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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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see you next week. hanukkah. "lou dobbs tonight" is next right here on fox business. tonight, new hopes that president-elect trump will be able to restore relations with russia. mr. trump and vladimir putin exchanging end of the year greetings? we'll have the details next. also, the terror manhunt is over, but questions remain over how the islamic state attacker eluded capture for four days? we'll have a full report from berlin. and a stunning move by the obama administration. along with the u.n. to adopt a resolution condemning israeli settlement construction. mr. obama's defiance coming despite tremendous pressure by both president-elect trump and israel.
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the "weekly standard"'s fred barnes weighs in in moments. and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs tonight. we begin with the deadly terror attack in berlin. anis amri was considered one of the most-wanted men in europe. authorities got their man. president-elect trump late today reacting to the attack tweeting -- the latest now from greg palkot in berlin. >> reporter: gunned down and coiled a street in a suburb of the italian city of milan, the man thought responsible for the deadly truck attack in berlin, germany monday night.
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24-year-old tunisian man anis amri seen in a video posted by isis hours after his death pledging allegiance to the terror group somehow made his way from berlin to southeast france and by train to turin in milan, italy, a trip of 600 miles, all the while the most-wanted man in europe. he was only caught by a routine italian street patrol when he was asked for identity papers he refused and shot the police injuring back. they fired back with deadly aim. >> the state police react and the person who attacked our officer was killed. >> reporter: the milan shoot-out triggered instant firestorm of recriminations in berlin, despite police surveillance and tightened borders, how he could have moved around so easily? and how he was able to stay in germany for 18 months before the attack while under suspicion, and did he act alone? it is very important to determine whether there was a network of helpers, a network of supporters, in planning and
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executing this deed in the suspect's escape. >> reporter: still under fire, german chancellor angela merkel, amri could have taken advantage of the huge influx of refugees to germany in 2013. with the immigration system swamped he was able to act at will. >> we could be relieved that one acute threat was ended but the general threat of terrorism continues. >> relief and fear echoed on the streets of berlin today. >> he could be there, there or there, and now -- >> reporter: now he's caught, he's dead. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's a relief, no more danger, i don't think it stops there. >> reporter: german officials remain on high alert and the investigation into the truck attack here remains open. there are too many unanswered questions and outstanding threats for this to be a completely restful holiday period. tom? >> greg palkot in berlin. president-elect donald
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trump releasing a holiday letter he received from russian president vladimir putin. putin writes and i quote -- as well as being our level of cooperation, collaboration on the international scene to a qualitative new level. trump responded with this statement about vladimir putin. he says -- during a news conference earlier today, putin said he would be willing to visit the united states if president-elect donald trump sent him an invitation. joining us now the founder of the president of the american islamic forum for democracy, dr. zuhdi jasser and foundation for the defense of democracies
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president clifford may. dr. jasser, start with you, the business about germany, at first i was aghast i heard about how the police had him on the radar and they were following him, and he had a criminal record. i thought what was wrong with the police? with the million immigrants into germany, i'm thinking, no, i don't care how good the german police are or are not there, is no way they could follow how many people or somebody they should be keeping tabs on? >> tom, there is something we could learn from every one of these, this one is a lone wolf, not get lost in a million people. he came in not only in the last trek in italy which doesn't make sense, in the last five years, came in through tunisia, was in prison in italy for four years, italy said we don't want you. they deported him to where? we don't know. we leaves the country, makes his way up to germany, has
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interactions with the law four times. a knife on a bus, a drug arrest, was actually under surveillance because his roommate was related to isis and arrested. this guy went off of surveillance in september. he's a lone wolf, not an unknown person and they dropped the ball. the eu, germany has a major problem in communication and the following of the idea they should be following. lou: i agree with you they should have been all over this guy. my point is there are so many people that they should be watching because so many people have come in. cliff, the other point here obviously is, i go back a few years now, when i was a younger man that would travel europe, you had to stop at every border, show your passport and go through the drill. now, take your pick. travel wherever you want, obviously. >> right, and the idea of having open borders in europe was not meant for a time when you have millions of migrants as well as terrorists trying
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get in and get around the various countries. that's a real problem, as is the possibility of trying to integrate and assimilate all the migrants, if you want to call them, that or all the refugees that are coming. too often they're ending up in ghettos some, call colonys and recruiting grounds, places where these pe their way in and very difficult for the police to track them in there and difficult to find people that will tell them. some do, but others don't. >> back to you, dr. jasser, this idea about europe being more open and socialist though we keep moving toward a european model. how likely is it that we are going to see the same problems europe has when it comes to this influx of terrorists? >> well, our trajectory isn't as quick as theirs, we're headed in the same place, if we don't focus on the ideology. terrorism is a symptom.
