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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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raised curiousty of new york police department. there have been evacuations. this file footage, not live. there are evacuations, donald trump is in florida as is most of his staff. the president is about to speak in hawaii. we'll bring that to you live. >> it will be breaking news, japan's prime minister b abe and president obama about to make their remarks in hawaii. >> i stand here at pearl harbor as the prime minister of japan. if you listen closely we can make out the sound of restless waves breaking then retreating
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again. radiant with a gentle sparkle of the warm sun. behind me, a striking white form, atop th the ais the united stateu.s. uss arizona memorial, with president obama i paid a visit to that memorial, the resting place for many souls, it was a place which brought silence to me. inscribed there are the names of the servicemen who lost their lives. sailors and marines, hailing from california and new york,
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michigan and texas, and various other places, serving to uphold their nobel duty of protecting the homeland they loved, lost their lives. amidst searing flames that day, when aerial bombing tore the uss arizona in two. even 75 years later, the uss arizona now at rest atop the sea bed, is the final resting place for a tremendous number of sailors, and marines .
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listening again, as i focus my senses along side the song of the breeze and the rumble of the rolling waves, i can almost discerns voices of those crewme crewmen. voices of lively conversations, upbeat and at ease on that day on the sunday morning. voices of young servicemen talking to each 34 about their futures and dream, voices calling up named of loved ones in their very final moments. voices praying for the happiness of children still
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unborn. each and every one of those servicemen had a mother and a father anxious about his safety. many had wives and girlfriends they loved. and many must have had children they would have loved to watch grow up. all of that was brought to an end. when i contemplate that solemn
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reality, i am rendered entirely speechless. rest in peace precious souls of the fallen. with that overwhelming sentiment, i cast flowers on behalf of the japanese people upon the waters where those sailors and marines sleep. president obama, the people of the united states of america and the people around the world, as the prime minister of japan, i offer-- sincere, every lasting condolences to
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the souls of those who lost their lives here, as well as the spirits of all of the brave men and women. and also to the souls of countless innocent people who became victims of the war. we must never repeat the horrors of war again. this is the solemn vow we the people of japan have taken, since the war, we have created a free and democratic country that values the rule of law. has upheld our vow never again
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to wage war. we the people of japan, will continue to up hold this unwaiverring principle while harbors quiet pride in the path that we've walked as a peace loving nation over these 70 years since the war ended. to the souls of the service men who lie in eternal rest aboard the uss arizona, to the american people, and to all peoples around the world, i pledge that unwaiverring vow here as the prime minister of japan. yesterday, at the mari corps base, hawaii, i visited the memorial marker for an imperial japanese navy officer
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. he was a fighter pilot, who was hit during the attack on pearl harbor and gave up on returning to his aircraft carrier, he went back instead and died. it was not japanese who erected a marker at the site that etaa fighter plane crashed, it was u.s. servicemen who had been on the receiving end of his attack. applauding the bravery of the dead pilot, they erected this stone marker. on the marker, his rank at the time is inscribed. lieutenant imperial japanese
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navy, showing the report toward a service man who gave his life for his country. the brave respect the brave. so wrote ambros in a famous poem, showing respect even to an enemy they fought against, trying to understand, even an enemy they hated, there in lies of spirit of tolerance embraced by the american people. when the war ended and japan was a nation in burn out ruins
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as far as the eye could see suffering under abject poverty it was the united states and its good people, sent food to eat and clothes to wear. the japanese people managed to survive and make their way toward the future thanks to the sweaters, and milk, sent by the american people. it was the united states that opened up the path for japan to return to the international community once more after the war. under the leadership of the united states, japan as a member of the free world, was able to enjoy peace and
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prosperity. the goodwill and assistant you extended to us japanese, the enemy you had fought so fiercely, together with tremendous spirit of tolerance, were etched deeply into the hearts and minds of our grand fathers and mothers. we also remember them. our children and grandchildren will also continue to pass these memories down and never forget what did you for us. -- what you do for us. the words pass through my
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mind, those words inscribed in the wall at the lincoln memorial in washington d.c., where i visited with president obama. with malice toward none, with charity for all, let us strive on to do all which may achieve and cherish a lasting peace among ours and with all nations. these are the words of president abraham lincoln. on behalf of the japanese people, i here by wish to express -- hereby wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the united states and to
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the world for the tolerance extended to japan. it has now been 75 years since that pearl harbor. japan and the united states, which fought a fierce war that will go down in the annals of human history have become allies with deep, and strong ties, rarely found anywhere in history. we are allies that will tackle together to an even greater degree than before the many challenges covering the globe. ours is an alliance of hope, that will lead to us the future. what has bound us together is the power of reconciliation,
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made possible through the spirit of tolerance. what i wt to appeal to the people othe world here at pearl harbor together with president obama is this power of reconciliation. even today the horrors of war have not been eradicated from the surface of the world. there is no end to the spiral where hatred creates hatred. the world needs the spirit of tolerance and the power of reconciliation now. and especially now.
