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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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liz: gas prices jumping in 7 states. the national average $2.29 a gallon. thank you for welcoming us into your home. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: ford ditching its plans for that $1.6 billion plant in mexico, opting instead to jump on the trump train and invest in a factory in michigan. trump slamming general motors for manufacturing on mexico. but he tweeted the headline. ford's mexico plants, invest in michigan due to trump policies. a lot of moving parts here.
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if donald trump comes out of the gate, he slams general motors and ford seems to get their minds right borrow a line from "cool hands luke." saying we are not going to spends $4.6 billion in mexico. he undstands he can work these guys. most of these guys are pretty conservative. they got there because they have played the politics and didn't make a lot of waves. they don't want to be the target of donald trump. the other thing toys protect the brand. in this case there is no question he's influencing. wi that make a big enough impact on the economy? i think it adds to it. no question by the. one thing is no one is talking about is the robotic side of this which is yes they are not moving them to mexico. but i'm interested to see what would can the adjustment in
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robotics in the united states, and i bet you it goes up. >> i think right now the most important thing is for donald trump to try to stop the slide, stop that vacuum. ross perot called it a sucking sound, to stop the sucking of american and manufacturing jobs to mexico. >> connected to the big picture. donald trump sees the big picture and works the local picture. this is about creating 8-10 million jobs. he knows to get re-elected he has to roll back 50 years of labor regulations and trade policies. he wants to win them so he can go to the congress and change those regulations. charles: mark field was on with neil cavuto and he tried to walk that fine line. let's take a quick listen.
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>> we are canceling the plant down in mexico primarily due to the fact we were going to build our next generation folk thus. we are now going to build it in an existing plant in mexico because we have seen decrease deeg handled in north america for small cars and we simply don't need the capacity anymore. neil: this has nothing to do with all the criticism you got from donald trump? >> we are doing this decision based on what's right for our business. charles: chevy cruze, their sales are down 20%. so they were having some issues. throughout the election process, he said i don't care what trump said, we are building our plant, and he blinked. >> this is a win-win win for ford. they were already going to shutter the plant.
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small cars aren't doing so well in the united states. populism is. it looks great to have american-made cars, and they can say we are doing this because in part president trump's policies are business friendly. charles: you think it's a win for donald trump and ford. >> ford's stock went up 4% today. charles: i'm not sure ford was going to scrap his $1.6 billion plant. he seemed adamant about this during the election process. but it points to the quheaj mexico. you have extraordinarily cheap labor, a currency trading, we are 20-1 against the peso. they have free trade agreements that help them against us. then they have this tax.
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>> you have to roll back 50 years of bad policy. this isn't about donald trump saying create 700 jobs or stop one plant. this is a change in the way the united states of america approaches -- charles: some senate republicans are talking about border adjustment tax to fix the 50 years of problems you are talking about instead of dismantling a one big fix all cure-all. >> you will see structural change, not tactical change. they are going to make one massive move. these are all little skirmishes. it will include rollbacks in trade and regulation. >> to the idea ford shares are up, that's good news. some of these companies that have gone the involved with trump skirmishes, most specifically lockheed martin where their shares have gone down. ultimately is what is good for
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america good for general motors and these companies anymore? or have the dynamics changed so much that they do so much business outside of this country, that no longer applies? >> when you get the billion dollar deals through the government, it's still good for the companies to make sure they are making the president happy and making the country happy. i think though that you are going to continue to see this trend. i don't buy the fact that ford didn't flex here because of trump. i believe they did. i think you are going to see lot more. trump could locally go sector by sector and i think you will see this happen. he will move to pharmaceuticals and other arenas, and literally chip by chip, inch by inch you will see improvements. this helps change the whole
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philosophy, and the spirit of the economy. i believe that again it creates a wind to its back, all good things for u.s. consumers and certainly business owners. >> they are not moving production of the small car back to the united states. they are investing in research and electric cars, opportunities for the future, autonomous vehicles for ride hailing. this is not about producing small little cars in mexico. it's t b pictund we are doing it in the united states. charles: that's thetrategy, to make it look like some form of mea culpa? >> i think it was a win-win for ford on the trump administration. and it's a win for the american worker. we are investing in jobs and technology. charles: i heard mark say to
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neil that president obama was extending an olive branch -- president-elect trump, that president trp will take these obama policies, where the people who haven't familiar with it. the fleet has to get a certain amount of miles person gallon that's outrageous. it doesn't make sense. he wants that to be the next thing. if donald trump can make some adjustments there, i thought i heard hip say it will bring back more jobs. >> donald trump is a master tactician. he's picking the fights. general motors. he may go to informationr pharmaceuticals. but he's picking the fight. i think there is a big fight coming. what he's doing is leveraging the congress who can be as we say stuck on stupid with what they did today with trying to gut the other legislation.
