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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 30, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lauren simonetti and dagen, we will see you in a few minutes. good morning, i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo, friday december 30th, 6:00 a.m. eastern. the white house hit the kremlin with sanctions over alleged hacking. >> our bottom line is what russia has engaged in the last few months and years is unacceptable. it's outside the norm of diplomatic behavior. the president is sending a message to cut it out and that's why he ordered aggressive action. sandra: russia announcing own sanctions against the u.s. we will have the details ahead. and new oversight in north texas, an officer shot after scuffle. what led to the confrontation. and burring, the new year, ahead of the holiday weekend, what you
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should expect. plus, tweet your tweet, new year's resolution to keep happy in 2017. dow up 33 points, s&p up 5. nasdaq up 10. pretty firmly in positive territory a few hours ahead of the opening bell over in europe. stocks have actually been down in the trading session there led by a fall on the ftse and london, four tenths of 1% n asia overnight, mixed markets there again on the last day of trading for 2016. and amazon reveals plans for a high-flying warehouse with a fleet of drones. you have to see how this is going to work. and all of that coming up with me this morning, president
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dominic is here and rachel campos, dagen will be up in just a few minutes. happy new year, not there yet. but we are like a second from time square and i swear, at night i finished hosting the kelly file, the streets were filled with tourists even though those threats exist, people just keep oncoming occupy. >> no where better to be than new york city on new year's eve. sandra: depends who you ask, rachel. [laughter] sandra: harvard law professor and defense attorney alan will be joining us. texas congressman and former new york governor george will be here. all right, this is going to be -- good morning. retaliation against russia. the obama administration expels 35 russian diplomats and imposes additional sanctions to punish
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russia for its alleged hacking during the election and now the kremlin just announced it will eject 35 u.s. diplomat and banning diplomatic staff from using a facility in moscow. president-elect trump responded to the american measures yesterday says, quote, it's time for our country to move onto bigger and better things, nevertheless in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. incoming white house reince priebus weighed in on the o'reilly factor last night. >> we agree that foreign governments shouldn't be hacking american institutions, period, so it's not like we condone the hacking of institutions and entities and businesses in america, of course, not. it's wrong and it'meing that we don't agree with, howeve it would nice if we could get autoplace where the
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intelligence community as a -- in unison can tell us what it is that's been going on and what the investigation was. sandra: former cia director. james, good to see you, thanks for being here this morning. good morning, did the obama administration make the right move here in some say they went too far, some say they didn't go far enough? >> well, there's a certain dance aspect to all of this. what the obama administration did to the russians was require that a number of the official cover officers leave, people who are undercover as military officers or as civil servants for russia and that's kind of standard, you can't arrest them and prosecute them because they have diplomatic immunity. we closed down one of the weekend retreats and that's about it.
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there's just -- it's kind of proforma and pr. it's a lot of public statements requiring them to cut it out. by the way, i don't think cut it out is exactly the phrase you want to use with a former kgb officer like putin. sandra: that was an interesting choice of words, for sure. let's talk, james, about what trump is going to do here because this is obama acting in the very final days of his administration as we know and trump put out a statement, he said, look, it's time to move on, we have more important things to do, yet, he did say he's going to hold the meetings with intelligence officials next week, what do you make of that, he has already been a skeptic of what has been coming out of our intelligence agencies. >> i think what else he does he ought not to talk about it. that's part of what's been so
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screwy here, the verbal activity is substantially in excess of what is actually occurring in terms of any retaliation. i think that there's really a situation brewing that has to be brought under control, but the way to do it is not to have more and more public statements about it, if we have to retaliate and there are some things we ought to do here, we ought to do them without saying anything. we ought to speak softly and carry a big stick and occasionally use the stick. sandra: what needs to be brought under control. there's confusion as to what exactly did transpire, it wasn't the election that was actually hacked, it was john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign manager that was hacked and the dnc was hacked and it wasn't the actually election that was hacked, you're talking about the serious problem, i know that you're referring to cybersecurity, what really is the root of the problem that we are trying to address here?
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>> as far as we know, they did not do such things as create mythical voters by using dead people's identities the way it has happened in chicago from time to time over the centuries. they didn't do anything like that. they may have tried, who knows. but there's been no report that they did anything successfully from their point of view that way. and we do need the first and most important thing we need to do is to fix our voting machines because in the aftermath of the hanging chads in florida election of 2000 a lot of localities fixed their voting machines but they fixed them to use touch screen without any paper trail, that means if the russians in two years get somebody inside our system and start playing with totals, there's no way to check it.
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and so all of the -- the various entities, voting organizations in groups and counties and states and so forth that run the elections need to be looking at two years from now and to have a system which can't be hacked in a way that will directly affect the outcome of the election. >> james, if i can jump in, dominic, how are you? just to bring it back to the obama administration reaction, they clearly knew this about preelection. why now, why they reacted now, why they didn't react two months ago, four months ago? >> they liked the pr now rather than otherwise. the main thing they ought to be doing is hardening the electricity grid so the russians can't or others can't hack into the grid and shut down our electricity the way they have for ukraine, for example. those are what's important not the verbiage, not when they say it, not even what th say, it's
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our vulnerabilits that have to get fed. >> james, this is rach isle campos duffey. why no sanctions there? >> i don't know. i cannot get inside the head of the obama administration at all. i have great difficulty with that. but the sanctions don't do much good. we don't trade that much with russia, so cutting off contacts with american corporations doesn't really mean anything. this is all -- like i said it's a dance. if you want to do something effective, take physical measures to keep your systems from getting dealt with and getting changed with and fiddled with by the russians or the chinese or anyone, keep quiet about what you're doing and when you have an opportunity to cause
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great trouble for them the way they have for you, go ahead and do it and don't say a word about it. >> would you say this is about causing more trouble for donald trump than for the russians? >> i can't tell why the obama administration would think that it was causing particular trouble for trump by doing this. it's -- how, why? what does it do for them? >> it sorts put them in a diplomatic corner a few days before he takes office. this is something we are going to be watching obviously very closely and great to get your perspective on that as the former director of essential intelligence, this is something that's going to be dealt with for some time. good to see you, happy new year. all right, coming up, wild winter weather, north eastern plans to disrupt your plans. twitter getting a makeover, what the company is doing to keep users happy.
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what are they going to do for you next
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sand sand texas police officer
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recovering after getting shot
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outside a restaurant. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: good morning, the suspect was also shot, investigators say the officer got into the scuffle outside with a man outside of weather ford, 30 miles west of fort worth, texas, during struggle shots rang out. the suspect has a warrant out for his arrest. the officer in stable condition this morning. nobody inside the restaurant luckily was hurt. 2016 has been a dangers year for police, the number of officers killed on duty reached a five-year high, half of 135 officers killed were shot to death including 21 ambush-style attacks. good-bye 2016. the powerful north eastern dumping snow, maine hit specially hard. some parts of the state got over a foot of snow last night. more than 300 plows are out this morning. the same system brought where i understand and drerched the northeast coast.
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the storm expected to move out later today and the region will see a slight warm-up going into the new year. are you tired of typos on twitter? ceo jack dorsey suggested that the social media might finally add an edit boot on the. that was one of the top responses. new features to better deal with harassment on twitter. this, not your typical vegas blackout, the rio casino lost power yesterday and had to scramble to find new rooms ahead of busy new year's weekend there. the hotel had to basically evacuate everyone inside. officials blaming blaming the blackout, look at the blackout, they blamed the backup generator that shortened out. you have keep the ligh outor vegas. sandra: or not. that could be fun too.
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cheryl: sounds scary. sandra: cheryl, thank you. can we talk about twitter spell-checking for a second. if i type in my characters and i just try to misspelled a word and it does the microsoft underlines an lets you know it's misspelled. dagen: people wind up misspelling words. sandra: like donald trump. [laughter] dagen: if people don't know the difference bween you youapostrophere. [laughter] sandra: upcoming generations don't know how to spell. dagen: if you've edited facebook posts, it says that it's been edited.
