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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 5, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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for the next hour, a very wise man, happened the same day. all free on basic cable. ashley: no more laughter. the battle over obamacare intensifying today, democrats accusing trump of wanting to make america sick again. republicans say obama care has been nothing but a disaster and it is time to break the broken system. i am ashley webster in for trish reagan and welcome to "the intelligence report". republicans have started dismantling obamacare and bow it will happen this year. paul ryan assuring americans it will be a smooth transition and not to listen to the scare tactics from the left. >> trying to make americans think someday this february or
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someday this march you will wake up and not have health insurance plan. that is not happening. that is not true. what we are doing is being methodical, deliberative and doing this the right way. ashley: how will it play out? that is the question. let's go to blake berman. >> so many questions surrounding obamacare, phase in, phaseout, the timeline of all that. as far as the phaseouts go that is the repeal, when will parts of it end. the phase-in, and the republican plan coming in, house speaker paul ryan would not commit to any such timeline whatsoever. he did say the legislation that would allow for all that to happen would be a 2017 item. >> the question is how long will it take markets to put in place and adjust. that question we don't know the answer to but legislating
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obamacare in position. >> president-elect trump was tweeting about obamacare earlier but shifted his attention a while ago. look at thismister trump tweeting the following, quote, toyota motors said it would build a new plant to build corolla cars for the us, no way. build plant in us or pay big tax. this is the second time mister trump sent a tweet in automobile industry a couple days ago in general motors's direction. ashley: interesting to see what response we get from toyota if any. the tweet continuing, joining me with more analysis on obamacare republican strategist o'connell and communications director for democracy for america neil schroeder. thanks for being here. let me begin with you. paul ryan saying this repeal of
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obamacare and replacing it will be done in a methodical manner. not just pulling the rug out from under those people who are worried they will have no health insurance at all. do you think that will be the case and how long will it take? >> it will be a long drawn out process and absolutely ludicrous for democrats to argue about repealing obamacare, republicans will make america sick again. this is a failed policy pure and simple. premiums are skyrocketing, only one in 5 americans have access to only one insurer. what i will say republicans on capitol hill is be cautious, make sure you have a unified plan going forward when it comes to replacement, this is how democrats want to hang an albatross around your neck and get back into power. ashley: they are standing their ground, that is what you expect. the mantra from the democrats is repeal it but you have no plan.
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>> republicans have been complaining for 6 years about obamacare saying they would real and replace it and have no idea what their plan is to replace it with an have no idea how many will die in the process of repealing and replacing it with absolutely nothing. we know this plan has ensured 25 million americans have insurance that didn't have it before and they have no plan to ensure those people continue to have health insurance and continue to have access to health care. ashley: let's look at the stats. obamacare came into being, life expectancy has gone down, premiums and deductibles have gone through the roof, one in 5 americans, 20% have access to just one insurance. and parts of arizona they have done. you can't call that close to a success. let neil answer, i will get to it. i want neil to respond. >> the response is people have
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access to healthcare they didn't have before. prior to 2009 and 2010, millions couldn't get access to insurance because insurance companies didn'tllow people to get plans if they had a preexisting condition or access to insurance if they couldn't afford to pay for it in the private market. through obamacare there's an opportunity for millions of people to gain access to insurance in some capacity. we will see what republican plans are to replace it and how it will ensure millions of people who need medication to control their diabetes or make sure their childrewho have asthma have access to medicine will continue to have health insurance would obamacare made sure that happens, republicans have nothing. ashley: response lose >> under obamacare democrats disenfranchised 93% of americans in favor of 7% of americans with mediocre coverage. obamacare is working like democrats wanted it to. the problem is they thought they would get the white house in
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2016 and turn it into a sigel payer plan and now it is not working and the longer obamacare stays in place, president-elect trump said be cautious before replacing, the more a lot of folks get mad across the country. understand there are 10 democratic senators up in 2018 in states that donald trump won. they are looking to fix as much as possible. americans don't want a structure, they want government to work for them. it is norking for americans. ashley: do you think democrats have learned anything from the 2016 elections? it doesn't feel like it. >> we have learned a lot from the 2016 elections. we learned if we don't actually build a ground game and build a democratic party to reach out to voters across tountry the russians can come in and tilt the election in their favor and as a resulwe have a vladimir putin puppet in the white house. >> here's what happens, you forgot about working-class
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america. you forgot about flyor states. >> i live in michigan. in this state we did not forget these people. we will see what republican policies mean to working people in the next four years which we will see millions of people lose their jobs, millions lose their health insurance and see who republicans build a policy for. >> if we pull the rug out from underneath obamacare with no replacement basically 20 million people will be on it anyway because of medicaid. >> you also have a plan to defund medicare, medicaid and social security, you want to privatize these programs. >> that is not what president-elect trump is saying. >> is with speaker ryan wants to do. >> he wants to strengthen those programs. are you guys want to do with the single-payer. >> you know what? yes.
