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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 27, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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sandra: good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith for maria bartiromo, it is tuesday december 27th, here are your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. presidential showdown, donald trump strikes on twitter after president obama says he could have triumph in 2016. president obama said he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no ways, jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. >> on the tweeting thing, let me suggest if i might, we might as well get used to it. this is who he is. this is how he's going to operate, whether it's brilliant or stupid, he beat 16 rivals and hillary clinton and the media, he ain't giving it up.
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sandra: spree of so-called midnight regulations. chaos in chicago, over 50 shot as a bloody holiday weekend caps off on the nation's largest city. mall brawl, massive fights break out during post christmas rush for bar gain. major role that social media played in all of the violence. folks across from the midwest begin digging during storm. a deregulation nation under trump might be bad news for banks p. futures markets right now, take a look. slightly lower as we take off in holiday shortened week. the trend is to the downside.
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looking over in europe where we are looking at action as well. mid-day trading issuing green up arrows, cac quarante is lower. toshiba shares tumbled after announcing billions of dollars to nuclear business. all that coming up with me and more this morning, forbes media chair republican presidential candidate steve forbes and lee carter. even on this holiday as we all return, there's so much to get to. good to have both of you here. coming up this morning former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee, professor of strategy and irregular warfare at tin constituent out of world politics and sebastian gorka and show and guest.
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president obama making headlines stating he could have beaten president-elect trump if he ran again. >> the majority does buy into the notion of a one america that's tolerant and diverse and open, i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated, i think i could have mobilized the american people to rally behind it. sandra: oh, yeah, he went there. trump responded. president obama said he thinks he would have won against me, he should say that, but i say no way, jobs leaving, isis, ocare, i guess obamacare. lee, what do you make of these exit interviews, comments from
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president obama? can you believe it? throwing caid at the president elect. >> i think president obama would definitely have been a better candidate than hillary clinton and i wrote back in 2014 and updated in 2016 that i thought michelle obama would have been a far more formeddable candidate. barack obama is a singular political candidate, the strength would have been based on political talent not policies. donald trump was completely right on that. i think bill clinton would have won a third term as well and probably ronald reagan we could have, we had very few singular political talent.
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you know, ronald reagan bill clint own and i would put barack obama in that class, policies were devastating. sandra: that's, of course, what we heard the president elect in the tweet steve forbes, he did respond by saying, i don't think so, these were the policies that people were voting against tt have driven jobs out of the country, et cetera, but there's also question that newt gringrich addresses, should the president elect be respond to go this and on twitter of all places? >> well, he's been doing it and he's going to continue to do it and he's not president. he can certainly take a jab, in this case it was justified. every president has feelings about success or. what obama said is a slap out of hillary clinton, and so that's normally human nature, george bush did get a third run regan,
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johnson same thing in 1968. in terms of obama 2016 he had years to do what he said he would do. he almost lost in 2012. he won because the the inept campaign because of republicans and romney and he should have never gotten a second term. he couldn't blame it on george w. bush. sandra: i was reminded that warm cozy moment that they shared at the white house where they shook hands when trump became the president elect and he would be ready to counsel him and a phone call away. >> that lasted 24 hours. he's dissing hillary clinton.
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he's not moving the same direction. i could have gotten the message right and it couldn't have been different. that's a real jab -- >> what was the message? another eight years of stagnation? tough sell. sandra: president obama taking more action. he plan today ban oil in arctic and atlantic and more detainees transfers out of guantanamo bay. i want you to listen and we will get you on the other side. >> president obama, he is legacy is like one of those dolls that as the air comes out of it, shrinks and shrinks. 70% is executive orders and what he's doing is setting up a whole series of things to distract
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trump which would make allies hate when -- >> well, of course, i agree with newt on the 70% of the legacy can be repealed and off to terrible offshore exploration and drilling ban can certainly be repealed. that's based on 1952 law. as well as getting quick confirmations of the wonderful
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cabinet that president-elect trump has named. that has to be the priority quickly followed by repealing and replacing obamacare. sandra: yeah, what do you make of the final push of the president that we are seeing in final days in office? >> he's realizing he's leving office and taking a lot of time to undo what they are doing. the senate are going to be dragged down with the cabinet confirmations. it's just negativities. she had nothing to offer other than saying she doesn't like donald trump, hillary clinton in the campaign and nothing other to offer that we are going to fight every inch of the way. they lost and they can't accept it. the lions lost to the cowboys, get over it. >> that was terrific, by the way. [laughter] sandra: we did see this coming, the effort to seal legacy. >> there's no question that this is not a surprise.
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we know that donald trump says he's the first thing he's going to do is undo all of these things he's done. it's interesting time to see, the case isn't necessarily made by obama. he's acting instead of persuading people that these are the right decisions to make. that's an issue that the democrat party has had throughout the whole cycle. >> his philosophy is you can impeach me, that's the only alternative in executive orders and what we are going to see, donald trump when he has to use executive orders, i think the democrats are going to rue the day when they try to run the country with executive orders. sandra: good to have you, sir.
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arrests and plenty of panic, in fact, n elizabeth, new jersey, shoppers ran out of a mall after witnesses reportedly heard a gunshot in a fight. turns out it was a thrown chair during a fight and two people were hurt and police respond to go similar incidents in texas, connecticut, ohio and north carolina. some of the mall might have been loosely organized on social media but certainly the christmas cheer did not last long if you were in the mall on monday. sandra: that's the point. if you were in the mall -- dagen, unbelievable to read some of the stories. malls that had to close down
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stores, individual stores, shut down because of this violence? dagen: right, reports out of new jersey mall of gunshot and it was a thrown chair, but that's what happens is when you create that kind of panic, people particularly who are not used to hearing a gunshot, and i'm not waking light of it when you grew up around hunting you are used to hairing guns go off when something like that that ham and could have been organized on social media, that raises a whole host of issues. sandra: sparked by the sound of a gunshot that somebody reported. the mills at new jersey gardens, it was a chair thrown, two people hurt in the panic as a result of it. dagen: i've been in a situation where i heard something that sounded like a gun going off and i dove under a table, i was given a lecture at a table.
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for students were looking at me that i was crazy. maybe you've never been around gunshots before, that sowned like a gunshot. sandra: reporting several hundred teenagers were in the mall at the time, they learned before they had to evacuate. >> steve: what's going to underline that people are doing more online shopping. the bargains are online than the stores. dagen: when people shop online, if they are given gifts they take them to brick and mortar stores. sandra: good point. >> that's a really good point. the day to go back and do all the returns. sandra: first black box from russian plane found. will a trump administration help
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or hurt them, we will discuss that next.
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sandra: all right, look at u.s. stock market futures right now on this tuesday morning. you will look at that, just a few minutes ago they were lower and now higher, pretty much on the flat line in holiday shortened week and ahead of the last week of trading in 2017, can you believe it? president-elect trump takes credit, he tweeted, quote, the world was gloomy before i won. there was no hope, now the market is up 10% and christmas spending is over a trillion dollars. here is president mark avalone.
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mark, good morning, i appreciate everybody getting up so early this morning. do you expect the trump rally after new year? reduced regulation. people want to see that and infrastructure bill that's been. the problem is none of those have happened yet and we don't know what they're going to be like. we should pause a little bit and see what's actually going to happen. no real news just a lot of hope. sand sand you wouldn't encourage
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buying at these levels. steve forbes, i want to get your take on this. stocks almost unbelievable. over 10% rally. he's not even president yet. should you be buying the stock markets right now? >> that automatically increases s&p profits 20%. sandra: you don't think the market is overvalued right now? >> now they have to deliver. the nice thing about regulations you can repeal a lot of the stuff starting starting with the pipeline. the key is following through. the other thing is the federal reserve.
