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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  December 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> have a good christmas eve everyone. >> fifty? no way. terror attacks and plots rising across the globe. we now know the deceased suspect in that berlin christmas market rampage was an asylum seeker, and that has president-elect donald trump reminding us of his campaign promise to ban immigration from terror hot spots and anyone who cannot be fully vetted. would that help protect us from future attacks? hi everyone. merry christmas. happy hanukkah. i'm lauren simonetti in for brenda butner. our bulls and bears this week, gary b. smith, along with john -- welcome to all of you. is trump right we should banter
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riss from areas that we could not fully vet? >> i agree. we cannot fully vet these people, there's not biometric data, there's not a courthouse in syria, they've all been bombed out. there's no way to actually vet these people. if you want to really help the refugees, understand this. last year we brought in -- we relocated refugees. it cost us $1.1 billion. $17,000 per refugee. now, if you look at the united nations website, last year was the highest year of displaced people in the world in history. 65.3 million people. now, compare that to 70,000. that is one-tenth of 1%. 99.9% are still out there. we're doing this just to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. we're not helping that many people. it is a multiple of the number of people we can help if we simply send that money overseas, help the refugee camps ask help
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them go into their existing countries around them instead of bringing them here. >> right. gary b., let me ask you, what would a ban look like? >> well, first of all, lauren, it's nice seeing you a few hours later than we normally speak with each other. >> right. i know. >> welcome to the show. you know, it's difficult to say because he says, look, i want to, you know, do a little bit more vetting or let in people that i can vet. but i think it's really the wrong question, with all due respect. you know, trump is -- we don't know if any kind of immigration plan, vetting, super vetting whatever will help, hurt, i'm sure jonas will maybe point out the flip side, maybe the economics where it actually might hurt tourism and things like that. that's beside the point. i think what trump is showing is exactly what obama should have shown that, a, this is a problem, b, people are worried, c, he's being proactive. >> but is this religious?
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or is it more terrorist related? >> say your question again, lauren? >> is this religious though? is this a religion ban? >> no. i don't think it's a religion ban. i think it's a terrorism ban. i think trump is immune to what religion is. he just wants to keep the bad guys out. and i think that's why in many respects he was voted in for president. because people want to see action. they want to see proaction. trump is saying, look, i'm concerned about this. this is what i think is going to work. i don't know if it's going to work or not, but he at least is showing leadership. and i think that's what the american public is responding to. i hope this is the right solution. i don't know if it is, but at least he wants to do something. and that's what this past administration was not doing. >> tons of action. he hasn't even officially started yet. we can only imagine what happens in the new year. but as we talk about vetting, is this a threat in a way by the president-elect to push those
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middle eastern countries to do more so they step up to prevent the bad guys from coming here? >> well, sure, the middle eastern countries should do more. and, listen, the united states government, their primary role is the safety and security of americans. and we can't possibly vet the wave of refugees that would like to come to america. i'd say we create the safe zones and give them the hope they could also some day return back home. because in some cases i don't even think some of them want to come here. so keep them over there, provide them a safe doane, i think that's the best course of action. >> you say keep them there, but chuck, let me ask you this, what about the terror that we're seeing from people born here? what do you make of that? >> i think that that's the latest tactic by isis. you're going to see more and more of that. they're looking for people here who are disenfranchised, people who are looking to create havoc here on our own soil who believe it or not were born here and are americans. but i think when we talk about the vetting, if we can figure
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out how to put a cell phone in my watch, we can figure out the vetting. i think john also makes a point when he talks there's not even a courthouse there. let's also not broadly stroke too much across all the lines when it comes to asylum. we are set up and we are a beacon of hope and there are children in central america who came here years ago because they were being raped and tortured, we have a place for them to come to be a safe haven. nobody wants terrorists. nobody wants people who come to our country to harm us, but we should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. >> but yet the terrorists keep coming in. jon jonas, started after 9/11, a national registry. do you think president-elect donald trump would revive that as president? >> he's going to do something on this because it's such a strong issue for him. look, i think there's not that incorrect the other guys, if you kept out people for a specific religion or from being from a specific part of the world where there's a lot of terrorists, you could definitely save lives, you would save lives, stop economic
