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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 6, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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19,999, you want to talk about a tease? the ultimate tease. the other big story is shooting at fort lauderdale airport in florida. ongoing situation. reports of a second shooting, last report, five people killed. multiple others injured. we're following all of this. over to liz claman in las vegas. liz: yeah, i'm here at the consumer electronics show where both those stories are front and center. people are walking past our booth. we have live feed on what you see. there are breaking development at the fort lauderdale airport. it is still active scene. tsa tweeted. we'll tell you what they said. dow 20,000, there are about 100,000 companies trying to put out a bunch of products. these are tech companies public hely traded driving much of this market rally where we got within a fraction of a single point of dow 20,000.
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these are companies like amazon, cisco, qualcomm, tivo. they are driving markets to record highs. dow 20,000 is within sight, spitting distance. records are falling on wall street. dow, s&p 500, nasdaq all hitting intraday highs. could see a record close. absolute for the nasdaq. second day in a row we've seen nasdaq at record high. let's get to the fort lauderdale story. multiple casualties in this situation that began developing shortly after 1:00 p.m. eastern. five dead, eight injured. can you imagine this, five dead, eight injured, when a gunman began shooting in the actual baggage claim of terminal 2, fort lauderdale airport. moments ago we got reports of more shots fired. look at people on the ground. there are concerns of a second active shooter. as we look at live pictures of what's developing we're not sure
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whether those are press people. people are actually huddled behind cars. police are not letting anybody leave the situation. cheryl casone live in the newsroom. i want to call this audible. we'll keep up the picture, if you don't mind, in case anything develops. we do know tsa tweeted continue to take cover. give us the latest. >> couple new details we're getting in. first and foremost the second shooting reported after the initial, details on first one, that second shooting, broward county mayor, barbara sharif, says a loud noise was heard in the garage. they're clearing the garage outt of abundance of caution. i'm reading it to you. there is no indication after second shooter, or ongoing active shooter. they're sweeping all the areas. there is ongoing panic at airport. 13 people have been sent to local hospitals. 13 people sent to local hospitals.
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five fatalities confirmed this is broward county mayor, barbara sharif, saying at this moment there is no confirmation of a second shooter. a loud noise was heard in the garage. that is when people began to take cover. a couple of things i want to give you. we're getting i.d. on the shooter, the initial shooter. this started about 12:55, call comes into authorities. shots fired at miami international airport. a little more than two hours ago. in the baggage claim at terminal 3, a man in his 30s i.d.'d by authorities as esteban santiago. 26 years old. latest from a law enforcement source on the ground. he was carrying a military i.d., florida driver's license, and concealed carry permit. this is a source a law enforcement source speaking to fox news. now, again esteban santiago,
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u.s. citizen born 1990 in w jersey, carrying a florida driver's license and concealed carry permit. he had a loaded shut gun, shooting randomly at the crowd. he killed five people. stopped, he reloaded and liz, began to shoot again. now the airport was initially operations were somewhat fluid but now the airport is closed. in particular when reports of that second shooting, which now broward county mayor says is not the case from what she is being told. that is when the airport was shut down. planes were taking off. no inbound aircraft coming into miami international. governor rick scott isen rout. he may be getting there any moment. he is en route there. we're getting a report from broward medical center, they're expecting multiple gunshot victims. according to the mayor, 13 were
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wounded. this is lower level baggage claim area, once again, one p.m. eastern time, miami international airport, liz. as you know, this is the busy season for southern florida. safe to assume that the airport was very crowded at the time that this happened. back to you in las vegas. liz: compelling pictures, folks. compelling pictures of people huddling behind cars. we'll keep our cameras behind that story, cheryl, thank you. get to dow 20,000. records for the nasdaq, s&p. here is how close we got to dow 20,000. within a fraction of a single point this afternoon. it happened. people at consumer electronics show were rushing to our booth. we're only ones with all of the screens, 10,000 television sets being rolled out at consumer electronic show. only one you see on the screen. that is how close we've come to dow 20,000. we're up 85 points. we're not there yet. 19,985.
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we touched the intraday close with the dow jones industrials. that would be if we close there the 18th record close since election day. let me get to the s&p 500 and nasdaq, not far behind. both are on track for record closes. the s&p has to finish above 2271. any gain for the nasdaq at all, would put it at a record close. 9 second record in a row up 10% since election day. the donald trump rally is very much in play. what is driving it right here? the consumer electronics show. tech stocks absolutely leading the way. show some of them. facebook, amazon, google, microsoft, all charging higher, juicing the broader markets. we should mention all the names except apple at the consumer electronic show. apple traditionally hasn't come to the floor. apples it their own thing.
