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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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liz claman facebook page. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. [closing bell rings] one more chance of 20,000. there is the closing bell. david asman, melissa francis, here for "after the bell." melissa: the dow falling further from the 20,000 milestone. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is after the bell. we have got you covered on the big market movers but here is what else we have for you this hour. the deal-maker in chief, president-elect donald trump keeping busy at mar-a-lago with his transition team, making new promises for the economy and bringing american jobs back to the u.s. the white house's slap-down of russia. new sanctions of the obama administration against the kremlin for allegedly interfering in the u.s. election. do the punishments fit the crime? we'll be asking ambassador john bolton in this hour. plus, helping our nation's heroes. the president-elect's solution for the department of veteran affairs.
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all that is coming up. melissa: back to the markets. the dow ending the daylightly in the red with one trading day in the year. phil flynn, price futures group, fox news contributor. watching action in oil and gold from the cme. nicole petallides from the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, start with you, talk to me about the trading days. >> we lost two. melissa: all right, i can't hear anything. david: i couldn't hear anything either. melissa: we'll try to straighten that out and go back to it. david: meantime we'll go to phil flynn and phil's checking out commodities, phil. let's start with gold. it was popping today. what's happening? >> it wasp toking like crazy da dave. we have four-day winning streak going on in the gold market. we haven't seen that in a while. wasn't too long ago we had the
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worst selloff in 20 years. tell you what, it has a lot to do with the dollar and a lot to do with expectations that maybe we'll see some inflation. face it, dave, within the last 24, 48 hours the world has become a more dangerous place. sanctions on russia. concerns what is happening with israel. the tougher line the u.s. is taking against israel. we've seen that fear trade come back into the market and when we saw the announcement on those sanctions in russia, gold really gained more momentum. we saw the dollar drop some more and gold go up. we're already moving in that direction, but it seems to being accentuating this. the traders in gold, recently, boy, what a terrible year on gold but really not. it looks like we're on track to have a stronger close for the year for gold for the first time in two years. only a small percentage point like 8%. for the first time gold may end up with an up year. we'll see if we keep it going tomorrow. david: phil flynn, let's dry to do that.
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nicole went to a duane reade. got a couple double a batteries. put them in her microphone. i understand we can hear you. >> that's right. is it thing on? talk about the dow is down 13 points. we went over the unchanged line throughout the day. don't forget last friday we went over the unchanged line 111 points. the road to 20,000 is just not so easy. you have none commit directionless market that doesn't have catalyst to push it up and over. good economic news is not enough. maybe headlines from donald trump. something else needs to give us the push. tomorrow you might have the push. a few traders still believe it's tomorrow. if you want to keep the hope in your heart tomorrow, go right ahead. david: last trading day of the year. we don't want to miss it. melissa. melissa: president-elect donald trump making good on his promise to bring jobs back to america. >> because of what's happening and the spirit and the hope i was just called by the head people at sprint and they're
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going to be bringing 5000 jobs back to the united states, and also oneweb, a new company will be hiring 3,000 people. so that is very exciting. >> fox business's blake burman is in d.c. with the latest on this one. do we have anymore details, blake? reporter: here are the numbers, melissa, yes. sprint says it will bring 5000 jobs back into the united states. start up, oneweb, another 3,000. these companies are tied to the softbank ceo, massa joshi son. pledge to create 50,000 united states jobs. n tolde earlier this month, the executive of oneweb telling connell on coast to coast earlier this year, that the view will be a positive economic climate in the upcoming year. take a listen. >> i'm certain there wouldn't be that much in the works without donald trump and president-elect trump. what he want to do is inspire and create in people to get
