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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 23, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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leader of the anglican community worldwide. here he is invoking muhammad. >> reporter: is it possible he's trying to be inclusive? stuart: exactly, i guess that's okay. adam, appreciate your hard work. my time is up, merry christmas, everyone! neil, it's yours. neil: merry christmas to you and yours as well. we are getting more details on the berlin suspect who was killed. within hours released a tape swearing his allegiance to isis. you have seen this before, have you heard this before, so what to make of it? with captain chuck nash retired navy captain at that. you warned about this stuff and this ongoing parade of nut cases who will be inspired by or buoyed on by the likes of isis and other terror related groups. clrly the release of this timed after his death.
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what do you make of it? >> clearly he was involved with isis, otherwise a dead man's switch and pull it after he's gone. isis told us months and months ago they were going to embed fighters in the refugee flow, move them into europe, set them up, fund them and carry out attacks when the time is right. the time is right, we're approaching one of the holiest times in christianity in a couple of days, i suspect everybody is on hair trigger alert over there. and we should be expecting them to act out. neil: you know, captain, back and forti talked to a number of people who say it's the cart that comes after the horse here. by that, they're saying a lot of the guys claim an isis affinity or allegiance not based on isis contacting them or recruiting them as much as them being disaffected, angry, you heard the whole nine yards and that kinship developing.
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that isis is not to take credit for this. what do you say to that? >> what i say is isis is the face representing the ideology of jihadist islam, and currently, isis, al qaeda, alnostra, they change their name. they will change, they will come and go, and you've got these guys, somewhere engineering students, they're involved in the medical profession, and others are just no loads that didn't amount to much, they were petty thieves and criminals like this latest knucklehead. he had nothing going for himself and all of a sudden, he thinks that he can go drinking and doing all that stuff, but yeah, he gets radicalized and he's going to die for islam. gimme a break. neil: are you surprised, i know
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you are not a market guy, you focus on life and death matters, which is a good start, but even with the downdraft lately, captain, markets here, markets abroad really kind of ho-hum on this. not really getting shattered by it, not going nuts over it, i don't know if that's such a good thing, i always use the comparison like whistling past the graveyard, but we have a nonchalant reaction every time this stuff happens and i don't know if that's such a good thing, what do you think? >> i think people are realists and they're taking a look and saying what are my chances, me personally, chuck nash of gloucester, what are my chances of getting hit by a terrorist act? probably the same odds of winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning on the same day. not deeply personalized until 3,000 people die on 9/11, or you have some massive truck thing where you're killing 80
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and wounding 450 on the streets of nice. so until it comes home. until it becomes really in your face and visceral, it's a remote thing that you hear about in the news. neil: you know, captain, more details of this chinese hack attack, and this time on the federal deposit insurance corporation, the fdic who insure bank deposits and the like, that goes back to 2010, involves the chinese or so we think. the reason i mention it with you, we've been talking about russia hacking into our election and oblivious to the fact that others have been doing as much, if not worse over the years, and maybe the russians not alone, but this one linked to china's military sources seems fairly widespread, and seems to confirm president-elect donald trump's view that this is not just a one country phenomenon, what do you think of that? >> no, it's not a one country phenomenon at all.
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the chinese have been after us for a long time, as have the russians, a lot of stuff goes back to eastern europe. you go to the pentagon, you have a cac card, you stick it into computer terminal, it says i know who you are, you can have access to the terminal. d.o.d. did a study, it said as soon as that thing registers, there are immediate attacks coming into it. malware, trying to gain access through your access. the systems are constantly under attack, we had a revelation that yahoo! was attacked with hundreds of millions of account users and data back in 2010. this has been going on, which is in jeopardy. we don't know, what do the chinese and the russians know about weapons systems that we still have currently in development and won't be fielded for another several years, what do they know about it because they've intruded into the contractors databases? >> not just one country, to
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your point. captain nash, thank you for your service to the country, hope you have a merry christmas as well. >> i do, neil, and if you give me a second i'm up to the walter reed national military center to visit the son of a former squadron mate of mine, an army officer that was wounded a few days ago, it brings to mind to our viewers to keep in their hearts and prayers on the tip of the spear pecially those for whom their service to the nation has caused sacrifice and trauma. neil: holy cow, you are right about that. they're the reason we can celebrate. thank you very much. >> you bet, neil, thank you. neil: you are keeping track of this, europe and the concerns there, but not just limited to there. peter barnes on a globe that is focused on this sort of thing. >> reporter: yeah, the hijacking of libyan airliner
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forced to land in the island nation of malta ended without bloodshed after the jet's passenger and crew were released and the hijackers surrendered to authorities. two into custody, more than 100 passengers and crew were released. maltese government spokesman says the hijackers' motives were unclear, the hijackers who threatened to blow up the plane were seeking political asylum in europe, u.s. state department tweeted a warning about malta saying if traveling to or in malta, stay in touch with your airline to make alternate arrangements if necessary and let loved ones know you are safe. there is good news in a foiled terror plot in australia, australian police say five men are accused of planning a christmas day terror attack targeting a number of landmarks in melbourne, the country's second largest cities.
