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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 4, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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teaming up to rope a runaway calf, going down the middle. highway of course. as the patrol car approaches, the cowboy sitting on the sheriff's car, manages to rope him in one try. all in a day's work. lori rath man in for liz -- rothman in for liz claman. >> dow within 40 points of 20-k. checking industrials. up 56 points. on capitol hill the senate taking it is first vote on the way to repealing and replacing obamacare. that was moments ago. now comes on the day president obama headed to capitol hill to meet with democrats about how they should fight the republicans in the battle over his legacy legislation.
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republicans getting a pep talk of their own from vice president lent mike pence. blake burman live on capitol hill to tell us how the health care battle will play out. president-elect trump was busy too, announcing some of his staff, including nominee to head the securities & exchange commission. making cars in mexico and what to expect at the consumer electronics show. we are less than an hour to the closing bell. i'm lori rothman. yes, you're stuck with me because liz claman is on her way to ces. let's start the countdown. ♪ lori: breaking news. let's start here. stocks flirting with session highs, bringing the dreams of dow 20,000 back to life. stocks accelerating gains following release of the fed minutes just over an hour or so
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ago. s&p 500, well it, the broad market average hovering around the most recent record close of 20271 points. we have to be exact. that hit december 13th. it was a year to remember for the big automakers. new car sales, good news here today, on track for an all-time full-year record. have a look at the december numbers. gm soaring past analyst expectations, with a 10% gain. nissan not far behind with 9.7% increase in sales. ford, slowing down in december but still outpacing analyst estimates, boosted by nation's most popular vehicle, f-series pickup truck. bad news, fiat chrysler sales skidded 10% last month. mainly consumers are slamming the brakes on previously beloved jeep brand. they slipped 6% in december. following report that they are
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all higher across the board. speaking of racing higher, investors going on a shopping spree for retail stocks. kohl's, jcpenney, sears, nordstrom, macy's shining brightly. showdown an the nation's capitol. president obama making a last-ditch effort to salvage what he can of his signature health care law. trump vows to reverse many of obama's key policies. vice president-elect mike pence huddled with republicans earlier to discuss the party's strategy to repeal and replace obamacare. fox business's blake burman standing by on capitol hill with the very latest. hi, there, blake. reporter: hi, lori. you used the term repeal and replace. republicans are talking about that for years. there are two different components. we're getting a little bit of clarity on both today. first on repeal side, fox can confirm through sources when the
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vice president-elect mike pence came to the capitol and spoke to republicans he told them that the president-elect, donald trump, wants a on his desk by february 20th repeal the affordable care act. that would be one month after taking office. after that, then comes the whole issue about what do you do with replacing it? and the president-elect saying a little while ago here on capitol hill are that that issue is still very much in the works. here is mr. pence just moments ago, watch. >> we're working very closely with the senate leadership on a budget resolution that will begin the process of repealing obamacare, and also create a framework for replacement going forward. reporter: now as mr. pence met with house republicans earlier this morning simultaneously so too was the current president, president obama made the trip here to capitol hill to huddle with democrats. this was a strategy session in part. i'm told half the meeting was dedicated to next steps in trying to preserve the affordable care act.
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when he left, president obama said his advice to democrats was to quote, look out for the american people. however, in the hours since, and what you will likely hear in the days following, democrats are saying, should this be a piecemeal approach, that would be a bad approach from republicans. >> republicans will soon learn that you can't keep the good parts of the aca, and remove the rest of the law, and sti have it work. and that's what they're struggling with. that is why they're not getting anywhere. reporter: lori, that right there is chuck schumer. he said this afternoon should there be a repeal, in his words, it would be the obligation of republicans to come up with a replacement. mr. trump sent out tweets suggested at schumer's way which he said, don't let the schumer clowns out of this mess. preemptive blame game is well underway on capitol hill, lori.
