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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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let's watch your expenses here. leslie marshall, brad blakeman, good to see you. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. pete hoekstra and pastor mark burns are our guests tomorrow. kennedy: president obama says he could have beaten donald trump in the election. the president-elect says no way. trump has promised to make big-league changes when he takes office. the iconic "star wars" actress carrie fisher dead at the age of 60. a look back at how she helped shape the world's biggest movie franchise. president obama could have beaten donald trump in this last election this year in this climate with these factors and crises.
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here's what the current president had to say about that. >> i'm confident if i had run again and articulated, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. in conversations i have had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say, the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one. kennedy: could president obama have beaten president-elect trump for an unprecedented third term? without him, there would be no bernie sanders or donald trump. two know it all * populists cut from the same cloth. trump was a reaction to obama.
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how did the incoming missile feel about the narcissistic needling? he tweeted in response. president obama said he could have won against me. by say no way. jobs leaving, isis, ocare. president obama embodies the elitism that fueled the uprising on both sides with wars still brewing, isis proliferating and the economy stagnating, people want out of the headlock and chose an un -- chose an unorthodox choice. if he had the way, why didn't he
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share it with hillary? it's not to say trump was unbeatable despite what some of his most fervent supporters think. he could have been beaten by biden. he had a grasp on the forgotten democrats. trump won, so eat your cake and day dream about what could have been. i'm so glad you are here, dream boat. i'm kennedy. of course it's impossible to say who would have won in an obama-trump showdown. it's like arguing who would win a fight between a shark and a
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bear. it's obvious a lot of people did not like the direction obama was steering the nation. tonight julie roginsky, republican strategist and author of gops. i'll start with you and get your thoughts. i'm not talking about 2008 obama, i think was unbeatable. but 016, who would have won. >> the states trump won are states he would have done well in no matter who the candidate was. of course, obama would think this because he had two major victories that were shocking in a sense. but i think trump would have done well against him.
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all the people who say for sure that obama would have won, if you didn't predict the trump victory you don't have a right to predict this. kennedy: it seems like trump supporters who predicted it were delusional and easy to write off. the fact thatth they were confounding -- you are saying obama would have won. >> i think obama would have won but not by the margin he won against mitt romney. >> there is no comparison between that election and trump and mitt romney. >> true. but obama wouldn't have made the mistakes the clinton campaign made. they were putting resources in california and new york to run up the popular vote total. and you don't have any big email scandal hampering him and the director of the f.b.i. wouldn't
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have dropped that bomb on obama two weeks before the election. kennedy: obamacare tanking would have been easier to pin on him and his foreign policy and isis and the hypocritical statement he made on civil liberties and national defense that he did a 180 on. >> the obama base stayed home in the philadelphia suburbs. i think they would have come out for him. kennedy: i think you would have rallied a different base and either side. it's not because i voted for donald trump because i didn't vote for trump. why is the president -- >> the shark. obviously. clearly the shark. kennedy: the shark is out of the water.
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>> sharks attack animals on land. >> he would take his his talon. his friend point out so clearly i was wrong about everything else, so i have no business. i have got reality so wrong. so i'll just stick to the shark. i'm saying a hypothetical the shark would have won. >> you will never know. that's why -- >> i think we know about the shark. >> nobody has ever pulled me apart. 016. >> don't expect donald trump to put a cork on that twitter account anytime soon. according to incoming press
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secretary sean spicer trump's use of social media will only get more exciting come inauguration day. >> his use of social media will be something that's never been seen before. he has a direct pipeline to the american people where he can talk back and forth. i think that allows him to add an element of a conversation that never occurred. >> thank you very much, but as we all know, trump's stream of conscious consciousness tweeting has gotten him into trouble in the past. it will be spicers job to clean up the mess. >> one of my friend has a theory which i wouldn't put past the trump insert intentionally. the tweets that go live an-- go viral. you have auto correct.
