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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 4, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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lou were i apologize for letting leslie run all over me and eat up your time. thank you both for being here. we appreciate it and we all want a country that succeeds for all of us. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: donald trump flexes his muscle with the help of a little blue bird. how powerful can his tweet be? but desperate democrats are grasping at straws by trying to save it with a catching phrase. lindsey lohan writing a poe up to grab the hearts and mind of isis. blue-eyed house nim ph was was spanked by donald trump after
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they tried to tinker with house rules. they reversed course after the president-elect tweeted, with all they have to work on, do they have to make weakening the independent ethics watchdog their number one priority? with red cheeks and phase, the spanked caucus tucked tails and caused. but as mark sanford note. you can't tweet your way to victory. people don't react well-being embarrassed. sanford is not alone in his twitter embarrassment.
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really tick off that spectacle time bomb chuck schumer. >> making america great again requires more than 140 characters perish you. kennedy: so pitchy. i love it. all right. house republic cans, senate democrats. who else can we add to the list of the perennially frustrated. china, their state-run news agency is getting very frustrated with trump tweets, like this one, china has been taking out massive amounts of money from the u.s. in trade but won't help with north korea. the state-run paper wrote it's like doing business deals. twitter shouldn't become an instrument of foreign policy.
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slow down, china, you sounds like chuck schumer in so many ways. the president-elect won't uncouple his thumbs from twitter anytime soon. but why don't you take the fuss budgets and tie them into a sack to fight like a bunch of weasles. your money, baby. i'm kennedy. so will president trump's twit arer arsenal lay waste to washington? chris stirewalt, let's discuss this. the three entities i listed that are upset and frustrated by the tweeting, house republicans, senate democrats led by chuck schumer and china.
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how is any of that bad? >> i suppose it depend on your points of view. but i uld say this. they are not upset about tweeting. th are upset about what donald trump said. chuck schumer is in a different category since he's complaining about trump being on twitter as if it's unworthy. i suppose when lyndon johnson had state of the union address coverage. whenever people embrace new technology, i suppose you can say that's unworthy. kennedy: schumer doesn't like it because he's not good at it. he's not good at it because he's 185 years old. he doesn't understand how to be good at it. he's dismissive it because it's the new thing. >> trump managed to be very good at it at 71.
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but understanding its utility is the issue. for the house republicans and the chi-coms, it's not how he's saying it but what he's saying. the house republicans would be just as smarting if trump had put that out through a statement and walked out to the waiting group of reporters that follows the president-elect everywhere -- and said the same thing. if he just said that in another way it would have had the same humiliating consequence for house publicans and the chinese would be just as bad. there is a problem washington has. the people who are good at politics will be good at social media because we live in a connected age. kennedy: there are companies figuring out that not only is trump's twitter a great bullhorn, it's also the best
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p.r. agency in the world. when he tweets about carrier, sprint and ford keeping jobs in this country, it's great for their bottom line. it makes people feel some sense of pride going out and buying their various services and products. >> or you can short boeing or gm if you knew trump was going to tweet an attack on the company. kennedy: i didn't think about that. if this were before the great depression, we could have made a mint, you and i. thank you very much for your insight. and happy new year to you, my friend. hello, mom, you are not going to believe it. vice president-elect mike pence met with gop lawmakers to come up with a plan to dismantle obamacare.
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they have couple their tone new slow began to fight it. >> we are here to warn the american people that republican plan to cut medicare, immediate kade and repeat aca, will make america sick again. kennedy: that makes me nauseous just hearing that. pence responded by saying the incoming president is work on executive orders to transition to a market-based temperature economy. matt welch is here and ben kiss he will, the host of the maybe lincoln's top hat podcast. obama care is not popular, that's why republicans feel they have this particular mandate on this particular issue. >> the premiums are going through the roof. it's ridiculous.