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havoc. and i also think it would offend some people, but that wouldn't exceed -- but the point i'm trying to make there's a lot of overreaching to save lives. they could mandate to wear a preserve when you go into the ocean, that would save lives. they could demand a breathalyzer to start a car, that would save lives, if school buses -- my point is the government can stop you from hurting yourself, but other people from hurting you with a lot of regulations and rules, but it might cause more damage to your personal freedoms. and also the economy. let's not forget, look, these people are floating all around europe. europe didn't do that decades ago to let people move around so easily without passport checks because it was touchy-feely or some liberal agenda. it's to make more money. moving goods and services around the world freely is good for the economy. when you remove that whether it be through tariffs or che checkpoints or certain countries, you're going to do more damage probably than the actual damage of these attacks that you see. >> but deneen, vetting is different than regulating, is it
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not? >> well, vetting, again, we need to know who these individuals are coming into our country. and the terrorists have already made it clear that they are milling around with refugees to try to get into the united states. i think we should learn a lesson from germany. it's not working in germany. look what just happened just this week. so, again, it's the federal government's responsibility for the safety and security of americans first. and then we help others. >> john, there's this talk now that border agents are vetting social media pages because oftentimes these terrorists, or potential terrorists, are radicalized and they plan their attacks online. how do you hold facebook and twitter responsible? >> i don't. i think they have an opportunity to be a private business, which they are. they're publicly traded, but private as they're not government business. i think they have an obligation though when you have some type of hay nus act or some type of terrorist act to take it off of their website. but past that i think you have a
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hard time finding fault. i want our guys tracking these guys. remember, they're vetting terrorists. their e they're not vetting muslims or people of muslim religion otherwise we would have had to vet southern christians after the klan problem in the south in the early 1900s or the catholic church because the problems they had with native american south americans, this is not a religion issue. i hope it's not. this is a terrorist issue. and people coming from south america, like chuck said, that's different when people show up at the doorstep and need asylum as compared to us going to a war zone where we cannot vet these people and flying them to our country. >> thanks, everybody. and "cavuto on business" in about 20 minutes from now. >> president-elect donald trump already negotiating with big government contractors, but is this more about negotiating with democratic lawmakers? we're going to explain. plus, why families of some terror victims are now suing some tech icons. see you soon. >> thanks, neil. we'll definitely be watching. but up here first, lots of young
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11:12 pm all right. you'd think this one would be awful news. 40% of young adults in the u.s. living with their parents or another family member. by the way, that's a 75-year high. but gary b., you say that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. explain yourself. >> exactly, lauren. look, i guess i'm on this panel that subject matter expert because i have my younger daughter, and i'm dating myself, is really not much younger than you, lauren, is actually living with us. so i guess on the bad news is when she graduated college she had to kind of reinvent herself and go back to graduate school. the good news is, look, she's saving money, she's getting her meals paid for. you know, we're not charging her rent or any of that stuff. so that's good.
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i think it bonds the family together. it saves her money. it's actually kind of nice having her here. and the good news across america, homes even versus 1983 are about 50% larger. so families can actually have more people in there, i think it's probably a net positive. >> multigenerational living is certainly the trend. by the way, gary, i'm about a decade older than your daughter, but thank you. i didn't just say that. >> not quite. >> deneen, gary's daughter is not lazy, but often these millennials are lazy. they have a lack of drive. and that's why they're living in their parents basements. >> kids these days. >> kids these days. >> you know, i think there are different categories here. are they working hard and trying to save so they can move out? or are they being a flug? but listen, speaking personally, i left home in my early 20s, i went to school to figure it out because i lived in basement apartments, i made ramen noodles very profitable and i took the scenic route to get to where i
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am today and proud of it. >> that scenic route took you to a great place. chuck, i got to ask you, as we try to figure this out, or the younger generation tries to figure it out, it's not so easy for them to get a job that they can make, you know, quick buck with here and there because so many of those jobs are either outsourced or computerized. and the robots are now taking over. it's not that easy to get a job. >> it's a different time for sure. you know, i grew up here in east texas and i'm home in texas for the holidays. the plan i used to work here when i turned 19 went to work right out of high school now sits in china. john, i know you're going to say, i know, i've already been to watta burger, i'm fine. my son had three jobs before he finally came back home and to gary b.'s point he was resetting his life as well and i'm glad to be there for him, happy to have him. but i asked my momma if she ever had to go back home and she didn't she get a job at levi strauss company, that again is no longer there.