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the five suspects were expected in court to charge with preparing for a terrorist attack. officials believe they were self-radicalized and inspired by isis. four of the five suspects were born in australia, the fifth from egypt. neil. neil: peter barnes, thank you very much. incidents like this happening abroad has the u.s. government asking foreign travelers for their social media pages to check out what they're saying online. to the hill's national security reporter katie bo williams in the latest wrinkle over the battle over privacy. what do you make of this, katie and others are going to screen these as privacy issues, you're going too far, what are they doing? >> part of the larger conversation they think swells up every time there's a lone-wolf attack, which is what are authorities missing? what are investigators missing? is there a piece of the puzzle that they are not able to see or they should be looking at? and i certainly think that
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you're going to continue to see this play out through the opening years of donald trump's presidency because he certainly has indicated that he sees the key to sort of stopping these lone-wolf attacks, attacks by guys have been potentially self-radicalized as a more robust surveillance apparatus, and whether that means looking at social media, whether that means looking at private communications, there's a lot of ways that can be accomplished. neil: you have to wonder not only what they say on social media, but are you extending it to what they're searching out under social media or google searches, what have you? where are we drawing the line here? one thing if you're saying allahu akbar online, quite another if you're searching isis or isil or infidel, right? >> right, there's been a lot of conversation about how much responsibility social media companies themselves have in
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the fight against terrorism. in the fight against the lone-wolf attacks. there's been pressure placed on silicon valley to police their own networks, but, of course, that raises questions not only about privacy and security, but also about the first amendment. free speech. neil: as you said, it always happens when we have incidents like these or post these incidents, i think we're one more incident away from all of those, you know, personal freedoms being compromised and therein lies the balance probably for 2017, right? >> right, well, 2017 is going to be a big year in the fight over privacy and surveillance. one of the most important laws that is going to govern how donald trump's intelligence agencies are able to wield this massive powerful surveillance apparatus is up for renewal next year, and that law is generated a little bit of controversy, a law that allows the nsa to basically look at
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content of foreign persons communications, but privacy and civil liberties groups say well, they're accidentally hoovering up americans's data as well and able to look at that without a warrant. neil: that's the part that would trouble me a little bit. katie bo williams, thank you very much for clarifying that. i wondered where the lines were and to me. a lot more coming up including interest rates backing up. the story we have not heard a lot of since the donald trump election is the fact the stocks are going up. normally it's not such a big deal unless you are in the market for a home. what you have to keep in mind is that even with mortgage rates backing up the way they have, they are still very, very low. the question is do buyers believe that? or do they quit seeing what they've been seeing. next.
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. neil: all right, it could sell out, but doesn't look likely today. the dow industrials questing down, off 89 points. this would be three days in a row, something we've not seen in the betr part of 7 years in a market like this. having said that, though, the fact of the matter is that november, new home sales seven weeks, i said seven years, it hasn't been that long a week, we've got home sales up, new home sales up better than 5% clip, and we've got mortgage rates also running at a better than 4.17% clip for a 30-year fixed rate mortgages about 3.32% as i'm showing you there for a 15 year mortgage and getting used to something or
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where perspective or time horizon is, fellow old guy like me steve hovnanian have been commiserating about that. i got the first mortgage with my wife at 14%. >> my first mortgage was 18% in 1981. neil: mine is a couple years later. the for a lot of young buyers who have gotten used to sub 4% mortgage, that's an adjustment and lenders are not making it easier, is this a tough nut to crack. >> as long as they don't spark too quickly or too high. 4.17, if we went back ten years ago in your dreams it would never get low. will buy verse to consider a 3,000-square-foot home instead of 3200-square-foot home. neil: is that what they do? townhomes, high-end homes, all prices, what do the customers do? >> to put it to the extreme, go
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back to 1981 when mortgage rates were 18%. neil: wow. >> more homes were sold and started in that year than right now at 4%. the difference is they scaled back in size, townhouses were much more popular because of affordability, so buyers need shelter it's demographics. neil: are buyers seeking to own or rent? >> that's a huge question, i've seen survey after survey, the millennials which are a huge group demographically postponing getting out of the house, postponing getting married, postponing having children and moving to the suburbs, the key word is postponing, not changing their mind. survey after survey shows they're going to get married and have children and buy a house, they're just waiting longer than the baby boom generation before them. neil: some of the things we valued or grew up thinking, tot
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lot of young people don't. i'm not saying most, i don't have the number to quantify it. people say my parents were burned in the meltdown so they don't trust wall street, they don't want to buy a home, they might have seen the parents lose a home. they are leery of the things that we thought were given stages of life. getting married, all of that, to your point. this makes them a stubborn bunch when interest rates pick up? >> i don't think it's directly related to that. neil: really? >> my own son is 26, he's a mel enl. he's not of the mind-set of getting a house, settling down, it has nothing to do with the housing market, it has to do with a change in mind-set with today's generation. neil: of course, if he's a dad, it's going change. what about where rates go? anyoare quite right, our biggest housing booms have occurred in a period of rising rates which does make sense, reflects a booming economy, what have you.
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but the levels are nothing approaching what we had in prior, you know, recoveries from housing downdrafts which is the recovery is weak, which elected donald trump fwurngs it. what are you looking forward to in the next four years? >> i think in the end, the engine behind the housing market is demographics. the populations growing, demographics are working well, millennials are getting to their prime home-buying ages soon. neil: they don't have the incomes to come with it, and the job gains -- sounds like a wet blanket, i don't mean to be, lot of the part-time jobs are not well-paying jobs. >> overall, neil, we look at the affordability index, it measures the average income necessary compared to average incomes, it hasn't been this good in decades. yes, it was a little better in the last two years, but overall if you look at affordability
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over the long term, it hasn't been this good in decades, a very good level. neil: donald trump said it's all about good paying jobs, he's going to make that the centerpiece of his administration. best of luck to him. if you are republican or democrat, doing that is great. what will the housing fallout be? >> i think obviously jobs as they grow help housing. this has been a more sluggish recovery in jobs than housing, but that's a good thing, rather than a boom-bust cycle and the fizzle out. this is going to be a gradual cycle like 91. a 15 year cycle, nothing booming but gradually getting better and better. neil: and the next few years? >> 04 and 05 were too good. neil: it won't return to the giddiness. >> it will. my father founded the group in 59. you get to the boom and the bust it.
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always gets to the madness. a gradual recovery, it will peak and get into a frenzy at some point. neil: thank you very much, the name behind hovnanian. yesterday charlie gasparino was telling you about rudy giuliani and potentially replace james comey of the fbi. rudy giuliani responded to that.