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everyone else is here along with dow 20,000. adam shapiro live at new york stock exchange. adam you said two days on our show, dow 20,000 would happen. a, how did you know that, b, we're almost there and b, does it still happen? >> it could still happen. we're only 13 points away right now. the reason i said it could happen today because of jobs numbers. everyone was waiting when i was talking with lori rothman on wednesday what would that jobs report tell us? the bottom line from the jobs report we got today, saw it shoot up, after that report, wages grew. in 2016, wages were up 2.9%. average hourly wages for everybody, up 10 cents in december. i think $26 an hour. that was a positive sign. investors traders, buyers they agreed. that is when you saw us go up 19,999. we haven't been able to hit the 20,000 mark. likely i'm wrong. i'm wrong most of the time. if we get there today, liz, you will see people pointing a
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finger the fact that wages were a good sign in the jobs report. there were signs that weren't so great. job creation slowing down in 2016. not what it was in 2015. bottom line going forward, wages up, that's a good sign especially if you're enthusiastic about all kinds of stocks which would play off of that. liz? >> adam shapiro, thank you very much. as we look at all of the issues that are going on with the markets, the dow inching closer to 20,000. we're up 89 points, within 12 points of the big 20-k. we want to show you big moves on u.s. dollar happening right now. green back gaining broadly. this has to be attributed to the december jobs report which showed a boost in wages. it was the best wage number we've seen since the grand recession, the great recession since 2009. december jobs we saw payroll gains 156,000.
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that was number good enough. it shoved the dollar within five pennies of parity with the euro. a buck 05 buys you a single euro. for more on this and i want to take you to the floor show, traders at new york stock exchange, cme group and nymex. matt, 20,000 on split screen with the breaking developments on the fort lauderdale airport shooting where five souls have been murdered. as soon as we get details, governor rick scott is on the scene. technology is seeming to drive this rally. what else? >> technology has been after it the last couple days. that is the main driver. financials led us to this point. we need a new leader and we got it in technology. we start earnings next week. we'll focus on things that matter in this market. the jobs number was really mixed. if we talk about a data dependent fed they will have a
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lot to look at going forward. liz: scott shellady at cme, oil trending higher. that is not really the story. i don't want to focus on that. it is flat in the after-market session. let me get to dow 20,000. u.s. stocks are on a rampage and incredible roll. this would be 18th record since the election. this you have to say is donald trump rally. >> you know what, over the last six weeks you and i could agree, we would have made more money, printed up hats dow 20 now? how long is it taking? we'll need a bet to push us through the number. today's job number, something good, that was the only good thing in there, the rest was one big bowl of cold oatmeal. nothing to get your teeth into. i agree with the last comments, ted not having anything to take away good. look at trend. 2.2 million jobs created in 2016.
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that doesn't mean anything at all on its own. 2.7 in 2015. we're going down. 2014 we were averaging 260,000 a month. now we're averaging 160,000. donald trump has a big job ahead him. this aircraft carrier is headed in the wrong direction. liz: alan, we've seen multiple layoffs in the past year. what are we talking about here? energy came well up off the lows since of course mid-year. do you see that as a jobs driver that helps propel us at dow 20,000 at some point? we're within 12 measly points? >> i think it will be a job driver. right now crude oil is range-bound but i'm seeing compliance from opec which i think will take crude oil higher. it will be a tug-of-war. you have opec and non-opec countries cutting back. you have our producers here in the u.s., can they make up the difference? they can't do it immediately but i think they will be able to do
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it as prices get higher, creating a lot more jobs here. what i see is, we break through 55, which is the topside of the range, head up to 60. halfway through this year, to end of this year. that will bring in a lot more energy players into this market. liz: you know, i begin to wonder as we are now 10 points, folks, 10 points make that nine point away from dow 20,000, perhaps we add a spending plan, donald trump said he would put in a billion dollar infrastructure plan, matt, i don't know if congress would approve of that when we don't have a way to pay for it, does that move the needle on equity? >> equities have to get through 20,000. if they do, you may see them spike up a little bit. we're still waiting until january 20th for him to get elected officially or inaugurated, excuse me. we'll start to see earnings. we need to start seeing these companies produce. not only meet the low bar but need to exceed it.
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traders are looking for as far as the economy goes. liz: staying on markets. we're within 10 points. as we look at numbers i can not ignore the nasdaq. for s&p up 6 1/2% since election day. the dow for its part saw 26 records in 2016. when we get this close that becomes an issue and we start to begin to wonder at what point do we see some type of correction, scott shellady? >> you have to be careful. donald trump and the euphoria and confidence those type of things are great but we have to see the market catch up to them, don't we? one hand, carrier, ford looks like he is bringing jobs back. on other hand macy's sears, ruby tuesdays. we have a lot of problem. a lot of things we're doing is canceling each other out because
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we're excited about a new regime with the tax cuts and regulatory reform and spending plans, we think we have something on the table here but still has got to come through. the proof has to be in the pudding. as you see from today's numbers you still have a very difficult job. here is my worry, expectations will be so high because he is so successful already. liz: true. >> that is where we could trip up an see a selloff, liz. liz: dow 20,000 such a flirt. we're 15 points away. we were 10 and one point. here we have hundreds of publicly-traded companies gravitating around our screen, same one you see, to watch this develop, both stories of course, keeping with the markets at moment, i've been able to grab iheartradio and chairman bob pittman much i heart media. bob, you've been in the business world -- >> too many years.