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japan and the united states, which have eradicated hatred and cultivated friendship and trust on the basis of common value are now, and especially now, taking responsibility for appealing to the world about importance of tolerance and the power of reconciliation. that is precisely why the japan-u.s. alliance is an aligan alliance of hope. the inlet gazing at us is tranquil as far as the eye can see. pearl harbor, this beautiful in that shimmering like
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pearls, that is a symbol of tolerance and reconciliation. it is my wish that our japanese children and president obama, your american children, and indeed their children and grandchildren and people all around the world will continue to remember pearl harbor as a symbol of reconciliation. we will spare no efforts to continue our endeavors to make that wish a reality. together with president obama,
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i here by make my stead fast pledge, thank you very much. >> thank you for you gracious words and your present here today. an historic gesture, that speaks to the power of reconciliation in the alliance between the american and the japanese peoples. a reminder that even the deepest on wounds of war, can give way to friendship and lasting peace.
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destinguished guests, members of armed forces, and most all survivors of pearl harbor and their loved ones, aloha. to americans, to those of us who call hawaii home this harbor is a sacred place. as we lay a wreath and toss flowers into the waters that still weep, we think of the more than 2400 american patriots, fathers, and husbands, wives and daughters, manning heavens rails for all eternitty. we salute the defender of --
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rereflect on heroism that is shown here 75 years ago. as dawn broke that december day, paradise never seemed so sweet, the water of the warm and impossibly blue. sailors ate in the mess hall. readied themselves for church, dressed in crisp white shorts t. in harbor ships at anchor floated in neat rows. the californian, the maryland, and the oklahoma. the tennessee, and the west virginia. and the nevada. on the deck of the arizona, the navy band was tuning up.
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that morning the ranks on men's shoulders defined them less than the our amg i courage in their hearts. across the island, americans defended themselves however they could, firing training shelves, working old rifles. an african-american mess stewart who would be confined to cleaning duties, carried his commander to safety and fired an antiaircraft gun until he ran out of ammo. we honor americans like jim downing, the gunner's mate first place. of the west virginia, before he raced to the harbor with his new bride pressed into his hand a verse o scripture, the eternal god i god is thy
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refuge, and underneath are the ever lasting arms, at jim fought to save his ship, my gathered the names of the fallen to give close our to their families. he said, it was just something you do. we remember americans like harry payne, a fireman from honolulu who in the face of withering fire, worked to douse burning planes until he gave his last full measure of devotion. one of the few remaining civilians to receive the purpospurple heart. >> and chief petty officer john fenton, manned a machine gun more than 2 hours, and wounded over 20 times, earning
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him our nation's highest military deck craig, the medal of honor. did is here that we reflect on how war tests are most enduring values. how even as japanese-americans were deprived of their own liberty during the war, one of most decorated military units in the history of the united states, was before 42nd infantry segment as 101th infantr infantry battalion. in this served my friend daniel hanoy, a senator from hawaii for most of high life, with whom, i find myself proud
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to serve in the senate chamber. the man who was not only the resip yip recipient of medal of honor. here at pearl harbor, america's first battle of the second world war roused the nation. here in so man ways, america came of age. a generation of americans, including my grandparents, that greatest generation, they did not seek war but they reviewed to shrink from it, they did their part on fronts, and factories. while 75 years later, the proud ranks of pearl harbor survivors have thinned with time, the bravery, we recalled
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here is forever etched in our national heart. i would ask all our pearl harbor and world war ii veterans who are able to, to please stand or raise your hand, because a grateful nation thanks you [applause] the character of nations is tested in war, but it de fined in peace. after one of the most horrific chapters in human history, one
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that took not tens of thousands you tens of millions of lives. the fo ferocious fighting across this ocean, the united states and japan chose friendship and they chose peace. over the decades our alliance has made both of our nations successful. and order that has prevented another world war, and lifted more than a billion people out of extreme poverty. today the alliance between the united states and japan bound not only by shared interest but also rooted in common value, stands as the cornerstone of peace and stability in asia pacific and the globe, our alliance has
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never been stronger. in good times, and in bad, we're there for each other. recall 5 years ago, when a wall of water bore down on japan, reactors in fukushima melted. america's men and women in uniform were there to help our japanese friends. across the globe, the united states and japan worked shoulder to holder to strengthenhe security of asia pacific and the world, turning back piracy, combatting disease, slowing the spread of nuclear weapon, keeping the peace in war torn lands. earlier this year, near pearl harbor, japan joined with two dozen nations in the world's largest maritime military exercise.