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he's positioning them into a corner here and saying, i'm going to create jobs. are you with me or against me. charles: he has a social media reach of 40 million people. the gop gets their trump program called out after making a maneuver that makes you wonder. are they on the same page as the next president? we'll discuss it next. sometimes you just know when you hit a home run.
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charles: it's the first day for the 115th congress.
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republicans had to reverse course today. this after president-elect trump took to twitter slap the timing of the move. so can the gop eventually at some point get on the same page as the president-elect and stop forgetting who is the boss? tammy, even after the move was made and there was all the brouhaha, speaker ryan said he had no regrets, things did change a little bit after that. >> donald trump's tweets wasn't necessarily about the substance. it's about timing. this is what you are doing as your first action? also paul ryan said he was against this, but when it became clear trump was not into it, the system moved like a well-oiled machine to reverse it. it was the swamp trying to plug up the drain.
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they were called on it. this is a good indication about how quickly the establishment will november when it comes to donald trump. that was a little bit of a test it was interesting. but it's why congress has an approval rating lower than a cockroach and why donald trump won the election. charles: i love that saying, the swamp trying to plug the drain. i thought it was a spies moment. i think donald trump took care to not necessarily critique the move in and of itself, but the timing. coming a mandate by the american public to drain the swamp, why would you say the first thing you want to do is get rid of the office of ethics. >> the optics of this are unbelievable. i spent most of the day today on capitol hill talking to members of the congress and staff. saying i didn't voa vote for it. it had to be someone else.
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on day one you guys tried the night before to thwart efforts to have an honest and transparent accountability? i think we have seen this with ford and carrier. donald trump taking to social media and using the bully pulpit he has. charles: why does donald trump have to do this with his own party? >> he shouldn't. i give paul ryan and kevin mccarthy credit. they were against this move yesterday. this shows they have to better police their own membership rather than get in an embarrassed situation we found ourselves in today. >> i have you a different sense of that. i think they knew what the votes were. it was a secret ballot. and this allowed ryan to say i'm against it where in fact i think everyone was for it. it's not like he's suddenly not in charge.
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the reason trump has to do this is it is about the civil war inside the republican party and continues. it is like children in congress and the adult having to teach them how to behave. charles: does this underscore these folks have to be reined in. the election on november 8 had no impact. their self-interest is the most important part of their job. >> ryan, mccarthy and mcconnell, it seems to have registered. so the good news is they did react. i think the democrats are together same thing saying we are going to take on 8 appointees. there will be a lot of testing going on the next six weeks.
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charles: are these folks really in your mind, you know them better than anyone else, do you have think they will have the ability to stand up to donald trump and the american public that are clamoring for him to do what they asked him to do? >> i really do. i think they did get the message. this clumsy effort today with the ethics committee notwithstanding. they got the message the american people are ticked off. the phones trying to line their own pockets. i do believe we'll find consensus on immigration fan medicaid reform, and to find a way to deliver. i believe with paul religion being a good friend of mine, he heard the message and he will have the discipline to tell his members, you have got to shape up. charles: coming up, donald trump
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charles: no doubt president-elect trump means business when it comes to trading with china tweeting that china has been taking out massive amounts of money in one-sided trade but won't help with north korea. nice. joining me now to discuss, it's one thing to tweet and another thing to talk about it in the campaign. donald trump is lining up folks who have had serious misgiving against china for a long time. this is the a-team. if you are going into a trade
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war with china, i picked the right soldiers. he's a businessman so he actually means what he says. people aren't used to that. candidates get into office and come to washington and disappear into the woodwork. in 2006 george w. bush created the u.s.-china strategic dialogue. we learned that talk is cheap. and that's all we learned. donald trump is not going to have strategic dialogue. he's going to put everything on the table, security issues that impact our allies in the south pacific, and everything trade-wise. and even labor issues in china. it's the only way to fix the $3 billion trade deficit with china every year. >> for a long time what donald
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trump is disrupting is this thing where they have seen the free markets. this is a guy who said we should take seriously the policies of china. donald trump said he will call them a currency manipulator. he was there with ronald reagan. when he went to trade war over cars and computers and semi conductors there will be was hurt. but in the end we saw japan playing by the rules and we have a great relationship with them on trade. >> i remember the ronald reagan tariffs on the japanese motorcycles. so at some point, you know, because we do so much business here and there, where should the focus be? should we say china open your markets more? where are we trying find this new balance? >> it will be interesting to see
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how you you balance the very deep debt relationship we have with this country that it intertwiens our economies in so many ways. what a lot of people don't realized is their ownership of u.s. treasuries is helping us keep our interest rates low. charles: they have been selling treasuries. are you worried about that? are you suggesting they are holding that over our heads? is that the sword of damocles? >> i think it would not be a strategic move to just dump that into the market. anything that hurts the u.s. dollar will hurt the electronics and clothing and everything we buy here. at the end of the day while be interested to see how do we balance this so we don't under up assuming americans will be okay for paying more for made in america goods. charles: a frayed deficit means
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we gave them money in return for something of value. it's maybe are donald trump will have to sell to the american public, we'll launch into this war, i know we'll win the, but i don't think it will be easy. >> china has to accept the status quo is no longer acceptable. we have been chumps for defend kids to them based on trade deals. donaldrump is bringing in a trade team that will negotiate real deals that has to address the labor situation in china. they have near slave labor and we are getting them at low prices. that has to change. they have 97% of mayor entire population is in the middle class because they are keeping these people down. they have to address their labor policies in china. otherwise we are never going to create that balance.