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. neil: all right, we are told at this very moment, donald trump is playing golf with tiger woods, tiger woods requested the meeting or the golfing, whatever you want to call it. the trump international club in florida, right near the river resort. these two are not strangers, a long history with each other. they've worked a number of tournaments and charity events, et cetera, so we're keeping an eye certainly on that. also keeping an eye on developments that could happen
12:25 pm
later today. we're told that the president-elect is planning some meetings, not detailing who the meetings might be with charlie gasparino, following that all very closely. he reported that rudy giuliani could be replacing james comey as head of the fbi. when rudy was with our maria bartiromo today, she naturally asked him about that. take a look. >> there's growing speculation, charlie gasparino reporting growing speculation within the fbi that you might take the job replacing jim comey. >> a lot of speculation, but i'll let you know if i change my mind, but i haven't changed it. i'm staying in the private sector. neil: staying in the private sector. charlie, what do you think? >> haven't changed my mind, i'll let you know when i do. i love rudy and he's experienced politician and he knows how to give nondenial denials, he basically left the door open. he left the door open. what i heard from inside the fbi was simply this, this is
12:26 pm
from fairly senior fbi people. he's made it known that is a job he could be interested in. people inside the fbi are obviously on edge because for better or worse, whether you agree with the way james comey handle the hillary clinton e-mail stuff, whether he should have been exonerated then reopened it just before the election. neil: hillary clinton folks say he lost the election. >> right, but the troops inside the fbi like james comey. neil: even after the back and forth? >> yes, he is well liked. neil: he has a few years to go. >> more than a few years, theoretically seven years. >> is that right? so they're given and watching serve at the pleasure of the president but janet yellen at fed said she's going to finish her term. he conceivably could but the president could make life difficult for you. >> make life difficult. i've been told there is backdoorways to get him out. neil: go or don't let the screen door hit you.
12:27 pm
>> or you screwed up the investigation of hillary so bad, you should leave and go public. there's ways of doing it if you don't want to play ball with the president. neil: maybe he's tired of it, comey himself? >> that's not what i'm hearing, i hear he likes the job. i think if donald trump makes the decision to replace comey and goes rudy, what you thought was he'll take it. neil: what's weird about this and you and i have chatted about it, he was originally groomed and thought as a gimme for secretary of state, then we're told he had been entertained for homeland security, maybe even attorney general, and now we're at fbi director. >> i think it was initially attorney general and homeland security. he said he wanted secretary of state and now we're back to -- neil: that changed. you think had he settled on the other ones? >> he would have got it. the emollient clause, i keep
12:28 pm
mispronounce that name. or if you had gotten a benefit or possibly got a benefit from foreign interest that you may regulate. neil: but he would have to disentangle himself. >> it's kind of hard. >> the obligation the president doesn't have. >> hard to do that when you've been paid by the foreign countries. that's what rudy did was security around the world. that is less an issue if you are head of the fbi from what i understand. the other big cabinet thing i'm hearing is the kudlow business, larry kudlow, the free market commentator and economist is still not getting the nod. >> the council of economy adviser. >> or striving for anything economic -- >> that would be worrisome, a big reagan believer and big, big tax cuts, others not so much in the administration, so the fear seems to be if he doesn't get, it that's sending a powerful signal. >> here's the thing, a lot of
12:29 pm
the conservatives are saying, okay, you have your progressives and the keynesians are represented bigtime in the administration, gary cohn is head of the national economic association, the protectionists are protected through wilbur ross and peter navarro in various economic positions, where are the supply siders that help develop your plan? where is the arthur laffer? the steve moore? where is larry kudlow. neil: where is steve moore in this? >> he would like larry to get a the fact that larry kudlow is not in there is driving supply siders nuts right now. they're saying like where is our -- how dare you, donald trump, the guy -- we stood by you during the administration, during a very crazy campaign, we helped develop your economic claim. gary cohn would never write
12:30 pm
economic text. a little dr. evil. i could see larry kudlow like this or arthur laffer like this. neil: he won't get it, vit feeling. >> you don't think so? i don't either. i don't know, maybe it's not going to come out. trump in private conversations has been raising questions about him that makes you think he's clearly leaning against a point in the cabinet, it's not so much cohn ditching it, i hear it's wilbur ross, the protectionists against china. larry won't go for that. neil: a lot of the goldman guys are going on the administration, goldman is paying whatever moneys they're owed, bonuses, money that would go over years, like now, could be that a problem for them? >> for gary cohn? neil: yeah. >> gary cohn is going to get,
12:31 pm
it won't hit mnuchin, he's been out of there for years. gary cohn is due a bonus for this year. he's going to get a fairly significant bonus for working. neil: one he wouldn't have to wait around. >> and guess what's going to happen with gary cohn? and rex tillerson. because of a clause like a tax loophole, they get -- they don't have to pay taxes, they invest in treasuries and you don't have to pay taxes. gary cohn is going to make a lot of money because he got appointed with trump. neil: you're going to be around for bitter boomers? >> i'll be here all day. you got me. neil: he's got the workout done. >> i worked out already. neil: i was driving right next to you. more including the latest on new years resolutions, here's an easy one i think we should all commit to especially after a year like this. i'll explain. ♪
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. neil: all right, we have a lot of great things coming up, including former wwe wrestler who is going to be running for mayor of houston and getting a great deal of attention, a remarkable fella, i want to introduce you to him in the next segment. in this segment, i want you to play a game with me here. what do you think got more reaction? the two hour challenge with trying to get goods delivered in two hours, whether it was doughnuts or ice cream.
12:36 pm
we can argue over the ice cream thing, they got here in under the two hours, in both cases under one hour. or something i said later on on my world, the fox news show, people understanding what a consensus is. it wasn't amazon, it was this. take a look. >> like when the consensus was that donald trump could never win the presidency and he did, or the markets would tank if he did, and they did not. remember the ones who said donald trump supporters would go nuts if he lost but said nothing about themselves if he won. remember how wrong they were and how foolish we were for questioning them. remember them, all of them, and all they said and the unassailable data they had to support what they said. remember how they picked and chose that data. remember how they virtually ignored russian hacking before the election but that it cost their candidate after the election.
12:37 pm
remember how they made you feel like an idiot if they questions man was making the earth warmer, not more than four decades ago they were pushing it growing starkly colder. you see what following the consensus gets you? not much. the next time they laugh because they don't think you are the center of the universe. remember when the same crowd challenged copernicus's view, through the ages, remember the so-called sages. remember when they said the world was flat, and then i want you to ask yourself, how many times can you be flat-out wrong? all right. i want you to think about that especially in the next segment talking to the professional wwe wrestler who is now attempting to become mayor of houston, how everyone seems to be dismissing him out the gate. and i want to you keep that in mind with what was experienced this year, everyone dismissing
12:38 pm
donald trump and so much else right out the gate. to julie and patrice. patrice, all i'm saying is there and then and forever is just be careful jumping on the consensus anything. it's usually wrong, what do you think? >> can i add? remember when they said donald trump could never win among even increased number of minority supporters and he beat romney by two for blasting hispanics. neil: now you are showing off. i thought i was presenting enough examples, now you are showing off. >> elites whether hollywood, politics or academia should not outweigh -- opinions should not outweigh common sense, the regular person who may not have gotten the four-year college degree but understands passions and interests and understand what they're feeling every day,
12:39 pm
that was lost in the election cycle, and it's a good resolution to carry forward with. neil: all i was trying to say whether it's right or left, i've seen arrogance on the right and the left. republicans who couldn't reconcile losing the election four years ago let alone eight years ago and not understanding that it might not be the candidates they're putting forward to this day with democrats still not wrestling with the reality they lost and blaming it on everything but the russians and, you know, solar spots. so what do you think? there are a lot of consensus figures out there already that donald trump will fail out the gate, that this recovery isn't justified. what do you think? >> i think that i agree with you on a lot of measures here. what was dangerous about sort of this election in general is that a lot of people didn't take donald trump seriously both on the republican side, they didn't take him seriously as a primary candidate.