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the ideology is the collectivist mind-set they have allegiance to the global jihad. the mantra for the trump administration is the global jihad stupid. and the lack of borders, the lack of a secular state identity is the fact that feeds this collectivist global islamist mind-set. the only thing, as a muslim, the only thing that didn't make me radicalized is american nationalism. my belief the constitution protects me from the sharia state, bring back nation state ideas but whet it also for the indigenous people of europe. >> cliff, you've seen the reports that isis is saying, they're calling for aspirational attacks on -- during the holidays, and with hanukkah and christmas lining up together, are you on pins and needles about this? >> i'm not on pins and needles,
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there are a lot of people in law and law enforcement who are. we had the attack in germany, almost an attack, it was stopped in australia. in both these cases and likely to see others as well, you're talking about attacks on christians, during christmastime while celebrating in christian majority countries. not just the middle east where of course the coptic christian church was recently bombed. 24 people killed. this is an attack exactly what zuhdi is saying, attack by the people who identify themselves as jihadists who see themselves as internationalists, and don't have an identity of a particular country and respect those who have other ideas, whether they be religious, ethnic or nationalist. >> dr. jasser, the letter back and forth, holiday greetings between donald trump and vladimir putin. a lot of people are making a lot of it. are you concerned or hopeful about it?
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>> the formalities in the courtship period before president trump fills the white house, i don't know what to make of it. once president trump is in the white house, we may share common enemies. as a syrian american, moscow doesn't really share our values, the relationship with iran is problematic, the genocide committed by assad is problematic, maybe we may work with them to get rid of isis, but have a positive strength way to end what the assad regime is doing to the people of syria. >> cliff may, what's your reaction? >> president george bush looked into putin's eyes and thought he saw someone straightforward and trustworthy, turned out to be incorrect. and now a simple toy on a button you push that would solve everything with a reset, that doesn't happen. i hope trump will have a realistic attitude towards putin who has allied himself with the world's greatest
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sponsor of terrorism according to u.s. government, and that's iran, helping hezbollah and the devastation in aleppo is largely due to russia and iran and hezbollah. hoping he drives a harder bargain with putin than we've seen. >> that's his claim, our hard bargain driver. zuhdi jasser and cliff may. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. >> the incoming white house press secretary says president trump will always put america's safety first. >> countries need to know under a donald trump presidency, business as usual is over, he's going to act, protect america. if they increase nuclear capability, america will act. >> fred barnes joins me here next. vice president biden bluntly explains why clinton's presidential bid failed. we'll talk about his harsh
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we'll talk about his harsh criticism of the left's losing
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we'll talk about his harsh criticism of the left's losing i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. . tom: the obama administration today allowing the u.n. security council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to israeli settlements.
