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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  December 27, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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thank you all very much for joining us. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a blessed merry christmas. keep it right here. the number one business block continues right now with eric bolling and cashing in. calling terrorists what they are. president-elect donald trump wasting no time labeling the rampage at the christmas market in berlin and the assassination in turkey acts of islamic terror. supporters saying unlike the current administration, trump is blunt and not afraid to call it like it is, and that's the first step to defeating the terrorists once and for all. merry i'm eric b orks lrolbolling. the first step to defeating terrorists is winning the enemy. yes? >> i think that's something donald trump did from day one.
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he made it clear we're dealing with terrorists, we're dealing with radical islamists. this is very different from what we've seen with president obama when in a recent interview he said he was conflicted with how to deal with the rise of isis. he was surprised that isis would be able to land these offenses in cities like mosul and iraq, so i think, eric, is that it is definitely -- i think what donald trump is doing differently that he's calling it like it is. i have to say i think that's something the american people want to see. i think we are clearly in a moment right now where we need to keep pushing forward on insurance, if there is intelligence sharing as well as cyber warfare to stop the recruitment of icsis, and i thik donald trump recognizes this will be one of his top priorities. >> from killing the enemy to identifying the enemy. >> i don't think we know who the enemy is. the question is, is this going to change anything in terms of actual strategy on the ground? is this going to kill the enemy
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any better than we're already doing it? i think the generals at the pentagon would tell you no, this is about rhetoric, and it's about rhetoric that's basically intended as a partisan red meat. but it has no consequence, it has no substance. >> lisa? >> you know i want to get in there. i completely disagree. the president doesn't understand the threat because he has said so himself. he is the one that called isis j.d. this is someone who has said that bathtubs are more dangerous than isis. this is the rhetoric that he has reiterated throughout his presidency. not only that, but this is also a president who is either completely naive or intentionally downplaying the threat. there is evidence that he cooked isis terrorist information. you also have attorney general loretta lynch who redacted information from the 911 calls for the orlando shooter, so they're either naive or
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downplaying the threats. i'm not convinced president obama does understand the threats we're facing. >> this pc nature is deadly. remember the san bernardino shooting? remember the neighbors of the san bernardino shooters, and they said, you know, there's strange stuff going on. but i was concerned because there was a muslim couple who i would consider islamophobic if i called the cops on them. people are dead in the aftermath of that. >> absolutely, political correctness can kill. it did in that circumstance. we weren't able to capture those people before they went to the christmas party they were invited to. don't forget also that the press was the first one to say, now, the family didn't know anything about it and it was a candidate donald trump who said, b.s. these people, there's no way the parents or the family didn't know about this. i'll tell you one other politically correct policy of barack obama's that's killing people in the war on terror and that is his guantanamo policy. right now we have terrorists
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that we find, and what we're doing is we're droning, we're killing them instead of capturing them, because he doesn't want to capture them and fill up the prison in guantanamo. what's happening because of that is we're losing really valuable interrogations and human intelligence, and another case where political correctness is making us lose the war on terrorists. we really need to be on the offense on it. >> i just think you guys need to stop for a second by throwing out the red meat and saying, what is the difference here? what is it that you would suggest that we do, strategically, that has anything to do with saying, oh, that's what we call them, not that's what we call them. the reality is that we as americans want to defeat terrorists. we need to have allies. we do not want to stop a war with all the muslims in the world. we do not want to start a war where we're saying -- a minute ago everybody was saying, oh, yeah, this is all about president obama's failure to say the words radical islamic
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terrorists. >> it's not necessarily all of that, but it would be a nice fresh start to be able to name the enemy. lisa? >> two things under president obama. it's very clear it created a vacuum of leadership in the middle east. that is number one. number two, one thing president-elect trump is pushing for is to ensure that our borders are secure. we're seeing this in europe where we're seeing the open borders, the situation with merkel right now where she's let in 1 million migrants into germany where you've seen the latest berlin terrorist who they kept trying to deport him out of italy. he ended up going to this border-free zone in germany. this is a control, this is the type of situation that we need to get a control of here in the united states. we're seeing the negative effects that have happened because of open borders in europe, and i think that donald trump is right on his message to say that we don't want them coming in and out of the country. >> send all political refugees to the united states of america, to our land of immigrants.