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liz: too many years. we could hit, listen the oxygen is so thin up here perhaps, or not, what do you think of dow 20,000 what it means to business leaders like you? >> what it means is means confidence. for us we're in the advertising business. a lot of that is psychology. if you feel like the business is great, this is my year to go forward and spend marketing money and we're going to grow. there is a sense that president-elect donald trump will understand infrastructure and understand how businesses work and make sure government doesn't get in the way. obviously need regulation and certain oversight, et cetera. but understands has to be done in a way helpful to the businesses that are running well and keep them growing. liz: is that in a way, a relief to you? that this overhang of regulation, i have to believe that we've had so many onerous regulations -- listen some regulation is important when it comes to the jobs in the safety world. people who drive buses and do transit, in mines, things like
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that but for somebody like you, what do fewer regulations mean for the business climate in 2017? >> it means you only have some hours in a day and some people. if you put your people against productive work of making something consumers want and in our case advertisers want to give us money for, make the business perform together. nobody i know is against reasonable regulations rules, et cetera, but i think, often what you find, you find competing regulations and trying to look across -- probably each one, probably well-intended. the cum of it all is the big issue. liz: does it surprise you tech is driving the rally, especially at this time with the consumer electronics show because we're in for record year. >> no. every company is tech company this year. every company is digital company. it is so embedded, so part of
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the way of life, drives more efficiency, more productive, more capacity here. i think one of the great advantages of american industry, versus the rest of the world, is the strength much our tech sector. liz: i totally agree. you see that here on the floor of ces. >> completely. liz: bob pittman, i-heart media, one of most innovative tech and media companies. great to see what you pulled off. >> thank you so much. liz: bob was passing our booth looking at screen. can you come up and talk about this? keeping our eye on dow 20,000. we're at 19,978. on the left part of your screen we do have breaking news, we learned the shooter who has been identified, esteban santiago, 26 years old, he had a military idea. he is not in the navy as previously reported. the pentagon and military services are running through his name through their databases. what we're doing, as we see the
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airport in for lauderdale on total lockdown. what we're doing, we're still waiting confirmation on that detail. is that a fake i.d.? is he really in the military? whether there is second shooter on the scene because tsa just in the last hour put out a tweet saying everybody needs to take cover. there appeared to be yet another shooting in the garage of the fort lauderdale-hollywood airport. i want to bring in former nypd officer john cadelo in fort lauderdale. he is there. i assume you're getting real-time updates from contacts. what is the latest you're hearing right now? >> liz, i within the last few minutes received texts from deputies in the broward sheriff's office and federal agent over their radios coming there are additional shooters in the terminal 1 garage, which would be the rental car return area. the air of that is rental car return facility, which is 1/8 of a mile or less from the original
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location which was terminal 2 baggage and arrivals claim. so in the same proximity, the latest i was told, tactical teams, what people are seeing on their televisions, those swat guys are closing the perimeter in on that area. they're closing the perimeter in. some officers and deputies are getting innocents outs of harm's way. as the tac teams close perimeter on potential shooters or shooters. one to four shooters. not confirmed. liz: one to four additional coming from your contacts. how difficult is it, john, if you could, officer, how hard it is when you have people penned in, could one or more of the shooters slip in through the crowds and pretend they are traumatized travelers? how do you differentiate between the innocents and the bad guys? >> you have to treat everybody as a bad guy initially. obviously with respect but
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assume that any of them -- absolutely great question. assume any of them could potentially be a shooter an with devastation they could wreak if they were in the fact the populace you thought were innocenced. part of the problem, the communication problem here, there are multiple agencies on scene. brow ard sheriff's office controls airport. swat units from hollywood police department. fort lauderdale police department. they're trying to coordinate and communicate. this is very fluid and chaotic scene. i want to make it clear to people, nothing is confirmed right now. we don't know if in fact there additional shooters or it is panic. liz: talk about the panek issue. sometimes you hear something like a gunshot. could be engine backfiring. that sound came from the garage. second potential shooter i'm talking about. i want to guide our viewers on the screen, these are live pictures that you're seeing. tactical and s.w.a.t. teams moved in. this is huge area they're trying to secure.
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you've got probably, you can tell me officer cardilo if this is true, all kind of responders. these are hollywood, florida, police officers plus fort lauderdale. >> yeah. part of the airport sits in the city of hollywood, florida, so stands to reason those officers would be there. i'm watching monitor hire. why my eyes keep diverting. hollywood has very effective s.w.a.t. team. i have a friend member of that s.w.a.t. team. they train with all the best. they're closing one side of the airport, forlauderda and sheriff on the other. what you're seeing fort lauderdale and hollywood officers from regular patrol and tactical units. the panic set in, we don't really know what is happening right now. traffic is backed up. i tried to drive by the airport. made it by. traffic backed up for a while, two miles in every direction, partially because of the chaos. partially because of trying to create lanes for first-responders to get there. it is needed.
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like i said, radio traffic is a bit fluid. it is coming fast and furiously. but they have not cleared the active shooter scene. it is still considered an active shooter scene. the assumption is there are more shooters in the garage right now. liz: you know, i have to wonder if in a way, maybe i could be completely wrong about this, but this terrible and tragic situation might be keeping a cap on market sentiment at the moment right now. we're losing some of the gains. we're still up about 75 for dow 19,974. we want to let our viewers know, there will be a news conference momentarily. they're setting it up right now in fort lauderdale. we wait to see which officials get in front of that microphone. we do know that the governor of florida is expected to show up. he is en route. president barack obama has been informed of the shooting. we know this is active scene.
