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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 6, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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thank you for watching dagen mcdowell happy friday jobs friday perhaps records on wall street dagen: we will see ladies thank you so much good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, january 6, jobs at a, your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. >> russia in focus president-elect donald trump gearing up for intelligence briefing on the alleged hacking comes after the director of national intelligence james clapper issues a warning to lawmakers, during the senate hearing yesterday over the validity of the reports. >> i think there is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism, which policy makers number one should always ask for temptation but i think there
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is a difference between skepticism and disparagement.ha lites dig at intelligence community, over the obama administration's revelation to nbc news. >> border tax threat toyota in he focus over plant in mexico black & decker planning to move manufacturing to the united states what it means for jobs and doing business, under president donald trump hours away from the final jobs' report, of the obama presidency the economy is expected to have add $178,000 jobs, in december. expected to take up slightly to 4.7%, checking your markets ahead ofhat number futures are showing mixed market dow futures, down 9points after a slight loss of nearly 43 points yesterday.
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take a look at europe stocks edging lower there as well losses across the board biggest loser cac quarante, in france, down about half 1%. mixed action in asia overnight, and you see shanghai composite and nikkei, both down about a third of a percent, but hong kong and south korea eking out gains. >> torture bruk live on fwoovk about initially a hate crime four suspected charged presidento's reaction coming up, winter weather slamming country even south in upstate new york kids snowed in at school stranded on buses the latest on that path ahead. shoup charging luxury, bentley revealing most powerful car can go more than 00 miles per hour a giant 12 cylinder engine, honoring carrie fisher details on petition to make
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princess leia official disney princess will make you smile all that so much more coming up, chief operating officer president is here jobs day, flown from florida we love that, recon capital patterns ken kelly rosecliff y ventures ceo hap new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> kevin, i have already seen you so -- >> exactly, we have some incredible guests this morning as well, a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow at american enterprise institute, john bolton one of our favorite people to talk to former republican presidential candidate fox news contributor herman cain,another you favorite around these parts, trump campaign economic adviser steve mor cleveland federal reserve president do not miss that, and to top story, on capitol hill perplex donald trump continuing to
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clash with intelligence community about the alleged russian hacking during election, today he will receive the classified report, after president obama's briefing yesterday, trump tweeted about the briefing in a briefing being leaked of about he has even seen it writing this, how did nbc get quote san exclusive look into the top secret report he obama was presented. >> who gave him this is report and why, politics, yesterday director of national intelligence james clapper also testified at a cybersecurity hearing, about russia chaired by senator john mccain. >> basic in changing the results of an election, none of us believe they were. that that would have to cute an attack on united states of america, because of the effects if succeeded would you agree. >> certainly intelligence community can't engage in, impact it had on choices of
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the he electorate made there is no way for us to gage that. >> whether or not that could you tell us an act of war, i think, is a very heavy policy call. that i don't believe the intelligence community should make. dagen: joining us now former white house sr., policy adviser oliver mcghee. >> panned democratic strategist what do you make of rengs between trump and tension community even some republicans on capitol hill if you will? >> well, the -- the senate is really like a -- a place for looking to the house. like a saucer it is a hot tea this is a hot topic of issues associated with trying to -- the keys, with taxes, and transportation, and so forth.
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and then, really do theing the i's. -- involved in essentially what we might call nixon china gate essentially what he is trying to do is align hips with russia, and essentially try to separate russia and fortune. because that is essentially what we need to do to look at competitiveness big three looking at economically, united states, russia, chooirn, and so really trying to see if he can separate the two, so we can be more k competitive in the nation, partarly looking at capital and technology, and innovation, and then be able to -- in the -- competitor he uses temptation in that sense. dagen: right, but what has gone on with the leaks about the intelligence on this hacking of the dnc? particularly after the election? it is purely political, and that seems to be donald trump's biggest beef, is that this information is being
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leaked out of cia, shows up on initiative bc news before he has even been briefed on it. >> that is concerning. i want to remind you, too,, that the hacks were not only directed at the dnc, they were also directed at the rnc, but the only the dnc's e-mails were the only ones leaked to wikileaks. so that in itself is purely political. so you've got to see both points you you've got to see likes, they were definitely trying to influence election specifically by just releasing the dnc e-mails. so you know, i would argue that point. dagen: kevin, the issue is and trump the heart of what trump is getting at is that -- it, it is hard to do on twitter granted, he is in a difficult position, if he is disparaging entire intelligence community but leadership of these
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intelligent agencies politicized looking at right sizing office director national intelligence only around since 9/11 total more than 1700 imperception at this point, nothing wrong with trying to tighten up, these intelligence agencies. >> what is a shame we haven't gotten clarity or direction on what actually happened what they are talking about, he they haven't come out said you know what, no, no voting machines were hacked, right so coming out, and it is -- it is really ambiguous that is the problem i think donald trump has had with this, current situation heavily politicized no clarity not said talking dnc being hacked or john podesta not clear what specific incidents go back and ok president clinton didn't
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want daily briefs, a lotf things leaked out about him as well especially including tax returns. >> i agree completely, kevin is saying i think robin pointing out to democrats and republicans e-mail were hacked so now, you are getting the headlines coming out that say, you know, the election was rigged, and it is really not -- there is no proof of that, there is nothing out there that says this impacted the election, in any way, to both -- >> to point that out james clapper said yesterday not par, of course, not voting machines hacked not vote totals that were contaminate period with with. >> this is information came out. >> finally. >> right, exactly, oliver one concern is that as have you confirmation hearings that start next week particularly with secretary of state rex tillerson you have trump at odds with some republicans in the senate potentially, do you expect really, really difficult confirmation
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hearings for some of these nominees? >> well -- the job of the congress is to create a little bit of tension, this what is thomas jefferson said a little bit of tension is good for government. in a sense congress usually gets to the point where they concern the president's choices president made very fine choices for his cabinet will unfold very, very nicely, but there should be questioning, that congress's job is to individual council warning as confirmation process raise issues necessary for american people to obsve more importantly the president will get the choice the president has two, three powers power to appoint to sign to persuade, this president using power persuasion to reach people directly using technology very, very good at twitter making sure media who is basically chasing rabbits, makes sure, that he gives you
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a rabbit every day, basically if you don't media will create a its rabbit he uses technology very well. >> final word i know you will agree with that we get more than one thing, a day in terms of things to discuss, from donald trump's twitter feed. ch. >> oh, yes, that has me really -- he is very good at twitter, i don't know about that, i think much to his detriment as you said the beginning you can't always sum up 140 characters or with less some vital points donald trump is trying to make you said the intelligence community -- >> we've got to go news alert i said very things during the election, about what he said on twitter, guess what. >> robin thank you, oliver, thank you both, stay tuned we will bring you live coverage analysis of the december jobs' report, jobs, in america, i want to see if mvrz did they
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add jobs in december this is the first full month since donald trump had been elected, did we see any activity? we are going to be watching that, 8:00 a.m. eastern time, meantime coming up, severe weather warning winter storms threatening most cup leaving childrentranded on buses upstate new york the for being ahead. and the fastest car ever with a big price tag to match. ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough...
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. . dagen: african-americans accused of tortering mental challenged white man due in court facing felony charges including committing a hate crime, kidnapping battery. cheryl: investigators released details in case yesterday. here is what we know over the weekend 18-year-old i'm very's parents reportedly dropped him off at mcdonald's in chicago to hang out with classmate jordan hill they thought he was spending night with friends instead kidnapped the victim took him in a stolen van to see rest of the group in a western chicago home, there is the group, suspects on your screen.
