at least more hectic, the little guy is even getting smaller, the world's smallest snowman. keep it in perspective, right? maria: there we go. you were wondering about the story on the snowman was. >> i still don't understand it. >> why someone would do that with their time. >> my boys are dukies. maria: coming up, temper tantrum. we will tell you what went on and what went down. icy swing gone wrong. he learned it the hard way. back in a minute
6:50 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, drama in
6:53 am
the ncaa, one player forced to have early night. jared: what is going on with alan, for the first time since february, alan intentionally tripped a player on the opposing team. last night late first half, defending steven of elon when santa ana drove by him and allen tripped the player, look at that. technical foul, one for which alan went on baddie on the shrines. he didn't start the second half either but he did get to come back into the game. that's a bad thing he did tonight but the fact that then we had to be dye extracted by it all and his team that haded to it. that's what he's really down about it. he can't believe he did that. he would die for his team. he let his team down and that's
6:54 am
what hurts him. elliot of the cowboys didn't get fined. maria: and then the one about the cleats. jared: odell beckham, jr., if he would be the one who jumped in the kettle, he would be find. he has been fined for wearing cleats, tribute to reporter craig seger who died last week, cleats to be donated to auction to raise money for sager strong, the charity. beckham, jr. revealed he was fined $18,000 by the league. salvation army, sager strong fighting cancer, no. beckham and the giants kick off week 16, if the giants beat the eagles they clinch the playoffs. the same one over and over. i can watch it and still laugh.
6:55 am
two days ago i saw this at golfer tries to play on frozen hazard, immediately regrets it. [laughter] jared: because he's okay, we can laugh about it. maria: that looks like it hurts. ouch, ouch. [laughter] >> oh, my gosh. jared: how do you explain to whoever is watching that on the outside. maria: you know that hurt. i looked like that hurt. should we get back to this duke story? >> yes. my two boys go to duke. i'm a dukey through them. i love coach cay. he should be suspended.
6:56 am
maria: what are you 8 year's old? on odell, i'm a patriots guy. don't get me going there. maria: it's okay he jumped in the kettle but when you raise -- wear sneakers to raise money for cancer. >> you think it was another deflate game? maria: good sports stories today, jared. jared: the one with duke -- >> kinder gadden that you need to address with your 8-year-old child. maria: go stand in the corner. >> he did it twice in february.
6:57 am
jared: and he apologized. you know what george burns would have said if he was here, goodnight, grayson. maria: goodnight, grayson. good stuff, jared, go to serius xm. that's next, next hour with mornings with maria. back in a minute afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: did morning. morning. thank you for being with us. we are happy you are here. your top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president elect donald trump's plan to create jobs in america. two new people will help shape the economic policies. speemac there are now more republican state legislators. is a move kept in the senate, we've kept the house. the primary battle cry is
7:01 am
anti- trump and that is a road to be in a minority for a long time. the trump transition team just announcing the kelly and conway will become a counselor to the president. a manhunt continues man hunt continues for a tunisian migrant. anis amir has been on the radar for months in the wake of this attack the u.s. now ramps up security especially ahead of new year's eve celebrations. prices could threaten economic stability. and then self driving cars on the biggest trends in the auto sector this year. were taking a look at what to expect. in market this morning a busy day on the economic calendar. we are waiting
7:02 am
lead. 3.3% growth is expected. right now futures are indicating a lower opening. markets are still under pressure. italian bankers on the brink of a bailout. in asia overnight market will change. the ultimate bedtime story. all of the stores are coming up this morning. a lot is happening this morning. kelly and conway was named counselor to the president.
7:03 am
>> he trust her. she shows a great judgment over the past year. you bring some of your smartest people that you trust around you. it's really great news and really important because you can't underestimate the pressure of the bureaucracy in the usual ways of doing things just into in the way of the fica shakeup. their real allies in that fight. it's great news that she is there. she is actually inside the west wing. >> is a lot to see. there's a lot of personalities in that group. will talk more about this. detroit free press is here.
7:04 am
you don't want to miss a moment of it. onto the breaking is the transition team announcing moment ago the kellyann conway will become a counselor to the president. i am pleased that she will be part of my senior team in the west wing. good to see. we expecting her to join the inside. i'm not sure it's inside. steve bannon is the senior advisor in the political wisemen right now in the trump regime if you are the question is how does kellyann conway fit in. she is a business and especially focused on women and how they can relate to women.
7:05 am
will she play a similar role or a different role. have a very strong sense that they work very well together as a team. i think the basic mission for both of them is to be the people that says and remind him of the policies. >> the difference here is that she really does had kids is not a game i experience that working in the uk government. when you work for the president of the nine states and i'll think there's a real workout life balance.
7:06 am
>> on top of the peter and the barrow will barrel will lead the new he talked about what matters to americans. >> what matters to the american people in this moment is to getting back to work and getting a decent wage. this is the show for business in a minute tell you and the american people the donald trump has the best plan for growth. maria: and he has been very critical of china. what is your sense of how he will approach this new role on the trade council.
7:07 am
i heard from say the other day. one of the celebration rallies. i think that's a very clear so what is he do. then you suggest he wants to do something about the current manipulation. there is very little reality. and secondly when you talk about cutting taxes that really doesn't compare it to that of france and in wages between american workers in a worker in mexico much less china. they had been taking advantage of the u.s. and taking the upper hand for years. remember when obama went there.
7:08 am
getting people in these positions to say to china were not just gonna do whatever you want. i don't think you're talking only to the chinese though. you're talking to american corporate leaders and you're saying to them that if you decide at your bottom line can improve by moving elsewhere don't do it. i bet he doesn't do it. >> if you look at modern manufacturing. they would really like to be closer to the manufacturing. actually if you nudge them in the right direction and i don't think the tariffs had to be huge to make that happen. i totally disagree. getting into a tariff war
7:09 am
you're putting forward a strongman. you can have an intelligence response that is better than doing whatever china wants. we don't at all. that's just inaccurate. maria: why do you say that. there is espionage probably going all over the world that you and i don't know about. with respect to our country there is anyone who would rather do business in the u.s. and be in the u.s. and have their company in the u.s. around the globe. with the best people to be -- best place to be. her deficit has gone way down.