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why would you have all those mistakes in there. but twitter is great. because of twitter i got rose anne bar to get into a fight with debra messing. i said rose a anne are you watching debra messing? kennedy: he will start world war iii with twitter. >> i think donald trump did not try to start world war iii. he's playing into the perception of the madman and put people off balance. kennedy: i think there is nothing accidental about what he says or has done. >> people on the left do the pearl clutching. the freakout is fun to watch. kennedy: no one wants him off twitter.
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"a," they want fuel, and "b," the press is lazy. can we talk about sean spicer? >> i know my boss was caught in bed with a hooker but it's all good. can we talk about poor sean spicer? keedy: he has gone the two jobs jason mi. let's raise a glass to him. he was brought down because of twitter as well. kennedy: sometimes you don't have to respond or resign because of twitter. >> some girl in a strip club starts encourage you for being a baby daddy. kennedy: i want to see the baby. you have got to see the baby.
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all right. i'm going to see the panel in just a little bit. but it hooks like donald trump has his sights set on a bloated, useless bureaucracy. the united nations. the president-elect said the united nations has such great potential. but right now it's just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. so sad. the tweet comes on the heels of a growing standoff and it has to do with the u.s. and stage from a vote on controversial settlements in the west bank. calendar hall joins me for a discussion on diplomacy, the u.n. and its role in the trump administration. what happened in the u.n. with this israel vote? >> it was a 30-year tradition of the s. ithe security council
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defending israel and the status quo in the territories. this time the u.s. abstained, allowing the resolution to go through that is a break from that historic tradition and a little bit warm front a siding with palestine and breaking from the israeli purists. that got folks riled up, not the least of which is donald trump. he said it will be different when i'm in office. kennedy: the obama administration and strange the vote. no vote would have stopped the resolution. >> they have a veto right and that would have been the end of it, and that's how it has played out in the past when similar resolutions were put forward. kennedy: it doesn't help when they say we didn't vote for it. that's not enough. it provides donald trump with an
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opportunity to ground israel's policy and say to the world this is what my administration is going to do. and i thank the outgoing president who handled the incoming president a victory. >> he has to get this thing to be turn around to show his solidarity with israel can turn into a change. we have seen the peace talks go on forever. no matter which way you look at it. lands for peace. maybe donald trump has an in with benjamin netanyahu toake a an here that would matter. and that remains to be seen. but one thing is clear. donald trump has said to everybody, things will be different. and they are already different right now, and i'm not waiting until i take office to make my mind known. >> ben rhodes said there is only one president at a time. you have not been inaugurated
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yet it's not your turn. wait a few weeks. so it doesn't look like trump is going to wait. what can he do going forward with israel. they can't undo this resolution. >> donald trump has a couple of different options once's in office. before getting in office he made some outreach to egypt's president el-sisi. so there are things that can be done. if he wanted to play hardball he could make some difference in terms of say together u.n., how much are we going contribute to the u.n. or how are we going to play along. in american history american leaders have said we are not going to abide by that resolution. kennedy: which is what people pretty much do with resolutions anyway. >> he wants to get something done, we'll have some see how he takes
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action. kennedy: international community and the u.n. and israel are watching. coming up. donald trump will have democrats knocking down his door looking for a fight. which battle should the president-elect concentrate on his first 100 days? i'll ask dr. ron paul. he's coming up next. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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kennedy: president-elect trump will face many roadblocks when he takes office next month. listed five big fights he will have to face. one is including his cabinet picks, his russian policy, repealing obamacare spend, and miners' benefits. joining me now is dr. ron paul. host of the ron paul liberty report as well as a form congressman and presidential candidate. welcome back. so i think one of the first things he is going to do, immigration is a big one. it's still a contentious issue.
