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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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having heart surgery? >> you made me think, they did send me a basket of processed meats and cheeses so i just had heart surgery so i'm putting it all together. they don't want me to live. trish regan, to you. trish: well, i do. neil: have you ever eaten raw cookie dough? >> yes. neil: it says you shouldn't. trish: i'm happy amazon got that food in time. assistant to the president and white house press secretary. i'm trish regan, welcome to the intelligence report, speaks and speaks of speculation, donald trump has made his decision decision, he has named sean
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spicer. said to be close to reince priebus. there were a lot of rumorses or a lot of rumors swirling, this is sean spicer. blake: sean spicer will be the next press secretary for the incoming administration. this seems to have the integration of top rnc brass now amongst the trumadministration as over at the rnc before donald trump was elected the next president of the united states and really even before that he got the nomination . it was riens -- reincepriebus.
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now you have reince priebus and charles spicer in the administration day in and day out to give messages. speaking of announcements, there was another major one earlier today, another trump loyalist, one that was there from the beginning that being kellyanne conway, she was given the position of counselor to the president and in fact, on this network, ms. conway said that she had turned down the press secretary job, she wanted something a little bit more. she spoke with maria bartiromo and put aside any fears of joining the white house as a mother, listen to this exchange here. >> yes, we were talking with juan williams.
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kellyanne has four kids, how is he going to do it, he got cremed -- creamed on twitter. >> i would say that i don't play golf and i don't have a mistress so i have a lot of time that the other men don't. blake: there you go. incoming council to the president and sean spicer will be the face of all the messaging, trish. trish: i hope that wasn't a direct dig at juan. she's going to be working very hard as she has throughout. let's get to the other top story. ceo in chief donald trump cutting deals all across the country and he's not even in office yet. this after the president elect blasted boeing and blasted lockheed martin on twitter for crazy out of control costs, really crazy on government projects, trump invited the
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ceo's to his palm beach resort. guess what, the costs for all of these things are getting slashed. no one is ever bothered to treat american taxpayer money with with respect, nobody in government bothers, maybe that's about to change. we hope, trump is a businessman, trump politician, i have to tell you, no self-respected businessman pays one more dime than he has to. no different here. he slammed boeing and lockheed martin for outrageous costs particularly air force and f-35 fighter yet which was going to cost $400 billion. 400billion. half of obama's stimulus program. watch. >> we are all focused on the same thing. we are going to make sure that we give the best capability in the world and we do it in a way that's affordable for taxpayers
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and business head set around that is excellent. it was a terrific conversation and we have a lot of respect for him. he's a good man and he's doing the right thing. trish: funny how this all works. i want to go to peter barnes with more on the story. hey, peter. peter: a big surprise, one of the reasons donald trump said to elect him was because he was a very good negotiator, he's out there doing it. as you mentioned, this all started in twitter in the last couple of weeks in the two, two new air force ones, first which will delivered in 2018. boeing is building air force one for futures presidents and costs are out of control, more than 4 billion, cancel order. he tweeted about a week later, if-35 program control is out of control. welcome to the trump party,
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government contractors. >> it's a dance. it's a little bit of a dance but we are going to get the costs down and we are going to get it done. these are great people. they are amazing people. peter: transition aides are giving more color into the meetings yesterday between president elect and contractors ceo's and denise and marilyn houston were there simply to discuss costs relating to the government projects and military readiness, they say neither were there for job interviews and a lot folks visiting the president elect in mar-a-lago have been there for job interviews. mr. trump has tapped two ceo's, rex tillerson and andy for high-profile posts but transition aides stressing this morning that won't be the case for leaders of boeing and lockheed martin. trish: i have to say it's a little refreshing. all the stories years ago about
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the thousands of dollars the government would pay for a toilet. peter: and a hammer. i started covering the f-345 fighter jet story 25 years ago when i first got to washington, $2 million each. now they are billions each. trish: $400 billion. that's a lot of money. peter barnes, thank you so much. well, ellis, can you give him a little credit for this, we shouldn't be paying more than we have to for anything? >> absolutely not. i love the sound, the rhetoric is great. i appreciate the enthusiasm. maybe one small note of caution, guys, remember a couple of weeks we heard about a great deal that was struck by carrier and we got into the details and turned out it was a whole lot fewer jobs than we hoped. trish: i'm going to jump in. this conversation is not about carrier but i would point out that he saved 800 jobs.