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ashley: we don't even know what the republicans want. one plan is in place on the republican study committee, more are expected, more under president trump's desk by mid february, then we can pull up are the details but there are plans coming, that is what we are told. we will get into it then. you guys stay there. plenty more talk to come later on. paul ryan blasting obamacare saying it is a total disaster. listen to this. >> obamacare is a story of broken promises followed by failing programs, higher deductibles. we want to make sure as we give relief to obamacare, the transition doesn't pull the rug from anybody during the transition period that is the point we are trying to make. this law has failed, it is getting worse which families are hurting, no one has choices. we got to fix this by replacing it with something better. ashley: paul ryan vows his party
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will replace the broken system with something that works. what exactly will the healca system lk like? joining now, grace marie turner of the galen institute. thanks for joining us. we know there will be a transition phase. throw it out but what do you put in and what happens in between the transition period? what are the key elements as we essentially dismantle obamacare and go with something else? >> first thing is to make sure people understand no one is going to lose current coverage. republicans get that people are mad when they lost their coverage because of obamacare, they don't want to do that again. that is why they will have a transition. a lifeboat as you would say to make sure people are protected while the debate continues but republicans have to build a bridge to better coverage and to say republicans have no ideas is
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crazy. doctor tom price is the nominee for hhs secretary introducing a copy of the reform plan in every congress since obamacare was first the beta. other members have legislation as well. speaker ryan led an effort with all the key committee chairs and many staffers and most memories of the house, the republican caucus in the house last year developing a plan paul ryan released last june. they have ideas, 90% agreement on what needs to be done. they will argue over the last 10% as they should to make sure they get it right but they all agree we need to help people at the lower end of the income scale, getting insurance so they can afford coverage, need to protect people who have preexisting conditions but there are different ways to do it then mandates the didn't work and all the taxes and restrictions obamacare -- give people more
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choice and let the states reengage. and giving states oversee the health insurance market, meet the needs of their citizens. ashley: one of those on medicaid and rolling back the expansion medicaid. is that a possibility. >> people on medicaid now wil get coverage through medicaid. many states decided not to expand, to create a level playing field but filing everybody into these programs, medicaid, the health insurance program, and giving people transitions so they don't lose coverage if they fall out of those programs, need to give people a transition so if you
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are on medicaid now and subsidies a available you can use it to find a private plan among a lot more plans that would be more attractive and affordable because states are negotiating with health insurance companies to make them suitable for the policies their citizens want rather than ones the government told them they had to buy. ashley: it makes perfect sense and hope it all comes about in a good and timely fashion. we are out of time, appreciate your comments today. the battle over hacking to capitol hill, speaking out over claims russia tried to meddle in our elections, the intel on that next. with the xfinity tv app,
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stuart: a big story we are following, the director of national intelligence, james clapper, says there is evidence russia did indeed interfere in our elections but there is no evidence russia altered the outcome. role tape. >> they did not change any vote tallies or anything of the sort. we have no way of gauging the impactertainly and intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on choices the electorate made, no way to gaze that. stuart: for the latest on the senate hearing let's go to peter barnes. what have you got? >> reporter: mister clapper standing by conclusions of the intelligence service that the russian government tried to influence the us election by hacking democratic emails to hillary clinton's campaign. clapper is standing by the findings more resolutely than ever and a detailed report on
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the matter presented today to president obama. tomorrow president-elect trump and congress next week. >> there has and a lot of focus on the packing, this was part of a multifaceted campaign the russians mounted. whether it was use of social media, fake news, they exercised all those capabilities in addition to the hacking. >> rt is russian television. a lot of the hacked material was posted by wikileaks whose leader, julian assange, said the russian government was not the source of the material. the president-elect cited that comment in a tweet after appearing to criticize and question us intelligence services earlier this week, mister trump weighing in this morning with another tweet, quote, the dishonest media saying i'm in agreement with
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julian assange was wrong. i think the state would he states. it is for the people to make up their own minds as to t tru. the media lies to maket look like i'm against intelligence when in fact i am a big fan. as for a group of bipartisan senators who are about to propose legislation, to impose new, harder sanctions with russia over this controversy. ashley: thank you. joining the for more analysis, cia director ambassador james woolsey, thank you. you are very well connected. you have been in the middle of the intelligence community, donald trump sagan part conclusions in this case no more reliable than conclusions on wmds in iraq. that is pretty harsh and i assume you disagree with donald trump. >> this is a complex area. one thing that is essential here is it is quite plausible that