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tiny houses, tall man. and the democrats seem to be going back to the drawing board and doubling down on the failed policies. they are forcing the triangle offense. their lack of mobility will hurt them. kennedy: he keeps going with that. the triple post on the obamacare situation does not make a lot of sense no matter how much spectatorsing you get on the court. kennedy: what we are risking is being in limbo. i certainly don't fault them for that, including our liberty friend rand paul who is at the forefront of the just get rid of it movement. you have democrats rationalizing led by a president who just wants to cement his legacy. somewhat rand paul says is you have to repeal and replace at the same time. on the forwise we are going to
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be in this slow motion death spiral limbo. donald trump and some members of the trump team have said, it was okay to have your 26-year-old kids be required to be on your health plan. kennedy: he also said the same thing for preexisting conditions. maybe that's not the best thing for every single insurance company. >> if you keep some of these mandates in place and you are hesitant about change the status of millions of americans, then you are going to lock yourself you have into a situation where we are in between these two systems. kennedy: if you are going to repeal it, have something to replace it with. i believe there are enough plants out there that they have something they can put in place. some members of song say they don't have anything. and that's actually not true. >> they were saying trump
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doesn't have a plan for this. meanwhile he was saying this is what i want to do with immigration and the economy and jobs. but he has to be sticking to what he promised the american people. this is suppose to be a big change for politicians per usual. saving he's going to repeal and replace obamacare. he can't turn on them. the democrats will hate him know matter what he does. stick to what he promised and go with it. >> but he wasn't consistent during the campaign on what he's going to do. kennedy: i don't think it's as much about him, in this instance i say trust the doctors. trust tom price and rand paul. >> tom price will be the key. kennedy: he's the best analyst for taking apart and putting obamacare back together or having a completely separate plan.
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he noafts it intimately. >> in 2008 the democrats didn't have a proper plan and that's why obamacare cameo fruition. kennedy: we'll know what it is when we read by the. when we pass it, then we'll know. in my mind nancy -- former presidents and their spouses, they always get choice seeing the at presidential inaugurations. it's a wonderful tradition. that means hillary clinton is going to come down from her woodshed. she'll be sneering from the front row. should donald trump wear therm tall long johns or kef ther -- ? there is the politician hillary
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who is coiffed with a smile on her face. >> i like the woodsman analogy. i would run the clintons through three levels of security like it's their last real gasp that rushing the stage. something you used to see when some guy would be at a concert and would have to be removed. which would be great to see. i would run them through a few levels of security. that one last chance they have. kennedy: hillary clinton is the guy at the bret michael show trying to get on stage. >> this might be the first inauguration that will require the hells angels to come out of retirement. what's funny to me. the clintons are so hungry for
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the public spotlight. regardless of the shame of losing in one of the most controversial elections in quite a while. regardless of that they are so debts pratt for the spotlight she'll put herself out there no matter what. >> she should have what's her face stand in for her and sneak out to the million mom march. kennedy: obama's mom jeans. >> this will be the most watched inauguration in my lifetime. trump will get huge numbers and it will be a big victory for him. >> isn't it like watching somebody you love getting married? it would be painful to sit there and watch that? >> she stood next to bill clinton during the 90s. no matter who puts their hands
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on the bible, it's going to burn a bit. kennedy: that's why i love the party panel. they are honest and adoring. you will be astonished by lindsey lohan's contribution to stopping isis. trump and intelligence agencies are squaring off over moscow. your insurance company
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kennedy: donald trump and american intelligence agencies are quarreling over russian involvement in the 2016 election. trump isn't buying it. he's sniping at them on twitter saying the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hack was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. is trump trying to sweep the truth under the rug or just locking horns with sore losers? he's also a former via officer. he knows these things. we talked about russia and disinformation. but what i want to know is did russia really hack our election and what does that even mean? >> there is the russia hack can
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the election story which is overly broad intentionally baits automatically has a lot of political implications. russia has tried to suck up as much information both from the government side as well as the private sector, commercial and trade secrets as they possibly can. and as part of that, did get access to from what we know how podesta' emails. apparently the password was "password" which is something you have to make fun of someone for. he time there is a public service announcement, don't use "password" as your password. they think nobody is that dumb. the hack, though, is a separate