7:10 am
why are we always on the losing end of the trade deals. because we are consumer driven country and we buy things. they want to sell to america. and were losing money on it. when you compare where we are versus everyone else it's hard to make a comparison. at the end of the day is just not equal comparisons. a lot of this is apples and oranges. the coal industry is in decline. the guy is devastated.
7:11 am
but relatively small changes in the regulatory regime would actually help them. you can have one coalminer for what used to take ten years ago. that's just not gonna change. there is a demand for coal today. i felt kind of disgusted that we were approving it. but i always believed i can't be more onerous than the epa itself. most banks -- banks would not have approved it. there is a lot more to this coal industry. i think for years now we've have this despairing entity. it's all discontent.
7:12 am
which attorney we to turn these things to our advantage. i'm all for training people. it's closer to 10%. but we know that. were talking about numbers. we use the standard measure of unemployment in this country forever. >> it was almost 17% if you use that. i think you guys should go and stop talking down america. most people haven't seen their wages move in 20 years.
7:13 am
that is a really important thing. the medium income even with the increase of in the happen last year as a lower than in 1999. imagine if you have a historical memory of what happened in this country. what have you done to fix it. it's good to be the recovery. you're getting smashed on twitter right now. how about men with kids.
7:14 am
did you just mention her four kids. why do you have a problem with a woman of four kids. >> answer her on twitter. back in a minute.
7:15 am
7:16 am
welcome back.
7:17 am
it already engulfed at least hundred 40 buildings. now it is threatening hundreds of others. this fire apparently started at a ramen shop about a hundred 60 miles from tokyo. it quickly spread to more than hundred 40 buildings along with 50 mile-per-hour wind gust. adjusted to interested two minor juries. they are evacuating hundreds of homes in the area. the prime suspect remains at large this morning. the sky 24-year-old anis amir was behind the wheel of a truck that plodded to a christmas market in berlin. injury injuring 48 others. they tried to deport him the revelation that he had been allowed to stay in the country despite the investigation got concern about the lax immigration policy.
7:18 am
they claim responsibility for that attack. but it's still unclear if he has direct ties to the terror group. with express concerns of a possible lone wolf attack. the new year's eve celebration in times square summit people show up for that. they did say there is no information to indicate a specific credible threat. fox news has also learned that two americans were hurt --dash hurt in that berlin attack. the other person is still in the hospital. they're calling out the pharmaceutical community. they released a new report that compared the drug industry to hedge fund specifically mentoring those of pharmaceuticals and that hiked the price of a life-saving into infection
7:19 am
drug. the report says congress should increase competition by allowing generic drugs to market. during the campaign donald trump a promise to remove the barriers to get drugs from overseas. detroit it's gonna be good to be home to the world's first combination i have applebee's restaurant. it will seat 300 people it opens in stores next year. you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner and a gourmet coffee bar all at the same time. i am assuming it will have long hours as well. >> just turn it into a day trip. i love ihop. a guilty pleasure. the new, like this new combination. a possible bailout for the world's oldest bank.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
maria: transitioning into 2017. the future is now with every day electric car cars that talk to one another. exciting the industry. mark, good to see you. everything will be technology in our parts.
7:24 am
tells about what the candlelight will look like. one of the most interesting things that will happen will be the cadillac. they can talk to each other. eventually to link all the cars if there is one of those ghastly pileups that you hear about the cars will realize that there is trouble i have slowdown and pullover. even traffic lights, and trains. all talking to each other to make things -- make sure things run more smoothly. they give gives the car behind the signal that something's arrive.
7:25 am
when enough cars are equipped with the system they can share all of this information i think a lot of people it's to hear would hear this and say this is a little scary. what is a data show in terms of the safety of this kind of thing versus human driving as it were. there is no data get because is just about to go into its first real-world testing. they apply the brakes when they realize an accident is imminent. and those seem to be pretty good. there is always things that malfunction. if something goes wrong. mark, it feels like this is almost always on steroids.
7:26 am
it is crowdsourcing, traffic information and specifically traffic information that is on your roof. and it can be very helpful. i have to say because a drone company measure we are working on traffic patterns using drowns you will have the traffic patterns in front of you you would know when you're operating the drum. we would predict where you are going and then it will be able to come down on fox radio and see it. this will be a lot of competition on traffic because the truth is people put it on the radio. what's the impact. what i want to know is in terms of what the cars knows about you and what you're doing if there's an accident in the car has microphones and everything that's going on
7:27 am
within the car and that's can be given to the insurance company how does the impact if you're going to get insurance. all of this is connected. they can become connected and it's a bunch of really interesting questions that are not fully sorted out yet. one of the things that they will probably have the opportunity to do is to check off how much information there insurance company can get about how they drive when they drive. and if all of your driving has a pretty safe pattern. you get a break. they are already doing this the new technologies will enable more of that but they should be privacy safeguards built into it. they need to tell us in advance where the african pot holes are.
7:28 am
every time you come in the city i think boston had an experiment where your mobile phone if it went over for a pothole it would report it to the city authorities. the suspension can tell you someone just blew a tire. very fascinating stuff and this is not 20 years. this is in 2017. we should all get ready for that. great insight. thank you so much. apple making big changes for the iphone. they're already calling it a ferrari of phones.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
maria: welcome back. it's thursday december 22. good morning to you. breaking news of this morning. kellyann conway will become a counselor to the president. president. she is moving to dc. president-elect donald trump continues to take meetings while in florida. german authorities had identified him as a suspect in the berlin truck attack. they admitted that they tried
7:32 am
it to deport him back in june but they failed to do so. the new security concerns now in the united states. >> the american people in part voted for him because they felt that the liberals did not had any solution and they wanted somebody that could be honest objectively. about the viciousness of our opponents and trump was willing to knock aside all of the political correctness and describe reality in a way that the average person sees every night on television. >> the new fear pushing president-elect donald trump. raising new questions about century cities in the united states. markets this morning on economic and they watch. we will get the final reader. it's out in one hour.