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i think we have to address the college debt problem, because i really think that's going to be the housing bubble of the next generation. i think it has to be addressed. it has to be addressed quickly. >> jonas, are you -- your argument, i believe, would be that kids these days should be less worried about the fancy vacation that experience about the newest iphone and they should just suck it up and get that small dark tiny cheap studio. >> i don't want to dismiss the student loan bill of goods they were sold that left many people with a debt burden they can't handle. but i also want to say the difference between baby boomers and millennials, jack caraway didn't go across in minivan, bottom line there's a cheap country to live in, the places you want to live with coffee bars that are expensive, get out of there and move to detroit. you have no adventure anymore. paul mitchell was started by a guy in his car. there are places to live, get some roommates, crash on someone's house and get out of your parents just because you
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can't afford a house at 22 or 25 or 30 doesn't mean you should spend your life there. this is a great economy. get out and make it work for yourself. >> and maybe mom and dad need to to ha toughen up too and say get out of here, right? no, they feel bad. they feel bad because they know this, john, they know their kids are likely saddled with student debt. the average loan now when you graduate $30,000, right? housing crisis, yes, in some cities. but in most of the country have gone up. rents have gone up. it's tough to get a mortgage. and it's hard to get a job that pays well. so, john, i ask you, what's the fix skprks wh fix, and what does this say about an economy? >> well, says about the economy we haven't seen wage growth since about 1999, i think that's why a lot of kids are living at home. when you see kids have parents and have a home to go back to, a lot of kids don't. they should be thankful for that. the problem i have with millennials is the fact they're so fragile they need safe zones and think they should get participation trophies. it may hurt reproduction
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percentages if these kids are all living with mommy and daddy, but i think it's a sign of the financial times we're in. >> i guess that's why they called them snowflakes, right, gary? >> exactly. by the way, lauren, my daughter actually did a stint after college, so she's actually a little closer to your age than you might think. >> oh, okay. well, i would love to meet her one day. and you're a good dad, gary. thanks for not charging her rent and supporting her. thanks, guys. cashin in just over an hour from now. eric, what do you have coming up? >> hi, lauren. donald trump immediately calling the attacks in berlin and turkey terror. why this could be a sign we're about to get serious about beating radical islamic terrorism once and for all. the cashin crew will see you at 11:30. >> thank you, eric. we'll certainly be watching. up here first, little outrage from the mainstream media after ivanka trump is harassed on a plane. if it happened to chelsea clinton
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coming up, hillary clinton supporters now attacking donald trump's kids. plus, how gary b.'s gifts for pet owners could pay for all of
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how's this for a merry christmas? ivanka trump and husband and kids getting berated by a passenger on a jetblue flight. the passenger was escorted off the plane before takeoff, but there's little outrage among the mainstream media. deneen says if this were president obama or hillary clinton's family, the outrage from the left would be deafening. >> it would be all day for weeks to come, lauren. and, listen, the intolerance and the anger really is coming from the left. and i see this as a double standard as well. and look at the irony here. the left for since the election, even after the election have
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been saying that donald trump supporters are angry, white, unemployed men. and here we have a guy who's a lawyer, he's educated, an educated white guy acting like this, intolerant and blij rant. it's just really outrageous. >> john, if this were a democrat's family on that plane, would they feel protected from the outrageous passengers? >> i don't know if they would or not because i don't know if ivanka felt protected or not. her husband didn't do anything, secret service was there, they didn't feel this was going to escalate. she was obviously well protected. i don't think that's the issue. the issue to me is this was as despicable and cowardly act as could possibly happen. this is a woman sitting there with her children and this person confronted her like this. i can tell you with certainty that if this happened in east texas, my friend chuck rocha will tell you the least of their worries would be getting thrown off that plane. >> yes. so, chuck, let me go to you with that one? what would happen if this happened in texas? and i'll ask you a second
