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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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it is slowed slightly. twenty-five additional leap seconds have been added. i'm wonderg if thiis man-made. let's start waving our our arms faster. >> the information was already out. that was going to come out no matter what what i was concerned about in particular was making sure that that wasn't compounded by potential hacking that could hamper vote counting. in the electric actual election process itself. i felt like the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and to tell him to
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cut it out. >> getting along with russia would be a good thing not a bad thing. i think the democrats are putting it out. thankfully i think they are putting it out. >> that was then and this is now. president obama announcing the retribution against russia for allegedly interfering in the presidential election. the penalties against the putin regime. and white president-elect donald trump actually may be left picking up the pieces. adam: russian president calling mister obama's executive order calling mister obama's executive order blow to the policy plants this is russian authorities.
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moscow well respond in kind. the white house said this is just the beginning joining me with the latest. have we gotten more reaction from the president elect from mister trump about this? >> so far nothing from president-elect donald trump. nothing from transition officials yet. they could put out a statement at some point but we haven't heard anything yet on the president-elect himself or transition officials. as for the actual sanctions with the lead up to the november election. they target multiple russian agencies for the top leaders in their main intelligence agencies. in addition to that the obama administration is also responding to what it called the harassment of u.s. diplomats in russia. as a result 35 of them have now been expelled from the united states and the
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compounds in both maryland and new york would be closed as of noon tomorrow. president obama said the following all americans should be alarmed at the actions. the deputy right house press secretary spoke a little while ago. >> what russia has been engaged in in the past few months and years is unacceptable. the president is sending a message to say cut it out. and that's why he ordered aggressive action. according to the associated press essentially he said the sanctions and what the obama administration is putting out is just trying to get ahead and make things more difficult for the incoming president elect. adam: blake burman in washington dc. right now were going to go to the former director with the national security advisor.
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thank you for joining us. there is so much to talk about regarding this. i'm old enough to remember the cold war and it feels to me that we have an escalation that takes us back to the battled days. >> will, in a sense. they had been doing recently with the cyber what they had been doing since the 1940s with photo shopping and fiddling with documents they call it disinformation. otherwise known as lying and forging. they had been doing that for well over half a century. they use it for all sorts of different purposes trying to mess up democratic political parties in europe and confuse
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their records and the rest. adam: and they just went on a hiring been they may have been arrested for cyber crimes. to do what you've just described. they are using cyber. but the overall approach and fiddling with elections and all of that there is nothing new about that. and we have gotten accustomed to it i would say through the years and have it really broached the issues much as far as i know. >> there can have to respond whether they are at fault or not. they will expel our diplomats in russia. that is not the most serious thing here.
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the thing that should concern all of us we had worked all of us into a situation whereby either side will start to use cyber attacks to shut down parts of our infrastructure like the electric grid and so forth. they've done that with ukrain that is something we need to pay attention to not get off on to having a tit-for-tat with shutting down electricity. well have well had 22 days left. were actually enlarging the previous executive order. an aggressive move like this late in the game is it unprecedented in follow-up to that has been talking about them to try to challenge the incoming president along with nato doesn't this ramp everything up into a point of escalation that it's very
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dangerous. we could end up in then area where they feel like it would be a good time to take action against some nato country. we have particularly with the baltic states nato has a lot of exposure. that is a problem. and because it is a offer 11 for all institution we don't come to the assistance that basically destroys nato. we've got to say that. i hope russia does not take this recent exchange. you talk about the potential for russia to send us a
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message. the chinese the north koreans the high cyber hacking and private industries as well as government computer systems has been going on for several years. it is vulnerable. what impact will our measures have in russia? adam: it's hard to say. the thing we could do that would have the biggest impact on them and be perfectly reasonable from our point of view would be to go through the very modest modifications while under. to have modears dry with wood alcohol. that kind of alcohol mixes readily with gasoline. we can pull into a filling
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station and by either of those. right at that point. he is a very unhappy people in the world. iran gets very unhappy. the rulers of venezuela gets very unhappy. the price of oil is going down. the revenue is going down also and they need it. they are in bad economic shape already this would really get their attention. i was hoping we might be able to calm some of the concerns but i can only see a little bit of tension for both of us as well as a country going forward. unfortunately i have to let you go at this point but i appreciate your insight on what we all face in the united states. with more on all of this we will bring an injury peak.
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you just heard what he have to say. as the obama administration acting on overwhelming evidence and taking the appropriate steps. if this did happen we as a leaders of the free world had to stand up for it. i think it why it's wrong to worry too much about how they're going to respond to this. this will hurt them. thsanctions we are putting on the two main intelligence bodies are similar to the kind of sanctions that we put on the iranian revolutionary guards. in terms of the nuclear activity before 2013. i think it is absolutely at the decision and long overdue. we expect the tit for tat. could the russians move against american business interest or is that not really of concern. it will be an attack on some of our infrastructure cyber attack.