12:40 pm
he eed up winning the primary. democrats didn't take him seriously as a candidate in the general election and that probably bread complacencyy, people staying home on election day, protest votes. neil: what do you do as a result? when you see stuff like that, julie, in the experience we had and didn't buy the consensus line yourself, you can go too far? can you question every consensus opinion or thought that's out there and say i'm going to go the opposite? >> i think that's a flood way to do it, to automatically assume everything you are reading is wrong, because then where do you get your information from and discover as fact? but i agree with you very much on the fact that we need to be more skeptical. we need to be more cynical as far as what's presented to us by the republican party, by the democratic party, by the news media whether that is conservative or liberal, we need to examine the truth whether that's trying to figure out whether or not our news is fake or not believing the polls. you know, i think what we really learned at bustle is
12:41 pm
that we are a website of millennial women, urban women, progressive women, and a lot of us are shocked by election results honestly because none of the people we knew were voting in that way. neil: stripes of the trade. >> we need to get out of our own echo chamber. neil: bingo. patrice, what do you think of that? >> i think most people read the news they politically agree with. i talked to my parents and grandparents, they read news from across the board but americans today don't trust a lot of news sources, this is well before fake news became a thing. i think there is something about the gut. there's something about our internal compass that says if something smells fishy, it probably, is if the consensus and the news media says one thing, if your heart is telling you something else, we shouldn't ignore it. neil: all right, i want to thank you, both, very good perspective on this and to complete this, wrestling fans
12:42 pm
know this guy as booker t., and even to your standards are saying booker t. lost it if he thinks he can become the next mayor of houston. from what i understand, he's proven a lot of his critics wrong? is he about to prove that on the far bigger stage? after this.
12:43 pm
i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. . >> i'm jeff flock at the mall. this is the fashion outlets of
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chicago in rosemont illinois with the fox business brief talking retail. how much will we spend this christmas? forbes says it will come to a total of a trillion dollars. that's $419 per shopper. that's up 8% compared to last year. online, obviously, a big deal as well. fedex says it will spend an all-time shipping record between black friday and christmas, 317 million packages will be shipped. that's up 10% as well. on the grinch side, the analytics firm mpd says the week ending december 10th, sales down 5%. the big loser, toys. down 9%. could be the busiest shopping day of the year today outside of black friday. that's what the experts say. i'm jeff flock in rosemont, illinois with the fox business brief, more "cavuto: coast-to-coast" now.
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. neil: all right, keeping the last segment in mind about consensus being wrong, the consensus wrong about donald trump that he couldn't get the republican nomination, and he did. that he couldn't get elect the president, and he did. this is inspiring a lot of heretofore unthinkable candidates to run for office and think donald trump did, it maybe so can i. among them, this next fella former wwe wrestler booker t. why do they call him booker t? because he can kill you with one hand. good to have you. >> appreciate you having me on.
12:47 pm
neil: you know the only precedent for a guy like you would be jesse ventura in minnesota, became governor, no political experience. have you no political experience, obviously a lot of fans who love you, i don't know if there are enough of them in houston to make you mayor, why are you doing this? >> you know, i have no political experience, i have life experience, and i think first and foremost, you got to think about life in order to be able to deal with certain situations. if you haven't been in certain situations, it's really hard to actually know what it's like. you could read all the books you want, until you put in that situation, you really don't know how you are going to adapt, and every situation i've been put into, i've been able to adapt and i think i'm going to adapt to the situation as lp. neil: do you know donald trump well? >> actually, donald trump and i went into the hall of fame together in 2013. neil: that's right. >> wwe, i met donald trump and
12:48 pm
i shook his hand and looked him in the eye. tells me a lot when you look a person in the eye, says a whole lot. neil: and what did you discover? >> you know, he's a man's man first and foremost. you know, you can't pretty much put him to the side and expect anything less than a good fight with donald trump first and foremost. he proved that in the election. i think my thinking with donald trump is give him a chance. see how he does. neil: you say you learned a lot from watching life and understanding people, looking them in the eye as you did with donald trump. and it might be a great value in that given the fact so many of the experts got so much wrong. where do you think they goofed? >> you know, in a lot of places. you know donald trump actually talked about the 30,000 e-mails and stuff like that it's true.
12:49 pm
it's almost like kennedy's brain coming up missing, that should not happen. people talked about the access hollywood video. can you imagine that's everyday life, stuff people actually go out there and do. so i think --. neil: when that came out, booker, i'm sorry, when that came out they thought he was finished, trump was finished. >> they did. but actually, you know the average, everyday person actually talks like that some time. you can't say you haven't been in certain situations, you know, where the average, everyday person speaks like that. but the thing is, you do got to know how to change. i tell young people all the time, you can't go to the white house with your pants sagging but you might do that in your neighborhood. you got to take certain situations and look at them for what they actually are. neil: are you running as a republican?
12:50 pm
a democrat? >> you know, i haven't declared affiliated party or anything like that. i'm a husband, you know, i'm a father of three. i'm a self-made man, i'm a business man, i'm a successful businessman in the city of houston. i have a television show, reality wrestling comes on here every saturday night. it's not about party affiliate or anything like that, it's about the citizens of houston and what they need and what i plan to actually hope to be able to give them. neil: but you lean more republican, you think, or am i taking a leap? >> you know, i could honestly actually say after the past eight years, actually even there and beyond, you actually have to have knowledge as far as, you know, your party affiliate. a lot of times it's like coca-cola.