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lori: you think? like that is new? blake, a pressure. reporter: thanks. lori: a big announcement from the trump transition team as the president-elect nominating corporate attorney jay clayton role of sec chairman. he is currently a partner at prestigious law firm of comewell inauguration day is two weeks closer today. cheryl casone with what additional announcements the trump transition team is making. >> lori, someone known in the wall street community, regulatory review. that is job of sec commissioner to run the sec replacing mary jo white. he worked on high-profile wall street mergers and acquisition. you may remember he participated in the ipo of alibaba back in
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2014. he advised big banks like goldman sachs, jpmorgan, and morgan stanley stanley. he worked on the airlines like iberia. that is the big name from the trump transition team. someone you may know, no shrinking violet. omarosa manigault from the first season of "the apprentice," the show on nbc donald trump had. she will be the assistant to the president and director of communications for the office of public liaisons. it is outreach post she expressed interest in already. she has been very close to the transition team. now she is working in the white house as well. let's get to agriculture. there is still a question mark about the secretary of agriculture. one big name seems to be the prominent name, former governor of georgia, sonny perdue. he is 70 years old. he ran the state of georgia. was governor 2003 to 2011.
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he has farm experience knowing what farmers may need and issues agriculture community will be facing. he seems to be the front-runner. we don't expect the announcement today. we shall see. leave you a little bit after tidbit, rex tillerson, former ceo of exxon ceo. his pay retirement package was released. he was paid out by exxonmobil $180 million. it will be transferred to a trust. the reason they are doing that, and payouts over 10 years for mr. tillerson, exxon doesn't want hint of impropriety or favoritism if rex tillerson is confirmed as secretary of stated meetings might involve exxon. they want to make sure everything is clean and proper if you will, separation there. a lot of big news coming out of trump tower, and the transition team got more pecs to go. if we hear anything we'll get back to you. lori: that figure is well worth waiting for for mr. tillerson. thank you. cheryl casone in front of trump
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tower for us. it is fair to say we now have the explanation why the fed officials see three rate hikes this year. number that took wall street by surprise during the fed's meeting last month. minutes released this afternoon from the meeting, showed it was anticipation of an aggressive fiscal policy following donald trump's win but the fed officials also said that trump's election created new upside risk for almost all market participants. so what should investors expect in the year ahead? get right to the floor show. traders at new york stock exchange, cme group and nymex. let me welco in tedd weisberg, long time colleague of mine here at new york stock exchange. you have certainly been here a longer time than i have, talk about dow 20,000 and witnessed so many milestones. this one has been painful. do you sense some resistance here? what is going on. >> you know a watched pot doesn't boil, lori. i'm not worried about getting to 20,000. i can remember when the dow was
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playing 550. i have seen a lot of milestones. lori: i get it, there is aot of criticism about the hype, teddy of 20,000 level. milestones i think are important. when i, for example, became, when i celebrated my 25th birth day, right, it was an accomplishment. so to get to 20,000, it is important i think for human nature to acknowledge we come from somewhere. we have come so far but has it been so fast, given the reason we've seen this postelection rally? >> i think the election was clearly a game-changer and the market is reflecting that. dow 20,000, probably no different than dow 25,000. it is a a reflection on the changes we're anticipating. market is forward-looking independent caped to -- indicat, not a trailing indication indicator. >> let's see if other floor show participants agree with you.
