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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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parents would cry or shed a tear when a hollywood actor or across trestle died. today i understand. i was a kid when i snuck into the theater to see star wars. "making money" with charles payne is next. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for charles payne. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is setting the record straight after the u.s. refused to reco-a resolution condemning israeli settlements expansion in the west bank. >> i have been with the prime minister of israel for 15 years in one capacity or another and he doesn't make such a statement
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without clear evidence. david: the obama administration denies any involvement, but the israelis want obama to take action. >> i think a new president and congress that wants to make sure every penny of your mommy is going to something that protects and advanced u.s. interests, i think there are a lot of changes that can take place. david: joining me the former assistant secretary of labor and rabbi, i had somebody on last week, a former israeli ambassador to the u.n. i said will this hurt israel's
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chances of survival? and he said absolutely not. but you suggest it might hurt the u.s. >> israel had to deal with a u.n. that's been hostile to it almost since the beginning. the u.s. made a terrible mistake here, and i say this south concern for the united states, not israel. when you open up gaps like this between am lies, than is no more steadfast ally in the middle east than israel, and vials versa. almost -- and vice versa. people who want bad for israel, also wants bad for the united states. when you split those alineses, you be telegraph to your enemy that your alliances are splittable and you can be picked off more easily.
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david: that's an interesting point. it leads to the question whether the united states was behind something that could have hurt our long-term interest. we heard the is really am balances doer suggesting the united states was pushing this resolution. could we have actually done that? >> i don't know why we should conclude anything but the u.s. behind this resolution. not overthrowing iran when the revolution was taking place, the iran deal itself. now this is the final straw. the whole strategy has been to put distance between the u.s. and israel in favor of a patronizing relationship with the plus splim world. david: i are don't understand why. we have such a long standing relationship swt state of israel. we support its birth in the 1940s. i have got a list of all the
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israeli companies that list tomorrow massachusets nasdaq and otheindiana di have got a list s that list on nasdaq. why would we hurt an ally as close as this one? >> i think much of this boils down to personal acrimony between barack obama and netanyahu. the timing of this abstention on the resolution is curious. one wonders why the president would do this at the very end of his term as he's leavinged the scene. it's -- as he's leaping the scene. dave require's hard to imagine the president of the' united states putting his personal
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animosities in front of the interests of the united states. >> the truth is prime minister netanyahu and president obama have never missed an opportunity to poke email other in the eye. it seems in this regard both of them share. when you lead a nation those feeling get parked at your executive home. that was the failure here. david: can you think of a time why which the united states pushed an anti-israeli resolution through the united nations? >> i can't. reagan had such a strong relationship with israel. i believe this president never really had a strong relationship with israel, never wanted one. and everything you are seeing is a manifestation of his inner feelings. >> you think of the business
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interests you have with israel. you thif our social interests. it is the one democracy in the middle east. it's a model for development. that what's we would like to see together, countries in the middle east become. we want to support that model, don't we? >> that is technically correct. but the strategy of this nation has never been to be a friend of israel. david: how does trump unwind what has been put in motion in the waning days of the obama administration. >> president-elect trump has made it clear he's going to take a different tack with it comes to israel. he has nominated david freedman
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for ambassador and he said he would like to move the embassy to jerusalem. president-elect trump tweeted that things will be different january 20. and i think they will be. i think the incoming administration will not feel it's bounds by the measures and abstentions its predecessor has. david: the world is watching and it may hurt the united states more than it hurts israel. but the world understands donald trump is bringing a whole new interpretation our foreign policy to the scene. won't they understand, won't donald trump be able to undo what has been done by obama? >> i think he can. but don't play to those emotions. a hyper correction in the trump administration would be destabilizing.