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i think they see no difference between american businesses and government. they know if they hit american businesses in russia they will scream to the administration here and constitute a powerful voice and lobby domestically that says don't push this any further. forget the nato stuff. staff. it will be okay. but why did we wait so long to do this. were 22 days away from integrating the new president and if we knew this was happening prior to the election what the response have been more appropriate almost a year ago. >> that is is a 64,000-dollar question. definitely. but since he has taken power has invaded three countries it is harboring the most wanted fugitive since the cold war.
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none of that caused the kind of sanctions that a general election gop victory did. i would say that the russians if they have anything to do with the recent election have tweaked the political pride of the democratic party. i want you to listen to a clip of president obama when he thought the microphone was turned off. [indiscernible] i never pronounce his name correctly. what is the context of what we just saw. there is always back channel communication between those. that's when things really get dangerous. this wasn't really a back channel communication.
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it was front channel communication on a heart -- hot mike. they pulled missile defense facility they rammed through a new arms control treaty. helped them worthen helped us. but eventually it ran into a brick wall because they are intent on exerting that. at that that collapse and what president obama is seen right there perhaps we can negotiate on some of the prerogatives you insist on after the election. would it be realistic for us to expect an attack there. i would see that as more likely. the russians are very good at responding in kind i suspect they would simply shut down the large power grids because it would cause too much ill
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well towards russia at a time when they look like they're gonna make a big piece overture toward the new administration. and whether they have painted the incoming administration into a corner. thank you very much. as we await president-elect trump's response to the sanctions on russia some are saying that this is too little too late. we will debate that next. in heavy criticism about israel. could that backfire on and president obama. more coming up. your insurance company
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he won president obama seeking retaliation for what the white house says his cyber interference by russia and the u.s. presidential election including those embarrassing leaks of e-mails from the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign team. joining me now for the panel. let me start with you jessica. if it wasn't for the embarrassment that was suffered by those e-mails being released in the clinton campaign you have to wonder is the obama administration reacting to a four mark government interfering or is a payback. when you had 17 intelligence agencies all coming to the same conclusion you need to act. but that he could come forward and talk about it because it was within 60 days before the election.
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i think it is both. president obama obviously is credibly upset about the outcome of this election but it's not national security. there are things that the russians can clearly do to us and we are not prepared. you can thank me later. the democrats in the dnc was told by our intelligence services more than a year ago that you are being hacked and did very little to prevent it. excludes me, but if someone tells me a year ago hello, come on. does the dnc bear a great deal of responsibility here? >> that is why it's all so very suspicious to me. i look at the things that they
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don't add up. no one is denying that was what was released. was actually true. you may look at what just happened with john kerry and now you look at it with russia and that just looking like a very weakincompetent administration getting desperate. >>et mfinish. if obama obama believes that if he had been on the ballot he could've truly done that. then what difference with the meddling make you can't really speak at a both sides of your mouth and try to make two different points when you're just making a hypocrite of yourself. president-elect trump and president putin have a romance. they seem to like each other.
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there could be a potential warming up of relations with russia. and yet president-elect trump has been criticized about this. you want to turn your enemies into partners of some kind is that what is actually with trump. >> i think that's part of what's going on here. i think obama is jealous because whether he believes it or not president-elect trump is making an effort to reach out to people that have been the most returning to the united states. i don't think anyone has ever feared that president-elect trump is going to be too soft on our enemies. in fact the democrats try to convince them that president-elect trump have two different personalities.
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they were talking about him but now as he tries to make some difficult -- diplomatic decisions they need to stop talking over themselves and just get back to why did they lose the selection. this is a lot of political retribution. most of this is this is just kind the democrats not being able to accept the outcome of the election. we talk about all the time. there people that we are blaming on different factors. when you lose by 80,000 votes in three states you can point to specific things. i have accepted it all of my friends have accepted it will go along. we know that it's coming over and had to work together and we are in the minority.
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what they have done to build diplomatic relations when you put up a secretary of state nominee who said he doesn't believe in the sanctions against russia rex tillerson is not even the most concerning person that i think he's put up. these new sanctions will be a test of him to see what he's gonna do. >> they said that they are looking hard. i heard jessica talk about things that they've done wrong but i haven't heard leaders like hillary and certainly not obama i have heard them say that. they talk about what he could've done. how his weakness with russia throughout his presidency but as in the position.