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for those 800 families, ellis, that's a big deal. >> if i can urge -- trish: a good feeling as you go into the holiday season. anyway, we are talking about boeing and lockheed martin. >> the point that i'm making if i might get through it -- trish: let him finish his point. i want to hear, go ahead, ellis. >> enthusiasm about this, let us be cautious since we have had fresh experience with these things being overhyped. i'm trying to protect you guys from embarrassing things in the future. trish: i tell you what's embarrassing, $400 billion. that's an obscene amount of money and i'm glad somebody is calling them on it. >> there's a new sheriff in town and his jim is donald j. trump. he's bringing a can-do attitude. let me be honest with you, he's telling us right now that nothing is off limits, not
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sacred cows like defense contractors and let me tell you something else, he's sending a strong message to the congress, and guess what, start thinking outside the box, don't tell me we can't do it because we have to get jobs and economic growth going. what's most amazing, you're able to do this without a press conference or great directive but a couple of tweets. he's giving folks like me how we can get things done. trish: by the way, you might actually, if you're twitter want to thank donald trump because he may have singled handily helped save your company by using it as a communication flat form, but anyway, you're totally right. here is the thing, ellis, what is always frustrating with so many americans, americans who have financial responsibilities, small business owners, they look at washington and see that there's absolutely no accountability. it's easy when it's somebody else's money and you can spend, spend. now you have somebody with business sensibility in there
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that knows what it means in dollar and cents that can actually frank do some addition which i don't know that every politician can. so that sets a different tone and i know you don't want to get too excited about it. you know, that's partly who you are when it comes to donald trump. but isn't this the way we should be talking and the way we should be thinking about everything we doing? >> absolutely. we tried to count our pennies, i'm just saying that we do have some history with this guy and i know you guys don't like looking at it and we have things vastly overhyped and a week from now two weeks from now look different. i extend the holiday system the cautionary note to all of my friends out there. trish: you also said the guy couldn't win. he didn't have hope and a prayer of winning this thing and guess what, you were wrong and we were right. >> trish, if we are going to have the debate on my side of
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the equation because i don't think he thought he was going to win. let's be honest. >> ellis, i think we are missing a larger picture here. donald j. trump is trying to set a tone and lay a foundation. >> you said a lot of tone, that's for sure. trish: ellis. >> the problem with defense spend asking not how much we spend but how we actually spend it and you to realize that boeing and lockheed martin and united technologies had been just raping the american taxpayer. >> absolutely, we agree on that. trish: all right. the fact that this is leading the show and we are talking about it as a news stories, financial accountability in washington, this is good. good to see you guys. thank you so much. let's turn to the massive search underway for this islamic refugee. take a look at him here wanted in connection to the terrorist attack in berlin. even the family of the 24-year-old suspect is urging that he turn himself in. his own brother saying, he
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deserves every condommation. greg is live in berlin, germany with the latest on the search for the terrorist. >> we are at -- reopened christmas market in berlin which was the scene of the terror attack as the investigation certainly goes into high gear and that means as you noted, searching for the tanasian man, 24-year-old believed to have been responsible for this carnage, officials saying today they have pretty good certainty that that is the man who did it. they have found fingerprints on the cab of the truck that killed and injured the people here. local media, however, are saying they are not sure yet but the police really have the proper clues despite what happened here in germany and there's also a lot of reports, trish, that say this suspect, tanasian man on
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anis had been on the radar many months. he was arrested and detained and he was even monitored, reportedly was on u.s. terror radar as well. he was on a no-fly terror list and officials in the united states did their own monitoring apparently of him looking at websites, how to build a bomb, also communicating with terror figures, trish. if we can go back on camera here, i will explain to you a littlele bit of what happened because we are at the very location where exactly three nights ago this truck hit, 245 -- 25-ton weighing truck. you can see it's crowded now. it was crowded then. it went right through at 40 miles an hour. top speed in between the two lines of stalls killing people, injuring people, smashing into
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the stalls, ending up about 200 feet down there. we talked to one eyewitness. he said it was terrible. we talked to another eyewitness. all that carnage, all the bloodshed in just seven seconds. hard to believe. people are here, a sign that they want to make sure that berlin does not go away. here is a couple of quotes that we got today from people at the market. take a listen. >> yeah, with our values we will survive. >> it's just to terrible what happened and -- >> life goes on here. >> life goes on. berlin -- berlin lives on. >> one more sad note, trish, we spoke to a u.s. embassy official and he told me that two, two americans were hurt in this attack. one has been released from the hospital, one the latest information is that person is still in the hospital, no -- the