7:33 am
it's backing into filling here as it does approach 20,000. as the banking sector leading the way. italian bank on the brink of a bell out. the markets there fractionally down. also fractional moves. the worst performer it was down a tenth of 1%. the souped-up iphone plan that y have been aked. until technology takes storytime. it looks to brighten up bedtime reading. an attack on the berlin christmas market. it is raising concerns and other parts of europe in here at home in the u.s. this comes after details emerge that german authorities already knew of a suspect before this attack. but they failed to take action. steve, chancellor merkel is
7:34 am
facing the system. for them to settle in europe. she deserves everything she is getting. what she did there which i know a lot of people had described as generosity. she's doing something that was a generous act what she was doing and i think was an act of personal identity. she wanted to be seen as this great compassionate leader opening the countries i think it's normal to feel bad for these people. see mick but. >> but we don't know who they are. i don't know that she would do it for only selfish reasons. shoestring to send a message about who she was in her legacy and what germany is. it's incredibly irresponsible not just in germany and the germany security as we have seen what that created was an
7:35 am
incentive for people to leave. many other governments did not want her to do it and there were other ways of meeting that compassionate desire to help people in terrible distress. creating a safe sounds. she did to that and she didn't consider those actions even though the upper -- other governments were arguing for that to happen. they push to head britain leave the european union. you can't control your borders. that's the whole point. in one country like germany says come to germany that means they actually end up going to the whole of the european union. they lost control of their own immigration policy. do you think that's part of the reason president obama also got criticized for the
7:36 am
end of the term going into the election. the migration process in the u.s. is very different than the euro zone. it's open passports in the euro zone. in the u.s. the vetting process takes a year and a half to two years for someone to come over. it doesn't happen overnight. there is a real difference between the two. and when obama was talking about the number of people we were taking it it is a smaller number than what is going through. many of these people were on visas that they overstayed or that they were able to get. >> there's no question we have to look at visa policy. in some ways were too onerous there's gonna be a lot of discussion with homeland security and the best way forward. we had have a tight process in the u.s. versus the rest of the world.
7:37 am
with respect to what you're saying about being compassionate we need a global agreement with how were going to deal with serious -- syrian refugees. it's just difficult to take place. i'm not that smart on foreign-policy stuff but we need a wholesale answer to this. i think you're right. you have to look at every aspect including the root causes of what's going on in our own policy fillers that have led to this. it isn't just about immigration. it's about people who are already here. and the way in which people self radicalize based on things they read and they do not assimilate into the country. that is done disaster disaster
7:38 am
blatant in europe. mid to make sure that we don't end up like those situations. if communities that are completely separate. and some that are no go zones. the registration that they're talking about is an incredibly slippery slope. there are other ways to makere e patient is safe. >> if you don't know actually who they are and where they come from in their chain of history that you don't let them in. i would probably not call it extreme vetting i would call it appropriate vetting. we do that. we have a tough vetting process and i think that when the president and his team goes into office it will be interesting where they will
7:39 am
see the change take place. jeh johnson has in a really good job on this which is why we had been safer than that. the administration was telling the agents don't look at the social profile. where we really doing extreme vetting. i will just tell you as someone who has hosted it. they were looking for a lot of different things. i'm not so sure. president-elect donald trump has vowed to tackle this. he is setting the stage. what about that. what can the president-elect president elect do to force them to abandon their practice of harboring illegal immigrants. this is a story that has gone on for years that's all they can really do.
7:40 am
the federal government can't force local law enforcement agencies to work for them. >> i just hope it doesn't get to that. i really don't think it would be great if one of the first thing that happens in the new administration is the massive confrontation between the federal government and cities. there ought to be room for compromise. everyone would agree that it's unreasonable to disrupt families and throw people out of the country no one would want to see that happen. when you have violent criminals repeatedly releasing into the community i also think no one would want that. our presidents deported more immigrants based on what has
7:41 am
happened in the sense of violence i would agree. we have to differentiate between criminals and non- criminals. campuses around the country. a lot of the campuses are saying that there to protect their students i agree there is a difference between someone doing criminal act and someone going through a red light. >> in terms of the universities can they protect illegals and break the law. if there is something that comes in from the federal government on the property than they have to aligned with what the federal government says. >> this is really an interesting storyline. one of the key platforms was has promised to drain the swamp. he said things have changed. watch. i'm told he now disclaims that. it was cute but he doesn't want to use that anymore.
7:42 am
he is in a different role now. maybe he feels is the next president of the nine states that he should be more dignified than talking about alligators and swamps. it's really weird intervention. it sounds like he's talking about not the actual intent to do something about this and systematic corruption. it doesn't make any sense. i don't understand why he's talking about it. i think you should let president-elect come in january 20 whenever it is and set his own pace and not worry that much about the rhetoric beforehand. coming up next.
7:43 am
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welcome back. one man's -- one moms idea to project stories on the wall making reading more fun for kids. moonlight world founder and adventure. natalie, good to see you. it's on your phone right now. it's a pretty simple device. uses the flashlight of your phone to project on the wall. and it would open up the app
7:47 am
and turn on the flash. and eliminates eliminates even start projecting. it's super fun for the kids. all you need is the ceiling or the wall. >> tell me the story of how you came up with the idea? >> i have a daughter four years old and i'm a pretty big reader and she wasn't as inter- reading into reading as i would like her be. we made up entire puppets. from that i kind of looked online if i could find anything and i didn't. and it is great for getting books back and exciting for kids. they would make money on the licensing fees.
