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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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david: the kids can burn calories while interacting with gaming apps, i say watch out, imagine if this is a virtual reality thing set up like this. "risk & reward." melissa: you don't like it. melissa: david: i don't like it. "risk & reward" is now. liz: we want to warning this video that was broadcast live on facebook is disturbing, it shows an attack of a mentally disabled 18-year-old man, he was bound, and gagged. suspects put a knife to his throat, and made him drink from a toilet, a. >> it went on for a half hour. i am elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton, chicago police officers announcing
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though 4 attackers have been arrested and charged with multiple felonies. including hate crimes that could mean up to 30-years in prison, they punched, kicked, choked and stomped on the victim, one of the men cut the victim's hair and scalp with a knife, causing him to bleed, they laughed and they mugged for facebook viewers while reading viewer comments, you could hear the suspect yell, f donald trump and f white people. >> fdonald trump, f white people. >> let's bring in brunell from chicago.
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>> welcome. >> hi, liz, god bless you, god bless america. liz: these suspects wanted this streaming live on facebook, your thoughts. >> i would say, they were correct to be charged with hate crimes, any time you attack someone, assault, batter them because of race or religion or freed, that is hate. when i say that video it was so heartbreaking as an american, i did not look at it as far as color. i looked at it as a mom, i am a mother, imagine one of my children going through something like that and will it is just so sad that you know the country is gotten to this point where there is so much division, that people think they could hurt others and get away with it. i am grateful they were not smart, they put it on facebook for the world to see to make
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prosecutor's job easy. liz: we'll tackle this, about streaming live later. your thoughts on. chicago police responding. >> this is sickening it makes you wonder, what would make individuals treat somebody like that? i have been a cop for 28 years, i have seen tngs you shouldn't see in a lifestyle, it amazes me you still see things you should not. liz: he kept saying see things, what are your thoughts about it streaming live on facebook. you are worried there could be copycats, is that an,. anish. i. >> there so much foolishness on facebook, copycat is not an issue.
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there is so much blow back on these attacks, anyone in their right mind would not. it opens the door to let us know as a nation, it is time to heal. dividing talk, division talk, all this against president-elect, and whatever we have to stop that, we have to come together as a nation, and understand our words do have power. liz: this is not who we are as an american, we're a great, moral country, a country filled with heroes. >> we don't condone it. this is despicable this is not representative of our nation as a whole. there are always bad apples i don't care what country you live in. we have to talk about how we'll make peace, and do
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something about this divide. how we'll spread love in the nation between the races. liz: facebook responding, said, we don't allow people to celebrate or glorify crimes on facebook we have removed this original video. in many instances when people share that content, they are doing so to condemn violence and raise social awareness about it, in this case the video would be allowed do you think they could adequately, monitor this. >> there is no way you can know what is going on in the mind of a person when they share something, when they get stuff like this, get it to where people cannot watch it,
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get it to police, let them investigate, you don't know if that person is enjoying violence or not. i don't know facebook is the vehicle or institution to determine that, that is for police to decide. liz: this next topic, a democrat strategist arguing that hate was against donald trump, expressed in the attack, live streamed, that person argued, this important worked for bernie sanders, well, you know, what if is not necessarily hate crime even though the state of illinois says it is. >> we start going around, and any time someone says something or does anything, really bad, and sickening, in connection with president-elect or donald trump or even president obama, because, of their politica leanings, that is slippery territory that is not a rate crime, hate crime are because of a person's racial
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ethnicity, religion gender, their disability or political leanings. not. liz: this is against theory orizing in advance of the fact. again, state law in illinois says it is a hate crime to attack someone because of race and their mental disability among numerous other items? >> mm-hmm. i would say is, i did not hear they were charged with political hate crime, they were charged hate crime because, they were screaming, f white people as they beat and kicked this person. i would say, illinois is correct, i am from illinois. yes, it is correct it is a hate crime. i would say we cannot condone people attacks others because of their political faleiation, but -- i affiliation but i
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would say this was a hate crime because they screamed expletives to a white person while beating him. liz: do you think that the authorities should throw the book at them? >> no, they should look at backgrounds of those involved their age, and economics. you know, everything about them, look at them full picture, and see if there may be some liniency somewhere, 30 years, no that should not be the case. liz: so long as there is remorse? i think they should throw the book at them, if they express remorse i get it. >> the book is 30 years. liz: i hear. >> they are 18, they are 48 when they come home. i understand what you say, 100%, i don't condone it. but i would say, we also have to look at every part of this. which includes background of