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only other information that we know about 12 people are in serious condition, back to you. trish: real strategy. greg, thank you very much. turning back to politics. take a listen here, everyone. i want you to hear this hillary clinton supporter. [shouting] >> you don't deserve to be in america. this is my america. this is my america. >> shame! shame! >> this is my america. trish: it's her america. can you imagine if that had been a trump supporter, the media would be going crazy on this one? we have more on the crazy woman's rant. ivanka trump apparently harassed on jet blue flight because they were related to donald trump. we have all the details. stay with me. i will see you back here in two
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>> votes are ten votes donald j. trump. [shouting] >> you don't deserve to be in america. >> shame, shame! >> this is my america. this is my america. >> ma'am. >> put me out. this is my america. trish: that's a wisconsin woman losing control during her state electoral's college vote which, of course, went to donald trump. she screamed at electors. you see there accusing them of selling out and saying they don't deserve to be in america. it's her america, my america. >> this is my america. trish: there he is. can you imagine if it was a donald trump supporter saying this is my america? well, you know, the media would
2:20 pm
be ripping that supporter apart. meanwhile you have groups right now like that are warning more protests are coming specially for the inauguration. and why can't those on the left just come to terms with reality? why can't they just move on? why can't they start focusing on the future? ford, ellis, back with me. ellis, if that had been a trump supporter people would going wild. fact that she said this is my america. i mean, look, it's everyone's america. you want to change it, you get out and change it. you encourage hillary clinton to go campaign there and maybe you get a shot. for them to be blaming anyone else other than themselves and for them to express this kind of sour grapes, i question it. >> first of all, get the lady a valium, okay. she needs help, clearly. there's crazy people in the
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political system. for instance, do you believe, trish, that all reasonable dialogues among trump supporters and the crazy people are all democrats, that's not really the year that i noticed. trish: so, you know, i'm trying to hear you out. i think the problem that this country has faced right now, ellis and ford can elaborate on this, many on the right feel that they have been shut out, they are not allowed to have an opinion because people like that woman that you just saw, they are doing all the talking for everyone else and they are refusing to entertain or allow any other thoughts in their head. it's certainly been happening at universities all across the country. it's as though the left will not tolerate any kind of discussion that does not fall in line with their train of thought, ford. >> where have you all been, my god. really? >> this is how liberals are conditioned to act when they don't get their way. they basically kick and scream. i have to say something n this particular situation where the
2:22 pm
wisconsin electors, i see something for more sinister here. this is a situation of the peaceful transfer of power and democrats always find it curious that every now and then when they wake up every four years and find out that the electoral college actually control who is the next president of the united states is. not only does she volume, she needs a lesson in high school civics. trish: well put. well put. people are talking about changing the electoral system. i don't know where you come out on this, ellis. i'm a small town girl from new hampshire. we have four lousy electoral votes but we get candidates that actually come to the state of new hampshire to campaign because we have four votes. >> well, i will tell you -- trish: popular system, i'd be sitting here in new york city, we get all the candidates and new hampshire gets no one. >> i will advance a wild theory that ought americans ought to have the same vote. we shouldn't fend what state you live, rural, conservative,
2:23 pm
liberal. we all -- trish: tyranny of the majority, is that what it is? new york, la, they get all the say and everybody else, good luck. >> crazy idea. >> trish, to give you an example -- ellis, hold on. hillary clinton won 489, basically democrats want to marginalize the vote and they want to basically keep it in the town where is they control the government and use trappings to keep them and keep the government going by the way they want it. >> crazy. if you think that a rural county in montana ought to have the same votes as new york city, you guys have a very trish: absolutely. we have two senators from every state. this is why it was set up this day. >> twelfth amendment, ellis. trish: ellis, diversity. aren't you talking about a
2:24 pm
diversity as opinion? don't you want diversity in the white house? the only way you get it is if everybody has a fair shot of having their opinion be heard? >> i see. what about one person, one vote. are you guyed opposed to that? [inaudible] trish: silly conversation frankly to be having. there's a reason the system was set up the way it was and it's something that we should be proud of as americans and to try the change that, the irony, of course, in it all is amazing. we will be right back with more. i will see you here
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trish: donald trump tapping peter navarro to run the brand- new council, china trade critic let's trump fulfill promise, get tough on china. take a listen in the campaign trail. >> what china has don't to our
2:28 pm
country is the biggest theft and the greatest theft in the history of the world. this is the one i didn't want to hear. give me china. give me china. china, do you ever see china, china, china, china. we don't win anymore. when was the last time we won? we lose to china. [laughter] trish: i like hearing him say china. here peter, peter, the other peter, peter navarro is known to be pretty protectionist and very concerned about the world -- role china has been playing and as he sees it he they have taken bad advantage of us and this is a viewpoint that donald trump believes as well, so how does it start to change? >> well, my feeling is that peter has got it right. i was a referee for the last promotion i want you to know and we were long-time friends and colleagues. we have to hit china hard where it hurts on economic issues. 45% tariff is a great idea.