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the russian, let's say civilians, people directly paid by the government, russians, as well as people from other countries launched lots of cyberattacks on the grid or on the overall structure. and it doesn't have to be measured in its effectiveness in terms of the number of attacks. a piece in the wall street journal yesterday advised two experts that there have been thousands of attacks launched with this technology because it is old and simple. the russians might have launched a lot but very little if any to the whole systemnd certainly no report, clapper confirms that, no report suggests they changed totals or were able to
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change the outcome or the votes of one candidate versus another. ashley: russia took cyberattacks to sophisticated levels, something we haven't seen before. the overarching impression is russia had a big impact. it didn't affect the vote totals but it did have a big impact on swaying voters with the release of all those emails from the dnc. is this such a brazen attack, have you seen anything like this before or is it blown out of proportion? >> the russians have been brazen about their interference with other countries's processes for six or seven years anyway. they call it disinformation and as clapper said that is what he is talking about just before this segment. and talked about publishing false stories and papers,
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doctoring photographs. a lot of people involved in this and have been for a long time in europe and elsewhere. there is nothing new, terrible thing to do. it is something we ought to stop them from doing but it is certainly not new. there is a lot about it that -- the cyberattacks -- that seem clumsy and using old systems and so forth. ashley: quickly, ambassador, a call for greater sanctions which is that appropriate? >> maybe appropriate, sometimes effective. what would matter more than anything else is we come up, easy to use methanol this way, you could give a tax credit for electric vehicles and methanol powered vehicles to use fuel other than petroleum-based. that will drive the price of oil
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down and that is a very troubling thing for the russians, much more than sanctions. ashley: very good point, fascinating story, more to say but we are out of time. as always, thank you very much, macy's, the nation's largest the permit store chains closing 68 stores, laying off 10,000 workers, this comes on the heels of retailers like sears, jcpenney and kohl's also slashing stores. of the internet is creating a retail i phase that spells doom for brick and mortar stores, we will break it down for you next.
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ashley: macy's, the nation at large is the store chain closing 68 stores and cutting 10,000 jobs, another horrible holiday season of disappointing sales, jeff flock has the details and by coincidence he is outside in chicago.
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>> reporter: christmas windows are still out on state street, chicago's flagship store, christmas with not kind to the nation's largest department store chain, christmas decorations still, look at what terry lundgren has to say, ceo of macy's. closed by the spring, he says. online, growing, online, 20% of the nation as christmas. and not growing fast enough and overstored and a tough time, not a growth business. stock is down double digits. and brooked fears. and they announced 150 stores on
2:27 pm
sears, kmart, and by sears, black and decker. it is a decline of 66. that is the latest from state street. ashley: barely held on with the audio issues but we appreciate what you are saying is macy's is closing stores, they are opening a new bookstore down the street from here. the fourth in the united states, and let's bring in eric, that very company, amazon, has single-handedly tried to kill off traditional retailers.
2:28 pm
why does that make sense. >> it makes sense because they can expand the experience, that is something they want to pick up. and it is distribution. same-day distribution for people who wanted instantly. i don't think you will see a lot of them. it will largely be online. you will see more, no question about it. ashley: we have done a story detailing the horrendous developments for the mainstream retailers, macy's, sears, stores synonymous with shopping, is it partly therefore, traditional resources, for not responding quicker to online and the threat
2:29 pm
of amazon? >> it is absolutely their fault. at some point there is accountability on these ceos and for visionary ceos they are very smart but look at macy's, almost like they knew this would come but didn't move fast enough. part of it is mall traffic and other types of traffic within the laws are down 10%. we still have other issues, it is an apparel problem. people were not buying as much in terms of clothing but the biggest thing is they don't get online. he is talking about how macy's is growing online and maybe a little bit but they fundamentally don't get it. amazon cleans their clock and until they step up on the online side, forget about it. ashley: it has been said quite
2:30 pm
often that millennials spend more money on experiences than other items, bucking the trend a little bit. could brick and mortar stores make shopping more than experience, going out and go on a shopping spree as opposed to clicking away computer. >> the best ones are understanding the experience. there is only so much you can do with experience within a store. they can market -- make it more fun, more convenient. i don't think apparel is ever going to go away because people like to try stuff on especially females, they want to see how it fits and get the whole experience was for millennials a company like sears is deaf. they don't know what it means. for them it could be a barbershop. they don't know. ashley: i laugh but it is not funny, you are absolutely right. appreciate it.
