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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 5, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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sad sales numbers, especially for iconic names, macy's, sears, kohl's, also hurting. those are down significantly as power of internet shopping, and hurts traditional retailers liz claman at the consum electronics show in beautiful las vegas. liz, to you. liz: i saw kohl's stock, what a day. nothing short of fabulous at consumer electronics show. this is more intensely covered than the olympics "viva las vegas." 2017 consumer electronics show where we see heartbeat of tech and innovation and so much more. it is an incredible day right here where we expect to he see 177,000 people stream through these doors to see everything that matters. it is absolutely huge business day right now. we can actually begin to tell
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you just exactly what is going on. markets are actually mixed. look all of what is going on, we have a big story out of washington, d.c. we know certainly that we have keeping an eye what is going on there. there is tech heaven and tech hell. a breaking story about facebook. we're talking about that, we saw live streaming attack. that is a very ugly thing. we're off earlier highs. right now as i said we do have a mixed picture. so as we look at all that is going on here live from the consumer electronics show, we have barry diller's immediate genius, really at the crossroads. what he has to say about espn and twitter, all that is happening with the breaking stories there. we have got financials. we should look at those. they are weak. oil is on the move. we have breaking news. the moment the senate foreign relations committee is getting ready for. oh, boy, obamacare and so much more.
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there is a top secret closed-door intelligence briefing going on. we have that and everything live from the consumer electronics show. let's start the countdown. ♪ liz: good afternoon, everybody, we're less than an hour to the closing bell. we're live at las vegas at the ces show. boy what a show actually has been. it is already day one. what have we seen? seen record-breaking crowds. 200 government officials streaming through the doors. officials from 158 countries. this is absolutely insane. this is the proving ground for electronics and where you are going to actually buy certain things, they know that here. buckle your seatbelt, it is the 50th anniversary of ces. it is known as the world's biggest technology show. as you see behind me. there are all kinds of areas. there is b-roll of all the
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action. toshiba, panasonic, iconic older names. it is a paradise, technology nurse paradise. can we swirl through a little bit. i'm sitting here live on the top of our area, ces is more intensely covered than the olympics last year. 177,000 breaking people were here. will we set another record? we'll break down the hottest gadgets on the markets in a few minutes. let's check the markets. as tech hype heating up on vegas stocks are certainly not heating up. we have a mixed picture. dow jones industrials down 58 point. nasdaq down 3. nasdaq a great tech story, up seven. this is the big, big area done so well since election day, not so much today.
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the driving force on the tech rally, taking a big hit today. goldman, wells fargo, citigroup, bank of america, jpmorgan. losses across the board. wall street shopping spree has come to an end. ashley told you about it. after investors are being scooped up department stores are getting smacked down. macy's down 15. president-elect donald trump is attacking another company. he is saying in a tweet, toyota motors, he is not happy either. toyota motors is, really, he will build a new plant in baja, mexico. he has said you feels you should not build cars down south and importing him without some type after border tax. he doesn't like they will build the corolla down there. go to lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange right now with all the latest on these
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markets. we should see how it is impacting toyota. lori? >> shares of toyota motors, adr trading here in the u.s., down one-half of 1%. the tweeter-in-chief as we call president-elect donald trump really has the cars in his cross-hairs this week. toyota latest to come under a tweet storm by president-elect trump. toyota was a positive tweet. you showed us most recent tweet. toyota had professional, dare i say classy response. let me read you a bit of that. toyota says with more than $21.9 billion in direct investment in the u.s., 10 manufacturing facilities, 1500 dealerships and 136,000 employees, toyota looks forward to collaborating with the trump administration. news from toyota having knockdown effect on other
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carmakers, ford off 2%. gm off 3%. just yesterday we got better than expected december auto sales from both of those companies. ford in fact was supposed to post a sales decline. it gained, why else, the popularity of that f-150 pickup series. send it back to you, liz. liz: lori, thank you. the reason i look a little discombobulated because we have this breaking news. senate foreign relations committee right now behind closed doors at this hour. they're holding a hearing on administration response to alleged russian hacking and harrassment of u.s. diplomats. just hours after the director of national intelligence, james clapper and head of u.s. cyber command, mike rogers, testified before the senate foreign relations committee where they called russia, a existential threat to the united states. i want to get to blake burman.