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that included our forces from u.s. pacific command lead by admiral harry harris, son of an american naval officer and a japanese mother. harry was born -- you would not know it from his tennessee twang. thank you harry for your outstanding leadership. in this sense our presences here today, the connections is not just between our governments but between our people, the presence of prime minister abe here today remind of us what is possible between nations and between peoples. wars can end.
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the most bitter of adversaries can become the strongest of allies, the fruits of peace always outweigh the plunder of war. this is the enduring truth of this hal -- hal owed harbor, even when hatred burns hottest, the tug of tribalism is at its most primal be we must resiv resist the urge to turn in with it we must resist the urge to demonize those who are different. the sacrifice made here, the anguish of war, reminds to us seek the divine spark that is common to all humanity.
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it insists we strive to be what our japanese friends call -- with and for each other. that is the lesson of captain william callahan of the missouri it; even after an attack on his ship, he ordered that the japanese pilot be laid to rest with military honors, wrapped in a japanese flag, sewn by american sailors . the lesson of japanese pilot who years later returned to harbor, befriended an old marine bugler and asked him to play taps and laid two roses at this memorial every month, one for america's fallen and
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one for japan's. aesson our people learn every day. every day. scientists from two nations together unraveling mysteries of cancer or combatting climate change, exploring the stars. a baseball player like ichiro suzuki lights upped stadium in miami. american and japanese united in peace and friendship. as nations, and as people, we cannot shoe choose the history we inherit. but we can choose what lesson to draw from it. and use these lessons to chart
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our own futures. prime minister abe, i welcome you here in the spirit of friendship. the people of japan have always welcomed me. i hope that together we send a message to the world that there is more to be won in peace than in war. that reconciliation carries more rewards than retribution. here in this quiet harbor we honor those we lost, we give thanks for all that our two nations have won together as friends. may god hold the fallen in his ever lasting arms, and may he watch over our veterans and all who stand guard on our behalf. may god bless us all. thank you.
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[applause] >> listen to an historic press conference, there will be no questions, statement from japanese prime minister ara abe and president obama paying tribute to fallen at pearl hash bharbor the site of the attack that dilled more than -- killed 2000 americans. i am adam shapiro. for reaction, we want to bring in retired lieutenant general thomas mcnerney. you heard i believe the prime minister from japan and president, your immediate thoughts. >> i was impressed with both of them. particularly prime minister abe's comments about the reconciliation, i thought he did an extremely good job as well as president obama.