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in that home, part of a horrific assault streamed on facebook police shows victim bound bleeding as suspects talk about the him with racially charged anti-trump obscenities man escaped the home on monday, police found video tuesday chicago police superintendent called video reprehensible announced they would procure as you said hate crime charges. >> president obama spoke out yesterday about the vio in an interview wh a chago tv station listen. >> i promise you, for the most part, race relations the gotten better but and i think what we have seen over the last self-years when it comes to tensions between police in communities the internet -- horrific hate crimes of the sort that we appear to have seen in this -- >> it is -- it is -- terrible. cheryl: victim treated at
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hospital since released. meanwhile, same winter storm buried west coast working across the country, snow and ice across the south expected to hit texas panhandle and oklahoma this morning, before it moves towards east coast. the winter weather already hitting new york, and upstate near buffalo take a look at pictures lake effect about snowstorm 28 inches, creating a rush-hour traffic nightmare, drivers stuck more than 5 hours, storm stranded students at one elementary school late in the night, this news this morning, sears big room selling craftsman brand 9 hundred million dollars to black and decker going to close 150 stores following years of weak sales sears booked over 8 million dollars losses past five years alone to rereassure investors suppliers contenders about future of the chain. >> bentley is roaring into the
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new year, with a 700 horsepower beef of a car the third generation supersport fastest most powerful car ever redesigned from 0 to 60 under 3 1/2 seconds that tops out at just 210 miles per hour. going down -- some car going to make it official debut stun as part of the north america in no one auto show in detroit previous model about 00,000 dollars, is to, 200,000 we are i thinking over 200 kfor this beauty back to you. >> absolutely, i still take porsche over bentley. >> with you. >> a lady car coming up the president-elect board erik threat toyota in focus over plant in mexico black & decker moving manufacturing back to the u.s., what it means for jobs and doing business, under the trump administration. anfutures point to a
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slightly lower open this morning 12.loss on dow futures we know one thing jobs' report for december, it comes out about two hours and 11 minutes from now. that will surely move markets what to expect from that report as well next. ♪ ♪ with the xfinity tv app,
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plant in mexico. the next customer in chief tweeting converter motors said we will build a plant in mexico. >> no way build plant in u.s. or pay big border tax toyota responding saying in part toyota has been part of the cultural fabric in the u.s. nearly 60 years production volume or employment in the u.s. will not increase as a result of our new plant in guadalajara mexico, toyota looks for ward to collaborating with trump administration, third serve in best interests of consumers and industry japan defending -- a few days ago that ford revealed plans that it scrapped plan to build that 1. -billion-dollar small car factory in mexico, so trump is
6:24 am
winning auto makers over but toyota might be another story. >> he is but we really need to focus on is one of two things, need to happen if they start to add jobs or expanded operations here, either profits need to increase or prices of the cars need to increase, because it is simple economics, with what is happening, they are producing lower cost cars, for consumers so think about corolla a lower price point if they have to make that here price of the car needs to go up, so less affordable, or toyota needs to take it on chin not get profits i think interesting to note because we've capitalized off lower pricing labor in other countries whether -- we will see how this plays snutd what about idea of a border tax keeps throwing out this if you hear border tax a great deal more complicated if you talk about parts manufactured in mexico for automobiles not just the vehicles themselves,
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because we have been increasing starts xorting more auto ports if you look at maker half components in any given feat might come from mexico. >> i look flask half full. >> good on you. >> president trump saying not going to move manufacturing outside of u.s. to help local foreign economy then come back sell to our citizens if you do that we are going to charge you for that. we want america first i don't have a problem with what he is doing i think a lot of companies don't have a problem. >> a trade war. >> i want to mention black & decker, one name bringing jobs back to the united states is black & decker company announcing plans to bring more manufacturing into the u.s., move concludes construction of a new 35-million-dollar factory as part of its deal to
6:26 am
acquire, craftsman from where sears we told you about earlier. >> i think this is just the start of hearing about companies that are going to bring manufacturing back you know into u.s., start to really look at plants here i think they are optimistic warfare hearing business leaders certainly optimistic about the economy, and tax reform, and the ability to do business here, so i also you know, i have to i want to know positive out, too, that just president-elect trump has impend very strategic about going after manufacturing i think to make a statement. it is all about making america great again, but goes right to at it heart bringing jobs to america making you know american made. >> you know as better than neighbor else there is not that many manufacturing jobs we are a service sector a economy you are focusing on this may bring 15, 15,000 on manufacturing may lose on service sector side.
6:27 am
>> i said this is first full month since trump was elected, will we see anything in manufacturing, because there have been lay-offs announced by boeing and same time period. >> right, i think you know, we won't -- my expectation is we won't see a huge drop-off but i don't think we are going to see big results either, that is going to take some time, to trickle in. but in 2017, once we get a few months in hopefully seeing manufacturing numbers move. but, again, we have to remember, the manufacturing jobs today that exist have changed they are not like they were back in you know the 40s, 50s, 60 those these are more technical engineering, and need a certain skill set, so even as we talk about moving these jobs back to america, and creating jobs here very technical they are skilled we need to make sure we have the people that can meet those position. >> coming up we want indicate for that jobs' report it is two hours and almost minutes
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away, coming up can we build it, president-elect trump trying to make good on promise to you'd about a border wall with the reported help -- yep american taxpayers. a report that america is going to pay for it instead of mexico this morning, he tweeted quote this dishonest media does not report any money spent on billed the great wall forsake of speed will be paid back by mexico later, okay president-elect trump details on that ahead, and disney may be adding another princess "star wars"' fans start petition to honor actress carrie fisher. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff
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that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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the wall trump bet big on that phrase on the road to the k white house we're going to build a wall believe me going to build a wall. >> we have a trade deficit with mexico they will pay for the wall they will be very happy about it, by the way, who is going to pay for the wall? mexico. >> o who is going to pay for the wall. >> mexico. >> now there are new questions, over who exactly will pay. . critics say a report out says your tax dollars not mexico could be on hook for president-elect's big plans trump fighting back, saying mexico will still foot the bill, with two weeks left in
6:32 am
office president obama making plans to release fanatics outrage nearly two dozen guantanamo detainees are being prepared for transfer from that prison. . chaos in mexico over gas prices, a 20% gas price hike leading to loath, and hundreds of arrests details ahead. verizon says not so fast why the company said to be reconsidering its massive deal for yahoo!. and we are less than two hours away from december jobs' report, the economy expected to have added 178,000 jobs in december unemployment rate expected to take up slightly to 4.7%, checking markets ahead of that number futures are showing some mixed action fought dow futures down 12 points right now, in europe, stocks have been edging lower this morning with biggest loser there, being stocks in france. in asia overnight, markets there mixed half up half down four major markets with shanghai composite and nikkei
6:33 am
slipping a bit. as hollywood mourns carrie fisher fans look to honor her legacy new petition to make princess leia official princess. >> to stop story paying for the wall along the mexico border reports say that the he president-elect is planning to ask congress to pay for it. that means the american taxpayers sharp contrast from a campaign promises but trump just addressed the report tweeting this. the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the great wall forsake of speed will be paid back by mexico, later. see what his time stamp on that 6:19 bring in ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations a news correspondent, always terrific to see you -- >> what do you make of this, this back-and-forth that we're seeing?
6:34 am
>> well, i think -- from the perspective of u.s. national security we need to increase our ability to keep out undesirable people, people who intend to do us harm and the fastest way to do that which is i think what the president-elect trump suggests is that we go ahead and construct these further defenses along border then he will talk to mexico about paying for it later, so i don't know what the plan is to get mexico to pay for it but i think, this priority of securing the border, is a very high one and we should not delay. dagen: where would you put it on a a list of top priorities, in terms of our national security building that border wall? >> well, i think it is important to stop a whole range of threats that are coming across the border and i think, much of this has been contemplated already in the budget, i think there issue a lot of other competing priorities like rebuilding the military as well i think what we need to confront, honestly a lot of domestic spending programs need to be cut fairly dramatically. >> scomor mike murphy, so
6:35 am
really what year talking about right now, is building this wall regardless who is paying for it initially, building this wall to keep people we don't want illegal immigrants for what coming into america. i don't see what the major problem is, i think that this is something we should do we want to keep bad people out keep good people in, why do you think such aside from the who is going to pay for thewall isn't this better i mean there is a wall there he he clernlt he currentlyly in spots isn't this benefit of all-american people. >> right i think the issue has been the notion a tighter border security has to be bind legislatively or political with how you handle illegal aliens already here this goes back to 1986 when ronald reagan signed immigration reform bill a formula that failed a formula that failed so i think the oi the priority is to securing the borders and we will worry about illegals
6:36 am
who go here subsequently i think trump is doing it the right way. dagen: o ambassador moving to this story reports that president obama plans to transfer at least 22 of the 59 detainees, who remain at guantanamo bay have vowed to behead americans ambassador bolton why is he so fixated on this with -- president trump two weeks away from his own inauguration. >> i think it is outrageous i think it has been clear last 8 years the only people left in guantanamo when obama took office, were the worst of worst. so as far as i am concerned, i am not sure i would have released any of them the past 8 years but particularly, now. we have two weeks to go, until inauguration at a, two weeks. and to send 22 out or any of the rest of them frankly i just think is disgraceful purely ideological one of the
6:37 am
biggest failures object the day after his inauguration 2009 he would close within a year that isn't going to happen if anything we should look in effects four years to increase the population of gitmo including, piektsdz up a lot of the people we released. picking up people we released. >> this is purely political. he is trying to make good on a campaign promise when we know from government officials reports these individuals who have been released from guantanamo have gone on to kill americans. >> look as i said people should be outraged by this, recidivism rate reporting 30% i think understated a lot of people released we just can't find they maybe weaving baskets in at a village somewhere may be they are back on battlefield as well it deserves a lot more attention, than it is getting. >> ambassador this is kevin kelley you met with donald trump after he was elected. now did you have any discussions with him about guantanamo bay increasing the population there and using it
6:38 am
as -- as a way to help defend our national security? >> i don't think we talked about gitmo i don't recall it look i think as long as base is still the base will still be there unless he gives it back to cuba, frankly i worried about, and he does still have two weeks to go, that means prison facility for terrorists will still be there as well there is a lot of terrorists out there deserve to be interrogated a great place to take them. dagen: ambassador great to see you. thank you so much. >> good upon with you. >> we love seeing the you each every day ambassador john bolton honoring legacy of carrie fisher fans start a petition to disney to add her iconic characteristic princess leia answer official disney prince battle at box office to movies expected to top charts, you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ took me by surprise, baby, about when i found out yesterday, don't you know that
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currently. . dagen: futures are slipping a little bit on dow and s&p ahead of the jobs' report at 8:30 a.m. eastern, time, but could always be a market mover for sure, we are looking at few stocks speaking of those on move gap more than 8% premarket trading after retailer reported rising holiday sales after the he closing bell yesterday owner gap old navy banana republic-like increased guidance kohl's and macy's reporting dismal sales. >> takao bell title healthiest fad food chaining fru. sa today i hear mike if you are fee gumbling chain owned by
6:43 am
yum brands announcing a round of changes cutting extra large sodas moving antibiotics from chicken it uses shares yum brands up 28% last year, i can guess mike health nut does to the eat a taco bell may be ch chip. >> up relevant in motor vehicles coover hike in gas prices cheryl casone has details. cheryl: that is right dagen, loath in mexico, spiraling out of control. after a 20% hike in gas prices. took effect on new year's day hundreds of mexicans blocking hois burning tires taking over investigations across the country more than 400 people arrest four said police officers, higher gas prices partly of government effort to deregulating prices from gasoline and diesel government says benefiting wealthy meks companions. >> low cost airline frontier reportedly preparing for an
6:44 am
initial public offering "new york times" reporting airline hired three banks to manage if deal, paper says denver based airline to raise 500 million would value company about billion dollars. >> after two massive data breaches verizon has doubts about about billion-dollar yahoo! deal one verizon executive admitting quote unsure whether to go ahead with 4.8-billion-dollar buy after yahoo! disclosed a breach affecting over one billion customers liz clayman asked for his take yesterday. >> i think any time you are buying an asset there is a change in the asset, generally the deal terms will change, are but i think it is early right now because yahoo! is still doing their investigation so we will find all of that out probably first half 2017. >> and we should let you know liz clayman talking to biggest names in the auto industry at ceas it in las vegas today, so 3:00 pm eastern fox
6:45 am
bismarckfields, carl oohs ghosn. >> debbie wasserman schultz, carrie fisher reportedly buried together today, attended a joint merely service yesterday to remember the holiday icons among atenders merrill streep ellen barkin gwenneth paltrow fans had online petition asking disney to crown princess leia as official disney princess i hope they do it reynolds died at 84 fisher 60, dagen back to you over weekend rented postcards from the edge based on fisher's book it shows the whole relationship between mother and daughter merrill streep in that one great film if a fan. >> mike nicholson directed it shirley maclaine pretty awesome. >> to moments from the show.