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question after you answer the first question, any speculation, not that it matters, why was she flying commercial rather than private? >> look, just about the time i don't like anything to do with the trumps this happens, right? so i was an a treadmill this morning walking off that burger from last night and i did see lots of other news shows other than the right media, but i would say this. it showed her on the airplane in the middle seat in coach. now, i disagree with everything donald trump does on the most part, and most of the thing that his family has done, but she is in the back of coach with her family, minding her own business and nobody should be messing with her. if you want to protest what's going on and hold your government accountable, have your protest, all my liberal friends, go out and raise heck and do all -- but it's offlimits when you start talking about the family. jonas heard me say, you don't want me to get my red neck up because this is a family show. if you go to messing with my children, it's going to get ugly and ugly quick. >> that's an excellent point. not only was she in the middle seat, by the way, she had her hair up, no makeup on. i loved it. i'm like that's how i fly too,
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ivanka. go ivanka. gary b., how is it that, you know, sasha and malia obama were protected because daughters of a democratic president, but also young children? ivanka's children, donald trump's grandchildren are young too and they were on that flight and they were subjected to that. gary. >> well, you know, chuck summed it up pretty much except for thf outraged. he said he disagrees just reflexively, which is idiotic, with everything trump has done. because i think, chuck, if we went back through, trump's already done some pretty darn good things, some noble things. some leadership things. but no, the mainstream media reflexively hates everything trump does. and if there's anything bad that is done to him or his family, they look the other way. you said at the top of the this segment, if this had happened to the obama kids or chelsea clinton or any one of them, my gosh, going back to the johnson kids, the kennedy kids, they would have been outraged.
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they would have had to be forced to wear a scarlet letter. chuck schumer would have been calling for jetblue to be shut down. there would have been congressional hearings on the whole airline industry. instead they just look the other way. oh, well, you know, it's ivanka trump. she can take care of herself. that's the real disgusting part of this whole thing. >> disgusting. jonas. >> first, ivanka trump acted like the class act she is. she was in the extra leg room seat, that's like another $50 on top of a coach ticket. she's one of the people. i will also say, it really hurts me that the left has coopted what i consider primarily a republican thing. because when you talk about family smears, this goes back to billy carter, they did it to their own party with mccain's baby and chelsea clinton hasn't been attacked for everything, they said she faked her pregnancy to get her mother to look more like a grandmother or whatever. this goes back so far, obama's wife who seems to be a decent lady, she gets smeared all the time.
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i'm sad liberals would do this when the families are supposed to be offlimits as obama has said. >> thank you to deneen and chuck for joining us. coming up, gary b.'s christmas gift for man's best friend that
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time for predictions. john, what's your prediction? >> i think fracking ces this boom under president-elect trump. flo tech, i own it, i think it's up 20% in a year. >> gary b., what do you think about flo tech? >> i like the company, but let's wait for the first 100 days to see what trump actually does. >> what's your prediction? >> well, you know who always gets a christmas gift, lauren, other than you? it's charlie here. charlie always gets a gift. pets are big, pets the stock up 30% in 2017. >> all right. from one charlie to another, what's your prediction? >> people with two dogs never heard of that company. i will tell you i can't think of better promotion for jetblue than ivanka trump being on a jetblue flight. i was like, what, she's on a jetblue flight? that's our princess diana right
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there. i say jetblue up 20% in a year. >> two charlie dogs today, thanks guys for joining us, the cost of freedom number one business block on television continues with neil cavuto now. president-elect donald trump putting corporate america on notice from boeing to lockheed mart into carrier. >> it's a dance, you know, it's a little bit of a dance. but we're going to get the costs down and we're going to get it done beautifully. >> conversation with boeing produce positive results? >> i think so. we had the chairman of boeing, ceo, and i think we're looking to cut a tremendous amount of money. and i said to some of the folks, i said companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> cue the sopranos music.


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