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thank you very much for joining us officer, former nypd officer. i will ask you if i could continue to stay with us. you're hearing from your contacts. feel free to work the phones. when you got something we will come back to you. meantime as we watch this market roaring ahead, driven very much in part by tech, i want to bring in charlie gasparino and nicole petallides down on floor of new york stock exchange. charlie, we came within less than half of a point. tell you we were running around seeing ceos from dow components everywhere. of course s&p 500 and nasdaq companies. hundreds of them at consumer electronics show. they're big believers tech is driving this along donald trump rally. bob pit man of i-heart media. this overhang of regulation may be lifting, helps sentiment and growth by other companies. >> more than tech what is propelling this the banking sector. a lot of this gain is gain of
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goldman sachs. show the gain in goldman sachs. that is where this gain is at. that does have to do with regulations. when bank stocks go up, that is a big component in major indices. that propeps the markets. it propels the markets. goldman sachs is reliant on oiler rule, if you get rid of it, donald trump might get rid of it, goldman shares may go up because they can do proprietary trading again. there is short-term, they went short the market when they saw the shooting. that took steam out of the rally. liz: yeah. >> they covered when it was unclear if it was terrorism or not. clearly an overhang a little bit today, which who knows if we'll hit 20 today. maybe it is monday. maybe it is never.
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one thing you have to ask yourself, liz, how much of donald trump's economic plan is going to get through paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. that is the big bet right now. liz: of course. >> a lot of it will, a lot of it won't. that will put a cap how much stimulus actually does take place after he gets inaugurated. liz: right. there is the excitement. there is reality, nicole. here is a reality. we did come within half a point of dow 20,000, just about two hours ago. tell us what it was like on the floor when that happened? >> liz, it was exciting moment. we got so close, 12 points away, 13 points away, since mid-december basically. we've been so close. you have been standing here and seen it with your own eyes, felt the energy. today was really something different. it was something extraordinarily. it was hats were out. they were shouting. people upstairs came, floor was packed with photographers.
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felt like paparazzi. it was so exciting and got to 19999.63. for goodness sakes we almost crossed the 20,000 mark but couldn't push through. there was talk of high frequency traders making cash in very narrow trading range. that is how they make their money when it is very narrow like that. the idea if there is sell program in place for 19,999, if you have enough buyers you will push through. market-on-close orders you look at those, they are leaning to the buyside. liz: always. >> they are leaning to the buyside. that could change. right now there is 75-25 to the buy side. only 3:26. that could change. liz: so much is up, charlie, i saw time warner was down again. i guess the donald trump effect works both ways. he spoke out against some mergers. we have really important
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interview with ford ceo mark fields. the whole thing is up on right now. but he has talked about that effect of donald trump. and, listen, he giveth and he taketh away. i need to direct your attention to the left side of the screen. there is a press conference going on in fort lauderdale about the shooting. five people killed. here is the story. let's listen in. >> in area hospitals being treated. i don't know the degree of their injuries. five people succumbed to their wounds and tragically are dead. we are not releasing any information on any of the victims until we identify them which will take some time. we are able to respectfully notify next of kin first. the, the investigation continues area s.w.a.t. teams and sheriff's department s.w.a.t. team clearing entire airport. there will be no movement inside the airport until s.w.a.t. teams
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give me real time information it is safe. now this scene is considered fluid and active. what we have, one of the more critical pieces of information is, we have the shooter in custody. he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. the subject is being interviewed by a team of fbi agents and broward sheriff's office homicide detectives. there has been incredible cohesiveness and cooperation between the brow ard sheriff's office, fbi and all the local law enforcement entities. we'll answer your questions at the end. at this point i'm going to put the director of the airport to tell you what is going on at airport and then you will hear from sac. mark shapiro. >> i'm mark fields, director of
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fort lauderdale international airport. when incident occurred we responded. wee suspended operations for the time-being. we're working together with law enforcement to address needs and concerns of passengers inside of the building and airplanes. they're all sheltered in place. we're not sure exactly when the airport will reopen for operations. we'll work together with all the law enforcement that is here. our airlines and all other agencies before we actually move to reopen up the airport. meantime, as sheriff hasn't indicated we'll go step by step, methodically through the building before we take any steps to reopen operations. we'll keep everybody informed best we can through social media and our airport website when that may occur. we'll also set up a hotline for families or friends may be looking for folks they haven't been able to reach and contact with. we'll publish that in relatively near future on our website and through social media. that is all i have for now.