6:46 am
>> would you rather see single pair for the nation say medicare for all that would be better in your mind than what republicans terms of more power to the individual what republicans will likely put in place instead of obamacare. >> i think the notion that somehow the republicans will have a -- keep the insurance companies selling to people with preexisting conditions without financial help any support is meaningless. >> i will go make certain that we increase the access to affordable care act for all americans. >> 0% released detainees suspected of returning to the battlefield what are security complications what is happening before trump takes office. >> a security issue for the united states 30% do go back, and repeat activities usually at much large leadership role because they are iconic
6:47 am
figures having been in our prison. >> president obama's vision of bringing these prisoners to the united states prosecuting them in federal court, that dream is sort of over for him. >> that is a claip from new film "patriots day" based on 2013 boston marathon attack, why rurp attracted to telling. >> became very clear the tactic of terrorism itself flawed may hurt us -- >> having lunch eaten every day, by by the cyberwarriors just not bub russia, russia is really good at this but russia is better at propaganda the real threat in my pin china. >> top adviser claiming sunday white house has been adequate
6:48 am
scandal since 2009 -- >> legacy for barack obama, it starts with being first african-american president, and i'm not sure there is going to be a whole lot left. >> ri optimistic about a better operating climate for small businesses? because that is where you are right now. that is your real -- >> i think we all we all hope an environment is going to be created that continues to spur business. that helps -- you know small businesses like our franchise, to continue to operate at high level to be able to by a lot of people, to create jobs and opportunity and build our local economies good things. >> macy's was number one seller apparel in united states this year amazon is going to overtake them. >> -- we lowed in it like you load a can of soda give you a big oversized coin five fun put it into a huge coin row accept cal that machine grabs it pulls it down deposits it
6:49 am
stores open go in -- >> gas prices are going up. people think of that as a tax. and if they see that going up that is great for oil companies, but that is not the great for the american people. >> surprise, trump hasn't done a tweet about antitrust suit against opec he talked about that in the past. >> house speaker paul ryan, puts congressmanman's son to shame -- in photo-op. >> i think -- >> i am doing this emoji face. >> all right. >> listen. ♪ brother dominic sir. nice work brother dominic, very nice. thank you. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, personalized for every brother and sister. and shared across the 7 continents.
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now where were we... ♪ (different languages spoken.) ♪ brother dominic again. look abbot, i got it! it's a miracle... ♪
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dagen: clip from under world blood wars next installment vampire series joining me entertainment roter, this film brought in 45 million dollars overseas already, can it be number one kind of dethrone "rogue one." >> there is absolutely no way that this film is going to knock out "rogue one" looks like will continue for the fourth weekend in a row to dominate the box office, under world blood wars wildly panned very well globally only expected to bring in 15 million dollars this weekend. and costs 35 million dollars to produce so i think going to be one that rakes in overtime but not going to dominate this weekend. >> a motive from 20th century fox 1 -- 1st century fox based
6:54 am
on african-american women worked in nasa. >> human computers. >> octavia, starring in it. >> how do you think it will do at office. >> released in came out for limited release christmas day wild released this weekend expected to do very well but, again, it will not topple "rogue one" but definitely is nominated for golden globe wards for spencer for best score by williams, so has a lot of buzz critically acclaim not going to topple "rogue one." >> octavia spencer didn't she win academy award for the help. >> didn't she. >> yeah. >> let's talk golden globes this weekend i look at this list, of nominees, and they are not a lot of hit movies dead pool nominated in musical comedy for best motion picture
6:55 am
in that category, but a lot of them are small films that i doubt people have seen florence jenkins already out on amazon came out earlier last year. >> exactly i think interesting, people do creative a lot of the ward shoes in the season saying i have never heard of the movie much less seen it, but, again,, that is where the debate between what is mainstream versus what is art. >> this seems on that note, in years past. >> i feel like these have more -- >> -- of course. >> so affleck. >> do you think will win in -- >> i think he is pretty much -- he is favored to win likely win, denzel washington has been mention as possibly contender in that category, also direc >> -- also directed it but got snubbed denzel snubbed in director category people saying maybe you know the globes will give him a nod there. >> then "la la land" a musical
6:56 am
with emma stone ryan gosling very attractive is the movie good. >> bright whimsical happy, colors in movie so well styleized new generation of musical i would say pretty much "la la land" has lock on best picture for comedy or musical seven nominations overall emma stone lock on best actress ryan goesline up for debate whether best actor in comedy musical category, people have been talking but hugh grant a long shot but for florence foster jenkins would he beck golden globe win. >> a lot of removes out watch in comfort of home hellor high water up for best motion picture drama -- terrifically. >> two brothers and crime spree but, unfortunately, probably not going to win, for best picture drama people have it down between manchester by
6:57 am
sea and moonlight starring allie nominated for best supporting actor favored to win. >> great to see you. thank you so much, i will be watchinghis weekend, big one. >> tune in monday for we cap golden globes fox light host, take out 2.0 what samsung grub hub are going to make ordering food faster. and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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dagen: good morning i'm dagen mcdowell. it's friday january 6. your top stories. russia and focus. gearing up for his intelligence briefing on the alleged hacking. this is president obama gets ready for a farewell party at the white house. they rollback the signature legislation but vice president joe biden said it won't be as easy as it sounds. see mcnutt of the good parts could survive without the funding pieces of it. there is a reason my was constructed the way it is. the obvious i don't much about it. they're very serious about undoing it. like i said on do and see what happens.
7:01 am
>> the vice presidents a warning for warning for president-elect trump over his use of twitter we are just 90 minutes away from the final jobs a job support of the obama presidency. the unemployment rate expected to pick up to 4.7%. checking the markets ahead of that market -- that number. after a modest modest loss of almost 43 points yesterday the s&p also headed in the negative territory it was mixed action overnight in asia with the shanghai heading lower by about a third of 1%. the disturbing torture broadcast live on facebook officially a hate crime. four suspects charged. president obama's reaction coming up. telling the story of the flint
7:02 am
water crisis. and new music from ed shearin finally after a year-long break he released two new songs with some help from snap cap. so much to talk about this morning. all of that and more coming up this morning kevin kelly and rose cliff ventures mike murphy. welcome one and all. we for jobs report coming in about an hour and a half. my mom is watching. be careful. hello to your mom. now i'm to be all smiles and puppy dogs. former republican president
7:03 am
candidate herman cain and seymour, and cleveland federal reserve president. you do not want to miss any of these fabless guests. tension on capitol hill. president-elect donald trump continued to clash with the intelligence community during the election. he meets today with the heads of major u.s. intelligence agencies for briefing on the matter. as can be sitting in front of the very individuals. what do you expect it to come out of the meeting. today is the most important day yet. donald trump well finally get this briefing so that everything donald trump says after this will be after and
7:04 am
whatever he has found out. he has already been complaining for some reason they are leaking ahead of this meeting to kinda position themselves as they go in. last night trump tweeted complained that had come they got a look at us a classified report before i the president-elect did. he goes into it with a number of hard feelings. whether he continues the battle he has have it with the intelligence community that will be really important. the president-elect well also hold a closed-door meeting rachel, they have both had desktops with trump in the past. why is a president-elect reaching out to them particularly now?