2:29 pm
trish: whoa, 45%. you think it's a great idea? >> on china, yeah. trish: i don't know if it's a good idea to actually get there but -- i like the ability of saying, hey, china, we have to play fair. >> when i was 6 year's old i was the smallest kid in the class and the biggest one picked on me. be prepared to use it if you're going to vanish him. my feel asking we need to impose the tariff to bring china to the table. we might start to 10% then 20. we have to bring them to the table and supplement them with other issue like south china sea and we have to push back on investment, you know, a chinese company can come here and general motors can only own 49% of the joint venture. trish: guess what, we are allowed to go there and we are
2:30 pm
allowed to buy a chinese company. in other words, there has to be a two-way street. >> since you're not letting our products in right now, we are not going to let your products in. their exports outnumber us four to one. who is going to be hurting more? trish: china is our banker. they own our treasury debt. so in some ways, that makes it tougher and in other ways, it may make it easier, peter, right? they are the ones that could be on the hook for all the money if we don't pay it back. >> that's the threat, they basically are swapping dollar bills for bonds. so instead of having pictures of george washington to pay interest, they have pictures of george washington that don't pay interest. now, those bonds hit the market, the fed can simply print new dollars to replace the ones china use today buy them off to take off market.
2:31 pm
trish: play your way out of debt? >> so we can replace those and absorb the bonds ourselves. so instead of paying china interest, the bonds are deposited to the fed. it's a little bit complex in circular, the bottom line is i can handle the threat. mark my words. if we set our mind to it, we can bring into its knees in 90 days. the chinese are out to break us and be clear, china is the enemy. trish: you're right. we have a whole lot more leverage than we think or we have shown. >> that's right. trish: peter, good to see you. all right. chaos on board a delta flight after a muslim american claims he was thrown off the plane for speaking arabic. watch this. >> we are getting kicked out because we spoke a different language.
2:32 pm
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trish: muslim american goes on a crazy rant on board a delta flight accusing airline of racism after being thrown off the plane. watch him here.
