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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  January 1, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EST

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major cash cow. >> bill well, this is trading at 18 timosses. i gues the brighter side is if their losses double it would be nine times. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful new year. thanks for watching. keep it right here, the number one business clock continues. i don't trust him. i don't believe him. i have no intentions of sitting down with him. i'm going to fight him every inch of the way and i'm going to help show the american people that they, too, cannot trust him, that this is a man that does not live up to his promises. >> a political brawl brewing for 2017. max seen waters saying she won't work with donald trump when he becomes president. she would rather fight him. democrats hurt their chances of getting things done in 2017 and beyond? preponderance happy new year's, everyone. thank you for cashing in.
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welcome, everybody. gina, didn't democrats cry like babies and whine when the republicans wouldn't work with obama? >> what have we heard for the last eight years if not gridlock from the democrats? and now she is threatening this? what's to remember that max seen waters is the same person that said that flag waiving was outrageous behavior and that said that riots were understandable and acceptable, so, you know, she's out there to be making sort of consistently outrageous statements. it really shouldn't surprise us. i don't think she's all together rational. >> let's welcome amy to the show. our thoughts on maxine saying i don't want to work with trump. >> i try to think of her as possible. the good news for mr. trump, president-elect, is that he doesn't have to work with maxine waters. she represents a very liberal district in southern california and has always been a democratic partisan. with republicans in charge in
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the house and the senate, trump has a lot of oth people sitting down with breaking bread and passing legislation. >> your thoughts? now, let's be honest, yes, the republicans have the senate, 52-48. they have 63 majority in the house as well, but if you want to get things done, as amy points out in your district, you have to work with republicans, don't you? >> no. i think what her district would appreciate is a good, fought opposition. and we did see a very detailed road map for how to do that from mitch mcconnell for the last eight years. look, they fought obama every single step of the way. whether it was, you know, on a supreme court justice, whether it was on voting against obama care 60 something times. not because they thought that he would veto his own signature legislation, but just to show, hey, in case you forgot, we're still against it. i think that's a pretty good road map with what democrats should do. >> the emphasis -- her husband
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sean duffy is a republican who spent the last eight years working with president obama, did he not? >> and maxine waters. he sits on the same committee. look, that interview was rich. if you kept that tape going you would have also seen that he said that the democrats spent the last eight years bending over backwards to work with republicans, which is laughable. i mean, they didn't have any input from republicans on obamacare, on dodd-frank -- >> what? that's insane. >> and zero votes from the republicans. she also said in that interview that the reason why she doesn't want to work with donald trump is that he's so dishonest and can't be trusted. and, of course, this is coming from people who told us that obamacare was, you know, you could keep your doctor, the whole thing -- >> remember that one? >> dodd-frank, too, said they are going to stop choosing to bill. all we know is ever since it passed those banks are even bigger. lies, more lies.
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>> i would also add that congressman waters had her own ethics problems when it comes to banking issues and sitting on the board of a bank that got quite a lot of money, 12 million, i believe. >> i'm not sure -- wasn't her husband involved in some issues as well? >> he had shares in the bank. but i would also add that in point of fact, republicans did work with democrats on that first stimulus bill when president obama was elected. donald trump, of course, is proposing a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. it would be behoove congressman waters if she got a little piece of that pie and brought some of that bacon home to california. >> look, i think it's outrageous to say that republicans, you know, bent over backwards to work with obama. look, obamacare in particular was based on what we can call romney care, as you guys know, pretty much every provision of obamacare was based on a republican idea. >> hold on. wait, wait, wait -- rachel is right, there was not one single republican that voted for
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obamacare. >> that doesn't show it wasn't based on republican ideas, it was. the fact they were willing to vote against their own ideas just to spite the president that tells you more about republicans. >> hold on, guys. let's be very honest, that's what politics is in 2016 now. it's a divide. and it's divided along party lines. i get it. guess what, elections have consequences. it's a bit rich as rachel points out for maxine waters who spent the last eight years complaining abtepublicans not working with her now so say she's going to do the same thing she complained for about eight years. >> there's also a really big difference between saying you're going to vote as the district votes, you're going to stand up for what you believe in and probably won't be much of what trump believes in and say you won't have a conversation with the president of the united states? that's a break from protocol. that's a break from tradition. it isn't -- it's a break in decor rum. that's not how adults behave.