7:05 am
>> i guess he just needs to build some bridges and try to find some out what that will be positive for him. cages piggyback on what byron york was talking about. i really think that the skepticism is not completely unfounded. there was 50 analysts who were saying the administration has doctored our analysis or our reports on isis this administration has a pattern of politicizing intelligence. they've done that even in terms of the political correct terms i don't think it is completely unfounded. and i think his criticism is not the good analyst is doing the work on the ground and those who are collecting the information it's about the
7:06 am
management that is taking orders from the white house and feeling the pressure to change some of the analysis to fit the political narrative. and the reason the obama administration has fixated on this since the election it's pretty clear that the motive is to try and remove the legitimacy or de- legitimate d legitimate ties the trump presidency. >> there is no doubt about that. by the way it is the weakest part of the whole case. there's no evidence that what the russians did or if they did that there's no indication that it have any effect on the election by the way james clapper didn't claim that. when he was talking to congress yesterday. there is a deep distrust of the intelligence community among republicans on capitol
7:07 am
hill it goes back to ben ghazi a goes to the documents seized when osama bin laden was killed. they have not been straight with them. so that's kind of bad blood right there and by the way one of those republicans on capitol hill who has distrusted the intelligence community is now going to be the have of the cia. civic it was clapper himself who came to capitol hill at a congressional hearing and said the muslim brotherhood was a non- violent secular group. there was so much outrage at this false statement that he actually had to walk that back. there is reason to be skeptical among republicans in
7:08 am
the general public. biden criticizes the tweeting. give to do something. show us what you have your cannot propose and the legislation. we will get to debate it. let's see what happens. >> he might have said be president first. were all talking about the president-elect i know in my deep investigative reporting
7:09 am
it's a first thing i check is donald trump's twitter feed. every other reporter says the same thing. they talked about taking trump out behind the gym. they want to shame him into putting down the cell phone and not tweeting. as a direct line of communication. as he said 18 million followers and growing. as a modern form of communication. nobody would have told jfk not to use the television. it makes the democrats mad.
7:10 am
could he show a little bit of a restraint. everything he tweets has to go to milan in and reince priebus in reince preibus before it hits the public. someone can make a lot of money on that app. i know i misused the word d legitimate ties. i added an extra word. it's a great coming from you. it's from where i grew up. the attackers who tortured a young man in the disturbing facebook live video brought to justice. hate crimes in the charges that the suspects are facing.
7:11 am
al, our network of attorneys can help you al, every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
7:12 am
7:13 am
dagen: new developments and an awful attack on a mentally challenged man. officially deemed a hate crime. the four african-americans accused of challenging a mentally handicapped white man
7:14 am
investigators also revealing new details of the case yesterday including if the victim was a schoolmate of one of the attackers. the horrific assault was streamed live on facebook. police found out about the video tuesday. they have now it charged again all for it with hate crimes and again they face other felony charges. president obama spoke out about the video yesterday. >> i promise you for the most part race relations have gotten better. what we've seen over the last several years the internet and horrific hate crimes that we have seen on facebook it's
7:15 am
terrible. victim was treated at the hospital. not to the latest on terror. according to the confidence report for the parliament police there had numerous chances to stop and isis terrors isis terrors they failed each time. one of the attackers who was and the on the terror watch list was arrested in 2015 on drug possessions. we are also learning more about truck attack. the potential danger posed a year before he carried out his deadly assault. despite expensive -- extensive surveillance they were always unsuccessful because prosecutors didn't think they have enough evidence. cher is making a tv come back. they're set to start in a lifetime movie.
7:16 am
she's also one of the executive producers along with katie couric. the toxic cap share has been a strong advocate for flint residents. including downloading thousands of bottles of water. simpson unveiling a new smart refrigerator which has grub hub on the touchscreen. it was introduced this week in las vegas. same idea. the family had refrigerators that they made. back to you. >> i don't get that. are you going into your fridge to cook food?
7:17 am
>> but grub hub is like fast food. how do you make it more simple. dig in a digging into with anything. it's now in your refrigerator. i think you can now use technology to make your life simpler. i wonder if he is spying on you. we know the government can go. now they're going to be in your refrigerator.
7:18 am
we don't spy on you. yet we do a lot. the battle over obama care. the hallmark legislation. and a snap chat sneak peek. your insurance company
7:19 am
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7:22 am
president-elect donald trump has repeatedly stated he will repeal and replace obama care the american people aren't ready just yet. in a new poll the new poll from the kaiser family foundation 60% of americans want lawmakers to wait until they have a replacement. brian, why are the american people are so hesitant to get rid of this. 80% of people want change to obama care. >> i don't think there hesitant to get rid of it i think there hesitant to not have anything come in its place. it's not to repeal it but to
7:23 am
repeal it and replace it with something that creates choice competition. not in the government's hands. and cost effective. what they're saying here is we voted for change to give us who plan that works. in a replacement plan will allow us to have that. is trying to scare the american people into not wanting change to obama care that is clearly broken. and they say the republicans have nothing to replace it with high risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions. you get rid of the subsidy and you get a tax benefit for people. there are a number of things. letting people have really
7:24 am
high deductible plans. for years they had been talking about these policies they are good policies. republicans you have to put something together for the american people they have to say here is a package that we want to go with here is how we can implement it. you will see run renaissance. he is going to vote not going to vote on the latest budget. let me just say one thing. let the libertarians say he's not going to vote 2% a program that makes zero sense. he said until they have a replacement for obama care. he's trying to act like he has religion on that. here goes back to what donald trump said.
7:25 am
he said he wants a replacement double take care of the 15 to 20 million americans that are currently on the exchange right now. that is the argument. people are saying there will be replacement that is put together by the end of the year. i think there has to be. of course people need health coverage. it's refreshing or it's going to be exciting to see and treated like a big business. what is the greatest amount of people. that's it what i expect to see from that. i think people want to see the republicans. i think republicans have talked about things the
7:26 am
democrats don't like moving into this market solution. we are an hour in four minutes away from the jobs report. the estimate as a hundred 70,000 jobs created. 4.7% unemployment rate which would be a slight take up what you expect. the report yesterday came in a little bit lower than expectations. i don't think that's a big deal. everybody knows that. the real question here is do we get a number that changes expectations about interest rate hikes this year.
7:27 am
anywhere in the range i don't see it moving markets and a significant way over the long-term. i thing we think we need to look at the last month. we all expected wages to move. that's another interesting indicator more than our topline job at number creation. >> i think you will see we just come back a little bit in november. they're having a hard time finding workers who are qualified. >> think you so much. we will bring you that december jobs report. it started at start at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. the new controversy raising cyber security concerns. the price tag on his new partnership.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
the one welcome back. it's friday january 6. president-elect donald trump set to be briefed today over russia's role in the possible election hack. the briefing comes after intelligence officials delivered their take on capitol hill. >> i have received many expressions of concern from
7:31 am
foreign counterparts about the disparagement of the u.s. intelligence committee or i should say what has been interpreted as disparagement a number -- another headache. the election is over but the e-mail scandal drags on. the new detailed ahead. we are just one hour away from the december jobs report. the economy to expect to add those jobs. they are expected to take up slightly to 4.7%. the futures are showing a little bit of weakness. there up by just 12 points after modest loss yesterday. they were edging lower as well. but also the lows of the day. in asia over night it was a mixed action with the shanghai. those are both heading higher.
7:32 am
nissan goes to infinity and beyond. they're looking to nasa for help. it tees off with the new deal. what it means for the struggling social network. and singer ed shearin makes a snap decision to release new songs. how you can hear it for yourself on snap chat. and it will cost you big bucks to snuggle up. the inflated price tag of the super bowl champion new pajamas. i can't wait for that story. president-elect trumpet taken to twitter once again talking about his upcoming inauguration ceremony. here's what trump said. hopefully all supporters and those who want to make america great again will go to dc on january 20 would be a great show of spring in the former republican candidate. herman, your thoughts on a
7:33 am
great show. >> it will be a great show and a lot of people are gonna show up. i think that's fantastic because it will be a new day in america. the tone from the top being positive. we are already seen the ripple effect throughout the economy. it's going to be a great show and a great kick kickoff for a new president. i literally overheard someone yesterday it was an older person telling a younger person 15 days until the end of the world. i seriously blurted out. you need to get over yourself. if you're worried about the state of the nation than when i get out and do something for someone else rather than complaining and moaning about it. i you think the country will
7:34 am
come together. >> i believe most of the country will come together. what i would've blurted out to that person it will be the beginning of the world. that's what i would have blurted out. that's exactly what is happening. some of them will get over it but unfortunately some of them will not. the ones that supported trump they are excited. i believe at least half of the ones that were in tight trump will start to see the light once they start to see some of the results that we eagerly await coming from donald trump and his administration. as you know the only tactics that they have are what i described there trying to shift the subject, ignore the facts, and name-calling. they're still trying to label donald trump as a racist and that is not a racist bone in
7:35 am
his body. that's all they have. but in 15 days it will be the beginning of a new day in this country and the world. >> they have to stay focused on tax reform. rolling back tax rates and they have to stay focused on rolling back regulations as well. that will wait too long. i want to move on to the story. hillary clinton's e-mails back in the spotlight. i knew a batch of messages it shows that passwords and schedules flowed freely. these were claims that they made. saying even an inexperienced hacker could have gotten access. watch this. >> has on staff said this e-mail this is totally legitimate.