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the federal reserve messed up credit markets specially for small and new businesses. key an eye on that. sandra: fair point. specially for the financial sector as the wall street jonal notes that could come with tougher limits on borrowing. mark, what do you make of that? >> things have had a great run. i was on the show two months ago and we liked u.s. financials then. look what has happened. we had moves in the major money center banks. we have to look at what valuations look like and the global system. the global economy is not nearly as close to the u.s. and the news out of italy is not good on the other major italian banks,
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before diving into the u.s. financials, at least the large cap multinational banks, i think cap multinational banks, i think sandra: ecb say it is italian bank needs to raise $9 billion, which is higher than the 5 billion estimated from the bank. >> we saw much smaller banking crisis in greece or at least in terms of scales. italy is much bigger and this is the early stages of what is an unknown outcome. so that's why we say caution, when we look at a global banking system and we see such major banks struggling. in an economy that has zero growth. europe has zero growth without prognosis for an upturn. so that's why we say caution,
6:27 am
wait and see, look what develops, don't chase. sandra: got it. caution, the word of the day. thank you for joining thus morning. >> my pleasure. sandra: all right, coming up, a party of no, democrats prepare for battle by plan to go throw up road blocks for president-elect donald trump, details on that ahead and keep it or toss it, what you need to know about sell, by bates, do you check it? [laughter]
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sandra: that was me. welcome back, i'm sandra smith. it's tuesday december 27, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. thank you for joining. president-elect trump expect today meet the president of republic of congo this morning as he braces for stiff opposition from democrats on his polici and his cabinet picks. >> we are going to have to clean up a lot of damage and it should be noted that president obama still has just less than four weeks left in office so it's possible that he might do something else whether it's domestic or foreign policy that sets us further back. sandra: but there is reason to hope, why a majority of americans are optimistic about better times to come in the new
6:31 am
year. new developments this morning on the russian military airline that crashed in the black sea, the black box has been found as the search for victims' bodies continue. why iran thinks it can get away with negotiation. we are watching futures market this morning. they've been down or up now slightly. we will see what takes hold in the next couple of hours. over in europe getting sense of direction over there as we do see the ftse, cac quarante higher, and asia overnight, markets were mixed in nikkei toshiba after tumbling after announcement of writing billions of dollars to nuclear business. the grinch who stole fur coat. the man who broker on a fur
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boutique, wait until you hear how much it was worth? star wars rogue one taking the top spot. how much a wrapped up during weekend? useful information, you don't have to throw it away if it hasn't passed it. we will get to it. let the battle begin. the democrats are prepare to go fight president-elect trump and the go on their agenda. steve, with the democrats be the party of no and vote -- >> they had nothing positive to run on. obamacare, most people are horrified by it specially after the exchange. the economy still sputtering.
6:33 am
the world is in bad shape as well. world chaos, china's aggression in the south china sea. what else can they say? sandra: still not willing to accept this loss and it is time that they start to look within, the next one is pretty coming up pretty soon. >> there's no question blaming everybody else except joe bide even saying we missed. dagen: mad he did't win. >> he actually seemso get it. there was no message for most americans to get behi. there was no symbolic policy, there was a lot of people who just fell down trout, the only thing that had done so far is say no. hillary clinton's whole message is i'm not trump, trump is bad. now i'm going to go in and say no to all policies. it's not going to get people to rally behind them.
6:34 am
that can't be no. >> the issue of taxes. all she can say, middle class i won't raise your taxes, not a very inspiring message. >> fair enough. dagen: steve, do you think, though, congress can get corporate tax cuts and overall individual tax reform done? i look at the democrats, how can you want not that to happen other than they don't want the republicans to succeed? >> that's why the republicans have to combine both personal and business, put them on the same track so they get roughly the same time otherwise democrats are going to say, see, they are just interested in big business. fourth of july, tax bill done, they have to have obamacare, meaningful deregulation. tax bill is so important because what they have to do when they sign the bill in the fourth of july is people have to see the next month their paychecks are going up because of take out of
6:35 am
taxes are going down. make it retro active, clinton made tax increases retro active, make tax cuts retro active so people can see immediately results of a trump presidency. dagen: one of the mistakes that reagan made was -- there was a phase-in. you change people's behavior. if you're going to cut their taxes, give it to them now. sandra: eric trump was going to stop contributions. president-elect trump says he will close charitable found foundation. media won't report. so we are closing the foundation and perception of conflicts of interest, my guess no. >> no, because things are so complicated. they are always going to find
6:36 am
openings. the key thing is that trying to close potential conflicts, maybe having the two sons run the business, the daughter helping out the president and moreover way, but you have to do everything possible because they are going to try to use conflict of interests, potential conflicts of interest eventually to go for impeachment. that's the ultimate goal. that's the only thing they have going for them. they are going to keep probing, he closes the foundation, does what he can in terms of conflict of interest, he's not going to give them much to work with. minimal ammunition. >> what would help if he appointed a completely independent ceo to run the organization, essentially the two sons reported to, somebody he has no personal relationship with? >> i agree. dagen: somebody who he's not celebrating holidays with because again there's going to be speculation on the left what was said over christmas
6:37 am
breakfast. >> or even meetings with he invites all ceo's of silicon valley. when people see these kinds of things they draw their own conclusions. donald trump uses symbols all of the time, build a wall. he has to understand this. so i think, dagen, that would be a great donald trump. he should look at that. closing the foundation is another important symbolic gesture but we are going to be seeing who is staying at the trump hotels. >> this underscores why he has to get the economy moving. the rest of the stuff they're not going to pay attention to. sandra: everybody is so highly anticipating, when you look at the reaction to his victory. dagen: they've got to get it done by july 4th. in terms of -- >> with the confirmation
6:38 am
process, drag each one of those through. dagen: exactly what's on the front page of the wall street journal today. dagen: wealth of trump nominees complicate approval, 5 billionaires. >> they don't care about the players but they want points on the board. sandra: americans are optimistic of 2017, look at the new poll from the associated press and time square alliance showing 55% of americans believe next year will be better for them than 2016. that's optimistic for sure. 12 points higher than last year. steve, what do you think about the surge in optimism? >> because there's going to be a change and that's one thing trump has established starting g with the carrier things. things will be done, like it or not, major push on taxes, regulation, which is why small business, small cap stocks have done so well, even better than s&p and the dow because they've been hurt disproportionately by
6:39 am
regulation. if you have the prospect of those being pulled back incident you the t prospect this guy is going to do something, people are saying, yes, there's going to be change coming. sandra: the bar has been set really high. >> this is big news. we can talk about is this a big deal or not, we have not seen people being optimistic not just in one year or two years, my children are not going to have it as much as i did. this is a really, really, to me big point that, i think, is important that we celebrate. dagen: people on the left will sometimes argue, stock market record doesn't matter to the individual because only rich fat cats have the money in the market. that's ridiculous. people look at 401(k) statements, if balances are growing, yeah, i'm excited. [laughter]
6:40 am
>> exactly. forget what the word it was, despicable, what the market was doing. [laughter] sandra: can we just keep it optimistic that are left in 2016? iran isn't paying up. details on why the country says it will pay half price for new boeing planes. a force to reckon with. we have the weekend box office report that you must see next.
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sandra: welcome back, futures right now, they are searching for some direction here as we slowly kick off this week. you are looking at dow futures
6:44 am
up two points. nasdaq up 3 and a half points, we are looking at a few stocks on the move this morning including apple, apple stock trading up in the premarket on report that is the company is working on a new 5-inch iphone in 2017, larger iphone plus in case you were look approximating for that size. and also tesla owners can get back on the roadaster than ever in 2017. the company unveiled super chargers, reenergize the car in five minutes. russia now says it located the first black boxes on military plane that crash intoed the black sea this weekend killing
6:45 am
all 92 people on board, cheryl. cheryl: recorder could help investigators identify the cause of sunday's crash, all 92 passengers and crew were killed in route to syria. the flight crashed minutes after taking off. invesgators have ruled out terrorism, pilot error or technical most likely to have caused the price. iran is taking boeing planes for half price. given the reductions in purchasing options, iran's only going to pay 8 billion, not the nearly 17 billion first announced. boeing not commenting on the claim. the first of those planes expected to arrive in iran in 2018. well, a trio of thieves went christmas eve shopping for coats
6:46 am
in manhattan, there's the video, as you can see it shows one of three suspects throwing a rock through the window of the denise store. this happened just before 5:00 a.m., rushed in and picked out the most expensive items in the store. they got away with nearly a million dollars worth of coats, some of those coats sold for a hundred thousand dollars each. plus, there's this. >> rebellion, that's all that remains to push back the empire. i think you might be able to help us. >> when was the last time you were in contact with your father? >> what is this? >> rogue won dominated for the second weekend in a row. $96 million over the four-day holiday weekend remaining number one at the box office. also universal musical sing taking the number two spot with
6:47 am
56.1 million. sony passengers starting jennifer lawrence and chris pratt coming in third. why him and fourth, 16.7 million followed by assassins creed. sandra, i know you're not a star wars fan, but if you go see this one, you will get story. sandra: i would love it the second i have time to watch it. [laughter] dagen: i think you can start rogue one. my brother, one of his daughters that went to see it, it puts the force awakens to shame. it uses the kind of the base of the story and kind of the star wars but takes it on a different direction. sandra: it's on my list. something you need to know.
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keep it or toss it, what you know to know about the sell by dates, expires by or use by, we will make sure you know the difference in just a minute.