2:36 pm
>> we spoke a different language on the plane and we are getting kicked out. >> that's insane. >> delta airlines is kicking us out. you guys are racist. i cannot believe my eyes, i cannot believe it. i spoke a word, a different language and you you feel uncomfortable. six white people against us bearded men, six white people against bearded men. >> thank you so much, man. >> white people complaining about people speaking a different language. >> i am upset that that's happening. really upset. >> they cussed us out. trish: i feel uncomfortable. he was thrown out because he was shouting an disruptive. as you can kind of clearly seen in this video, they might have come to him right before it. it had nothing to do with him speaking arabic, they said. it turns out this guy you're looking at, he's a youtube star who has pulled similar pranks,
2:37 pm
joining me doctor and analyst arash, good to see both of you guys. you know, i believe delta. i absolutely believe them. it absolutely begs the question. everyone keeps telling us we are suppose today report strange behavior, but when you got folks like this joker and that's what he is, youtube joker out there accusing people of being islamophobic, that is effectively why people are afraid to come forward. they are afraid of being labeled, what would you tell them? >> i would tell them this is not militant terrorism, a form of culture or civilizational terrorism, jihaddism if you will because he's basically trying to separate muslims out, make muslims into being not an idea
2:38 pm
but identification and it's basically dangerous to us as a community. we need to fight this and no longer just be about the grievance about the victimization but rather say, you know what, the best way to melt away fear of muslims and fears of islam is for americans see us lead the reform and not to do things like this where all they see us exploit this culture that gives us freedom in order to make americans feel sort of politically correct and bigoted when, in fact, she should be in no-fly list. i hope this come out of this. this guy has been exploiting airlines as others who have been lying about various activities in order to become victims rat -- than leaders. trish: your calling on the muslim community to do more. i know that the doctor has been out there asking members of that community to participate in this reform that he's trying to get them on board with, but you haven't gotten a lot of support, we will get to that in a minute,
2:39 pm
why is the muslim community resisting this? why do they want to say, it's us that are the victims here? >> maybe you should ask that from muslim american, i'm not. he's best equip today answer that question. but let me go back to what happened on the plane. you know, if you act like a jackass you deserve to get kicked out. the reason it's an issue because on numerous occasions in the past people who were speaking arabic or a different language or looked a certain way were asked to leave that plane because some people on the plane felt uncomfortable, not only that but just over the weekend a mother and a daughter had jc penny were harassed by another woman because they spoke spanish. now, we are a great country because of our diversity and we have people that speak, two,
2:40 pm
three, four, five languages, if you want to fight terror, intelligence officers and officers in service, who do you recruit? you go to people that understand the language and know a culture and those are the people who make amazing intelligence officers and are loyal to the flag and are experts in the field. trish: so what's your point? >> my point is this, i have sympathy, if you can't get my point after what i just told you -- trish: sum it up, i don't have a ton of time. >> my point is next time a former navy officer and a medical doctor sits on a plane, picks up the phone and talks in arabic with his mother and someone gets offended or gets scared -- trish: you believe the guy, this is actually what happened. >> i'm saying this -- this guy could be a jackass. you either didn't hear me or you ignored to hear me.
2:41 pm
trish: give it to me again. what is your point. >> did you hear that part? i'm saying there's something called the constitution, you can't just kick people off the plane because you feel uncomfortable because they have a beard or they speak hebrew or russian. you can't do that. trish: what i'm saying to you is the entire world is out there saying be more vigilant and we are talking about this story at hand, this particular story. you have idiots like this guy who ewe used inappropriate word for and they are really threatening the entire system. >> you want to call the fbi every time you hear somebody speak arabic. >> i hear where you are going. doctor is in the trenches, he's dealing with this on a regular basis trying to get people in the community to come on board with some kind of reform and doctor, you're not seeing a willingness there from that community. >> right, and it's because the
2:42 pm
dominant bandwidth has been the victimization that's the grievance mill that we are victims, victims of the bigots and we are not even getting into the deeper issue and i'm sorry, we are smarter than this, than this version that -- conversation that focus of security analyst is about speaking arabic. i speak arabic. it's rational because of the last 300 acts of terrorism. 1% of the population has been responsible over 90% of that. smart police work. i as a muslim say my duty as an american to fight that is to let americans see that i'm not going to be a victim but a leader in saying that this is a problem that we need to solve and we are done with simply telling american that is we are the victims, we are the problem that needs to reform the ideas that are creating this radical -- by
2:43 pm
the way, this type of profiling issue when it's exaggerated actually radicalizes, these videos, these individuals, islamic relations is the first step in radicalizing muslims instead of actually reforming them. trish: doctor, that i understood. [laughter] trish: clear, concise, your point well taken. thank you so much. good to see you both as always. we will be right back al stood we when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty diwhat? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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trish: all right, everyone, check out the markets. we are down a little bit. it's down a little bit. i will take it, 19,916. shares of weight watchers are rallying on news that oprah winfrey lost 40 programs. oprah is counting her weight loss in new tv ads. she bought 10% stake in the company in october 2015 and consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of overall economy, 0.23% in december. below estimates. intelligence report will be right back with another elite ripping out donald trump this time from buckham -- buckingham palace. ♪ ♪ ♪
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2:47 pm
trish: prince charles, yes, the queen of england's son. prince charles is weighing in on the refugee crisis. the suffering doesn't end when they arrive seeking in a foreign land. he goes onto say, all of this has echos of the dark days of the 1930's. why does everyone keep going to the 1930's?