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sandra: really? dagen: edited. so you can't change things and get away with it. >> what does that mean, what does that abereavuation mean. everything is abbreviated, right? sandra: we don't really try to spell correctly on twitter. [laughter] sandra: one letter with represent a word. we will see. they are trying to make people happy. coming up, it is the final trading day of 2016, year-end market recap, what things have done this year just ahead and the sky is the limit, amazon idea for a flying warehouse takes off wow, x1 has netflix?
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sandra: the final trading day of the year, markets looking to end the year on a high note, futures right now pointing to gains at the open but we are still shy of that big 20,000 level that everybody has been watching and for the year investors seeing strong returns. the dow industrials up more than 13% and the s&p 500 was up 10%. we've got dominic sitting here, do you think we are going to get more gains in 2017? doesn't look like we are going to hit the 20,000 mark before the end of the year? >> after the kind of year in the dow and s&p and the nasdaq, no one should be complaining, no one should be complaining. sandra: let's talk energy and financials because they are responsible for handsome gains
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we have seen. >> we came up huge bottoms from 2017, right? we have opec, opec, russia agreement that who knows if it's really going to happen in terms of production, we have u.s. production coming back on line, we have a lot of wells dri we have capacity coming in, we have rig count going up every day. i don't see energy going through the roof. sandra: energy stocks but do you see energy prices going up? >> energy prices going much higher. dagen: what about the run in transports in particular and stocks, two best performing stocks, are they overdone? >> they are still going to benefit. we've had a very strong dollar and it looks like it's going to continue to get stronger. multinationals really get hurt on that. goods overseas become cheaper, cheaper to import them back to the united states.
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on the other hand, small caps are primarily u.s.-based companies. dagen: in terms of the trump trade, people gravitated to smaller companies because they would be less sensitive to kind of tough talk on trade and tariffs and then also when you start rolling back regulations, there's more upside in the smaller companies. >> let's not forget two years of earnings recession. to large companies literally swallow up companies that pick up revenue and profits. i don't see the kind of runs in 2017 that we have seen in 2016 but, on the other hand i do see them positive. sandra: taking a look at some of the losers, real estate, health care. >> if you look at health care, i have to look at -- probably the one of the most valuable sectors in the s&p 500. we look at it and say, what the hell is going on, every time a politician open their mouth, the sector would go down, every time
6:24 am
one of these -- sandra: every day, every minute of every day in an election year. >> every time a ceo sat in front of congress and testified about epipen, the sector would go down. we are all getting older, we need more medical care and something is going to be resolved with obamacare. sandra: thanks for mentioning that. >> the opportunity still in the healthcare sector. sandra: one area of the market that's been lackluster is the ipo market this year. 2017 sping up to be a big one specially considering we are going to get snapchat, it plans to sell to investors more like facebook than twitter. [laughter] dagen: that's wise, given the fate of those two. sandra: what do you think? dagen: i'm just making fun -- >> i'm with you. look, ending the year with the indices really terrific but preelection, these markets with not terrific.
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we forget that, we forget that we had a pretty significant double-digit correction in february. everybody forgets how ugly this market looked. dagen: worst start of the year ever. >> so a lot of the ipo's really just pulled back, they didn't think it was an appropriate time to bring the companies to the market and we all know they can get as much financing as they want on the private side. so i think it'll be a bigger opportunity in 2017 specially if the economy continues to improve. sand sand all right, good stuff. there it is, 22.49. we will see where we end the year. last like today the last day of 2016. cracking down on the kremlin, president obama retaliates against russia for alleged hacking, all the details just ahead. mid-air meltdown, why a couple's route fight forced a dealtia flight to turn around
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>> it is friday morning december 30. russia announces tollett tory sanctions against the u.s. that is in response to the obama administration sanctions against russia for its interference with the u.s. elections.
6:29 am
the bold move in the final days of a president obama's term. the president is leaving in a couple weeks but he is a president from now until then. we will be in a position to make these decisions. >> you can't have it both ways. all the same time you want the president president-elect to make new policy. this after president-elect the tribe called for the country to quote move on. a couple's rowdy fight caused chaos on a dull type -- delta airline flight. minimum wage hikes setting the stage for massive business hikes.
6:30 am
it set to go into effect in 19 u.s. states in the year. the sky is the limit for him is on. amazon. it would put warehouses and a fleet of drones in the sky. in the look at u.s. futures right now. the final trading day of the year. it's a big stretch. in europe stocks are trading lower right now it's up 29 points leading the way to the downside. in asia overnight they're mixed on the last trading day of the year there. the latest installment of star wars just hitting the theaters. but fans are already looking forward to the next movie. president obama retaliated
6:31 am
against russia. they expel 35 russian diplomats. there are additional sanctions on the country. kelly and conway said the relationship with russia will be different. watch. >> you see the flurry of activity by a tough president obama as he exits office. at the se time the new president well have an opportunity to xamine the relationship. across the globe and make a decision that is always america first. adam, good to see you this morning. the last trading day of the year. happy new year. they are going to expel 35 u.s. diplomats in response. all americans should be
6:32 am
alarmed by russians -- rushes nctions. why do you think he is taking this action now with just a few days left in office. >> i think the action was definitely needed and it was appropriate and i think we are under attack by the russian foreign government. these are not 400-pound men. it didn't just happen overnight. why did they do this sooner. i think it takes time to sort through all of the intelligence and to come up with a weight -- range of options. i think also it was important to get this done before the end of the year. the russian hacking of the dnc started way back in september of 2015 and it was months and months over the course of the campaign where they were than a feeding documents to wikileaks.
6:33 am
it was a clear attack on our democracy. it's a nonpartisan issue. and something that democrats and republicans should be able to come together and agree on. some are to say with a couple of weeks left in office maybe it would have been best to leave it to the new incoming administration. president-elect and donald trump has released a statement in response to this. it's time for our country to move on. nevertheless he said in the interest of our country in its great people i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. he does not acknowledge it. do you think you will get rid of the sanctions against russia that he will inherit now from obama. >> i think that is something that should concern all americans. during the campaign donald
6:34 am
trump was briefed on the attacks from our intelligence and still refuse to accept their conclusionand then after he was the president-elec for comi out with those same conclusions. >> he certainly questioned what he was hearing coming out of this. there's been a lot of misreported information on this. they hacked the electoral system. what we know from our agencies is that russia and this is an agreement by all of our intelligence is that they hacked the campaign manager of hillary clinton there is no evidence out there that they actually hacked into our election process. >> that in and of itself is attack on our democracy.
6:35 am
it affected our ability to talk to voters every day at the campaign for the last five months and we have a two-party system that is part of choosing the elected leaders of our country let's not forget they also leaked and released the home addresses and phone numbers of every democratic member of congress. that is an attack on our elected officials. let's talk about this. they're saying the latest actions may be rooted in jealousy listen to this. >> there are 22 days for president obama to continue that. there is some jealousy at the amount of accomplishments that have already been occurring both in terms of domestic policy and job creation. this is a president that will accomplish more before
6:36 am
becoming a president's. is there any jealousy right now. based on what they are already getting done before even entering the white house? >> reporter: the president and his response yesterday with their announcements from the intelligence agency is the response to an attack on our democracy. many of the things that mister trump has tried to claim credit for over the last few months are actually things that were while in place while before he was even one of the past race. his taking office as a least a popular president-elect in our nations history. they will have a hard problem.
6:37 am
i'm not sure where you're getting those numbers. we will look into it. thank you so much for joining us . coming up and embarrassing flip at the crosswalk that went viral overnight. what are the expectations what should you expect. that is all i have. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> we are looking at futures right now. pointed to a higher open. the final trading day of the year. a few stocks on the move for you this morning including amazon planning to take logistics to new heights.
6:41 am
they are filing for a patent to fly in warehouses. shares are up 13% for the year. and sears getting a lifeline from its ceo. lending the struggling retailer $200 million sending the stock soaring 10% yesterday. the ceo has loaned the company more than $800 million over the past two years. shares are down 56 percent for the year. now to a story about mid air meltdown that landed one couple in handcuffs. >> this is a holiday story that well warm your heart. i have barely gotten off the ground in minneapolis before chaos erupted inside the plane. a couple in their mid- 30s started ignoring instructions. he was forced to come on the
6:42 am
intercom. didn't listen. when they stormed the cabin the couple didn't go quietly than either. listen. the couple was cited for disorderly conduct they had been booked and they had been released. an update to a tragic story out of texas and for you. army officials had released the name of two soldiers that were killed during a routine training flight. dustin mortensen both died in an accident. low leaves behind a son, daughter and wife. the chopper crash crashed into the golf on wednesday afternoon. damn not just released to the cause.