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people motivated to invest in building the jobs and seems to be happening. reporter: now incoming white house press secretary sean spicer said earlier today, announcements like this are just quote, the tip of the iceberg. meantime earlier today, mr. trump released a social media post saying, as you can see here, his administration will follow two simple rules, buy american, hire american. send it back to you, melissa. melissa: there you go, very clear. thanks, blake. david: let's bring in our market panel for reaction. scott martin, kingsview asset management, fox news contributor, veronica daguerre, "wall street journal," also host of watching your wealth podcast. scott, i know the argument, a couple of thousand jobs, just kind of a drop in the desert. we need millions of more new jobs. this is the beginning and he is not president yet, at least got plaudits from one of the guys who claims yes, trump is why the
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guy is hiring. >> remind me debt and deficit talk last couple years, couple billion here, couple billion there you get real money over time. that is what the jobs picture what president-elect trump is doing. you know, he is getting these business, david, refocus on not moving production and labor outside of america and but bring it back in and work within the confines of this great country and capitalistic society we have running here. that helps a lot for the stock market and small businesses consumers, investing in america and being happy with someone in the white house that finally cares about business. david: veronica, i talked to a number of companies, managers who have businesses or operations overseas, they would love an opportunity to bring some of those jobs back here because frankly, they don't like managing from overseas. it is difficult to do. it is easier when you're managing in our own country with your own people. if there are enough incentives there, don't you think there
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will be a swarm of jobs coming back? >> i think so. the incentives are key and that's what we need to hear more about. we also need to hear about, this ties in with tax reform will companies get to repatriate all the cashing they have overseas? what are incentives they have to create jobs? we've seen so many companies do share buybacks, and that's fine for shareholders you but that is not necessarily good for american workers. how do we get ceos motivated to use the money for good, high quality paying positions. >> right. roadblock for trump's tax plan. his tax overhaul could hinge on approval from obscure congressional committee. scott, this is the joint committee on taxation. this goes down to the same dispute on this front, how do you score tax cuts and account for what the debt incurred as a result will be? do you use dynamic accounting, static accounting, how do you quantify how much growth will come as a result. they will try to do it and try
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to decide whether the tax cut makes sense. hmmm, worrisome, yes? >> yeah. i mean, it is worrisome. the word obscure is funny one there. i can think of other euphemism ins i will leave in the back of my mind. what is funny, melissa, you're right, dynamic score something louder and louder argument but it is really you tough you can't exactly predict what behavior will be like on capital expenditure basis, on consumer spending basis depending on what the economic climate is. i will tell you, cure for all of this, debt, deficits and tax cuts, it will cure it. >> that is very true. goes back to the thing, veronica, on the right you generally how much it will cost before you agree to it. at same time you really can't do that because you have no idea how much growth is going to result. i think there will be a lot of growth but i wouldn't even dream of trying to quantify it. >> right. there are so much complicating
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different factors, estimates how do you predict that. other things factor in, higher interest rates and affect deficit and payments on interest of the deficit. so it is very difficult for lawmakers to figure out. i think people need to realize, while tax reform is likely to happen sometime next year, i'm not sure if it will necessarily happen in the first half of the year. melissa: don't say that. >> some of these complexities. i think there may need more political will to get things done, repeal and replace obamacare, get regulations, taking care of certain areas first before we see tax reform because some of these complexities. melissa: no, tax reform first. but i hear what you're saying, veronica. thank you. thanks guys. david, you were shaking your head. david: if we don't have tax reform in the first half of the year, we're going to slow the process of growth unnecessarily. we can get moving quickly if we get tax reform in the first 100 days. melissa: her points are right how complicated it will be in other things to do but we got to do it.
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david: it take as person who cuts through the swamp in order to get what he wants. hopefully tax reform is one of those things. to putin with punishment. white house striking back against russia's efforts to influence our presidential election. walid phares, advisor to trump presidential campaign talks about that. melissa: they're taking aim at john kerry's harshords at presidennetanyahu. john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. responds. david: the divide on main street, how fight for higher minimum wage is creating havoc for businesses literally on opposite sides of the same treat. [shouting] -- same street.