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you are following developments. we can't tell which republicans feel like donald trump. reporter: director of national intelligence, liz, james clapper was on the hill testifying before congress, testifying before cameras and american people. he said it is the belief of the intelligence community that russia tried to interfere with the election in lead-up to november. at this point they can not say if those efforts actually changed the election ott come. additionally on top of that, mr. clapper said russia's efforts went well beyond cyber. >> well there has been a lot of focus on the hacking, this was actually part of a multifaceted campaign that the russians mounted. whether it is rt, use of social media, fake news, they exercised all of those capabilities in addition to the hacking. reporter: liz, as you know in
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the run-up to the election wikileaks posted a bunch of hacked material. in an interview with fox news earlier this week julian assange said russia was not the source of that material. the president-elect, mr. trump, cited mr. assange in a tweet. he got some criticism for that but earlier today mr. trump responded with a series of tweets following up, saying, i quote here, the dishonest media likes saying i'm in agreement with julian assange. wrong. i simply state what he states. it is for the people to make up their own minds as to the truth. he went on to say the media lies to make it look like i'm against intelligence when in fact i am a big fan. liz, back to you. liz: blake burman, live in d.c., thank you so much. let me get to disney. for everybody who has ever watched espn this is either a crying uncle or something. espn and disney have got to do something. they have been losing a lot of subscribers. while the mouse house latest
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film, star woes, rogue nation, espn has been a thorn in disney's side. it has been a problem. there is breaking news about disney, they say they are growing to figure out a way to keep the cord cutters. they will do direct espn to the consumer without involving cable. perfect person to have on this, barry diller. chairman of iac interactive. you just came from your keynote speech, oversubscribed. >> oh, yeah. liz: people standing room own, but breaking news regarding espn and disney. is disney now saying we really do have a problem? >> no, they're doing the inevitable. you could have backed up a few years this was inevitable. once you break up the cable bundle, once people have the choice for a la carte, you better offer them a la carte, or, you're going to really lose. so for espn, which has been
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subsidized for literally the last 30 years by the cable package, once that starts to break , and 90% ofhe people o don't watch espn are paying for the 10% who do, then you go direct, do the best you can. life will go on. espn isn't going anywhere but, it is -- once it break up the cable bundle it has got creative destruction all over the place. liz: barry, if you were the ceo of disney, would you spin off espn? >> spin it off? what do you mean, do separate public companies? into no way. liz: no way. >> i wouldn't. but by the way ceo of disney is a truly smart guy who has done great during, i don't know, almost 10 years now or whatever, maybe it is more? so i would do whatever he does. how's that? liz: good enough. nice endorsement of bob iger. >> i'm not the first. liz: we're looking at all kinds of names behind here. everything new, everything old,
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here at consumer electronics show but the winners and losers fall by the wayside pretty quickly depending on what the is next -- >> even quicker in the next year. liz: how do you survive in this, at the speed of thought atmosphere? >> well only way you can survive, somebody said the other day that the truth is these old companies that have multiple lines of business, that are, let's call it, kind of old culture, old media culture, they don't move very fast. you are in a world today because of technology, power of ability to push a button and publish to everywhere without everybody intermediating it, that is going to cause enormous disruption. you will have to move very fast to figure out what your role is in the future. your role isn't simply going to be to replicate what you have done before. it isn't going to be colon eyes.
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you will not get away with colonization anymore once the world is cracked up. enormously healthy for new players. it is a very dangerous place for foundation players. liz: who studio, or -- hollywood studio or chinese studio what is doing digital best, morphing the to times. >> none. liz: none? >> i don't really think so. incumbent businesses you have a lot to protect. you tend to be much more protective than you want to be can bally'sic. the idea that -- can bally'stic, that idea that disney will offer espn a stand-alone, can cannibal listtic you have to do that, thinking about thinking about companies in this digital, this digital world we now live in,
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you're going to have to get, literally sink deep in the water before you figure out how to swim through it. these companies, the legacy is strong enough, they're not going out of business, but these companies have very difficult role to play in the future. liz: doesn't it amaze you, twitter, for example, which was the newer, young pup, c't seem to make moneand yet -- >> it is making money. not making as much money as people want it to. liz: why don't you buy it, barry. >> i would it but unfortunately its valuation is not really in line with its current prospects but twitter, twitter is a very good communications platform. it is also going to be an okay advertising platform. i don't know how it is going to be. certainly will not be google. but, i think, people have en trash-talking twitter for too long.