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obamacare on a lot of people's minds. you could make the argument hillary clinton lost the election because of those premium spikes as the law began to fail and sink under its own weight. as limited government fans, you and i both share the idea we don't necessarily need government interference in healthcare. but is it possible to repeal obamacare completely put having something to replace it? >> not today with the current members of congress. they are not going to do that. you indicate you can't do it all at once. if we have a financial crisis where we can't way four bills, you may see an end to a lot of these programs because of the collapse of our economy. i think the biggest group who will be most disappointed are the thousands who went out to the trump rallies and cheered them on because the promises
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were bold and sincere. but when they try to be implemented regardless of which policy it is, i think there is going to be a lot of the conflict. kennedy: any president who takes office it doesn't have to be donald trump or a lightning rod who never existed insidehe political system or washington maine. i think anyo who becomes president is shocked at the amount of bureaucracy. >> i just think it would be so tough. i think keeping about what would it be like? what if you had to -- a good libertarian does the like the cia at all. but sometimes you can't even find even the president doesn't know where the cia is existing, and sometimes we think the cia gets in many things domestically as well as foreign. if they get caught, it's denial. we don't tblongt cia.
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how one individual can get hold of that when there are so many co-conspirators in government, it's an overwhelming task. there have been a lot of pro --f promises. we as libertarians should pick out the issues. we have some allies and spending and foreign policy. kennedy: let's talk about spending and regulation. small banks have to spend a lot of money to comply with the regulations in dod dodd-frank. >> i think they will tinker with it, but they are not used to getting rid of things entirely because there is somebody in there that has learned who to haven advantage, and they will have their lobbyists. i think dodd-frank might be easier to attack because the bankers are involved. with obamacare there will be
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millions thinking i'm getting free medical carol and they are not going to go on with it. the republicans have such a lousy record of trying to extricate themselves from government and medicine. season when they are by themselves whether it's prescription drug program or whatever. they increase. i have doubts about whether they are going to repeal it, and there will somebody resist answer except that has been a major promise. repeal obamacare. and it's not going to likely happen. >> no, but they will proreplace it with something. you have an orthopedic surgeon. is that spot of bright light and optimism? >> i think so. to some degree. but he's still facing the special interests, the drug companies, insurance companies, everybody who has had benefits from it. so he may be well intentioned.
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just because you are the head of a department, you don't become a dictator. they don't wave a wand. they still have to find out if the president is going to go along, what is the senate going do, how is it going to get passed? they will water it down to get it passed partially. but to say next month we'll have a vote to totally abolish obamacare, i doubt that have as much. kennedy: they will water it down like dringts in a bad casino. congratulations. dr. paul, thank you for being here, appreciate it. the rapper at of a case against crony capitalism in his home state. and we have a lawmaker spearheading the fight against him.
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>> watch your language, pit bull. problem is mr. worldwide doesn't come cheap. now some lawmakers wants to know why the state's tourism agency paid pit bull $1 million
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taxpayer dollars to sing about its famous beaches. he had to sue pit bull to get details of the payment. good afternoon mr. speaker, good evening. i'm so excited you are here. i hate crony capitalism and welfare. i hate public subsidies for stadiums. how does pit bum embody crony capital tonight.line state of florida? >> every year we give millions of dollars to visit florida, an advertising arm for the state. why are we giving hard-working taxpayer dollars to pay for
8:30 pm
fortune 500 companies. when they have that license they give million dollar contracts to pit bull and wrappings race cars for $.3 million. kennedy: with online marketing you can target the people you need to to get them for pennies on the dollar. in the grand scheme of things people say you get $90 million in tourist money and people from other states and countries come on visit your lovely state and theme parks. >> if you believe it many a correct thing tore government to be in that business. the next thing is, is it affective? >> the reality is it's not. in 2003 we spent less money for tourism and tourism went up. in 2006 we spend more and it
8:31 pm
only went up 2%. there is no nexus. it's driven by our economy. kennedy: is florida worse when it comes to corporate welfare and crony capitalism? >> on the tourism side, california and new york, new york spends $42 million less than us. california spends less than us bimillions of dollars and they are the number one tourist destination for domestic travel. there is no nexus between us spending taxpayer dollars on tourism and an increase in tourism. kennedy: people with big fancy beach homes that could get mowed over in a hurricane or big storm, they get a bunch of money from the federal government when an emergency is declared than is
8:32 pm
no season season tough for them to live in another place. >> he called it corporate welfare. so the rest of us ha worng people, some of us are senior citizens who live in $25,000 homes. we are subsidizing these folks to live in million dollar mansions on the coast. we are encouraging them when their houses are destroyed, to build another house on the same piece of property and get subsidized again when a hurricane hits. that kind of stuff has to stop. all that money you are spending is not for roads or police officers or classrooms. kennedy: i read about that in david bows' book. keep fighting the good fight.