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david: breaking news, president obama signing a new executive order. the obama administration announcing sanctions against russia in response to what it says were efforts to interfere with the u.s. election. blake burman in d.c. with details on this. we knew it was coming but it is pretty wide, blake. reporter: it is wide, senior administration officials were very clear just a while ago on conference call with reporters we were listening into. they say this is just retaliation that can be made known publicly. they say it is not the sum of all of the measures that are being taken. this is really twofold. the first deals with sanctions, that are being levied for what u.s. intelligence agencies view as russian cyber interference in the lead-up to the november election and the sanctions target the following. multiple russian agencies, four of the top leaders in that country's main military intelligence agency along with other russian businesses. the united states department of homeland security and the fbi also released a joint report
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which lays out how to better protect against cyber intrusions by russian intelligence agencies. in addition to that, the obama administration is also responding to what it calls the harrassment of u.s. diplomats in russia. as a result, 35 russian diplomats have been now expelled from the united states, and, russian compounds in both maryland and new york will be closed as of tomorrow. president obama released a very lengthy statement earlier this afternoon in which it says, i will read you the following in part, quote. these actions followed repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the russian government and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm u.s. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior. he goes on to say, all americans should be alarmed by russia's actions. by the way, david, the associated press is now saying that a spokesperson there in moscow says that they basically feel that this is just an interference leading up to the
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new incoming president, that being president-elect trump. david: pretty strong stuff. blake, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: here to react is ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the un, iea fell and fox news contributor. give me your reaction. >> i think the sanctions that the obama white house announced are like playing pattycake. look, in fact the information they have is that russia tried to meddle in our elections, whether they succeeded or not, whatever the extent of it, we don't know, but if they feel this was a serious act, this is not a law enforcement matter. this is not something of treasury regulations. this is a subject that requires retaliation by the united states. maybe we don't say it publicly beforehand, probably not. but we ought to make it clear after the fact what we did to show, not just to russia that we can do it, but to show to the rest of the world you do not try
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to interfere in american elections. there may not be bridges blowing up or airports being bombed but cyber warfare is warfare if in fact that's what the data shows. melissa: they said in the statement that the actions are not sum total response to russia's aggressive activities. that they will continue to take a variety of actions of the there is also, the compound outside d.c. and maryland, and also one here in new york we saw earlier, they're shutting down those compound, declaring them persona non grata, 35 russian intelligence operatives. we're looking video of one of the compounds where they're basically expelling members that are there and shutting down the whole compound. you say this isn't a whole lot. doesn't seem like sort of antagonizing the russians and, you know causing all kind of problems on the way out the door as donald trump comes in. to some people like you heard in the report before, looks like
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vendetta and donald trump and russian president vladmir putin might have a different kind of relationship and this is making it as difficult as possible before he takes office? you disagree with that? >> well, three things. really you talked about the statement they made at the end, the obama administration made, that more is coming. this is just one step. you know, frankly the obama administration has no credibility in terms of its retaliatory actions unless you can see them publicly. as i said before, there may be good and sufficient reason why you don't make it public in ad a vans but until we have some tangible proof that in fact there has been other retaliation, at that i take exemplar what most of obama's foreign policy has been which is mere words. second on the expulsion of the 35 so-called diplomats who were probably declared or undeclared intelligence oratives, they have muddied the waters. they say in the statement that
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in part declaring these people persona non grata is in response to harrassment of american diplomats in moscow. i have no doubt whatever american diplomats in moscow are being harassed, and this is probably a perfectly appropriate response. the two compounds that are closed i was never invited to either one. they are recreational facilities for russian diplomats. let them live in manhattan for the rest of the winter. we'll wake up tomorrow i'm willing to bet right now and find that some number of american diplomats, 36, have been expelled by the russians. so you know, if this is a serious matter, this cyberattack, then it should not have been confused along with different perhaps equally serious but different matter of harrassment of american diplomats. that is the same confusion and muddied thinking in obama's response we've seen so many times before. melissa: and how we got to this place. i can't let you go without asking you about the other fire