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>> good afternoon. my name is george piero, the special agent in charge of the miami field office. as the sheriff mentioned the fbi is working closely with the broward sheriff's office, with ongoing efforts, jointly doing all the witness interviews as suspect interviews. we have information we're going through but i heard at this point, our role actively support the broward sheriff office until we make the determination on the nature and motive of this incident. thank you. >> we heard about a shooting at terminal 1. tell us about that? >> at this time there is no, has been no shooting at any place else but at the downstairs terminal 2. there is no confirmation of any shooting. as a matter of fact, as i speak only gunshots fired at anytime during this horrific incident have been downstairs in terminal 2. >> what happened in terminal 1?
3:31 pm
said they heard shots upstairs. >> somebody got injured evacuating. nothing to do with any type of gunshots or anything like that that. >> [inaudible] directly behind him inside -- >> we have no confirmation of that. we have law enforcement personnel, federal, state and local throughout the airport. no law law enforcement at this e confirmed there are any gunshots other than what fired at terminal two. >> saw someone being arrested. is there another person possibly involved? >> not in the shooting aspect of it. we're reviewing tapes. if someone was arrested might be for a plethora of things. to my knowledge no one was taken into custody. people could have been secured in handcuffs until we found out who they were, who they were, and how whether they were related to scenario. i don't know if they were physically arrested but no -- >> [inaudible] >> happened around the baggage area.
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>> any information -- >> one suspect in custody. we're not releasing any information on the suspect. >> are you able to say whoo kind of weapon used in shooting terminal 2? >> no. >> was it automatic, semiautomatic? >> we're not going to comment. >> [inaudible] >> when we apprehended him subject was arrested without incident. >> any motive? >> i don't know. does it appear shooter was waiting for someone to arrive going to baggage, and ambushed them? >> we're at beginning investigative stages. that is what this is all about. at this point the lead on the investigation is with the broward sheriff's office. if we uncover at some time this was related to any type of terrorist or terrorist activities then the fbi will have complete incident command of this. we'll be assisting the fbi as we move forward with the investigation. also, i want to say this is not the time for anybody to call 911 on this incident. we're all over here. if you have a real emergency of course, but if it involves,
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please keep the 911 lines open. if you need information, you can follow us on twitter, @sheriff. >> do you think he acted alone? >> @browardsheriff. twitter. >> do you have any vehicle that belonged to the shooter? >> not at this point, not to my knowledge. >> does this indication of terrorism or any indication at all? >> too early to say at all. that is what is going on right now. >> [inaudible] >> i do know what flight but we're not releasing any information until we can postively identify the victims. and in respectful, dignified manner notify the next of kin. we won't be giving -- >> airline -- [inaudible] >> no. >> whether victims were men, women or children? >> no we'll not release. >> did he act alone? >> at this point looks like he acted alone. >> we heard of a second active
3:34 pm
shooter within -- [inaudible] >> yes, there is no, there is no, at this point there is no second active shooter. there are no victims suffering for any gunshot wounds. we heard that information as well. it's not confirmed. right now we're dealing with this incident right here. >> can you tell us what was going on in the parking garage that -- guns drawn [inaudible] >> i'm sure they were looking for, clearing parking lots. we have variety of s.w.a.t. teams out and assets out clearing entire airport to make sure it is safe. doing their job and working hard and diligently. >> was the shooter -- >> friday afternoon. about how busy was the airport? is this the busiest it is during the week, given friday afternoon, sort of height of tourist season? >> the airport is always busy. we're one of the fastest growing airports in the country. the terminals are very full right now. our passengers are sheltered in place. we'll work with law enforcement to get them released systematically as sheriff
3:35 pm
indicated terminal by terminal. make sure folks are safety. >> runways in the terminal on the planes, any estimates? >> actually have everybody in the terminals or airplanes landed, we still have airplanes with people on board not brought into the terminal building. those airplanes may depart but not come into the airplane building. any typical day we handled 80 to 100,000 passengers coming into the building. >> [inaudible] >> that's possibility, working with airlines some decisions may be made. it hasn't been confirmed. they may depart for other cities. we'll go you there the terminals, slowly methodically, make sure everything is clear before we make decision about releasing additional passengers into the building on top of those already still in the facility. >> how many in terminal 2 -- [inaudible]
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>> i don't have that information. >> how many were in the bag an area? >> i don't have that information. typically in baggage claim could be hundreds of people at any one time. i don't know what the number was at that particular moment in time. >> [inaudible] >> i don't have the number of those on the ground right now. >> where can passengers get the information? will you put the information on website. >> we'll put that information on website and twitter, at fll flyer. >> can you give us a timeline, when to your knowledge did the shooting begin, how long was the shooter at large, where was he inside of the terminal? how extensive -- >> where he is being interrogated? >> i said before it happened just before 1:00. we'll not give out any specific information about the logistics and -- >> what time was he apprehended? >> shortly thereafter am immediately after the shooting. >> who did that? >> he was apprehended by a brow sheriff's deputy and taken into
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custody without incident. >> did the gunman check into luggage on air canada flight, fly here and land? >> as i said before that is part of an ongoing investigation. >> [inaudible] >> i haven't gotten that far. all i know the gunman is in custody. he is being interviewed by a team of fbi agents and broward sheriff's deputies. at a time once we establish motive and an investigation continues we find out what the motive is, then myself and the mr. piro, director of fbi will take lead on the continuing investigation. >> sheriff, any word -- weapons at parking garage [inaudible] what did we heard. >> union what you heard. there is no confirmation of any type of gunshot anywhere but at
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the time of this, this horrific, horrific incident. >> sheriff, can you say if the gunman was airline passenger or did he come in at the arrivals area? >> we, i believe i know that information but it is not something we're going to release at this time. >> can you say where he is being interrogated? >> where he is right now? i'm not sure where he is. >> sheriff -- >> there was no other viable threat, second threat, would the airport be closed after the first person was arrested and being interrogated? why shut down the airport? >> as i said we can't say there is no viable threat. we have to clear the airport. it's just a common-sense approach. my concern right now not only of miliesith their loss but the citizens of broward county. until myself and director of sac, the fbi, until we believe this airport is safe place and people can move about, it won't be open. >> last question. last question. >> [inaudible] >> excuse me?