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alan knuckman at cme. where are we an where do we go from here? >> that is the big question, now what, the stock market recovered within the highs. within a all time forever highs of s&p which remain adlong three weeks ago but what is interesting here, you have gold rallying, bonds rallying and oil rallying. something has got to give here. not all the markets can go up at the same time. let's watch the tape and let it sort out. i'm still positive on stocks. longer it takes to get through 20,000, the more sustained and greater the push will be. lori: do you think, do you view 20,000 as sort of the summit of mount he have rest, resistance left if you call it that there is nowhere to go but down? there is a lot of buy the rumor sell the news. we haven't seen trump's actions at work as president. he has been very vocal on the tweets. >> well, if you're asking me, first of all it is just a number. number two, as far as i'm concerned we're as good as
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through that number where we are now. i think lines of least resistance for the market are higher, not lower. it is just a number. just because we get there doesn't mean we'll stop. lori: oil, guys, nymex, all about the opec agreement to cut production, this deal might actually happen. what else is behind the big trade in oil. >> actually for me it is kind of hard to say. i know opec came to an agreement. they said they are going to cut production but there is a strong belief if oil stays above 55, the u.s. producers and the u.s., make no mistake about it is now the swing producer in the world, is the number one swing producer. if the u.s. producers get back in line, i can't see oil holding up and going through 60. i think 55 is the next big technical number for me. if it can go through 55 and maybe, i think it stays above 50 for a while, until we figure out what is going on globally and, kind of surprise oil is sticking
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around here especially with strength. dollar. lori: interesting. supply is a big factor. teddy weisberg, alan knuckman and luke rohbera. dow heat map. exxonmobil is biggest laggard, that the oil giant will give secretary of state nominee rex tillerson that 180 million-dollar separation package. shake shack, the burger chain getting a big bounce replacing dow chemical. when a company is added to a major stock index it usually rises as portfolio managers add it to the mix. president trump got ford to change its mind to build cars in mexico. is it cheap forker for carmakers to build cars south of the
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boredder? jeff flock is next on "countdown."
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lori: december auto sales pretty good. better that than pretty good, seeing auto parts maker rip higher. delphi automotive shares up
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3 1/2%. you've to the westport fuel systems, box international, cooper standard. steon, american axle manufacturing. all of these auto parts-makers are gaining as a result of the better thaexpected december auto sales from ford and gm in particular. donald trump taking on what else. thank you to ford for scrapping a new plant in mexico, creating 700 new jobs in the u.s. this is just the beginning. much more to follow. gm also found itself in hot water for bringing chevy cruze hatchbacks to the u.s. from a mexican plant. how much cheaper is it to build cars south of the border? jeff flak has been crunching the numbers. hey, jeff. >> hey, lori. great to see you as always. you know what? it may be tough because it is cheaper to make cars south of the border. first of all, labor, which everybody would guess, what does
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the average mexican auto worker make? about 5.$64 an hour according to stud by i the folks at center of automotive research. that compares to $27 for the average u.s. automaker. that is not all of it. look at tariffs. donald trump talks about tariffs. everybody freaks out if they're a free trader. look at the tariff, if you're, for example, ford, make a car in the u.s. and ship that to brazil, you have a 35% tariff to ship that into brazil from the u.s. if you make the same car, if you're ford and you make it in mexico you ship that into brazil, you have no tariff. why wouldn't you make the car in mexico? and you know, that feeds into the forecasts for automotive production going down the record c coaches what they call cars in mexico. u.s. production down over the course of the next six years. production in mexico up 60%.
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that is the forecast. and, just look at one car. we talked about the plant getting canceled. they were making ford fusion there. what was ford going to save if they made the car there? they would save $600 on labor on average car. parts they were going to save $1600 because there are so many auto parts-makers located in mexico. shipping would cost them a little bit more. still overall savings, lori, on a single ford fusion would have been over $1000. hard not to make that call if you're in a business to make money. lori? lori: jeff flock. laying it all out for us. you know what they call a truck in england? lory. reporter: a lory. i get it. awesome. lori: thanks, jeff. market check, checking in on the dow, still up about 56 points. it has been kind of a day of water treading for the markets. we're up after the fed minutes, but still, you know, not at
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20,000 level. we're trying to take another shot at it. meantime we take you to san diego where some veterans have a fantastic idea to rebuild their lives after risking their life for our country. stick around for that. what's happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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jo president obama taking the podium moments ago at the armed forces full honor review farewell ceremony at henderson hall in arlington, virginia. it honors the commander-in-chief as he concludes his final term in office. also included were marine colonel joph dunford. they have gone to mosul to aid iraqi forces to fight isis. doubles number of u.s. troops previously involved in operations in the city.