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the individuals involved, that is why we have boot camp and probation, and you know different services in the court, so we can kateer t cater to the needs. >>,. liz: well, brunell i'm going to beat you and say god bless you brunell. >> god bless you and god bless america. liz: the final charges as we reported, but there is still outrage on internet, people demand an official oapology. >> we're still investigating it. if we -- the facts guide us in that direct, then we'll charge them appropriately. >> kids make stupe i'd
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stupid. -- i should not call them kids they are adults but they are young adults and make stupid decisions. liz: police say it was never a doubt that it was a hate crime. dallas police officer sergeant penny is with me now, thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you. liz: sergeant, the victim was kicked, purged and stomped. this is beyond a quote, stupid decision, don't you think? >> of course,. this shows there is a problem with leadership there in chicago, especially the civilian leadership, there should not have been a doubt whether or not these individuals would have been attacked with a hate crime. their was a hate crime, those individuals should be held to full extent of the law. but bigger, issue is that
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social media is to blame, facebook. yesterday, when it first came out, i reached out to my intelligent group in new york. i asked them to follow it see whether or not facebook was going to pull it down, they true enough this morning they said they took it down. and guess what on one internet account one social media account it has been shared 51,000 times. that tells you there is a problem with social media, time to regulate facebook. and regulate instagram, and twitter. liz: it was trending, are you worried -- i have been talking to law enforcement about, issues like this, you worrying about copycatting? >> it is an, issue. these guys, trending with
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blm kidnapping, black lives matter kidnapping. >> there is no indication that black lives matter was connected but i hear what you are saying. >> they are connected, they are connection snood w connected. liz: we don't know that yet. >> they have been following this trend, social media cannot hide behind secon section 238 any more. liz: who do you make of hesitancy at first to call it a hate crime, right from the get go. >> they are playing politics. we need to move from a society of saying we'll rehabilitate criminals, we facilitate so much of these behaviors, we
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allow them to get out of jail, saying they wil will rehabilitate them, they get out and do it over and over again, it is time to hold them responsible. liz: sergeant, back to point you make in social media. this is not first time a crime in chicago of broadcast on facebook live. terrorist in france was broadcasting, his attack, and the aftermath of assaults a police officer in france. that terrorist was live streaming. what can b done? >> the -- social media can be accountable, they can you know employee the technology to pull down these communication strands, they are not pulling them down they are leaving them up and allowing them to proliferate. share button is the problem. >> i want sergeant to respond
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to, somehow facebook, can stop child porn right at the doorstep, but how come social media can allow things like this, i don't get it. >> they say don't violate the terms and conditions, like had slasher image of police officer with his neck slit was trending, i asked several times to take it down, they did not, saying it did not violate their terms and conditions, they are now becoming part of the problem, they -- whether we want -- like it or not, social media is the facilitates domestic terrorism in the country could they are becomes harbors. liz: big brand reputation at stake, i am sorry we have run out of time, he is dallas police sergeant penny and thank you for your service. liz: next up this story for
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you, don't mess with grandpa. a pistol-packing 74-year-old turning the tables on a criminal armed intruder. >> i tried to kill him. anybody break in on me, i'm going to kill him. liz: coming up, gun-toting grandma on our show. she will talk to us about it and said that everyone should get a gun. we have this story for you, president obama doubling down, saying no foreign terrorist organizations has successfully planned and executed attacks on our homeland during his presidency, my next guest is wondering why the hair splitting you can hear, why the president is ignores the terrorist attacks that were inspired by foreigner terrorists? he is talking about sanbernardin marathon bombings and fort hood, why don't they count? he is the nav navy seal who killed osama bin laden, he is rob o'neal, he is with us
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download the xfinity tv app today. >> that's how, even as we suffer terrible affects here at home from boston to orlando. no foreign terrorist -- hasek cuted an attack on our homeland the past 8 years. liz: president obama taking a vickly lap for his antiterror policies telling soldiers in virginia ye yesterday there have been no attacks on u.s. soil by terrorist organization, the president avoids saying terror inspired attacks. according to number we put together from official sources 104 people have been kill, 473
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injured about 20 islamist inspired terrorist attack here on the homeland. right here in u.s. that map, we have seep horrific terror related atrocities in past 8 years. joining me now for more is the man who shot and killed osama bin laden, retired navy seal rob o'neal, what do you make of this? >> this is odd, he picked his venue with military members to say nothing happened. part of the problem is admitting have you a problem. the problem is still there. with attacks in san bernardino, and boston, i talked to police in san bernardino that physically pulled bodies out from under a christmas tree. these are dead people, with real families, and they are real attacked inspired by what is going on overseas.