7:36 am
this is something a 14-year-old kid could've hacked. my thoughts are hillary clinton in your supporters look in the mirror don't blame the messenger to be that cavalier about security with respect to e-mails it's their own faults. they have no one else to blame but themselves. they want to blame it on julian on any and every one that they can accept themselves. they don't want to talk about. they keep trying to play the blame game. it is not working. no votes were tampered with.
7:37 am
it was information that came out. in the election is over. i think what we really need here right now and in this country is some common sense. we need to start focusing on what is good for all of america not black versus white. you mentioned earlier that your neck and get everyone's to come on board. the greater good for the entire population is if we really start to look at the i'm excited for it. i'm sure the market is excited for it. we need more common sense unless a drama in the media. i have a psychologist call my show one day and point something out that there are several stages of grief. first is an out on the second is anger. and what the democrats had not
7:38 am
done most of them have not gotten past denial and they are in denial and so angry before they get to acceptance. the latest things concerning russia and e-mails are just another example of that because they are still in denial and they're so angry but as you said when they start to see the positive results some of them have already started and donald trump hasn't even been inaugurated yet. when they start seeing some of these other positive results some of the people will come to grips with we have new leadership in the white house. president-elect trumpet said we will see that intelligence briefing this coming after the president received that. as a pointed out no impact on the elections from the hacking. regardless of the director of national intelligence. here's something else he said at the hearing yesterday.
7:39 am
they have clearly assumed a cyber posture. stolen from these operations and targeting critical infrastructure systems. what are your thoughts on this. i will point out that mister trump has nominated dan coats to replace james clapper. this lawmaker view. it's pretty tough. the views are in line with many in the intelligence community and so maybe that gets people who are worried about it a little bit of relief. i reaction is him going to brief president-elect trump two words. why now? politics. they want to shift the subject away from donald trump's inauguration.
7:40 am
like the one you talked about that is why now because there is no other justification. the reason that they're making a big deal is that donald trump has said show me the proof there is no proof. and clapper had to come clean and say it did not impact the election. i will sit down and listen to what you have to say because that is what leaders do. as a second to change the minds of the american people. even if they don't believe that there is any thing there. i have a different take on this kind of russian hacking situation. they did it to undermined our democracy and actually wanted what the democrats are giving them right now. that they can influence our election.
7:41 am
i think the democrats are playing into the hand. we kicked out all of the intelligence people here what you think about this. do you think they are actually coming out ahead because of the democrats. it is making a rush appear to be bigger than they actually are. and putin is playing and he's playing the democrats. that is a whole different discussion the focus ought to be on how to we tighten up our security. not how do we blame the russians more. in this kicking out russian diplomats show that second impact the thing. that suggests that mister coates along with the intelligence community has got
7:42 am
a button up there act going forward and all this is doing is making rush appear bigger than they really are. herman, great to see you as always. i'm lucky. it was great to see you. innovation that is out of this world. how they could help autonomous cards -- cars hit the road. talk coming up next.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
dagen: after a five-day
7:46 am
around-the-clock manhunt they have it kept in our prisoner who broke out of a detention center in rhode island. he was nabbed by police yesterday. the search the area. so far no word if he was a suspect in the robbery. he was allegedly stealing weapons. they made the brazen escape on saturday by climbing up the razor wire fence. massachusetts is set to start conducting background checks on huber and lift drivers. the company has worked out the deal with the state and it must be completed by april. several drivers have been charged with rape, sexual insult and intent to murder.
7:47 am
the technology utilizes artificial intelligence to determine if human intervention is required. they're unpredictable. they cannot control that. there's always a human backup. this is very rare. to human support behind. this is something that were putting in place. nissan plans to test the self driving cars in japan later this year. and singer ed shearin is making music again finally after taking more than a year off. the grammy winner released two new socks today. here is a very own kevin kelly trying it all out for us.
7:48 am
good job kevin. i am working people. this is why they should have longer arms. i've a question for you. i did not even see you do this either by the way. not just snap chat but he also used instagram as well. it is a brilliant way to market an album. how is one good at snap chat what does that mean exactly. how does one excel at snap chat. people get ready and they know
7:49 am
a specific filters and my favorite is when people actually snap chat pictures of their friends and then they draw around them and make certain scenes. is this considered content. my kids lived on snap chat. that's how they communicate with everyone. the thing i find it comical is when people will use one of these filters and they take a screen grab of it and then they post that on instagram if i want to see you and your filters i will follow you on snap chat. i'm not dismissing it maybe president-elect trump will be doing the next snap chat.
7:50 am
coming up on twitter. the pga streaming agreement. in tom brady plea a price tag on his partnership with under armour to help you score a touchdown on some shut eye. we are looking at life in pictures of the international space station. your insurance company
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as we cruise to the weekend the nfl playoffs. but can they predict the results. why not.
7:54 am
they have the 64 percent of the time during the regular season. i will listen to what they have to say. it is a beautiful assistant. no point spreads just winners. first up they are going to go with the oakland raiders. and then they like to see the seahawks. most do. it could be an upset on sunday. they pick in the pittsburg steelers at home. and the packers over the new york giants a game that will be shown on fox. because they have a first round by tom brady well not be playing this weekend he will be sleeping like a rock in his athlete recovery sleepwear. it was unveiled at the consumer electronic show this weekend. they are said to maximize rest.
7:55 am
the sleeper is so critical to how i recover every night. the question does this guy here on the back page of the new york post look anything like this guy. do you think they would recognize it. the latest athlete to team up. they're having fun. eventually they all get that. toronto raptors center shows -- chose to do so why he was on the free-throw line. wasn't done on purpose, that wasn't clear. what is he doing.
7:56 am
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7:57 am
option. it's probably out of my ice age. how would you know that. i will leave it at that. thank you for that. even though they beat my skin. mornings with maria jobs in america. we will be right back. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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8:00 am
. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, jobs friday, january of your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, the december jobs' report due out in exactly 30 minutes, first, the president-elect border tax threat toyota in focus over plant in mexico black & decker reemtively planning to boos manufacturing back to united states, what it means for jobs, and doing business, under the trump administration. the big story for markets today, this december jobs' report, economists expect that 178,000 jobs were added last month in this country, but unemployment rate ticking up slightly, 4.7%. take a look at markets ahead
8:01 am
of this jobs' report, selling picking up a bit of steam last half hour or so dow futures off 24 points after a almost 43-point loss yesterday. the s&p 500, nasdaq also lower. in europe, stocks edging lower as well losses across the board there at modest shanghai composite nikkei lower hong kong so you can't korean market higher, disturbing torture broadcast live on facebook officially a hate kraim four surcharged president obama also weighed in. >> part of what -- intelligent allows us to see now is -- the terrible toll that racism discrimination hate takes on families and communities. the best part of how we learn and how we get better, we don't benefit from not talking about it the fact these things
8:02 am
-- >> latest developments ahead, winter weather slamming most of the country, even the south upstate new york children snowed in at schools, even stranded on buses, a look at that storm's path coming up, cadillac has a new way to get you on road automaker launching a subinscription service drive different models without a commitment to one up of who it costs, hangover helper look at wearable device that will mont your blood alcohol level in, real time, all of that and so much more this morning, coming up with chief operating officer pet courtney recon cap partners, ceo mike if you are fee all three are here, and great to see you, just really quickly, what has been the strongest sector. >> progressively and business services last year created
8:03 am
about 570,000 jobs so that is the accounting bookkeeping i.t., even administrative support, those jobs were the strongest and health care health care second, 400,000 jobs. >> for december going to look at manufacturing to see if manufacturing picked up just because of what people expect and what businesses expect from trump administration. speaking of donald trump, the president-elect taking i am a at toyota on twitter, over its business plans in mexico, the next commander in chief tweeted toyota motors said we will build a new plant in baja mexico to build corolla cars for u.s. no way build in u.s. or pay big o border tax converter firing back saying in part toyota has been part of the cultural fabric in the u.s. for nearly 60 years, production volume where employment in u.s. will not increase as a result of new plants in mexico toyota looks forward to collaborating with
8:04 am
trump administration to serve in the best interests of consumers and automotive industry the making money host charles himself trump, campaign economic adviser steve moore what do you make of donald trump talking about a border tax is in a i am note he necessarily in favor of border tax i don't want a tariff but i do think if we were able to fix our tax system awfully business tax system and bring the rates down a lot lower but also you know change the way we tax as you know there is a big debate about when we should ship towards what is called a border juvenile tax so we effectively switch from taxing exports to taxing imports that would would take that would i think a alleviate a part of the problem with companies leaving. >> talk about the wisdom of donald trump going after these -- these companies individually, he have a hasn't been inaugurated yet, two weeks away if a that is it