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sandra: when your food is past the date on the label, do you keep or toss it. nine out of ten shoppers are confused by the different dates on the labels. u.s. department of agriculture trying to reduce confusion by releasing guidelines. maria was joined by nutrition king last week to help solve all of the confusion. as i want to say that we live by, if in doubt, throw it out.
6:52 am
that's what we all say in terms of food safety. the average american family is throwing away $1,500 worth of food a year that's perfectly good, a lot of people are living in a lot of doubt. maria: that's the thing. when you think you've had something for a week or two, my instance is throw it out and i feel like we end up wasting so much food. >> that's how people feel like. the sell by date is for the store. we all think of that is being something that it might be virtue of spoiling but actually that just means it's all about quality, when the store should take it off the shelf because it may not taste as good or as fresh. maria: keep us on the process whether to keep or how do you determine, for example, if we should throw out the eggs?
6:53 am
>> okay, well, with eggs is three to five weeks past the sell by date. milk is only a week past but you can drink it a whole week past the sell by date. with eggs a golden rule, it's not about spoilage, if you go to 3 to 5 weeks, drop the egg into the bowl and if it sinks and lies on the bottom, you have a fresh egg. maria: five weeks after the sell by date. >> three to five weeks. maria: milk is one week. >> chicken, seafood, you want to cook it or freeze it within one or two days of buying. >> you want to cook it or freeze it within three to five days. maria: okay. what happens if you freeze it, how long -- >> freezing locks in so you're not really so word about it. it's quality.
6:54 am
in terms of quality maybe a year in case there's freezer burn. maria: a year. >> as long as it stays frozen -- maria: somebody sent me as a gift omaha steaks. >> it won't be dangerous. >> it's not bad. maria: can food. >> this is a crazy one. can, tomatoes, you have 18 months, if it's low acid food like green beans five years. maria: five years. >> we went through pantries and refrigerators and some of the items have plenty of time and some of them do not.
6:55 am
maria: okay. all right. >> we are going to go through a few and ask you what you think. we know this is a popular one. date is good but how long you can think you can keep mayonnaise for? >> a week after the date. >> you actually have three months. maria: not bad. >> what do you think about peanut butter? >> sadly i went in my refrigerator about a few weeks ago i used it and i sawhat the date said may 2013. maria: oh, my god. and it's open. >> so the thing that's surprising, this is category of soy sauces, you have three years. maria: okay. three years. even when it's opened it's three years. >> yes. in the refrigerator.
6:56 am
it tasted so good that it ran out and i went to the store and got another. >> this is for a year. ketchup, salad dressing. maria: even when it's open. >> thanks for having us. sandra: thank you so much again to the nutrition twins for stopping by giving us the useful information. next hour, the latest sony hack targets britney spears, details on that next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, save $600 on our best selling i8 mattress, plus 24 month special financing. len more at know better sleep with sleep number. sandra: somebody tweeted i'm un-american because i haven't tweeted star wars. really? i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo. top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. the president versus the president elect. donald trump firing back on twitter to president obama's claims that he could have triumphed over trump in 2016 and the president took aim at the un, the united nations has great potential but right now it's just a club for people to get together, have a good time. so sad. that after a u condemn
7:00 am
settlements. >> this is more a shot than a stab in the back. we have seen this coming for months. we have been urging the administration to declare before the election before doing this. it's not as significant. we are always going to try toward midea peace, under this president we may have given too much solace to the palestinians to make them think that they are going to get every square inch in the west bank in their new state. sandra: growing tensions between jerusalem and the obama administration in final days in office. new details in the tragic colombia plane crash that killed most of a brazilian soccer team, what investigators now believe led to the accident. plus, one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, literally, a christmas present blamed for massive fire in connecticut. we are looking at futures market
7:01 am
this is morning in the final trading week of the year, look at this? gain as we see it right now. we have been looking at gains. toshiba shares tumbling 11% after announcement u.s. nuclear business. the real estate market building toward a big 2017, we will take a look at what to expect from the industry next year. sometimes even santa gets it wrong. stores gearing up for holiday returns, here to break it with me dagen mcdowell, steve forbes and lee carter. what do you do when somebody gives you a gift you don't want? >> recycle it.
7:02 am
dagen: you're a regifter? >> i take after one of my brothers who is notorious in the family when we get gifts, we wonder where did this come from, often he buys them but sometimes they -- they have been recycled and he's just been in a big move so we have a lot of presents this year. he told us in advance what to exct. sandra: wow. [laughter] >> i can't return. i have a thing. i got something that was half the size of me, i was flattered that somebody thought i was that small. [laughter] dagen: dagen has no problem. dagen: i will tell you on christmas day to your face, this is a lame gift. sandra: coming up this morning, we have a lot going on, professor and strategy and irregular warfare at the
7:03 am
institute of worlds politics sebastian gorka will be here and host of pbs, lydia's kitchen. you don't want to miss any of that. president obama taking on on the president elect on the final days to have presidency, the president suggesting that he could have won if he had ran against trump. the president elect firing back with a tweet, quote, president obama says he thinks he would have won against me, he should say that but i say no way, jobs leaving, isis, ocare, et cetera. what did you make of that? president obamaish sin waiting or pretty much sating that i would have beaten him if it were me against him? >> i don't think it's all offensive to donald trump. i tell you who it's offensive to, it's hillary clinton.
7:04 am
i just can't imagine why obama feels the need to say something like that what he needs to say the american people voted, i campaigned vigorously for hillary but she lost. sandra: it started out that way, they had the photo op and looked warm and cozy in there. what's changed? >> it's hard to say. i mean, why did obama pick this week to go into some nothing less than irrational actions on the international stage? sandra: but that decision, because i did speak to you about that last week but president
7:05 am
obama and if people don't know yet coming under sharp criticism for calling a halt to israeli settlement building. you have some very strong feelings on this, governor huckabee. first i want to show you what the president elect tweeted out criticizing the un. the un has such great potential but right now a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. so sad. governor, huckabee your thoughts. >> we provide most of the funding for the un and it's time to reevaluate. i'm not sure that there's any value to the un. it's a joke. for them to condemn israel for building neighborhoods for people who immigrate there -- 3.3 million since modern day of recreation of israel, you know, this is insane to condemn them. look at what's happening. where is the condemnation for the palestinians giving salaries if you kill jews, where is the
7:06 am
condemnation for the palestinians who name streets after terrorists who are successful in killing innocent children? i mean, this is what makes no sense to me and for the united states to remain silent and to abstain from the veto that they always have promised because our position has always been that this should be negotiated between the parties and not at the un. a lot of people are trying to defend the un action, it's indefensible but more so the u.s. role in what happened in that resolution is beyond indefensible. it's irrational. sandra: governor huckabee you will be in israel next week? >> i will be next week with the delegation of business and other government leaders, we will be meeting with people, a number of business and government officials in israel. there's so many ways in which israel needs all the friends it can get right now and what happened last week, i think, make this trip more important
7:07 am
than ever particularly to stand on what is the dumbest thing that's ever happened on the world stage, the boycott and sanction movement bds, which is basically trying to put israel out of business even though israel is a major exporter of food and technology, many of the -- many conveniences we have including our cell phones won't it what they are if it wouldn't be the technology in israel. sandra: i want to get steve forbes and president obama and on staining from the resolution, this is really a historic moment. >> part of it is a temper tantrum. also obama has been very antiisrael from the get-go. it would have been a disaster. didn't consult with them. in terms of his policies, it's
7:08 am
always antiisraeli to it and in terms of trump's reaction to the un, that was temprant. dagen: do you think this permanent damagesur relationship with israel, at least, governor huckabee it's a last-minute maneuver by an out-going president. >> it does not damage the u.s. relationship with israel. that this has been condemned by democrats as well as republicans. what it does do, if i were obama i probably wouldn't plan a vacation to tel aviv any time soon. it certainly forever damages his legacy. embrace iran, biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world and to
7:09 am
reject israel, the only democracy that increases in the middle east, basically the only real true democracy the african and asian coast. this is what doesn't make sense. the two-state solution that's been tossed about for years by both republicans and democrats, look, again, it's irrational nonsense. it's not going to happen. we need to abandon that policy. there are 57 muslim nations in the world that occupy a hundred thousand times the land mass that israel does which is a land the size of new jersey, if you want a two-state solution, find arab muslim country that would be welcome to welcome the palestinians, build a road there and let the muslim nations pay for it. sandra: he didn't really specify, he wasn't specific as to what his plans were, how do you expect a trump administration to handle this going forward? >> i think the trump
7:10 am
administration is going to demand, we are not going continue to be the major funder of the un. it's a worthless organization. has no moral authority, zero, and it's basically -- trump was right, a great big club for people to go and have parking violatations in new york city where they never have to pay for them. what a worthless expenditure and waste taxpayers' money. >> trump did not mention u.s. corruption. it's ramped there. dagen: ask any new yorker how they feel about the un? corruption and problems and congestion in traffic problems. sandra: thank you for joining us. >> by the way, steve, i feel so much better because i feel like th peope with the last name of forbes are regifting, then
7:11 am
it's okay for the rest of us and i really appreciate that affirmation today. [laughter] >> it's the thought that counts. >> amen. [laughter] dagen: i'm just kidding. sandra: thank you, governor huckabee for joining us. >> there goes your free subscription. sandra: president obama scheduled to meet with shinzo abe today. holiday gift returns and more shop afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
7:12 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:13 am
7:14 am
sandra: authorities in colombia say a series of human errors led to crash of a plane carrying brazilian soccer team. cheryl casone has the details on this and what we have learned, cheryl. cheryl: report fascinating, sandra. a series of mistakes caused the jet to run out of fuel and crash late last month just outside of medellin that killed 71 people, most member members of a
7:15 am
brazilian team. they also say the flight plan should have never been approved by bolivian authorities. president obama and shinzo abe are going to meet in hawaii, they will meet the uss arizona, vicious attack against the united states, that plunged the u.s. into world war ii. abe will not apologize for the pearl harbor attack but it's supposed to strength ties between two countries. fire officials say they believe it started the fire in apartment complex, you're looking at some of the video we shot here in the plaza of the hover board. a lot of these have been
7:16 am
recalled. hundreds of thousands of these boards have been recalled because of the risk of fire and explosions. and christmas is over but don't expect smaller stores, consumers will head to the smalls despite all the violence because this ti they need to return unwanted gifts, the national retail federation says 10% of holidays are returned, rate as high as 30% for online orders, but brick and mortar retailers can take advantage of the stores. you don't like that scarf that you were given, hey, how about the sweater over here. sandra: i actually grabbed this because i was walking out of the door. dagen: don't mess your hair up. sandra: i know somebody who does, you don't return them, steve, you regift.