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david: what's the middle ground? >> to reassure in deed and word an absence of daylight in the best interests of the united states and israel. real freedom for all people everywhere, and work out differences the way friends always do. gently and privately, not publicly in anger. david: trump said the united nations will be different when he takes office january 20. but can the u.s. survive without the u.n.? we'll break it down coming next. your insurance company
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you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. david: president-elect trump
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weighed in on the united nations' condemnation of israeli settlements on the west bank. strum tweeted starting january 20, things will be different at the united nations. the question is does the u.s. even need the united nations? joining me now is rod christy, former special assistant to george w. bush and claudia rosette. claudia, it does do some good. we have to say there are charities associated with the united nations that helps feed and clothe people. but in general does it do more harm than good? >> absolutely. if you had a budget -- we don't even if know the real budget. if you had a budget roughly of
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$40 billion, you could hand out blankets and mosquito nets. the question is, is this a cost effective way to do this. and does it balance the incredible damage they do. should we be looking for another way? dave require want to get in -- david: i want to get into the details of this. we see the free parking spaces that tick off a lot of new yorkers. you always see personal around the u.n., we are paying for that stuff on expense accounts. >> good evening. i think it should upset americans. i out to represent the united nations foundation. we specifically went up on
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capitol hill and made the case of why it's important for the united states to pay nearly 25% of the united nations dues which comes to the tune of $3 billion. you look at the parties, the unpaid parking tickets. our colleague eric shawn at the fox business channel wrote an excellent book 10 years ago. and i say are we getting our bang for the buck at $3 billion when we snub our closest allies in the middle east. and whether we should be paying more than the other 193 countries. david: oil for food was claudia's scoop. but you mentioned the $40 billion. where does all that money go? there must be somebody skimming way up at the top taking
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millionsf doars, right? >> i don't know where a lot of it goes. the $3 billion goes to the u.n. general assembly. that's just attraction of the systemwide budget. 8 billion was the last number from the obama administration five years ago. it's been five years since they gave us accurate figures on how much the u.s. gives. the u.n. has become up an archipelago of program and agencies worldwide, it's a collective accountable to nobody. at this point for decades, it's been morally out of control. at this point, david, there is no curb on it. what president obama has done is given us a view of just how abusist is. the u.s. for years has been
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running interest force against a bigoted anti-semitic u.n. and at the security council, all the u.s. did was abstain. that was actually very terrible what president obama did there. and you had 14 countries. everybody else in the security council voted for this resolution. that tells you what the u.n. is. the question isn't how to reform, the question is how to go around it. david: do you think trump will follow through on what appeared to be a promise today to stop u.s. contribution to it? >> i do, david. when we talk about draining the swamp, the united nations is part of that swamp. we need a close accounting of where our dollars are going. we should not give the u.n. another penny until we reverse that resolution and stand by our strong ally.
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david: we have sad news tonight. legendary actress carrie fisher passed away earlier today at a los angeles hospital. she suffered a massive heart attack on a flight between london and los angeles last week. she was the daughter of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher. she had a daughter of her own. scream queen billy lord.
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david: president obama hoping to release another 19 detainees from guantanamo bay before leaving office next month. he described the facility as expensive and unnecessary and is
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quote a recruitment brochure for our enemies. recent reports show almost a third of all released defeignees rejoin terrorist groups, threeghtd question, is closing guantanamo safe for the united states. joining us, dave sears. what gets under my skin is a good man died in afghanistan capturing these people. doesn't the memory of those men who died deserve more than this? >> it does, david. you couldn't be more right except for one part. good men are still dying becse of their release. we know americans have been killed by released prisoners. so it's exacerbating the problem.
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david: a former detainee was named as being involved in a terror attack in turkey. so releasing these people is actually leading to the death of other people around the world. shouldn't other people beyond u.s. citizens be upset with this? >> they should be outraged. there is a such thing as a bad idea and an extremely bad idea. releasing these people, they are dangerous. they are there for a reason. these are not unruly college students in a classroom. they are very dangerous individuals. this is extremely troubling. david: you have been involved with the detainees. what is their attitude? a lot of people say they are just like to regular criminals. these are people who are highly intelligence who can disguise
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their intent. i understand one of the terms for their release is their good behavior. >> these are the worst of the worst. these are dangerous individuals and they are sophisticated. they can covertly hide their intentions. we have quantitative information showing nearly a third are returning to threaten our troops. these are people in the next generation of veterans next to me in harm's way. we need to make sure we are protecting them and getting it right. it's disappointing that president obama has not matured on this issue at all. david: some of the countries they are being eliseed to are not up to speed with how to deal
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with them. uraguay is one. bosnia received a couple others. they are not financially equipped or in terms of intelligence to deal with some of these people who have highly sophisticated ways of communicating to terrorist organizations around the world, right? >> absolutely true. in if you are but way they couldn't find that guy when he escaped. the brazil yants had to look for him. and this was just before the olympics. these are recruiters. they are not low-level people being released. they are high-level guys. it's mostly classified, they are not equipped to deal with track and monitoring these guys. david: are more americans going to have to die to recapture some of those released?