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so when most people think of california startups they think of silicon valley but san diego is now fostering a budding startup community ever its own. it is kick started by america's heroes. the city home to nation's largest concentration of military personnel and so far, veterans are starting their businesses in san diego at a record pace. fox news's will carr standing by in southern california with details how this veteran driven business boom is shaping up. will. >> reporter: lori, keeping in mind veterans are 45% more likely to start their own businesses than non-military citizens and so many veterans here in southern california, a number of private groups set out to help veterans launch their post-military careers. >> one, two, three, two. one, two, three, t >> hard work, laughter and a little bit of pane. >> come to me more often.
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reporter: found in a gym founded by a marine veteran. >> fitness is passion. but teaching people to be healthy and healthy lifestyle, really resonated with me and wanted to pass that along to other people. reporter: according to the small business administration, california leads the nations with more than 250,000 veteran-owned businesses. >> increasing number of veterans are looking to launch a small business. reporter: stephanie brown found the rosy network. a non-profit in san diego connects them with private sector opportunities and offering free training in accounting, human rue sources, marketing and more. >> we're teaching them to fish, around not just providing the fish. this is a lifelong commitment we're making to our transitioning veterans, and our military spouses. >> make it like closer to 150. reporter: they're not alone. integration, run by former navy pilot in san diego, sets veterans up with office space
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and familiar chance to work with the defense industry. the lab connects veterans and engineers with scientist. >> everyone learns and benefits from each other. that is the most important aspect of this space. >> come up, hot through the spaceport port this launched her business and confidence in her future. >> like having not a staff so much, but having a support system that says, you can't pick yourself up today? oh, we've got you. reporter: now that she has her own business, eastmead says she will help as many people as possible. she calls it paying it forward, a trait she said she learned in the marines. lori? lori: will carr, thank you so much. checking the markets right now, pretty much where we've been all day but the dow close to session highs, up 58 points, 19,940. discretionaries financials, basically all 10 s&p sectors are up today. up next, president obama trying to protect his legacy, obamacare, the reason for his
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capitol hill visit to meet with democrats but is his signature health care law about to be undone? ellis henican and john la val tell us if republicans need to proceed cautiously with the repeal and replace part of their 2016 agenda? "countdown" is comingright back.
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lori: this is president obama speaking at his military farewell ceremony. meantime we are learning that four guantanamo bay detainees are slated to be transferred to saudi arabia in the next 24 hours. now this is the first of the final wave of up to 20 transfers expected before inauguration day. this is according to two u.s. officials who told members of fox news. now the identities of the first four detainees is not
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immediately known. you may recall back in april the obama administration transferred nine gitmo detainees to saudi arabia, including an alleged bodyguard of osama bin laden. now all nine detainees were linked to al qaeda. u.s. officials say 30% of released detainees are suspected of returning to battle. obama obviously getting his agenda cleared and out of the way before the inauguration of president trump. speaking of changes with the new administration, let's talk about obamacare and cabinet appointees and much, much more. we're joined by ellis henican, columnist with news day. john jlavelle a republican county chairman. ellis, what is likelihood democrats are successful sinking one ever trump's cabinet picks? >> if the bar is one, i think it's a decent chance, particularly those with the russia issue.