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liz: you would buy it if the price ca down? >> i don't know if i buy it, but i would look sweeter at it than i do at this moment. liz: do you look more sweetly, this is loaded question, do you look more sweetly at new president-elect? you were unabashedly anti-trump. you said if we were on the road we -- >> i think we -- what i think is very simple. i will be very quick bit. i think, a period of mourning is over. my attitude is, okay, bring it all on. you know, give us the biggest dose of your charlatan personality. and let's see what happens with it. i think that it is growing to come to tears. i may be wrong. if it doesn't, you know what?
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i still will cross the street, but, i will at the same time, say, wow, that is an important thing that you did. right now, the thing is, mourning for me is over you about the thing is, i wake up in the morning and i still can't quite believe that he is actuallyng to be presint of the united states. toe, it is literally, literally -- liz: i hear you. >> literally like kim kardashian will replace queen elizabeth. that is the imagery that to me, that is best replicates what i think. liz: okay, folks. fair and balanced here. barry diller never holds it back. great to see you. thank you so much. >> pleasure. liz: barry diller, chairman of iac/interactive. first on fox business, great to see you. as we look, we have 45 minutes before the closing bell rings. the markets are still a mixed picture. travelers is the biggest drag on dow jones industrials right now. but guess what? no drag here at the consumer electronics show where we
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snapped rudy giuliani and john chen of blackberry, they're working together on cybersecurity. they're coming on next live. don't go away. we're at ces 2017. ♪ ♪
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liz: welcome back to the
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consumer electronics show. with about 40 minutes before the closing bell rings, i have just been able to work through the crowd and grab rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york, big in cybersecurity as well as john chen of blackberry. you guys, listen, you're the most secure server that i ever dealt with. you're working together, senate, breaking news here, mayor, the senate is behind closed doors, talking about the russian hacking and cybersecurity. what is your gut reaction what is going on? >> my gut reaction, get beyond politics, hacking, cyber intrusion, cybercrime, is the biggest menace to this country and to the world right now. it facessest growing form of crime. one of theigge fears we have is attack on our grid. it is ubiquitous and we have fallen way behind. our information systems and our gathering of information and all the wonderful things we can do, we're way ahead. on defense, we're way behind. liz: okay.
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>> we have to catch up. why we partnered with blackberry because i've been in the security business now 16 years, a lot of my clients originally were physical security. now a lot of their problems are cybersecurity. they can help solve them. liz: how will you solve this? and john, i don't know how the mayor feels about the russians, are the russians hacking us? >> i'm sure they are. there is no doubt the russians, chinese, even our friendly countries, friends of other countries are looking at our system and cybersecurity and hackinand all that. i'm sure of that. liz: can't we put a cone of silence or some cone of protection over us? >> i think that would be hard. that would be doubtful. one of those things, the advantage of being on the internet, the advantage of sharing information and all that, created this whole issue. so i don't think is, that you could take the good part and drop the bad part. liz: but mayor --
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>> yeah. liz: let me ask you the russia question. donald trump who you definitely support. we heard from barry diller. i promised our viewers we're fair and balanced. barry diller doesn't exactly love donald trump. let give him a chance but he is pretty steadfast saying i don't sieve the evidence that russians are hacking. >> show him the evidence. liz: john says there is evidence. >> i think you're talking about two different things. are the russians hacking us? yes. are the chinese hacking us? yes. are the north koreans hacking us? yes. i can go on and on and mention countries that i wouldn't want to mention because they're friends of ours. now are they involved in this particular election in the way has been alleged? i would have to see the documents to know the answer to that let him see the documents and he will give us answer. you know what the answer might turn out to be? it might be turn out to be a percentage. these things are not sometimes able to be proven 100%. part of the problem you asked
3:23 pm
john, you can you put a cone over it. you can't. you can supply a series of solutions reduce the ability to trude dramatically and solutions toick the intrusion quickly, which is also very important by the way. opm hack where they got 20 million identities out of the government. they were in there 10 months. if they were only in there two months they would have gotten a million identities. >> john, i'm looking around. pan over here, frank. you see everybody with phones. i see all connected cameras. people are geeked up about virtual reality. what does this do? leaves us vulnerable, big-time vulnerable. >> it does. ole concept of internet of things. everything connected with each other. created this connection, that is technical. that is the trick. you know, you could protect it on the device side but you might not be able to protect it on the interaction between devices. that's what is going to be a big
3:24 pm
part of this in the future. liz: in other words, everyone, we're in trouble. we're in trouble for all of our phones. we want it. we have it, but it's a problem. leave as huge crack. mayor, great to have you. >> tha you very, vermuch. there are answers to this to reduce the level of the probl. remember, before we had cyber and everything else, we used to lock things in safes and put them in drawers and people could still steal them. people could steal things. liz: we saw that in jewelry store in manhattan. >> cut them down. liz: squeeze them until they scream. >> that is great expression. we'll use it. liz: give me credit. a little bit of money on the side. thanks so much. 36 minutes before the closing bell rings. dow jones industrials. dow down today, not 20,000. today huge crowds at consumer electronics show. everyone talking about this merger that may not be, big question mark, #time warner.