2:48 pm
he's preaching all the tolerance from london palace while you get people run over in the trucks in berlin. joining me editorial director, hugo, good to see you, hugo. to me -- i'm a stient of history, i think it's disrespectful to make that comparison. >> i agree with you. you know, it's ashame that he went on this, on this attack. most of what he said was a good focus on the persecution and other minorities in muslim-majority countries where isis and others are trying to commit genocide and went on attack. a lot of people try and make it. there's a certain people on the left who are out to make this comparison. you remember that ronald reagan and george w. bush were compare today hitler. it's a comparison that's often made. trish: why are they so afraid to make that?
2:49 pm
that's a kind of thing you say when you really need it and yet the left repeatedly, i mean, we heard so many people mick these comparisons and they throw it out there like it's just, you know, a common thing to say? >> well, absolutely. it's kind of distasteful, frankly, they like the boy crying wolf, this is actually what prince charles is actually watching. it's not a return of 1930's. it's true establishments have been thrown out all over the western world. that's because electorates have become -- they don't respect politicians anymore. they don't think politicians tell them the truth. when politicians like president obama or hillary clinton say that muslims have nothing to do with terrorism u people know they're being lied to. trish: well, look, i'd say this and you're obviously british, right, i think i hear an accent. >> right. yeah.
2:50 pm
trish: i don't have quite the same appreciation for the royals than you you would. i thought they were suppose today stay out of politics and, you know, it's very easy to say this kind of stuff when you're surrounded by secret service and you're living in your palace and you're protected, but everyday folks out there in europe are really dealing with the struggle as we are seeing right now in the streets of berlin. hugo, good to see you. we will continue to watch the market which is off 27 point right now. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here.
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trish: president obama is blaming us for how he's going to do down in history. he keeps pointing the finger at us here at fox. not just for hillary's lost but why he has a tainted legacy. most recently take a look at this. he said to atlantic, and i quote, in 2008 i was never
2:54 pm
suggested than what you see at fox news, you start to see the prisms being established in the 2008 race and almost immediately after i was elected. testifies deployed in full force. here we go again. why is it always someone else's fault? joining me right now howie, host of media buzz on the fox news channel. howie, victimization thing that they keep doing over and over again. it's not our fault that he couldn't get the economy going. it's not our fault that hillary clinton couldn't engage voters and thereby continue his legacy yet he choses to blame us. >> yeah, blaming fox and blaming rush limbaugh. barack obama has less than a month in office. what he seems to forget whenever he takes the swipes is that as president he's got the biggest mega phone in the world, certainly far larger than a
2:55 pm
single cable news network and yet he seems to figure that he would have been a lot more popular if it wasn't for the terrible people at fox news. trish: maybe he should take a twitter and tweet out more, somebody else is doing that successfully. yeah, i think that speaks in broader way about how the left for whatever reason, it's a victimization thing. it's always someone else's job, you don't have a good job, you haven't gotten further ahead in life, nothing to do with your reality and maybe you didn't work so hard. they want somebody else to take the blame and this is president obama saying it's fox news, that's the reason, if i have any taint on my legacy, that's why. >> right. the president has half a point when he talked about to many people he's a fictionalre angryt the government you're angry at the head of the government. but to keep come back to fox and rush, there are the other media outlets, new york times, washington post editorial pages.
2:56 pm
another place that initials are msnbc that have very positive portrayals of the president and so why he dwelled so much and the fact that he doesn't make a distinction between journalist at fox news, he had a perfectly interview with chris wallace and the opinion people, i don't know. i know he's smart enough to get that but he choses to dwell on that. trish: i have advice for the outgoing president. get over it. i am going to see you back ingu two is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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we were just talking to howie kurtz and how the president and bill is blaming fox for his tainted legacy. he wants to blames someone else. you blame someone else it's never about taking any responsibility yourself. i think the president need some coloring books. a box of tissues may help
3:00 pm
too. i will be hosting a risk and reward tonight. and next week i will be in for neil at 4:00 p.m. on fox news. we have the tao trading down 23 points. were not that far away. see mick at some point it well. it has been one of these weeks. they struggled. they profit above 53 today. it grew at three and half% last quarter. donald trump is certainly not slowing down. they strengthen the nuclear


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