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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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indices ending the day in the red. [closing bell ring] what will tomorrow bring? it will bring back liz claman from israel. maybe she brings us with 20-k. melissa francis and david asman for the "after the bell." >> market seeing the biggest drop since federal reserve pulled trigger on interest rates. i'm melissa francis. rough day in the market. david: seemed to go down when kerry was talking about israel. this is "after the bell." thank you for joining us. i'm david asman. we have you covered on big market movers. here is else we have for you. donald trump back to work at the mar-a-lago resort. we're awaiting a announcement from the president-elect. this hour we bring it to you. don't want to miss it. tensions escalating between israel and obama administration as the war of words continues.
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>> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. friendships require mutual respect. >> i must express my deep disappointment with the speech today of john kerry. a speech that was almost as unbalanced as the anti-israel resolution passed at the u.n. last week. david: the mayor of jerusalem is here to respond. also, no a-listers? no problem, the man in charge of the trump presidential inauguration will give us a preview of the main event that they are billing, will be for the people. melissa. melissa: let's take you back down to the market. dow ended down 110 points as 20,000 slipping further away it seems. oil on the other hand hitting a new high. phil flynn from the cme in chicago. nicole petallides from the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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nicole, big selloff today. so funny, every day we walk in, people say when will we see the 20,000. i don't know if we see it before the end of the year? >> there is really a question. no doubt there is ultimate optimism and hope going forward for pro-growth policies by president-elect donald trump. that really has this buoyed the market and underpinned the sentiment but there are worries right now. look at light trading. the dow closing down 111 point. what are we, over 160 points away now from dow 20,000. we showed the dow 30, 29 of 30 names with down arrows. so it was a broad based selloff, big picture. we didn't set any records. we do have window-dressing at the end of the week, that traders have high hopes that fund managers buy into stocks to show they actually own those. we saw market losers in the energy realm. you mentioned, oil, melissa the at top there. we saw losers, chesapeake and
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diamond offshore. kate spade was a big mover. big gainer on potential take over. we'll watch for that one. boeing and delta came under pressure after delta canceled 18, 737 dreamliners. delta steps up and cancels that one. big picture is dow 20,000. everybody says we'll hit it but the question will be is it 2016? david: phil, oil with a rocky ride. way up, way down. what is going on? >> we were up on optimism about opec and optimism about the economy. we seemed to see oil break from highs. we were a lot higher earlier in the session after the john kerry speech. it seemed to be down around the market. traders can't really grasp what they're trying to say. why we're backing away from very close ally. that is really raising some concerns. we showed major moves in other
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energy complexes. gasoline prices on the rise. biggs move up for gasoline. fill your tank up quickly. the other thing was natural gas. january contract, it exploded today. it was up almost 18 cents, almost at a a two-year high. that is market we'll watch. as it gets cold, prices could really soar. david: phil, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: breaking news. president-elect donald trump expecting to make important announcement on economy any moment. go straight to fox business's blake burman in d.c. with details. what do we know about this so far? reporter: melissa we're awaiting the announcement from the president-elect. we're told it will be on the economy. we're told it will occur in one tomorrow or another at some point in the hour. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer would not elaborate earlier today what this might be about only to say that the announcement would be, i'm quoting from spicer, very positive for american wokers. this comes following a tweet
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last night in which mr. trump tried to draw attention to the economy's movement. mr. trump wrote the following, i'm quoting here. he says the u.s. consumer confidence index for december surged nearly four points to 113.7, highest level in more than 15 years. he ends it with, thanks, donald. melissa: of course he does. reporter: by the way meetings continue at president-elect's florida transition headquarters. there is theme, involving ceos, heads 6 business. today alone president-elect met with david ruben teen of carlyle group, large private equity firm. the ceo of marvel entertainment. also on mr. trump's meeting of the list, health care executives, dr. john knowsworthy of mayo: i can. we await this announcement. not a lot of details. we'll see if at the end it says, thanks, donald. melissa: you stole my line. if he signs off again with
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thanks donald. reporter: we're getting there, melissa. melissa: i am preparing for a lot of humility. david: marvel entertainment, stan lee's 95th birthday.ppy bi. we have jason rotman and shelby holiday of "the wall street journal." i'm curious what each of you want to hear from president-elect trump. shelby, start with you. >> what we don't want to hear. we don't want to hear anything negative about the transition market. that will scare the process. we saw donald trump election night delivered a measured and even-handed speech that calmed the market down as you recall. it was freaking out. we want to hear something stable. we could hear about another deal he struck similar to carrier perhaps. sounds like something along those lines and positive for american workers. we could also hear more about his policy proposals perhaps on trade, for example. renegotiating trade deals. possibly something in terms of tax reform. he has been speaking to gop leaders in the house and in the senate.