7:48 am
did you do a lot of prototypes in testing. i have my first prototype in hand. from there there had been slight changes to get to where i am now. now it is ready for production. that would be the number one title. by the new year well had 5200. we are on kick starter right now. well have a bunch of titles available. do you have to have deals with the movies and partnerships in order to get the stories on that to get on your phone. some of the bigger titles we had right now meaning that they are available for recreation we have re- illustrated and rewritten and
7:49 am
those are some of the bigger ones. it's kind of the classic fairy tales. there are some good titles coming in. what a great idea. check it out. a new role in the west ring. -- west wing. how kellyann conway will help donald trump when he takes the white house next month.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
breaking news earlier this hour we told you kellyann conway will join the trump administration. it's called counselor to the president.
7:53 am
i am pleased that she will be part of my senior team in the west wing. kelly good to see. congratulations. i know for a little while you weren't sure if you are you're going to go into the west wing or operate helping donald trump on the outside. just a figure out where my best and highest use was. pushing through his agenda and his nominees. at the same time it's pretty humbling to be asked by the president to continue to serve in a senior role. i am familiar with them in there to support them. i look very much forward to serving. why was this attractive to you after turning down press
7:54 am
secretary. we will have a fabulous press secretary to be announced soon. at the same time i had experience doing other things as well. and certainly with communications so we will see with the portfolio includes. can you compare this to the role that valerie jarrett played. karen hughes was counsel to the president. they did a meeting --dash amazing jobs. i can only aspire to be like any of the three of them. valerie jarrett is someone that has reach out to me several times in recent weeks
7:55 am
including two days ago with a lengthy conversation and she has been inviting me into the west wing. and talk to people there. we are all very grateful for the way that they were there. they had embraced all of us. it's important to speak to the people in this country who have been there. this is going to be a big change. i want us to be as least disruptive as possible for my children. i know it will be a family-friendly white house. this is a family guy. he understands and really respects the fact that i have a feeling as well i have a job to do with long hours and many responsibilities but like every other woman out there this is not new. people juggle these responsibilities every single
7:56 am
day we're talking with juan williams. how she can. everybody was like why she can't do it. so what she'll be working like that. >> i would say i don't play golf and i don't have a mistress so i have a lot of time that a lot of these other men don't. i see people on the weekend. that is our right. the kids will be with me. they come first. everybody has to do what is best for their family. there is a lot to way. and my children are 128 and seven. i certainly hope that we can continue the conversation as a nation about the balance that many men and women face.
7:57 am
i think having an open conversation has been very healthy. we will have a semi- fantastic to think about rich in experience. i reverted my gaze. this has to be a pay cut. can you give us a sense of where things stand for the other positions. we have a great meeting with president-elect. along short list. in the veterans administrationhe of course. it's very important to get this right. the east and the west are mine.
7:58 am
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maria: good thursday morning i am maria bartiromo, thanks so much for joining us today it is thursday december 22, your top stories 8:00 on the east coast breaking news this morning, 2 trump transition namely announcing kellyanne conway will will be counselor to the president, the move coming as president-elect trump continues to take meetings. as to latest developments out of berlin authorities identifying suspect in the truck attack, anis amri is his name, they tried to deport him in june, they failed to do so now u.s. government, is issuing a warning ahead of new year's eve celebrations all details stepped up security coming up, plus controversy on a delta flight to tell you
8:01 am
about, a youtube star known for pranks, sis he was kicked off delta flight because speaking arabic on the phone we tell you details coming up a video of the deadly officer shooting in georgia. >> -- it is my -- -- >> stop. snoot very latest developments coming up, markets this morning, economic calendar waiting object on gdp out in about 30 minutes final of the third quarter expected 3.3% growth durable goods up as weekly jobless claims markets have come off the lows we are actually seeing some buyers into the market, looking at lower opening it really is more flat than down. in europe, market under pressure this more than particularly bank stocks italian bank monte dei paschi an brink of a bailout after it
8:02 am
fails to raise cal on its own asia overnight market little changinged -- hang seng in hong kong down 8/10 of 1%, white christmas is coming to americans, blizzard like conditions hit pacific northwest and plain states the north pole facing record-high temperatures, we will tell you about a maserati rolls out first suv we will have one live on the plaza later this hour, check out these hot wheels, all to say stories coming up joining me to talk about it "national review" reporter fox news contributor, fox news contributor steve here outside advisor to president obama fox news contributor robert wolf great to see you -- >> interesting conversation. >> great interview -- i love what she said about the family friendly who ite house. >> i love that, too. >> by the way -- i don't play golf -- >> very cool.
8:03 am
>> it was school a lot to talk about, and that announcement as well, we will talk with trump campaign manager strategist party -- corey lewandowski is here. >> top maserati to show you stuart varney will weigh in don't miss a moment to kick off this hour the recognition team announcing new posts this morning kellyanne conway was announced to be taking a job within the white house, president-elect trump takes on china, blake burman has very latest in washington, blake, good morning to you. reporter: hi, maria good morning to you as well kellyanne conway the campaign manager credited with leading donald trump, across the election finish line, and now her role in the next administration, has been defined. the president-elect announcing this morning that conway will become the counselor to the president. conway saying on this very show moments ago she flishl turned down the press secretary job but new roll will continue to advise
8:04 am
mr. trump, and work on the administration legislative priorities. >> it is pretty humbling to be asked by president to continue to serve in senior role it is also important to me as to who the rest of the senior team is i am familiar with them support them the great work they have done in transition. reporter: mr. trump announcing yesterday two key economic roles peter navarro to lead what will become new reformed white house national trade council will focus on trade negotiations navarro has been very statench critic of china trade policy there is carl icahn an arable part in administration billionaire investor a special advisor to the president on regulatory are each of them. >> latest there joining us right now to talk more about this former interest campaign manager strategies partner corey.