6:43 am
many businesses might take a hard hit on this. in 19 states 19 states including california, new york , washington among others are going to increase the minimum wage. it will make a difference in their lives but restaurants say there can have to get creative to absorb the costs and cost and make sure the patrons aren't scared away by the promising new higher prices. normally this wouldn't be a funny incident but when the 15-year-old jillian jordan slipped on a new york city street she in strangers around her were laughing take a look at this. she still the moment when she posted to social media this video. she is now a sensation overnight. take a look at this one more time. one of those videos it's one of those things people think it's cute and fun. i think anybody is looking for
6:44 am
what they can find that is fun and happy. >> it's kind of scary. they're in the middle of a busy intersection. >> why do people think that they can make a fit on an airline like that. usually happens when people are drinking. >> it's when there is inclement weather and they've suffered delays and plane switches and cancellations. were all herded onto the plane and off and waiting for baggage. an alcohol does not help. it's the ambien alcohol cocktail. here are some of this week's top moments from the show.
6:45 am
>> they have totally failed when it comes to the middle east process. i don't know what he can add going out the door. and allow the trump administration to take over on january 20 rather than just tying the hands of the israelis. >> number one who cares what john kerry thinks. there are other solutions and i think that's what we need to look for now. because the two state solution and the mantra that the obama administration has been voicing this last eight years. has been impossible to achieve. >> my advice to all of your viewers is to be aware. the work is here. it's on american streets we had arrested hundred 25 isis terrace and just the last two and half years.
6:46 am
you do have that privacy. but on a device that is constantly recording you and then putting it on the cloud that's where we are now getting hung up. i think they ran a red light. >> there are some interest that you have to look at. this is someone's individual right. will what we had 20,000 before the end of the year. if i could make calls like that i would be in florida retired. >> what you do when someone gives you a gift you don't like. i take after one of my brothers. steve i feel so much better
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>> that was a clip from star wars episode seven. it is the 2015 precursor to the much anticipated episode eight film due out next year. met with his most anticipated films of 2017. >> this is a time of the year that people want to start going to some movies especially this week. episode eight is in post production. they are wondering how this saga will continue what is next for this franchise. it will be a big one for 2017.
6:53 am
there will be a star wars movie every year from the end of time. it's a spin off movie. it separate from the main storyline. the cast already wrapped everything back in july. on the technical side it shouldn't affect things too much. it will affect more on the emotional side. people will be thinking about her. i just hope it's kind of a fitting sendoff from one of the great movie heroes of all time. >> know what was good to see it but now i think they might. in the guardian's of the galaxy volume two. what you need to know about this one especially if you like the first one everyone who was in the first one even
6:54 am
been diesel there all back including james gunn the guy who wrote and directed the first one. i think there's a very good chance you will enjoy this one. we are going to meet the mysterious father who is played in this movie by kurt russell. i think we just got some excitement on the set. talk to me about spiderman. this intrigues me. there is a spiderman homecoming. this is the third different spiderman a franchise in ten years. one most importantly this one is made in conjunction with marble. so this spiderman is going to
6:55 am
interact with the heroes including robert downey junior's spiderman. he's like the mentor father figure he is constantly telling the new spiderman that he shouldn't be super hearing in he should leave that to the professionals. this i can relate to. they are making other classes intimated films. you will be seen this movie at least a million times i'm sure it's a remake. of the 1991 intimated classic. you have emma watson plane bell. -- plane bell. the most viewings of a trail there.
6:56 am
and they're probably all under the age of five. >> this is from christopher nolan. one of my favorite directors one of the few guys that gets to make movies on a big scale. it's based on a true story i can't wait. this movie you can see looks absolutely incredible. thank you very much. >> a defect in the honda odyssey minivans. what you need to know about it just ahead. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
6:57 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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good morning. they're teasing me around here. it is friday december 30. here are your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. the hit the kremlin with fresh sanctions. i was really disappointed to read and that new york times piece the allegation that perhaps that they are taking
7:00 am
place to boxing. i hope that this is it motivated by politics even a little bit. one wonders what it is. russia's response. one last winter blast for you. a massive minivan recall. what models need to go into the shop. we will let you know. the markets are trending to the upside. over in europe we haven't seen in some direction and the downside led in london. in asia overnight mixed action.
7:01 am
it has been closed. brazen burglary. a man smashes into a store with a sledgehammer. wow. here to with me to break it all down. and the fox news contributor. my mom loves coals. remember when scott walker said he got his sweater for like $2 at kohl's no kidding. unbelievable story. it was very sophisticated. so we have a lot to get to. we have the former shell will
7:02 am
president. what are energy prices can be doing in the new year. and the defense attorney. obviously to talk about a lot of the breaking news involving israel. in the former new york governor. you do not want to miss any of that. in the russian revenge. they plan to expel 35 u.s. diplomats after president obama announced sanctions against russia for the alleged interference they signal a willingness to work with russia. >> made clear that he is willing to work with companies. if there are companies that want to come together with the united states and help eradicate isis than we would
7:03 am
entertain that assistance depending on the turns. let's bring in former massachusetts senator. good to see you sir. i know degen has been up earlier. >> good thing you weren't watching my face was swollen this morning. she was up bright and early. i want to get your take on these sanctions that have been imposed. we've heard from a lot of republicans -- i mean democrats. >> for civil i first of all i think they need to go back a little bit. when i was in the senate as the men met -- member of homeland services.
7:04 am
we need to take measures immediately to protect ourselves. and what does this administration do. virtually nothing. we still have nuclear codes. mr. can figure this thing out. it's kind of a tit tit-for-tat thing. a lot of what he could've done should've been done behind closed doors. and just done what he needed to do. i'm not surprised. we will play this little game. russia has already issued a response. they will answer this. kind of a threat to not go beyond that. entering the white house january 20. how would you like to see him handle this.
7:05 am
i would've at least hoped and expected that it would consult and say it by the way we have a problem with israel into russia and this is what working to do. what can we do to make it work for you. sending a message what can we do. and they did none of that. that bothers me more than anything else. you are sending a major shift in policy throwing israel under the bus. thickets putting a i think it's putting a damper on not only the stock market but the trump administration giving them more to do than what they would've needed to do. >> do you think donald trump needs to step down plain what the russians did, and 95 percent of those believe
7:06 am
that the russians were behind the hacking. we had rules and laws regarding hacking especially when it affects our national security. the president is all of the sun and all upset. they should've hired more people to protect the firewalls. that they were able to infiltrate their e-mails and the like. you can throw blame here and there the president has known about this forever. and he has done nothing until 22 days left in his administration. this is the most fired up i have seen them in eight years. >> the way that donald trump talks about this it's not just about the hacking it's really about what his position will be with russia. depending on how donald trump
7:07 am
handles this he's going to get tough questions because again is the ceo of exxon he was against sanctions on russia. depending on what is said here and now. >> that is the beauty of advising consent. i hope they do and i hope he answers them thoroughly into thoughtfully. we better relations with iran then we do sometimes with russia. i think the priorities of this administration are a little bit upside down. i agree with president-elect trump. in the country that wants to defeat isis we should work with and that includes russia. i may change subjects here. emma talk a little bit about the senate.
7:08 am
you know a lot of these guys in the senate are they going to be obstructionist to the tax plan i think there's about 18 states that trump one that the senate democrats and had to defend. how well that impact how they will react. >> good question. when you change the rules in the senate that allow for 51 votes to confirm ambassadors, everybody except to the supreme court. you really don't need the democrats. they can do a lot of false bravado stuff. in reality they can't hold that. i'm hopeful that some of the democrats of somebody who well
7:09 am
just look at the facts. i am presuming that you will get some democrats with the plan. the cabinet continues to take shape there. they weighed in on the speed and caliber of the selections because there have been critics. let's listen. >> you look at the number of individuals who have already been named to key positions. you look at a gentleman like rex tillerson who want to help move this country forward and serve in this nation. it has been something on the way. they're not picking fast enough. the confirmation hearings get underway next month.