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liz: you -- wha -- how would the victim family respond. >> i would bet they would be outraged, saying, i lost a family member, a loved one, something to something inspired by people overseas, al qaeda and isis, they are changing their tactics. they might not get 9/11 again but they are okay with that. if they keep doing that, america will use the term called war-weary. they call them lone wolf attacks they can fall back on this is not a major attack. but they i are inspired by the wolf pack, there are known isis cells in all 50 states, right now, they're waiting for something. they are doing it boston bombing, a movie out about it
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right now, maybe that will reenergize people, they should be teaching 9/11 in classroomso kids are not affected by these conspiracy theories. liz: switching gears talk about companies here. here is what is going on, apple complying with question from china to sensor new york time app to devices there. they want to stop local from reading the paper in china. they say that say violation of free speech and civil liberties, but, remember when apple argued it would be a danger to civil liberties to unlock the work iphone of the san bernardino terrorists. >> shooter was a government employee it was a government work phone, they came -- i don't know if they wanted to appease people who are always screaming civil liberty. liz: listen to it.
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>> this would be bad for america, it would set a precedent that i believe many people in america would be o10 -- offended by, some things are hard, and some things are right. some thin are both, this is one of those. >> this say tough issue, they are soy quick to not care what happens in china. china communist but they use capitalism, i am not -- i am more counter ter and foreign policy and stuff, but it seems no way we'll doe it in u.s. it could have led to -- helping shooter, who got them the guns, how radicalized them. a shame. enemy is revolving and we're not evolving. liz: i want to ask, next week we have hearings i think about 8 of trump cabinet nominees, and include secretary of
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interior defense and secretary of state, your take? >> i am liking a lot of his appointment for secretary of defense, and of homeland security, retired generals, this is a good idea, they know how to defend the borders they are aware that homeland security is in the homeland, all americans, don't worry about political correctness. my favorite is congressman ryan, a former navy seal with me, he will bring leadership in from the most elite seal team, and also. liz: was he on the seal team -- >> no, he was leaving as i was coming in he was able to serve in combat in different capacities. we know each other. liz: hear that congress.
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>> he is from monna he knows neutl resources. liz: thank you for your service. >> thank you. liz: testimony in alleged russian hack attack on the dnc and the podesta e-mails, my next guest says to himself, why wasn't obama insis inant on investing that hack. -- or the north korea attack, where is the president on that? next up we have retired lieutenant general tom mcnerney, he joins me, don't go away. leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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>> after hearing about the russian hockey into the dnc the director of national intelligence said president president-elect trump is basically disparaging the
5:29 pm
intelligence community. who benefits from a president-elect trashing. let's listen. >> i think there is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism which policymakers to include policy maker number one i think there is a difference between skepticism and disparagement. liz: tom mcenery is with me now. thanks for coming on the show. our they focusing on whether or not russian have a hand in helping him get elected. where was this outrage into opm. where was the administration.
5:30 pm
>> that is a 64-dollar question. where were they. they have a whole host of other issues. jim clapper who i've known her 20 plus years 30 almost the fact is he is walking out the door this is a political ploy. we should have concern. the fact is as i said yesterday i believe this is a red flag operation someone else did it and they are attributing it to the russians. we will find out about that. but the only person that is can a good to be there after the 20th is admiral. and the nsa director and he's going to be there we don't switch them out. they are also testifying.
5:31 pm
this administration led by the president is setting up sucked the republicans and for this great debate to try to cover up for why they failed in the election in addition to growing. we still do not know where the president was the night of ben ghazi. the rogue seert was was a violation of the espionage act. it's a stretch to far. we ought to say something that means we must respond with kinetic force. so i don't believe that this cat and mouse game is an act of war unless they took down our whole economic area. they never really follow through.
5:32 pm
if you are questioning who did the hack and everyone would say it's unacceptable. but then we have this general. he keeps saying russia was not the source of the hack. what are your thoughts? >> as i said yesterday when we ask this question. i believe i have information from other sources in addition i think the advisors to president-elect trump mike flynn, general matus and general kelly the new homeland security cabinet member they are feeding them he is not criticizing seen the intelligence agencies. he's probably the sizing the
5:33 pm
particle part how they had framed it. again, thank you for your service to our country. critics are blasting facebook. a man was being tortured for half hour on a site. they pulled it down after it spread across the internet. this is not the first time violent acts. facebook had multiple shootings. even a pair of deadly kidnappings appeared life. who needs to do more to stop this? don't go away. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan
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>> the video is monstrous. it is not the first time it's happened on facebook there has been several instances on facebook back in july 3 men shot a lifestream there. last year in france. he is it 25-year-old isis
5:38 pm
terrace. at their home. and he broadcast the aftermath. they recovered the body of the female police officer. torturing, kidnapping. how could facebook had that. let's take it and talk about it. do you think facebook is doing enough. i know you were going to give me a responsibility of the provider is. i want to look at it from the other point of view. you hear about the terrorism and all the rest of it. unless you see it and head
5:39 pm
that visceral involvement you don't really know about it. we see the young people doing this against the mentally disabled young man. then you feel it. more of a horror of what they've done. it's not a facebook issue. it's where civilization is at right now. understand that the brutality and the racism of these people now you can be motivated to do something about it. >> when someone shares a video, basically okay to share if you raise social awareness. he is suing they have them suing. you are profiting off of these
5:40 pm
videos. you are making money off of that. what are your thoughts on that. i think the case would be. i'm certainly sympathetic to everything that has happened. but the bigger picture in the bigger issue is deciding that society must come with to grips with what's happening out ther it's another thing to watch it. to actually see it. you don't understand the nature of this act if i just talk it to you. i can say the words and they have a certain impact. to see the glee the disgusting hatred that it was directed at trump. it was about being in control
5:41 pm
punishing, torturing let the jury see that now. let them see what these 18-year-old's were capable of doing. ask their parents where the helper you were you when these children were being raised. how could this barbarity and the savage behavior be permissible and you don't understand it unless you see it. the cops now wear those. i think the more we know. we come back. the story of the texas grandmother. armed grandmother. she defended herself and her home from an invasion. she is mrs. robinson.