7:17 am
[laughter] sandra: i actually think the number is low. only 10% of christmas gifts are returned, i would think it's much higher. don't you think? dagen: i would think so. [laughter] sandra: exactly. thanks, guys, thanks, cheryl. christmas jailbreak and the latest on the tennessee inmate that is escaped prison after removing a toilet from their cell. and 2016 has been a busy year for the commercial real estate market, how rising interest rates or maybe the idea of them will impact the new year, next.
7:18 am
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
sandra: 2016 has been busy in interest rates. joining us right now director, good to have you, sir. let's start first with residential. everybody wants to know if their house are going to be worth next year? >> you see interest rates move significantly since the election. there will be rush to lock in some loans. you will see activity in the near term. the housing market like new york city, san francisco, miami, we have seen overdevelopment of supply, for eight years money has been free, interest rates have been near zero. we had overdevelopment,
7:22 am
everybody became developer. the supply and demand, prices are going to come down. sandra: that's going to take some time. people have six months before we really see -- >> yeah, six to nine months, whether he start to see that in the marketplace. sandra: all right, let's talk commercial real estate and we will talk residential more later, get to commercial real estate and what do you expect there? >> i think for the last eight years you had a community organizer in the white house. we now have a real estate developer, he's a pragmatic guy. we also have the house and the senate, i think that a lot of the proposals that we have been talking about are going to get pushed through. he's been talking about dodd-frank and reforming it and bringing capital gains rate down and cutting corporate tax rate. he's a progrowth, probusiness. sandra: everybody wonders if we start to seeing interest rates move up, there's a rush to do something.
7:23 am
what do you anticipate in 2017? >> one of the key questions is what's going to happen in regulations in bank lending. getting a mortgage is not an sy thing these days. if they liberate interest rates, people think that's going to kill things, i think that's going to stimulate things, a lot of new businesses, a lot of job creation. >> right. >> a more normal market. even on the housing market, even though there's been activity, if you look at historic norms, last eight years have been pretty punk. >> it all comes back to jobs. people buy homes with jobs and businesses grow in commercial real estatend good-paying jobs and our labor participation rate is lowest level in 4 years. i think we are going to have growth. it's going to take a while to get through the damage that's been done buttic -- i'm very bullish. >> foreigners coming in rather
7:24 am
than -- >> there's been a lot of overseas buyers and specially the chinese in new york and miami. ic you're going to see a lot of cuack from that. aye already srted to see that. china has been cranking down on outflows of capital going out of china. you will see less of that in 2017. dagen: that's great when you're priced out of a apartment in new york city. when you see with the euro weakening so much, you see a pullback in european buyers in miami as well. that market looks poised to be a real buyers' market. >> 70% of the buyers were oversea buyers. i think that we should be bullish on those markets going forward as a buyer. sandra: obviously this has been a huge political talking point on president-elect donald trump,
7:25 am
he tout that had he would be the best guy for jobs and that he would make -- make more money, do better, buy houses, this is definitely a trump effect too that we have been seeing. >> i think absolutely. we are seeing the optimism come back in americans and hopeful that the country will be great again. if we are seeing more people buying -- more americans buying in miami, more enthusiasm in the markets. i think it's a really exciting time. >> i couldn't agreeore. sandra: you sound really optimistic. where are you concerned? what could happen that could throw off your very optimistic outlook for the year? >> look, i think, again, the fact that money has been free. we have been effectively on life support. as we pull the plug we will start to see internal sailing. we need to be vigilant and careful on where those interest rates go and how fast they creep
7:26 am
up. in the long run, i'm very bullish. dagen: when markets tush into buying opportunities, it means that they are weakened, again, a lot of the markets there's very little inventory and prices have been gotten so out of whack particularly in san francisco, silicon valley. >> one point i'm going to make, in the residential market, the millennials haven't been really buying homes over the last couple of years. i think you will start seeing them dip their toe in the water in the housing market front. i think with the jobs that we are going to hopefully be delivering, they will come into the market. sandra: he said, the millennials they don't want starter homes and or homes that they want to work on and they want turn-key perfection and they will wait it out. dagen: you buy a condo. >> thanks for having me.
7:27 am
sandra: ho, ho, merry christmas, happy new year. president-elect trump's fight to isis. why gringrich's comments are leave manager uneasy. have a cup of cheer. three elaborate new drinks as if they needed more. can you get eggnog latte. dagen, you drink those, right? dagen: yeah right. 9 rodney and his new business.
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he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students!
7:30 am
way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit . . sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith for maria bartiromo this morning, tuesday, december 27, your top stories at wr7 a.m. eastern -- angling for a fight as they prepare to challenge president-elect trump's first actions and appointments, he even before he takes office he is not even in there yet folks! the war on terror into focuses former speaker of the house newt gingrich expecting scomplefg support for president-elect hard-line approach to foreign policy. >> -- let me point out this is the same donald trump that liberals are terrified going to sell out to putin now pivoted said look to quote general mattis we can be best friend or worst enemy you want to make speeches let me show
7:31 am
you what it looks like does it 1 characters. >> law enforcement tightens security ahead of new year's eve bash in times square, their way to freedom how tennessee ininmates used faulty plumbing to escape from prize the latest as the manhunt for them is up. >> a university professor called for quote white genocide o outrage ahead oops i got hacked again, latest hack attack claimed life of top star britney spears there she is futures are up just slightly on this tuesday morning, a holiday shortened week, searching for direction, two hours before opening we'll, in europe sense of direction we see stocks moving upside, cac quarante and dax higher and in asia markets
7:32 am
mixed, we saw trading action shanghai, on -- and the former formal caffeine fix as we need one right now, starbucks to specialty beverage, the black and white cookie should be delicious, keeping america safe, the war on terror, a major campaign topic for president-elect trump newt gingrich weighed in on trump's approach to defeating isis let's listen. >> i don't think they have a strategy i think what at the know when is important what 2450er going to need a strategy, they have in general, flynn, general mattis general kelly remarkable experienced war fighters i think able to produce a very -- strategy much better grip on reality than obama administration. >> says it will take at least two more i wouldn't errs to rid isis from raqqa mosul strongholds bring in dr.