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>> i certainly hope not. that would be a real shame in this whole thing. many of these release agreements with thesal lights of ours. we don't even -- with these allies of ours. we don't even have the release agreements. president-elect trump i think will move us back in the right direction on this issue. david: donald trump plucked his economic dream team from all over the ideological map. will they be able to come together to execute trump's vision?
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david: president-elect trump has plucked his key economic players from all corners of business in finance world. gary cohen is a democrat, wil wilbur ross, made his millions buying up distressed. and peter navarro, is face of china trade hardliner, will trump be able to get these men to execute on conservative economic principles as ronald reagan it? joining miche me -- shelby
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holiday. david i start with you. he had a diverse group of economic advisors starting with vice president george w jeush george h.w. bush then don regan. and david stockman. he did not believe in tax cuts, jim baker,. it could happen again with the trump team? about it could. interesting about those people jack kemp was his advocate in congress. i think what trump is coming into is a congress that is
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friendly it the idea of economy growth being stimulated from corporate tax reform he is proposing and a reduction on tax and regulation on business. there is a diversity of background and agendas from others that you mentioned. i don't believe to tax and growth side he will have a hard time getting peep on the same page. david: the thing about reagan, he had this vision, he had been writing about the vision of the supply side. which by the way is what happened. you lower rates you get more revenue coming in because there more economic activity. i'm not sure that trump has that same vision. that system else focus -- single focus vision that ronald reagan did, which united these people. >> i don't think he does, but i see a lot of similarity with
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his picks and the first 100 days, a lot of things quickly, that we saw with team that i served with in 1984. a difference, i think that donald trump will be more of a pragmatist. i see more negotiations going on. have blue eye with shade people who say the numbers don't add up, if you look at it from numbers it does not. but if you look at it from human stand point, you increase incentive you have a lot more economy activity and more revenue coming in. >> i believe trump has surrounded himself who say that and bringing people to the table with a diversity of opinions. a lot agree on similar things, say tax cuts are great, we have too membership regulation -- many regulations.
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trade is where it is a very contentious issues. that will be really interesting to see how that plays out. donald trump campaigned on his, acumen. he is not afraid toirthe best and brightest, will he listen to them, and can he guide them? david: ronald reagan listened to people with different opinions. tip enei o'neill, he listened and talked but there were some lines he would draw in the sand he would not step over, one sincere belief you cut tax rates and you get the economy moving again. >> i think that trump has various lines hooley draw as well, but i don't know that we know where the line are yet. throughout the campaign i would have guessed that traded
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lines were a harder part of his platform, and appointment of peter navarro causes he to think it may be. i hope i am wrong about, that i hope apointed larry kudlow as economic advisor, and thin has an idealogical framework, for when you tax more of something you get less, we'll generate promis profit out of that thinking that would be a more stim lative part of the platplatt -- platform. >> maybe we're looking at this wrong with too many cooks in the kitchen. but maybe there is a wealth of opinions coming in to make it a better stew in the long run.
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>> i believe that is an astute point. he almost creates chaos. he lives off that and he finds the path. david: coming up president-elect trump's plans to roll back financial regulation may not be such good news for all banks after all. we discuss it coming next.
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david: president-elect trump may have negotiated a deal with boeing ceo, but boeing is making a deal with middle eastern buyers, we'll tell you who after this. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. david: pannallest argue that trump's plan to roll back regulation would help banks.
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but some are worries, it could put a dent in profits. joining me to discuss this, thbest banking analyst in the world dirk bove to join us, is it going to hurt or help. >> i think, first thing i heard, he was trying to fill a position of governor who would supervise the banking industry. there a person who is doing that now. daniel tarulo, he has been most harsh regulator that we've seen at fed relative to banks, in essence i heard he is firing tarulo . if this happens. this is positive for banks, no question. david: if -- who would he replace him with? some people mentions john ellison. former head of cato institute.