3:39 pm
>> how many deputies at the airport at this time. >> i'm not sure. thank you very much. please follow us at, @browardsheriff on twitter. >> can you tell us what caused the evacuation of terminal 1. liz: folks, press conference just ended. here is real takeaway, at least according to authorities no second shooter. no second shooter. the entire airport is on lockdown, this is horrific story, so many, so many angles. five people have been murdered. five travelers, innocents, have been murdered. eight others have been shot. we are hearing there is definitely a domino effect up and down the eastern seaboard. the port authority, that controls the airport, up and down the new york, new jersey area, port authority stepping up patrols in deployment of officers right now with heavy tactical weapons at all
3:40 pm
surrounding airports in the new york area. that is jfk, newark, laguardia. this of course in the wake of the deadly airport shooting at airport in fort lauderdale. we're joined by john carmino there in fort lauderdale. what jumped out at you? they have one shooter in custody that surrendered himself yet all these people are still being held waiting? >> i think it's smart policing, and a lot was put into perspective and clarified with regard to sheriff israel's comments and seac, fbi office. i was tweeting this out, deputies were telling me a shooter in terminal 1 garage, that determinedded to be confusion with an evacuee. they're engaging in sound policing strategy, still treating scene as active.
3:41 pm
you want to check every closet, every doorway, trunk of every vehicle, make sure they're secured before you team they're secured. this could take hours. a friend of mine flying into fort lauderdale. i said don't. fly into west palm. they will keep the airport closed for the evening. bringing in k-9 teams. that is what i know. i was told sitting here, got a new piece of information, fox news is reporting itself as well, the gun came off the baggage plane and shooter was passenger inbound flight from canada. liz: soon as we get more on that. whether that is true, we will get people on that. thank you so much. officer cardillo. while he was speaking we came within nine points ever dow 20,000. with just a few minutes away.
3:42 pm
19 minutes away from the closing bell, we're still locking at records for dow, s&p and nasdaq. i might say, sitting here with danny keens, with next vr, been at publicly-traded company. top executive at twitter. when you look at numbers, nasdaq up 40 point, tech very much driving the story. that makes it all the more interesting to somebody like you and people here at consumer electronics show. >> incredibly exciting. one of the things you learn at public company ebbs and flows of wall street. really hard not to get distracted by that but you can't get distracted by it. you have to have laser focus. you don't win wall street by winning wall street. you when wall street by winning customers. all the time at twitter, twitter is a very, a lot of people have a lot of emotion about twitter. people use it. it is a public app that lots of people use on daily basis.
3:43 pm
everyone is passionate about the product and how it should be used and developed. and sort of the life cycle of it. we have to say all the time, the most important thing about the design of what we're doing is what the customers wanted. you have to try to block out the noise of wall street because ultimately that's not how you will succeed. liz: noise or cheering right now. nine points away. eight points away. danny keens of next vr. who has brilliant relationship with the nba, putting virtual reality on nba games. we'll bring you back on the show. now we're seven points away. i give danny keens credit. you have to look at wall street and nicole you're on the floor with trader tim anderson. we're six points away. >> liz, tim and i are standing here. it is starting to get louder. we're six 1/2 points away. earlier today, tim, we really saw a lot of action. we took the hats out for goodness sakes. we're half a point away.
3:44 pm
what do you think? >> a big tease for three weeks, certainly feels with the breadth market and technology stocks which didn't participate in first three weeks after the election have kicked in very strong since the first of the year. whether it is today or early next week, certainly seems inevitable. >> certainly the feeling, liz, that we're moving higher. it is just going to happen at some point but it's brutal, absolutely brutal to be so close and not cross it, liz. liz: yeah. i would definitely say that. 10 points, folks, 10 points away. what a journey it has been you have to look at it since election day. the dow had 18th record, let's be clear this would be the 18th election close for the s&p. ninth record since donald trump was elected for nasdaq. up 6% since election day.