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we must look forward not backward. they were covering the -- that coverage as well. but, we are two personal lies in the pacific region that need to come together. having been a commander on oc neuer. -- okinawa i was very impressed with what they said. >> there are people who think that it is wrong that the japanese prime minister even though it is 70s plus years since the attack in 1941, he dinot apologize on behalf of his country. is that necessary? or looking forward, at the relationship that the two countries have forged is so strong that it is not necessary? >> well i think he did in a way, the way expressed his condolences in that, i don't think you have to put that word apologize in necessarily. because as i said, the important relationship that we have had over those years, which i personally was
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involved work are far more significant now than dwelling on the past, we have some very severe situations out there, developing with china and north korea. and we need japan as a strong ally. >> that is what i want to ask, but first, there was a human aspect to what we just witnessed, what moved me of the story of american servicemen, burying a japanese fight arer pilot who attacked them, your thoughts when you heard that part of the comments from the prime minister and president. >> i was a bit surprised. i must tell you that, in the heat of war, that very seldom happens. and so i was surprised to hear about that. i was very impressed. >> threats that japan and the united states and that matter the world face from china, and north korea, specifically what
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happened with china, just within the last couple of days, their first aircraft carrier, now in the south china sea. they have disputes over territory, with taiwan as well as with japan. where is this heading? >> wel it is not heading in the right direction. we must attribute that to president obama and his administration's actions, and leading from behind. it is one of the great challenges that president trump will have to face, and how you turn that around. when i was a commander in the philippines at clark airbase, scare borough shoals was part of my identification zone that is now part of the chinese, it is a fixed aircraft carrier they now dominate the south china sea, that should have never happend. >> and they lay claim to the
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body the waters of the south shin china sea. do you think that chinese will try to test president trump in the first few weeks? >>f not in the first few weeks, he be tested, tested by a whole post of people, that concerns me, his effort to rebuild the military, and economy and make uses world leader again will be important. will 8 years be enough? and i think you are going to see america will be tested. in the months in front of us. and how we respond and what we do, to meet that test, is going to be important. >> do you think that you know my generation and people younger, than i am, have forgotten just not ho not only the sacrifice that american men and women made in the 1940s to keep not only our country but free, but to free other countries, but
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then, turning not not only rebuilding europe and germany but rebuilding japan into an economic power, in which ways tries to rifle the united state states. >> we did and we should get credit for it, my son is married to a japanese girl, that gave birth today, at 10 minutes at the hour. pacific standard time, and that shows you that the youn younger generation have made their recon sil reconciliation. i was alive when pearl harbor started, i remember it as a boy, i remember my father of the gone for 3 years during world war ii, yet i was a commander in okinawa and the fell means -- phillipines, i saw that change come about due to leadership this american
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provided, that is why germany, japan, italian, they are playing such an important role in the world today, it because of u.s. leadership. not leader from behind, but leading from up front. >> how appropriate, what you just described i believe, u.s. leadership can be summed up in one word, hope, i believe that birth of your grand child is a cause for highway patrol hope, and congra congratulations, terrific news. >> thank you, adam. >> general mcnerney thank you, and congratulations, merry christmas and a healthy happy new year with your new grand child. >> thank you very much >> president obama says he would have won a trd term but hillary clinton, was running on many of his policies. my political power panel will debate this coming up. >> and dow closed 55 points shy of 20,000, some say president-elect trump is the reason that market performing so well.
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we'll talk about that too.
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>> i'm confident if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of american people to rally behind it. adam: really? president obama claims he would have beaten president-elect trump, if he could have run for a third term. but president-elect trump says, no way. tweeting, president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say, no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. would the american people have wanted 4 more years of president obama's policy, here with their take is my political panel.
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hadley manning, and richard goodstein. i think answer to that question is obvious. american people said no to a continuation of president obama's policies. in the rejection of hillary clinton. do you want to comment. >> talking 2016 results where hillary got 3 million more votes than trump did, the notion that there of a reputination a myth, i mission we'll hear about -- myth that we'll hear about next 4 years. adam: but she lost key votes in states like michigan, ohio, washington. that is a rejection of policy is it not. >> we had these counties, in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, that went obama
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08, obama 12. now given option of real thing in6, obama, verse trump, do we think they would ha turned their back considering unemployment of the half from when obama took office and stock market tripled and 20 million people more had healthy insurance. >> those are the people that benefited from -- >> hadley, bringing you in. >> they did turn their back on those policies they voted for change, they are tired of the fall lure of these policies from the obama administration, you can point at that unwere une without hope. you need to separate president obama's personality from his policies, he has a popular personality.