8:05 am
>> thanks for joining us. >> merry christmas. >> to you what do you make of recent edition to say the president-elect team can you characterize how you see this new leadership taking hold? >>shire i think what you see with kellyanne conway who i think is a about fantastic person to add to this administration, is someone who has the opportunity to go directly to the president to make sure that he is getting the best advice possible, kellyanne conway has been someone known the president a long time, has a long established relationship with him he values that type of input if you look at people that the president-elect is putting around him is the people that he has known and experts in their field, look at carl icahn look at a anybody of positions he filled out in cabinet these are very, very best country has to offer going to be successful. >> are you going to communication job. >> i am not going to do that very, very happy the privilege of work forget president-elect
8:06 am
during the campaign 18 months i think that i would like to have the opportunity now, is to help bring some of that change to washington but to do it from the outside of the administration. and really, look, he has a massive agenda he needs to get through congress, if he is going to be successful, i want to help on the outside coordinate those activities, and make sure that people who are with his agenda have a voice and make sure that we can encourage those people in congress to move his agenda forward. >> corey it is roberting a congratulations on new move perform for putting the -- meeting together surprising to see happen i think each was glad it happened. tell us about your new firm is it a lobbying firm? >> i know that with all this you know nervousness about access. >> designed to be two things i
8:07 am
think a comparative swang in kwhit comes to candidates seeking office in competitive primaries look at electoralman 2018 number of senators particularly on democratically side up for reelection we want to make sure that those republicans that are going to be running, are going to be sporting president donald trump agenda political consulting with those candidates who support the trump agenda help them get to congress be successful to move the president's agenda forward that is first thing, second thing what we know changes coming to washington, a a number of corporations are going to be involved with decisions and hopefully, we are going to reduce the amount of government burden that these have to go through, reduce the burden on small businesses, but the biggest issue that we hear from a corporations is that only talk to government can't get a fast answer businesses don't have to luxury of waiting for the government year after year after year to give them a answer if we can be successful in bringing that change to washington, about those when stream lines government allowings corporations to better understand what rules
8:08 am
and regulations are in a quicker manner that is where i think we can be -- >> you didn't answering will you be doing lobbying. >> i will not be registered lobbyist i have been very clearest about that if a client if wire fortune enough to get clients, we will be happy to refer them to people who will be registered lobbyist i will not be a registered lobbyist forward. >> i want to go something robert brought up your business pattern said you brokered a meeting between president-elect trump and carlos slim what is your role in fostering this relationship why did you find that to be an important meeting to set up? >> my opportunity there was i had privilege of meeting with carlos slim he is obviously, a very successful individual, and i think if we can bring our countries's relationships better, you know donald trump has already been to mexico met with president he was a candidate for office talked about need to make sure that working together, the jobs,
8:09 am
renegotiating trade deals so that american worker has every advantage america first most important thing but if you look at the individual donald trump meeting with bill gates, carlos slim, knows a lot of -- we have seen him meet with silicon valley skusts making sure america is put configurement that our economy is growing not just 1% or 2% that it has been but 3, 4, and 5% if that means making investments, in our countries foreiggovernments donald trump has already negotiated a deal with 50 billion dollars going to be invested in 50,000 new jobs that will be put here in the united states with outside investment agency that is what donald trump does he brings people together, for the good of the country this is one of those people. >> is carlos slim ready for redo of nafta. i don't speak for carlos slim but i think we know from donald trump that he is going to look at trade deals not swannous to american people
8:10 am
telling to put on table that is what people elected him to do take a look at the way washington works turn it upside down work for american people for a change not others. >> corey good to see you from what you described this role that you created here is going to be incredibly important case having been inside government trying to he think which a things i know you just can't do it out from within you need support from outside, sounds to me what you are talking about is really mob blooizing the movement that you created during the campaign and furnishing that into something real, for years down the road to help achieve the agenda that you campaigned for does that sound like your plan? >> you are exactly right great to see you, too, you know better than anybody the importance of the grassroots, activities particularly when you have a big issue like in ex[it like we have with donald trump, donald trump created a movement that was outside of the traditional republican party democratic party give a a voice to people who haven't had a voice a long time we manhattan to make sure those
8:11 am
people continue to have a voice his agenda for these facilitatored in congress we want to make sure american people can continue to be heard that can be brought to washington to say we want fundamental wholesale when aing if we can help on outside, coalesce that bring that together and bring that power the power of the american people to washington, washington forgot about american people they can't forget anymore we are want to be part of the forefront making sure that the trump agenda is accomplished, only way to do that from the outside. >> good to see you thanks so much we will be watching the developments. >> thank you. >> coming up next another round every winter weather the country in time for christmas weekend, if you are flying home for holidays -- delta defending itself from removing a youtube star from a flight the internet celebrity is claiming the airline is racist. back in a minute. your insurance company won't replace
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and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. . maria: incredible video capturing tense moments before two georgia police officers were fatally shot lauren simonetti with details. lauren: i want to warn you, and viewers this video is is disturbing the video shows officers responding to a domestic disturbance call they
8:15 am
shot suspect going out the backdoor give chase called out for him to stop, video ends with a allowed gunshot, police say he shot them, found dead next day from apparent gunshot wound. >> delta not backing down airlines doing hot water had youtube star -- he rejected from their flight as at the airport was kicked off because speaking arabic to his mom on the phone, delta say -- the cabin with shouting. >> wicked weather in southern california, causing misery for travelers at lax los angeles and flights delayed as long as
8:16 am
two hours, the holiday travel the problem was so bad some planes had to circle the airport there was no room to land, some diverted to other airports, speaking of weather part of u.s. could see severe thunderstorms in time for christmas the system will bring snow wind ice to the north, and rain and thunderstorms further south, i'm sorry about that. north pole this is crazy temperatures at north pole expected to soar into 20s today, 50 degrees warmer than normal. wow. finally one very a decorating contest at office to the extreme this season complete with not one but two, snow a
8:17 am
week stockings a sign that says merry christmas i don't know about you maria but hollywood -- holiday parties coming back more festive in general. maria: . >> that is -- there, thanks lauren the deadly terrorist attack on berlin christmas market raising concerns at home ahead of holidaalibaba on list we have it for you next back in a moment. this is more than just a credit card. it's how adventure begins. and with the miles you can earn, it's always taking you closer to your next unforgettable experience.