3:45 pm
there is a bit of a vibration on the floor of the consumer electronics show. i'm sure at cme too. chris robinson, you're there. look what is driving this. you have got to believe there is positive sentiment. you have to look behind your right or left shoulder and say, correction could be coming, that would be normal, correct? >> oh, yeah. look at rally since the night of the election, up over 14%, close to 15%. we will probably have a pullback. but i think the key is, are we getting 20,000 print in the dow. will we settle above 20,000. i would like to see us settle above 20,000. and we can move on, again, there is a lot of money, there is a lot of money on the sidelines that may come pouring in between now and during first quarter because, a lot of people missed this rally. liz: listen, you and me both. i've been dragging my dow 20,000
3:46 pm
hat, from israel to jordan. who knew when it would happen. i wanted to capture the moment. i even have it here at consumer electronics show. if we hit it, you have to take a shot of me because i'm so over dragging it around. what will get us over the hump, nicole? you watched markets for years. >> no doubt. peter brought out the hats again. your hat itself has its own passport, liz, the way you have taken that thing around . however i see strength in sectors. when you look at s&p 500, you're not seeing a broad-based rally. it is about 50/50. 50/50 up volume versus down volume. they keep playing the price is right you missed music.
3:47 pm
you heard that tim? >> right. it is point for the dow not just hit 20,000 for blip in the middle of the day but to actually close above that level. liz: as you look at these levels, we should really keep our eye also on the thinner ticker below our big breaking news banner, where we're continuing to cover the fort lauderdale airport shooting too. s&p is up about 11 points. nasdaq charging ahead. charlie, i don't know if you just heard, we had danny keens, a former twitter sports executive. he put it perfectly. he said, on one hand you have to tune out all the mccain anythings and moves -- machinations and moves of wall street and bob pittman much i have-heart said that -- of i heart 20 minutes ago. psychologically we're moving forward once again and this country is coming back from the worst recession since the great depression. >> well, yes, all that is true.
3:48 pm
by the way, it came back from that worst recession, a long time ago. we should point that out. the problem with the country and economy has been tepid growth. 1.5% growth. despite headline and unemployment numbers a lot of under employment and lack of wage growth. you get the feeling that obama-nomics, regulations on banking and aca, all the other regulations, war on coal, the lack of drilling here in the u.s. even though we had a fracking revolution but there is environmental concerns and rules he put in place to prevent widespread drilling of oil, that all that has essentially stymied the economy from growing out of its, coming out of its shell. and you know, what trumped offered at least in rhetoric was something to get us out of that. that is why the markets are heading to 20,000. 20,000 in of itself doesn't mean that much. we'll probably trade lower after that.
3:49 pm
hitting that, shows you what investor are saying there is something better on the horizon if the president-elect follows through on some of his key economic promises and stays away from some of his crazy stuff. one of his crazy stuff to spend gazillions of dollars on infrastructure. we tried that in the past. often doesn't work. the infrastructure we kind of need in this country is sort of high-tech infrastructure which doesn't take a lot of, it doesn't take a lot of men, a lot of computer scientists, not a lot of workers. rural counties, cities, and rural america need a degree of infrastructure that often the states, that these areas are in don't provide. and that's something that should be handled on probably local level as bell. so that's the real thing here. if he comes through with the headline economic plan which is lower regulations, less taxes i think you have to kind of like the market. if he doesn't, you know, who knows.
3:50 pm
that's why, if you're a small investor, better to wait until this thing's over. by the way, excuse me, wait until the inauguration, i'm sorry, to see after the inauguration. liz: i was going to say. >> it is never over until it's over. liz: certainly, ten minutes, folks, we're 10 men's away from the top of the -- ten minutes away from the top of the hour and closing bell. we have 19,986. as we watch this market with the dow up 86. we have nicole petallides, and jack mcintyre. do you buy a day like today or sit back wait for a pullback? >> no. if we take out 20,000, that wouldn't be a catalyst for me to buy. that is part of euphoria in risk assets since the election. your prior speaker highlighted there is tremendous amount of
3:51 pm
insecurity out there any way. we're at sugar high for financial assets. doesn't mean it can continue. we need clarity from what we get from fiscal stimulus package. would hold off until we get that information. liz: jeff cocoa is with us. from indeed which is number one job site in the world. that vanilla jobs report was up just good enough, 156,000 jobs for the payrolls adding there, wages growing at the fastest pace since 2009. when you see firmer wage, you got to figure people might spend more, but what about the opportunity for more job growth? we've seen that trend down year-over-year. 2.16 million jobs created in 2016 but 2.7 in 2015. what happens in 2017. >> we're seeing slower job growth than 2016 and seeing slower job growth in 2017 given
3:52 pm
the age of the recovery. we've had six years running of job growth that is well above what the economy needs just to keep up. now that population growth has slowed compared to what it looked like 20 or 40 years ago, the economy only needs 60,000 new jobs a month, in order to keep pace with population growth. so at some point, that is what the new normal will look like. so even a number like, 156 today is well above where the economy needs to be to get people back to work. liz: that brings us to janet yellen, tim and nicole. janet yellen of the federal reserve has signaled we would see three rate hikes this year. of course she wants to see, a more firm labor report. did i just hear somebody say we're not going to make it today? we're not making it to dow 20,000? >> okay. about the fed, also said not going to make it today. you have the feeling tim? >> feels like we don't have the
3:53 pm
final push that we might need. >> i will say, liz, to answer your question i would say a couple things. first of all bias to the buy side, 70/30. doesn't mean thing but still leaning to the buy side. right now we're at 982. we're not close to that 20,000 mark. as far as the fed rate hike, we heard from the fed minutes there will be more than three rate hikes if the trump policies to push the economy to zoom forward and inflation is a big concern. there will be further rate hikes. that is how it goes. the jobs report today was good enough. liz: okay. can i just say if jack mcintyre is still there, is the u.s. market, too firmly priced? are we too inflated at this point with p-e ratios a little expensive? do you look at other countries? if so, where, folks? as i said we're minutes from the closing bell and we are up 84 points. that would be a record right now for the dow jones industrials.