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>> you can jump in here, christie. >> go ahead. >> look, it's not a break from tradition. again, there is historic amount of disrespect paid to barack obama for eight years republicans tried to delegitimize him. that's the whole birther moment with donald trump at the helm saying he was un-american, he probably wasn't born here. was that really because he was black? i don't know. >> there isn't the mainstream media to investigate things but people talked about it. but that is totally irrelevant, has nothing to do with the fact that she said she is not willing to have a conversation with the president of the united states. >> even worse than that -- let me bring these ladies in on set here. rachel, worse than saying i don't want to have the conversation, she said i'm going to fight him. >> she's going to fight him. i'm not going to meet with him. look, maxine waters has the luxury of being anyone to do that in the house where she is
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deep in the minority, but the people in the senate aren't going to have it the way maxine has it. there are 18 seats up for re-election and those -- many of those are seats that trump won. there will be a lot more pressure in the senate to find some common ground to work with if they want to keep that going. >> that is a very good point, amy, what rachel is pointing out that 18 senate seats coming up in 2018 inmp won, if you're a democrat, you're going, oh, this looks tough for us. >> absolutely. as we know, president obama has hallowed out the democratic party from the federal level to the state level and democrats are looking at that record and wanting to turn it around. i will also add as having worked with the former senate majority leader, senators have their own interests. chuck schumer, senator from new york, for example, who is opposing president obama on the new israel policy where president obama is shifting us. so there are opportunities to work across the aisle on specific issues and committees.
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>> we'll leave it right there. coming up, the obama administration reportedly rushing in more syrian refugees before trump becomes president. now a former top cop has some advice for vetting these asylum seekers.
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gets out. a new report says the administration is rushing in more syrian refugees before president obama leaves office. over the past three months there's been a 430% jump in the number of syrian refugees settled into the u.s. compared to last year. now a former police is saying we need new vetting. >> the first prior city of the president of the united states should be the protection of the and security of the american people. the american people don't trust that that literally is the number one priority of the president. you can look at a state like wisconsin, governors like scott walker are asking for amore control over the refugees coming into the states because they don't trust that the federal government is properly vetting them. it's not just obama's national security people who have said they can't properly vet them, there's also another thing happening where they are actually going into the communities, they're hiring
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third parties to go into the communities and determine whether the communities can actually handle them moving in. and this normally takes months if not weeks. now they're taking suddenly two, three days. what's happening? people are distrustful. >> amy, rachel points out in wisconsin governor scott walker is asking for more control. the federal government will literally place refugees in wisconsin and any state and the governors who may not want the refugees have no say over it. >> a number of governors have opposed this, that's exactly right. bringing syrian refugees into this country at this moment i believe is the height of irresponsibility. we have the fbi director james comey also a national intelligence director james clapper both testifying that we have no ability to properly vet syrian refugees. there's a very simple reason why, we don't have intelligence on the ground to tell us exactly who they are. in this era of terrorist attacks
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here on u.s. soil and europe we've seen in europe with their refugee crisis in france, for example, the massacre was committed by quote unquote syrian refugees using syrian passports and gunning down people. it's outrageous. we need be very careful until we have this under control. i agree with mr. trump, we need to take a serious second look. >> the government is not allowed, not allowed to follow the refugees once they're placed. they don't track them. they don't find out what they're up to or committing crime. here is another stat that blew my mind, we talk about syrian refugees, generally all refugees, take a guess how many refugees we accepted in the united states in the last year, in the last 12 months, 110,000 refugees. now, i think that's a number far higher than anyone who is watching right now thought. >> if you look at theumber of syan refew fu gees we're talking about 2,000 over the
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past few years. president obama said we could accept 10,000 syrian refugees in 2017. it's a far smaller number than canada who accepted 25,000, justin trudeau welcomed these refues with open arms. was cheered and applauded by his country for doing so. the question is do we thinkhat canada doesn't know something that we do? are they dumber, et cetera? but the more important point is that, look, every single refugee who comes into this country actually goes through a very extensive, you could call it, extreme vetting process already. >> okay. >> by several different bureaus, several different agencies. >> we've taken tens of thousands of syrian refugees as well as afghanny refugees. but gina -- >> if you add them up all together. >> we have 110,000 refugees. that blows my number. >> we have 300 million people. >> we don't know where they're going. i'm all for immigration, but
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refugee status, asylum is different from immigration. are we vetting these people enough? let me ask you this, how do you vet a syrian refugee? >> yeah. well, i don't think that we have a good system in place and that's something that president-elect trump discussed on the campaign trail. i think part of the reason why obama's refugee agenda was rejected in november. and so to continue this into lessen the vetting process is really scary prospect especially when you consider that number one isis has said they will and have infiltrated the refugees coming across the border and when we look at what has happened in europe. how can we just excuse that women have been brutalized in the streets in europ by these syrian refugees. weeed to be helping them in their own countries adjust to their lives there and to integrate them there. >> that is a key point that we need to be pressuring other countries in the middle east to accept these refugees where they