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i just like the fact that you are into cutting spending. thank you, speaker. on a sad and serious note be carrie fisher died this morning at the age of 60. the panel and i will share our favorite memories of the iconic actress and writer. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> i would like to know what
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happened to the plans i sent you. take her away. kennedy: carrie fisher, the actress most us remember as the princess leih in "star wars." she was only 19 years old. from her own admission she suffered from substance abuse most her adult life. she released an autobiography where she detailed her highs and lows. but she'll always be remembered for her role in a galaxy far far away. we talk about her aspirin says leah *. he you think about all the childhood memories.
8:38 pm
she was also an incredible writer. reporter: one of the first movies i saw was the "star trek" "return of the jedi." watching the biodiversity in jaba's palace blew my-year-old mind. when you see something as a kid, it resonates your entire life. she was a great actress and a big fan to the fans. kennedy: the thing i loved about her was her honesty. she came from a life. her dad eddie fisher left her mom for liz taylor. that is just incomprehensible, the amount of celebrity.
8:39 pm
would you think she would be shroud in a bubble. but she worked her entire life to break free from that and told a very honest story what it means to grow up like tt. >> the great thing about carrie fisher is how she helped decisiotodestigmatize mental ild bipolar. she helped fix hook. she helped fix athletele weapons 3. the wedding singer as well piment's an impressive body of work. kennedy: she had an incredibly an political mind. back to princess beia. -- --
8:40 pm
princess leia. here is someone who is incredibly independent, very beautiful, very strong, sit up for herself in an emotionally complicated role, and she did it flawlessly. there are very few action heroines. her father left her mother for elizabeth taylor. the angela jolie character. her role aspirin says leia, i don't think you had seen it much then. for women it was profound because you didn't have action heroes who were independent and didn't need han solo toescue him. she kicked butt. kennedy: now we have then braids you have a strong heroine.
8:41 pm
they were strong and interesting women. >> she was not stereotypically beautiful in a hollywood way. she wasn't a bombshell beautiful woman like her mother or liz taylor. kennedy: which made her more accessible to younger men. these guys are ordinary. a sad, sad night. but a great group of people to discuss her life and work with. planning on taking advantage of post-holiday sales? pack your pepper spray. we've all been here.
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kennedy: twas the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. but the day after christmas, post holiday sales turned into chaos at a dozen shopping centers. but it may have had less to do with sales and social media.
8:46 pm
jeff flock joins me. he has all the details. what in the world is going none those malls? >> you remember when you fought over gifts before christmas, like cabbage patch dolls? they just come there to fight with each other. the weird thing, there were more than a dozen these at lifnt locations around the country. would you have to think they were coordinated. they all happened about the same time. but there is no evidence that took place. kennedy: that's my question. i use this analogy often. when it seems like there * a lot of shark attacks but the number of shark attacks is pretty stable. we are linking various incidents together, and loosely. but i want to talk about the one in aurora, colorado. that does appear to be planned. there was social media activity.
8:47 pm
they tried to close the mall early, the cops showed up and it got nasty what happened there. >> also, beachwood, ohio, there was online activity prior to. gang members talking about we are going to show up at the mall, if you want to fight, let's go for it. two locations only. but no national coordination in this. if you search mall fights online, you will be surprised how many times this happens at malls throughout the country all year long. malls seem to be a place -- there is a big location of people, they come there together, peach watch, it gets documented. by the happens more frequently than you would think. kennedy: aurora, colorado, you would think people there are still quite shaken up over the mass shooting that happened during the batman film when duds
8:48 pm
of people were shot in cold blood. >> you start to get gun shy on that. that happened in a number of these locations. people started knocking chairs over or tables over. people said gunfire, gunfire. i see a gun. >> you can have a riot and stampede and people's lives are at risk. what do you think it is? do you think people aren't busy enough, they don't have enough money to spend? it looks as though expectations for st christmas shopping will be shatterednd we are going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of a trillion dollars in holiday dollars spent. >> the national retail federation going into the season said $655 million. it looks like more like a trillion dollars. by all accounts so far a great christmas. amazon announced they had their biggest year ever. shipped over a billion items.