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president obama breaking with a longstanding u.s. tradition of vetoing such security council resolutions, instead today, simply we abstained from today's vote. after the vote, president-elect donald trump said the u.s.' policies regarding israel will soon change tweeting and i quote -- fox news correspondent kevin corke is traveling with president obama in hawaii and he has our report. >> tom, good evening, the president made this decision after several rounds of conversations with many members of his inner circle. key members like vice president joe biden, secretary of state john kerry, national security adviser susan rice and u.n. ambassador samantha power. deputy national security adviser ben rhodes told reporters the abstention vote was preferred pause the u.n. hasn't been impartial on this issue. >> when it comes to final status issues. we believe that those should be
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negotiated between the parties. >> asked whether he believed israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was, in fact committed to peace, rhodes sounded a bit skeptical. >> at a certain point, the words and the actions become irreconcilable, that's what we're concerned about. >> reporter: on today's vote we got this from secretary of state john kerry, today the united states acted with one primary objective in mind to preserve the possibility of a two-state solution. this is not only the last time you hear about this issue. they're going to try to thread the proverbial diplomatic needle because the importance of the relationship with israel is clearly apparent. there is a longstanding shift based on what we saw out of the u.n. today. tom? tom: thank you, kevin corke. joining me now fred barnes, and fred, does this, almost over 40 years we have said veto, veto, veto, veto.
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all of a sudden the big change does this give president obama the legacy of being the most anti-israeli president, maybe more than jimmy carter? >> he's earned, it much more than jimmy carter. it's gradually grown, his distaste for israel. this caps it, this change in the vote, of course, that's going to change when donald trump comes in because he's doing the opposite. trump i think is right on this issue. the settlements are not the cause, they're not blocking any sort of agreement between israel and then the palestinians, they're not the problem. most of these settlements would stay a part of israel if there were an agreement, but the palestinians just will not come to an agreement, and the settlements are not the problem. tom: yeah, but i guess the silver lining around this story is that the u.n. needs a pair of dentures, i don't think they
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have any teeth. [ laughter ] >> seriously! >> what a way to put it. tom: israel says so what, we're not going to pay attention to your comment. >> yeah, well, look, they're going to have to -- talk and, of course, their back channel is where they're talking all the time, but this vote in the u.n. today, certainly, john kerry and president obama and vice president biden, they must know better. most of the settlements will stay a part of israel. that's a tiny part of the west bank, and the palestinians would get all of that. half of jerusalem and they won't take it. and the deal is not going to get better than that. tom: and the president has gone to the u.n. and said what we need do is go through negotiations. this is a big change in his policy. the other thing is lot of people think that president obama is off in hawaii having a vacation and has disappeared
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and donald trump is running things now. really, president obama has been busy. he did get rid of this muslim registry which has been around since 9/11. >> yeah. hadn't been used very much. and i don't think it's going to be an impediment at all to its absence is going to be an impediment to donald trump. look, immigration and terrorism are two of his most important issues, and he's going to build immigration rules that are going to be much stronger than anything obama did, and the ending of this one thing is not going to affect it. there's going to be a lot fewer immigrants coming in. a lot fewer coming from countries that have been exporting terrorists, and i don't think there are going to be any syrians coming in. tom: yeah, listen, some people are calling the wanna-be
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bro-mance but the letters between putin and president-elect trump. what's your take on all of this? you hopeful? >> well, i don't know. i've got to trust but verify as ronald reagan used to say. and i thought trump's statement, in his one sentence response was very interesting. he said these are very nice thoughts and we'll see if both sides stick to them or whether they have to take an alternate route. and i think he was saying, he knows he's going to stick to them and then he's saying, look, vladimir, it's up to you. tom: good point. fred barnes, always good to see you, merry christmas, my friend. >> merry christmas to you, tom. tom: breaking news tonight, the brother of "star wars" actress carrey fisher says she is now in stabile condition. this after reportedly suffering a heart attack on a flight between los angeles and london and to los angeles.
