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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. tototototototototototoe breathing. they have been talking two weeks or so they have known. charles: here is lou. lou: president obama introduced us to his high concept of leading from behind in this highly politicized intelligence agencies are following his lead. now cia director john brennan emphasizing patience with this agency as they look for evidence to back up their conclusions and predictions that have been public for weeks. >> i would suggest to individuals who have not yet seen the report and have not been briefed on it that they wait and see what it is that the intel community is putting forward before they make those judgments. lou: we get into whether anyone should trust obama's politicized agencies with former congressman
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pete hart stripper former trump campaign manager cory lewandowski. vice president-elect mike pence on capitol hill to tell congress that repealing the obama obama carries the president-elect's first order of business and now bears. we will have a full report. and donald trump's penchant for delivering on his campaign promises sparking some fear in mexico. mr. trump predicting more will follow when ford's path and some in mexico are panicking about prospective loss of jobs. trump economic advisers steve ward joins us to talk about jobs are turning to america. and good evening everybody. a showdown over obamacare taking center stage on capitol hill today. vice president-elect pence rallying the g.o.p. to kill the legislation that mr. obama urged democrats to fight to keep what he considers his signature
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domestic achievement. "fox news" chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> vice president elect pence told republicans they are all in one team and starting january 20 the inauguration day they are going to have a new coach and they intend to hit the ground running. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> vice president elect pence was back on capitol hill for the first day of the 115th congress and voted -- toys -- tweeted a photo. he's moving forward on a new agenda. >> we where 16 days away from the bit band of business as usual in washington d.c.. today our message is very simple , working with the leadership here in the house and the senate. we are going to be in the promise keeping business. >> as pence was heading to capitol hill resident let trump took to twitter toward americans
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must be careful that the own the obamacare disaster with the poor coverage of massive premium increases are it also deductibles are so high that it's practically useless. don't let the schumer clowns out of this web. massive increases of obamacare will take place this year and are to blame for the mess. it will follow its own weight, be careful. chuck schumer the senate democratic leader fired back. >> republicans will soon learn that you can't keep the good parts of the aca and remove the rest of the law and still have it work. >> tent city echoed mr. trump social media message behind closed doors. >> i admonished members of the house republican conference today. it's important we remind the american people of what they are ready know about obamacare, the promises that were made were all broken. >> speaker paul ryan said while repeal of the signature health call -- health care law comes with the lawmakers should be careful to be sure consumers
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aren't hurt. >> we want to make sure as we get released from obamacare we do it in a transition that doesn't pull the rug out from anybody. >> as leaders call for an orderly transition what comes next is unclear. some g.o.p. members are proposing a simultaneous repeal and replace. others are suggesting a lengthy and deliberative process of two to four years to limit disruptions. after a lunch with g.o.p. senators pence was asked what happens if replacing the law gets messy. >> the simple fact is the american people know who owns obamacare. lawmakers are hoping that the obamacare of p1 president trumps dustbuster break 20th. before that pence said mr. trump would take executive action to start unraveling the law. lou: thank you very much mike emanuel from capitol hill. the new senate minority leader senator chuck schumer is signaling he will try to stop trump every step of the way's schumer saying this week
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democrats will only work with donald trump if he abandons his republican colleague. >> mr. president-elect you want after both the democratic and republican establishment that by your early announcement you seem to be embracing her timeworn shopworn the only way we are going to work with him if he moves our direction and abandons his republican colleagues. 90 to 95% of the time will be holding his feet to the fire and holding them accountable. we are democrats. we are not just going to post things to oppose them. lou: it does sound like that's exactly what senator schumer is doing. he has a new brand, the president-elect referring to the democrats as schumer clowns. here now to talk about the so-called schumer clowns the death of obamacare and whether the 115th congress can carry out the trump agenda joining me now former trump campaign