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maria: we are monitoring the latest developments on the a
8:21 am
christmas marketed attack in berlin, german authorities reportedly failing to deport suspected fugitive that drove the truck as far back as june the suspect identified as anis amri, was reportedly a serious act of violence subversion. >> former cia covert operations officer, thanks for joining us here why was this man not deported in june. >> well, it wasn't case german authorities didn't know about him it was literally because they were having sort of a diplomatic argument between german authorities and tune shap authoritie-- tunisian auth over fact he didn't have identity papers you can't prove the courts didn't want him back arrested numerous times in tunisia including for armed robbery before he fled to italy where he then was arrested convicted served prison time, then could be
8:22 am
expelled from italy fled to germany a year and a half ago, and since then has been operating under a variety of aliases, including third country aliases, jrm authorities knew about him knew had arrested him earlier in the year then let him go, he applied for asylum it was refused asylum that is where it kind of fell apart. maria: how come he didn't have they continue find initial papers. >> he did not -- not have, dropped those a long time ago, but this guy this is a -- you could have a case study, of how things could go wrong, on multiple levels. maria: right. >> human error in terms of those law enforcement intelligence issues archaic laws created through eu elsewhere allows something like this to happen this case will be a perfect case study.
8:23 am
>> i don't understand how they still are not found this guy how is that possible? >> well, it is possible because, you know he is operating likely within a network of friends and supporters, and, you know, he is he learned how to take advantage of the system. and we talk about this, you know, and sometimes people roll eyes the truth is that islamic jihadists just in general people looking to do us harm they know how to use the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy, and we value and treasure turn those against is summon like amri does in germany previous to that italy taking advantage of -- he was caught -- a communications intercept self-months ago to carry out a suicide attack at the germans felt they didn't have enough
8:24 am
to arrest him now that he is on the reason i german police are still down by incredibly privacy laws they couldn't release his full name because of privacy laws they had to blur his picture released a picture of him after they identified him a problem we are dealing with in eu kind of direction we have been going here people you know in between, attacks, usually going to attack you -- tighten up everybody says we need security but when there is a lull when a period of time we all get distracted all tired of it, you know what happens we think well we need civil liberties back -- effort is ridiculous oppressive the truth is we got to keep finding that balance between the security, and the civil liberties. >> seems to me that this kind of bureaucratic bungling in this case keeps happening every time we have an attack, on watch list authorities are
8:25 am
aware, we saw it here with the boston attack where one bit of law enforcement knew that the others didn't do anything about it, feels like, the focus of our efforts has been about mass surveillance information on absolutely everybody whereas have detailed information about real suspects nothing seems to be done that is a fair characterization it feels like we're not handling it right. >> right, well, you are absolutely right to feel that way steve, you are pointing to sort of the holy grail of counterterrorism, how do you take, massive amounts of data, this misinformation flying from all different directions human sources communication whatever it maybe how do you pull out actionable intelligence leads pull out what you can actually take to the street pick somebody up. and, you know, some say we are better at it now than five years ago 10 years ago human
8:26 am
process never going to be perfect but part of the problem it is not just okay why can't one aggregation communicate with another agency, part of the problem is above that part of the problem is a political issue part of the problem is how you share information, what is allowed in privacy laws framework what we consider to be you know, free and fair civil liberties and yet, still maintain security. as an example there are restrictions on what you can share with other agencies. you've got to prove a certain he level that is white we should have checks and balances but we're not good reviolation of the lawing the issue not good at saying is a is this flag right for current conditions. >> we leave there it great to have you insight as always thanks so much. >> mike baker there. >> orders for committee substitute live at, dr. center ahead of the holiday push shock of shame alibaba on eshamerica's notorious shopping black list we have
8:27 am
the gdp number for you back in a minute.
8:28 am
8:29 am
. maria: welcome back happy thursday thanks much being with us us i am maria bartiromo it is thursday december 22, your top stories 7:30 am on the east coast it is a busy day on economic calendar, big numbers about to take in 30 seconds about third quarter gdp expected up . %, durable good orders expected down 4.7% weekly jobless
8:30 am
claims expected to come in 256,000 for the week we will bring numbers the moment they hit the tape even if i have to interrupt this read the news coming as business man prepares to take over oval office trump transition team takes shape announcing this morning kellyanne conway will will become counselor to the president i spoke with kellan last hour about that role. >> -- political superstructure group is incredibly important to help the president pushing through legislative agenda cabinet nominees ultimately supreme court nominee but at the same time, it is humbling, to be asked by the president to continue to serve in a key role, and also important to me as to who the rest of the senior team is i am familiar with them support them the great work they have done in the transition, and i look very much forward to serving. >> better than expected gdp 3.5% is the number, this is a final reading for the third quarter gdp we were expecting 3. %, we got 3.5% take a look at markets right away, impact,
8:31 am
on markets we pretty much flat the number we have not seen much movement there on the gdp number at 3.5%, durable-goods orders we told you expected to be down 4.7%, that is better than expected down 4.6%, november durable goods. we are not seeing much reaction in markets this morning, and there you see jobless claims 275,000, all numbers hitting the tape right now reaction, here to the gdp, robert wolf with us this morning, 3.5%. >> -- noninventory reinvigorating 2% for the year more importantly we spoke about earlier, is that you know yellen's predictions for next year 1.71.8 three rate rises, not -- completely what the trump -- can do with respect to to the fiscal change going to make on taxes so -- she you know i think yellen is making a statement
8:32 am