8:05 am
wise -- >> i think it is widest certainly from a political point of view you know donald trump was elected by people felt neglected by big business, and in elitist ebb globelifts of the world heard message fighting the fight there are series europe hill battles steve knows mexico has serious advantageous not just cheap, 20 to 1, cheap labor trade agreements vat a 16% tax for companies that export out of mexico rebaited that so shipping cars duty free we can fight that with border adjustment tax and other things, to instead of a's point then there is also the bully pulpit notion of this thing a patriotic company i don't know what difference that makes i did see recently for instance with amazon go store a majority said they would still pay extra if human beings work there go there is empathy working as quell i think he has at disposal i
8:06 am
don't know that we will ever have the same level-playing field, and i think there is some things we've got to do kwlugs getting trade agreements to make us competitive cannibaliinternatio. >> if you look at solo auto industry complicated he increasingly a lot of parts from mexico that percentage has been going up i think, excuse me, 51% of the parts in chevy silverado pickup truck from mexico, it i easy to at two about this altogether different to tactical goods that are shipped in united states from south of the border. >> well, i think that is there is a lot of truth to that there is no question about it when you are talking about a car that is made in united states, you are right, some parts are made in china some parts made in mexico all over the world, that is actually what helps make american
8:07 am
prices competitive, you know, charles talks about wages obviously lower in meksz cothat is true, you are right charles about at the peso following dollar riegdz i am a big believer in american manufacturing, do i think if we get the tax regulatory structure right and we have lower energy prices we could become a power house again in manufacturing really believe that, but charles you made the key point i think the bias debate that is coming in washington, over the next three or four months, is whether we shift to this new tax system you are exactly right you know we have free trade deals all these countries yet they slap our goods with value-added taxes we don't do it to them when they bring in their goods, charles i this i going to be a debate the retailers, by the way, are very much against the border adjustable tax want to bring suffuse from china mexico cheap prices sell at walmart i think one of the big fights next six months i am on side i think you are charles i
8:08 am
think we should get a board judicial tax system rest of the world does it to us we should do it to them level-playing field. >> that is low-hanging fruit, people excited about a trade war -- blaerment. >> i am not i am not. >> you are not but a lot of viewers are let's talk about domino's, because -- >> i want a fair advantage for united states i don't want to put our companies, at 15% disadvantage every time they -- >> -- the scenario, apparently there is a trade act of 1930. there is a separate -- >> yeah, so -- still, that we can still apply, 50% tariff without need of congress president can levy this if country deemed discriminating begins our countries yesterday said they have stakes, in other words going to discriminate begins our countries if we come out with you tougher, in other words,, you can see the domino's,
8:09 am
china also threatening south korea putting up a defense shield, when their trade we see something brewing here might not take a domino to get in alling in the right place. >> i want to ask quickly here is my worry, because i am a worey wart this is what i do, i see the republicans, there is -- there is talking about obamacare repealing he replacing dmalts fearmongering i see a divide developing i worry you got to hurry up get tax reform done you've got to hurry up roll back regulation focus on what really matters, to keep a jobs in this country building economy, and making people richer, will they get on the stick so to speak. >> yeah, look i think the race out of the gate if upper you know if upper the king for the day would make tax reform issues just talking about, the number one issues because i think it is at the top, look that doesn't mean you can't do obamacare repeal at the same
8:10 am
time,this is an administration that should be able to -- walk and chew gum at the same time, top two priorities rolling back obama kae lowering health care prices for everyone getting this tax cut done, because i just don't think that we are playing on a playing field the rest of the country, is taxing our stuff, when we bring into their country we are not taxing it when it comes in here all i want is a level-playing field when it comes to china, look, there may be trade war there brewing here, but china needs the united states a lot more than we need them, and he they've got more to lose we should use that he leverage at the bargaining table. >> amen brother. >> amen netflix of cars cadillac unveiling a service that lets you swap out your ride no strings attached we will tell you how it works 20 minutes away from final jobs' report of the obama presidency what you need to know. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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dagen: new in the horrible attacks on mentality challenged one. cheryl: deemed hit a crime four african-americans accused of the overcasture being mental challenged white man due in court several felony charges including aggravated kidnapping aggravated battery investigators revealed details in the case yesterday including the fact the victim was a school mait, with one of his tweeshgz. >> assault supremed on facebook live shows victim bound bleeding as suspect taunt him with racially charged anti-trump obscenities he escaped on monday, police found out about video, on tuesday. >> president obama spoke out about this video yesterday, during an interview with the chicago tv station, listen.
8:15 am
>> i promise you for the most part, race relations have gotten better i think what we have seen over last several years when it comes to tensions between police and communities the internet, the horrific hate crimes that we have seen -- >> it is terrible. >> the victim treated at hospital he has been released back with parents. >> the same winter storm that buried west coast is working accrues the country, to hit texas penalty oklahoma areas this morning before moving towards east coast, meanwhile, in upstate new york buffalo a lake effect snowstorm dumped 28 inches creating a rush-hour traffic nightmare as you can see, drivers stuck more than 5 hours storm stranded students one elementary school late into the evening. one headlined this morning
8:16 am
cadillac you offering something pretty new launching a service that lets members drive swap out cars when they want for flat monthly fee 1500 dollars like what model car you want on app a white glove concierge will drop it off you can exchange up to 18 times in a year in new york area, there is a new way for you to track just how drunk you are. a company called milo sensors has as device measures blood alcohol level reads alcohol molecules through skin you can see your blood alcohol level on the app on your phone, if you can see, get it, device not available yet, launched, hoping to sell between 100, 150 each, back to you. >> one drink means that you should not be driving, so i
8:17 am
don't know how far that -- >> look at mine! really red! . [laughter]. dagen: use uber, i am so glad charles is here plashl final jobs report 20126 due out the bottom -- 2016 what you need to know ahead they have release coming up. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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8:21 am
. dagen: we are less than 10 minutes away from a the december jobs' report. analysts expected 178,000 jobs, added, unemployment rate 4.7% also joining us, for that report, is kings college business economic professor brian back with us first i want to go to joanie should as been dying to get in here tell me one thing to watch in this report. >> there is a lot to watch but i think we need to look at wages certainly we have talked a lot about manufacturing i am not expecting a big number, this month but it would be great to see it moving in the right direction, construction has been trending pretty strong, that is something to look for. last month was up really last three months trending right direction so all good signs for the economy, but definitely wages we need to see movement in the wage piece. >> brian what sorry let me get brian in here brian one thing irlooking at.
8:22 am
>> i am just looking to see numbers come in the range of 100,000 or 200,000 the question here is will this change expectancies about fed rate increase you have to be big upside or downside in order for that to happen unless the case i don't think a lot of change as a result of numbers coming? >> i am on wages thing because that leads to a healthy inflation key target for fed one interesting thing came out earlier this week adp private sector numbers came out disappointing, 153,000 here is even more interesting number came out, only 18,000 of the private sector jobs add from small businesses less than 12%, donald trump should -- pan out especially tax side could lead that number higher get a better jobs numbers. dagen: steve on that note, will small businesses act ahead of any change in policy? a lot of regulations i want to point out midnight rulemaking, from the antibody administration, 145 new regulations in the 36 working
8:23 am
as the from election day, to end of december. can small businesses act ahead of the rollback in that? >> dagen a great question, i think the answer is yes, i think we will see when number of comes out seven minutes but i do believe you are going to see bit of anticipation of that, that is businesses you have seen already businesses starting to say we are going to spree of our investment here in the united states, you see it in consumer confidence numbers see if we are seeing that, you to me new buoyancy in in the mood perfect american consumer in new jobs numbers. >> i agree with steve completely i don't expect a huge number here upside or down sided really but i think the optimism is out there in small business community i hear it from business owners across the country right now looking at hiring feeling better than literally in 8 years, so you roll back regulations, you get a tax cut that is what people look at thinking about that is the positive for the economy going forward. >> charles. >> you know you have to be prepared, if you think the
8:24 am
economy is going to big time upside small businesses, i think are going to be ready, you know they are so nfi number from november told a huge story bvb november 8 monday boggling people excited about no won i don't think as much as small business. >> i agree with you charles, i think there is so much optimism we are seeing it from employers, activities really picking up talking about hiring. and it is an all sectors industries not just health care, and i.t. but starting to hear more in construction. >> i add small business front why are rollback obamacare is just as critical, as a tax reform plan rollback in tax rates, because number one worry, coming up everybody the december jobs' report, right after the break. .