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manager cory lewandowski now partner at the newly formed consulting firm. it's great to have you here. listening to chuck schumer somebody started talking about abandoning the republican party. he is presumptuous and arrogant and he certainly didn't have this tongue in his cheek. what do you make of senator schumer? >> this as you know is the most dangerous place between anyone in washington between chuck schumer and the camera. all of a sudden chuck schumer saying well us democrats are going to hold the president accountable if it's just in the interest of holding people accountable. excuse me this is a mandate when donald trump was elected a mandate says the largest congressional election as it's related to majorities and electoral college votes since the reagan re-election campaign
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in 1984 the the american people have spoken. maybe chuck schumer doesn't understand that. >> i don't know whether he understands it or not but he is somebody a lot smarter than him leading the opposition and that is the case now. to imagine chuck schumer suggesting that donald trump, he could get along if it weren't for that dog on republican party. how infantile and how lazy minded and previously in various points it's become. it's really stunning. >> you have to remember chuck schumer has been the poster boy for obamacare. people can't use it unless youu. this system has failed. this is. this has been a signature piece of this administration's goal which is passing obamacare. that's all they have. the problem is chuck schumer has walked into a situation following harry reid and he is
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tried to step forward and appease the progressive wing of the democratic partyf which the american people as fundamentally rejected. >> how can they call themselves progressives? we are talking about a democratic party that is retrograde. has no foreign-policy to even claim in the past eight years of failed presidency and frankly this legislation, obamacare, the republicans right now are the adults coming in to try to dismantle and reconstruct a ogram that makes some sense. it's an immense challenge and the president-ele was exactly right today to remind everybody who owns this and it is the democrats and this president. it is also a very difficult thing to maintain some separation between that reality and trying to reconstruct.
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>> it is but you have to understand you can't have a system in place for your premiums go up on 115% increase in a year and keep it to be sustainable. cannot happen so repeal and replace obama cares were donald trump and his administration are going. it's been a priority. you heard mike pence talk about today. he said we will keep our promises. that's what the american people elected him to do. lou: there's no question but i'm talking about the process. we have known from the very moment he became president that it was not sustainable. >> the whole system was broken. if you like your doctor you can keep them. we know that has never been the case. the other issue and what donald trump talked about today please have more deaths in the city of chicago than a sustainable and if rahm emanuel can't do his job asked for federal help. we need to make sure protecting our citizens is a priority and that is what donald trump is talking about right now. lou: he's not only talking
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about, he's getting it done and is truly remarkable. also donald trump becomes the first president, well he is the president-elect technically but the first national leader to say to the american people chicago, these are americans who are dying and dying in record numbers at the hands of their fellow citizens in chicago. why in the world with this president and others not speak up and it takes donald trump to do so? this is amazing to me. >> what is amazing is when you see president-elect donald trump bringing jobs back to united states. he is saying look their people in chicago deserve to be treated fairly and have safety. 700 plus deaths in one year in the city where the current president's hometown, that rages. lou: acceptable collateral damage in the minds of visit administration the national democratic party.
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very quickly, this russian hacking mass that's going on, we have john brennanhe head of e cia asng t american people for weeks publicizing the prediction, the projection from the cia that the russians interfered in our presidential election now asking for a little patience on the part of everyone so he can rev up the evidence to support his conclusion. does it get any dumber than that? >> this is a great part about president-elect john. he's willing to do and say things that others don't do challenge the status quo. the community doesn't have the intelligence community and moreover the briefing was supposed to take place yesterday. was postponed until friday now and on top of that what we all know unequivocally -- lou: be patient. see that what we all know is the russians had nothing to do with the outcome of this election. the american people voted.
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hillary clinton was a failed candidate. she lost on her own. you can blame anybody you want but she lost on her own. lou: he doesn't put up with and it doesn't matter if it emanates or originates from the cia or where and that is a delightful prospect. >> challenge all of washington to make it better. can we do that? lou: i don't think there's any doubt that he can. it's good to have you here cory lewandowski. we are coming right back. there's a lot to cover tonight. stay with us. president-elect trump and julian assange share a common assessment of our left-wing media. >> it's very dishonest. the public responded to it more than "the new york times." lou: pete hoekstra joins me next and president obama's former attorney general eric holder with a new job.