7:33 am
sebastian gorka professor of strategy authorize of defeating jihad dr. gorka good of you to be here. >> good morning merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you what is your take on general comments on isis? >> that is true, only if we would perpetuate president obama's death of a thousand dollar cuts there is no way it is going to take two years to get rid of isis, with a new president, the fact is, isis recruited over the lt five years, about 80,000 jihadis, maybe about 35,000 left, that is not a series fighting force we have twice that many special operations, forces alone, inside u.s. army services, we could destroy i mean literally destroyis in a matter of a month or two, if we went to war and did not dribble out our commitment as
7:34 am
we are doing right now. president obama never wanted to go to war in iraq, remember, he was elected as president on a bumper sticker afghanistan is quote/unquote good war iraq is the bad war, he never wanted to win this war that is why it with take so long -- >> looking forward, dr. gorka what do you make of the criticism out there, that donald trump doesn't have a strategy? he is said he doesn't want to reveal what that strategy is leaves room to speculate there isn't one. do you think -- >> look, i know general flynn i worked closely with general flynn, as far as i know, speaker gingrich is not part of the official presidential transition team. so i am not sure how he would know whether or not mr. trump has a strategy. but what we do know if you read the youngtown speech by president-elect trump he clearly has plan in mind he is
7:35 am
not going to be over details he is absolutely correct what else this is on the record he said as soon as he is sworn in as he commander in chief he is going to demand within certain days a plan from his generals owe who defeat isis that is how you do it you don't advertise the details of that strategy that is how the enemy dap adapts no your plan president obama has done that not good strategy. >> won election on that promise dr. gorka as we do, look at this continued threat frommis overseas we look here at home, a new federal security bulletin has been issued ahead of new year's eve in times square fear of crowds gathering isis always said they target those ares authorities doing do you believe in light of last week's christmas market attack in berlin.
7:36 am
>> they said if publications in english, in magazine online, you will attack large concentrations of unarmed civilians like times square festivities is very, very attractive target to groups like isis perfect are feds doing enough the trouble is they are handcuffed by the current administration doesn't allow you to profile logical if you are looking for 6'3 white bank robber you don't hassle 4'2 black grandmothers good policing when you make it you sant certify avail where jihadis hang out hard to find bad guys before they make attack we need more tools developed a by nypd after 911 my advice be aware look around you have a tactical sense
7:37 am
don't walk down the street starring at iphone android the war is here on america's streets we have arrested 125 isis terrorists in america last two and a half years so be aware of your surroundedings. >> it is dagen mcdowell over yesterday, there were some disruptions at malls across the country. and there were some reports at least police are looking into the possibility that these -- outburst organized on social media what is the terror implication it is so ease to cause unrest panic in a place where people gather what are we doing about it frankly what are the social media companies doing about it? >> well, dagen this is a very important point. so what i tried to make people understand is there is never a case of an up standing american citizen on monday deciding to kill people on tuesday as jihadi. what we have seen over the
7:38 am
last 15 years that jihadists always prepare, they plan they prepare, and they collect intelligence. so what we've seen last few days could have been the collecting of intelligence on targets prior to an attack and that is why the bumper sticker is so very, very important if you see something suspicious, you must tell somebody, don't be afraid of being called is almost a phobia, do it tell people because it is neighbors san bernardino killers had told authorities what they were suspicious of 14 people could be live today. >> dr. gorka, steve forbes here looking down the road, what needs to be done about iran finances organizations arms them trains them, ultimately we got to get at the source how do we go about doing it? >> this is -- this is the big question, for mr. trump, after the 20th of january, iran, according to our state
7:39 am
department, iran, is the largest state sponsor of terrorism the idea that we've given them billions of dollars, which even secretary of state admitted will be used to finance terrorism that has to stop, we have to play hard ball, it is not about we are with iran, but it is about playing hardball about stopping all nuclear developments, craziness that we give them more than a month of warning before we inspect them can't have uas he inspectors on stop we've got to stop embracing mullahs start playing hard ball. >> what are restraints fighting in the middle east we have several thousand troops there -- what are the key restraints for moving day one this would make a difference in cutting isis to knock down the size getting rid of them. >> a couple things number one rules of engagement that we have on our service men incredibly restrictive we have
7:40 am
to allow them to protect themselves execute mission secondlyly we have to create a truer line of movements right now i have been to centcom, the 60 plus nation, coalition of the obama administration, doesn't exist, we need to have a true coalition of those individuals those nations who wish to destroy isis and convince them we are on their side what the sunnis of region have learned last 8 years don't trust us -- we are going to hightail it out of there we need diplomacy convince them with that here to help you not going to invade middle east we will facilitate you with intelligence, training and everything else you need to be the front line of this war and we need to stay the course. sandra: dr. gorka we didn't get to it i want to let learns
7:41 am
no japan prime minister shinzo abe meeting with president obama in pearl harbor major significance i want to make sure viewers knew that as well thank you for being here good to have you sir. >> thank you. >> coming up, oops the intent did it again latest hack that targeted -- brittney -- hand a cup of cheers starbucks ringing in new year with three elaborate new drinks. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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. sandra: manhunt on for one ininmate fled a tennessee jail through a leaky toilet, cheryl casone has details on that. >> -- saying with a straight face -- frazier at large after
7:45 am
escaping newport county jail christmas morning with five others officials say of ininmates made get the away moving a toil real-time from wall crudely through a hole that led to the outside. four have been captured, one turned himself in. frazier the final that is on the loose this morning mug shot on lower right side on your screen, he was he serving time for aggravated robbery. >> one pennsylvania professor tweeted about propriety supremacy said it was a joke, professor tweeted all i wanted for christmas is white genocide, he explained this, white genocide is a figment of racist imagination i am glad to have mocked it on the ground among those not laughing his employer drexel issued a statement calling it ugly reprehensible deeply
7:46 am
disturbing and will discuss the matter further with him. >> big news brittney fans she is alive, yes, a hacker targeted twitter account fake states she died they say it has been recognizefied company does apologize to brittney and fans in 2014 they were hit by major hacking attack fbi concluded north correy is behind that attack no idea who did this hack job on twitter account. >> starbucks offering three new drinks 250s 16 winds down tuxedo collection dark and white appearance you can choose between a tuxedo mocha, hot chocolateif you want something cold frappuccino move fast, the collection on sale at selected stores through new year's eve sandra you know me i will be on it if i can get ahold i will bring
7:47 am
them in. >> tuxedos, i thought a play on the cookie but it is tuxedo. >> black and white mixture like a white mix with a black syrup, stuff like that. >> coffee? >> looks like dessert. >> language -- >> it is -- other direction, starbucks has been out with more and more the severeweeter drinks concoctions at mathematical shop hipsters drink black coffee straight up like into coffee the way they are into tequila. >> i drink black coffee the tuxedo? >> well, this -- starbucks credit great stuff they have nothing on starbucks the lay
7:48 am
they label things, you know instead of the normal thing large small they call small tall you have -- go to starbucks. >> what is the biggest drink there -- >> i walked to currenter say i will have a venti, couldn't come up whatever tastes least like coffee. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah i didn't know venti till wife told me what it meant years ago didn't know venti latte pay 20 bucs. >> buzzing beater fashion next. ♪ ♪ as a control enthusiast,
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7:52 am
. sandra: the best he team in nfl keeps rolling, the details, jared. >> what a year for the dallas cowboys they secured home field advantage playoffs last night the first team, in nfl history with rookie quarterback with to touchdown passes running back rookie with 02 runs. >> elliott last night, off races in the first quarter, going 55 yards for the touchdown could you boies 14-7, didn't jump into kettle this time, before halftime
7:53 am
cowboys were down a touchdown when he looks for bryant, 25-yard touchdown bang tied 1 appease, out there elliott scored dallas in third watch this reverse trickery. bryant plays quarterback throws to jason 35, cowboys win 42-21, six police spots for afc -- nfc final weekend lions a tie with green bay packers first place nfc north division of title decided sunday night packers liance play in moderate even if lions lose they would make the playoffs, if the giants beat redskins late sunday afternoon, also, still alive washington and the tampa bay buccaneers. >> last night's game nets tied philadelphia 6ers, in nba
7:54 am
appeared would remain solid falling behind charlotte hornets, 118-117 two seconds to go enough fiem for roundy foy, 3-pointer at buzzer 8th victory one more from 6ers, celebrate brooklyn we will give you satisfaction admitting we made a mistake two but in the end nothing for it nba admitted yesterday in moments of sunday rematch nba finals between cavs and rriors officials dropped the ball on two plays that benefited cavs, are, lebron should have been issd f more important than game hung on rim after a dunk gave team lead first since first quarter, jefferson of cavs should be been call for foul making contact with kevin durant, who do you think deserved to be named
7:55 am
associated press female act elite of the year. >> gymnast. >> united states olympic gymnast simone four goals in rio games picked up 31 out of 59 votes. by editors news directors associated press beat out katie for the awarded serena williams third. >> thank you, to the bears for losing to the redskins for the redskins have a shot at playoffs. >> wow! what to deserve that. >> okay. >> a very uneven season, watching -- >> still have a hot. >> the giants -- >> have a shot we were discussing with cheryl cowboys who can go into dallas beat cowboys, i don't know if any team new york giants probably
7:56 am
best shot if not seattle, but i think cowboys are the super bowl team. >> let them get cocky wash them get crushed. >> no if you are a redskins' fan giants' fan you sure hate cowboys. america's team -- >> what about the -- >> a fine oiled machine doesn't matter who gets hurt who is quarterback, the beginning of the season the patriots are that strong. >> you think going to win. >> patriots, cowboys, what a super bowl that would be. >> -- who would watch -- >> oh. >> cowboys i will not watch that. >> not even commercials. >> i will watch reruns of hello larry before i would watch that. >> what is hello larry? >> [laughter]
7:57 am
>> i am getting a latte. >> next hour so much for holiday clear fights breaking out the at malls across the country, enough to prompt a massive police response, a major, role social media played in this madness. ambivale.