3:54 pm
we're at a record for the s&p and a record for the nasdaq. go ahead, jack. >> your point is, we talked a little bit about the fed tightening and they will do it and go three times. keep in mind a lot of other things tightening for the fed in addition to taking rates higher. u.s. dollar is powering ahead. we've seen a significant backup in the long end of the yield curve. there is tightening associated with that as well. i don't want to rain on anybody's parade. i think u.s. economy is going to do okay. it might slow a little bit in q1. to answer your question there is better valuation opportunities away from the u.s. it is a little bit more volatile but in the em space i think there is good opportunities. those markets lagged for five years. we saw a little bit of recovery this year. if the u.s. economy, world's largest is doing okay, that will be a good backdrop for em assets. liz: i think so. when you look at risks that you have to take to get some gains, it does get scary when you start to go into emerging markets,
3:55 pm
that becomes worrisome. their jobs numbers, jeff, are terrible. european union is a mess when it comes to job creation. are there bright spots? are you seeing u.s. multinationals, specifically dow names, the dow up 83 points, folks, with six minutes left before the closing bell rings, is there time for a little bit of a land grab overseas? >> that questions, the big questions we think about the u.s. one way in which u.s. multinationals can take to the rest of the world is expand but of course that depends on being able to both buy and sell goods and services across borders. and immigration has been such an important part of the labor force, particularly in many industries. i think that is
3:56 pm
like i said, we need to get -- not just get the 20,000 print, we need to settle above 20,000 for it to really be meaningful. liz: yeah, you know, nicole, when you look at that, it is just a number. you and i have covered these markets for so long. we know that. but it's an important number for the psychology of the retail investor; correct?
3:57 pm
>> it really is. i mean, i'm watching the traders here. they're so active on this closing bell, the floor is packed. the 20,000 mark is to meaningful. you just want to have dow 20,000. 401(k)s, iras, here we zoom to this 20,000 mark but can't break through it. it's just ruthless. it's brutal. we waited two years to get from 18,000 to 19,000. we were short about a month. liz: yeah, and, by the way, -- we hit 19,000 folks so recently. november 22nd. >> right. liz: so it has been a big move to the upside. but right now, we just lost the dow jones industrials record close. we need to be above 19,974 if we're going to be there. we're seeing a bit of a selloff here in the final three minutes. three minutes before we go.
3:58 pm
19,964. jack, either way, do you come in on monday and say i am buying good, quality names? >> well, sure you always want to buy good quality names at a discount. but i would actually want to wait to see trump's press conference. because i need more information on the administration before i want to commit more capital to the market. liz: and that's january 11th, i believe. two minutes. two minutes before the closing bell rings. we're up 71 points. not a record right now, folks. not a record. we are losing steam at the moment. the s&p is still up 8 at 2,277. that's a record. any move to the upside for the nascar i nasdaq is a record. oh, boy, folks we are there and the people on the floor of the consumer electronic show are excited because it's all about technology. you've got to buy good quality names at a discount. chris robin to you in these final thoughts. >> i would think that if
3:59 pm
you've been waiting to get in, i probably wait for the first 100 days. i like what your last guest said. we have to look and see what trump really is going to deliver in the first 100 days. liz: yeah, you know what? s&p and the nasdaq are holding onto this records but the dow is losing steam right now. although we're just one point below what would be a record -- oh, we're back above it right now. back above it right now, nicole, it seems like a real touch and go. a little bit of a bull and bear battle here. >> no. doubt. i mean, right now we're at 19,961. it would be a beautiful gift if we could barrel through there, but it doesn't look like it's going to be today. and the stronger dollar, we certainly had tragedy in florida. that also spooked the market. if that hadn't happened this afternoon, maybe we would have the momentum. liz: nicole, jim, jack, charl, jed, and of course all of our fox business team. thank you very much. here we go. it is not a record for the
4:00 pm
dow jones on a day where we came within a point of dow 20,000, there's the closing bell for all of team fox business on the ground of las vegas in the consumer electronic show, we need to tell you it has been a rocking day here no dow 20,000. david, melissa, you're breaking that and of course breaking developments out of ft. lauderdale. melissa: absolutely. stocks losing steam in the last moments of trading. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq still closing at new records. the dow, though, coming within a point of 20,000 today before pulling back and didn't even break a record. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asmand. very busy day. thank you very much. we've got you covered on the market day but first breaking new new brunswick out of florida. ft. lauderdale airport on lock down after five people dead, eight others injured. we are now hearing from


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