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lou: the president-elect today responded to the latest revelations from wikileaks bounder julian assange on the
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alleged russian hacking claims. trump treated this, quote julian assange said a 14-year-old could have had. why is the dnc so careless and also said russians did not not give them the info trump referring to the marks assange made about printing campaign manager john podesta in an exclusive interview with "fox news" sean hannity. >> we published several podesta e-mails which shows podesta responding. how did they respond? podesta gave out his password was the word password. his own staff said this e-mail that you have perceived, this is totally legitimate. so this is something a 14-year-old kid, a 14-year-old kid could have that. lou: our next guest says the
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intelligence community has become way too politicized and joining us tonight former house intelligence chair michigan trump campaign cochair pete hoekstra. it's great to have you with us, one of the most knowledgeable folks not only on intelligence but the oversight of the intelligence agency. pete, i have to say we have got a problem right now and that problem seems to be in the intelligence community that's doing way too much talking and not enough intelligence work. >> i think that's exactly right lou and the disappointing thing here is we have got the leadership of the intelligence community selling out the men and women of the intelligence community who are at ground level who are risking their lives each and every day. think about the three best examples as to why donald trump is skeptical of the leadership of this intelligence community. you've got general clapper who is the director of the national intelligence who describes the muslim brotherhood is a social
10:19 pm
organization. no they are not, they are a terrorist organization. you have the cia that says benghazi was caused because of a video. no it wasn't. it was a deliberate attack on our -- in benghazi and then you have been saying isis is the jv team. the last two years have shown that isis is everything but a jv team. these are the assessments that were given out by the leadership of our intelligence community, scary but it was also political. >> its political and this administration and every agency in every department i think without question, the leadership of those departments and agencies the most critical agencies and departments politicize that. i don't think we have ever seen the likes of it before. what do you think? >> i have not seen it in my experience there in 18 years i had in congress in the 10 years on the intelligence committee. i've never quite seen anything
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like this. so political and is so blatantly wrong that almost anybody can see that this is wrong and now you have this russian hacking that refuse to brief congress before the christmas holidays and now they're asking for a couple more days to get their information straight before they go and brief donald trump and i guess maybe they are going to brief the president tomorrow. they put out there this myth and what they are really trying to do is they are trying to come indicate to the american people that donald trump's election was illegitimate because the russians stole it and that is a. lou: i think the motive here, i think they have gone from cute and clever to really vicious in their politics prevent talking about the obama people. to downright it is they have moved beyond any boundary of
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reason that i think most americans would accept. i mean they really look like fools here. >> it doesn't make any sense. i know the russians and i know what they are capable of and we know what the chinese and the iranians are capable of. the russians really wanted to steal an impact this election number one they would not have left their fingerprints all over a. up or to copy would have done a whole lot more damage than stealing podesta's e-mails from the dnc. they could have done a lot more damaging things to hillary clinton's campaign and those things didn't happen. thr intelligence community is way over blowing what happened here and i think they may be shown very quickly to have no clothes. lou: they are to have, very little of anything else would be
10:22 pm