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that was sort of lit on the way out the door, that has to do with our ally in israel. so the mayor of jerusalem told us his suggestion for president-elect donald trump about the, to move embassy, he said it here on "after the bell." let's listen. >> my recommendation elect trump to move the embassy immediately to the city of jerusalem. align interest with all moderate arab states against radical islam. they're threatening them as much as israel and europe and united states. melissa: ambassador what do you think about that move? >> well i think it should be done sooner rather than later. i think this is an important political point for trump that distinguishes him from other presidential candidates, all of whom have said they too would move the embassy and didn't do it. he can do it in the first 24 hours of his presidency by taking down the sign of our consulate in jerusalem and replacing it with a sign, says embassy of the united states of
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america. he can take somewhat longer term view to put an embassy in west jerusalem. that is to say in territory nobody, i mean nobody ever believes would be part of a so-called palestinian state, and i think it, like his conversation with the president of taiwan, it goes to a very important issue. nobody tells the united states who to talk to. nobody tells the united states that they can't put their embassy in the capitol city of the company they're being represented in. melissa: what is the downside though? >> people will be up sit including a lot of left-wing intellectuals in the united states. aggressive diplomacy in the administration to explain to arab countries in particular, this is a matter we consider to be a sovereign decision of the united states. i think it will calm it down and other than the media storm and commentary undoubtedly from former president obama with whom we'll be graced i'm afraid for a long time, i don't think it matters much. melissa: ambassador bolton,
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thank you for your time. we always appreciate it. david: very interesting. almost time to count down to 2017 just as new york city is ready to ring in the new year, the police department working overtime to keep the city safe. as va secretary position stays open as of now, the president-elect could throw us a curveball with the entire department. former governor tommy thompson from wisconsin is here next to weigh in on that. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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>> working on something to make great for the veterans. the veterans have been treated very unfairly. i don't want to see veterans waiting in line two weeks. many cases they have a minor illness, takes so long to see a doctor, turnses out to be a major illness. people are dying. we'll fix it properly. not like done in the past.
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david: it shameful for the way va is operating. president-elect donald trump considers privatizing health care services for america's heroes. governor tommy thompson met with donald trump yesterday at his mar-a-lago resort where they discussed veterans and other issues. governor thompson, did you discuss whether or not you might be head of the va, governor? >> no a absolutely. not. we did not talk about the veterans affairs. talked about how to change the affordable care act, obamacare. but i would tell you that donald trump is absolutely candid. he is sincere and he's very straightforward with what he wants to do. that is what i really respect about him, what america respects about him, and what he said throughout the whole campaign is, he will fix the mess that the veterans have right now. he wants to have the veterans taken care of as quickly as possible and not have to wait in lines and so on. i'm really proud what he is standing for.
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david: what do you think of the idea essentially setting up voucher system and cut checks to veterans and let them choose their own health care from wherever they want? >> i have always supported that. i think it is the right things. i think veterans department is so bureaucratic and has got is, burdened by some rules and regulations, and really, who is in charge. a lot of the districts are in charge. a much more so than the central office in washington. i really think that the veterans, of america, need to be taken care of as soon as possible. and i applaud the president-elect, donald trump, for looking outside the box, trying to find ways to help serve the veterans much quicker, much better than ever before. david: yeah. >> if it is privatization, so be it. david: you mentioned obamacare. you were head of hhs. >> that's correct, david. david: a lot of what obamacare is now, will probably end up in the hands of next director hhs
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if they get rid of obamacare. how long do you think that transition is going to take? >> i think it will take a while. i don't think you can just repeal it and turn on a whole new system overnight. you will have to have some time because you have got a lot of people right now that are depending upon obamacare and have signed up for it. so it is going to take some time to unravel it. but what the president wants to do, he wants to make our health care system more affordable, more accessible, based upon performance. wants to get rid of fraud and abuse. he wants to be able to do it so that people are not harmed by changing the system. and that once again is, goes to the heart of what donald trump is all about. he wants to be quick, he wants to transform it, but he wants to make sure he does not cause any problems in the process. and i was very much appreciative of his stance yesterday when i had a chance to talk to him. david: by the way when you were governor of wisconsin, you were