that she doesn't think it will get done in the first year or have a big impact. and, you know, i would like to think she is going to be wrong on that. >> looking for 3 1/2 to 4% growth steve, economic plans really start taking effect, that is the 50% corporate tax rate rollback of rates. >> one of the xee factors whether you are going to have a confidence effect even before the things start to take real -- impact whether companies and consumers are going to responded anticipating, kind of progrowth agenda being implemented, and itching one of the biggest questions. >> as. >> different behavior. >> and confidents, we have seen it already so far i guess depends on how soon he acts on these sorts of things easier now as far as the president, but already started, you know kind of. >> corporations will be nervous about starting big capex, new spend until they
8:33 am
get a feel that some can get passed, there is a high likelihood he will pick one or two things simpl obama he will get passed in the first year or two. you know, business tax reform maybe something immigration, those ll probably two biggest things i think you know, a high likelihood will pass. >> i am glad you mentioned that we have been seeing a recession in terms of those business spending where the weakness in 24 has been not necessarily consumer the fact businesses sitting on cash, on unwilling to put o money to work not sure around turn the regulatory environment squeezing them. >> both regulations, we have low gdp around the world. we are the highest on 2%, around the globe it is -- it is slowing environment. we don't know what the rising rate environment increasing dollar a little bit of trade protection, protectist environment will do for u.s., we still have around the world, slow rates negative
8:34 am
rates, slow growth, so it will be -- i think globally corporations are nervous, you know. >> actually, you -- you've seen a lot of places you have not seen this aggressive progrowth attitude from any big economy so that really might -- >> there is no question, trump's you know, populous rhetoric is resonating with a lot of confidence in the system we just hope he can put a lot -- to the easy for that congress. >> that is why so encouraging you've got pretty much a big chunk of agreement on corporate and policy between ryan and trump and republican controlled congress. >> well, the ryan plan is calling for 20% corporate tax rate trump calling for 15% i know going to be around that. >> i think the last time -- he trump -- i think -- negotiates going to be really wants that
8:35 am
15%, he will concede on some others. >> 20% and -- tomorrow -- >> right. >> that would be, you know considering where we are today 39 1/2, run with it to remember. >> retail three days left until christmas today final day to order and has gifts for guaranteed delivery adam shapiro is live in manhattan with very latest how is it looking there adam? . reporter: pretty good, this is much smaller than a center we are at on a cyber monday, this is a prime delivery center no automation no rob ots no machines, blinking lights, this is human beings, tens of thousands of items maria, guaranteed delivery if you pay 7.99 guaranteed delivery one hour, two hours free but then you pick a window of 10 -- noon, noon 202:00, 3:00, to 4:00 kind of thing thing, it goes in insulated bag anything
8:36 am
you want thousands of items you can get up until 11:59 pm on christmas eve i want to show as you a couple, huge stuff, too this big-screen tv 2 9 bucks right -- 279 bucks hot item amazon's this is a inadmissibility es audition 60 bucks amazon trying getting one sold out across the country, amazon has got them 60 bucks ebay or 300 bucks, so maria not a bad deal they are in 30 cities right now amazon delivery you can order up until 11:59 pm christmas eve. >> we had ceo of nintendo saying they were in short supply, number of retailers, so there you go you got your hands on one. >> -- i am going to try and get it out of here. >> adam thank you. we will be watching adam
8:37 am
shapiro at amazon, dr. center today coming up the economic data push dow past 20,000? futures indicating a flat opening for the broader averages stuart varney weighs in what he thinks it could finally hit apple looks to reclaim smartphone crown why some call it the ferrari of phones, back in a minute. i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck.
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this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ . maria: well back, we are looking at top a market this morning dow industrials smart of 20,000 mark yesterday, and, of course, economic data out this morning gdp came in off 3.5%, the durable goods came in down 4.6%, pretty much just fractionally better than expectations, will we be stuck in limbo another day on markets, stuart varney joins us now looking at where we are good morning to you. >> are you going to do it to me again maria? you know.
8:41 am
>> i'm sorry through coldwater on it yesterday. >> now didn't it is not your fault maria. maria: it is not but i wasn't expecting it. >> three hours, yesterday, starting at 9:00 in the morning, all the way to 12:00 noon waiting for dow 20,000 we killed all the commercial breaks way up there to within -- points it never actually happened. >> maria i think, that there is there is a reluctance to be first a reluctance for some big traders big institutions to say yes let's do it, buy that thing. nobody said it. because scared to death that if they do they lead the charge immediate algorithm in we go all the way down i think that is going on. maria: you might be right you don't need 20k to have confirmation about what is behind this rally you don't really need it.
8:42 am
>> i want 20,000, on my show. maria: yesterday -- >> you want to wear those hats. maria: the hat. >> maria spent small chofortune to commemorate dow 20,000 i want to spend that money use that on this program are you going to throw coldwater on that? >> picking up, up the show wasn't expecting it. >> i want you to have it. >> a quick question do you think with the quick, 4, 5% raise in this month seeing a lot of profit taking by the hedge funds and everyone else saying this is the time, moved off quickly. >> absolutely. robert, there is no way you can go up what is it 1600 points on the dow industrials in six weeks, 15% on the russel 2000, not expect somebody somewhere to sort of throw this towel say i will take money off the table thank
8:43 am
you very much, a great holiday season everything that is happening. >> and i have a bit of a naysayer because i am much more nervous about strength of dollar up 14%, you know, the highest it has been in years. maria: that could be -- >> the impact of that will be? >> i don't know robert i don't know, so far, it is actually pulled money into american assets. they do a -- european asian you see the dollar rising you want to jump on that bandwagon i think put more than into american assets i think it helped going to come a point where very strong dollar hurts the corporate profits of our global corporations. >> for sure. >> i don't think we got there both i couldn't tell i think we will see it. >> go to italy -- >> france whatever. >> i will stick with italy. >> i never go anywhere my dollars right here. >> florida.