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so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. . >> anybody break in on me i will kill them. he will kill me and i will kill him. the xas granother me one intruder the drop. armed robber didn't realize granny was packing heat. they join us now. it's a great to have you on the show. can you tell the viewers what exactly happened and how did he break and what happened. >> i was sitting there watching the news at 10:00 i started to get up here he
5:46 pm
comes with the gun. the gun was in my face. i ran and i heard -- hid behind the door. i just walked over really fast when i did he ran. i started shooting. >> did you hit him. i don't know yet. they have not caught him. so what would you advise people out there about gun ownership. does it make you want to carry a gun at all times? >> absolutely. i think everybody needs too. things are changing. and people need to be aware of what's going on in this world. and it's gonna get worse. good to get worse. it's not getting any better.
5:47 pm
has there been an outbreak of home intrusions in your area. >> there has been a few but not that many. >> are you carrying your gun now? yes. thank you so much for coming on the show. stay safe. thanks again. one of the procedures universities. president-elect trump. he is yet to sit down in the oval office. the police are running alive in kentucky. there's an online internet petition.
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ liz: on january 14 a main our mean our event will be held at georgetown university. two of them are going to cosponsor a teaching to discuss what they call the racism, bigotry and depression a president-elect donald trump even though he is yet to sit down in the oval office. the event will feature lectures and even a black light matter organizer speaker
5:52 pm
your kids are your own fault. what are your thoughts on this. let him them do it. no problem at all. they can talk about whatever they want to talk about.derstane flipside. no matter how flat you smash the pancake it still has two sides. i have no issue with them talking about racism and trump as long as they also bring in the other side because it when you only teach kids one side they start to believe there is only one side. you don't expect them to bring in the other side do you? >> no i just said that's what they ought to do. i think it's only right that they do get exposed to both sides. we can stop this.
5:53 pm
it is a shame that money is being spent to do this. i think if it's going to be allowed and this is where parents of these kids have to get involved if the push for equal representation. the ironically --dash the ironic thing is that he graduated. you're not goingo get our kids money unless both sides are represend. i think you can see things change. they have become more like a high-priced daycare center are they preparing students for the real world? >> the real world is pretty tough down there. if we allow them to only experience a bit of the real world to see that there is no safe some ugly and tough.
5:54 pm
you are you're going to lose more than you can win. there is no plato where i go to work. i think things would change. that becomes a parenting issue though and like my book title says your kids are your own fault. >> i like the thoughts on the next subject. they are being forced to abandon their mascot an online petition calls that image sexist and inappropriate for the female teams. they are releasing a new logo design. they want to keep the horse team. you say we are becoming kind of a neutered society what you think. >> i think they can have to change the names from the
5:55 pm
stallions to the geldings. every single day they wake up and try to figure out something that will offend them. if your intention is to be offended by something you will find something. when they realize it's a male and name. they went hunting and killed bears. we know that colleges have mascots. look at duke university. it goes on and on. what do you think. our these colleges going to stick with their mascot, what you think. i think we need some allegiance to tradition. it goes back to if you choose to be offended that you will be offended. they are allowing others to influence them to the point that they are willing to give
5:56 pm
up. students as well as their parents had to stand up when i can to take this kind of crap that's going on in our society right now. to stand up for what we believe and actually grow a pair and stand up against this kind of silliness. i would love to do that. i am afraid that i'm too controversial for them. thank you so much for coming on the show.e don't go away. i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. itelps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises.
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>> tomorrow we will have trump transition team senior advisor catrina pearson joining us. thank you for welcoming us into your home. making money with charles payne is next.
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charles: good evening i'm charles payne. the acquisitions and denial. and whether they influence the outcome of our election. why are so many losing construction jobs. there is high drama and capitol hill today. the senate hearing.


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