8:49 pm
online is up, but so is bricks and mortar. kennedy: people want to protest, but it's too cold so they go to the mall. reporter: it's clearly donald trump's fault, don't you think? kennedy: i think i'm glad to have had this conversation with you, jeff flock. now people know online shopping is the way to go. merry christmas. happy new year, and of course happy ferks stivus. the annual shovel convention. is that a real thing? it is. tune into the "topical storm." millions of you are online right now,
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kennedy: when all the coal you have got in your stock overflows and he gets mad. soothe your bleeding wounds with bizarre news. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. as we grow older, childhood days of hope and determination begin to fade. when life gets more aggressive and starts to stab you in the face. but for this little guy, it smacked him in the face with snow.
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it's not going to ends well. there he goes. oh, my garden. he looks liking a drunken sailor who fathered my first five children. even as the sled keeps sliding further away he still believes he can reach that unattainable goal web's the gary johnson of winter sports. let's see how he farred when he decided to take on his dad in a snowball fight. that must have gone better. that was a rough day for that little guy. topic number two. i hope you are warm and dry and your car isn't snuck.
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>> god forsaken blizzard. like mine. i hired some nice young men to shovel my driveway. boys? they are doing the cool sikh dance. that's great. that's groovy. get back to shoveling my driveway. that's really nice. swinging those shovels. although i did way each $40 to clear the snow from my driveway. very coordinate. so impressive. can you incorporate shoveling into the dance. i get bollywood. clear the mother loving driveway. that was $120 well spent. at least they were more entertaining than the last dance shoveler i hired.
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i think he's related to the sled kid. drunken sailor. topic number three. kangaroo and koalas can derek the day off. australia has a new animal getting into mischief. it's a seal. he was found make himself into a hood ornament on a silver toyota. they nicknamed him mr. lucille. the cops assured the public that lou will receive a medical check, then he will be released into the wild, where they are hoping he will move on to audis.
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hold on, yeah, i'm getting word that the seal is being released right at this very moment. what are the chances. let's see. it's so talented. heidi isn't here, take your shirt off. topic number four. get ready for cuteness overload. here comes a video of someone rubbing a hedgehog's tummy. that's notal euphemism. is that an animal? he's so cute. i actually put myself through college at a massage parlor of sorts. and you know what? it's not important what i did.
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or which hockey team i did that to. let's just look at the hedgehog. you know, all anim getting their bellies rubbed, like wolves. he's so sweet with his little tummy rub. foxes. they are cute. even cats love a tummy rub. watch. the spawn of satan. dipped in fur. cats are the worst. topic number 5. i saw a one-armed guy bus canning in the subway. i said what happened to your arm?
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industrial accident? he said no, cat tummy rub. topic number 5. "star wars" actress carry fisher died today at age 60. her character princess leia had a love-hate relationship with chewbacca. here is chewy singing a sweet christmas carol. [♪] kennedy: i hear christmas angel. thank you so as much for watching the show tonight. all of us have heavy hearts. you can tweet me your grieve. facebook ken any fbn and email
9:00 pm have a beautiful night. see you tomorrow. older than mighty casey... >> they were recognized as the best team of the 1860s. >> their 155-year-old baseball card... >> we are looking at a very significant piece of baseball history here. >> and she's looking at a very strange inheritance. >> he's my great-great-uncle on my dad's side. >> which one is he? >> now here's the payoff pitch. >> one of the big ones. this was a family heirloom. >> will there be joy in mudville... >> he was looking for a piece of the action, but i didn't know that. >> ...with jamie at the bat? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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