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the 60-year-old fisher was rushed to ucla medical center after the plane landed about noon in california. paramedics took care of her shortly after the 11-hour flight touched down. her brother says she was stabilized this afternoon, originally critical, that's good news. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, president obama -- has he embarrassed himself by abstaining from the u.n. vote condemning israel. and follow lou on twitter -- meantime owall street, stocks in the green ahead of the holiday weekend. the dow climbing 15 points, s&p up 3, nasdaq up 15. volume pretty light. 2 billion shares. for the week, the dow, s&p and nasdaq all up less than 1%, but that's a green arrow we keep looking at. meantime, the fbi
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investigating a series of cyberattacks at the fdic, federal deposit insurance corporation back to 2010, and two sources close to the investigation are telling fox news that forensic analysis of the hacking suggest it was a chinese state sponsored operation. and a reminder listen to lou dobbs's financial reports three times a day coast-to-coa coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. communist country flexing military muscle in the south china sea. we'll have the details next. stay with us. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases.
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tom: breaking tweet alert. trump tweeting, vdimir putin
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said today about hillary and dems, in my opinion, it's humiliating. one must be able to lose with dignity. so true. u.s. officials say the mayor came 10 jones satellites, we have seen the missiles move from the main to the south china sea, and the missiles are on the provincial island of hynan, but u.s. intelligence agencies expect them to be moved to the new islands. biden in an exclusive interview
11:29 pm
with the "l.a. times" says his family failed to connect with the working class. on hillary clinton herself joe biden said i don't think she ever really figured it out. she thought she had no choice but to run, that as the first woman who had an opportunity to win the presidency, i think it was a real burden on her. he also comment about a lot of elitists in the democratic party it was petty brash. if you were dreaming of a white christmas this season, heavy snowfall in the plains and the rockies under blizzard in like conditions. isn't that normally where you go for snow? east coasters, even my wife who
11:30 pm
gliewpt east coast said it will be more of a study. no snow for the east coast. i don't want to jinx it. we are coming right back with much more, stay with us. the president-elect and his team fighting off ridiculous allegations targeting the first family's charitable work. >> it's sad. eric and the rest of the children have spent time helping causes and now they have to rethink that. trump calls the allegations a ridiculous shame. we'll have video of this ♪
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tom: president-elect trump taking to twitter to highlight the fact that his son eric will stop directly raising money for eric's foundation. eric trump says he's concerned about the perception of buying access to his father. the president-elect tweeted my wonderful son eric will no longer be able to raise money for children with cancer because of a possible conflict of interest with my presidency. isn't it a shame. he loves these kids and now because of a possible conflict
11:35 pm
of interest with my administration he must stop. mercedes, is this basically pending over book wards so they don't get into a situation like the clinton foundation pay-for-play, all those things that come up when you start raising money? >> i don't think you can compare it clinton foundation with what eric trump has been dedicating his time and money to. it's clear his money is going directly to st. jude and really has focused on this charitable works for these children with cancer. i don't think you ever saw the clinton foundation handling those times of projects. it's quite different when you have the fact that you have the not only the secretary hoik's
11:36 pm
husband and wisconsin as a daughter involved in the foundation, they were dealing with foreign governments. many of whom were human rights abeus biewsers which did raise a lot of red flags. i finds this to be a different case and it's unfortunate eric has to step back from doing this important work. tom: if you look at the hoist of presidential families -- if you look at the history of presidential families, they have done a tremendous amount of charitable work. donald trump is tweet being the fact that we have to fight back after berlin and watching what's going on over there. how is he going to do this? i got the feeling he doesn't want to give away any plans, only for the purpose of basically saying you have got to be secretive about this surprise.