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issue from trump -- a separate broader issue than the specifics of whether donald trump is going to accept the intelligence community's review of this. he should accept this. i'm a little troubles by this new notion. it was that there was the delegi -- thedelegitimatization. kennedy: if you take that at face value, then you stop looking at everything else. russia is in and maybe other people got in because our cyber infrastructure is so poor. >> they ran with this in vermont. >> they hacked into a utility
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grid in vermont without having the facts. >> people said it was just a correction. no, a correction that undermines the entirety of the story is a retraction you don't want to retract. it shows the heightened environment for scrutiny of cyber wars. the chinese opium hack is so much worse it's much bigger than this. but it didn't specifically threaten democrats' hold on power. i got a letter in the mail, the chinese probably have all your stuff. kennedy: you were a federal employee whose information fell within that time frame. do you think the president would have ordered sanctions if the russians had hacked the rnc and hillary clinton won the electoral vote and donald trump
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won the popular vote? >> i think if hillary clinton wins, they don't hear much about this at all. it has been a national security concern for a long time. but it on the gets attention when it has to do with the dnc emails being hacked. but ultimately i don't like this, well, the intelligence community is lie being this. they are not lying about it. this was clearly a russian hand. but did it matter? kennedy: thank you so much. amazing having you here. we'll talk soon. coming up. bernie sanders lit a fire under free loading millennials by calling for free college tuition. now new york's governor has proposed a plan for his constituent. we'll be costly.
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that is next.
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kennedy: you are so smart, you can go to college. andrew cuomo is launching aplan to make college free for families earning less than $125,000 a year.
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joining me now, robbie suave. he covers the college beat. welcome back. so free college sound expensive. and the conservative estimate of this program would cost the state of new york $163 million. is that every year? >> yeah, and they have no idea how they are going to pay for it. they haven't even attempted to answer that question it's t.b.d. kennedy: you have written you are sensitive to the needs of people trying to pay for college because as you point out, college has gotten very, very expensive. is the fix to shift the burden to taxpayers? >> so the interesting thing here, yes, it's a public universities are a state-run resource. taxpayers are forced to subsidize them. if they can't afford to send
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their kids to the colleges they are forced to pay for, what's the point. college should be more affordable. this is totally the wrong way to go about it. it's no smarter than the current idea to have the distorted loans on the front end and they can't pay it back down the line. people making $125,000 are sort of well off. but the wealthy can afford to college. it's poor people who don't go to college and who aren't able to for lots of other reasons including how screwed up the k-12 system is for them. we need to concentrate on those problems. this is welfare for people who already go to college. kennedy: i think we need to continue to have the discussion, should everybody go to college? the natural assumption here is yes, they should.
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that it's effectively a right. and the state should pay for that right. that you are owed and advanced education by the government and the state you are living. >> it ceases to be an advance education if everyone goes to college. it's become sort of a signaling credential because we had everyone going to college, and it's become less rigorous, they are going to college for other reasons to have a good time, to joint activity, they are not studying as much. and the degrees they are getting carry less value. they get out of college and they are woking for starbucks anyway and they are in debt. what are we doing to college if we are saying you have to go there, it's the only way to be a healthy, functioning adult. kennedy: it's really high time that people start investigating
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other ways of getting a leg up on people. for example, braces very expensive. however, if you have nice teeth, you have just as good a chance of getting that job as if you have a flashy degree. that is true. people who are tall and smell better. people who are symmetrical with nice teeth, they get better jobs, don't they. >> take a shower sometimes. you don't have to go to college and blow all that money. or get a community college degree. that's affordable and a ticket to a pretty good life. you don't have to go to cornell and major in social justice basket weaving studies and note know what to do with your life. kennedy: but that basket wants to reform the college. 237. where did you go to college? >> university of michigan. kennedy: sorry about the ohio
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state game. >> i'm still depressed. coming up, swedish socialists reduced their workday to 6 hours. that's next.