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that's where you can have to cut it off. i think people get along very well. they get along a little differently. the war heroes are not getting what they deserve and is planning some big changes for the veterans administration. we can ask our veterans. but secretary of state john kerry still under fire. you heard it yesterday we will debate why he did it. >> he publicly supports a two state solution. but his current coalition is the most right wing with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. ... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations-
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-or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro.
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>> if the choice is one state israel can be jewish or
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democratic it cannot be both. you won't ever truly be at peace. it has been waged by the palestinians for nearly a century. secretary of state john kerry was slammed by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu carey has also received criticism from both sides of the aisle. they called that 70 minute speech yesterday a pointless tirade gratuitous and wrong. in the statement to the jewish chronicle. this is her quote. we do not believe that the way to negotiate peace is by focusing on only one issue. the construction of settlement.
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we don't believe it's appropriate to attack that. ron meyer. did the speech yesterday backfire on the obama administration or did it resonate with the what seems to be a very anti- israel commonality among the left wing. i think obama has wanted to do this for a long time. and this is what we saw on the hill today. nobody on the hill would have accepted this before the election. you have all of these democrats this is why it didn't happen until the middle of the holiday season. look at the timing. if you don't want things that
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we have a better relationship with in the world. is that what you really want to do to leave the administration. the courts of the problem in the mile east and i'm no expert clearly is the fact that the arab world has never accepted the creation of the state of israel they never accepted the original creation. and never absorbed the arab refugees. they created a special status for these men and women along with their descendents until that issue is addressed how do you ever get to a two state solution. >> that's part of the problem.
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yet to see it from both sides. chuck schumer i know you hit on this yesterday. he did not knowledge that they gave up quite a lot in gaza. and they did not acknowledge what happened with the western wall. that is ridiculous to call these things that. since the romans kicked jews out of the holy land. >> when john kerry doesn't acknowledge that and he only makes one side it's hard to say that you're trying to put together some compromise. he did not even recognize it. a lot of those leaders they do feel like that.
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potentially worse for the world. what we need is true leadership perhaps we will get that from president-elect trump's administration they need to create a solution for the arabs who are now identified as palestinians and put pressure on the world which is arab to either incorporate these people or support these people in a way that also acknowledge the existence of the jewish state. >> that has to happen that way. but the tough promise. it will be tough for president trump and now even tougher for president-elect trump to try to fix this problem. you have to rethink everything. and one thing one thing that is excited about the trump administration is that some things that you would never think of our coming out of it
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and working i think there is some hope there. people have said that trump cannot accomplish things. i'm holding out hope. i think everyone should there's no doubt that the circumstances on the ground are very tough to deal with. >> president obama and president-elect trump continued to say they have a good relationship. we will ask a member of the transition team. president-elect trump is considering privatizing. they weigh in next. achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on?
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adam: it came out recently that president-elect trump is considering a big change at the department of veterans affairs. some would bypass the beak va healthcare system. now this after disturbing revelations of the veterans dying while they were waiting for treatment placed on those now infamous waiting list. joining me now is entered in state representative. thank you for being here sir. i know that several veterans organizations have come out against the potential of privatizing portions of va healthcare.
5:38 pm
would that help reform it or is that really not a solution? >> i think there is some conclusion. right now we already have privatization it is a pilot program. it's called a fee basis. we send them out to the private sector. donald trump's plan does not privatize the va his thoughts about modernizing the va. but what it does talk about where you have to call a third-party and ask for permission to go see a dr. because you can get into the va he wants a medical card just like we do if you are on welfare or refugee. yocan have a choice where you wanto go. adam: what a potential solution because i can remember them being in constant headlines a bad care
5:39 pm
for at least 30 years and this issue has not gone away would it make more sense to roll the va into the healthcare system because that's what they get. with that perhaps solve the problem. >> that sounds all great but the bottom line is the congress healthcare that they get there is no studies going on. that goes on within the va. it's very important for veterans just like myself i use the va but when i have my heart attack or my gallbladder out i used my insurance i have choice we don't have a full-service hospital here. but i have a choice and that is what donald trump and the plan talks about.
5:40 pm
i helped him write the plan. you bring up a very important point that many of us fail to notice or forget. gulf war syndrome which was a huge headline in the 1990s. it was the va hospital in indianapolis that was able to figure out what was going on along with studies of people who had now closed. that is a service that they performed the is working is it not? if you look at the water and that many veterans got sick in north carolina they are finding a lot of the disabilities that go with that. we do not want that. he's not looking to get rid of the va. if they go to his website he talks about modernizing it. you have many veterans that are happy with the ba. we just need to fix the accountability where we can
5:41 pm
fire people that do not treat the whole veteran and they treat them terrible and they try to push them out the door and a ten minute appointment. this is a no-brainer what he is doing. we appreciate you not only been with us but your service to the country. adam: president-elect trump announced of the jobs the victory. what else is on the agenda will will ask trump transition team member. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> i was told by the head people at sprint that there can bring 5,000 jobs back into the united states. they are bringing them back to the united states.