7:58 am
7:59 am
. . sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith for maria bartiromo this morning, tuesday, december 27th your
8:00 am
top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern president president-elect no punches president obama claimed he could have beaten donald trump in 2016, president-elect firing back saying president obama said he thinks he would have won against me he should say that but i say no way. jobs, isis obamacare, et cetera, trump promises changes once he gets to d.c. >> anybody who he in city underestimates how really hard the changes, either you've got to be more reasonable get along with sovettes or more unreasonable break power structure that is opposing us my hunch is the latter that will be decisive moment. >> obama issues regulations to shore up legislation before leaving office, and a deadly
8:01 am
weekend in chicago, over 50 people shot, in nearly a dozen killed, as one of the most violent in the stoe history nears end -- a brawl breaking out in malls across the country, the role that social media would have played. >> snow, a winter blast freezes over travel, for thousands across midwest over busy holiday weekend, and oil, holding steady this morning looking at it up a quarter of a percent 53 dollars a barrel, supply expected to fuel higher oil prices, in 2017, we are looking at the year ahead, fauts showing right now, that the markets should be opening slightly to the upside in about an hour and a half dow futures up 4 points over in europe we've seen some positive action as well, with ftse, cac dax up in trading
8:02 am
asia overnight markets mixed a australian suburb police find a giant parked on top of a car in tasmanian neighborhood. that is real. all right. and here with me to break it down, fox business -- dagen mcdowell, republican pellet former candidate steve forbes, pollster lee carter here good to have you all. >> good to be with you. >> thanks for being here. >> -- household -- >> really, i don't know what to make of that look at that a little bit. all right presidential battle war of horrors breaking between, president obama president-elect trump blake burman with latest. >> have president-elect remaining active over the
8:03 am
break announcing that he will halt his charitable foundation, to say avoid any potential conflict of interest while in ofz mr. trump also continuing to express his discontent with united nations he essentially described on twitter as a social club, president-elect weighing in on the current president, after president obama suggested that he would have won a heads-up race against his successor, listen here. >> the majority does buy into the notion of a one america that is tolerant, diverse, and open i am confident that if i -- uh -- if i had run again, and i think i could have mobilized a majority of american people to rally behind it. >> mr. trump said on twitter president obama said he thinks
8:04 am
he would have won against a me he should say that but i say no way jobs leaving isis obamacare, et cetera, a couple hours later after that, he responded once again on twitter seemingly that in following, the world was gloomy before i won there was no hope. now the market is up nearly 10% and christmas spending is over a trillion dollars. by the way, meetings continue down there, in florida, resume once again starting later this afternoon. sandra: thanks for being here good to see you, sir, joining us no i former michigan congressman and former chairman of the house temptation committee pete hoekstra good to see you fresh off holidays. >> good morning. >> all right, what is your reaction to president obama saying hey, i could have beat trump, what message does that send? >> wouldn't that have been a great waste to watch obama versus trump the next best
8:05 am
thing the president's handpicked candidate, he and michelle and vice president, they were all out on the stump, it was a referendum on this president's third term he lost. you know his foreign policies in shambles, trade agenda kind of collapsed, people believe the economy could be doing better, but why he he gets into this who knows, it is a race that i think many of us would have relished to have seen that race. >> i mean wonder why what is the point? why would he is a i that especially knowing that it is going to be interpreted on as congressman just did. >> shocking silly because he couldn't help himself, her defeat seen as repudiation of barack obama, saying oh, no she was a lousy candidate i would have won this thing, bill clinton did the same thing in 2000, after al gore lost, he went out and said i
8:06 am
could have gotten a third term if permitted to do so it is vanity, dwight eisenhower could have gotten a third term done avert -- race than richard nixon in 1960 eisenhower was a gentlemen kept ego in check when he had to -- >> what does this say about credibility president obama the most qualified candidate in history of ever, yet i am going to i wouldn't -- i would have done better -- >> that says to me --, hillary clinton, for sounding like a woman hater. sandra: congressman -- she called bernie sanders a sexist because he was talking about when people yell, and all of a sudden that turned to a being no on all women. >> as we know part of what president obama is doing congressman trying to preserve his legacy before trump takes office -- environmental policy, working the to ban
8:07 am
drilling in arctic atlantic ocean report plans to transfer more detainees out of guantanamo former house speaker newt gingrich weighed in on actions on fox news sunday watch this. >> -- figure out that his legacy is one of those dollsas air comes out shrinks and shrinks and shrinks, and 6, 70% legacy is murky waters almost all will be rerepudiated eighthed by trump. >> when trump rolls them all back. >> it is unbelievable you have to you have to hear it to believe it, i mean president obama, warning trump on executive actions? >> that is right, one of the things that this president has never learned to do never learned to art of a deal, that
8:08 am
is why he went with executive orders many will be roll back within first 24 to 48 hours. of the trump presidency, others are more engrained, they are going to be more difficult to get out of -- out of being in effect some rules and regulations that he you the in place, but they eventually will be gone. and some will have a lasting quack, it is not only the regulatory stuff, the shot he took at israel, at end of last week that will have a lasting impact, donald trump will be a great friend of israel, but israel will always remember that at that crucial juncture u.n. that we did have a president in place, that an administration in place that walked away from israel, so that is something that the raeli will not forget quickly. >> always in his legal authority to issue executive orders.
8:09 am
>> on a limb making the recommendation -- >> congressman would i like to ask you in terms of of the future, how quickly can trump get a tax bill through this congress, especially as senate has to go through all confirmations how quickly can this be done on obamacare, especially big tax cut? >> well i think the tax thing i think will be number one item on their agenda i am thinking that, steve i am i thinking this is something going to be 90 to 120 days to get through we have been talking about this for what, 20 years? but i think, donald trump is going to go to congress, and he will start tweeting out if congress is holding itp pointing out names and people, that are holding it up when congress goes home on thursday night, he will say, why weren't not here friday saturday and surn to get this tax bill done the repeal and fix obamacare you are stopping america from being great again and he will call these
8:10 am
individuals out, by name, and i think the people will be with him. >> constituents -- congressman you are not getting a pay cut because your representative did not work. >> -- hillary clinton was saying you want a bully to go to washington, d.c., yeah i want somebody to haul people out say this is ridiculous, i think -- >> if congress works on friday democrats going to apply for overtime? >> [laughter] >> all right. >> congressman can you leave us with your thoughts for 2017 what do you anticipate what do you think america will look like, we have a new poll out shows americans are optimistic heading into the new year. >> i think donald trump has potential to bring a great breath of fresh air into washington that we will do tax reform we will do obamacare we
8:11 am
will get foreign policy straightened out it will not be easy, but we will have a leader that the american people know what he stands for, where he wants to take america, and i think that they will see him as being on their side. so they will be i think they will end up being very positive about 2017, it is hard to change washington it is hard to change the economy, it is have a reasonable doubt to change america, but donald trump is probably in the best position to make it happen. and we need change now, and i think he is the right person to bring it about. >> all right congressman pete hoekstra thanks for joining us rebatend early good to see you -- >> it is good to be with you thank you. >> a winter storm puts travel plans on ice over the by these weekend when they are expected to thaw out a look, a field dump on to a car, delivering behaving -- in australia, this
8:12 am
massive spill parked itself in tasmania neighborhood. ♪ ♪ you ain't no friend of mine ♪ ♪ well they said of us high class, well that was just a lie ♪ yeah they said of us high class, well that was just a lie ♪ ♪ yeah
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♪ guys, what's happening here? hey nicole, this is my new alert system . >> what is happening here? >> but thinkorswim already lets you that are important to you.l thes shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. stom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. . sandra: deadly weekend in
8:15 am
chicago people shot 11 fatally, cheryl casone has more on this chicago story. >> hometown sandra, that is right for 11 dead a dozen others in series condition this morning, in hospitals, authorities say much of the violence happened in areas with historical gang conflict more than 7 homcides in chicago, the spokesperson says most targeted by gangs going ter rivals. >> the winter storm that buried midwest great plains starting to weaken, the storm knocked out power to thousands across the dakotas, nebraska michigan, in north dakota in fact blizzard like conditions forced state to shut down 240-mile stretch of 95. 94, excuse me part of the highway still closed because
8:16 am
of snow and ice, you know international airport also has reopened, that happened earlier this morning. well headlines a frenchman a round the world solo sailing record, thom ats crossing finish line, in 49 days, previous record 57 days, this is fifth attempt to beat that record. >> and check out this, a large fur seal tasmania wandered into a neighborhood pushed himself on a car dented the car hood shattered a window police named it lucille, able to capture a her safely him, her not sure. >> we will find out back to you. >> that thing must be a couple hundred pounds. >> they can be mean, by the way. >> if you see one don't go near it not a good idea. >> really. >> yeah. >> i guess owner of that car probably not happy.