7:10 am
i would encourage the others who are whining to stop whining and let the president make his pics and go through the confirmation process and see what cabinet you have. i'm very excited about general flynn. the small business administration. i think those are rock solid. the others had great promise to really get our country moving. >> working with issues affecting treasury there are some things that are screwed up that we need to fix and i'm excited to put people who really don't have any agenda except the american people to move things forward. >> your new year's resolution sir. just continue to be a good dad and a good husband. >> she is working on it. a couple of the debates.
7:11 am
she's happy. she's working things out. i just smile and say go get them. happy new year. more than 600,000 honda odyssey's need a journey to the dealership. they escaped with more than a hundred thousand dollars in merchandise.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
a powerful northeaster pounding the northeast. it dumped a foot or more of snow in northern new england. they were warning residents to stay off the road. including at least one fatal accident. a joint funeral may be held for carrie fishel and her mother. sources are telling tmc that some of the family members are in favor of a dual service. carrie fisher best known as princess leia from the star wars film died tuesday. her mother a hollywood legend died the next day.
7:15 am
she was 84. they are reporting that the family is looking ahead to the small private ceremony. honda is recalling more than 600,000 odyssey minivans because the second row seats could move unexpectedly if there is a crash. the recall involves 2011 to 2016. they plan to notify owners about the recall next month. police in bucks county pennsylvania are looking for this guy who still as much as a hundred thousand dollars of watches and jewelry from my coals and actually had a lot of diamond jewelry a hundred grand. police are asking anybody with inrmation contact the lower makefield township.
7:16 am
i don't know what's next. i was looking at that video. that was something fierce. >> now they need security at night now. coming up a tricky situation for him amazon and walmart. one is suing the retail giant for over $50 million. and oil marching higher in 2016 the forecast for the new year where oil is heading next. with the xfinity tv app,
7:17 am
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7:20 am
the plant opec production cuts leading into the new year. i 2016 high just this week. right now at 5375 per barrel. 2017 could bring more good news. they wanted to go higher. alright john. as far as expectations are concerned do you expect them to be continued higher from here. i think over the course of the year we may see a 15 to 25-dollar rise in the oil price provided two things one we stick with our production cuts which it really needs to do they are not paying for all of their government expenses with the current oil price and the second thing is demand continues to rise even if slowly but if we don't see
7:21 am
more demand around the world that could slow down. they're still selling a lot of cars in china and india. in other parts of the developing world. i don't think americans are driving any less. what you see is a continuation of a traditional demand plus additional new demand and it all depends on the state of the world economy. are they going to calm down and allow economies to work. i think the signs are for an upward movement in oil prices. >> we see the u.s. reg cal. that's not even talking about all of the wells that have been shattered and turned on. how long before u.s. production starts to ramp up.
7:22 am
i think we will see a slow increase over the course of the next six months. they are not yet ready to lend a lot of money into the u.s. energy sector. there are still some very troubled loans out there. from companies that are on the side of bankruptcy. i don't think there would be an immediate resumption of large growth but i do think there will be some. we were at 1600 riggs. so we are still a thousand down essentially from where we were. i do think we will see a couple hundred rigs over the course of the year. perhaps up to a million barrels per day. they just weren't profitable. they start to become profitable and they can come online pretty quick what are your expectations there. i think we will see a major effort to complete these
7:23 am
wells. before we start drilling new wells. again money is scarce and equipment as scarce and people are scarce. >> thanks in part to the oil rally. they snapped a five year losing streak with their first annual rise since 2010. decent -- see that continuing. if the global economy has a strength to it in the u.s. really goes on in infrastructure rebuild and let me fuel rebuild and the the other parts of the developed world. you can see commodities coming back. the increase that we saw in
7:24 am
the early 2000 i don't see it happening like that. i don't think china has enough demand to turn commodities back into what it was a decade ago. >> let's talk energy under president-elect --dash president-elect donald trump. as his secretary of energy for civil what do you make of those pics. in the case of governor perry he sees energy as an economic development tool. that's what he did in texas. with the natural gas company. during his tenure as governor. i see him carrying that to washington. as an economic development opportunity. i think he looks and at the balance of energy sources i
7:25 am
don't think he is against anything in the renewable chain that i'm aware of but i think he is also for the development of natural resources that exist in the geographic u.s. which i'm quite pleased that that is the case. i think we have a radicalism in the obama administration which made no common sense given that working to be using oil for the next 50 or 60 years in this country. and rex tillerson knows that full well. with the ideology and some kind of administration that wish it were different. >> it's not just about pipeline building either. get some sense of future opportunity this on-again off-again five-year plan that we've seen the last eight years has been very problematic for the oil industry which thinks in ten or 20 years. if you don't know and the tax predictions. you can get more than one year.
7:26 am
to know what the tax system would be even for renewable energy. what we need is some sense of purpose a longer-term vision it would be nice to have an energy plan for the world's largest economy. we haven't head that ever. >> we were sitting here just looking at the energy plan that the president-elect has laid out. make america energy independent. this is the message that he have out on the campaign trail. what are begin a seat for gas prices under president-elect trump. i think we are working our way back to $3 a gallon. i think that will translate into roughly $3 a gallon.
7:27 am
given their history over the last decade or so. >> you are predicting attend a 15-dollar rise. as high as 25. >> thank you for joining us. good to see you. coming up football fans could find themselves in the dark. the network showdown that could leave some without their sunday night football. setting so. it causes disagreement among democrats what it means for u.s. relations with its allies, coming up next. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit excesses. . sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith, friday, december 30 your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern, new wrinkles in the strained ties between u.s. and russia this morning russia announcing retaliation against object administration sanctions for meddling with election president-elect called for country to move on as he plans to mend america'sing implicated relationships with
7:31 am
russia. theo administration decision to abstain from u.s. -- u.n. resolution on israel. >> the problem with what happened at u.n. was that in our minds, it was so egregious so bad and so one-sided, and i think so wrong toward our greatet ally, at least that it was impossible for us not to communicate about that. resolution and we believe for the united states, to abstain on such a resolution is really flies in the face of our long term ally. >> democrats break with president secretary of state condemning their action fallout ahead, a new -- way -- amazon walmart running to the courthouse suing both retailers, negotiations football fans in the dark,
7:32 am
millions americans at risk missing packers-lions matchup sunday, nbc and charter deal talks hit an impasse. -- >> i don't see a lot of -- >> goodness, don't count your hatchamos, before they hatchet the controversy that is leasing parents oijdz stock index futures up pointing to higher open on wall street dow up 31, s&p up 4 nasdaq futures up 8 points, we are about two hours from the opening bell here, when iwh is happening in europe cac quarante i france positive to slight gooin ftse and dax both down, in asia overnight, stocks mixed on the final trading day of 2016. closed shanghai composite hang seng mixed action in that. >> president-elect donald
7:33 am
trump supporters taking aim at object administration recent actions towards israel, trump counselor kellyanne conway saying last night that help is on the way for the country. >> it is so important that israel and middle east and rest of the world know that we will have an incredibly strong relationship between u.s. and israel, and mr. netanyahu knows that, ambassador knows that we just want to world to know that, i thought this vote over the weekend was clear just remarkable, a -- so weak. >> not the only hypocrite democrats senate minority leader chuck schumer condemning secretary of state kerry's speech to weigh in harvard law professor emeritus author of erectile dysfunction alan dershowitz here really good to have you here this morning a couple days ago on kelly file talked about the amount of -- sets us back as
7:34 am
far as progress on peace. where are your thoughts. >> to me the most amazing thing is that the -- teresa may condemned kerry speech said one-sided, much too much emphasis on settlements said ally doesn't condemn voting in another country the way kerry said israel is moving for a tar right to have the -- the prime minister of he think dplabd more supportive -- the "new york times" fake news on israel failed to report this story of may condemning kerry as story today, only right wing jews condemn kerry, hey i am a left wing liberal jew schumer is a liberal they make up news the times all the news that they think is fit to print if they don't think it is fit to print don't punish
7:35 am
on israel so -- >> a divide within democratic party just schumer hichlz ming . >> it does keith ellison, who worked with farrakhan to be -- chairman you are going to see people leave i am telling you on show this is news, if they point keith ellison to be chairman of the democratic party i will resign my membership from the democratic party after 50 years of being a loyal democrat i will vote conscious mostly vote for democrats but i will not be a member of a party, that represents itself through a chairman like keith ellison, and to policies, like he is poufd by john perry barack obama. >> do you think the timing is political motivated for this very reason that john kerry, that we would have never done
7:36 am
that, in terms of of the veto on friday never heard john kerry give that speech if before election for this very reason n. >> certainty. >> case you literally have i am paraphrasing ely lake in one column you would have had commercials running saying jewish people banned from living jerusalem we watched genocide in syria that is the foreign policy. >> not only wouldn't it have happened before the election, shows how uncourageous undemocratic this is does it at time congress is out of session where there is nobody to check and balance, it never would have happened if hillary clinton had been elected, because president obama wouldn't have wanted to tie her hands, this is revenge not only against netanyahu it is revenge against donald trump as well the ultimate victim is not israel the ultimate victim is the peace process it is
7:37 am
going to be so much harder to make peace the subcommittees said they are not going to negotiate except under o provisions u.s. security council resolution also, wrong it is not illegal, for israel to have control over the jewish quarter captured from them illegally by jordan israel captured it back they had legal control over that even west bank, issue of legality very complicated israel didn't take land from palestinians took it from jordan the defensive war against jordan palestinians weren't even in existence as people comlithd legally should be resolved politically, fairly we should have a two-state solution i believe with israel security, and it can be done but derry and obama have set back the peace process -- >> donald trump, kerry making remarks within a month of
7:38 am
donald trump getting into the white house. so what would you like to see, what -- i mean what is even within reach for donald trump to do once he is in there. >> two things one should announce immediately we reject uhh u.n. policy number two accept jerusalem as capital of israel will put our embassy that israel has to negotiate about western wall, the hospital. >> -- donald trump says things much different come january 20, our relationship is is our relationship with israel going to improve under a president trump. >> i surely believe that. he certainly has indicated that. and i think the point is that -- a few years ago showed when america sports israel, i'd say makes concessions, when america doesn't support israel, israel gets its back against the wall.