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kennedy: a free version is what it was. a swedish nursing home, it starts like the start of a kinky movie. it just wrapped up an experiment of a 6-hour workday. the patients said everyone is healthier. but the facility had to hire 17 additional people and it cost over a million dollars. so guess what? they scrapped the program. i think we should take every opportunity to make fun of social programs in the sweden. but last night i defended the universal coverage and the
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universal employment. what are the checks called everyone gets? the finland thing. last night i testified the finland thing. >> i'm proud of sweden. they right on a small local level in a small industry. they right for the a short period of time and realized it didn't work and said to hell with it. france did it the wrong way saying everyone has to work for 35 hours a week. the socialist party in france is trying to get out from under this stupid way of running an economy. the democratic party which has been proposing nonsense during the last campaign, experiment in a tiny town in nursing homes. don't have a $15 minimum wage and free college education for everybody. kennedy: bill clinton talked about the states being land
8:37 pm
tories of democracy whether legal marijuana would work. have smaller case studies and see if you can apply them at the macro level. it's funny because -- if you look at the republicans right now. they are the ones coming out in favor of the new jobs. we talked about uber and lift. liz warren promised to do away with them because of a few examples of stories having bad experiences. so it seems like we are really kinds of getting screwed over by both sides. and we have to find common ground. it seems like the democrats will be the ones to inhibit growth. kennedy: i know sweden loves ikea.
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you are just getting warmed up at that point. >> i agree 100% that that would be a great idea to experiment and see if they work. but they did a great job and pulled it back. that could never work here. we get into these programs and they are lifetime programs. dump more money into it if it doesn't work. don't pull it back, don't try to change it. that's why trump got elected. this dream that perhaps that could stop. >> it's this utopia that ends up being very toxic because government don't know how to run your life, you know how to run your life. and lindsey lohan's has been involved in relief work for syrian refugees in turkey. she is not wrang them in lunchmeat.
8:39 pm
her latest efforts to stop the terrorist organization known as isis has been through the most powerful instagram. she has her heart and intentions in the right place. can't we agree pinterest would be far more effective in stopping isis? so few people talk about changing hearts and minds. est lindsey lohan is the on one brave enough. we heard from generals and presidential candidates, but she wants to go to the right place with good intentions. >> at least she is taking on isis, not just some bizarre ridiculous law that doesn't mean anything more social justice warriors. she can bring people together. let's not forget what she did
8:40 pm
from the parent trap. not only did lindsey bring them together, but she also got a friend and a twin out of it. kennedy: if only that twin could salvage her acting career. she wrote just grow to bed and close the blinds. still and so on i can't help but want to fix all these idle isis minds. >> the end is better if only i can continue to fix it all, i would keep the world living, loving and small. i would share my smiles and give to many kisses. >> she is a poet laureate. kennedy: the end. >> celebrities. they are just -- they are the most pompous, self-centered, complete lack of self-realization. from their dumb videos where
8:41 pm
they are trying to get congress to block trump and what they were trying to get electors. they don't realize they are so irrelevant now in what the public really wants. but they still have this thing. they have to get out there and address the issues. this is out of completely ridiculous level. keedy: at least she is not attacking trump which is unique for a celebrity. >> we have to give lindsey a chance. kennedy: yes, we do. thank you so much. so lovely. coming up, silicon valley is taking a big step forward and making death a thing of the past. michio kaku is next.