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so, we could hear, you know, anything like blake said at this point. we don't know details. i would hope something that is measured and thought out and steady handed. david: jason, specifics are good. the market is begging for some kind of specifics particularly on trade and tax policies but we have already people like the union leader, richard trumka, head of the afl-cio bad-mouthing trump saying his economic policies treat working people as bottom lines rather than human beings. it is not off to a good start with that side. >> right, exactly. you know, donald trump at least within the u.s. obviously he's a nationalist on the global stage but within the u.s. i think he is a free market president, and that doesn't necessarily go with the union element of joining forces to get higher wages, et cetera. not a bad thing but isn't necessarily for that. at the same time, i don't think trump will be bad for u.s. workers because if trump gets his way and there is more u.s. jobs created, there will be more
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demand for skilled labor which will push up wages. i think trump's whole thing, is, let the free market decide. melissa: absolutely. the dow focuses on that elusive 20,000 milestone. is that the reasons invests continue to sell every time we get near that mark though? jason, let me start with you. this is traditionally the time of year we see very light volume. you see more volatility. it feels like we get close and back right off. what is your take? >> my take is that, you know, the half percent down move today is next to meaningless. it is very, very small potatoes. i think 20,000 is imminent. and once the market, once the dow hits 20,000, i really don't think it is going to look back. melissa: really? >> i think q1 will be strong. this is fundamental bull market. it is not a fly-by-night rally. melissa: shelby, we've gotten so greedy. it was just november 22, when we crossed 19,000.
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here we are up to 20,000. looked like we might hit and secretary kerry came out and blasted israel an the settlements. the market ticked down on the political news. will we be pushed down a lot by politics? >> investors predict a winding road upward. but it will be winding road. trump administration has to find its footing on policy. in trump cabinet there is a lot of disagreement in terms of trade and taxes. they have a lot of wrinkles to iron out if you will. i also think that the dow 20,000 is pretty imminent. it will not happen this week. volume is extremely low. this pension rebalancing could impact market overall, no major news events and trump cabinet picks and policies pretty much baked in. barring any crazy tweet from donald trump not likely -- david: can't guaranty that. the president-elect has said he will end obamacare right away but cot obamacare premium spikes be a one-time pricing correction?
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s&p global market claiming that the high premiums and billion dollar losses by insurance companies could be just a one-time hit and then companies will start to close the gap on losses in the coming year. jason, i find this hard -- after all the promises we've had on obamacare, even though this is a private company, not the government saying this, i don't believe it, do you? >> no, i don't. i'm in the same camp as you, david. for two reasons. number one, clearly there's a huge teutonic shift in administrative thought and policy and as everybody knows obamacare has relied tremendously on government funding and we're talking about a republican-controlled senate, white house, et cetera. i would not anticipate more government funding for obamacare, and number two, with billions and billions of dollars of losses over the past few years i have trouble thinking that the price increase is a one-off. i think they need to keep raising prices. david: shelby, one.
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main points of president-elect trump and some of his supporters is, we have to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. that could cut into their profits in the coming months. >> absolutely. if you look at the counties right now, 30% of counties openly have blue cross-blue shield as an option. david: right. >> competition will definitely affect prices. david: yeah. >> but the fundamentals of obamacare have not worked. it is very difficult to say it is success. premiums surged. number of plans declined. people have switched doctors. americans are overall not happy according to polls. david: promises of the past never came to fruition at all, whether government saying it or private company. shelby, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: we're expecting a major economic announcement from president-elect donald trump at any moment. something billed very positive for american workers. i'm betting it will make america great again. we'll bring it to you when it happens. david: crime is spiking in sanctuary cities.