11:37 pm
>> let me say one thing with her save dees on the previous topic. i can't believe the same people have a problem with eric trump raising money for terminal think ill children at st. jude's hospital but they don't have a problem with hoik as secretary of state raising money for terminally corrupt politicians. i think it's horrendous. if. what you saw in berlin and in nice was a direct result of this open access, open borders where they are letting all these refugees come in from terrorist countries? isis is calling the shots and they are attacking dploiftian market place. they are attack christians. we have to keep our neighborhood safe, our families saf safe andr
11:38 pm
schools safe and we have to make sure that doesn't happen in america. >> we found out yesterday president obama is not quietly sitting in hawaii. he they haven't used the plus plim registry since 2011. so why didn't he just let a sleeping dog lie instead of making sure it was chopped up he left office. >> he's focused on getting his cabinet put into place, he recognizes he will have a window to push through taken aggressive a general today through congress which is the kind of president we need. when you look at insuring we have control in terms of our immigration system. that we know who is coming in and out of our country, who is coming through our borders,
11:39 pm
insuring we have legal immigration in place and insuring individuals don't come into this country from terrorist countries who haven't been properly vet. i think those are important steps. considering president obama has had a different position of letting in thousands of syrian refugees come in with the concern of whether they have been properly vet or not. jeff brings up a great point. merkel, the chancellor of germany is battling with the fact that she let the one million migrants come in and the infiltration of terrorists who have been able to travel from one country to the next. tom: this business about joe biden saying there is a lot of elitism in the democratic party and hillary wasn't a good candidate, essentially. what do you make of that? >> i agree.
11:40 pm
there are not a lot of things joe biden and i agree on, but i agree with that. the democratic party lost face with the blue collar workers in our country. hillary clinton was a highly flawed candidate which i'm grateful for. donald trump is connected to the hard-working men and women paint resonates very well with the american workers. he just gets it. >> he single handedly swapped the rabbit for the various parties. roll the video. you have got to check this brave thrill seeker who jumps from rooftop to rooftop. e nails each landing. how is that for a fun
11:41 pm
adrenaline-pumping adventure. if you didn't know this is wart of a growing sport. i didn't not has a name called parkour. >> people are pouring in from regions of the middle east. we have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they are thinking. and we are going to stop that dead cold flat. tom: congressman brian babbitt is calling for a bothal suspension o
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tom: the 24-year-old tunisian refugee amiri has been killed. security agencies exchanged information about his alleged
11:46 pm
ties to is center as recently as last month. amazing. my next guest introduced a bill that would immediately us -- suspends the refugee resetslement program in this country. when i looked at what you are talking about. you had a bill back to july of 2015, that is collecting dust somewhere that would do what you want to do now. >> that's exactly right, tom. great to be with you tonight. i introduced this in july of 2015. and it's almost a year and a half he go. and this was before paris, before nice. before orlando. just a few attacks, you know, that got it on the radar screen for me and my staff. i introduced this bill.
11:47 pm
we have 87 co-sponsors. this bill must hit the floor. we have got to do the things donald trump is saying to do, that's put an immediate pause on our refugee program until we can vet these people. tom: here is the problem. i talk to you and your colleagues, so you are going to get this done in a week or two, and everybody looked at me and said congress doesn't work that way. how long do you think it will take to get signed on the president's desk? >> it's hard for me to say because one of the big holdups is the legislationive process itself. they have to have 60 votes to bring something up and then you can pass it with 51 votes. it's called the filibuster rule. donald trump has made some campaign pledges and promises. and one of them is to stop this refugee program. this bill fits to the t what
11:48 pm
he's trying to do. you have to stop the program. president obama and his administration have thrown caution to the winds constantly. they dismantled the exit-entry system which keeps track of foreigners coming in from terrorist countries. tom: same question, how long does it take to get that back up and running? >> that may take self months unfor the d takmonth --that may. but the president-elect may be able to do something more haiftdy than that. the fact of the matter is president obama and his administration are bringing in refugees from terrorist countries as fast as they possibly can, contrary to what the american people want. we do not want these people coming in from terrorist hot beds. we are absolutely financing and setting these people up in
11:49 pm
business when they infiltrate, these refugee groups coming into the united states, we are giving them bases of operation at taxpayer expense. it's unbelievable and we have got to stop it. this is something the american people have spoken and they are not going to tolerate anything less than a stoppage of this program. we want to stay safe. this our first duty when we raise our right hand of swearing our oath of office, to maintain the national security and keep american citizens safe. that what's our joins and that's what we'll do. tom: i wish you much speed and i like your comment about the fact maybe the president-elect can use an executive order to hasten things along. his supporters are looking for what you are work on. we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you so much. >> merry christmas. tom: incredible video out of
11:50 pm
minnesota, below zero temperatures in duluth harbor created the effect of sea smoke rising. the phenomenon created by warm air blowing over the cold water. president-elect's incoming press secretary says mr. trump will be working hard to make america great again. >> he will never take a vacation. he can't sit still. he's so eager to get things done and change things up. so there is not going to be the word vacation. tom: you have got to see what's going on already. that's a sharp departure from what our current president has done. you won't believe how much president obama's hawaii vacations have cost taxpayers.