8:17 am
>> years ago my father was belonging hit a windshield miss calculation people wondered -- tell insurance run away balloon hit about windshield. >> a seal landed on my hood? >> in united states. >> yes a trip. >> not like france -- my car -- >> oh, my gosh. >> we got on national tv, so -- >> no problem. >> what a story. >> all right, coming up, details on a president-elect plan to repeal replace affordable care act what he investors can expect from oil and gas prices in 2017. ♪ your insurance company
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8:21 am
. >> investors wait for opec supply cut to kick in at the start of the new year, which is set to send prices higher, joining us from 'cme, in new year, analyst phil flynn good to see you -- >> good to see you as well, i am excited about a new year and we are ending, prices at high for the year what better way to end out the new year. >> you got to tell me about this because if we know the opec supply cut is coming
8:22 am
wouldn't market price that in? >> i don't think so there is doubt about compliance there is a lot of people that don't believe that opec is going to follow through, on these production cuts, even though we see evidence, every day that we're moving closer to compliance, in fact maybe the best compliance we have ever seen, we have already seen commitments from saudi arabia, iraq-iran telling people expect less oil in january, if you were iraqi kurds confederacy clear going on with agreements you are saying onboard, so really, the production cuts probably the best we have seen. >>hat is the phil flynn oil and gas outlook for 2017 i mean, broadly speaking people at home chatting about newsy stuff you do wondered, in the first year of trump's administration what will happen with energy prices. >> you know i think we are in for a boom terra of low prices
8:23 am
are over, and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is reflecting strong global demanded, demand up something we haven't in oil in fact we may see next year for the first time since beginnings of the financl crisis, we will consume more oil on day will basis than world can produce that is incredible a lot of people think a bad thing but i think a good thing i think going o reflect the better jobs in 2017 new optimism around globe globally growth berried standard of living new year. >> give me a price here what are we talking what are we going to see? >> he -- i think we should see 70 dollars very easily probably spike as high as 80, i do not know if we average 75 but definitely think we are going to be in 75 handle -- >> -- from steve forbes is that you -- >> -- where is this coming
8:24 am
from global economies in a rut latin america disaster europe a disaster chooirn having problems where is this oil consumption coming from? >> it is believe it or not, by good old usofa, record gasoline demand record oil demand i really believe mr. forbes we're going to see u.s. -- >> i would say that you know u.s. was going to -- rise demand more than a globe near record demand in china india as well i think u.s. take off the rest of the global going to take fire really a big -- >> how long is it going to take for trump to get oil spriergs drilling on federal lands obama effectively -- for 8 years. >> i think it is going to not take that long, you know, president obama -- called for executive orders i think you think move quite quickly on
8:25 am
this there i are going to bb some things president obama when he took the arctic shelf off the map, that is going to take time, probably have to go to court, you may even have to go to congress, but i think some of that the restructure you areing obama put on most executive orders can be looked at -- >> doesn't take that long to reramp production in places like texas frequency, that is something you didn't talk about, some people will say preventative prevent from 70, 75 dollar oil. >> you know, i think in you are right they are going to see production start to edge up but the we still have a long way to go, to where u.s. production, a year ago, even, all addition additional rigs we are below where we were a year ago a long way to go, listen i think u.s. production is coming back in a big way by the end of next year but because of the global demand forecast i think we are going
8:26 am
to need that oil just to keep even, so i think, that that is a positive, and i think it is great for the u.s. producer. >> 70 dollars. >> thank you. >> -- what about -- what does that equal in gasoline terms. >> i think gasoline above $3 a gallon probably that area we have record demand this holiday keep it going in new year. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up the future of obamacare under a trump administration, we are looking at what could replace a affordable care act and christmas spirit didn't link in monday as the malls across the country the roll social media played in these fights. ♪ ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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8:30 am
into the notion of -- uh -- a one america that is tolerant, and diverse, and uh -- open i am confident that if i -- uh -- if i had run again and i think i could have membership blooild the majority of people to rally behind. >> it planning to dismantle president obama's health care program as one of his first actions in office. >> violence -- brawls break out at malls across the country how social media may have contributed to the hysteria. >> iran this it can get away with negotiateding down the price of new boeing fleet. a force at holiday box office "star wars" "rogue one" is sending shares of business higher.
8:31 am
>> markets this morning, n all ing for direction pretty morning, futures up 4 points right now in europe, trading there pretty firmly in positive territory, with biggest gains in france and cac quarante up a tenth of one percent in asia overnight, mixed action, there. , the hang seng was closed. and perfect recipe for business how tv chef on how she cooked up a multimillion-dollar empire. when president-elect donald trump takes office next month repealing obamacare is at top of agenda folks business network peter barnes has a look at what is next, for the affordable care act. >> obamacare has been one of president-elect trump's pop targets. >> we will repeal disaster known as object care create new health care all sorts of reforms that work for you and
8:32 am
your family and we are going to be doing it, properly. >> president obama has declared obamacare a success, especially this month as consumers enrolled for coverage in 2017, and as republicans threatened to scrap. >> it one study slows if congress repeals obamacare as they proposed, nearly 30 million americans would lose their coverage. >> 30 million. >> looking at 2015 obamacare repeal plan for clues to how mr. trump may proceed on replacing it came from republican congressman tom price of georgia, mr. trump nominated to be secretary of health and human seniors, would over age just the tax credits for the purse of individual and family health insurance policies, it would to encourage more people to contribute to savings accounts offer grants to states to subsidize insurance for sicker people would allow sales of health insurance policies across state lines, to promote competition, and would allow small businesses to banned together professional
8:33 am
associations to purchase and provide coverage to members through its association health plans, making changes to obamacare could get complicated. >> -- been in place, the only two ways to -- eliminate or modify them through statutory change, congress write new legislation to override those, or the president -- secretary of hhs, go through normal rulemaking process which would take at least a year. >> -- in -- seem to be a repeal, and big pause and some kind of a place that is -- so it is sort of like telling people that you know we will put you on plane hopefully have -- before you land. >> various points mr. trump expressed support for safekeeping some more popular provisions such as ban on denying coverage for people
8:34 am
with preexisting medical conditions back to you. >> thank you for that bring in panel, what are your thoughts regarding the plans to repeal obamacare? >> look, i think that -- president-elect donald trump he made a lot of promise throughout the campaign, throughout he said this is one of the one things definitely going to do seen him walk back i am going to keep some best parts of it repeal in place, i think people a lot more alarmed about it than they should be he promised he is not going to leave people high and dry not without cover i think really, really trying to say we need to create you a program that is going to work if it takes a year, or two for them to get in place i would not be surprised at all because he has committed to saying we are going to do what is right this time that is the right thing to do itching we are going to see other things happen more quickly do i think credits in -- from the beginning, say focus on this putting together some to make this happen i don't think we are going to see action right away. >> republicans are you know,
8:35 am
uniteed to repeal it replacing different. >> there going to get rid of employer mandate guts obamacare, and to -- about having safety nets there, will have safety nets whether it is pools for high risk people, high-risk pools things like that, not going to have anyone thrown out on the street. the key thing is to get senator consumerism i think you are going to see floating is requiring hospitals frequency to post their prices for services, and forcing hospitals to o post how many patients die from infections received after admitted to the hospital get real accountability there, i think those things will be, will be major. >> that would take years to turn back and force hospitals to start doing that change consumer behavior because when people get their insurance from their employer, you don't
8:36 am
have to look at the price you have to -- >> one of the things that happened 50 million americans how have high deductible plans 20 million from hello savings accounts 30 million employer plans raising deductible trying to control costs people in obamacare with very high deductibles is making people more consumer conscious that mart is starting to between. >> you are saying need there is just the hospitals and doctors have not stepped up -- >> i think if thank you remove obstacles you are going to see sit happen one little example big one i think, stillwater oklahoma surgery center oklahoma posts all prices for surgery, prices are so low, quality so high, the state of oklahoma is urging state employees to go there because they save so much get a better result. >> wow. >> until now we have -- people go and they get overcharged whatever they bring insurance company i think now there is
8:37 am
more transparency happening a lot of things look what is really going on. i think you are absolutely right. hospitals doctors, other people brought into the conversation not just -- >> the paperwork, a third of the time docs fill out followers same with hospitals get that bureaucracy out of the way i think will start to happen prices will come down >> i have been through that fantast complooe -- >> try o get rebursted find out i need billing codes how much you are going to charge to see if insurance could is going to cover it when you have that power in your hands, it is exciting. but they do replace subsidies with tax ctes almost immediately do you think. >> i think so they have to have something out there -- high risk pools, a tax code more going to do something, they have to -- >> all right, steve forbes.