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known as the father of welfare reform. you had terrific welfare reform policies in the state. they really dropped the welfare rolls and poverty dropped at same time, by the way. you were able to accomplish both goals. we have had in big explosion of the welfare rolls ever since the recession a few years ago, food stamps as well. how do you bring that under control? you. >> you got to go back to the basics. make sure people are accountable and they will be required to hold jobs. and that is what was missing. the obama administration completely did away what i started and what president bill clinton picked up on when he was president and required a work initiative. president obama and his administration was taken away from that. instead of requiring work and taking some occasional skills -- vocational skills in order to get tripping necessary, he has done away with that. as a result welfare rolls are
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exploding all over america. happy to tell you, donald trump wants to change that. making things accountable, affordable and being able to change the system. david: you certainly did it in wisconsin. governor tommy thompson, thanks for coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. good luck. happy holidays to you. david: happy new year to you. melissa. melissa: sleep till inauguration, the president-elect is turning his attention to the first address as president. new details how donald trump is preparing for that big moment. plus a tale of two minimum wages. why a new law is leaving an illinois county divided. if you have medicare
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so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. melissa: we are 22 days away from inauguration. there is not a moment to waste. the president-elect is hard at work today on speech for main event. what can we expect from donald trump's inaugural address. here is boris epshteyn, communications director for the presidential inaugural committee. thanks for joining us. >> of course, melissa. melissa: this is one of the things people are wondering about, speech like at the rally where he is going, he is on prompter aot of the time. then he goes off and does some of the fan favorites. this is one of the ones we don't know what to expect. what can we expect? >> that is the beauty of it, right? that is beauty of an address unlike any other, unlike any other in history, really. for a president that is completely changing the game and changing the his approach to
4:35 pm
leadership. and that is why donald trump is president-elect. that is why he was elected. that is why he becomes president on january 20th. he is preparing for -- his team, steven miller, major part of that team preparing for the address. but in the end it will be donald trump's voice speaking to the american people on january 20th. melissa: can you give us any hints? knowing they're working on it today, give us a juicy detail. promise i won't tell anyone. between you and me. >> between me and you and millions of people out there, right? melissa: well -- >> it is about the process. about a message of unity. message of getting to work and truly that one phrase, make america great again. that is what this campaign was all about, and that is what this presidency will be all about. melissa: one of the messages very clear right now in the days leading up to the inauguration is this idea that he is going to press companies to create jobs here in the u.s. i mean, you talked to regular people on the street, look what he is doing
4:36 pm
already and not even president yet. >> that's right. melissa: haters on other side, look, 5000 jobs. that doesn't really make a difference. they had said 50,000 originally, you know, so can we expect this to be one of the themes and, what about these job declarations in these days? >> well, of course the haters are going to hate. that's what they do. they lost. melissa: that is why they're called hers. >> that is by definition, right, melissa. this is about all of america. of course it matters. every job matters. tell the people, those 5000, those jobs, from carrier, the jobs from sprint, overall i believe right now, over 10,000 jobs already saved, already back here in the united states and that number will continue to grow, you tell those families it doesn't tter, theyill absolutely disagree with you. this is exactly what donald trump promised when he was running for president, that things will be different. the jobs will come back to america. that the american economy will be strong again.
4:37 pm
you've seen that happen while he is not even president yet. during the transition, completely unprecedented, already he is the leader of this country. melissa: real quickly about the tone of messaging. thanks donald at the end of the tweet, do you think that is appropriate? >> he has a way of connecting with people like any other politician. he is president-elect and on january 20th. has a way to connect with people like anyone before him. completely authentic. he is a true real person. he has a way of showing that, of receipting that, that is why he is as popular as he is. that is why his presence is as strong as it will be. melissa: trump is going to trump. boris, thank you, see you soon. david: if he goes off script during theddress? melissa: probably. david: president-elect donald trump getting ready t enter office with very different view on trade from the current administration. so how exactly are things going to change? fox business's peter barnes has
4:38 pm
some of the details. peter? >> well, president-elect trump is promisings to upend trade relationships covering more than a trillion 1/2 dollars in imports and exports each year, a top target, the proposed trans-pacific partnership or tpp. pushed hard by president obama, it would create a giant free trade zone around the pacific rim. after this election it won't be include the u.s. >> i will issue notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. >> mr. trump says he is just trying to fix broken trade deals and trade talks to also help reduce america's trade deficit with the rest of the world. it totaled more than $758 billion last year for goods, with china alone accounting for about half of the imbalanced. china was not a party to the tpp.