helpful and slightly. also the fact that the entire top of the dnc had to resign because of their scandalous, corrupt actions and activities in collusion with the campaign committee itself to deny a legitimate candidate and that is senator bernie sanders a victory which was within his grasp. and then we go on with things like cheating with "cnn," with other cable networks and trying to crush any questions to the candidate. a sorry mess and russia seems really not germane to what really was a mortal blow over there. pete hoekstra thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me lou. lippe breaking news tonight u.s. officials telling fox that for
10:23 pm
gitmo detainees are set to be transferred in the next 24 hours where will they be transferred? they are being sent to saudi arabia. there are 59 detainees remaining at gitmo, 20 expected to be transferred before president-elect trump can be sworn in. the president-elect's tuesday tweeted his strong opposition to this saying there should be no further releases from gitmo. these are extremely dangerous people pay they should not be allowed, back onto the battlefield. the sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you think the left-wing will ever permit themselves recognize president-elect's trumps talent and his accomplishments as president? what do you think? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook follow me at instagram @lou dobbs tonight. on wall street stocks closed higher to the dow gaining six points in the s&p up 13 the
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nasdaq up 40. the volume on the big board 3.7 million shares as the dow jones industrials inch closer to 20,000. car sales hitting a new record last year, more than 17.5 million vehicles sold last year and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, the president-elect says unlike his predecessor he will work with congress to get things done. >> i can tell you they like me, those guys and there's nothing wrong with that folks. we have got to make deals. we don't want to sign executive orders that we want to make the right deals. trumps leadership the subject of my c
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house and government. the republicans united in their need to urgently repeal and replace obamacare. the left of course and president obama are so aggravated, they energized themselves in what appears to be a quiks oughtic effort -- a quixotic effort to block any legislation and any trump nominee. even president obama actually went to capitol hill to cheerlead the democratic moment. the cameras feeding on it. but because he had only a distant and exceedingly cold relationship with congress, that was not the case. the "new york times" reported the relationship between president obama and capitol hill
10:30 pm
left him with few friend if any on capitol hill which would imperil his ability to leave a legacy in his final stretch. his ever-diminishing legacy is at stake. today's meeting was only the president's 14th meeting on capitol hill since he took office. and his first visit since june of 2015. it was during that visit that in obama lobbied democrats to support this trade agenda. those democrats rejected his trade assistance. and four days after that donald trump announced his bid for the white house, and the rest as they say is history. with barack obama on the wrong
10:31 pm
side of that history. it's now clear trump's relationship with congress will be very different than obama's. trump is clearly a man of action. he will act. he's sure of himself and his objectives and values are clear and they are the nation's values. we'll revel in the debate and the brawls whether republicans or democrats, establishment politicians or political outsiders, my fast it group. and in my opinion the country whether hollywood, or the left wing elites would have you believe, is eagerly awaiting trump's presidency. he will be in charge rest of the world so we have high hopes. high expectations, and can't wait. the quotation of the evening.
10:32 pm
hard work pot lights the character of people. some turn up their sleeve. some turn up their noses. some don't turn up at all. look who's turning up at the white house. our vice president-elect reminding everyone on capitol hill that donald trump means to deliver on every one of his campaign promises, starting with obamacare. >> the american people sent a decisive message to washington, d.c. that they want obamacare to be repealed and replaced with healthcare reform that will lower the cost of insurance without growing the size of government. lou: these kayakers are about to take us on a record-breaking adventure in beautiful mexico. we'll have their wild daring quit smoking.
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lou: joining me now, "the five" co-host, kimberly guilfoyle. 61 times the house has repealed obamacare. this time they will do it, and they are going to kill it. this is dominating everything. how do you feel about it. >> it was the a-block in our show.