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liz: 31 minutes before the markets close. i walked over to this area, just caught my eye, dji, they make drones. i asked if i could go in the drone cage. come on in, a hover drone. i will not put my hand near it. we know what happened to the baseball player that played with it. one of his fingers got clipped. this thing hovers like a steady, steady hand. this is drawing really big crowd at consumer electronics show. let me tell you something, talking to barry diller about mergers, things like at&t, and i don't want to hit that thing and time warner. we haven't heard anything, have we? charlie gasparino has heard something. we knew donald trump before he
3:30 pm
was elected didn't like the idea. what is happening now? >> we don't know what he thinks now. there is report out on "bloomberg news," that he has told confidante he is against the deal. i've been told to hold off on that. that the debate inside of the trump camp is not over yet. and, but here is what we do know. it is some of the stuff you and i have been talking about now liz, for a couple weeks, that there is growing sentiment among senior advisors he should kill the deal. some of the senior advisors are internal, like steve bannon, kill the deal, scuttle at&t planned merger with time warner and outside confidante, chris ruddy, runs newsmax, the conservative website, that has a tv component to it. bannon before he joined the trump team was ceo of "breitbart news," which is a website, a right-leaning website, plus, there always has been talk about "breitbart"
3:31 pm
starting its own tv component. why does that matter for anybody that puts out content? well, if you have tv as part of your website, you also often need the pipes to distribute it through, and at&t has those pipes, and creation of at&t with time warner, which owns cnn, would prevent, would pose a very big competitive advantage for cnn over these other website. we should point out when trump attacked the deal, doing it more on the notion of fairness. he thought cnn was very unfair. when this deal came about, his whole notion, i am not going to aid and abet unfair news organization by making it stronger and bigwer this merger. that was h comments back tn. here is what i would say, liz, this is arbitrages dream, arbitrager, these are traders trade for or against a deal going through, the reason why
3:32 pm
this is really interesting, yes, senior advisors to trump, bannon and chris ruddy, outside guy and bannon inside guy, are prodding him. they have his ear. bannon is reason why trump won the election. his strategy helped him win the election. no doubt about that. he is close to chris ruddy at mar-a-lago over the new year's break. they want him to scuttle the deal. that said this is much more pro-business administration. people in the sec, people that will be in the fcc has to approvedeal, federal communications commission, who are free market-oriented who want to deal to go through and donald trump in the middle who hasn't said anything since the election. i will not go far as to say he is against this deal now, i've been told not to go, a lot of people have his ear, bannon and
3:33 pm
chris ruddy want him to kill the deal. the stock initially tanked basically on the bloomberg story. it has come back off its lows on some of our reporting which is saying that this isn't a done deal just yet. bloomberg didn't get much more into what we did, saying people are prodding him to kill the deal and important people like bannon and chris ruddy. that is where we are right now. it is an interesting thing. at some point you would think donald speak on this. hopefully tells you, liz. you should ask him. z: you know, mayor giuliani says if you look back in history, charlie -- >> yeah. liz: that republicans tend to be tougher on big mergers. democrats like to work on things like securities fraud, et cetera, but they really work hard on these, they're tougher on these kinds of mergers. >> the obama administration was very tough on mergers.