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we are getting them at low prices, but the problem is their labor markets. that's why thaiferred our manufacturing jobs have been taken away. charles: we have wilbur ross peter navarro, that's one heck of a team. germany's chancellor finally has an epiphany on her border policy. her solution will leave you confused and angry. we'll be right back.
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charles: germany chancellor merkel doubles down on her pro immigration policies even after a refugee killed 12 people last month. merkel said that terrorism will be defeat but defeated with love and openness. >> with images in our minds of bombed out aleppo and syria we have to say how important and right it was for our country to help those who really need our protection. charles: her critics blasting her policies. failing to protect them from
6:31 pm
terror. ironically. at the beginning of the speech, merkel admitted that number one threat in germany is terrorism, majority brought in from open border policies. >> right, i thought this comment was so crazy, i wondered if merc merkel was on drugs. they hate ger germany. they want to take away the rights of women, this is a war, a war that merkel is denying and that obama denies. >> there is a chance that merkel and mariah carey drank from the same waters on new year's eve. it sounds great in poetry and love songs, but in real life? >> the first and primary
6:32 pm
responsibility of a natial leader is to defend their people, this is time for rea realpolitik, we have to be brutally honest, love is not going to stop a couple maniacs, it, it is time for the national leaders to prio prioritize their borders and safety of their own people first. their is no way around it. charles: tammy, she talked about the bombed out cities in particular aleppo. to me, i say, if i lived in those cities, i would be so thankful. that another thing that blows our mind, people that we accept and their children have so much resentment even though we saved them. >> i think that angl angela
6:33 pm
mercmerkel is what we've been dealing with, president obama, this notion that somehow it's our fault. you heard it in afghanistan war, we'll win hearts and minds, that of the the plan for taliban, barack obama with his apology tour, and bowing and apologizing for the united states this is the generation of liberal leftist leadership that the world is now rejecting through refer may b -- reforming a throughout the process, but this sets in a system that we must have done something wrong. we can win them over, they are angry because it us. you are not going to change their minds, you can't change merkel or obama, what you can do is get them out of was on the, merkel is the biggest threat to germany right now. charles: in america we talk
6:34 pm
about white guilt, in germany they talk about a guilt that i suspect goes deeper. fred how can they successful stop these attacks, when they leave themselves so wide open over and over. >> tammy is right. it not the fall of the german people, i think that is what comment by merkel is implicating. we have to find a way, the germans have to find a way to bring these immigrants to germ an society. it will be difficult. so many were admitted without vetting them to ties to islamist organization or whether they had any interest in joining the german society. charles: how do you see this playing out if merkel does win reelect, that is sort of a nip and tuck right now, it feels like german people will have to take as much responsibility for this that right now i think mostly on her shoulders. >> yes, i don't know how much you know blood has to be shed
6:35 pm
tragically in these awful terrorist assumes before people wake up this is say broken refugee process that is going on. you know, with this reemphasis with terrorist grouc grouch on soft target, it just takes one. the mag is no math is not on our side, yotake in 10,000 refugees, you will get one or two that will do this. you have to ree evaluate taking them in. charles: i think that number is up 650 percent last year. >> a wild roller coaster for the stock market, major averages kicked off 2017 on a high note. we'll make you some money in 2017, you really need to get a pen and paper.