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there is dispute in the republican party whether we cozy up to vladmir putin. i got to tell you, there is deal to be made between unified democratic party, and some republicans who consider that a dangerous and reckless idea on part of incoming president. lori: john, your response. it is interesting there is a lot of criticism separate of the russia issue, the nominated treasury secretary, mr. mnuchin, his association with a bank that had issues with its mortgage procedures. that is the most likely candidate to have trouble. >> i think that is completely unfair. you look back to the community reinvestment act of 1994, bill clinton, that caused the failure of u.s. banks. indy bank was a product of the failure in 2009. under the obama administration, they sold indy bank to a group of investors led by steve mnuchin. if the federal government was so
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interested not in having foreclosures, why did they charge them for the transfer of that bank and why didn't they protect the homeowners? this was business investment of private business person. that is conflict of america, to think that could sink a nominee -- lori: i hate to interrupt you. i have a lot of stuff to get to. what do you think? was it interesting, does is seem i should ask, obama rushing through transfer of detainees from gitmo? >> that is a horrible decision. lori: how so? >> i understand he is president until the 20th. what he is doing is absolutely contrary to what the incoming president is doing. we have to create a new stage for president trump like he asked the same to be done for him after he was elected. i don't think what he is doing is in the best interests of the people of united states of america. certainly not the safety of our families. lori: ellis, now i'm jumping over to obama care. >> jump away. jump away. lori: we heard president obama
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defending his signature legislation. president, vice president-elect pence saying no we have to repeal it. the question is replace it. i mean, it is almost hypocritical because, right? the republicans were so tough on obama just jamming the legislation through several years ago. if the roles were reversed, i know i'm seeding that to how you're going to respond. >> the appeal part is easy. they have the votes. >> what's the plan. >> that is a very dangers thing to be doing what you have no clue what the plan is. all these years since 2010 republicans have completely been unable to come up with a plan. there is no hint they have any plan up their sleeve right now. you know what? a lot of partings of obamacare are really, really popular. go ahead and cancel some of that stuff, my friends if you can. lori: john, i let you respond. give a quick response. i have to get to the julian assange stuff and john podesta's password. >> we have pinpoint problems with it.
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we wertold the cost of health care would go down. that we would be able to keep our doctors, that there would be competition and it wouldn't affect the middle class from a tax perspective. all that was untrue. incoming secretary designee price, he is very well-situated to lead that charge and to recommend how we're going to replace these very faulty provisions that have hurt middle class and lower class america, that are looking for health care, and looking for assistance from our government. lori: so, john, okay, trump siding with julian assange over the hacking incident at the dnc and julian assange basically telling sean hannity look, a child could have hacked john podesta's email. his password was password. that is outrageous? were you just stunned by that? does this give trump where he coming more not to stand by u.s. intelligence? >> i believe he will stand b u.s. intelligence.
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as he is briefed and those times will happen, he will then make decisions. but you know, we do have a president when this first came about in september, the current president, he just said, you know stop it. and then now we're moving more towards his exit and we're now imposing sanctions on the russians. once again, i don't know if this is an appropriate use of his power and certainly it isn't in the best interests of our country. lori: the tweeter in chief. >> yea lori: guys this conversation is so enlightening, it pushed markets to session highs. >> get to 20,000 will you? get up there already, go on. >> go trump. lori: really all about trump, you're not kidding. postelection rally. 19,950. we're 50 point away. the naysayers are over the hype. i have to tell you i think it is a point of accomplishment to get to dow 20,000. all right we're going to
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shift gears to cars next. tesla shifting into high gear. what started off as a slow morning for the electric carmaker has turned into high speed comeback, sending tesla to 3-month high next. elon musk better watch his back. faraday revealed the car of the future and wants to take the tesla electric cro away. the car show and preview of all the biggest auto unveils when we come back. keep it right here on "countdown."
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♪ lori: the dow needs to climb 48 points to hit 20,000. it is up 69. it is couple points off the session high. s&p at 2272, is one point above an all-time record close. keep your eye on the broad
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market average this hour. autos are driving the big gains today. tesla motors announced it will begin producing its new lithium-ion batteries today. the stock is jumping on the news over 4%. it will be manufactured in the gigafactory in partnership with panasonic. tesla says this offers the best performance at lowest production cost. batteries can be used for electric vehicles and energy storage products. tesla facing competition. electric cars, start-up competitor, faraday future, unveiled its own tesla model s. they claim it goes from 0 to 60 in 2.39 seconds. market is climbing up 70 points. 19,000, 952. there is so much hype really for weeks. last two weeks of the year, leading to the dow 20,000. the s&p for its part at 2272.