3:34 pm
liz: which is weird donald trump would be. >> he hate the cnn he thought cnn was unfair to him. i think he makes a good case for some of that. whether he will hold up a deal because of that, donald might do that. donald has been known to play tough. liz: charlie? >> you know, having chris ruddy and bannon in your ear, you know that is a lot. that's a lot. liz: all right. i'll tell you what's tough. watching you and me on a gigantic tv that is so thin you could slap it up like a dorm room poster on your wall. coming up we show you the l-f wallpaperer tunnel. that is one of the biggest attractions at consumer electronics show, 2017. we have so much more on cable, cable mergers. how the heck do they wi-fi the entire 3 million square foot
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. liz: 23 minutes before the closing bell rings. markets are still mixed. let me tell you what you're not seeing here. a lot of smartwatches. that trend, is it over? i don't know. a lot of people felt the actual watch facesut there whether apple were a little too nerd ditch. they wanted their own watch face. enter this. this is the ct band. you can keep your own watch face but you get all the data in the actual band. so it is way less nerdy. this is just one of many things put out there. by the way there are 33,000 buyers. retail buyers of electronics who are walking all around here at
3:38 pm
consumer electronics show at las vegas. they're looking to see what they fill their shelves with in of course next couple months. yeah, it goes by months. when we come back, how do you put 2000 wi-fi areas and hot spots in here to make everybody happy?
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3:40 pm
liz: welcome back, everybody, this crowd here at consumer electronics show of 2017 are easily most connected. 7500 journalists filing reports every 20 seconds. we're all live here. how does that come together? how do people get their connect tivity. cox communications made it happen. you got the deal, three million square ft, wiring it. give me sound. >> isn't it impressive. welcome to the 50th, the 50th consumer electronics show which is pretty amazing to think back in this country. we worked closely with the
3:41 pm
las vegas convention and visitors authority. they had high expectations of us. in this convention center, 2100 access points. we layered on top of that distributed antenna system equivalent of 14 cell towers. li in here? >> put me to the test. show me your cell phone, you should get four to five bars everywhere you walk in this convention center. it is incredible experience. i'm proud of. liz: a lot of money. >> a lot of money for the resort at las vegas. liz: you're a cable guy though. cord cutting, we got the news about disney saying you know what? we'll do direct to consumer deal with espn. i tried to tell people at ncta about five years ago, i'm talking about bigwigs, big people, jeff bewkes, chase terry of fox and don't worry about cord cutting.
3:42 pm
yeah we're seeing it or not? >> i haven't seen the story. you ran it exclusively here this morning. i heard about it. my team heard about it. it is somewhat inevitable. every content company is trying to figure out how to live in this world where you're part of an impressive bundle of services and you go direct. we'll learn more when time goes on. from a video standpoint we had the best year in 2016 we had since 2008. we're getting ready as company. liz: are you threatened by a potential at&t, time warner matchup, merger? >> not threatened. obviously it is going through review right now. we didn't have any concerns that we filed on. we'll let the process work it way out. liz: you filed no concerns? >> no. liz: what about donald trump's concerns? >> i don't know. you have to ask mr. trump, i don't know. liz: but remember comcast and time warner that could not go through, time warner cable. >> yes. that is a different administration. we have a new administration coming in. he is obviously appointing his
3:43 pm
people right now. we worked very well with both sides of the aisle, democrats and republicans, always have. i will tell you the last couple years has been very difficult. the regulatory environment, overhang putting on top of an industry like ours. a company like ours spends billions of dollars and we're hoping a friendlier business environment kind of comes out of this new administration. we'll have to wait and see. liz: on balance does seem like donald trump is more business-friendly. on that note, great to see you, pat. >> thank you. liz: all these people getting connected, thanks to the cox communications team. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: as we look at all that's going on around me, we have so much more on but guess what? the man who sold his company for $8 billion to samsung. harman ceo, you have to hear what he has to say about all sorts of issues from the business climate, from the business climate and of course so much more.