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charles: chicago's crime rate, seeing historic numbers last year, president obama calling forever national guard to step in and help. we'll discuss how to fix it, next.
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charles: it was a volatile session that saw stocks rocket out the gate on a mission. the business news, gave investors a lot to responder, including more signs that the economy is coming on strong, construction spending in november came in up almost 9/10 of a percent. gaining serious consecutive momentum. judging from areas with biggest construction building it looks like americans are ready to party hard and work hard. at same time, purchasing
6:40 pm
manager put out their report on manufacturing, 54.7 was ahead of consensus, highest level since december 2014, new order surged to 60 from 53, that is highest level since august 2009. production pop, best since november 2014, our exports up 56 from 52, imports were unchanged. there was a monster explosion in prices paid. highest since july of 2011 that might have slowed this stock market rally a little bit lower, at the time the do yothe dow jones average peaked. i think that traders probably got a little bit spooked, they digested this. this fed has taken a more hawkish position than it had a
6:41 pm
couple of months ago. and by this time donald trump tweets are making a lot of news, some tried to tie in fullback. to affairs of protectionism, i don't buy that one. crude oil, it may have weighed more on stocks than any other. energy stocks held on to gain the. a second best performing sector the section. i was bracing today for a lower start to the week, in part a lot of people were waiting to ring the register this year because of lower taxes. higmy approach is buy these dips, that is what vef over i have overs did today -- investors did today, i am looking at above estimate, i think we'll see multiyear highs on a lot of these. this is gone to under line the fact we hit an economic
6:42 pm
inflecttion point in the late summer. it feels like this economy is on the verge of becoming a locomotive. i have updated my trump portfolio, it is in my january news later, i just put it out this morning g to web site, stocks have done amazing. for the update. >> and i have plenty to say -- payne's passion is next. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600
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charles: yesterday donald trump tweeted about the surge of violence in chicago. he said, chicago murder rate is record setting. it mayor can't do it he must ask for federal help. the number of murderers, is more than new york city and los angeles combined. have many wondering what is going on. not only did violent crimes spike but those committing crimes became local celebrities and were glorified figures in movies. fast forward to 1960s, city's largest black gangs combined to form black gangster devante
6:47 pm
smith-pelldisciples, local street legend are put on a pedestal, where many becomes star in chicago rap scene, while federal government helping play a role, the notion of killing someone with a different color bandana has to be resolved. i know expert point to education, and but glowing up the projects proved to be fruitless, the problem in chicago, is they have to find a way to save themselves by rejecting the monsters who are treat by model heroes rather than the mudderrous thugs. joining us now, steve cortez -- we start with you, you were a chicago police officer, it is spiraling more out of control why? >> lack of community involvement.
6:48 pm
if you know when donald said if you want help ask for help, throw money into the schools, have community get involved, have the young kids. e adtsthe gang bangers and adults, you have lost them, you have to bring them up from the young age. if the community does not help, the number of police you have number of guns you take off the streets, number of cars, they are not going to make a difference. charles: if nothing else, i did agree, this would mask that same animosity that something -- same something is wrong with the people, with notion of being able to rap about murdering someone at a bus stop for having a blue bandana there is something wrong. >> you make a person point -- important point, charity beginning at home, i was taught that by nuns in great school, there are systemic problem there and there aral
6:49 pm
policy answers, i think part is that we have put our police -- people like peter a police veteran, and current cops they are heros in chicago who are doing their very best. but as 60 minutes reported, one year ago, we had 49 thousand stops in chicago, one year later, we had 8,000 stops, police have been hamstrung, all rightly by feckless politicians in particular our mayor rahm emanuel, first of all, donald trump, we have to have police backs. in terms of policy, a longer term. we need too fix our school here in chicago, they are broken, most recent school superintendent is so her way to prison,ecause she was be o-- taking money to feed her
6:50 pm
gambling habit at casinos. charles: some say, that focus by people in charge on appeasing black lives matter or shor other politically correct agenda made the it worse. and more dangerous for policemen like yourself to do their jobs? >> the black lives matter movement has not made that much of a difference. i think more importantly, we have to concentrate on getting the young kids and the communities to become involved and to help police -- >> how do you do that? when the cool thing is, to do the opposite? you can make a video with a bunch of money and a couple of guns in your hand and become a local legend. >> yes, i think that you know i want most a big fan of rahm emanuel, but he and the new superintendent they have the right idea, they want to throw money into the community, but
6:51 pm
take this money put it in the school, don't close 50 schools, open more schools get to the young kids that are in second, third and fourth grade, by 15 or 16, i am sorry you are already a hardened criminal. charles: i think age is lower. >> one way put god back in their lives, many of the children, they want to go to christian schools they cannot afford it, if we give them school choice let them go to a christian school their local parish school, you would see god back in long-term that would change neighborhoods more than anything. charles: you are both, i appreciate it talk to you, real soon. president obama may be looking to release more prisoners from gitmo before he leaves white house, but donald trump says, hey, not so fast.