8:38 am
>> -- exactly, thanks for weighing in on that, fights break out in malls across the country. the video like this why investigators believe social media played a role in these brawls. and "rogue one" a force how much did "star wars" rake in during second week in theatres.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
sandra: welcome back, we are about 50 minutes away from opening bell, on wall street, let's take a look at some stocks on the move this morning of them maybe hollywood weholiday week iran claiming it will get
8:42 am
planes for from boeing half price the due process traps port ministries says sag 8 million for passenger planes boeing shares up 5% for the month, "rogue one", blasts to to of the office for second weekend in a row over 96 million dollars over holiday weekend "star wars" spin-off, half billion mark worldwide disney stock i want 13% the past three months. and spirit coming to bankrupt ending yesterday mall brawls breaking out across the country, shoppers lead to evacuations, arrests in some cases, a lot of panic in elizabeth, new jersey shoppers ran out of a malwitnesses reportedly herd a gunshot reportedly. it turned out -- two people hurt in that scene police
8:43 am
responded to similar dense texas connecticut colorado, ohio, north carolina investigators believe that some mall obstructions might have been loosely organized on social media what do we actually know at this point. >> i tell you what we learned in ohio authorities are saying they do believe, that social media was groups organized, and plan to create chaos disruption. younger individuals, many teenagers, and the malls have been a dying story for years, since recession, but now kind of become a place where frankly there is a lot more crime and violence we saw that break out on monday, yesterday, unfortunately. >> it is a shame when seeing up pike in consumer spending,is optimism that happening at local malls. >> you wondered what can happen now with retail bricks bricks are people going to
8:44 am
stores as much more afraid -- >> has what is going to happen to future of retail. >> stocks doing well, best buy, home depots those are doing well but talked about malls malls of 80s famous are now falling apart that is where we're seeing a lot of crime from. >> in berlin last week, somebody reported what happened in new jersey mall herd a gunshot, it is causes panic the mall then evacuated because they have a responsibility, and you know they don't have to confirm it was a gunshot before evacuating but they did. >> as dagen points out you have got a problem terrorists may try something like this, during the new year, especially isis, but malls have been under as you said pressure for years now, the number of stores, is going to continue to conattract you go
8:45 am
on line get barring bargain the stores overbuilt from 80s, and all those old department stores, that used to be -- anchors every mall wanted, now they want them out because they figure they get more from boutiques usual seeing a change there. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say mall operators, store owners have to put a stop to this, because this ultimately falls on them to prevent people from being hurt or into panic when going to a store that speaks to the greater threat of terrorism we have talked about since 9/11 about the threat of malls are we going to have to be israel go through metal did he technicalors in stores, they need to put kibosh on this immediately, for the sake of businesses for the sake of the community and overall well being, kind of -- overarching fears.
8:46 am
>> can't afford cost of private security what most malls have to do police responded, to incident we saw yesterday overall to your point about malls struggling financially since great recession can't afford that is in a can't afford not to quite frankly theme are afraid of getting hit in the head sharing story with everybody as this is day can when people go back 10% all gis are returned, people go back into the malls and stores, is to, important story to watch out for, be careful be safe, coming up next, advice on business how to prepare the perfect new year's feast. ♪ hey good-looking, what you got cookin, how's about cook un something up with me ♪ your insurance company
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sandra: homicides busiest hollandaise most beautiful award-winning, host authorize restauranture, about chef, stopped by the discuss the secret ingredient of her success. >> great to see you. >> a pleasure. >> thank you so much for hispanic holidays merry christmas you seem busiest this time of the year. >> this is the time of the year because of the gifts because of the restaurants because of the family grandma, too, so the book signing books all of it, beautiful -- >> you created such an incredible empire audience is familiar with this if you have
8:51 am
not a must to go to restaurant and shopping tell us how you have done it key ingredients to building a successful brand sustaining it. >> you are into italy let's talk about italy i kind of went to italy, the country, and he had first -- and came friends he would love to come to new york to united states with this, i said it would do great let me ask my partners family, and they loved idea, on we went, so nine years ago, we knew have two, one, opened six months ago. >> i recently went there, you know what is great about it you go to dinner there food delicious then you go shopping. end up doing shopping. >> glass of wine. >> absolutely. >> how fun is that. >> absolutely. >> just a good idea, how is
8:52 am
the restaurant doing is it -- higher margins must be shopping. >> some restaurants, one on 23rd street different fish, meet products that we have there, 50-50, people come eat as well as to shop. and then, of course, we have we sell there products, you know an opportunity for me, and to sell our products the sauces, or our book so it is a great menu, for many things. >> a lot of things i can find there i can't find anybody else. >> we work with -- soul food artisans of italy the products that we have in small quantity we are able to bring in special results that are identified, and that makes them different delicious you can't get anyplace else. >> sauce that is new sauce you
8:53 am
came out with. >> the sauce is actually my daughter tanya and husband, you know, children to join business, and when they come in have too to come with ideas not what mama wants to do what do they want to do i work with them they were into the pasta made in eataly delicious the sauce we came out in it four years we came organic sauce putting that in the market so i thought that was you know, for the holidays, conscious about nutrition. >> do you president union in sauce or garlic. >> depends when one you have, some -- i just put garlic. >> garlic and onion i started doing, a good -- >> it is great, delicious but you can sort of really be
8:54 am
basic garlic and tomato sauce basil or onion more of a tomato because. >> i love watching with your daughter we met the whole family. >> on the show. >> you said before that julia childs influenced you -- >> yes, so when i opened, lidia my husband and i was in greece 1971, 10 years honed our skills we grew out there we had two sold out, and opened lidia. >> -- >> we are 58th, i became chef when i became chef i cooked i tall app food regional italian childhood, they all came that is how we befriended she wanted my to teach her how to make it, we became friends she invited me on her show, you know, that master chef series,
8:55 am
already may be should you have your show that is how -- she kind of endorsed me she showed me the way said do it. >> the show is great doing so well, congrats on that, your film lidiy celebrates america holiday for heroes interesting that you chose a military theme this year. >> my show, it is already on pbs across the country, for 14 years. and so last five years doing one hour special around holidays, entering the american about how come this great culture multiculture all make great america at the same time, we would practice our own country you go to wedding, i did weddings indian korean, they have their costume food in america, so fascinates me,
8:56 am
but -- maria this one i did -- because you know, my story comes from part of aly behind iron curtain escaped communism into freedom i appreciate the fact i have freedom that i do here in america, and when you see young men protecting us out there i said you know, i need to -- thank them -- >> big shout out to all men and women who serve our great country and inspired you quick of about you go has what is on menu for christmas. >> roasted pork. >> -- pasta, because you don't want to -- you know what happened when you make lasagne, nobody eats the meet -- >> lasagne this year. >> -- thank you. thank you so much for joining
8:57 am
us. >> thank you, maria. >> button italia. >> thanks, for joining us we will be right back. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: enjoy the christmas decorations was one more week until the new year. one of the last days of 2016. very fun. good to see you. lee carter, that does it for us, "varney and company" is up next, ashley webster is in for him. ashley: good morning, stuart varney is off today but don't forget we have four more trading days left to get to doubt 20 k. we could even hit it today. big, expensive, fancy graphics ready to go. it has been a couple weeks. the politics president obama a very confident man who says he could have won a third term, would have beaten trump. donald trump firing back. is real feeling betrayed by the obama administration saying it has evidence obama is behind a un r


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