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find it all on, exclusive interviews. stay tuned. coming right back. ♪ ♪
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ♪ liz: well, consumer electronics show stand for car electronics show? it kind of does now. coming up tomorrow, we have first on fox business and business network exclusives with carlos ghosn ever nissan renault and mark fields of ford. so much to talk to him about, iced, mothballed, building a $1.6 billion plant in mexico. what knew things do they have. 3:00 on fox business network. here at consumer electronics
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show, you want to see a real gadget, gps jeans. you don't want to look at your phone? these jeans have censors built into the waistbands, vibrate left or right where you need to go. map in through the jeans. these are by spinalli. i can't tell how they look. girlfriend here is wearing them to model them. you made them. these are too cool. you have to be really lazy if you need a vibrating pair of jeans, vibrate in the right and left side. don't get all excited. markets get excited today. we've seen pull back, depending which sectors. consumer, we've got all of the big department stores looking terrible and financials. other things like technology, perfect here, looking good. the dow down 44 points. let me get to the floor show traders. tim anderson of nyse and elliot
3:50 pm
warren at the nymex. start with you, tim. i don't want to ask the hackneyed question whether donald trump rally is over. trees do not grow to the sky. what is the thought process of investors. >> market having very instructive day. giving that you have terrible news out of retail sector to start the day with. slightly higher bond prices, which has put roesch are pressure on financials. clearly financials have had a big run. oil looks pretty hard at the $55 resistance level despite very sharp reversal on tuesday after briefly hitting 18-month highs. those are really the three big sectors kind of dominating the action today, given all of that, we have only fractional losses going into the last ten minutes of the day. liz: let me get to elliot warren
3:51 pm
oil actually had a drawdown in inventory numbers with such gigantic build in gasoline and distillates that kept oil in lower areas. we're seeing a bit of a reversal the upside in the after the market. >> oil, i think oil is a sell here, liz. $55 is the technical resistance and sell it. i think you should look at natural gas, looking at lng. it had a 10% selloff the other day. it has reach ad technical bottom, fundamentals always trump, weather trumps all for natural gas. that could be interesting market. sitting at technical support. could rally from there. i think crude is a sell. i don't see it. there is a glut. there is not slowing production. opec guys never get their act together. it is all a head fake in my opinion. i don't believe it at all. liz: helps consumer. as long as gasoline stays around
3:52 pm
$3 per gallon or slightly below. tim, we get all important december jobs report, adp preview missed by a bit. we saw 153,000 jobs when the expectation was 170,000. what do you think with jobless claims at 43-year low? >> that is outlyer. probably not going to have a big impact on the market. it seems that, you know, you still have a lot of institutional accumulation. liz: how can you say that, cory. let me jump in here. how can you say that, the jobs number tends to have impact on market? >> within 25,000 of the estimate of about 170, i just think it will be taken as in line as the market really waits for a lot more details on the trump economic plan later in the month or early next month.
3:53 pm
liz: guys, great to see you. ally appreciate it. wish you were here because you would absolutely love this show, consumer electronics show. >> i wish i was there too. liz: by the way. >> 177,000 people are coming here. that would be -- 177,000 plus one would be a record. they got 177,000 is record. heard of naxa, new generation in technology, all these companies, when i say they're hiring, they all say yes. speaking of hiring, the jobs report tomorrow, got to stay tuned. "mornings with maria" will have that december jobs report number. she begins 8:00 a.m. eastern. the number comes out 8:30 a.m. eastern. when we come back, more from the consumer electronics show 2017. ♪
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>> we feel that the expectations -- report: that is the ceo of harman. when he took over harman the stock was at $8. and it's now at $180. he does credit donald trump for that. don't look at the markets as they were taken to what's happening today. that's what eddie perkins is saying. tell us what you are buying on a day like today where i'm surround by technology that's doing well in the grand scheme of things.
3:58 pm
>> i think 2017 is the year where you want to be a contrarian, you want to favorite things that lagged in 2016. we are look at technology and healthcare that lags in 2016 and are well positioned to provide stable growth and earnings. reporter: before you have buy a stock what is it you look for? >> i'm a value investor, so valuation always comes first. you get cheap stocks when everybody else hates them. i think the dividend stocks look interesting. we like reits. if you look at performance of s & p sectors since november 13, for you trading days after the
3:59 pm
election, i wouldn't forget about the dividend stocks and i like the reits the most. reporter: september jobs report tomorrow, 10 seconds what are you look at now? >> if we get a poor report people mht start to question e trump rally and we might have another day like we had today. reporter: the nasdaq is in record territory. as we leave you have from the consumer electronic show, this is a case for your phone when you sit down and you have it in your back pocket. this helps you prevent butt dialing.
4:00 pm
all right. we have 20 seconds before that closing bell rings. i'll be back here tomorrow at the consumer selecttron is show. we are look at a record for the nasdaq. david: wall street sale braight a new record high for the nasdaq. the dow and s & p 500 are closing lower. melissa: on the record, top intelligence officials telling the senate armed services committee that russia with its advanced fiber programs is a major threat to america. they say they are confident russia interfered with the election.


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