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but his policies were repudiated, he and his team lost the election rall thetic -- electoral college. adam: hadley, let me ask you this. a article in new york time that talked about a trump supporter whose hus bant i husband is suffering from liver concern, she did not think that donald trump was serious about repealing, he is. and the question is what happens to those 20 plus million people who are now covered. >> well, the reality people are responding to what is happening in their real lives not headlines about quote, unquote 20 million people who have insurance coverage, most of those people were put in medicate program, and those plans and policies are not providing the network to access healthcare, that people
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need, a lot of people with serious preexisting conditions -- gettin get are having trouble getting coverage for the drugs they need and the treatments, republicans, they will have a very hard time repealing and replacing it transitioning away from a broken program to a better sim that is a problem that american people elected them to solve, let's hope they do. adam: richard and hadley, we'll take a pause, you will be back. we'll pick up where we left off. >> mall brawls in a dozen states over the holiday weekend, police say social media may be contributing. >> and sad news out of hollywood today actress carrie fisher died this morning. she was princess leia, she suffered a massive heart attack friday, she never
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adam: several brawls breaking out at shopping malls, in new jersey false reports of a gun caused shoppers no lead for exists, causing a stampede. >> another had 500 people involved, jeff flock with more. reporter: well, about this time yesterday, at this hour authorities are no closer to figuring out there was so many of them. in a couple instances they traced some so social media, with talk about a problem at a mall in advancement another
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one, it appears maybe it was to cover a shoplifting attempt. but there were more a dozen of these incidents. authorities cannot seem to figure out why. now truth is that if you think about mall fights, if you search that on internet, they are not as rare as you might think. a number of fightings break out, people cong congre get, they take place in the mood courfood court areas, as we said, no great reason for it. and you know, i don't know what is going on out there at the mall. but that is a good reason to shop on-line. adam: jeff flock, bad behavior never goes out of style for some. >> a violent christmas in
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chicago, 61 shootings taking place over the holiday weekend. at lift 12 people were killed according to chicago tribune, 7 people died on christmas day. that is more than last 3 years combined. back with me now, hadley, the shootings in one weekend, why the chicago seem to have this out of control problem and a follow-up for you then richard, is it time in call in national guard, i think the people innes these neighborhoods in chicago would like some relief. >> this is tragic news, especially a sacred holiday, our hearts go out to families and friends of those who lost someone to gun violent, anyone who loses a life to gun violence is one too many. but by the same token, roll be in with national guard and approach that would be more likely to see under obama administration, is to instill more gun control laws, have
5:53 pm
you to ask, u ask why chico, there is no simple answer, no one rean that we have gun violent, not because of guns, because guns don't kill people, people kill people. we have to ask what other rules and regulations they are willing to break, they would break gun control laws. >> i have covered as a local reporter. all of this stuff, is would seem to me that the good people of the neighborhoods, some neighborhoods on south side of chicago, want someone to do something, it seem as if chicago police cannot stop this. i realize 90% of shootings were gang-related, why not call in national guard. you should an know safe situation -- unsafe situation where 99 peopl innocent people are being kill 12k3w4r-d youd. killed. >> it is like having u.s. military enter syria to stop
5:54 pm
violence there, whether there is personnel and wherewithal, think about what national guard would be asked to do, how many national guard members pier block, and how many blocks are you talking about, what other duties would that national guard member have, but, something needs to be done. the fact is that guns are pouring in, to chicago from neighbors indiana, which has more lax gun laws,heuneral director in illinois should be sending thank you notes to the leadership of state of indiana. and wisconsin and mississippi. >> really. >> i am saying that is where the gun are coming from, i understand that rap is chicago has tight laws, yes, but the guns are flooding in from neighbors states there is not much that anyone can do. adam: hadly i heard you utter -- the police super int inthis chicago admitted that not more gun laws would help but enforcing the current gun laws
5:55 pm
would help, what is wrong with what riff richard said. >> the person who pulls the trigger is the responsible party. is a criminalling a act to transport guns across state lines, to blame this on any other party beside the criminal, is just a departure from individual responsibility. >> i'm in the i di defending, i don't think he is in disagreement with you, i think they are saying enforce the laws already in place. >> yes, and i agree with that, if we could have some kind of basic safety and law and order that is what every state, every stay city, but in the problem in chicago not just lack of gun control ws, the problem ha address it long-term, you can
5:56 pm
roll in with national guard that would be short-term, but long-term it is a cultural thing there has to be a multiprong approach. adam: we need to solve it i'll be right back after this. >>
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adam: hollywood lost another life. carrie fisher has died. she was being treated in los angeles after suffering a massive heart attack while on a flight from london to l.a. she played the mystery woman in "the blues broth blues brother" i never understood why my
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parents would cry or shed a tear when a hollywood actor or across trestle died. today i understand. i was a kid when i snuck into the theater to see star wars. "making money" with charles payne is next. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for charles payne. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is setting the record straight after the u.s. refused to reco-a resolution condemning israeli settlements expansion in the west bank. >> i have been with the prime minister of israel for 15 years in one capacity or another and he doesn't make such a


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