7:39 am
and so i think trump will a, support israel and b, israel will make more concessions be more open to making peace it is very open. >> netanyahu already said no preconditions come negotiate, israel -- palestinians state in 2000, 2001, 2008 you didn't see that in kerry's-speak fake news, kerry's speech fake news he doesn't mention real affected should be nominated academy award for fictional screenplay. >> appease negotiations claechz, there was the government between hamas blahs tin -- and palestinian authority, settlements in 2005 three wars by hamas, that they have started since then. >> that is right not only that israel had a freeze for 10 months palestinians said if you freeze settlements we will negotiate israelites -- froze settlements 10 months no
7:40 am
negotiations finally a week before freeze was over said we are ready to negotiate they have not shown good faith they will not utter following words we recognize israel, as the nation state of the jewish people what u.n. resolution 1947 set out, about those two states for two people palestinian leadership will not accept that 1947 resolution, they don't accept resolution 242 of u.n. in 1967 love new resolution because it is totally one-sided, as was kerry's speech. >> -- turning to president-elect appointments, incoming press secretary sean spicer says president-elect trump will wait until after inauguration takes place to announce picked for supreme court. >> that is right, you i what i hope he does we have my colleagues and friends too many judges and professors on sproeme supreme court we need practical practicing lawyers legislative experience real
7:41 am
world experience in the courtroom, so putting aside ideology needs people real world experience to the supreme court. >> what do you think about potential trey -- >> candidacy for supreme court judge. >> i don't know enough to comment i want to see people can bring into isolated chambers of the supreme court real, real world experience. >> happy new year. >> thank you, happy new year. >> coming up big retailers could be in a big legal mess hip-hop group -- claims walmart amazon copied their trademarks. >> hots toys of the holiday season hatching controversy the plash if -- backlash that is ahead. ♪ ♪ your path to retirement
7:42 am
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. sandra: missing plane in ohio, cheryl casone has the latest on that hey. >> sandra, crews are searching lake erie shortly after it took off if small airport last night so far, no signs of debris, the names of the six onboard have not been released, notification pending notification, conditions weather crew says they will try to pick it up this morning. >> mcdaniel one of the founding members of the run-d.m.c. is suing amazon km and walmart for 50 million dollars for trademark infringement ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ over things like you see in the video the look of the band
7:46 am
necklaces, saying as well as companies that sell on amazon say simply to the ones they created, run-d.m.c.. >> has opened in china you might not want to look down, it is -- 2000 feet deep. for reference golden gate bridge in california stands at 220-feet high bridge in southwest china 3 years to build more than 146 million dollars, construction was completed back in september, but the bridge was not opened to traffic until yesterday. and, finally, are for problems from hatchimal, weigh told you the bird didn't hatch, now parents are claiming that hatchimal swears as sleeping jury out on this people posted on youtube saying judge for yourself, spin master makes
7:47 am
the toys swear they make in identifiable noises. >> i did not purchase one i will tell you i heard people going online sold out applying them for like 150, 00 as there are didn't hch i would be mad, and -- i would be really mad -- >> they swear like yosemite sam, okay? >> lack of frackin -- >> just says to hatch. >> acquiesce -- we have one on show basically, the -- the gift of birth, is kind of the message of the egg hatching like watching an egg hatch -- >> like you remember high
7:48 am
school tried to do those things to make you you know, know what it is like to be a parent take care of that little baby, when hatching, highly annoying makes -- noises shell cracking, digital noises just we had one on set hatching i kept saying what is that annoying noise, it was the match mal. >> hatching. >> -- >> hatchimal. >> --. >> we're not -- >> dagen -- >> all right. >> the parents know that packers lions face-off threatened by a showdown talks between nbc and charter could leave millions of americans in the dark. ♪ ♪ your insurance company
7:49 am
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morning in nhl jared max here thank goodness to give us a little about that. >> something has to break don't be shocked if tv ratings for fiesta bowl on espn don't explode opening kickoff tomorrow ohio state buckeyes, one hour before kickoff another team faces off in historic game of its own, thanks to a couple of hockey teams that continued to win we begin with minnesota wild last night scored 6p 4 victory against new york islanders, minnesota's 12 victory this season in a row combine with
7:53 am
columbus blue jackets vacant forrous 14th straight win over win beg columbus three wins shy of matching longest win streak nhl history 17 gains, that was 23 years ago so tomorrow night where are you going to be watching in columb, ohio 6 pm hock face-off or 7 pm college football another must watch coming up sunday night's football is the packers and lions that will decide the nfc north title up to one million fans in new york the game maybe unavailable, at home because nbc universal charter communications are in a contract dispute, current deal expires january 1 if they can't work something out charter rebrandeded acquisition of time warner and bright house networks as inspect rimm will not be allowed to distributor lions packers game on nbc.
7:54 am
>> new york jet marshall challenged antonio brown to a bet whoever finished with more receiving yards would get a car marshall wanted a black and gold rolls-royce, browns painted white porch browns up more than 500 yards brown dlieshd victory wrote on twitter brand orn marshall send me pink slip or debt to project 375, glad we are healthy mentally, that is something marshall has raises mental health awareness could be win-win. >> did you hear about college football player got suspended from playing because caught shoplifting at belk department store this week, yeah, really, arkansas razor back tight end allegedly stole from the corporate sponsor tuesday players from arkansas virginia
7:55 am
tech, 450 dollar gift cards 90 minute responding i guess wasn't enough according to charlotte mecklenburg police, a shirt, socks, rated top tight end in draft stolen from under them 4-0 lead lost a -- 35-4. >> -- 4 up and lost 35-24 against virginia tech. >> did not put one point on. >> come back for hokies 123 year school history. >> the hockey game cool 14 game win streak 12-game win streak columbus, a team from ohio, everybody -- the buckeyes i bet the beginning of the football game the ratings are not going to be maybe as strong because you might have real die-hard hockey fans. >> alabama washington, 3 pm,
7:56 am
and ohio state clemson on saturday, the -- guess redskins play of the giants, and final game of the regular season. >> implications for the playoffs. >> if redskins win in playoff. >> trivia question, that is the former olympic hockey player that -- figure skater so that goofy movie. >> [laughter] >> talladega nights. >> i don't think i am getting in trouble. >> they cutting edge. >> confirm we may not get packers, but we will get jets. >> take it -- >> hockey new year, yeah.