12:51 pm
you go and sit down for dinner and they ask you what you want, you say give me a coke, because you know that's what your dad drank, that's what your granddad drank. it's almost like if your father was a democrat and his father was a democrat and his father was a democrat, you tend to lean that way, but i think you have to do your research, you have to have knowledge as far as that goes, and i think first and foremost, i want to have all the knowledge before i make that decision, but i will make a decision before 2019. neil: i'm sure both sides are trying to woo you here. you are known for coming up with the term sucka, and i'm wondering if you have a copyright on it, that would mean everyone who says it would have to pay you. [laughter] >> no, i think richard roundtree might have the copyright. neil: you read my mind. [laughter] >> that's where i got it from. neil: amazing.
12:52 pm
and you have an amazing life story. wish we had more time. i wish you well, interesting, i like it when people from outside the political petri dish entertain this. >> i got this for you, make sure we got it. from prison to promise, life before the square circle. this is what's going to propel me to the mayoralship in houston, texas, 2019. it's going to be a great day. 2020 is going to be a new era in the city of houston. neil: we shall watch very, very closely. have a merry christmas, booker. >> appreciate it. thank you. neil: as he and i were chatting, the united nations is set to vote on this so-called israeli settlement issue. on the phone with us is arkansas senator tom cardon. senator, the gist of this is to condemn the israelis for settlements, ongoing settlement building, that has already gotten the wrath of donald trump, this move, because he says it's a pile-on and it's
12:53 pm
not, there the israeli leadership said the same thing, how do you feel? >> neil, if president obama allows this resolution to go forward, he will seem like the most anti-israel president ever. this resolution is harsher towards israel than the ambassador vetoed five years ago saying the united nations cannot impose these terms on the negotiations in the northeast and calling upon israel to stop building homes in jerusalem, in their very own capital. it would be as if some country told us citizens in washington, d.c. couldn't add onto their home or build another apartment building. it's outrageous president obama is trying sneak this through on the friday before christmas and doesn't have the courage to ask the congress for his handiwork. ne: seems that we're allowing this measure demanding end to the settlement building to go through wout -- without taking
12:54 pm
a position on it, first time we endured something that would be damaging to the israelis or seen as damaging to the israelis. am i right about that? >> well, neil, that's right. but i think it's worse than that. new zealand and senegal and other small countries like that don't set the agenda the united nations security council. the united states and other great powers do. barack obama is personally responsible for the resolution, if he truly believes this anti-israel resolution is the right course of action, he should have the courage of his conviction and order his ambassador to vote for, it not abstain from it like a moral coward. neil: it goes through, get condemned, a president-elect who condemned this. benjamin netanyahu trying to work through the president-elect to stop this through your offices as well for all i know, but it's going to go through and it's going to be very embarrassing, then what? >> well, this is president obama in my opinion trying to
12:55 pm
pry the president-elect's hands, people criticize president trump but president obama is taking the decision out of president-elect's hands the way george bush did to president obama. he did the opposite on president obama's request at the time. there's going to be consequences, though, coming from the congress that this resolution goes forward. united nations and every country that supports this resolution will face potential cutoff of all forms of u.s. assistance to their country or to the united nations, it's past time that we begin to use the leverage we have over the countries to insist they not take these anti-israel actions against our closest allies in the middle east. neil: do you think, though, that the israelis with this settlement building got a little too aggressive, and this was a little too provocative in a region of the world that doesn't need it? that there's such a thing as building settlements and quite another to build them to the degree they have? >> no, of course not neil.
12:56 pm
what people call a settlement is a neighborhood. it would be as if the people building new homes in the suburbs of little rock can no longer do so by a foreign power. this wasn't an issue for the palestinians until barack obama came into office and created ways for daylight between the united states and israel. as he demanded it, the palestinians demanded it as well. this is not an obstacle. to recognize israel as a jewish state. >> we'll see how had goes, to your point looks like a signed, sealed and done deal, the first time the united states acted a patrol do something deleterious to the state. we'll have more after this. ♪ ♪
12:57 pm
♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. this is where i trade andrs. manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. .. have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you.
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1:00 pm
neil: already talking about the truck incident that took out 12 christmas shopper goers in this past week. german leader angela merkel can review the handling of the market attack, he was from tunisia and part of the refugee wave that included close to 1 million refugees, tunisia was included in that grouping. tunisia said when the government of germany wanted to ship them back, the paperwork, long story short, stayed in the neighborhood that is germany and wanted to conduct these attacks, promising a full-scale review of policies and whether they are more like them in germany. a lot of people feel they are. president-elect trump and
1:01 pm
vladimir putin calling for stronger nuclear forces building up their nuclear positions and some interpret that as a new green light on the arms race to retired colonel tony dean if that is the case. what do you think? >> a long way between a tweet and a speech by vladimir putin. president-elect trump's tweet didn't say a lot. what was said wasn't much. we want to update the nuclear triad, it has been underfunded but those plans were in the works for years. neil: maybe it is how stuff is tweet the did the out but it sounded like the president-elect wain favor of more nuclear stuff. i know we have enough to blow the world up many times over. we have a stockpile of 4500 nuclear warheads, the russians a little more, but easily enough
1:02 pm
to destroy the world. what is the upside to even discussing more, not updating but more? >> i don't think it is more. more, better, hard to characterize what you are trying to say in 144 paragraphs. the tweet is in the best way to put this out but on the russian side, their biggest asset is their nuclear capability making them a player in the world. russia is trying to push ahead with making their position seem stronger than it really is. this is just a way for vladimir putin to make russia seem -- have the world look at it as a superpower. neil: it didn't hit me until i started exploring this controversy yesterday and that is we don't have a day and age we can routinely test this stuff
1:03 pm
or monitor because it is dangerous. do you get a sense that is what trump is saying we have to do more of that and is it safe if we do more than that? >> and somehow there were floppy disks in use and nuclear systems they have. this talk of being a modernized -- the tweet after meeting with them, american general said this is what we need to do to make the system work. neil: a missile could be errantly launched. >> 40-year-old technology. your take on where we are going,
1:04 pm
this leads to perception, great student of human history. we want to build into this more and ingredients of a rabid arms race where we are worrying too much. i don't think russia, these missiles can defeat the shields. more of a threat to eastern europe and the people. the same actors with nuclear weapons. china, surface-to-air missiles in the south china sea. the chinese are militarizing
1:05 pm
that, stealing a us reconnaissance sub, screening and mapping the ocean floor, the fallout this, they are getting aggressive. >> more pieces on the chessboard. basically we had a period for decades of appeasing china. the largest consumer market in the world, the largest centrally controlled communist economy in the world and we appeased them. george bush in 2006 started the strategic dialogue and obama continued it on. all we had during that we 10 years is talk. now everybody needs to change their thinking because donald trump will negotiate, the chinese are responding. they will build their military presence in that part of the world and that will give them more bargaining chips but we have many bargaining chips of our own we haven't been willing to use for a long time.