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>> i believe in illegal immigration. illiam immigration is key. the question is you need to ensure that you know who is coming in and out of the country. >> we do. you act as though we're a bunch of ignorant people. our state department, our customs people don't do anything? >> that's a bunch of fiction because this country is the most generous nation in the entire world when it comes to legal immigration. there is not one person on this panel that is not for legal immigration. but, anyway, that's beside the point. back to measure s-- mercedes' point and rachel's point. the worst of the worst is left in guantanamo bay, but he's committed to his legacy in letting these terrorists out when we know the recidivism rate is 30%, if not higher. to mercedes' point as well, he refused to enforce the agreement, and iraq which gave way to a breeding ground for
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isis. now we've seen isis has at least a branch in 18 different countries. so in the name of legacy, he has made our country less safe. >> rachel? >> i would say donald trump calling this what it is is not just refreshing reassuring. and it's not just americans. millions of americans agree with that. it's also europeans. go into the blogs and comment sections of european papers. they are very much dissatisfied with the elitist, politically correct way of dealing with this. >> we have a constitution here, and when it comes to locking people up without taking them to court, the constitution says not right. illegal. same thing with immigrants. >> no, it says citizens. >> we have rules -- we have geneva conventions, we have a constitution. if you bring them here, they got to go to court, and that's what
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reagan violated. president bush, president obama, republican and democrat, both want to close it. we go from celebrating christmas to celebrating festivists. how the famous show "seinfeld" is being used to talk about government waste, next.
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. the tradition of festivists begins with the airing of grievances. i got a lot of problems with you people! now you're going to hear about it. >> who can forget that famous "seinfeld" episode about festivists. george's father tells everyone about how they disappointed him that year. well, now rand paul is talking about what disappoints him about waste. $500,000 to study if smiling in a selfie makes you happier, and the most ironic of all and my favorite, $375 grand to study if producing studies provides better studies. and $2.5 million to study what makes the perfect first date. >> i would like to see the $2.5
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million study to see what makes the perfect date. it could help my dating life. but all this stuff is little things that really do add up, and we the taxpayers are the ones that are going to end up footing the bill for this ridiculous government spending. there was even a report not too long ago by the "washington post" for $221 million for waste cost, rampant abuse throughout the government. i really hope president-elect donald trump comes in with a wrecking ball to the budgets and cuts a lot of this stuff out. and cuts secretaries of various cabinets to cut waste in the various agencies. >> we have $29 million worth of cranes and bulldozers in afghanistan. it's amazing. rand paul points out $1.4 billion. we have a 4.3 trilli$4.3 trilli.
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there's a lot of waste going on. >> i think instead of "the night before christmas" i'm going to read the report by rand paul to my kids this evening. and t it's mind boggling to me, eric, that when we have $19 trillion in national debt, when we have a time where you need to be what you call draining the swamp, cleaning up the bureaucracy and looking into this government waste, i think it's very important for taxpayers to know how our money is being spent. so i feel that -- i think for the most part, you know, i do think that what he points out, what senator paul has been able to do is masterful, and he does explain that the same way we have christmas debt, we need to make sure the government doesn't waste all this money on these needless programs. >> one thing that just scrolled by, $2 million to send filmmakers to see their films
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around the world. isn't that something they should be doing themselves? >> this list is an insult to the american taxpayer who works so hard and sends so much money to the federal government. when donald trump talked about draining the swamp, i think he also meant draining the swamp of the bureaucrats and politicians who are okaying and giving the green light on projects like this. i think it's also important to note that this is money that's not going to cure cancer. if you are somebody who deeply cares about really important research and believes the government has a role in that, then you ought to get on board. look at what senator rand paul has -- this list of wasteful projects. get on board, call your congressman, call your senators and work with the government officials and elected officials to get rid of this wasteful spending. it is absolutely the reason why we're going to cut projects that then they will say we absolutely need. >> let's get the liberal in here who doesn't necessarily agree.