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apple buckling under pressure from china is removing its new york times apps from its chinese apps store. beijing band the times because of critical coverage of the chinese government, so is apple ditching principles in exchange for more business? the fbi unlocking the terror attack iphone. too much government overreach but when it comes to the chinese government, apple seems more than willing to cooperate. we will get into that next. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car placement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don'tant you driving around on three wheels. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> apple vowing aspect bowing to chinese pressure. following the clampdown by chinese officials that said the western views could incite western disorder. the times now asking apple to please reconsider that myth. we are joined with the details. so far apple is standing their ground. we won't see it unless the situation changes. a lot of people are questioning the decision to help the chinese government sensor the internet and limit news access because less than a year ago they wouldn't help the u.s. government unlock a terrorist cell phone. they filed a court order. at the time apple ceo pushed
2:36 pm
back calling it government overreach. apple's public showdown with the u.s. government and their cooperation has me in washington questioning their motives. they released a statement saying in part it's a sad day when a great american company becomes complicit with the american newspaper. it is not principle but a short term short-term profit and the ultimate consequence will be a future that is more closed. they are also questioning the timing of the takedown. it published a story six days after an app was removed from their site. the biggest iphone. they removed movies and i books.
2:37 pm
it was only up for about six months. i guess the market more important than the principles of a free media. time warner shares falling today. he told a confident that he still opposes the mega merger. our very own charlie guest perino here. >> i would say that that is probably wrong. donald trump has said nothing about this. but here is what we had been reported for the last couple of weeks. the key chop -- trump advisors continue to push him. this is something he opposed during the campaign cnn as you know is part of time warner and it's been a station and a network that trump believes it was very was very unfair to him. and he believed the
2:38 pm
combination would be unfair. here is what we know. two key trump advisors at least one in-house advisor his senior advisor of someone who is a confident of donald trump continued to push donald trump lock in this merger when he becomes president. and basically for different reasons. he has been at odds for at&t. i'm not quite sure what it is. he is the ceo which may or may not start its own tv station. that's the interest rate there. they both believe that they would be a liberal bulwark against a trump administration
2:39 pm
and they believe that would have too much power possibly to keep other more conservative leaning programming off of the air. what we do know is this. he is coming out later on today to make a statement. the two key advisors a very important person. and one outside. has donald trump's ear. he was at mara largo over the christmas break. he has been pushing him to nix this deal. and maybe his antitrust division of the trust department. two key advisors and that's as far as i'm going to go on this. this one is made for you.
2:40 pm
in one hand you have a more free market administration coming in. in an administration that would theoretically approve this deal. if key advisors telling him don't do it and donald trump seems to listen to steve been in. we appreate it. the very latest on that. we will push this thing through. gasoline prices have gone up spiked 20% since the government started deregulating the prices. at least 250 stores have now been there. the price hike makes an average gallon of gas in mexico now equal to roughly a days work a minimum wage. they are not happy. the consumer underway right
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>> the consumer show underway in las vegas. it is the trading -- featuring in the the thinnest iphone charger. let's get the very latest with their own very -- with our very latest from liz claimant. back in the day i'm talking just two years ago. if you have the action came. that's great. what about the competitors that are coming out. it does your own 3d virtual reality camera and then it
2:45 pm
connects wi-fi to your phone look at that. very cool. i don't know if they really want this kind of competitor but that's what we see here. this is the 50th anniversary. the crowds are huge. they are expecting a record crowd here. he's here to talk about cyber security. your people from hundred 58 different countries. they want to see what the consumer is going to buy and i know you need this ashley. certainly everything is supposed to get smaller the speakers are getting really big. we are all over the big news of the day. the market and what's been going on with the facebook situation. there is a rumor about jack
2:46 pm
dorsey and he is the perfect person to talk about it all. the media genius and chairman of iac interactive. we are going to ask him about that and so much more. they're all coming together. i really feel so good that we have him for our viewers it is the number one story training today nationwide. as always and who wouldn't want flashing speakers. looking forward to your show at the top of the hour. the president-elect has a new nickname for chuck schumer. in a string of tweets today he takes aim at the senator it insults him but is it a really smart move considering the senate will be holding cabinet hearings next week.