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and some other people that i mentioned. i'd be hiring 3,000 people. that's very exciting. president-elect trump is keeping his promise to ring jobs back to the united states. we have the boisterous donald trump in the brazen president obama although i shouldn't use adjectives. do they get along. >> i think it's an early stage in their relationship. they spent a total of 90 minutes together. but i think what happens in you and i were talking about this at the break. richard nixon said it was a very lonely job and you have five people i think there is a
5:46 pm
connectivity between all of them. and there is a level of solidarity once you see all of the stuff. >> i have president bush at my conference a few years ago. he said i don't care what your resume looks like you are not prepared for the job. the first real intense briefing that he got was on january 21. these guys get bonded they love the country they love their country and i think they have the best intentions for the country. words can go about it differently. adam: let's talk about good intentions. the latest in a string of announcements. he hasn't officially taken office yet. can we expect more of this and i know that critics say he should be meddling with private enterprise on the
5:47 pm
other hand i can't recall in the last 20 to 25 years when a the president was so actively involved in standing up for american workers . >> i find it really puzzling that guys on the left that are for the american worker are upset with president-elect trump advocated on their behalf and trying to get their wages up and try to secure manufacturing jobs i can understand that. no one will be able to explain it to me. he has a personal commitment to this. he loves people and the american people will discover this. he loves people and he loves seen people do well. he props up everybody in their success. he's been unbelievably gracious to me in my family and he looks out for people. i do get something that they will enjoy once he is president of the united states.
5:48 pm
he does things so differently than the way the establishment and the country has for the last 60 or seven years. they equate that with ignorance. he gets things done in a way that nobody in washington has had to get things done for decades and i watch them in these meetings. he can read people in the meeting in a way that is just fascinating to watch. and he is incredibly savvy has very good judgment on things. he's also a risk taker. he wants peace in the middle east. he's also very adaptive. he is a he's the kind of guy that will step back from and put the puzzle pieces back together.
5:49 pm
all of the ups and downs of my life had now prepared me for this job. he has had rising tide in his business a lowering tide and then success again. he has really had in the process of that and still a lot of confidence and flexibility in his flexibility. they had been thrown out of power. they're secretly saying this is gonna be great. the economy is gonna grow. there will be a big opportunity for america to feel good about itself again. and he's already doing that. even the professional economist and people that don't like president elect trump they have to give him credit. i love that about it. happy new year.
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just 22 days left in the obama presidency. even executive orders. some say he is undermining the incoming ministration. administration. we will delete that next. your insurance company
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adam: the transition of power has begun with a tug-of-war. now indeed with the rhetoric is getting a little hostile. twenty-two days left in the presidency and he has pursued what some people say is an aggressive foreign policy changes. the power panel is back.
5:54 pm
i just will let you know. president-elect trump could issue a statement on the sanctions throwing out russian diplomats let me start right now with you. as the obama administration acting in the best interest of the united states or are they trying to throw obstacles in the way of the incoming administration. this is very sad to see. i'm really making a big bold statement in my own mind when i say this would be one of the most un-american things obama has done yet. this process that are found are set up for a peaceful and smooth transition for the american people for him to attempt to undermined president-elect trump is not only completely selfish and un-american as you know president-elect trump does not take kindly to anyone confronting him publicly.
5:55 pm
i am watching the clock. i know you want to respond to that. thank you for the time to do it. there are people on both sides were upset about that. i get that. i can see both sides of this. it's a continuation of u.s. policy. he doesn't even want to recognize the jewish state. it is complicated. it's still well below other level there. and he can overturn them. but when this is supposed to be a smooth. it starts out really well. donald trump is not necessarily the most mature
5:56 pm
person. he has another 22 days left. when they undermine him and you have a chat with taiwan for instance i don't even know if it was the worst thing in the world. >> with 30 seconds it's the most polite way i could say. holding it when most people couldn't have. he's can be a great president. on that. we will be right back. ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. rowe price. inst with confidence.
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adam: any minute now we are going to get a response from president-elect trump on the white house sanctions from russia.
6:00 pm
that's expected to be out again now. we'll bring you the latest when it happens. the russians from reacting. they are closing the anglo-mayor candle school in moscow. i'm going to throw it to david asman who will bring you up to speed. david: good evening. i'm david asman in for charles payne. president-elect trump promised to make the economy great again an is touting eacand every economic milestone before he even takes office. he retweeted a headline that says "economists says trump brought hope." the jobs the companies trump negotiated with to hire americans seem to be coming home. while skeptics say this has nothing to do with trump, the executive president of one, he


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