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kennedy: welcome back. you know you can't live forever. but maybe your social media can. a social media startup wants to make avatars of people. now they are using a new strategy. creating artificially intelligent systems by
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integrating them with social media. dr. michio kaku, welcome back. it takes your digital footprint over a number of years, in all the ways you interact with social media over a number of years and decades. stores all of that into some sort of a.i. component. then your loved ones when you bask ask question and apparently your consciousness can answer them. that seems so futuristic. >> digital immortality will be a multi-billion dollar. you will go to the library and talk to winston churchill. i'll talk to albert einstein. you will chat with him. kennedy: there is enough of him
8:47 pm
to create one of these? >> unfortunately not. but maybe there is enough of you so your grandkids will go to the library and have a great conversation with you 100 years from now. kennedy: it will pick up where the human genome left off. >> the next step is to map the entire human brain. a million dollars has been allocated to map all the neurons of the brain. kennedy: do you think memories are physically stored somewhere? >> they are stored on the surface of the brain. you will have a disk with all your consciousness on it and you will be able to put it into a robot and you will be i am more that. your consciousness, memories and personality quirks will live forever. >> immortal consciousness is the
8:48 pm
immortal. some people are boring and some people are bad and maybe we don't want them to live forever. immortality, do you think that is the ultimate goal of human beings? >> that's going to be big business in the future. we are now beginning to understand the genes that contain the aging process. we have correcting mechanisms so one day we'll be able to extend the living body rather than having an animated footprint. kennedy: will we be able to reanimate those whom we have lost? will there be a way of
8:49 pm
resuscitating dead tissue? or is it you are alive now but i will be able to give you certain i mean oh therapies and drugs and you will reverse age like benjamin button? >> once youdie, that's it. but we'll be able to get carbon copies of you. the bad news is that our generation could be the last generation to die biologically. our grandkids may decide to hit the age of 30 and stop. they may want to be the age 30 for the next 100 years. our generation may be the last generation to die biologically. but digital hi our personalities and quirks can be used to create a cyber you. kennedy: we'll have to call on other planet because there won't
8:50 pm
be enough room for everyone here. >> the japanese women in japan have held the record for longevity. and japan is contracting. it's contracting physically. it contracts a million people per year. people who are prosperous don't have that's kids. kennedy: is dropping your iphone into molten lava a new hack to save battery power?
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kennedy: you have already broken your resolutions and it's only the 4th of january? you can watch the best hour of your day and it will never make you fat or broke. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. the best part about watching people dance on stage is watching people almost fall off the stage while they are dancing. like this woman. she has no idea the stable is made of a series of flimsy boxes until one of them flips her off like an aggressive teen. oh, my gosh.
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that man who saved her was not only fast. he's the strongest man i have ever seen. there she goes. the tea is ready. the on time i have been so satisfied watching someone fall off stage is when kelsey grammer was giving a lecture. >> it's a small world pretending i was an interpreter. kelsey also won a mexican dance competition. 2017 is finally here. so naturally the question on everyone's mind is can you melt an iphone in molten aluminum or as the british wrongly say.
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al-mum. it's savor and to burn an iphone like that. we ask i nothing sacred anymore and only a whiff of flame. it's next? lighting an ipad on fire. don't do that. i told you apple was in trouble. once they start lighting i hops on fire. no one in that i hop was injured from the fire. there were 17 cases of full body food poisoning at the hand of stuffed french toast. we can only hope little billy
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will regain feeling in his legs by next christmas. god bless us, everyone. when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. and when your parent refuse to give you a pony, ride a cow. look at her go. holy crap that thing is fast. that is hannah simpson of new zealand. quite the cow gir literally that is riding on her heifer stead. they can substitute for horses and also fill in for models sometimes. topic number four. the good people in georgia understand how social media works. they put together an advertisement so cringe worthy
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it has gone viral. >> come on down to furry animals emporium, we have everything you could want in a furry life companion. [♪] kennedy: that video deeply moved me. i sometimes make fun of cats on the program. but my new year's resolution for 017 is to spayand neuter cats, every cat on the planet so they can never breed ever again. topic number five. if you are like most americans, you want two things. more "star wars" and lethal doses of caffeine. so it's good this instructional
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kennedyfbn or email me at good night. good night, stuart. use -- a family's legend. >> i can remember being a little kid and asking my father what it was. >> a century-old mystery. >> he said, "it's from the white house." and i go, "talking about d.c. white house?" i was just stunned. >> the white house neither confirms nor denies... >> what do you see? >> gold! [ laughs ] >> let's investigate! >> i scrape the paint layers down to the wood. >> and when you heard what it was worth? >> and sold! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and today


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