1:06 pm
neil: a lot of it started, depends on who you believe with china expressing anger over some of the anti-chinese appointments donald trump was making. what do you make of that? >> china is not the only one expressing anger. free individuals are the ones the trade and benefit from china. there are two ways of dealing with people, through trade or through force was trade is the american way. when donald trump talks about using trade as a bargaining chip he is talking about using voluntarily mutually beneficial win/when transactions from honest americans and this is how wealth is created. for donald trump to target trade shows ignorance for not only america but how -- that is not ignorance. what he is doing is standing up to the chinese blues by saying we have to have mutually beneficial policies, we don't, the chinese are liars,
1:07 pm
communists who don't want to deal with us on a fair basis and haven't had to because no one is held accountable. neil: i want your answer on this but i want to clarify the chinese do regular currency, they don't play fair. they do this to extract a real advantage in trade that has given them an economic advantage. >> most importantly they keep their workers down. that should be part of this, negotiating trade deals, they have stolen a third of manufacturing jobs since 1998. how do you correct that if you don't look at their labor practices? this here is cronyism. we got to help steelworkers, manufacturers, the justification for the eastern european centrally planned economy. trade benefits americans and
1:08 pm
think about -- the fact they are not free hurts their own people, hurts the chinese economy. neil: getting disproportionate fair trade, that doesn't bother you. >> no. if someone is not playing fair with you you play the same way? >> they are not playing fair with their own citizens, they are devaluing their currency, hurting their own -- i care about our citizens was what about american citizens? >> we can buy more things from china and that is invested in a new job. in a free economy what you are saying is chinese, chinese communists, we have to be communists as well. >> i didn't say that but i said they are stealing our jobs was we got to talk about their labor practices, they are stealing our jobs.
1:09 pm
by going -- by putting everything on the table. neil: i hear where you are coming from. if you know the other guy is cheating, if you know the other guy is cheating -- >> i don't except that. neil: you don't think they are stacking the deck? >> they are cheating their own people. neil: you don't think they are rigging their currency and stacking the deck? >> i'm seeing hypocrisy. a year ago talking about microsoft of the great creator of willful you don't think microsoft outsources? you don't think donald trump buys things? neil: you think the chinese cheat? >> they cheat their own people. neil: can you go too far? are you going to too far? >> we start by putting everything on the table. donald trump is a great
1:10 pm
negotiator. he's not talking cronyism are helping us companies, but taking it to the chinese. neil: how do you respond to militarizing much of the south china sea and saying it is there is? >> we are saying we are going to build up the military and -- >> you don't have to go to war. we are not going to have a trade war because donald trump will -- -- every day. let's try freedom. we already have two government agencies, trade representative and the chamber of commerce. he is introducing a new czar. neil: respond to the militarization of the south china sea, the chinese are doing it.
1:11 pm
>> not hurting americans, historical precedents, look at smooth holly. military -- neil: it was about trade tariffs which is what donald trump is advocating. neil: mixing military and political power. >> taking it to the chinese. neil: feel the love. i want to thank you very much. donald trump doing something else to his critics and antagonists worry, hitting boeing and lockheed martin against each other.
1:12 pm
1:13 pm
1:14 pm
1:15 pm
neil: the tweet the cost the company millions pressures of lockheed martin dropping after donald trump on cost overruns on a 35 fighter jets and tempting boeing to come up with a competitive model, all but saying we can close this deal, boeing. john layfield on whether that is going one step too far. what do you make of it? >> i have a problem when the president steps into private business but he is negotiating on behalf of the government. i have a huge problem in president obama fired rick wagner, ceo of general motors and believed wall street ceos as well. what we are doing is not working. we have an had a president work with a congress since the mid-19s and he has something different here. it is unprecedented, so is twitter, so is social media. neil: a little braver arguing with you on remote, i think i
1:16 pm
had a bad feeling about this when ceos of boeing and lockheed martin met with donald trump, spoke briefly to reporters to inform the world, and ballooned to for$.2 billion with hints it would be scaled-back, victory for donald trump. lockheed martin's ceo bypassed the cameras and the microphone so i suspect it didn't go that well, that meeting. i learned the back story on that, it did not. is that your sense of it? to go and get along with donald trump you better go along with donald trump. >> that was my sense as well. no one has been able to rein in military spending because of the
1:17 pm
jobs it creates, the general testified before congress they don't need any more m1 tanks but they have 2000 sitting in the california desert but they are continually making tanks because the supply chain is through 70 congressional districts. neil: i admire the notion that just because it is a signed and sealed deal doesn't mean with the incoming president it is a done deal and that could change government contractors mindset, the notion the cost overruns which you and i have known over the years have gotten routine, it is his way, donald trump's way of saying not under my watch and a way to remind democrats i am willing to tax republican sacred cows if you are willing to touch your own sacred cows. >> i agree with that completely. we have not had to deal with our national debt which doubled under president obama because interest rates have not gonna. we had $430 billion of interest rates we had to pay when president obama took office. it is 432 because interest rates
1:18 pm
have come down so much even though the debt has doubled, this can has been kicked. whoever the 45th president was was going to have to deal with this, this happens to be president-elect trump and hopefully this is one way he is dealing with it. neil: are you in the wrestling hall of fame? you should be if you are not. i am sure you are. >> i am in the game in waterloo, iowa. neil: he is in the hall of fame, running for mayor of uston and apparently, donald trump was and maybe tangentially what it is suggesting in minnesota becoming governor there, what do you think of that? >> i think booker t is the right man, i saw him this weekend he discussed the book i have given him, hero's fight about the african american plate in baltimore. he is not doing this as a publicity stunt. he wants to make a difference, his life story is phenomenal,
1:19 pm
like his book says. he offered to help me with my risk program in bermuda. this is a man who wants to make a different than those of the people we need in political office. neil: people who dismiss him at the gate, the same people who dismissed donald trump out the gate or before that who dismissed just even tour. there is something in the global water where unusual candidates are emerging. what if it doesn't last long? is it your sense it will last long? >> as long as we have the status quo, that is what this was about, america's way of saying we are fed up. brexit was the brits way of saying they were fed up with the status quo and people like booker t, you can't make up a story like this, this young man came out of prison, he is in the hall of fame, has a beautiful family, has a successful business in houston. this is a true american success story, we have so many inner-city problems. this is somebody, his passion, he could do a wonderful job. neil: a pretty big endorsement.