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why years of liberal policies created hotbeds for theft and violence all over the country. melissa: israel's prime minister firing back at secretary of state john kerry this afternoon, pointing the finger at the u.s. for colluding with the palestinians. the mayor of jerusalem, nir bar cat, will be here to give us his take coming up. >> secretary kerry paid lip service to the unrelenting campaign of terrorism that has been wage by the palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century.
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the details. we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them. melissa? melissa: secretary kerry making a controversial speech on israel earlier today as tensions with the united states remain high. only weeks left of the obama administration. fox news's rich edson is live with the state department with the latest details on this one. what a day, rich. >> what a day indeed, melissa. the administration billed this speech as a way for secretary of state john kerry to lay out the obama administration's plan for middle east peace. eventually the secretary of state got there but not before issuing a strong rebuke and, a response to the criticism that the obama administration had gotten for its decision on friday to allow a u.n. security council vote to move forward condemning israel on its settlement building. today the secretary of state defended that decision. >> regrettably some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means that the u.s. must accept
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any policy regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles, even after urging again and again that the policy must change. friends need to tell each other the hard truths. and friendships require mutual respect. reporter: kerry spent much of this speech criticizing israel for its settlement building. he said that settlement building among a number of other issues are i am paid meant to peace. also he -- impediment to peace and criticized the palestinians. >> despite statements by president abbas and party leaders about their opposition to violence, too often they send a different message by failing to condemn specific terrorist attacks and naming public squares and streets and schools after terrorists. reporter: while the secretary it of state did criticize the palestinians he had most of his
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criticism for the israeli government around prime minister benjamin netanyahu which he said is the most right-wing coalition in israeli history with an agenda driven by its most extreme elements. the israeli government responded to all of this and prime minister benjamin netanyahu blamed the palestinians for refusing to come to the negotiating table and secretary kerry in a speech about peace between israelis and palestinians paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state for more than a century. back to you. melissa: wow, nothing like lighting the house on fire on the way out the door. rich, thank you. david: i was going to say leaving with a bang, anyway it is the truth. fallout over the u.n. resolution continues. mir barkat, the mayor of jerusalem, this city is caught right in the middle of all of this, he will be joining us later in the hour. you don't want to miss that. melissa: culinary discrimination one hawaii restaurant is taking
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a political stance. why trump voters might have to find another place to eat. are only a few days for the an american institution. some people might pull out. event. why the rockettes are speaking out. bore is epstein, president of the inaugural committee sounds off. >> kind of sad. if they don't want to, they don't have to. >> their choice. >> i think they should be fired. >> they have a job to do. it is disrespectful. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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david: president-elect donald trump, well there he is -- this is video of a couple of minutes ago, sticking his head out. he is at mar-a-lago, walking out telling the media, he has been, been discussing very important issues today including issues about veterans, but again, he said he will have a major economic announcement. we're not sure what that is at this point. but as soon as we find out, we'll bring that to you live. melissa?
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melissa: only 23 days to go. inauguration day quickly approaching and the president-elect's team is planning a schedule of events spanning three days. so what can we expect? here now is boris epshteyn, communications director for the presidential inaugural committee. all right, one group making news today, i'm sure you heard all about it, the rockettes, one of the rockettes telling "marie claire," she is willing to lose her job going. she definitely doesn't want to be there. what is happening with the rockettes, can we expect them to be there. what else will we look for? >> absolutely the rockettes will be there. happy holidays. nice to see you. melissa: you too. >> the rockettes will be there. according to statement put out by radio city rockettes, more applied to be part of the performance than there are slots available. melissa: of course there. >> one who is remaining anonymous is continuing to disparage those who do want to honor america on this day of peaceful transfer of power. melissa: those who are performers who want to be seen
4:24 pm
by about a zillion people around the world. just from a professional point of view, it is idiocy to say you wouldn't go. it is such an opportunity. we know that america's got talent 2010 runner-up, jackie evancho am i saying that right, sorry, is going to be singing the national anthem. who else do you have on the slate? >> so the mormon tabernacle choir while perform. sixth inauguration. they sang back to the lbj johnson inaugural and 1969 they were at nixon inaugural. reagan, h.w. bush, george w. bush and will be here at donald trump and mike pence inauguration. speaking of outpouring of support, record sales for miss evancho gone through the roof since she was announced to be national anthem singer. the rockettes represent best for america.