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, friday january 6 we've got breaking news coming up in a little
8:28 am
more than two minutes, final jobs report, of 2016. analysts are expecting 178,000 jobs, added the unemployment rate ticking up, to 4.7%, futures showing a little bit of selling pressure this morning, 21-point loss on dow futures, nasdaq slightly in positive territory, and as we wait for the jobs' report, we've got brian here, courtney kevin kelly mike murphy charles payne steve moore tell me what you are watching for in this we watch the labor participation rate i want to see more people coming back into the job market. >> boy, do i as well that is why if we see pickup in the unemployment rate, that maybe paradoxically not the such bad thing more people getting in workforce saying there are jobs that i want, so i think headlined unemployment rate may go up maybe a good thing. dagen: charles, we want to see wage gains at 2 1/2% year over year increase in the
8:29 am
month november. >> going to be bifurcated. >> i like the word. >> -- put one out, you know. >> talk about professional services, inc. you will see wage gains there last night i talked about taboutig diare ith workforce, december 1949, 87% now 69% jobs men work with hands to come back. >> quickly, by the way, your voluntary cab clary -- vocabulary stellar. >> i think labor participation is key i can tell you what was interesting we -- all-time high applications, on tuesday, so that tells me there is a sign that people are optimistic about getting back into the workforce, now we may not see those numbers in today's report, but certainly it is in line with the optimism that is out there. . >> i just want to point people to the u.s. futures right now
8:30 am
18-point loss on dow futures a real indication of how the market reacts, to this jobs' report, but, again, the final jobs' report for the obama administration we are going to take you right down to washington, to adam shapiro with the anybody. >> unemployment rate 4.7% december 1556,000 jobs added he 156,000 added unemployment 7.5 million long term up employed 1.8 million average job growth 180,000 in year 2016 per month that is lower than 2015, 229,000 per month, adjusted as they do, in january so, so december rates september was revised down unemployment from 5.0 to 4.9% to be able elevate from 4.9 to 4.8% labor force participation rate 62.7% in december,
8:31 am
employed part time steady 5.6 million 2016 it was down 459,000. job creation occurred in health care sector up 43,000, socially assistance up 20,000 things like day care, food and drinking establishments up 30,000 transportation up 15,000, finance up 13,000 manufacturing up 17,000. average workweek was a 34.3 hours it was unchanged, hourly wages, up 10%, to 26 dollars an hour, for the year of 2.9% the private sector average hourly wages up 7 cents revisions to the employment in conjunction for october down from 142000 to 135,000 jobs created november was revised up 178,000 to 240,000, total job growth in 2016, 2.2 million, that is lower in an it was in 2015 which was 2.7 million job loes in december mining logging down ,000 temporary workers down 15,000 back to you.
8:32 am
dagen: thank you so much for that report adam shapiro steve your first thoughts on this report right now i point out looking at you furz pared losses a little bit still 7 point los angeles on dow futures steve go ahead. >> he a little spointdz i was thinking hoping for closer to 00,000, i think -- 00,000 what was it 156 something like that that is ho-hum not really good, you know i think that that when you look at the natural growth labor force, it is just not a very positive number, i am a wlil disappointed, and you a little disappointed would i like to hear wage numbers again i was having difficulty seeing how much the -- >> about what was the wage growth. >> okay -- last month average hourly earnings private sector workers .39% up better than
8:33 am
expected year over year rose 2.9% best annual gain more than 7 years, it was 2 1/2% in the previous month. >> so you know that is running a little bit above inflation, means many workers are getting the increases average not median wage people at top getting big pay increases nots so much people at the bottom. >> bring-what is your take on this report, because again, you know as as contenders as president obama is about his legacy, that they are going to make the best of what happened in the last 8 years, but, again, you got an economy, that was -- slow to grow, you coming out of the recession, the job creation, is -- is this is a 75th straight month u.s. employers did add jobs, but, again,, not seeing the wage growth in the last 8 years. >> you know this report is really what we have seen time
8:34 am
and time again, steady job growth underwhelming not -- change in economy, look it sets table for donald trump i mean in 2017 the feds probably going with plan they laid out doesn't change interest rate expectation and the question now becomes can trump get through the regulatory that we have been talking about so important, that is really the only way you are going to get that participation rate number of to come back, it has been -- this trend we are on a trend been on since -- single legislative regulatory [inaudible] >> participation rate, moves up to -- up 1/10 of a per recent. >> still you know, not robust strong we will start to see movement in that number over the next few months, i believe we will based on the trends that we're seeing right now, but i do think manufacturing was really a highlight of the report we may look at report and say, the headlined number
8:35 am
is not that strong, at 156 kind of been, lack luster job growth manufacturing 17,000 jobs, created is a very strong number, i mean i believe that two years ago we only had 17,000 jobs created manufacturing so the whole year it was it was really the sector that got hit hardest we see president president-elect trump focusing on that associating coming out of the gate before even in was i believe we will see more movement there as well. but the other piece, that is positive is seeing that wage movement in hourly worker, it did bump in a year over year percentage up, and great to see it had moving the right direction i think we will see more of that as well -- >> i am going to check twitter while you talk to see if donald trump is yet taking credit for some manufacturing jobs -- here -- [laughter] >> listen -- he has like it i
8:36 am
or not -- called by name you hear black & decker say we are preemtively moving jobs forevered canceling 1.6-million-dollar plan i want your take on jobs' report. >> you know what? it -- it is -- adam talked about-year average 180,000 -- 180,000 new jobs per month average year before 229, year before that 241. bottom line we were -- i think the moral of the story is that we made it we are alive we are ready to live for a new day, we are alive. because i mean that is a precipitous decline three years. >> 2.2 million jobs for year 180 you pointing out per month on average, the worst calendar year performance, since 2011, this economy even though he recovered from recession has been heading in the wrong direction. >> that is because we never go
8:37 am
grow economy so the economy survived on -- [inaudible] >> americans, right -- >> monetary policy. >> even never worked for main street the degree, maybe all four trillion dollars kept banks alive banks didn't lend he money do i believe natural instinct if we kept it live this long we want to grow pull down speed bump take down brick walls we want to grow. >> at the owners charles able to make own decisions, own money. >> what it is all about pull ourselves up by boot straps. >> that is charles' point last 8 years have talked about you know, low rates low growth, high regulation. so now i think as we move forward into rates rising a little bit growth picking up a little bit, a lot less regulation, i think that sets the stage, to really see what the u.s. economy can do, so we have been held down for a very long time but i think now
8:38 am
people are starting to feel a lot more optimistic and i suspect a lot of positive change. >> the number that is interesting to me is part time jobs number that is 15.6 million -- 5.6 million what is interesting about that if we do roll back beingl obamacare i think that will change significantly you are seeing small businesses businesses move employment around because of obamacare didn't want to -- >> thank you i asked kathleen is he will beious former head he have health human services that earlier thank you i said you created a lot that encouraged small companies to hire part time people. >> yeah. >> you discouraged full time employment by creation of this law. >> that is why i brought o that up we can talk about labor participating rate i this i this is the number we need to focus on lasting legacy for donald trump's presidency that can help push the needle so i think, i think that goes back to why the republicans actually earlier this week did focus on obamacare did not put it at
8:39 am
for in front because this all ties in together with economy. >> you are one of the architects of this tax plan what do you think? >> i thought you were going to say architect of obamacare? [laughter] >> no fingers on that. >> i might be a little getting up a.m. every day seven years but not that foggy headed. >> one quick point i agree entirely with point not only did obamacare encourage part time workers but you know we have 49 problem businesses stopped hiring workers at 49 employees because they didn't want to crash into 50 worker mandates i think wvrz you get rid of those things i think does liberate the economy i think the tax cut very progrowth one key point about this report this really is a barack obama swan song when it comes to jobs' report really consistent with what we've had now for 7 1/2 years has been recovery half a long recovery,
8:40 am
good, but we've been stuck now for seven and one half years 2% growth that is just doesn't get it done. >> i do want to say one thing when we talk about economy we berate barack obama on it more or less say a d, someone saying that i think we are misinterpreting the fact his am i got an a, this is what he want wasn't looking for 3, 4, 5% growth was looking for economy that grew swoshl welfare utopia social welfare utopia crushed upper class exactly what barack obama wanted we say swang song in his mind going out almost where he want to be he was he said himself, did you get tired making too much money he didn't say earlier early when he signed 340-million-dollar book deal but -- 30-million-dollar book deal that is right that is what he want. >> tax policy came in -- >> yeah, that is right. >> more government control. tax spend double debt you
8:41 am
basically reregulate take over more economy. >> -- redistribution of wealth somehow takes he wanted to slice it up in a smaller give it to everybody else that is -- >> that is what -- wands. >> the swan song what he wanted his swan song. >> two weeks, president obama will make exit we will have a new president, brian but you know not going away, janet yellen running federal reserve has one more year at fed what i found interesting in fed minutes earlier in the week is that they are talking about quote considerable uncertainty about trump's impact on the economy brian, they don't seek growth they didn't change their growth estimates for the economy, at the last fed meeting, and the fed going to getting caught plat
8:42 am
flat-footed on flat footdz. >> i don't think so i think the fed racking to fact execution risk one thing to say you want to cut taxes cut regulations reform obamacare as seeing this week it is very hard for republican congress republican president to get together, on a placement plan for object kay i this i theed if is saying if you get these policies going to see greeting, the question will you get these policies how quickly will you get policies, i think they can get it done maybe if he had underestimating that a little bit there is discussion risk moving into 2017 don't talk about obama anymore not about obama economy it is trump economy which a can he get done can he see legislative priorities through congress economy needs him to be able to do that that is open question right now. dagen: talking about last minute regulations, because of the 145 new regulations 31 are economically significant they have a impact of 100 million dollars or more by the way, there has been a president obama came out with a record