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at one point as i said above all-time record closing high. really the theme has been trump's pro-economic agenda. his plans on infrastructure spending, excuse me. he also has been talking about this hour with his plans to repeal obamacare although that is controversial because we're not sure what will go in its place but other regulation role-backs especially in the financial indus in president-elect trump's agenda. that is huge lift to the financial sector. checking russell small cap index at 1388, that is also higher today. 1.68%. let's check out commodities. big story in oil. oil is up about 2% here. this is on expectations that this production cut deal by opec, oil producing countries will stick. let's check gold there for you as well. don't have gold on my screen. the russell is up 22. the three benchmark averages are
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holding up and it's really been a slow grind. term here is melt-up. everybody here, someone even told me they bet their left sneaker the dow will hit 20,000 before it rears back. let's go ahead and talk more about the markets. one of the big events was the fed minutes. even though we didn't see a huge market reaction as a result of the minutes, which basically rehash the last fed meeting which did happen after the outcome of the presidential election, it was interesting to see that the fed's expected pace of interest rate hikes is actually a little bit uncertain. after the original meeting in december, it seems that we were looking at three hikes. now there is a little bit of a question. let's bring in our next guest, etf trends ceo time lied den and former rich manned fed senior economist ward mccarthy. welcome to both you gentlemen i
3:48 pm
should say. >> thank you. lori: ward, you're an economist let me get your take on the fed minutes and pace of rate hikes this year. >> both december 14th and fomc releases and the minutes reflect a bit of a reawakening a the fed there is such a thing as upside risk to growth and also upside risk to inflation. right now policymakers are rethinking their approach to a gradual normalization process, acknowledging that they may have to raise rates faster than they have been thinking for some time. lori: is that three hikes or fewer in the works? >> i'm sorry. lori: i didn't mean to interrupt you, bottom line it here, ward, three hikes or fewer? >> i think we'll hit three. lori: okay. so tom, your take, let me switch gears a little bit. seems the market is rather immune to the federal reserve. there was zero row action to the
3:49 pm
minutes, even last fed minutes. >> you're right, lori. a year ago another hike, year ago december, baked into the market, people were expecting that but for three years we've been talking about a rising rate environment but really haven't seen it. if what ward says is true, if we see three hikes this year, all of sudden it will affect investors in specific ways. on fixed income, it hurts treasurys and bonds. values go down. we'll have to see hedging in order to protect portfolios. also it affects the dollar. the dollar will continue to increase. that is great for us as we might travel to europe or buy vehicles overseas but it is not good from an export standpoint. and also -- lori: it seems, sorry, i thought you were pausing. you know, but seems to me the only thing driving this rally is the expectation that donald trump's pro-expect growth agenda will take hold.
3:50 pm
if the market immune to the fed as we were discussing, ward, you know, and the economic data also seems to not have an impact, of course we have a jobs report coming, the december jobs report comes out on friday, you know, how vulnerable is this, is this market at this level? >> well i think the market's going to be volatile but i think it will continue to grind higher over a period of time. it is not really just donald trump. it is the fact that we also have republicans in congress. lori: right but politics. >> they can follow a pro-growth agenda. lori: okay, but it is politics. tom, do you have a take on any other catalyst upward or down catalyst on this market we should be watching out for? >> it is really the same story for about a month now. >> it has. large multinationals really enjoyed the growth in the market but small caps to some degree are unloved. the protectionist policy of the trump administration will help
3:51 pm
companies that do business here in the u.s. that is something to look at. most importantly a huge amount of money recently going into small cap etfs. lori: i want to talk about that, tom. we have to take a quick break. i want to get your take with interest rates going up and small caps in favor. i know you have great plays involving those financial instruments. hold tight. tom and ward, we'll continue our discussion after this. let me point out to you, the dow is up 61. 19,943. s&p slipping two points of a all-time closing high. dow is 60 points away the from 20,000. i hope it happens today when i'm filling in. fingers crossed.
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♪ lori: can the dow gain, i don't know, 55 points here in the next, 60 points? trying to do math in my head. that is always dangerous. let's bring in adam shapiro.