7:57 am
happy new year, happy happen yea. >> cheers to the new year and your wallet should what you should know to win in the new year next hour, "mornings with maria". .
7:58 am
7:59 am
sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo this morning, friday december 30 top stories 8:00 a.m. owner time, start with breaking news, mixed signals
8:00 am
from russia russian president vladimir putin now saying that the country will not expdiplomas after obama issuing sanctions against russia in allege role heading election. >> the president is doing everything possible to keep our country safe and to keep our elections free from interference, what we saw from russians unacceptable, leading up to election president believes outside bounds of our democratic process the president's actions are bold, aggressive, and designed to say united states isn't going to stand for it. >> latest out on this straight ahead, new overnight, a north texas -- recovering in hospital after shot during a scuffle with suspect, what investigators say led to confrontation, trump in a bad light? d.c. restaurant refusing to add president-elect to mural
8:01 am
of nation leaders, a new year nor'easter monster winter to some over new england ahead of the abouted weekend turning to markets final trading day of 2016 take a look upside, right now overnight session dow futures up 43 points 2/10 of 1% s&p futures up, in europe we have been seeing mixed action there, but now firmly upside led by ftse in london, 3/10 of one percent in asia overnight mixed action there, again. and a second edition to 2016 the year the linger a little bit longer than expected. here with me to break it all down fox business network dagen mcdowell -- fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy, the water ford on yesterday i think it was --
8:02 am
>> put it all together, it is happening. >> nice. >> a great year for stocks. >> the gains on dow, gains for the s&p 500, nasdaq pretty close but nasdaq still hitting all-time highs, transports small cap stocks up 20% -- >> a great year for bonds; right? if you had a good balance portfolio you might be disappointed in japan when you open that statement. >> thanks for -- >> -- you've got to have it. >> fixed income in portfolio look everybody looking at headlines very excited by headlines if you have a good balanced portfolio things will work some not part of that means you will be smiling january maybe not -- >> joining conversation this morning texas congressman louie gohmert, ross peters
8:03 am
here former in issuing governor george pataki. >> news off the russia moments ago vladimir putin announcing he will not eject american diplomats from moscow blake burman in washington, d.c., with very latest, blake? >> good morning to you the sanctions directly target top russian agencies government officials and businesses, obama administration says it is a direct result of malicious cyberactivity in the run-up to november elections additionally 75 rush ajz kicked out of the u.s. two compounds closed as of noon today. >> our bottom line russia engaged in acceptable outside norms diplomatic behavior president sending a message to cut it out why he ordered aggressive action. >> as just mentioned vladimir putin responded this morning saying he will not expel any americans as a result, and that he will consider
8:04 am
president-elect's action can when deciding next step mr. trump said time for our country to move on to bigger avert things i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts, of this situation. >> sandra back to you. >> blake burman thank you, bring in congressman mesh judiciary committee louie gohmert good to is he you thank you for being here mixed messages out of russia this morning, but this is the very latest, president vladimir putin says russia will not expel u.s. diplomats in response to swangs sanctions from u.s. >> the expression hell hath no fury like a woman scorned i think we are seeing hell has no fury like a president scorned.
8:05 am
>> 2012 the sweet over turz, said -- the lot more flexibility after election. >> we remember. >> -- rebuffed, now he is upset about it, and so he is kicking out russian diplomats someone called in yesterday scene have -- sean hannity show will take care of them don't have to leave, there is no -- just sanctuary city they will protect them there is that. but this is ridiculous what this president is doing and julián asanction we didn't -- the material from rousha, information about a democdratic. >> there is some -- certainly people who believe that it came from russia originally just didn't come directly from
8:06 am
russia, but they did -- russians hacked -- >> a judge one of the prosecutors -- the defense attorneys if they don't like evidence that has come in go after the witness. can't attack the evidence, the line was transactions in hell don't have angels for witness an honest person would not have been hacking in finding damaging evidence to the democrats showing they lied they cheated works we should punish any source that hacked in, but it doesn't change the fact that there is evidence of democrats lying cheating stealing election from bernie sanders. >> the republican and conservatives seem rightfully so suspect about the timing of this, many arguing that the
8:07 am
sanctions this is a weak response, but you will agree will you not that russia must pay russia respects power, it respects authority. and going into this administration, do we need to get tough with russia for this previous spying and everything else that -- >> donald trump would be -- much with russia than this president has been, we have been hearing russia has been hacking china has been being hacking iran north korea what was this president's response he -- more control of the internet to enemies remember turned over to the international community. >> democrats are going to put out -- that donald trump won that is vladimir putin causing -- of leader -- >> reached out had meetings, negotiations wit-- what is
8:08 am
his name? >> gorbachev -- >> it is not a sign of weakness on reagan's part i don't think a sign of weakness on trump's part at all. i think it is -- he is in a good position -- >> this is discovered in 2015 obviously this was pretty well-known prior to the -- >> for years. >> why now why two weeks before, three weeks before, is it a big deal? >> the president scorned, because he is -- >> obama a lot of pressure from democrats this is yes lost election. >> this direction -- >> i want to get -- >> don't blame us don't notice that we have become a fringe party, that the only people supporting democrats on fringes of the country all the way around it is a fringe party look at misdirection
8:09 am
that russia russia should be punished for hacking should anybody be, but don't lose sight of what the evidence is. >> we woobt your response a lot of republicans that are not happy with the d.c. restaurant says it will not add president-elect donald trump to its large mural looking at features 11 presidents. the restaurant owner says decision made because it is not in the budget. congressman what do you think about that? >> -- fine not to be up with president carter president obama as well i don't think, you know, [laughter] >> i don't see a problem that is a great thing about america. we are supposed to have the freedom to express ourselves, and that is not a government -- rule as i understand it let him do what he wants. >> doesn't want to pay royalties to trump? >> if i had a restaurant, i
8:10 am
wouldn't want to paint a democratic president -- as. >> you know if trump didn't like the actual painting, he would tweet about it. >> yes. >> -- i was concerned about all the tweeting originally but actually a -- way to go straight to people over there over "new york times." >> i can't wait until some democrats get in the way of like tax reform. >> he is tweeting about them individually saying hey constituents, you were about to get you know a pay raise you are about to get more money back, and so and so is standing in the way of that. >> i think a lot more appropriate than this president's reaction to boca haram taking kidnapping, and -- abusing young girls, hashtag campaign. >> look at rish went into
8:11 am
crimea state department had a spokesperson saye don't think they realized how series we are with our hashtag campaign. i mean it has been a joke, trump -- fine a -- to international crisis i am looking forwarded to january 20. >> new year coming, good to see you. >> great to see you thanks for having me sandra. >> thank you for that, i appreciate it. >> yes. >> a lot of people say i saw you -- >> had some -- >> all right ahead google a new feature how tech giant is helping aspiring chefs track down best recipes. trying to ring out every second of 2016 before ringing
8:12 am
in the new year why this year will last a little bit longer than expected. ♪ selling
8:13 am
8:14 am
counterfeit. . sandra: breaking a police officer recovering in hospital getting shot outside a restaurant in north texas cheryl casone is following that for us. >> yeah, sandra suspect was also shot investigators say officer got into a scuffle
8:15 am
with the man outside a restaurant. during the traffic stop in we're the ford 30 miles west of fort worth texas during struggling shots rang out police say suspect had warrant for his arrest have officer in stable condition nobody inside the restaurant luckily was hurt. >> 2016 a dangerous year for police we should add here the number of savers killed on duty reached five-year high, half of the 135 officers killed, were shot to death including 21, ambush style attacks. >> meanwhile, this morning a pour nor'easter dumping snow across new he think demanded parts got over a foot of snow last night of, more than 00 plows out this morning, trying to clear the roads, across maine, howling winds, the storm expected to move out later today good news, other reasons, slight warm-up into
8:16 am
their new year's eve celebration, google search red lights, the new search for food on mobile google mobile you are not going to see recipes the top of the page, of course, when you walk around with phon--ooe offering filters to recipe results, chicken gives option to add fries southern fries filters will -- have. >> 2017 on new year's eve, a second added to clock foremost authority on time one more second the clock for 2016, is crucial to may being sure the world's atomic clock is in syu. nc like leap year works there is certain the small second in time will affect financial trades and reservations. apparently if clock isn't