8:44 am
>> you know what, i think the markets want to do it but look 20,000 round numbers create resistance. >> they do they do, built into algorithms i think there is something there you get close to that magic number and algorithm kicks in you sell. >> -- so quickly. >> she said this market is stretched. >> financials -- gdp, who knows if three -- >> can they cut back regulations enough to justify what 35% move in goldman sachs? >> probably not. >> i've got to see it, real soon, to make that justification. >> yes. >> it is going to be a while before we actually see that kind of thing haening. >> exactly i know we are going to see you talk more about it 10 minutes we will be there. >> you got it thanks. >> see stuart 15 minutes "varney & company" kicks off
8:45 am
every day 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart top of the hour crisis italian bank monte dei paschi coming to a headed lauren simonetti on that. lauren: failed to stop it from going bust says it only has enough funds to last for four months government bailouts seems inevitable roam's plan would need to satisfy eu rules require private investors to suffer losses before tax payer funds can be used to save a bank new year may bring a premium phone for apple are you ready chinese blogger -- apple plans to launch three new iphones next year the 7, 7 plus, and a redesigned top tier model that internally the company -- is calling ferrari no home button and wireless charging, we will see if that is tenth
8:46 am
anniversary guess what al babba alibaba on black list on annual list of notorious markets that sell pirated goods regulators took it off 2012, high levels of counterfeit goods down 1% this morning if you had trouble finding eggnog this is me here why is apparently a major eggnog shortage of the popular drink for holidays some people love it some hate it "the wall street journal" is saying producers didn't make enough they underestimated and in one company that makes drink says eggnog sales up 60% from last year, one reason for the record sales market is usually saturated with pumpkin everything this time trying to
8:47 am
replace with something different this month eggnog hollywood jumping on bandwagon, released nationwide 2017, so an entire full length movie be emojis. >> the main character, his father, and supposed to follow in footsteps if it works for lego movie may be this movie about nothing stands a chance we will see, coming up we have reading luxury under the hood of maserati's first ever suv, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ my maserati -- ♪
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8:51 am
. maria: welcome back we found this choir caroling, and we want to bring it to you we are outside right now plaza, and we are taking a look at a new luxury vehicle, that actually answers questions do you want luxury do you also want space, the solution in its new vehicle this is a new model levante i am joined by the head of -- tom good to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us, so luxury but also suv, this is the first suv, in 102 years? >> that is correct.
8:52 am
the maserati levante is maserati of suvs first suv in 102-year history important to mother this vehicle is one hundred percent maserati built in italy all the performance handling you expect from maserati less than --. >> you affordable in this category. >> absolutely year talking about cars running 200,000 dollars how did you get to price to 72000 still say maserati quality. >> if you are introducing new vehicle in united states, suv, it has to be affordable. you look at cars competing with between 70 and 100,000 important to change perception of the maserati brand by doing that introducing suv starting at 72000 dollars so that i want to talk to you about you have been able to -- the
8:53 am
maserati this is largely this car is usually attractive to men correct in luxury suv says over 70%, purched by women that is what maserati levante is doing for us, mul women in fold, important because with suv you get the performance -- functionality safety. >> show me what is so special about it let's go inside kick tires if you will -- >> he wool knock it yes, there we go. >> here we go. >> -- look at this this is nice seats. >> this is our signature level exclusive to the maserati brand. >> an interior your panel shifters for performance controls on steering wheel. you've got -- >> navigation. >> what is this. >> that is your natural open
8:54 am
-- leather interior, and you've got -- screen navigation graen. >> right there. >> you can touch it yes touchscreen also controller for safety don't have to take eyes off road use that right now control all the features without taking eyes off the road. >> love it did you get a call that you knew that in order to get women you needed more luxury more space. >> yes, we also needed suv, you can look at -- absolutely, 60% purchases here will be luxury suvs not just -- 70% if you want to be relevant in united states you need an suv if you want to attract women space functionality attainable. >> you also want to attract young people that 72000 dollar number that is attracting young people. >> yes early shopper buyers are younger more female also more affluent exactly what we expected it to do.
8:55 am
>> to see an suv, for a maserati you don't usually see that kind of luxury, this trunk space is hiej. >> you can put suitcases hockey bags a lot of functionality, when people shop for suv don't want to compromise they want the performance fuel economy they also want to be able to do what they do every day be able to live put cute says in the vehicle suv does that. >> is this changing the trend of maserati any way in other words, if you are going to go bigger going to go -- more sort of luxury but lower price -- >> that is exactly what we're trying to do expand our sales footprint in the united states the way to do that affordable suv, we also have a sedan that starts at 72000 dollars, we are trying to change perceptions of the maserati brand in the united states having suv a great way to start doing that. >> the list price 72000 how is it doing so far.
8:56 am
>> fantastic sold out, customers overwhelmingly positive, and we are looking to get more. >> sold out, that is not good, you are getting the order you want to have the car ready otherwise they may go somewhere else what do you do about that. >> we have to increase production to meet demand we absolutely do that we want if they want maserati levante we will be able to produce it, it. >> that is pre blue what over color. >> you can build any color you want in this vehicle. >> a family car luxury for the family. >> that is exactly right. >> how are sales doing what ask you tell us about business of. >> we haven't -- all time sales record december, best december ever look forward to 2017 globally, mass pro ratai projected toef best year in our history. >> increased product, increased demand, having suv, of course, and, of course, making sure we have obtainable cars for people that are
8:57 am
interested in stopping. >> good to see you thank so much. >> president of mass pro ratai we will will -- president of maserati. >> ♪ yes, i am going to be a car baby you can drive my car, baby i love you ♪ ♪ ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> hey, baby, it's cold out, but not when you're in a maserati.
9:00 am
loving this car! thank to my panel. have a great day. right to stuart varney we go. "varney & company" begins right now. over to you. stuart: my maserati does 185, i lost my license, now i can't drive. do you remember that? joe walsh, i believe. you didn't think i knew that. maria, thank you very much indeed. bang! it's 9:00, here we go. we've never seen anything like this before. donald trump all business. the hyperactive president-elect. good morning, everyone. look at this, under pressure from trump a new deal from boeing on air force one and a new deal from lockheed martin on the f-35. a new national trade council, varney regular peter navarro will run it, wrote the book "death by china". the deregulator in chief and a new policy on clean coal. trump will bring back incentives. all of that in one day.


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