11:51 pm
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>> we asked you, do you agree with president-elect trump that we need to suspend muslim education from expwri haddist countries? 94% of you said yes. this is the last year you and i will be footing the bill for obama's lavish vacation.
11:55 pm
a study from the washington times find obama's vacations in lay have cost the taxpayers $35 million in the last 8 years. he has racked up $85 million with christmas and all the other vacations he put together while in office. brad blakeman and tammy bruce. that's about the amount you spent on vacation. >> i spent more. i think they are being frugal. the problem with liberals is they see money as water. they treat it like water. you turn on a spigot and the taxpayer dollars roll in. you have got individuals who believe they are entitled to something. the connection between hard work and the value of a dollar generally is not made. this is what conservatives
11:56 pm
think, it matters and we take money seriously. we know the power of money and the value of it it's attached to the blood, sweat and tears of the mire can people. i think we are not going to see the same thing with president trump. when you look at the economy, 95 million americans out of work. individuals losing their homes, losing their accounts, their savings accounts. to see this fraud-based wild spending has been i think in part insulting. tom: so donald trump is talking to boeing and carrier and all these other people saying cutback, cut back. will he be able to get these cutbacks and will he be able to cooperate? are all the board floomeds corporate america saying don't
11:57 pm
mess with donald trump? we better watch what we charge the federal government. >> i think it's already working. look what he did with carrier saving almost 1,000 jobs. he called in the ceos of the military establishment to scold them on the contracts that have been let out saying he wants to review those contracts. then they say we are going to. he's a deal maker and he will make deals for the american people as good as he made in business. tom: this another part about what's going on with the way donald trump is putting this whole thing together. the business organization. the business model. on one hand you have got sean spicer, his press secretary. on the other hand you have got
11:58 pm
kellyanne conway and steve bannon. is he putting together a model of competing forces within his own administration? >> i think so. i was happy that kellyanne conway was joining the team. for a while you saw the rnc bureaucracy. perhaps mr. priebus and spicer were a team. when you have got the new communications team and the people who were with him during the campaign separate from the rnc and miss conway and mr. bannon, this means at least the voice that ran a campaign that was not about the bureaucracy and just lumber along, it will be in good combination. but for mr. trump to be successful it will be the voices of his people that are going to make the difference. the rnc has failed for almost a generation. they don't get it. they have something to learn from the trump team and i'm glad they are in there.
11:59 pm
tom: brad one worked in the white house, were one of these teams going to be the predominant voice? does it work if you have this kind of polarization within the administration where they get two extreme different voices? >> diversity within the white house is good. here is why. as long as you are in a meeting and you feel free to speak and exchange idea. then when a decision is made you go lock step with that decision knowing full well you have been heard and heeded, that's great. the problems start if the factions start and you don't feel comfortable airing your views, then leaking occurs and you have problems in the organization and management of the white house. i think with donald trump putting a diverse group together of political people, practical people, party people, i think he's on course to doing a
12:00 am
gangbuster job in the white house. tom: i'll leave it there. very merry christmas to both of you. have a wonderful merry christmas and also a happy hanukkah to you. that's all we got for tonight. good night from new york. thank you so much for joining us. >> announcer: from fox business head quartr quarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week." trish: investors are riding the trump rally. the dow has posted over 15 record closes since the election. is this a classic case and will much of these gains evaporate if donald trump doesn't deliver on the promises he put forward? gary: to get some answers chris toomey joining us now from morgan stanley. you anyo


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