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you must have some problem with some of these, huh? >> this is so petty and a distraction. this is a very interesting christmas stunt, because the reality is, the big waste in government is places like the pentagon. but you guys don't want to talk to the generals about wasting money. i'm all for it. or you guys don't want to deal with -- and this is something rachel was just touching on. so much of the innovation in this country, including the internet, comes from government research. so important research -- >> not this kind of government research. a selfie? a date? >> the others get ignored because we waste money so rampant in this country, these things are small. why don't you guys get serious and talk about big waste in america. >> conservatives were cheering when donald trump called out boeing for the price of that airplane. i think we've got a ceo who understands business, understands the bottom line, and i think he's going to take an ax, to use my husband's phrase,
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to a lot of this wasteful spending. and it should be in the pentagon, but it also needs to be at the nih and all these other departments that are okaying these wasteful projects. >> there are so many areas we can cut back on some of the traud and fraud and abuse and some of the spending. they could have said selfies on first dates. >> then you're not going to get a second date so there's no need to research the second date. >> then you have your answer. coming up, mtv making a video telling the white guys video telling the white guys what they should be for
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mtv facing well-deserved backlash telling white guys what their new year's resolutions should be. notice the cheap shot at fox news. >> first off, try to recognize america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we all just agree black lives matter is not the opposite of all lives matter? black lives just matter. >> blue lives matter isn't a thing. >> learn what man slamming is and stop doing it. >> if you're a job, don't pick the athlete over the judge. >> of course he cares about black issues. >> i'm talking to you, fox news. >> what's going on at mtv? someone who might know. is your former network out of
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line? >> those photos, i heart the '90s, right? listen, here's the deal. their ratings are down, that's what's happening at mtv, and it's because of heavy-handed attempts by suits up at viacom who don't know what's hip. they underestimate youth. they always have. the millennials are a lot more dynamic. by the way, a lot more pro-life than the liberal elites think they are. there was a time back in the early '90s and early '80s when mtv was interesting and countercultural and had shows that put people from different backgrounds together and tried to see if they could find common ground. but there are is one lesson i learned on mtv, eric, and it's a lesson i learned over and over again in my 40s. that's the myth of liberal tolerance. when i lived in that house, i was far more open-minded and interested in the lives of my
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liberal roommates than they ever were about mine. that's why we see this kind of divisive identity politics type videos that you see right now on mtv. >> let's go to juan. juan, i saw in the montage, a couple of clips we pulled out, one woman saying, and she quoted america's only great if you're white. your thoughts on this video, by the way? >> i think the video is kind of sending an arrogance. i don't know what the point is. the people who are putting it out, i guess, intended to draw in millennials. mill el yans overwhelmingly voted for hillary clinton. i don't know that it says anything. people who don't like it, it ends up here at fox news as, you know, fodder for people to condemn liberals. it seems self-defeating. >> let me stay with you for one said. ikind it victimization propaganda. it really is like a propaganda film. >> but firstly, you asked me about is it true. america was great.
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look, yeah, it was great, you go back, let's make america great again, which was trump's campaign slo dpan. imagine if you weren't a white male. you could be a white woman even and have strong objections to that. >> mtv pulled that video down, probably for obvious reasons, because they were getting backlash. >> absolutely. there's a danger in the lesson among the media elite with the unnecessarily labeling of racism and applying that word where it does not need to be applied. the reality is, it's devalued the word. it loses its potency. what you end up doing is alienating people who want to have a substantive and meaningful conversation. i think that's what we've seen from the left, and for this cultural push. it rightfully got pulled down here. >> mercy, gender politician, gender, i don't know what you call it, gender propaganda, gender cultu seems to be on its way out. gender and race, i mean,
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everyone made a big thing about it in the aftermath of donald trump winning resoundingly. it's maybe time to usher this out. >> absolutely. i do have to say, i do miss the days of watching rachel on "real world" and our own fox business kennedy, like the host on mtv back in the day. it really is unfortunate we've gotten to the point -- i'm actually kind of depressed about it -- that we're not inspiring our youth to think beyond just the color of one skin. what dr.g said, we should look at the content of one's character. i hope the youth can view america as being this great exceptional land that we are, that fights for freedom and democracy, that we're able to state our opinions. i think being able to teach our children that, i think it's such a critical part of what parents have to do. unfortunately our schools are failing us on that. we're getting to a point, eric, that moving aside from gender, moving aside from color, it's about a great america. that's what we should all be
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striving for. >> i've got to say, my whole problem with this whole segment is, i think these three women are so young, that's why they're talking like this. because they're saying as if somehow they're talking to millennials. i think you guys are very young and quite wonderful. mer ri christmas. >> we'll take it. >> what is it, rachel? you started mtv and you grow up and -- >> grow up? she's still a kid. >> i'm a conservative -- i was always the conservative on mtv. they were ridiculed for it, and they took it down. i think people are moving on. >> i've got to go. sorry, got to go. i'm running out of time. coming you, what we should really be thankfulllll
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i want to say thanks and merry christmas to our crew for joining us. merry christmas, everybody.
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