4:25 pm
we put out information religious leaders in the swearing-in ceremony, diverse group of people representing different faiths. others at the national prayer breakfast the next day. melissa: given president-elect trumps background, people have very high expectations for the entertainment value of this inauguration versus others in the past. are there any big surprises we're going to see? >> you know, melissa, i've been talking about this a bit. we're not planning a huge concert. we're not planning woodstock. we're not planning summer jam or burning man. we're planning an inauguration. the inauguration is about the people. this one is about the people making sure americans are secure, making sure americans are protected, making sure american jobs are protected and making sure america is a city on a hill one more time. this is inaugural for the people, of the people and by the people. melissa: so more serious and thoughtful and somber, not burning man. that is with we got so far. >> i wouldn't say somber. melissa: solemn. thoughtful?
4:26 pm
>> very thoughtful. melissa: okay. >> thoughtful, solemn but also fun. it will be a uniting celebration of freedom and democracy. melissa: we can't wait, boris. thank you. >> i can't either. david: between burning man and thoughtful. there is big divide. no divide with environmentalists. the left is furious about president-elect trump's pick of scott pruitt to head the epa. claiming that the former oklahoma attorney general will dramatically change that agency's commitment to a cleaner environment. west virginia's attorney general patrick morrissey worked closely with scott pruitt and joins us now with his thoughts. good to see you. >> thank you. david: so he is being labeled as a climate change denier by "the new york times" in a screaming headline. climate change denier, as if he is some kind of an idiot or weirdo. you know him well. you have worked with him. does he have the stomach to stand up to charges that he is going to get constantly as epa head? >> oh, i think he does. for those that know scott
4:27 pm
pruitt, not only a good man, he cares about the rule of law. every time we always spoken with scott pruitt he is going after unlawful nature of these regulations. what a lot of people, the american public have to understand, is that what the obama administration tried to do, and that's why scott pruitt, why myself, a number of other attorneys general sued the obama administration. they were trying to transform the epa from being environmental regulator into a central energy planning authority. their position was radical. pruitt's is reasonable. david: is it fair to say that what the obama administration was trying to do is wipe out carbon energy? >> i think there is no doubt. david: not just coal but the whole thing? >> i think they had a war on fossil fuels. that was naive approach because we know that we still need an all of the above strategy. to rely on that to meet our nation's energy needs. let's be clear about scott pruitt. what he wants to do is refocus the epa to go back to its original mission of keeping the
4:28 pm
air clean, of keeping our water safe, and the best way you do that, is you work with the states. it is good to have that state perspective. in fact scott pruitt will bring that. that is a big plus. david: now you represent a coal state, of course, west virginia. used to be democrat. went with trump this time as a lot of coal states including pennsylvania. are we seeing a change the way we use coal in this country as a result of the trump administration and how so? >> well, i think that we were hopeful wean see some come back. that is one of the reasons why i filed a lawsuit against the president's clean power plan because not only was it grossly illegal, but he was trying to enact, we think a radical change for diminimus impact in the actual climate. we're hopeful that if we could see even 20% comeback, 25% comeback, that means a lot in earlies of it jobs. david: comeback in terms of coal mines or power plants or both? >> i would say coal mines but also a lot of related jobs
4:29 pm
because not only as a coal miner job. it is actually the mechanics. they're going to work to handle machinery and retail shops and the restaurants that take care of the people that are working in the coal mines. that makes a big difference in a coal-producing state such as west virginia. one of the reasons i've been so forceful. not only unlawful. it is bad economically. it is bad from a legal perspective. and just plain wrong. david: thousands and thousands of more jobs. patrick morris sir, thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you. david: melissa. melissa: you can't eat here. a restaurant sparking outrage that people who voted for president-elect trump find somewhere else to eat. this bright yellow, hand-written sign plastered on the front door at cafe eight 1/2 in honolulu, hawaii, reading, if you voted for trump you can not eat here. no nazis. really subtle. the owners are downplaying it, saying everyone is welcome. but the sign is staying up. everyone is welcome but the sign about the nazis if you voted for
4:30 pm
trump is there to welcome you. david: even nazis. final term for president obama is almost up. when january 20th comes around why he might be sticking around. the fallout is next. melissa: tensions rising between israel and the obama administration. jersey's mayor, mir barkat, is here to weigh in, that's next. thanks again. >> the obama administration has created a global chaos. the world is on fire wherever you look, north, south, east, and west. soon as i left the hol after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had
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>> no american ministration has done more for israel's security than barack obama's. >> the speech was almost as unbalanced as the anti- israel resolution passed last week. here is a look forward to working with president-elect trump. they hope that the outgoing obama administration will prevent any more damage in its waning days. in its waning days. they were trading jabs today here to react to this is the mayor of jerusalem. mayor, a lot of people never thought they would see the situation where the u.s. seems to be siding against israel with the palestinians.