3:55 pm
is this baby, bad boy ever going to hit 20,000? >> i think possibly friday. everyone will be very cautious up to the jobs report. if we get a good jobs report, i think estimates are creation of 1170, almost 180,000 jobs, if we hit that then we have the excuse to push over 20,000. then we have a big selloff as people take their profits. i think that we could see it by friday. lori: adam, there is debate on the floor, with no surprise of the minutes that should have been a catalyst to launch us over 20,000. three interest rates, implied risk, no surprises today. this could have been the catalyst. jobs report too could be another thing. >> it is about an excuse. as you said, the people are going to move the big money need an excuse to do it and the jobs report would be that kind of excuse. the fed minutes that peter barnes broke earlier today, that we got, we know what is going on with the fed, we can guess where they're headed but jobs number
3:56 pm
tells you what is happening in the economy at least to a degree. lori: forecast for wage growth in the december jobs report is forecast for nice up tick. that alone could be a nice positive catalyst, really. >> fingers crossed. lori: on everyone from main treat to wall street, your own pocketbooks. adam, thanks so much. go back to the conversation with tom lyden and ward mccarthy. thanks for staying with us. what do you think about adam' prediction, jobs report, december jobs number, supposed to be in line with prior month but still growth in the right direction with unemployment holding steady give or take a 1/10 of a percentage point. tom, what do you think. is that the catalyst we need to get to milestone? >> it is all about inflation. we're starting to see some pickup. there was news overseas about inflation numbers picking up. oil has a good run with metals. these along with housing prices and give enough evidence where
3:57 pm
fed continues to move. fed continues to move, that adds a threat to rising interest rates for sure. as we said earlier that affects the fixed income market, if that exacerbates, we've been talking about three years, we could see a wind fall effect with a negative effect on the market. lori: it is interesting to me, ward, all of this discussion leading up to the minutes release today, really for weeks since the outcome of the election, on what donald trump will do for the u.s. economy and so far, his theme is very bullish. his agenda has been well-received. look at market obviously. do you think we'll stay on the path, buy the rumor and buy the news? >> well, based on the economy, the markets should continue to go higher. 2016 ended on a very strong note. you know, we do have to be a him bit cautious entering 2017 because q1 has throughout this entire cycle been the weakest quarter of the year and that is
3:58 pm
seasonal adjustment issue i don't think has been addressed yet. but i think on balance we're looking at stronger growth. we're looking at inflation that will continue to accelerate. i think most important aspect of friday's employment numbers will be wage growth, and average hourly earnings up 4% and up to 3% by the end of the year. lori: tom, back to you, financials, energy, if you haven't gotten in on the rally, is it too late? if you have new money where should you put it today? you are a etffy. this is your area of expertise. what is advice for average investor? >> long bonds and stocks, very well for past eight years. proshares shorts treasury wiin corporate bond portfolio, so that is mething to think about. in addition long dollar.
3:59 pm
so if you have foreign investments you may be losing money if that foreign currency declines even though the market goes up. that is something to think about. finally there is great multistrategy alternative etfs out there. etfs are not use plain vanilla anymore. there are great strategies but it is important to do your homework. lori: it was a blockbuster year for etfs. 280 billion. it was a record year. what is your expectation, as you saw in the first half, so much cash on the sidelines looking for a place to invest? that is for tom. >> we still have $2.5 trillion in etfs, 14 trillion in mutual funds. there were 450 mutual funds that actually closed last year. so there is this major shift that is going on for mutual fund etfs. i think that -- lori: ward, we've got 30 seconds to the closing bell. doesn't look like it will be dow 20,000 today. got the jobs report possibly the
4:00 pm
catalyst, the next positive catalyst. 15 seconds. [closing bell] have to leave it there. gentlemen, thanks so much for joining us. has been a pleasure. thank you for sticking with us. i'm lori rothman. to david and melissa. melissa: another day of green arrows. major averages finishing higher. s&p 500 ending just shy of new record high, i'm melissa francis. >> i'm david asman this is "after the bell." glad you could join us. we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have for you this hour. bringing out the big guns. president obama and vice president-elect pence going toe-to-toe in the battle over obamacare. we're going to take you live to capitol hill for details on what is going on behind closed doors. plus build a wall, it is not just a popular slogan. the president-elect reportedly laying the ground work to make good on one of his biggest campaign promises. this just in, president


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