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>> i think that john ellison would be a phenomenal selection. as most people do i believe he is one of the best ceo at the regional banking industry in u.s. but think about what he did. he took a bank, he increased the size ofs bank 30 fold by make more than 100 accusations, he -- acquisitions, when he left in 2007 it had 5% tangible equity to asset ratio, he added tens of thousands of job, put out tens of billions in loans and created a bank that went through the financial crisis without having one loss. this guy did it with 5%. he was not talking about 10% or 20% common equit to asset he just needed 5%. david: this gets to real
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question about all of the regulations have we whether is dodd-frank. were those regulators and president in particular, looking at the wrong causes for the financial crisis? >> i very giv definitely think they were, they should have started with demographics, population growth outside of u.s. was enormous, that caused manufacturerring to shift overseas, that caused huge wealth transfer out of the u.s. to the country, who then reinvested that money into u.s., it was so much money reinvested, that there were not enough good loans, banks did a lot of bad things in that period. but this -- they done cause the financial crisis, the financial crisis was the
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result of much larger, more important farc sets which have -- facets which have never been discussed. >> a question, is there a way to back peddle without getting rid of those themes that banks should be forced to deal with, they were not dealing with before the financial crisis, can you back pedal those that have been harmful and finance. >> you can. and i think that what we sue today, in the journal is an indication it might happen, he should forget trying to repeal dodd-frank, leave it where it is. but he needs to do is change the structure of the federal reserve, he can do that easily, there are two position on federal reserve they are open right now of the 7. if he forces tarulo out, that 3 positions, he gets a chance
6:43 pm
of changing head of february in -- fed i in february of 2018. then on june of 2018 he can now iput 5 people on that board. if they have a pro capitalist point of view he could do a huge amount through that organization to assist banks, and assist the economy. david: i hope he takes your advice thank you, great to see displu thank you. david: and coming up, democratic leaders fueling class warfare in their latest attempt to derail president-elect trump's tax plans, are they sore losers or watch dogs for the middle class in we debate that coming up. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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>> that has been i problem in my party, when we're in power we're nice, we bend over backward to work with people. trump has stepped on everybody. >> bend over backward to work with people, democratic congresswoman maxine water saying the problem with her party, they are too nice. where do democrats go from here? david mcen tosh. and brad bowman, you know, i had to play that a couple of times before i could believe it, i am thinking first thing, that shot through my head that meeting president obama had with paul ryan after president obama u won the election on
6:48 pm
obamacare, and paul ryan came out with reasonable suggests or questions, president said, i won, you lost. i get to decide. what kind of bending over backward was that? >> or kicking the republicans out when they revamped healthcare that gave us obamacare. on party line vote. yeah, no, i don't think they learned the election of this -- lesson of this election, million of democratic voter in midwest, the middle class working family had enough, they voted for donald trump and republicans, because of the agenda they put out, we'll have pro growth tax cuts, and we'll pullback washington regulation, and we'll create jobs, good, high paying jobs. david: brad, speaking of tax cut there was a bipartisan commission that i know you remember, i assume most of our audience would, simpson bowles. bottom line tax cutting part of that re recommendation,
6:49 pm
its you lower tax rate and get rid of special deduction, the president ignored it, it was a bipartisan proposal, the president ignored it. i would say there was no effort to bend backwards to compromise. >> simpson-bowles was a unmitigated disaster, i am grai glad he is not take it seriously, whether results came in and their work was done, it would have gut medicare, and medicaid and social security, which would have decimated the folks who need that money. you talk about tax policy, our friend from club for growth should call it club for death growth it will cost 9 trillion more. davi what kind of growth have we had in last 7 1/2 years, a historical version of growth over -- we never had a president that for 7 straight years, has had less than 3% growth a year. >> never.