10:37 pm
obamacare again rearing its ugly head. lou: it's well beyond that now. the problem -- i think trump came up with good advice for these folks on capitol hill, and that is to make certain no matter what the democrats don't lose ownership of the calamity that is the affordable care act. >> they built, they own it, they have to go down with it. he's sowing so much leadership, it's incredible. it's a way to reach the people and reach congress. to let them know, hold on a second. and we have seen that already time and time again. the stagnation, the confusion, the object i,he's --
10:38 pm
lou: they are saying i'm sorry president-elect, you have to put down that twitter machine, you have got a responsible job here. to see him take his messages to the american people on twitter or facebook it's an extra ordinary -- it's an extraordinary thing for the president. >> i'm going to cure you 140 characters at a time. it's actually working. it's fantastic. they don't want him to keep on doing it because it's effective. instead we have chuck e. cheese reading some weird post-it nose. lou: she is referring to schumer
10:39 pm
like this with his glasses there. how can you be pol -- how can ye polbepompous slumped over a cha. >> poor possible sure and poor communication. lou: it's good to see schumer back as a foil. >> i guess it's a rope-a-dope versus harry reid. he's a chucky doll. one is chuck e. cheese and the other is a chuck e. doll. lou: trump has done it again. he branded the whole group. >> you have got to call it like it is. it's a plain speaking pipeline
10:40 pm
to the american people that everybody loves. lou: we have to show you have this image. you are looking at a moving van, and the van playsas it were between the executive e.o.b. and the west wing. i was just trying -- look at the smile, there you go. "lou dobbs tonight." it tells you where we are headed. there is such a feeling. >> i'm super excited. i'm counting the days to get to the inauguration. i'm ecstatic for the families pack america. we are going to get a shot. this is the guy who's going to do it for you. lou: the republic will be saved.
10:41 pm
a trio of extreme athletes taking on one of the wildest and most dangerous rivers in the world. this is definitely one of the most dangerous. kayaking down the steepest navigatable section of the rio santo domingo. it was in preparation for their attempt to paddle down niagara falls. i would recommend rethinking that particular strategy. this is more than a warm up. the niagara falls idea, i don't endorse it at all. some in mexico panicking that trump is bringing jobs back to mire today.
10:42 pm
isn't that what he told everyone he was going to do? we'll take it up with steve we'll take it up with steve moore. when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in great tasting crystals.
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about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: speaker paul ryan sometimes
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can't help himself. esteemed break for the just a moment with the president atlantic as he has done so frequently. he said congress will not raise tariffs after trump threatened again motors with a bored tax over cars made in mexico. trump today praised another automaker. joining me now to make sense of all of this, the good, the bad. trump campaign economic adviser, steve moore. let me turn if i may to first the bad. paul ryan. who -- doesn't he get the memos? he's decided there won't be a tariff? there won't be a tax? who the hell does he think he is? >> i'm not for tariffs either. i want those jobs to come back to the united states.
10:47 pm
i don't want them to go to mexico. i love what trump is doing, telling these companies, do not go, 15 days mayor case open to business again. we'll cut energy costs and cut your taxes. that's the way to get these businesses back. i'm with paul ryan on this. i don't think tariffs are necessary if we the fix everything else that's wrong with our economic system. lou: well, that concludes our conversation. let me help you out. the chamber of commerce and the business rounds table have been running economic trade policy in this country for 30 damnears. can we stipulate that? are we together on that or are we not? >> sure, i'll accept that. lou: don't you think it's about time we started running trade policy, economic policy on
10:48 pm
behalf of the american people and as donald trump demonstrated, there is a considerable passion in the movement he created for americans to again be prosperous and have living wages. and there is no other way to do it than i know than to quit doing the stupid things that led us to 40 years of trade deficits in this country. >> i think we agree on that part. lou: now i can say that concludes our conversation. >> i don't agree on tariffs. if -- we have the dumbest tax system known to man. we tax americans -- lou: don't blame me, blame the chamber of commerce and the business round table. >> why would we tax what we produce but not tax what we import? lou: donald trump is doing it a little more ad hoc than you
10:49 pm
would like. >> i want the jobs in the united states. but what i'm saying is, tariffs are just taxes on the american consumer. let me give you one example. do you know what the regulatory cost per manufacturing job is in america? $18,000. lou: you know very well the president-elect is going to get rid of those regulations. >> i know, that's my point. lou: you can't stop progress, steve. you are going to lift regulation and lower taxation and tax the hell out of u.s. come of anies that go to cheap labor markets and try to sell back in the home economy. >> if they bring the stuff back, it should be taxed.