4:35 pm
as at the way they see it that this administration is taking sides against israel? >> they are appreciated of the security alliance that they have. in spite of where we are right now we are we're best friends. i think the policy with the administration has taken in the last eight years is the wrong policy. it failed in syria it failed in iraq and libya. it failed with field with the egyptians. and unfortunately it is failing between israel and the palestinians. the fact that we are to blame for everything tens of thousands of people have fled to syria the iranians are now stronger than ever and they are funding the terror all over the world. and we are to blame for that. it's probably the wrong policy. one that will change well have
4:36 pm
a much better future. the first sentence of the resolution that some people say the united states was actually behind specifically says they have to go back to the pre- 1967 borders what would that do to your city has changed remarkably as a result of the change in borders what would happen to jerusalem. >> everywhere you put a shovel in jerusalem you will find your rates. we opened up a paved road leading to the temple and when you hold it in your hand and you walk the paved road that tens of millions of people walked on you understand what it was for the 3,000 years ago in the world. a city that was open for the benefit of the world to enjoy.
4:37 pm
they must never and well never be divided. it's the wrong attitude about jerusalem. as i'm sure you heard it today really just focus on the settlements on the israeli settlements in and focus on the fact that jerusalem would change as a result of the resolution. that they would not be able to approach it if you went back to pre- 67 borders why do you think that is. why are they ignoring that part of the un resolution. >> has nothing to do with reality. when you walk the streets of jerusalem you see it's one unit go to the hospitals the malls of the place of work. we work together. we've we have we've only one square kilometer in the old city you more mosques and synagogues and holy places for all the religions than anywhere else in the world. and never existed before for
4:38 pm
2000 years. it was the only place safe for christians these days in the middle east. >> has to be the final question. how difficult you think it will be for the next president of course we know donald trump has a very different view of the situation. he opposed the resolution. he would've have his ambassador veto that resolution how difficult is it going to be for the new administration to change what we have seen happen over the past couple of days? >> my recommendation to president-elect trump is to move the embassy to the city of jerusalem. they are threatening them as much as they are threatening everyone else. and work to improve the economy. economic ties make the region safer by fighting with the radical islam's.
4:39 pm
as the right approach. and i commend him just to do what they say. thank you very much sir. good luck to you. melissa: a barrier to the white house president-elect is blaming president obama for putting roadblocks in his way. doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory presidents statements and roadblocks. i thought it was to be a smooth transition. here now is fred barnes. the radio talkshow host. i love the way that he doesn't mince words. fred barnes, do you think for a second like it was going to be a smooth transition we have a very brief coup by our moment that i can't remember any longer. when parties change and this
4:40 pm
was changed changing from a democratic administration there are going to be a lot of roadblocks it's not that specific things are being blocked at the changes that have been made and foreign policy in particular are ones that are can be difficult for trump to undo or fashion in a different way. particularly the sanctions against russia in this new policy towards israel. i wouldn't call them roadblocks but they are difficulties of the new president. it's more like he has a bag full of grenades. whether it was the very fiery speech today in israel ever the sanctions against russia it's the offshore drilling no matter where you luck it seems like he is really trying to set up to make things
4:41 pm
difficult to change on the way in as much as he can. i don't agree with that. with the policy going forward in many of the issues. that would've been done and quite frankly i think most americans would agree with that. you can't allow a foreign government with regard to israel this is not a change of position from the obama administration this is just going forward with the policies that they have always focused on.