8:17 am
phased out extra time adds one hour over 1,000 years, not exactly y 2k but that could be a stumbling block for some people. >> i can imagine that. >> 1,000 years. >> i meant the ability to -- financial transactions. >> y2k -- for remember that billions of dollars spent -- >> -- [laughter] >> remember that, yeah. >> the whole infrastructure built to dim lights -- nothing. of the. >> i remember launch of sputnik. of the. >> there you go. >> ahead. >> almost new year's eve. >> stepping up security ahead of the new yeear precautions to
8:18 am
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . . sandra: teaching keeping safe new york city ramping up security ahead of celebrations tomorrow -- fan filled san the aviation trucks comes on heels
8:22 am
evident berlin market attack. >> bring in strategic analyst author. >> one million expected in times square colonel peters good to see you happy new year, do you think that we are doing enough to protect the soft tgets during a timeless really threat remains high. >> sandra we're doing all we possibly can, and past a certain point gets ridiculously i tell people with an victory terrorists have is force to us change patterns every day life whether times square new year's eve getting on airplane they cost speaking of west in general european north america, australia, cost us trillions of card there nobody knows how much to put all money in so costly in security nonproductive in long run doesn't have you productivity we can't do more, tomorrow
8:23 am
night, led by nypd finest police force in the world bar none going to turn times square into -- fortress what terrorists forced us to do face it unfortunately when we have to do in a smart terrorist will look at that say there are so many other soft targets you know man matter offan far better than i do he will never be perfectly safe not a perfectly safe world we should give credit to all of our law enforcement intelligence agencies -- not another 9/11 have done a damn good job. >> 47th, the presence in new york city, is strong i do wonder sometimes when i look at has to images filling times square in lieu of year's eve who are these -- >> -- >> i would be the employee there. >> god bless them that is --
8:24 am
they are going to keep doing their thing, so that colonel peters, we will see the crowd is expected to be near record, all right. >> we are going to ban alcohol -- >> [laughter] > wow, will become new year's eve time we have to get to a lot more news that is happening this morning, colonel peters, serious cease-fire in effect brokered by russia and you turkey how confident are you this will last. >> i am -- there are so many moving parts to this. >> frankly we don't know thank you russians don't know sooirns don't know iranians don't know turks don't know they are doing their best what they are reaching for not a complete cease-fire out to to night lives groups they have to deal with they have got a pretty good deal we saw iran turkey, and you you --
8:25 am
russia have a conference in moscow dividely me we were excluded syrian government wasn't asked russians moved in as hegemon iranians new miniempire in the middle east, so i think they are playing very, very smart and all the while they are doing this shutting out rebel groups turks pulling back their guys us with the bill blood and treasure to take out isis amazing how skillful putin has been. >> as far as our role should u.s. have played a bigger role do you belief in syria. >> i think much bigger role early on the conflicts are very, very simple if you want to minimize the bloodshed, if i want resolution you've got to intervene early and intervene big and take the pain up front. don't let the interests pile up so i think in if -- i am not for intervening everywhere
8:26 am
all the time with military force, the specific conditions of syria in first year rebellion a small investment militarily by u.s. would have given a very different world in 2016 or 2017. >> this is rachel campos did you have kwai we know he is obsessed with his legacy what do you think the legacy is with syria as you mentioned should have jumped in early how much blood shed is on his shoulders if you will. >> i think fair amount he didn't pull trigger never has guts to pull trigger on anything, shares part of the blame well beyond syria to iraq, isis, disaster in yemen -- it is -- without hyperbole has been our worst foreign policy president ever.
8:27 am
and not exaggeration the way he took office united states banged up in iraq but were respected middle east was quite. iraq was convalue he ising aring middle east north africa in flames -- absent near chaos, return of multiple islamic state type groups islamist terrorist groups civilization collapsed before our eyes half a million dead syria alone turkey turning away russia on march, that is just the middle east. from you know venezuela, all the way to north korea, where is the win? >> colonel happy new year. >> and to you. >> coming up latest on russian sanctions vladimir putin saying no american diplomats will be from russia.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:31 am
am sandra smith for maria bartiromo friday december 30 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern new wrinkles over retaliation vladimir putin saying russia will not expel u.s. diplomats after russian foreign minister took a different stance responding to u.s. sanctions against country for interference in election. >> the final positions to be filled in the administration. >> the speed and caliber of cabinet look at number of individuals, who have already been named to key positions, probably the quickest in history you look at caliber unbelievable, rex tillerson one of the world leading businessmen wants to step down -- help move this country forward. >> meltdown midair rowdy flight and fight i should say between a couple that forced the pilot to turn the plane around. saying good-bye to new york city landmark former delegate
8:32 am
effort to save iconic deli serving sandwiches 80 years new beginnings could be in works for twitter in the new year changes the ceo wants to see looking at futures markets in a positive territory they hadn't been in overnight dow futures up 4 points, s&p futures, up 6 points. that is the leader there to the upside and it is the final trading day of the year europe gains across the board led by cac quarante index in france. and in asia markets mixed shanghai composite, higher. >> tensions between u.s. and russia object administration announcing sanctions against russia for alleged hacking will tensions continue into new administration.
8:33 am
incoming counsel to president-elect kellyanne conway says the relationship with russia will be different. >> last couple days we see flurry of activity by a tough president obama as he exits office identification bunishing last coue moments -- for his legacy at the same time the new president, will have an opportunity, to reexam our relationship gee politically across the board the board make a decision always america first. >> joining me former governor new york former republican presidential candidate george pataki good to see you so much going on the unexpected response from russia came in few moments ago do you think that in this -- what do you see happening with the incoming trump administration. >> well -- president-elect trump should start all over president obama has been dreadful in the case of russian aggression and actions, his policies the been mush, and now with three weeks
8:34 am
to go no foundations high profile of front page headlines, sanctions, kicking 30 people out i think large bee symbolic i think he wants two things after failed to do anything on when they invaded crimea bombed ukraine shot down civilian airplane sent troops bombing hospitals in syria all of a sudden now he does it i think two reasons, he wants the american people to think wow, what a tough president he has been against russia when in fact he has been absolutely mush, in the face of all these aggressive acts the second, is that he wants to tie donald trump's hands, and also at the same time raise doubts in people's minds about the election. cht and all of this. >> not the trump won it is russian stole it that is nonsense! obama and democrats cannot accept if fa trump won. >> see still anning iss-- seems still an issue a corner how does he come out of it
8:35 am
tweeting out come january 20 things will be different stars relations with russia vladimir putin. >> january 20 is a new start a domestically and globally i think he has to send a clear message to russia i am going to judge you on your actions beginning today, forget the past what you did was wrong, the united states, failed to take appropriate contrary action this is a new administration, we are going to act instead of talking and we hope to have a good relationship. >> it hasn't always been fan of donald trump where are you now how do you think he is doing? >> i'm very excited by what happen in thtransition i think put together an excellent cabinet president obama had virtually no one from private sector i think hurt job growth small businesses our confidence in the ability of america to create -- >> -- hey, got all these billionaires businessmen in there is this draining the swamp? >> well i think -- it remains to be seen, what action will be at an but i am pleased, i like his choice of cabinet
8:36 am
memorabilias i think they are going very expertise not washington he insiders they are people understand we have to put people first not the special interests in washington. so i am encouraged that that administration with an excellent cabinet good team restored american optimism talk to people look what happened with small businesses saying finally regulator reprieve not going to have washington dictate how we run our lives. >> fair enough point how will he be judge how will you judge incoming president, when you look at stock market, today, i mean we are flirting with 20,000 on dow we have had this trump bump, stock market, it has been about unbelievable to watch, based on expectations we are not even in the white house yet promising 4% growth in first year in office, this is is the bar has been set high. >> american people are optimistic i can't wait two years from now democrats say
8:37 am