6:50 pm
>> it is anemic. >> hold on. >> obama dug us out of what was at most destructive -- >> okay. >> economic environment. since the great depression. david: that is the line again that we keep hearing, even now, 8 years later be we keep hearing it was the old guy's fault? >> well, if you look back, years where we had real economy growth have been reagan and clinton presidencies, where we cut taxes. and i was there in 1994 through 2000 when we cut taxes, held the line on spending, growth took care of. and lower rates, be consistent with lower rates and allow free enterprise system to create jobs here in america, rather than take their capital invest it overseas. >> brad, i am told by some sources i have inside beltway
6:51 pm
and other articles that the attack will be on trump tax plan, that is same old sort of you know, benefits for rich, nothing for middle class or poors that where democrats go in attacks this tax plan? >> i don't think that trump has to worry about democrats, because i think when republicans actually see what trump's tax plan looks like they will be attacking it too, it provided no new information, it provides no new ideas it will create 9 trillion dollars more debt. david: all right, hold on, w we have a republican here who david, what do you? >> i think trump's tax cut plan is one of the best that we've seen, it lower rates and unleash grow like we've not seen in 20 years, it will be what michigan and illinois and indiana and wisconsin and ohio need, to bring back good high paying jobs in america, tha
6:52 pm
that is why. david: >> go ahead. >> millionaires, billionaires and big bank are members of club for growth not people. david: brad, i know a number of republicans in beltway, club for growth is not alone in praising this plan, i have not seen anybody really come out from the republican party to condemn it, as of yet, you may be right, but as of yet, nothing. >> thank you interesting discussion. david: president-elect trump negotiationed a deal with bo -- boeing ceo, but, booing i boeing is giving quite a discount to a middle eastern buyer, we'll tell you who coming up next.
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david: iran announcing it negotiate a deal with boeing
6:56 pm
to pay half price for the 8 new airliners it ordered. but boeing had no problem charging u.s. full price. tromping tweets from president-elect trump about the price. shelby, this is made for a trump tweet. we -- our enemies gets half price off we have to pay more than full price. not fair. i'm waiting for that tweet. >> it perfect for trump, he ignores a lot of details, and what he is saying is true, u.s. is paying a lot for air force one. looking into details boeing typically over charges. they give deep discount, average discount in 2014 for example with boeing data was 47% bis des count discount.
6:57 pm
they cut a similar deal with airbus. david: don't tax payers deserve what our enemies get? >> this is mind boggling, the trump narrative that u.s. government does not negotiate with companies like boeing, so what is boeing doing negotiates with enemies like iran. david: we see the beginnings of last week, he is putting up competitive bidding, saying if boeing can't give us a good deal maybe lockheed-martin can does that go anywhere? >> i think that would go somewhere, and other company like airbus. if anything this is going to add to trump's narrative, this is mind boggling it hurts boeing, now boeing will try to do business with u.s., u.s. will have tremendous leverage
6:58 pm
over them, a paradigm shift from what it has been. david: i think this is a terrible pentagon tradition on give the noncompetitive bids out to companies for big project, they say they last many yores, i think you may be able to do, that i believe so does donald trump. >> we saw that with donald trump, and success. boeing ceo said, it will not exceed 4 billion like trump said, but one thing that trump, i'm not here to defend boeing but defense department drives some of the cost, boeing is contract or but they have to work with department of defense there is a lot of r&d, negotiating is the best way to go about it, it is a dance but it is a federal government, not just a boeing,. david: is there a way that commander in chief can cut through that government bureaucracy by negotiations from the top? >> they have not been in history, that is what trump
6:59 pm
said he will be able to do. we uses twitter for the bully pulpit. if anything, he will try to embarrass boeing and other companies into negotiating the best rates we can get. david: how far does this go? is this a model negotiating from the bully pulpit -- he is not even president why the, that h hism to day-to-day activity. >> i think this will go as far as donald trump will take it, he does have to be careful about singles out certain businesses, whether we see him tweet about boeing the stock drop that could pose a problem withs trump administration. >> jeremy, any danger to country in doing this? >> i don't think there is a -- danger is what shelby said, it
7:00 pm
could hurt the stock market of the companies, i do worry about that. david: great show, thank you very much, hope you at home join us of night 6 p.m. this week, lou dobbs is next, right here on fox business. thanks for being here with us.. >> president-elect trump is lashing you on at united nations, 4 days after security council voted to condemn israeli settle am in west bank. former u.n. ambassador john bolton is among our guests tonight, calls it president obama's parting betrayal of israel. >> a historic visit, japanese prime minister abe visiting pearl harbor memorial with president obama to pray but not apologize. who are these people? shopping malls nationwide in chaos, we'll have a full report.


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