10:50 pm
>> you call it a tariff, you call it a tax, we'll get along. >> we need to tax the people on where they consume the stuff, not where it's produced. >> we can increase our experts to the -- exports to the rest of the world. lou: i'm a happy guy with everything that's moving ahead. steve, we'll continue the conversation. up next a group of d-list hollywood celebrities urging congress to obstruct donald trump's agenda. geniuses. matt schlapp and leslie marshall weigh in. weigh in. stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me adg wherev i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, who do you believe in the russian hacking allegations. president obama or julian assange. only 94% of you believe julian assange. hollywood elites are demanding congress block trump's agenda. >> the lgbt community, immigrants and the poor. >> use cower congressional
10:55 pm
powers to obstruct anything. >> that vai late our core value ofs as diverse americans. >> the majority. >> the majority. >> the majority of the american people. lou: whoa! that was brought to you by americans for progress. i'll put those words together correctly in a moment when we are joined by the maish chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp and leslie marshall. this was paid for by hillary clinton. they had money left over. it's hard to believe $1.5 billion and they have money left over. what is the point of that? are these people that out of touch? >> i don't think they are out of touch at all. if you look at the rhetoric of our president-elect on the campaign trail. and people say that's not why i
10:56 pm
voted for donald trump. i think these hollywood celebrities, and we saw a priest and rabbi are asking congress, not to obstruct his agenda. we want a robust economy and job creation and to be safe and defeat terrorism. but we don't want the rights of women, the lgbq, and muslims and women -- to me what they are saying is very humane and very american. lou: what do those words mean if you don't have a job, if you don't have a country, if you don't have sovereignty and the ability for the next generation to make more money and build a better life than their parents now, matt? >> what happens, lou, to the democrats is their progressive base was at war with everyday americans, blue collar americans who are hurting. they are underemployed.
10:57 pm
they haven't seen their wages go in 15 years. they are worried about their pensions and the value of their homes. the people who have to work for a living, they have been so appealing to what donald trump is saying. it's not about hate. it's about getting america going again. >> any of those constituencies listen to what donald trump said. he said he's going to bring back prosperity for all americans and create jobs for all americans. the democratic party has nothing to say as witnessed in the last election. outside of new york and california, donald trump won the popular vote as well. it's crazy with the left is doing to what was once a reasonably successful major party.
10:58 pm
>> i don't agree with you there. howie: that's twice, leslie. >> definitely has to be fixed. i can't get out of my mind, lou and can't wrap my head around the fact that our president-elect once mocked a disabled reporter. he has made disgusting any song tonight and sexist remarks. these are images people here in california -- lou: i wish the rest of us mere mortals could even repair to the standard the left has set for us all. i have to tell you, we are all -- nearly everybody i know is basically human has made mistakes. has said things they would take back. has done things they would rather do over. >> has he? >> i agree with you. but i don't see him with an apoly.
10:59 pm
lou: we are talking about immense potential for all americans and we have a leader talking about doing that. we haven't had that for years in this country. >> but we also have a leader talking about a registry. we have a leader talking about building a wall. we have a leader talking about -- lou: get rued to the idea. we are going to have borders for god's sake. there is nothing immoral about that. >> in southern california, there are children who are afraid their grandparents are going to be deported. lou: matt? >> leslie, i love you, but you know and i know the concept of building a wall or fence or having to secure a bored is something president obama and hillary clinton have voted for. the american people want to know who's in their country, and they want to accept only those who follow the law. that's not hateful.
11:00 pm
lou were i apologize for letting leslie run all over me and eat up your time. thank you both for being here. we appreciate it and we all want a country that succeeds for all of us.totototototototototototote breathing. they have been talking two weeks or so they have known. charles: here is lou. lou: president obama introduced us to his high concept of leading from behind in this highly politicized intelligence agencies are following his lead. now cia director john brennan emphasizing patience with this agency as they look for evidence to back up their conclusions and predictions that have been public for weeks. >> i would suggest to individuals who have not yet seen the report and have not been briefed on it that they wait and see what it is that the intel community is putting forward before they make those judgments. lou: we get into whether anyone should trust obama's pit


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