4:39 pm
it has been trying to sink that deal by pushing its own regional free-trade agreement for asia, which alarmed some trade supporters like president obama. >> if we don't write the rules for trade around the world, guess what? china will. write those rules in way that gives chinese workers and businesses the upper hand. >> mr.ruas a specific beef with china. he charges it manipulates its currency to make its goods cheaper in world markets, cutting into sales of american products. >> being hurt very badly by china with devaluation. >> he promises to officially declare china a currency manipulator under u.s. trade law which would trigger new sanctions against china. he plans to renegotiate the north american free-trade agreement between the u.s., canada and mexico. >> at the center of this agenda is fixing our absolutely terrible trade deals. i mean nafta, you look at that
4:40 pm
it has been defective for 20 years. it has been defective, from the day it was signed it has been defective. >> after china, canada and mexico are america's largest u.s. trading partners though trade with them is more balanced than china. one economist said if mr. trump is not careful, his policies could lead to trade worse around recession. >> we would expect mexico or china to retaliate and do same thing back to the united states. and what that means is, you know, if you're a soybean farmer, you know, or beef farmer, or you produce, you know, some sort of a manufactured product, maybe for boeing, that you sell for or to one of these other markets, now all of sudden your export sales will be impact as well. >> mr. trump plans actions on trade if the first 100 days in office. back to you. david: david: peter, thank you very much. melissa: cook county passed a law mandating $13 an hour minimum wage and paid sick time
4:41 pm
to all employees. this move has business owners on edge of the county up in arms and they will opt out of the law. who knew that was possible. jeff flock in barrington, main street to hear what the people make of the minimum wage mess. reporter: melissa, i was in middle of main street, i had to move out of the street and now i'm back in the middle. this part i'm in cook county illinois and this i'm in lake county, illinois. in lake county, i get $8.25, thank you, sir, appreciate that. here on the other side in cook county, the minimum wage was going to go up to $13 an hour. as of 2020. so, the mayor in the town council of this town of barrington, and this is the line that runs right through the center of town, two different counties, that is not fair.
4:42 pm
if these guys are paying.25 over here for labor a these guys are paying $13, that just don't fly. so they said they're going to opt out of it. they legally can do that. only problem is, they're a little bit worried because the county also takes care of all the roads, the county roads that go through barrington. and if the folks at the county don't like it, potentially they could pull back some funding for those roads and stuff like that. so, it goes on but you know, this is what happens. unintended consequences when you don't let the free market determine it. i'm not saying that is a bad thing. i'm just saying things can happen. melissa: jeff flock, don't get a ticket for jay walking there. be careful my friend. david: i love those flock segments. police in new york city are on high alert. how officials are planning to keep americans safe following deadly terror attacks in europe.
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melissa: as we're getting ready to ring in the new year, many major u.s. cities including new york are prepping to make sure celebrations go smoothly and security remains tight. fox ws rick leventhal is live in times square where the iconic new year's ball will drop in two days. rick? >> melissa, nypd begins preparing for new year's eve security as soon as ball drops last new year's. they have been at it for a full year. they're adapting tactics to compensate for the changing threat environment in the world today. why for the first time you may see 65 of those large sand trucks and heavy sanitation trucks creating barricades authorities say can't be penetrated by a vehicle attack. those trucks will ring the times square areas, blocking avenues and cross streets trying to
4:47 pm
prevent truck attacks like in east france and berlin, germany. there will be 100 other blocker vehicles deployed around times square. 7,000 police officers will be on hand to protect one to two million revelers expected to celebrate new year'ses here and other events in new york city. as usual, plain clothes officers in the crowd. snipers on rooftops. helicopters in the air and police boats on water and metal radiation detectors at checkpoints and explosive sniffing k-9-s in trainsnd in the crowd. nypd has gotten remarkly good. he is at all concerned about officers letting their guard down. >> how do you guard against complacency. >> this is new york city police officers. this is something we do every day. they know, a few times during the year, 4th of july, new year's eve, tree lighting everybody has to be on their toes.