1:20 pm
merry christmas. how do they celebrate christmas in bermuda? well, i guess. the plane incidents, the daughter of an incoming us president, like some in the media are refusing to call it harassment. looks like harassment to me.
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
neil: we have politically correct and then we just have incorrect. a lot of people avoiding the term harass. intentions, before this incident on the plane saying ivanka and jared flying commercial. my husband chasing them down to harass them. if this were chelsea clinton it would be different.
1:24 pm
i suspect you are right. we learn later they were escorted off the flight because they were making for a bit of a tense flight butchelsea clinton. why didn't we put this on the same level. >> the media decided anything happens to the trumps is okay. people talk about harassing their son, rosie o'donnell talks about their son and autism. people performing at the inaugural. that morning liberals complaining that ivanka has her art hanging in her home and they want it removed. this is a huge seen in the media doesn't want to connect the dots on any of it. neil: we live in a day and age when people have the internet and tweeting up a storm
1:25 pm
including their own father. is a different now? in something like this happen, another presidential candidate down the road. this is what we have to get used to. the argument among those harassing her was they didn't curse her, saying bad things but took it very nicely, that didn't surprise me. making this bigger than it is. >> you look at how the front page of the new york times and washington post, the problem is the major media think it is okay, that is not going to change. look for more of this going
1:26 pm
through the trump administration and i think it is the new normal but flip it around, you have obama leaving office. if anyone can confront obama that way they would be called crazy, the media would connect the dots and say this is right wing extremism. neil: the media has a protective bubble as it should around the president's kids and barack obama's included. there is such a thing as too far but it should extend the president-elect's kids as well. the difference they are citing is these are kids who are active in their father's administration particularly ivanka, moving to washington dc to be close and work with him and advise him or whatever. what do you think of that distinction? >> she had her three young children with her. there is a time and place for everything. we live in an era where people
1:27 pm
want to interact with celebrities and the president of the united states on twitter. when you fly on a plane whether you are yelling at members of media or hyping the guy, not too long ago, whether you are yelling about donald trump or at his kids, just say no. this is the wrong time, the wrong place, it is irrational. neil: the real harassment was the fact the trump kids, don't know if it is -- watch it closely. merry christmas. a little joke to cut the tension down. what do bitter boomers make of this and amazon in two our delivery service. will they deliver to us yesterday? we put the pedal to the metal and they got the donuts and ice
1:28 pm
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>> was totally efficient. neil: where are we? discussion about the markets which are down for the time being. amazon is guaranteeing something that got a lot of you paying attention yestery. there are a lot of asterisks to that. amazon is promising 12 two our delivery in some cities including this beautiful when i'm in now. the count is on. here we go. i want ice cream, vanilla, chocolate or macadamia nut because that is a tough one. i hate to break it to you, amazon, we have a problem. this just into our newsroom, word that they do not have macadamia not ice cream. >> we are sending you rock cookie joe because that is the best part of that. >> you can see what we got 40 minutes ago and it is not
1:33 pm
looking good. the ice cream has arrived. of the front of this package, do not consume rock cookie dough. on the back it says your producer, the board and come is trying to kill you. there was a subset to that. they deliver the goods to us but leave it at their discretion to give you a substitute if the first item you want to didn't come in like macadamia nut ice cream which is hard to get. i can get it anywhere. they substituted cookie dough. which i am told is dangerous to eat raw especially if earlier in the summer -- everything that arrived. our millennials into the instant
1:34 pm
gratification and satisfaction whereas boomers are more interested in getting it right. charlie gasparino and stephen lee, lizzie mcdonald and senior editor charlie brady. what is going on? is right? >> millennials. we will get there. >> they have grown up in the era of instagram and snapchat. it is right away, and why not get their products right away? neil: this internet is big. >> if you start with the internet, mo gave me this idea, set me up, it is a thing, where it started was mcdonald's. that was the first -- >> that is not -- >> do you like microwave ovens? it is a big deal, mcdonald's.
1:35 pm
people -- people use to sit down and have dinner. you know what the problem is? in real life -- now we don't even have -- liz: no. >> no instant gratification. of the 20 what do you think of this? you are worried about getting stuff for christmas, we can get it in an hour or two. you got your shopping done. liz: can come soon enough, and gratification -- you are overreacting, big deal about mcdonald's or instant gratification. >> i'm not overreacting, look at the savings rate in this country from the late 50s to the end of the 1970s. 5% --
1:36 pm
neil: instant gratification. and other developing countries are into that. look at china. >> it is all yours. >> time to do -- >> 30%. liz: the qualification we are. neil: we wanted this immediately, got it pretty fast. neil: got your shopping done. >> there is a business angle in this sense. all these companies have to retrofit their business model. i don't know if it creates jobs. who wants to go to the fifth floor of macy's and buy a suit anymore or a time. you can get stuff like that
1:37 pm
delivered, you do -- it needs to be custom made. like when you have wide shoulders and a thin waist like me. neil: you and i are on the same -- liz: we think instant gratification is an issue for millennial than ruining that generation? i don't think so. neil: you would come and apparently they are using it disproportionately at amazon, younger users, either they run late getting christmas gifts or they like the immediacy of it. >> the quality of stuff may be going down and the quality of spirits. in the old days -- neil: you said you don't like to shop. >> i hate it but you used to make your own donuts, you got yours delivered. the expiration date was january 2003. neil: a person said it was january 3rd.