look at how obama left things with stock market almost 20,000, in spite of obama because as you say the trump bump optimism but i think we get tax reform president is talking about regulatory release paul ryan republicans in congress have aggressive progrowth agenda i think going to happen, i think going to happen in the first year, i think we are going to see growth increase i think that optimism is you justified. >> where do concerns lie for a while infighting within republican party whether or not donald trump was the right -- things have gotten you seem to have gotten behind him when where are concerns as we enter 2017. >> i think desktomestically rig positions to say honor how can it get worst under this guy rush aggressive china occupied south china sea terrorism rampant not just iraq syria
8:38 am
but libya, nigeria, and somalia, and yemen so i am optimistic there too i think rex tillerson understands the globe a mature smart effective balanced person. >> controversial u.n. vote resolution, our relationship with israel, going forward donald trump saying that will be much different. >> our failure to veto that security council resolution was a disgraceful a reversal of policy i do think president trump will change policies that it will have a much better relationship with prime minister netanyahu, and -- hopeful that from here we can build not just domestically economically but internationally, to know we will stand with him this president did not do that. >> as far as looking at democratic party since not even looking at themselves enough what do you think is future of the democratic party
8:39 am
and what doesn't appear a very deep bench. >> very serious problems, didn't just lose presidency the senate, and the house, 35 republican governors republicans control over two-thirds of the state legislatures cross the country they have been out of touch. they have been captured by so-called progressively winning euphemism for left wooipg they lost liberal centrist base i this i in trouble. >> let me ask you about governor new york city landmark closing doors iconic deli saying good-bye after 79 years, if you lived here visited you have seen it, governor you have fond memories of this restaurant is to. >> to be honest i went there once. and this is when running for governor first time, upstate farm guy i had o to go to the carnegie a pastrami on richest
8:40 am
ie what you had to have, it was good. >> good, really good the thing i remember we were really -- to gain 10 pounds. >> former dishwasher, restaurateur, 10 million becomes is offering we will see where that goes security measures seeing in times square, the threat level we face ramping up security, and any thoughts as we head into new year's eve. >> same thoughts when governor after september 11 i have fay -- today we have to go about lives in a different world always facing that risk, but just we are americans life in freedom enjoy dom dohat you usually do, count on the experts professionals to protect us so well as they always do. >> all my best to you ayours new year governor george
8:41 am
pataki thanks for being here a midair meltdown fights abored a flight delta to take drastic measures. and bubbles for every budget we are raising greatest cockpiles for your celebration what you need to know. ♪ tall married small? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. make it firm. make it soft. adjusts to any duo. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the c2 mattress is now $699.99. it's a no brainer.
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8:44 am
. sandra: welcome back we are about 45 minutes away from the opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, we are watching, twitter, in a flurry of tweets -- suggesting social media network might add an edit button in 2017 asks with a what features they would like to see one of top responses, also pitched new features a deal with harassment on
8:45 am
twitter. >> amazon planning to take logistics to new heights the giant filing for patent for flying warehouses deliver drones, up 13% for the year midair meltdown one couple in handcuffs. >> cheryl angry flyers. >> doesn't it warm your heart if holidays. >> this delta flight 2565 barely off ground in minneapolis before chaos inside the cabin annoying constructions from crew intent on using restroom five minutes into flight captain first on intercom twice warned them if they didn't calm down plane would go back to the gate, the couple did not go quietly then
8:46 am
either. >> -- >> [bleep] -- >> couple cited for disorderly conduct and released. >> one way to skin a matter more than one way burglars have gotten creative when it comes to stealing atm authorities looking for suspects, used stolen heavy-duty construction equipment, to make off with the atm -- surveillance video dramatic footage catching the heist at the loaded on u-haul stole u-haul -- where that goes as well -- >> well coming up new year's eve tomorrow times square ball not only thing sparkling in the sky new year's eve you can
8:47 am
see comet 45-p a periodic comet every five years returns to niner solar system you need a telescope or binoculars to see it fun to do tomorrow instead of partying. >> oriole unveiling another flavor chocolate straw beri've, features regular cookie alcoholic cream sush rounding strawberry center eliminated edition should be nationwide for valentine's day. >> what is wrong with original oreo. >> trying to the last thing they baked. >> remember swedish dish? >> sounds pretty good. >> okay, my kids will like it. >> a variety -- >> that sounds good.
8:48 am
>> never had swedish before only -- my hard earned favorite. and a toast to not breaking your budget new year's eve looking at best champagnes to help ring in 2017. ♪ your insurance company
8:49 am
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♪. >> ring in new year bubbly
8:52 am
because there is bubbly for every budge joining is creates adams u.s. fine wine spirits, sheer yee lehman, chris wake us through prices. >> well, this is most fun thing in the morning if you are going in this is most expensive as far as bubbly start on lower end. >> traditional champagne one in california champagne we have here is the california property from champagne house a few houses making california sparkling line. >> the labels beautiful. >> this is the fashion designer asked her to do paneling this time of year a celebration a party, why not have something different in terms of packaging. >> i like it. >> terrific traditional champagne blend in the bottles. >> we go up to -- >> this is 18 then traditional blend, making red wine in 16th
8:53 am
century 18th century champagne, goss et more affordable 40 dollars a bottle i highly recommend for traditional champagne. >> natural champagne. >> sparkling wine in france sparkling winning outside of champagne -- >> this is a may be able many, many know. >> it is a powerhouse in terms of our business, in december, across the calendar year this is number one selling champagne. >> see that praise up there i think a lot of people say walk into -- can be 60 dollars, 0 dollars, 45 dollars, this is what a price point that you like for it. >> i do, i feel like this is one of the -- benchmark champagnes in terms of quality one of the wines for champagne that has become something people are drinking all yearlong we think champagne november december but recognize that as -- pallets get more sophisticated across america champagne sparkling wines prosecco sparkling wine
8:54 am
in california consumed all yearlong this is a powerhouse. >> move to this -- >> this is from great house -- served this is by far number one selling. >> can i make personal recommendation i have had this it is lovely. >> it is terrific. >> 90 dollars a bottle spending more as i said for what i refer to one great rosé. >> great gift to -- >> wedding gift that kind of thing. >> moving up. >> talk about gifts -- billecart. >> top of the line in a champagne, this is a nonvintage two glass shearing gift set, with this you get two glasses party in a box, right? for new year's, with special someone, and one of the great -- >> carry this in times square if you wanted to -- >> step up to crystal this is
8:55 am
the made for -- >> -- videos. >> exactly, and this is 2009 vintage in terms of champagne experience this is singular very special champagne. >> because -- impression sort of marked up because name has gotten so advertised out there. >> make no mistake these are terrific companies what is in bottle you have a family owned property, that has cultivated vines recognized top parcels for over 150 years i think first vintage late 19th century so incredible farmers own and control law i distinguish it really is special in a bottle. >> then to dom perignon. >> rosé this is 350 dollars a bottle this is every year last two years chandom. >> thinkings michael ri dell
8:56 am
german artist created a unique package for this special vintage 2004, unique label. >> is that -- >> no -- >> but this is very famous he took two letters and made specific design this is beautiful, it is a beautiful bottle of rosé in terms of champagne 2004. >> appropriate -- chocolate and strawberries what is a glass of champagne without a strawberry at the bottom. >> it has been done for ages now. >> i have never done. >> it he french started it i guess brings up sweatness to strawberry to some extent once champagne into it enhances experience. >> party in a box that is great, really nice ideas. >> happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you as well -- >> i am going to be drinking --
8:57 am
>> rosé. >> okay, thank you very much coming up final thoughts from our all-star panel. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> three, two, one. >> tune in tonight at 8:00 eastern as dagen and i help close out the year in a very
9:00 am
special edition of wall street week. yes, let's get some final thoughts if our all-star panel. who wants to startments start. >> i want you to know i'm staying home with my kids and not doing anything crazy. >> next year the markets, patience and fortitude. >> thank you very much. >> you've got it. >> now time for "varney & company," all yours. ashley: thank you, sandra, i hope the bubbly is still in studio d when this show is over, i'm going to hot foot it up there. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. relations with russia, obama saying russia hacked the election and russia responds saying obama is a lame duck, and showing signs of paranoia. putin says he won't retaliate, he's waiting for donald trump to be president. the new normal beefed up


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