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>> i wt to congratulate you. >> little marco would say i think he's gone but who knows. the crooked hillary clinton. it was effective. little marco. present elected donald trump created a new nickname. in a series of tweets this week the same the democrats ledy have clown chuck schumer know how bad obama care is and what a mess it's in.
2:51 pm
this is not a time for calling names but he has all but declared war on the president-elect agenda. including his cabinet picks. >> we have said that we will oppose nominees who are out of the mainstream. we haven't talked about hearings or any of these other issues but we will oppose nominees out of the mainstream. they have kindly sat around for the show in our back again. i have to start with neil. now taking aim at chuck schumer. donald trump is to be our president in about 15 days.
2:52 pm
and not the president. have to figure out a way and work to get things done. president obama they defeat him day after day but he didn't go around calling them names. and yet here we have someone who acts like a reality show tv show doing exactly that. it's frankly, kind of sad. >> ford respond to that. it is obviously been very effective. notice what neil started out with and that was an emotion. this is exactly what donald trump is trying to do here. and he doesn't really know what he's tangling with. it will become a mentioning campaign. and by labeling chuck schumer
2:53 pm
the head clown he will be able to put a face on government obstruction and he will be able to hammer this home not unlike line ted and little marco. ford, is it becoming of the oval office. there is a certain amount of respect that comes with the office. >> absolutely not. everything else is out the window. that is unfortunately the situation that were in. and what they want is government to work with them. right now nothing is getting done in washington. >> you had donald trump acting like a petulant topper. i think we should call him that. he's acting like a spoiled little brat who doesn't get what he wants and as a result this guy is not acting presidential.
2:54 pm
you can say everything you want. if donald trump puts enough a balls up in the air because democrats are in such a weak position you guys won't know what to focus on. and he will wind up driving the agenda straight through. working to focus on the fact that he wants to sign a bill that will rip health insurance away from 20 million americans. and in ever hear any of that on the campaign trail. russia hacks. they hack all the time. here's the thing. why did russia want to give the election because n one hack directed at the vote. they're off in the wilderness. trying to find a way to fire up at their base and they have absolutely nothing. >> donald trump is giving democrats exactly what they want.
2:55 pm
a reason to fight. and we will fight every single day in this administration. he gave everything the voters wanted. his election overlooks a lot of the shortcomings. no doubt about that. great stuff. thank you so much. toyota just released a statement by the way in response to the tweet earlier today saying we will build a new plant in baja mexico build corolla cars. that was donald trump's tweet. toyota response they had been part of the cultural fabric in the united states for nearly 60 years production volume or employment in the u.s. well not decrease as a result of our new plant. announced april 2015. we too will be right back. zicam cold remedy.
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ashley: sometimes even living in buckingham palace doesn't guarantee a good night's sleep even for the queen. the former palace guard said she almost shot queen elizabeth while she was taking a late-night stroll around the grounds. the guard telling the british newspaper, "the times," he saw someone walking around at 3:00 a.m., thought it was intruder. turns like the queen likes to walk around when she can't sleep. when the guard confessed to her majesty that he nearly shot her, she responsed next time i will ring through beforehand so you don't shoot me. she has a dry sense of humor. imagine being the guard shooting her majesty. didn't happen. the dow is off 6points. really story financial stocks hurting after gaining so much since the trump election. also a story about retailers and
3:00 pm
sad sales numbers, especially for iconic names, macy's, sears, kohl's, also hurting. those are down significantly as power of internet shopping, and hurts traditional retailers liz claman at the consum electronics show in beautiful las vegas. liz, to you. liz: i saw kohl's stock, what a day. nothing short of fabulous at consumer electronics show. this is more intensely covered than the olympics "viva las vegas." 2017 consumer electronics show where we see heartbeat of tech and innovation and so much more. it is an incredible day right here where we expect to he see 177,000 people stream through these doors to see everything that matters. it is absolutely huge business day right now. we can actually begin to tell


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