8:43 am
number sf those examine examine economically significant regulations during his time, in office a. but trying to i can mate easier to roll back earlier this week they voted on being able to nick more midnight regulations in single vote this could happen you could have a -- real juice in economy quickly if republicans can get this done. >> i think number one out of gate impact of the trump presidency, by the way, i don't that i you need congress own most of this most regulations we are factualing about that have really hampered economy were signed through executive order by this mountain that means new president comes in signs executive odd repealing a lot can happen january 21 first house donald trump in white house in oval office, so i think when you talk about what is the big juice for economy first few months from rolling back regulations, i got to
8:44 am
tell you there are hundreds of projects that are ready to go, energy projects infrastructure projects, oil and gas projects, that all trump has to do is give the green light to these the private goes off creates the jobs, and the economic development. >> i completely agree steve, and that is what we're looking for the private sector for small business ordinance owners -- bifrz -- owners control economy last year fed raised rates 25 base point shock waves through market in year fed he raising rates going to raise more markets near all-time highs i think that is key right now looking for growth, the fed guys to go rely on the data they get, but i think we all expect stronger growth for the economy, and more normalized environment. >> 156,000 jobs add last month a disappointment by 22000 jobs 4.7% unemployment rate ticking up, your average hourly earnings going .9% year over
8:45 am
year, 180,000 jobs the average, for the last year, slowest year worse year since 2011 i wante stuart varney thinks about all this host of "varney & company" right here right now. >> do you really want to know. >> i really want to know always want to know what you think. >> i think that late jobs' report that we just got is a pretty good snapshot of the obama economy, relatively slow growth, but what i picked up on more than anything else was the fact that the 156,000 jobs created, 41,000 of them were part time. as i understand it that brings to 15.6 million the total -- 5.6 million part time jobs under obama ten you are in white house 12 million totally, 5.6 million part-timer, 41,000 part time last month so typical of the slow growth maeandering economy putting people into
8:46 am
part time jobs that we've seen throughout the past 8 years, i don't think it is good enough. i don't like it but that is just me. dagen: that is just you. . i know, but you are right stuart it is weak, and we -- can we say this we deserve better we want better. >> yes go to the source of this i think obamacare has a low the to do with the creation of all these part time jobs, because employers are tragic sales to fit within the obamacare rules, so create part time jobs so they don't have to provide medical insurance to employees that is what is driving this part time movement middle america falling down here, you have to have what 2, 3 jobs per household to make a middle american income, that is not good enough. i hope there is real change with new administration. ive we are going to i think we are going to get it. >> see you top of the hour. >> am i right in saying that you have a birthday coming?
8:47 am
that birthday will make you sufficiently young to be -- is that correct? >> i could not be your daughter my birthday is -- [inaudible] >> someone on twitter corrected me how i say manufacturing, by the way, thank you for that -- thank you for pointing out birthday at this age i try to forget. >> a big deal throughout the show i was informed. >> you are hilarious i aodor you audience adores you can catch three hours of you top of this hour -- for more on the final jobs' report 2016 what it means for federal reserve, and monetary policy, and we care about that, we go to peter barnes in chicago inclusive interview with cleveland fed president, good to see you. >> good morning that is rate -- joining us now this morning, to talk about the
8:48 am
economy, and monetary policy going forward he woem to fox business let's gets to jobs numbers you are an economist, 1156,000 -- 156,000 -- what do you think of that what do you think it means for fed policy forward. >> that is a -- for he in line with what we have been seeing, my own view that we are basically -- of the monetary policy, one of our dual mandate goals i find that in line with sort of the economy, on a good track, contained improve labor markets adding jobs, about we talked about the distribution across different sectors in line with expectations would be my expectations would be. >> so you and your colleagues raise the fed funds rate benchmark rate a quarter point in december, and new forecast, for 2017 shows an increase in the number of rates penciled
8:49 am
in for 2017 to three from two rate increases in september are you comfortable with that that your forecast, and why was there that increase. >> that is a reasonable you know, number i mean not that much different from what september forecast would be, i have been a little more seeing more strength in economy built in inflation pressures in my forecast i am possibly -- than that in my forecast but i think the -- good where but, of course, as you said penciled in a good word, in the sense that you know year going to react, we didn't have a lot of information, about what the fiscal package will be going forward, i expect that we are going to see more information about that. as you know, the months go on, we are going to changing forecast i wouldn't be surprised if forecast is more
8:50 am
invariab variable to incorporate as more comes out about fiscal packages what they will look bike in terms of tax policy other policies, that new administration is promulgating. >> seems the x factor going forward according to the minutes of the december meeting released on wednesday, you and your colleagues spent a lot of appear to have spent is a lot of time talking about election results the potential fiscal and sometime wlus policies how heavy was that discussion what does that mean for policy going forward. >> minutes are very reflecting the how our meetings go, certainly you know we present new forecasts the round so we had to talk about when we incorporated fiscal policy into those forecasts, and as minutes reflect the some did some didn't i had a little bit
8:51 am
-- stimulus fiscal policy in my forecast certainly i expect things you know change overtime as we get more information about it we just don't have a lot of information what those policies are going to look like tax policies i did not incorporate on immigration policy we -- long run policies that could also affect the economic outlook as we go through the year get more information, we are going to be changing our forecast to rest that to the extent that those kind of policies affect our dual mandate goals achievement of our goals, the fed is going to be continuing to focus on our dual mandate, price stability for employment fiscal policy plays into outlook we are going to ache that on as we will other kinds of things going on across the global economy that impact u.s. economy. >> sounds like your -- biggest
8:52 am
concern is inflation, pressures sounds more smifkt about economy this er optimistic about economy big risk is inflation you are more concerned about in a. >> i wouldn't call it a big risk i would say that i think that you over the next two years we are going to meet inflation goal and as you know, up %, as you know -- 2% i also think we are basically a full employment we have met that part of the mandate monetary policy has us forward looking we are trying to sustain expansion and sustain expansion focusing on goals moving policy to try to achieve that, to keep the expansion going. >> but sounds like you said that your forecast incorporates perhaps more rate increases for 2017 than colleagues ri potentially for -- >> the key thing is that if
8:53 am
you look at the median path, upward path, and, you know, my problem -- a little more optimism in terms of meeting inflation goal probably a little bit strength in my growth forecast, you know i see basically at or a little bit above 2% long run forecast a little bit higher than medium in s&p shows long run growth these little determinati aren't that large, again, if you look at median, i think that is a very good benchmark forecast for what -- >> hold that thought because we are going to take a break then dagen wear going to continue our conversation, with loretta, about the economy and fed policy and going to be -- a little bit of exclusive for our viewers fox later today so
8:54 am
watch for that, thanks for joining us once again dagen back to you. dagen: thank you peter barnes, for us, conducting that going to break finalizing thoughts on december jobs' report futures are now in positive territory, across the board gains, more right after this. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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8:57 am
>> final thoughts from our all-star panel starting with steve moore. go.
8:58 am
>> obama's legacy is the number 2, 2% growth economy, what we've had for 7 1/2 years, a c-grade for his handling of the economy. we're going to get an a-economy in the year ahead. dagen: amen to that. brian. >> ho-hum jobs report feeding into a ho-hum economy. they're going to adjust, and it's going to be an interesting year. >> the jobs report we talk about it all the time and it's more of a lagging indicator so i'm going to go with real-time, real life experience, what we're hearing in the market. a lot of optimism we hear from business leaders across the country. they're going to start hiring. i expect we're going to see much bigger numbers moving forward. dagen: kevin kelly, manufacturing picking up? come on, people. healthy wage inflation going up. that's great, and we are going to see more fed hikes. dagen:. maria: a worry?
8:59 am
mike murphy. >> i'm looking for growth for every part of the economy. and happy birthday to you. >> and charles. >> the market was down on hearings on capitol hill republicans taking shots at donald trump. brian said execution risk, the only thing that could stop the train is if republicans it stop it themselves. >> that's a high likelihood. >> did you say that, steve? >> sometimes republicans are their own worst enemies, let' put it like that. >> do they need to start talking about tax reform and they've got to do it. >> grease these wheels, baby. >> thank you for greasing the wheels this hour, brian, steve moore, joni, mr. charles payne. >> happy birthday to you. >> happy birthday to you, dagen!
9:00 am
>> dagen, dagen ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> i have to lost over to mr. stuart varney. and thank you for bringing that up in the first place. i can't wait to hear what you have to say about the jobs report. stuart: i repeat, you are young enough to be my daughter. it's true, it's true, it's true. dagen: thank you, stuart. stuart: see you soon. all right. the economy, it is growing. confidence is up and trump, he's at it again. good morning, everyone. it's friday. target, toyota, the president-elect goes after a foreign car maker. those corollas they want to build in mexico, they'll face an a big tax if they try to bring them here. toyota stock is down and they say this'll cooperate with the trump team. stanley, black & decker, the tool makers, they're going with


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