4:48 pm
i know complacency can set in at times but certainly not an event like this. reporter: if you're one of those people crazy enough to come to times square this weekend, remember this, nypd says, no alcohol, no large bags, no backpacks and no umbrellas. fortunately not to rain saturday night. melissa: and also no bathrooms. but that is beside the point. david: who drinks alcohol on new year's eve, right? melissa: yeah. david: holding russia accountable. obama administration retaliating against russia for med link in the presidential election.y wite walid phares, advisor to trump a that. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula
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works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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david: retaliating against russia. obama administration launching sanctions against return tha are because cyber attacks aimed at influencing the u.s. election. they said it is up to the trump administration to decide the next course of action. >> if the next president wants to decide to let, real lou in a tranche of senior intelligence officials from russia, they can go ahead and do that. if the knicks administration wants to list sanctions against senior intelligence officials to let them interfere with our elections you can do that. we don't think it makes much sense. david: walid phares, middle east expert and trump campaign foreign policy advisor. what would you advise trump to do, keep them in place or change them? >> david, what really happened before we opine what can be done, i'm assuming that the obama administration will be informing the transition and informing congressional leaders of two important details and questions.
4:53 pm
number one, how did that happen? the american public doesn't know until now how that happened. we have russian diplomats being evacuated from the united states. but second, more importantly what is the equation that allowed this breach of national security to impact millions of voters? that needs to be explained. once that is explained, then i can imagine that the transition president-elect, and soon to be president trump will take action. david: by the way, when you say explain, you don't mean a public florida nation, in secret behind closed doors to donald trump when he is president. >> number one question because of technicality, because it involves intelligence, yes. number two, it has to be explained to the american public. how can a voter be impacted by the release of emails? it can't. but does that mean that the content of email is not good and was released or was good and should not have been released? there is a debate that and that should be done. david: we haven't heard yet from donald trump about these new
4:54 pm
sanctions. a little early, before the end of evening we will. heeems to think we should move on from all of this. what he said before the sanctions were issued. let's play what he said last night? >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think our computers complicated lives very greatly, the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on. vid: now by the way, ding has nothing to do with russian foreign policy, just to make that clear. he happened to be standing next to donald trump during that announcement. but donald trump seemed to think, this was before the sanctions were issued, that we should just move on from all of this. do you think after the sanctions now, he is going to change his tune on that? >> when i kn, every citizen knows is that president-elect will wait until he is in the white house. then he will take all appropriate actions. what president-elect would say, it is up to him. he has been making states and will continue to make statements but of course he will have to be briefed by the administration. i'm not inside of the
4:55 pm
transition. i wouldn't know. but the administration needs to tell transition what exactly would happen. david: here is something that makes all this more important than it should be otherwise, ruia was reaching out to donald trump, a lot of things happening to this president-elect that didn't happen to other president-elects partly who he is and what time we're at and et cetera, but, russia's foreign minister reached out to donald trump. he said i like to hope when donald trump's administration takes over, they can also join us in on the efforts in terms of negotiating with syria for peace. it is an extraordinary extension of the hand but will it be withdrawn after these sanctions? >> i don't think so. look what is happening in syria right now, because of the actual, you know, evolution on e ground, drama that, the bloodshed, two of players, russia and turkey. turkey is nato member have concluded, seems to be
4:56 pm
forthcoming cease-fire. who was absent there? the united states. we're in a awkward situation whereby the current administration is not present what seems to be kind of a resolution and when, the current transition can not do it because you have one government at a time. david: walid phares. great to see you. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: melissa? melissa: ready for the new year to begin? you will have to wait a second.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> you'll had to wait for 2017 just one second longer. there's actually an extra second that will be added to that universal clock. i have never heard of a leap second before.
5:00 pm
it is slowed slightly. twenty-five additional leap seconds have been added. i'm wonderg if thiis man-made. let's start waving our our arms faster. >> the information was already out. that was going to come out no matter what what i was concerned about in particular was making sure that that wasn't compounded by potential hacking that could hamper vote counting. in the electric actual election process itself. i felt like the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and t


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