4:42 pm
that is a topic for another time. let me play for you what ed klein had to say about the president staying here. >> this is the first time in what a hundred years since woodrow wilson that a president is in a state in washington they had been talking behind the scenes about setting up a shadow government. staying there in talking from the sidelines is pretty unprecedented. >> it depends on how much talking he does. when woodrow wilson stayed in washington and he had a truck terrible stroke which affected the late months of his presidency i don't understand why president obama wants to stay in washington. i have lived here my whole life and i wish i could leave. >> i would go with the best opportunity is.
4:43 pm
and where they consider home to be. we have seen we've seen people start out like the clintons in arkansas and then moved to new york. david: here is donald trump. [indiscernible] the camera has gone off of the famous doorway in which and out of which we've seen a lot of trump future aids go. and then he closed the door. that's all we know right now but we are still awaiting the economic news. it's going to be big. galaxy is still mourning the death of actor carrie fisher. we will tell you more coming up.
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david: carrie fisher tragically passing away. she was best known for her role as print as leah in star wars but entity continues to release new additions how is a company going to cope of the loss of fisher. they're joining us now with details. >> it is a big dilemma for disney as they decide if her character will be a part of future films. the franchise just wrapped up episode eight. and princess leia is a part of the plot. as of now they have no plans to rewrite the movie to take her out. if they want her out of the picture moving forward they will need to read work the plot of episode nine. does he did say they plan for her to have a role in that film but they won't say if they plan to move forward with or without her character.
4:48 pm
if they want to keep her alive disney has a few options. they could cast another look like for use imagery to help her re-create her character. they arty do did that in rogue one. under california law they have to get permission from the estate to use her image for up to 70 years after death. other franchises who have suffered the loss of a star they used fill in actors. but it can be pricey when walkers died. he asked for about $50 million in insurance money. the death delay the shooting by about four months. all adds up to production costs. the decision could be critical for the future of the franchise it already has the answer dance split on both
4:49 pm
sides. some want her to continue on in the series others want disney to write her epic departure. melissa: cinnabon coming in for fire. rest in peace carrie fisher you will always have the best bonds in the galaxy. it matches the hairstyle from the first hairstylist that it's a really poor taste they issued an apology. they did the right thing in the end. we are still awaiting the announcement president-elect trump. sanctuary cities planning to defy donald trump are dealing with an even bigger problem
4:50 pm
have failed liberal policies are leading to a rise in crime.
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david: crime is spiking. the once shiny city by the bay is also facing a growing crime rate. it is up with 50% since last year. the former nypd police commissioner tweeting the tweeted the men and women of the chicago police need more resources. failed leadership is not cutting it. he is the former nypd sergeant. with three things to happen. we have a standards of standards of stability that are going way down. all kinds of things that they need to think is a god given
4:54 pm
right. and guess what you have a if the spike in crime. >> most cops won't. what was active before with the police department that is totally reactive and then it's just sitting around enough police cars in the police cars before they do something. it's totally reactive because of the fact that proactive measures like stop and frisk have been made illegal. >> they are afraid the police involved shooting or incident that looks bad. this is something we have to be concerned about because if you've a police department that sets back on their heels crime on medically well automatically go up. david: it pulls a city away from cooperation with federal authorities and things like
4:55 pm
violent illegal immigrants. i think we will see some change coming up in the new year. there they're gonna change they are going to change their method of doing things. this is something i think we are going to see more of going on. when you have illegal immigrants that are coming in the police department has to notify the feds. what is happening with morale among police officers all over the country. they are having more criticism and less power to do proactive policing. >> you take it on a case-by-case basis. down 28 percent. they have a 30% clearance rate and hummus sites. -- and homicides. that is the best out of all of the major crimes.
4:56 pm
i think people would be very concerned about those numbers. david: thank you very much for being with us. melissa: one hollywood actor is worried playing ronald reagan will destroy his career.
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