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charles: president-elect donald trump tweeting there should be no further releases from gitmo. these are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield to join me to discuss adriana cohen adriana if president obama gets his way we will be down to a handful of these folks despite the record of recidivism. we are not just talking about recidivism robbing a liquor store. they are forming new terror groups and killing civilians and americans around the world. >> yes, this is just the worst thing, one of the worst things president obama has done during his presidency is to release dangerous terrorist who are going back onto the battlefield
6:56 pm
and the defense department told lawmakers earlier this year that at least 12 americans were killed by these detainees who were released so it makes absolutely no sense that at a time when isis is trying to destroy us and should the president be putting more soldiers back on the battlefield to harm either americans western civilians are military. just doesn't make any sense. charles: we know who president obama is and we know his ideology despite the obvious proof but what are your concerns as more and more of these folks are led out into the world? >> these detainees are the very worst of the worst anti-obama administration couldn't find any reliable nation to take them so it's bribing any nation they can find. donna, senegal montenegro and the tiny african nation of cape verde a comment that's where the detainees are going. we know there's a recidivism rate of about 30% but these are
6:57 pm
the types of nations that obama think a much larger percentagees is going to be returning to the battlefield aserros. charles: are we paying these countries to take these terrorists or these detainees? >> i think there is no question there's there is some type of economic or diplomatic incentive to get nations like senegal and ghana in cape your day to take al-qaeda terrorists. they are not doing it for free. charles: adriana president obama began his term in office with an apology tour to the world. this seems to me like another apology for america and american actions rather than the notion to keep americans and westerners alike. >> eight you are absolutely right charles and i think it's immoral to ask our troops to fight the same enemy twice. they are the lost life and limb capturing the terrace to begin with and now when the terrorists goes back on the battlefield they are going to have to fight that dangerous prisoner yet again.
6:58 pm
just makes no sense and i hope donald trump can put a stop to this and keep gitmo open because they are going to be more terrorist that are troops capture. where are we going to put them? we don't want them in our prison system radicalizing of the united states prisoners. charles: i think he should make the plays bigger to be quite frank. kim jong un, i mean he is not only someone who is a saber rattle or that he follows through on his threat and apparently he is going to make a display of what they can do with their nuclear ballistics program they have a lot of people worried. what should happen to actually try to eventually just stopped them and she one of these things down as he is launching them and send him a message? what do we do because he is going to be a serious danger real soon. >> first of all we know north kore lears like to make these threats and engage in belligerent actions to lure us
6:59 pm
to the negotiating table so they can extract more concessions that the best way to deal with nations like north korea is to negotiate from strength. frankly we have not seen that in the last three presidents and i i think donald trump is put down a marker that he is not going to make concessions to this nation. charles: what do we do though? firing off this intercontinental ballistic type missile that perhaps could even reach hawaii theoretically. do we let them have these tests and when do we start shooting in them down as they leave the launching pad? >> we shoot them down the air and shoot them down on the launching pad to make it clear to china that we expect china to play the role that they should be playing to ray north korea in. charles: adriana row quickly. >> china provides north korea with oil and food another valuable commodities so i think china should be pressured to use that as leverage to get north korea back in line. charles: millions of people
7:00 pm
still in north korea. thank you both very much and by the way also i read a report where china is going to build a nuclear power plant and floated out to the man-made islands so that problem is not going away. we are not going away either. i'm happy to be back. happy new year. catch us every night at 6:00 p.m. great in the meantime here's the man himself lou dobbs on fox. president-elect trump begins new year working for hard-working americans slamming the brakes on the construction of a new plant in mexico and ford ceo credits donald trump and his progrowth policies. >> when we look at some of the regulatory reforms that he has been talking about that gives us a lot of confidence and this is a vote of confidence that he can deliver on those things. fu also tonight the president-elect making good on promises to run a smart government to drain the swamp. trump insisting house republicans back off their plan to god the office of congressional


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