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may have more information. i think it's very telling that saudi arabia is not accepting any of them. we have all of our allies over there. why aren't they going there? also russia, for example, russia has been bombing syria on behalf of assad, why aren't they taking in refuge? >> and let me ask rachel, rachel, why don't we learn the lessons of germany? there it is. there's a textbook example of where they take a million refugees in and -- angela merkel now will probably get voted out of office because of it? >> it has been a disaster. why don't we talk to the people who are helping the refugees in jordan. i've spoken to some of those people in jordan last year. listen, these refugees are already traumatized by war. the last thing they need is culture shock of being taken over to the united states of america. let them stay here. create a safe zone here. bring more funding in fr oth countries and from your own country and then when this settles down and we deal with this syria problem they can move back to their homes which is what they want. >> and christie, why not -- i
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don't know, create a safe zone? i think donald trump is recommending this, create a safe zone in their countries, in other words, spend a lot of money on them, but have them stay there rather than taking them in here? the question is where could there possibly be a safe zone in their country? a quarter of a million syrians have already been killed within that conflict. and so i think the question for us is what is our moral obligation to these people? >> what is it? what is it, christie? >> it's a good question, right? when bill clinton left office he said that one of his deepest regrets was that he hadn't done more for the ra wandaen during the genocide. i think when you look at these people, babies and children being killed everyday, you know -- [ all speaking at once ] >> guys, guys, guys. i have to go. final thought, gina? >> yeah. i think we should take a closer look at the rights of our american citizens, not to be brutalized by people that might -- we have a pattern to
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look at. we can look at germany and go, that's what america will look at and ask ourselves is that really doing our best by our citizens who are already here? >> thousands and thousands of european women who have been sexually assaulted by immigrants coming from this part of the world. >> leave it right there, guys. most in hollywood see conservatives in a negative light, but this might be a new low. why one actor is reportedly
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sandwich and slice of cheesecake. i'm leland vittert. see you at the top of the hour with elizabeth prann. tinseltown, gage worried about the backlash of playing ronald reagan. only a matter of time before the president obama movie is made. what if an actor was playing him in a positive way, would he be bashed or more likely get an oscar. >> are you really asking me that question? >> leading the witness. guilty. >> oscar, nobel and probably
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face on mount rushmore. if nichololas cage is playing him -- >> i don't have a cinematic choice of nicolas cage. but i did like face-off back in the day. look, if he wants to turn it down, he can turn it down for any reason he wants, especially if he thinks it might not be historically active. >> this is going to be a big movie, right? i don't know. look, what's with hollywood. they can't even portray a conservative and not get bashed? >> you know what's interesting, eric, i live close there and have friends there, and it is really interesting to hear the whisper campaign at these parties. people will come up to me, and they say, i know it's unpopular,
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but i think president-elect trump has good ideas. it's funny how president-elect trump has changed the mood of things. certainly in washington, d.c. but i'm telling you, there is shifting goingen inside of hollywood. it will be interesting to watch as he progresses through his presidency over the next four years. >> everybody will want to play him after that one. >> nicolas cage is not nearly good looking enough to play hollywood heart throb ronald reagan. and i'm sure he wouldn't have a problem playing fidel castro, r and shame on you, hollywood. >> he definitely doesn't have enough hair to play ronald reagan. >> coming up, plans to ring in the new year? the best way to do it,
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we have a little fun here.
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changing it up a little bit on the last day of 2016. spread it around a little bit. dpina, what are you going to do tonight? how are you going to ring in the new year? >> well, definitely have to start off by eating more bacon. i think that needs to be a resolution for everyone. >> wait, wait, wait, in southern california, that's your recommendation, eat more bacon? >> yeah. >> they'll throw you out of california. what about you, kristi? what are your big new year's eve plans? >> i have a 1-year-old so i'm going to get out with my husband and my resolution is to sleep more in 2017. >> you're supposed to do that before you have the 1-year-old. >> we did not do that. >> rachel? what's going on? >> i'll be home. i'm going to watch you on fox with all my little ninos around me. >> how many? >> eight of them. >> what? >> they're big fans of "the
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five," so they'll be watching you. >> tt's very, very cool. amy? >> rachel stole my under. i was going to be riveted to the televion watching you, eric. i'll probably go to bed early. because i might be on "fox & friends" the next morning. so stay tuned. >> you could dvr it. it's anti-climactic, though, if you dvr the ball dropping. >> if you're in times square, try to avoid the drunk tourists. >> nypd has that place locked down. listen, i thoroughly enjoyed this week and i love doing this. thank you guys. >> happy new year, everybody! >> time to wake up america, now. how do you plan to ring in 2017? well, how about celebrating with kimberly guilfoyle and me. kg and i will take the ball at 10:00 p.m. and we'll be there until the ball drops. and we even agreed to stay on the air until every single
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person leaves times square, or 1:00 a.m., or whichever comes first. it will be fun from the heart of times square. we hope you ring in 2017 with fox news, the number one in news, if ul stop. have a great >> a brilliant young architect designs this gem... >> tony! oh, my gosh, look at all this light! >> ...long before he's a legend of design. >> pietro belluschi. innovative architectural designs. they evoke the grandeur of this land. >> his kid becomes an architect, too. >> i didn't want to be "the son of." >> it's a blessing and a curse. >> and that's what i went through for 40 years. >> will he let his father's masterpiece face the wrecking ball? >> did your heart stop? >>bsolutely, my heart stopped. >> or brthe new life into it after he's gone? >>efore your dad died, did he tell you he was proud of you? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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