1:38 pm
>> they never had the date. >> major iron a. jeff bezos runs amazon. is first annual report to his shareholders what if you believe in the standard metrics for wall street, immediate gratification, quarter to quarter gains, sell my stock. it is not what you. neil: doesn't apply to delivering stock. >> he won't take advantage of anything he can but in terms of running his own shop. instant gratification. >> there has always been instant gratification, we just now have the means, better disposed. neil: you buy gifts for your wife. that is the only person. >> right. neil: i admire that but if you hadn't done that. i know you are really on top of things and you probably did.
1:39 pm
if you hadn't done that and amazon comes along and says i can get this to you in two hours. >> the reason -- neil: not just an appeal for young people. >> getting something to the abyss with those millennial, those disgusting millennial's, adopting there ways life, just disgusting. this is the issue. you get it in two hours, why not? why isn't amazon, so long-term thinking, why aren't they -- neil: that is a very good point. >> helping the money. neil: we are very close, beamed into your home. you can have objects printed at home. >> there is a trend, we are as
1:40 pm
boomers becoming like millennials. horrible. >> boomers are the most possessive center generation ever. you are a boomer. >> and -- -- >> in the early 70s we lost all discipline when we went off the gold standard. warner: the don't get me started. >> with interest rates so low you could get into that and borrow it endlessly. >> nothing holding us back. what i think should happen is outlaw microwave ovens. >> i agree with you.
1:41 pm
>> instant gratification as well. neil: some microwave ovens are faster than others. and and -- >> education. neil: for god sake. >> verify -- neil: barely heard about china from you today. >> i tell you about china. all of asia is. neil: fascinating. amazon took it upon itself to sell an item i didn't want in the dutch and they gave me don't. my staff was happy with me eating something that could be
1:42 pm
dangerous to me. what do you think when a retailer does that? sell an item that is close. >> natural trends, artificial intelligence, they know what you are looking at when you normally by and if they don't have this you will have better be just as happy. >> the emphasis on quality. >> may be -- >> artificial intelligence -- cookie dough ice cream. we got both. i don't the one iota of this stuff. >> 6 staff put it out for everybody to eat that cookie dough. they want you to poison the whole -- neil: half the staff is in today. we are on our own. >> that is a good point.
1:43 pm
just substituting. something else. neil: china does. >> china has been around 40 years. >> chinese in the meals. >> chinese millennial's are growing up the same way. immediate gratification. neil: the way the cookie crumbles, no idea. what did you come up with? neil: i don't know. i hope you learn something, more after this. hey! i just wanted to thank your support team for walking me through my first options trade. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
lou: adam schapiro live on the floor of the stock exchange, indexes essentially flat right now. barely by two points. and you can see eventually on the dow, the s&p 500, nasdaq, and healthcare related stocks, down 4.6% down 20,000. and down 1%. and as well as users. micron up 15%. they are up 7.8%. red hat is down, bed, bath and beyond, will neil cavuto get
1:46 pm
more raw cookie dough or macadamia nut ice cream?
1:47 pm
neil: the thing, a producer on site, my buddy dan who substituted the item for the missing macadamia nut ice cream,
1:48 pm
still blaming amazon. i am very angry about this. a good fundraising effort has to go away because critics of trump's fundraising activities says it doesn't look right so he won't be working on that nor is anyone working on his family, on charitable endeavors, some who give or might get favor with their dad's administration. the weekly standard says donald trump will face conflict of interest concerns as long as he is president or before he is president but what do you make of this? >> this is really sad. strange to say but i think eric trump and ultimately the children he was raising money for are victims of his own family. part of this, eric trump seems like a good guy, raising money for saint jude since he was 21. 32, he is a serious guy doing
1:49 pm
serious work, he is going to make the decision to emphasize it is his decision to fund raise. neil: he would hurt these charities but doesn't surprise me because if you are related to guys, the most powerful man on earth you can read anything on the part of anyone giving exact favors from you or to suit your self will with the administration but there is no middle ground on this stuff. >> that is the important thing, part of it is donald trump, conducting its own charity. totally separate from eric's but donald trump, the donald trump foundation released its 2015
1:50 pm
filing, it said the principles, people running it. neil: would that be a risk when hillary clinton was secretary of state on anything that could benefit her husband's foundation, the appearance in the eye of the beholder. >> trump hitting hillary clinton, rightfully so, and the charity and foundation. and secretary of state, speaking fees went up. people knew he had closer access to power. and getting good with him. donald trump lasted that during the campaign but it came back to bite his children.
1:51 pm
and the children, the planning that st. jude's does, and in his dozen years raising money for them, $15 million. neil: that stops. twitter, really helped make donald trump president but can't help make some money. why is that? more on that after this.
1:52 pm
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1:54 pm
neil: is it weird that twitter can't parlay helping to make a guy president of the united states, stock down 12%.
1:55 pm
it was twitter that launched, and propelled donald trump's career. that and more. it is a little weird. >> interesting the twitter get so politicized because of the president-elect, and the same when we were speculating or go public and when it went public, dow 16,000, when you get back to the out lick for twitter. to some extent people were optimistic, after we had another executive chief technology officer, the longest losing streak in almost a year, a four month low, $16 down for the year. 29%. if we keep asking the same
1:56 pm
thing, how does twitter make money? how do you monetize that in an environment where facebook figured it out. the competition was able to put edge that people were actually clicking on. neil: do they have ads on their site? >> when i use this personally they don't feel they interrupt you. you see the ad but you don't notice it half the time whereas in another place, instagram for example might see an ad for a nice watch or something and you see it and it is right in your face and you know which company made it and it is more difficult for twitter. neil: i cannot fathom how they could not correlate something off of that. connell mcshane, all your hard work as always is don imus appreciate it. stocks, 20,000 is going to be tough, after this.
1:57 pm
. . .
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
neil: all right, well, could this be the day? dow jones industrial in and out of the same levels we started the day about 84 points away. trish regan, to you. trish: anything can happen. president-elect trump showing the world who is in charge as he ramps up tough talk on terror, business and now on nukes. there is a new sheriff in town and it is no longer business as usual. he's making that clear. i'm trish regan, welcome to the intelligence report. president-elect trump calling for expanels of america's nuclear arsenal tweeting the united states must greatly strengthen and expand nuclearcal the word comes to its senses regarding nukes. mr. trump reportedly went onto say, let it again an arm's race, vowing america will win the race. the comments coming after russian president vladimir putin saying his country needs to ramp up nuclear forces.


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